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nickname, king. oh, the other, the buzzer. got it all because of what was going on. i i. barbed wire, and rooftop snipers overshadow the nato summit in brussels, where reliance chiefs double down on the supposed russian and chinese threats were the 1st us russia. some of the biden administration looming, the american president coles, his rushing counterpart and also craft have setting the tone for the upcoming face to face. ah, celebration in israel mixed with doubts on the durability of the country's new coalition government, which ended benjamin netanyahu was 12 year old. joe biden promised half
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a 1000000000 doses of covert jobs, the poor nations. but it seems not for everyone. we look at how washington's foes are being left behind ah, live on worldwide. this is our to international from moscow hours monday evening at 6. it's 5 pm in brussels. that's where we're starting this, our barbed wire and a massive police presence. recovering brussels right now. it, it has a nato summit high on the agenda, relations with china and russia. live to europe correspondent now peter oliver is in the belgian capital city, looking rather different, unusual for this summit. i'm actually in geneva ahead of joe biden's. next, stop after brussels, but it is hard to keep up with where the u. s. president is, what is something of a whistle stop to across here. if he started with the g 7 in corner,
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he's in brussels right now for the nato summit, and it's not summit that has seen that arrival of joe biden. in the belgian capitalist, seeing the, the city of brussels come to a standstill. bob, why are we've seen out in the streets snipers on the roof tops manhole covers being welded shut. all part of the huge security operation that accompanies the us. presidents arriving in that city is going to be there for a couple of days before coming here to geneva. we've also heard from installed bird the, the nato secretary general at that summit of nato leaders. mister dalton book saying that nato weighs the world's most successful alliance that there's ever been in quite sort contrast to what russian president vladimir putin has to say about today refers to it as something of a relic from the cold war. but russia has been high off on the agenda when it comes to nato summit installed and saying that the relationship between moscow and the alliances at its lowest ebb since the cold war. nathan allies also talking about
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how they going to position themselves in the future when it comes to china. our relationship production is the lowest point since the end of the cold war. this is due to russia, aggressive actions are confident, then it will, it is, will confirm our dual tractor approach, or sean strong defense combined with the dialogue. the global balance of power is shifting with the rise of china. and we have seen a course of behavior by china, not least in the south china sea. we have, we have seen, and we see that they're investing heavily in new mod, done mid take a bit is all of these matters for our security on no country. i know comp can manage to deal with this alone, so therefore need to respond together. asked and the lions asked nathan. well,
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us president joe biden's also been speaking about nato summit. he's called for democracy the night together. that all comes as a global poll shows that only 17 percent of those folks thought that the united states was a democratic leader. on the world stage. we gauged opinion in berlin and paris, london, london to find out what people have to say. it has been the power of the people, the power of a bunch of people. things like one tunnel are an obstacle against thinking that the u. s. is the only and probably the best democracy in the world. i think they were missing a kind of let's say response like, sense of responsibility of the us for being the democratic leader of the world. so i think that's why probably 80 percent that know and that there is a chef,
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but i still believe they are just because of the incredible power that they will do . it's difficult to compare countries, but i think that no country has a stable democracy. this was clear in the united states and the trump and the same could happen here in france. so i can't say that the united states is the biggest democracy in the world, just like i can't say the front is the biggest democracy in the world. when i come back, we saw how things were under trump with a show of migrants at the mexican border global warming. the covey crisis, not just states, is not a good example for the countries the will after the nato summit on monday, joe biden will be sitting down with you. lead is on tuesday ahead of his arrival here in geneva for that all important summit with russian president vladimir putin . it's unlikely that the u. s. president, russian presidents are going to put right all of the issues that exist between the 2 nations. but hope springs eternal ok following the various legs of jo
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biden's many hero saw in geneva. thanks very much, peter. on my way back to the summit of night. so in brussels live now to pack not long who's seen electra and politics at britain's ball university. welcome back to r t. we heard from the chief a little bit earlier on the right to set this somewhat aggressive tone by trying to establish some sort of unity to counter the chinese rise. i think mister store number actually is very clear in his motivation. and doing the term administration, mister truong threatened to pull the united states out from nato, and then now we have mr. fight and this new precedent then of course, it is an interest of mr. student to trying to make sure that biden is with him and everything is also on the slide. yeah. so that the ne told we will be able
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to keep, to keep the united states and also to we 5 natal for the future for nato as well as an organization. now i think the, what the student is telling us that he looks like to envision that nato should not be content that is presence in europe. but actually natal, according to mr. storm, but he thinking of extending her riches. i may toys being particularly to china then what does that mean then your your political to you this because in recent months, free and ongoing discussion among the european union countries like germany, funds and netherlands and also in the brussels. they're talking about whether they are going to have to kind of coming position and in regard to the pacific region. so. so i think this is something property in that gender. how will it develop the
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saying, do you think what mr. oldenburg saying is that it could reach some kind of cold war level of problem, or is it just now that they've got joe biden as a he us later? who's more happy to sign their checks to run nato, that his predecessor was best way korean, i think what is on the top of the misses to move to school in both agenda. if you really want music apart and issued the check my check to nato. so natal would have more sufficient financial resources and other resources to, to sustain itself even to expand herself. now. however, whether this is going to be company received by all these needle powers, i'm sure mister by them with think it is, is quite a proposal to think about. but way though, the other countries, for example, and for germany and also the u. k, for instance, would be thinking about having a command and they told position because natal it's,
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it's basically a mentor alliance organization moving to the asia and even to the into by civic i actually have become an eye on, on talking on china. i think, i think, i think they would probably have a 2nd thought about it, because obviously at this time under the pandemic, i don't think they would like to mess up the wrong on china in a full scale like this mr. salton. but it does also call for dialogue with russia. where would you pitch the sincerity? is that, that he really mean it? i, i think mr. thornburgh as a politician because he's always newly noisy and politician nascent being the cause of revising the nato nowadays. so obviously he has to find the pre enemy court and go and before all the naval members, and because what is the cause of one, just supporting them. so as a result, he would naturally, as the russia is the 1st target and seen china. the 2nd target would fall in line
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with the kind of political done dynamics. now these between the united states and china and russia. so it is also, i can see the motivation, mr. slowing voice fine to align with all these dynamics are trying to generate force even rate a for the nato, for the new ne, told you trying to be we, we build herself and trying to get more resources. well, that's the thing. credit president posting calls night. so a cold war relic, is it that bad or is it, does it have some sort of global relevance in 20? 21? i think i think the supporting definitely has point in that because the nato alliance is the equation of the cold war. but actually, nowadays, the dynamics and the situation is very different from cold war. and for instance, i don't claim just your hand explain everything among the division between, for example, russia and the european allies,
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and even among the european allies. if you look at what happened in the g 7 summit in con law, you would also feel strong to be shown among some of the european countries and the u. k. for instance, i think the mock on the shore, what you've to false tons of money. they may come in on the not marion and you recognize not, not, and may not, i may be maybe or may not as part of the. okay. so, so, so i think, i think these are also some of the divisions we do not have to during the cold war and the tub, something confrontational approach towards paging and moscow when it comes from something like knights, with those powerful militaries among its membership. what does that do for global security? honestly, i don't think the approach in the military mentation approach is appropriate for the person. well, in this time we have this pandemic. and also if we are able to ring in the we still
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have a lot of patch up word to be to rebuild the global economy. and actually cooperation is actually more important obviously than compensation in the present days. yeah. because we're not just talking about the cooperation implementation between the west and the east, but also there's a lot of urgent needs and an important task to be addressed in the developing countries and also results. honestly i, i think, yeah, i recognize the, the importance of all, all of nate or so security. i mean 3 aligns organization, but i would see us and last we sorts of everything. other options, such as the permitting and cooperative, initiate you well, but i don't think other countries, even russia and china would allow this last resort to be yours. ok. well, we'll see what the leaders come up with and brussels for now talk to partner one. really appreciate you spending your time and especially evening. thank you. okay,
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and what appears to be somebody sees in the head of the 1st meeting of the us and russian leaders of the vice presidency. critics are predicting awkward conversations and question if the pac can reset relations, but on a positive note, the u. s. leader says he's willing to cooperate with moscow in libya. what he meant syria, but you get the gist. there's a lot going on where we can work together with russia. for example, in libya, we should be opening up the, the, the task to be able to go through and provide, provide food assistance in economic, i mean, vital assistance to a population that's in real trouble. as we mentioned on wednesday, geneva becomes the arena for that much anticipated face to face, for which potent imbibing of age been preparing themselves in very different ways, as alia. patricia and i explained the closer we get to the grand show down in geneva, the more we find out about what the leaders have in store for each other,
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but maybe show down isn't the right word. the russian prize didn't says he's not in for a fist fight at all. we have always tried to behave with sufficient restraint. after all, we did not take a single step in any of the areas which would aggravate the situation. we're talking about security issues about these red lights, about the possible deployment of all kinds of combat systems, their missile strike and so on. we don't do such things. now compare that to joe biden, who keeps making it clear. he's heading to geneva to teach mister pool. a lesson or 2. i've been clear the united states will respond in a robust and meaningful way the russian government engages and harmful activities. we've already demonstrated that i'm going to communicate that are consequentialist rely for violating the sovereignty of democracies in the united states in europe
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and elsewhere. ok, president biden did also say we want a stable and predictable relationship. question. what's meant to be stable, the mindset that moscow needs to be bullied and present whenever the white house administration get the chance. many times i've heard officials in this country say how it's impossible to threaten russia with consequences. and right at the same time, talk about how you're willing to get along and build trust. it almost seems as if the definitions of diplomacy in american and russian dictionaries are totally different these days. searcy live, rob even tried to remind those working on the summit across the atlantic of the key ingredient of diplomacy that is, at least considering the standpoint of the other side. so i see sky, yes, i hope those that specialize in the russian federation will consider the actions, interest, and position of russia, as well as our red lines. and they will learn from their mistakes of past years.
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abandoning dialogue that is based on hedge money in world affairs. he goes to negotiate with faith when you try and make it as easy as possible for him to talk to you. don't back them into coolness. try and find common ground. and we've gotten very low expectations in this because the 2 sides are very far apart. are lots of issues. and you know, we can all expect and was going to be some nasty breakthrough. i'm not in the sense, takes the pressure of both leaders. because if they can just have a civilized conversation, that will be enough for now. my, the way on the 16th, we won't see the 2 liters speaking to the media, shoulder to shoulder. the white house administration decided no joint press conference. why? with regard to i always found, and i don't mean to suggest that the press you should not know, but this is not a contest about who can do better in front of a press conference or try to embarrass each other. the media has been speculating
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that it's part of the u. s. administration plan to deprive a lot of our platform to reach out to a truly global audience. the reaction for moscow is calm. the kremlin says, it's okay with the choice to go solo. although usually the world would expect the leaders to appear together in front of cameras after such crunch talks. speaking of how president proven isn't willing to take any offense before geneva. we can remember how he pretty much ignored joe biden's killer remark. over the years i've been in office, i get used to the attacks from different directions. the attacks over various matters of various sorts and degrees of gravity with them. and i'm not stuck by all that. those politicians who would deal with and argue in the world arena, we're not bride and groom, we don't swear our endless love and friendship when we're partners and compete with each other and some issues i would add. i heard dozens of such allegations. soon
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after the interview was recorded, president bible called his russian counterpart, an autocrat who doesn't have to answer to a public. oh, well, and of course the russian leader got his doze of unpleasant cliches from the western medium. so just can't help mentioning the k g b and they're reporting. the question is how can even conduct diplomacy with the president you've demonized? and the humanized so much this is an american meeting. they've started, so they've done the conditions that they're prepared to meeting on the i think the russians are responding constructively to this opportunity for dialog. boyden is too large, extent for east east eastern strain by the facts. and the politics in the us is extremely belligerent. the media, all the things that have been said over the last few years, so called cyber attack by russia. so many things. it's very difficult for him to be
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constructive. i think the russian side, he's got to understand that there's not much he can offer from the total if something comes out to the world leaders, including that he may have congratulated israel's new government. the coalition will say right wing enough to the bennett rule for the 1st half of the term before handing power to central partner jala paid for the remaining 2 years. will told though it ends the 12 year political dominance of benjamin netanyahu, who is now set to lead the opposition. i don't want you tell me, tell me if we are doomed to be in opposition, we will do so in an upright manner until we throw this dangerous government and return to lead in the country in our own way. and if you come, we will work together in partnership with responsibility in order to mend the rift in the nation and immediately bring back the country to a normal functioning one after a long period of paralysis and quarrels. yeah,
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well, despite cool bennett full restrained crowd, celebrated the improbable alliance of a very disparate faction, united to end the political stalemate that's caused for reactions in just 2 years. but not everyone's happy. i think the vin, it has gone to full by becoming prime minister. he's going to be a prime minister against all his principles, against all his opinions is about just not be there isn't anything else that brought these parties together. it is not fair. what they have done. we voted for someone and we got something completely different, where our boats were guarded grad from becoming a big factor from economy. something we didn't want it to be from becoming something dark and dangerous. like coalition has the tiniest one seat majority nevertheless, but it's going to give night the nation on middle east corresponding policy. it
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takes a look at the new p. n. outgoing is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu is the device to figure. and his replacement natalie bennett, who's only been in office for a few hours, is if we put his equal the renewal of the nuclear agreement with iran is a mistake. a mistake that will give legitimacy again to one of the darkest, the most violent regimes in the world. israel will not let iran on itself was a nuclear weapon in this i heard wouldn't have to live, but i had to say on this subject, and i must tell you that now i'm twice as worried because bennett always does the opposite of what he says and what he promises and orthodox 2 and self made tech millionaire. the 49 year old isn't well known on the world stage. but in his role he's been around for almost a decade. and for most of it, he was mired in a long and often rocky relationship with natania, who bennett started as a senior aide to the then opposition needa,
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but left netanyahu on bad terms. 5 years later, he was back. this time in his own white, we vamping it posted the party and serving as minister of defense, education and economy in various missing, yahoo governments. they came march the 23rd this year and equals 14 mission and 2 years. it was been, it's time to shine. after almost agreeing to form a coalition with miss on yahoo, he pulled out at the last moment, leaving this on yahoo with open numbers he needed. and so the mandate 20 opposition, the to the period and bennett had to wait and negotiate and wait again. and then to the surprises and eyes and critics alike, bennett joined forces which appeared to become israel's newest prime minister. although his amino party took just 6 out of a 120 seats in parliament. he now heads up 8 political parties. each with a very different political agenda, prompting many to ask just how long he'll sit in the top seat. hardships of
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establishing the unity government all behind is. we will work together in partnership with responsibility in order to mend the rift in the nation and immediately return the country for normal functioning one after a long period of paralysis and quarrel. cooking at the finish line shows nothing is as impossible as it food seems, especially not when it comes to reading politics. the flood vision of power really need the show and defend our democracy. and we are very well to be having say that the cooperation, the new and very valid and we know that they got only both out of $120.00. and they consist many different values on left. why only one thing in common with these guys, we move them into now out of office and there were several in there. but i think
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that will be the 1st and last the shipment of the new government because it will be paralyzed because you have left and rice mixed together. radical f. like, i don't think you will be any made. your going to reagan will drive on economy plus issue because all of the issue, you will not be able to get that consent to move forward, and it will be a challenge for them. it only if there will be able to expand the government and the add more pop you. then maybe we'll be able to speak about the idea of new quality. a number of daily coated cases is rising in some nations of central and south america. one of them that is wayllace says us sanctions are stopping it from getting vaccines by blocking a $10000000.00 payment to the global kovacs game. while the caribbean nation of trinidad and tobago is received just 80 vials of the cova jap,
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enough to inoculate only 200 people in a population of 1400000. separately, jo biden's pledged half a 1000000000 doses to poor nations. but as he goes down to reports, next to that promise comes with a catch, the time has come, our lord and savior from cove. it is here after months of holding, joe biden is ready to break america's vaccine coffers and grace the unfortunate ones. generously, united states will purchase a half a 1000000000 doses of pfizer, coven, 1900 vaccine, to donate to nearly 100 nations that are in dire need. in the fight against this 10 demi a virtuous act of philanthropy. but as the right hand give us the left one, take us and take of strictly from those countries who have been quite naughty in america's eyes. as the vice president delsey rodriguez just announced venezuela has
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paid off all its commitments to the kovak mechanism to purchase vaccines. however, the bank is arbitrarily blocked the latest payments and they are under investigation. crime. this kovacs is a u and back to initiative aimed at equitable axes to coven 1900 vaccines. no one is safe until everyone is the un is preaching, but the us apparently is putting a spin on the rule because define every one, even lose of mathematics, have exceptions may be this rule should to be nice to the us or never get vaccine. and even if you somehow manage to brew your own concoction, like q, but did, they still can get you. cuba needs roughly 30000000 ranges for the mass covey vaccination campaign, and they're short, 20000000. cuba is used to surviving on the americas hydraulic press of sanctions, but one would assume a global pandemic is a good time to be the bigger person. and
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a said dominance throughout tourism. but apparently not. iran has been ringing the alarm along with venezuela and cuba accusing the us of the same thing, bothering them from obtaining vaccines. we signed a vaccine agreement with a country, but the americans blocked it. they americans came and put pressure in the companies that supply parts of the vaccine from abroad. and block 10000000 doses of vaccine they were supposed to import into the country. so what do you run? venezuela and cuba have in common, apart from horrid coven 1900 statistics. well, the question is so rhetorical, it's borderline vulgar. they're all the bane of america existence and the rob voices inside the u. s. very much opposed to helping such nations. i strongly disagree with the biden administration on their global vaccine rollouts. we should help our eyes 1st, instead of letting a 3rd party decide where vaccines should go, since there are not enough vaccines. should we help india or iran?
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we should help india 1st. what happened to the us shaming others left and right for using vaccines as a geopolitical weapon as v. c. it, we are concerned about the use of the attempted use of vaccines as a means of diplomacy by russia and china vaccine diplomacy that undermine sovereignty. well, it's only bad if somebody else is sharing their ceremonies with other countries. washington is the only power allowed to view their jobs as a literal arsenal. just as in war to america, the arsenal of democracy in a battle against coven, 19 pandemic. our nation is going to be the arsenal of vaccines for the rest of the world. so you better believe an uncle sam, the all mighty. it'll be quite unfortunate to have the plague on both your houses. otherwise, the possible release of katelyn independence leader says triggered mass protests in
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spain. tens of thousands, including the heads of 3 bright wing parties, gathered inventoried central square. it's after the deputy prime minister announced the potential pardoning of 12 separatists behind a failed independence attempt in 2017. the government says their release would come tension in catalonia, demonstrate to see it as a threat to national unity down. according to the latest survey, a significant majority of the countries against the plan to pardon central southern russia and 24 people have reportedly been injured by a large blast in the city of novice abyss. 8th, or in a critical condition. the explosion came after a fire broke out at a petrol station where the accident apparently involving a delivery truck. 5 fighters were initially hampered by 6 smoke, but they've since managed to put out the blaze. okay, that's it from the moscow news room for now. thanks very much for watching. i'm calling bright, but we will next update and just have a half an hour to see it in the
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as well as sanction. rarely we're rarely work except maybe a week, maybe a month. but the world always figures a way to get around the same whether it's the black, whatever it is that was sanctioned, don't work. politicians get publicity. and they say see, i am saving the world, saving themselves and they're making friends which the was.


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