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i the the, the, the the headlines this i benjamin. yes and who's wrong. right. all righty, leader comes to an end is parliament. and then you really fragile a relation, restoring contact and organizing direct dialogue. let me see the expect to be coming from joe biden. and also the review of the french president get slap in the face about getting up close and personal with the crowd supposes supported in the scientist from ah,
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the latest developments look back, what's been happening to you over the last 7 days watching weekly here, and artie international, now been minion ya, who's 12 year rule as israeli leader. he's over after parliament approved a new government right wing right wing in if tale bennet from the army party will become head of states. his coalition does consist of 8 factions, enough to give it the tiniest one, c majority on middle east, corresponding port slayer reports now from television. it was a very, very slim majority that voted in the new way, the prime minister and the new government. it was 60 in favor and $59.00, a pope, but that is enough to see the 12 year rain all the time. you are who come to an end . this is not usual 36 government now it has been met with applause and excitement in parts of the country. so in the past that have been lobbying against minturn,
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yahoo! and this is what we saw amongst the various different parties that came together to form the coalition, which comes from both the wind and the left and the center. they are very different on many different political issues, but they 50 have the same agenda when it comes to know more midtown, yahoo! the incoming prime minister is not to be been as he is the leader of the yamuna party, which means rights at the party on the right of the political spectrum. but it's not going to be an easy time for him. he is seen as someone who has betrayed in loyal base and he was voted in with just 6 mandate out of a 120. meaning that you only had something like a 180000 people voting for him, out of the entire israeli electric not been on the street talking to people who voted for bennett. they feel to call him that he stole the vote. and at the same time, you have people who are against and it's on yahoo and don't mind that. he joined
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the coalition just as long as miss on yahoo is out of power. or i think the vendor has gone too far by becoming prime minister. he's going to be a prime minister against all his principles, against all his opinions is about just not be, be there isn't anything else that brought these parties together. i think that someone was 6 or 7 mandates is not worthy of being prime minister of the country of israel. it's a very simple thing. the people have spoken letting you know received 30 mandates. he should be prime minister. that's what i think it is not fair, what they have done. we voted for someone and we got something completely different where our boats. i gave my boat to someone else. we have all given our boat and suddenly everything turned round and bennett was voted in regard to israel from becoming a successor from becoming something we didn't want it to be from becoming something
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dark and dangerous. he's been a whole lot of the pick up for head now i have been trying to reach the facial parliament station, but he was constantly tickled. he was caught a liar, quite a few members of parliament were actually taken out by security forces disrupting the the station itself. and the can give one a sense of just how difficult it is going to be for natalie bennett to try and bring people together to support this new coalition government as one at yahoo. he has promised that he will not be silenced. he says that the length of his will be, in other words, the right wing parties will not be silent. and at the same time, he's caught bennett the greatest ford in israeli history. so nothing bennett has
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his work cut out for him, but he is sending an benjamin netanyahu to the opposition way. he'll now become the leader of the opposition. and let me just mention that he has been in this position twice before and managed to come from the lead of the opposition to become prime minister as well. so that is something that might warn people that it's perhaps a little too early to completely blank him out of the history books. to restore contacts and organized direct dialogue. that's what rushes president says he expects from the upcoming summit with us came to pod, let me pace in, gave his thoughts in an interview with the russian tv correspondent labor. franco gave more details to call him back while this time mister pool, who was quite specific about the things that he is intending to bring up in geneva when he meets joe biden. and 1st of all, the russian leader mentioned global security. this is a very important issue,
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mister poking pointed out moscow's concerns when it comes to ne toes missile defense systems that are close to the rushing borders. we have always tried to behave with sufficient restraint. after all, we did not take a single step in any of the areas which would aggravate the situation. we're talking about security issues about these red lies about the possible deployment of all kinds of combat systems. their missile strike and so on. i have already mentioned poland and romania missile defense systems are already being deployed there and strikes systems can be supplied to them as well. but we have removed our military base from cuba because we don't do such things. but our partners, unfortunately, are doing tis that a lot of people said that he hope that the summit could at least create the conditions for a proper and fair discussion on these matters. now, the russian leader also went on to explain why the hopes are there. he praised
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the joe biden administration for responsible approach, at least in one aspect. vladimir putin reminded of one of the 1st international decisions that was made by joe biden and the white house that is per loaning the new star treaty between washington and moscow, which is referred to as the last remaining pillar of nuclear arms control. the new administration led by president biden extended the nustar treaty at 1st step. i think this is a very important step. and in general, of course, on the part of president biden, this is a manifestation of professionalism. of course, president putin also touched on cybersecurity, which is one of the more headline grabbing dance in the us, russia policies at the moment. how did he elaborate on that? well, what is global security without cybersecurity? that's also something major that is going to be on the table according to the
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russian leader. cyber attacks on entire infrastructure and industrial cities could lead to very serious consequences. and the russian president here was clearly referring to recent cyber attacks on us infrastructure. and while the kremlin maintains that russia had nothing to do with these attacks, the russian side really wants some kind of bilateral agreement to be hammered out in this field to introduce some kind of rules. and to make sure that it's all kept under control, by the way, back in 2013, that work had already begun. but what happened next? ukraine, accusations of russian hackers influencing the us election and the work was scrapped not by the russian side by the west side. so now moscow, once this work to be resumed, agreements are expressed in the relevant interstate documents and there and these documents, agreements, contracts, the parties assume certain obligations. and these obligations and the overwhelming
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majority of cases are equal. both parties share the same commitment. if we agree to extra criminals, then russia will do it, but only if the united states agreed to expedite criminals to the russian federation as well. the closer we get to the summit in geneva, on june 16th, the more we find out about the things that are going to be discussed possibly will hear about something else maybe from the biden administration next. the french president got a nasty shock on choose day while on a visit to the south country where he was trying to drum up support for his re election campaign. my new matt drawn walked up to a barrier to greet locals. but this is what happened next. the 1st time that you've been physically assaulted since becoming president, that happens in the south of france near the city of valencia. and as you saw in
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the video present mike on exits a hotel school where he's been taking a visit. he walked towards a crowd of people who are all behind the metal barrier. the president michael puts his hand on a man's on the man. then grabs back president michael. before administering the all mighty slap, the security agency immediately intervened. in 2 individuals were taken into custody for wilful violence against the person holding public authority. and you might have caught just the end of that video, somebody shouting down with macro ism and there is a suggestion that the individuals behind this assault own, the president or yellow vest, were involved in unauthorized process earlier in the day. but the reality is what this is shown is that there is still an under current to present to and again president michael and his policies. those have been passed. the reforms as well as
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those he's attempted to pass to the front. and i bet housing is managed to do so or how to move them down slightly. there's been a huge reaction hearing from including coming from the government. the prime minister showing cast sticks, saying that this was an attack on democracy. they because she was on it. plus your said democracy is debate. dialogue is confrontation, the expression of legitimate disagreements, but it can in no way be violent, verbal, aggression, and even less physical aggression. we are all concerned. it is the foundations of our democracy through the head of state. it is democracy that is targeted. your also, we've heard from a political policy from across the political spectrum with opposition. lead is pretty much on the same page. very rare hearing from all saying that this is simply unacceptable. while democratic debate can bitter, it can never tolerate physical violence. i strongly condemn the unacceptable
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physical aggression target in the president of the republic. this time, are you starting to understand that violent people are taking action? i stand in solidarity with the president. well, president, my call is currently or not toward from says it's been called. he's taking the time for testing it to see whether or not he should be running in next is presidential election. he hasn't officially said he's going to, but the idea that he's making this visit is seen as many as a pre election tool. and it seems as we get closer and closer to the election, we like to see more of that resentment coming through shot it's been sky. there was a 2028 year old who slapped macros was sentenced to 4 months in jail with an additional 14 month suspended sentence. the 2nd person arrested their who film begins and also faces prosecution. 2 for legally possessing weapons which the authorities later
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found at his home. now at the same time that this slap episode did provoke an avalanche of jokes and means on line twitter, in particular, seeing political character was mocking the leader economists told us that it's mac chrome who's been slapping the french people in the face. we quite believe this is where a manual micro is power lies. in other words, is the ultra personalized and centralized power. the president, obviously there are still people who are ready to break through rows of right. please get the president. violence is unacceptable and we see how representative the political community unanimously condemned to live in the faith. but in a sense, the money macro himself represents violence because it's he who authorized use of normally for weapons by law enforcement agencies. that is why many protests were injured and lost the eyesight during the yellow vest demonstration. there is a huge gap between ammonia microns outlandish promises and what he is doing, which is nothing more than a constant communications and marketing campaign. the more he wants to getting
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tends to return to considering pension reforms. he always has some unpleasant remark and he's off. no, it is he who constantly slaps the french people during his public speeches, and now he gets a slap in the face himself, which of course deserves condemnation. since he is no authority figure, the slot made it through microns personal security guards. and this is a lesson for all of us to come on the week us take department demand that nigeria refers to band with in the country while the social network happening senses its own uses, will have more in this off the breath. i use news. the
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news the join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the, the, me ah,
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welcome back to the weekly now the us state department, along with some west and diplomatic missions, is called a nigerian government traverse, is decision to ban twitter. it also condemned to threats to arrest, uses lagos, law, the social network saying it is persistently used to undermine the countries existence . and it comes after the platform to lead to the post by the countries, the president, which war national separatists have consequences unless they relent. but while twitter does claim the free and open internet is an essential human right, disappear to operate according to a different set of principles elsewhere. because you don off has more the free speech wing of the free speech boxing. this is how twitter executives love to define that platform. the self righteousness of this is only matched by how far the twitter executives are detached from reality. lately, the band,
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the syrian president over this tweet, many of those misbehaving too, too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the nigerian civil war. those of us in the fields for 13 months, who went through the war will treat them in the language that understand, taught or moderate may not be able to find nigeria on the math. but apparently, their interpretation of the country's history is more accurate than the presidents who obviously wasn't impressed. and he's government wasn't taking any of that where people were morning police station. so i couldn't a policeman, a jury duty and us for today. it was about the right to protest, but what a similar to happened when the capital he became a selection. when are going to be formed by anybody?
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we have economy to rule. how do thought the best of our ability? twitter wasn't ready for that, and it is hard to judge them for it. they had already successfully band one of the most powerful men in the world and got away with that consequence. free nigeria though, did something about it. the or das, it's he, we are deeply concerned by the blocking of twitter in nigeria. access to the free and open internet is an essential human right in modern society. just put everything down for a 2nd, appreciate the absolute, logical pandemonium. here with me, twitter, which is very trigger happy over an arbitrary set of rules to deny people the right to speak out is trying to be the champion of free speech. you can make this up, but the ban caught the eye of some politicians who condemned it. diplomatic
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missions of canada, the european union, the republic of ireland, the united kingdom and the united states of america, convey our disappointment over the government of nigeria as announcement suspending twitter. funding systems of expression is not the answer. these measures inhibit access to information and commerce and some other politicians who in turn got ideas. twitter noncompliance with our rules will lead to unintentionally consequences, including twitter losing exemption from liability as an intermediary the information most time, even if it appears very attractive candidate, tend to foreign state how to live, how to interpret historical events, what movies to watch, or what music to listen to otherwise, instead of freedom of speech, it becomes a dictatorship of opinion for sole purpose. and perhaps more officials should take a closer look at nigeria handling this. because if banning a president over an opinion somehow made it into twitter,
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his definition of free speech, we all need a lesson in how to deal with big tech tyranny. twitter has no business deciding on what geo political failures have to say about anything because they're not. they're not informed enough to do so. they're just are responding based on their own political prejudices. with very little knowledge about what the situation involve, especially in nigeria, twitter is pretending to be the government of the world along with other social media platforms. they are trying to institute their own sort of governmental power . the social media platform to combine have more power than all the nations of the world. and in fact, to all the states in the world, in terms of political influence. so no, this is not surprising. and it's not unwarranted that these nations would be trying
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to curve twitters political power. okay, well let's return to our top story because spend minute ya. he's 12 year rule is israeli leader is over after parliament approved a new government by the smallest margins. just one vote in fact, and we can get some reaction to this now and cross down the down and he's a former perm and representative of israel to the un. you very welcome. thanks for coming on. firstly, what are your thoughts then on this correlation, do you think it will be good for israel? what we saw today that before the vision of power really need a show and defend our democracy. and we are very loudly having say that the coalition, the new having the variable valve, and we know that they got only votes out of 120 and they consist many different phone left. why the only one thing in common via we move
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them into now out of office and they were successful in doing it today, finished 12 of you there. but i think that will be the 1st and last shipment of the new government because it will be proud alive. because there is some of the government and the different fault, the government. what sort of policy and could we expect to see this coalition try and push it the very least because you have left and right mix together radical f. like, i don't think you would be any made your point. you rated me. there were radical economy in partial issue because on the other issue, you will not be able to get back on that and move forward. and it will be a challenge for them only if they will be able to expand the government. and the ad won't have you, then maybe we'll be able to speak about the new quality. is that likely you think
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or is it more likely this? this coalition will end up arguing amongst itself and perhaps people could defect and the whole thing will tell you been because it's a very narrow quotation of both sides right to when someone on the other side. i mean that the now announced that they will continue the nation of the, of the, of a vision that will be interesting to watch after 12 you as a prime minister, we've been interesting from vision for him. and i'm sure that the bennet from the new government would fly to seduce memo for the position and offer the position within the government. what sort of style of leadership would you expect from this tale? bennett? because, you know, he's, he's very right wing and many issues in areas he's more extreme and messen, yahoo so my advice would be to develop his own leadership and
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apply to imitate the minister. and you know, in the no one today can get into the shoes, or when you speak about that you've ever gotten diploma. the secuity economy though, i think the letter to think about other places where you can actually make a difference and on foreign policy. what should we expect that people are spoken to this evening? you've said look, it will be just the status quo. don't expect anything majorly different to happen when it comes to israel's foreign policy. what would you go along with us? absolutely. because today you actually have to live in a mr. bennett, and you have me still a p and he's not going to have all the location to you. and if it will happen, they both have vito power on everything. even to said that gender of the government every sunday that's agreed together about that. so i think it will be a cripple, the government. and i think what would be the best way to describe it with regard
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to particularly iran, we know that. so, you know, on the international stage, many countries are trying to revive that nuclear deal. israel stanz wouldn't change on that at all. though we are against the renewal of the j. c. u. a that i deal with with a battered women's back then in 2015 and they even was, but i don't think it would be the same level of provision. and because that that was the very respected by many leader and very strong members in many capital. so i think the point to deal with would be opposed to the j a. i think the level of provisions with women would be a different one. yeah, but when you say diff from what you mean by that, i think it might be a vocal. and i remember when 5 minutes them out, a went to washington dc in spoke to the conquest. anyone
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a very long speech he gave, they gave us that wasn't the obama didn't appreciate that, but there he actually got that national the ward when came to the call with his bull over there in the middle of the now we were delivering the message very efficiency i don't think you want to do the thing and then it. but i think the vision for vision of the government will be to call to the renewal of the jacob boy . and let's just move on. see where netanyahu himself, he's now the leader of the opposition. would you expect him to be around for some time yet in politics? so it's up to him. you know, it's a very, how can a vision, you know, i did apply when the last, when using different provisions as a member of parliament. i mean it still and then back to the un and you know, when you want the country, you have another responsibility to move to the provision. it's challenging the choir. a lot of you know,
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then link up every morning and to fight for your position to fight the way the places that people can actually listen to you. but then i know 5 minutes of the now very low, and i think you want to be long over position k, danny. really good to to she will leave it there. that was danny. down on former herman representative of israel. the un thanks for coming on. thank you very much. now, a video of an american father and author speaking acts against an idea known as critical race theory went viral on social media. this week, it is a made an ongoing debate in the u. s. over the road of this approach to racial studies and education. and also politics. doesn't matter if you're black or white or any doesn't matter if you're black. why? brown? yeah. right. black in how we treat people is based on who they are and whether or
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not this is, this is how children think right here. critical race nearing wants to in now we my children. it's not going to happen. well, that video has been re posted to twitter, where it has clocked up more than 2000000 theories. theory itself was put forward 40 years ago and essentially does suggest that racism is systemic within society. but it has been widely criticized with many calling for ban on its teaching in schools for being divisive and damaging to students. my colleague niels spoke to the father behind the video. i just think people are waking up to what's going on in the vision that's been going on. and i think people are tired, man, their teachers that are tar, that are writing me. people going up to school boards now. yeah, i think people want to stand up because they see that they're trying to brainwash our children into seeing each other for the color they are and not the character that they are. how would you describe corey, why critical race theory as proof?
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so devices i would say when you tell any group of people that their whole pressures, because of the color their skin and you tell the other group that they're all pressed because of the color and they're seen, you're going to find push back. you are going to see people standing up. we know what martin luther king said, right just by the content of our cares and the color of our scheme. and when we see people trying to implement that into our schools, on to our children, you're going to see pushback. you haven't held back talking, but black lives matter either. you said the movement is for the destruction of america under families. can you just open up and why did you say that? well, the co founder said she was a marxist. so we know what marxism leave to and that is communism that socialism. so for me and for america, that's not what we're about. just come to half 11 this sunday. not here. not
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a happy company much in the weekly. we're back with more stories from the last 7 days. and the latest developments at the top of the ah, rather driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me dares thing. we dare to ask me. oh, today she.


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