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hello, that was really a good one day i i, china, and russia once again, high on the agenda as g 7 leaders assemble for the 1st time since the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic. my colleagues do feel a sense of deep sense of the child. we have young police officers who by age alone, we're not talking about how come up they weren't. released chiefs raised the alarm about the lack of vaccinations for the 4th and 5th, the $5000.00 and job officers at the g. 7 summit could become cobit super spread. the while the new york parents declare war on woke indoctrination at schools putting a billboards demanding that children be taught instead to think for themselves about diversity. ah
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others thanks for joining us this morning. this is not the international. the 1st g 7 in person summit since upon demik is to open today in the u. k. and joe biden. it marks his 1st overseas trip during his presidency out of the summit. biden met with the host u. k. prime minister morris johnson funded you atlantic charter based on the 1941 agreement with outline the 2 countries goals following the 2nd world war. the priority. now, according to the document, is cooperation article for the g 7. the main token points will be the fin debit trade in climate change plus china and russia. i guess the examines why that agenda is a blush from the past. it was a great america is back, back for watson. when did it ever leave? whatever it is that it's coming back to from as unclear. at every point along the
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way, we're going to make it clear that the united states is back and democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future. well, that's good. suddenly, again, i can't remember them ever leaving, but if you will, coming back to things you never left, then why the heck not some things you've already signed are revitalized atlantic charter building on the commitments and aspirations that are 80 years ago. the firms are ongoing commitment to sustaining our enduring values and defending them against new and old challenges. so they're defending democracy, defending nato, defending trade, which american britain have done admirably if a tad violently but that's the rule. they will now chic to combat cyber threats. climate change in the pandemic. there's so much to do and what better way to start
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than with the prime minister? absolutely. both very i'm not sure. i'm not going to be sent from that. i'm going to disagree or lead, or anything else. perhaps what may be construed as new is that button seems hell bent on returning a tool to the glory days of the cold war. and his youth. i've been clear the united states will respond in a robust and meaningful way the russian government engages and harmful activities. we've already demonstrated that, except we've had the same thing in various forms. for now on a century, trump said the same things. so what did they mean? what is it that they say if it isn't russia, it's yes, china, they can't say it out loud. no, and ready yet, but it's between the lines. we will focus on ensuring the market democracies,
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not china, or anyone else. right? the 21st century rules around trade and technology, and we will continue to pursue the goal of a europe whole free and at peace. biden. once the resurrect, i know monster the cold war with vos, standing armies with vos military spending a vase blog to crush the competition and the competition. and he's in russia, the competition is china, which america still doesn't have an answer for. well, i wonder if i fallen asleep and waking up when woken up in 1978 or something. you know it's, it's unbelievable that we need to find a new atlantic a life. what is the atlantic? we have no idea what the atlantic is. the atlantic has been certainly since the end of the cold war, european countries incapable of developing their own independent foreign and domestic and economic policy, basically blindly following the united states into places like at ghana stance and
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syria and libya and miss adventure after misadventure. china is the big enemy of the defense secretary austin said, we have to start acting like china is the and i mean, not just thinking like they're the enemy and this is how it works. this is how the u. s. military industrial complex works. you invented in me words, the global war on terrorism, or the global fight against co, good, or the global fight against china. you invent these bogeyman, and then you spend hundreds and hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars that go into the pockets a well connected companies. well connected, think tanks in the washington beltway and that's what keeps the machine going. but the machine is going to end because the american economy is about to collapse, its teetering on the edge of collapse. on the eve of the summit, u. k. police communities of accused the government of betrayal, as it hasn't prioritized the force for vaccines around $5000.00 unvaccinated officers are expected to be present. that the g 7 summit with one police chief
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warning they've actually become super spreaders. all this stuff hasn't stopped the u. k. prime minister from choosing this moment to praise the force for its work during the pandemic. i bet the policing restriction is not something you ever dreamt you will be doing. but you did it because you knew it was how we are going to protect the n h. s. and save lives for something that facing the police federation annual conference. actually named felice thing on the pressure. some of those within the 4th, a claim that he and home secretary principal tell them on the front line during a pandemic. totally unprotected government, small words became lame actions on the result is up, my colleagues do feel a sense, a deep sense of the trial just this week we have thousands of colleagues from all over the country coming together to place the g 7 so much. and coble police officers from those very communities where the indian variance of the virus is
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thriving. we have young police officers who by age alone, will not be vaccinated. how can not be right? 6500 offices from every police force in the country. a part of the g 7 rings of steel, and that dealing with diplomat small over the world, meaning the some, it could become a hot bed of covey, with offices acting as potential super spreaders. personally, an issue that needs to be considered whether or not there's any risk of a super spread, a soft event occurring around the g 7 summit. and there are people from all over the world. they include people from countries where the rights of cove. it a very different from allison, with various different versions of a virus causing the problems last year that were 89 police officer, dex involving cove. it highlighting why police representative are so eager for their members to get their jobs. if they're going to continue to put themselves at risk front line officers on the cell. so things tend to be at the young end of the
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scale. certainly enlarge numbers. and therefore, they will not yet have reached the point where they will all be vaccinated with the g 7 operation. now on the way there are fears and courses, the damage has already been done and it leaves government officials hoping that the summit doesn't result in a surgeon code the cases and particularly amongst those they've off protecting some of the world's most powerful people ought to you london like a police, thanks. nations isn't the only pandemic related criticism being laid at the british government store u. k. health secretary, my hancock has been branded a liar trying to rewrite history of the he denied nationwide shortages of personal protective equipment on speaking before parliamentary inquiry into the cobit crisis . don't deny it all. the, with the challenges in individual areas, there was never a national shortage of p p because if the action that we took,
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hancock was being scrutinized over the government's handling of the 1st stages of the pandemic has sense the key to failing to ensure sufficient stockpiles of p, p at hospitals, endangering the lives of any staff to help work is reason photographed, making their own gowns out of bin bags. the government is will in addition accused of cale cheap p, a procurements, the cost billions extra to the state budget. the authorities defend over policies, the chairperson of the doctor's association told us that now far greater distrust the anxious. i think it's very hard for me to just don't have trust in my goal is in the same breath need also denies the fact that they will problems with getting p p to the front long. in other words, adequate, that actually doesn't seem to have been responsible for many of the death and the fact that he also says that he values an off and he recognizes that he made no in
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many cases, the ultimate sacrifice. but he's part of the government, which is recommended to one's not moving to one percent payroll and in the well, the government gave the policies of repeatedly drawn criticism from the labor party . one of his members told us to help them. and this is just trying to mask failures during the pandemic, whether it's inaction or incompetent to the government policy throughout this pandemic because directly contributed to tens of thousands of deaths, one of the worst death tolls in the world. and in the face of all this might, hancock is, is all out there in front of that committee, acting like a schoolboy whose dog has eaten his homework and he's blaming scientists, claiming the public. he's doing anything but take responsibility for, for this himself. he's saying of p p, he's saying that the say no evidence that the lack of p p 4 for an a chest off directly contradicts his death. it was coming out with advice and information, saying that there was no evidence that the mosque,
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wherein prevented covered cases. you have to ask you. so why would they coming out saying things that were so patiently wrong at the time is because they didn't have the p p for the public. angry parents in new york have lashed out at elite schools in the city for allegedly indoctrinating that children with woke values instead of teaching them how to think on his kelly. morgan takes a closer look. it looks like some parents are fed up with critical race theory being taught in school. mobile billboards have been set up outside of new york city, private schools, where parents are calling out the woke curriculum, taught on their money. the truck sign says, teach how to think. not what to think. woke school speak out and diversity not indoctrination. this campaign was organized by a group of parents who say they are concerned about what their children are being taught. in recent years, a new orthodoxy has emerged to tell us cause dividing our communities based on
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immutable characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. as a result of the core tennis of high quality education, unite and all children and families through love and appreciation for learning and community spirit have gone by the wayside. schools should unite us not divide us. many of these parents say they are not opposed to an anti racist or pro diversity curriculum, but they say critical race theory is going a bit too far and causing more problems than it solves. we are group of concerned parents who believe there is a better way to promote diversity and include a teacher at lead and independent schools in new york city without sacrificing quality education for all students. to save our schools, administrators must ensure academic rigor and intellectual integrity requirements of any core curriculum. while respect and parents, as the primary moral educators of the children, parents aren't the only ones. there's an english teacher in new jersey at a private school who quit her job saying that critical race theory is racist. i'm
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resigning from a job that i love over the past few years. the school has embrace and ideology that is damaging to our students, intellectual and emotional growth and ideology that require students to see themselves not as individuals, but as representatives of either an oppressor or oppressed group and by professional opinion as an educator, the school is failing to encourage healthy habits of mind essential for growth, a growing number of parents and teachers objects to the teaching of critical race theory in school. this is yet another conflict and a time of already deep divisions in the united states of america. well, how will this all ultimately be resolved? well, it looks like it will be up to our children to settle this. i actually think that critical race theory would be allowed in our schools to teach children teach him at home and not in the school. well, no need for that is what is doing is teaching kids how to have them. what
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control is out of place has no place and bad at all, and in order to change it, but we got when i was with teachers teach this particular correctly go back to the base keisha banners that we had before in i was we want to change the situation, we must fight hard and we must do it from our home. that was our church to the way that we think we need to do it. so at this particular point, we have got to pull back and push back car. so she sent you full championships, kick off later today, and we'll have to 150. think check out the preparation to the break. ah, i join
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me every 1st day on the alex simon show. when i was speaking to guests in the world, the politics, sport, business and show business. i'll see you then. me. hello, this is driven by dream shaped by those in the me dares thing. we dare to ask me. ah, we're here in saint petersburg at the international economic form. and the topic of our program is the global economy. how is it changed since coven, for the winter,
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for the loses? what are the challenges and what are the opportunities the welcome back. israeli police stung grenades on thursday to disperse hundreds of palestinians who had gathered in jerusalem the old city to protest against the visit of a leading far right politician. the trouble was triggered by right wing lawmaker then his visits to a predominantly muslim abbey of jerusalem. he came to denounce a band on a nationalist march through flashpoint areas of the city that a witness clashes between israeli forces and palestinians in recent months. places tear gas and stun good eyes to disperse. to protest this around, a dozen people were reportedly arrested to correspondent dalia. now murray witnessed events unfold. israel the police have just brutally disperse
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people. here the youth crowd control journal names. i shouldn't even use them again, jointly. several sauce were injured by star grenades that exploded near as it seems that israeli forces continue to go off journalists to report on this event. they don't differentiate between journalists and demonstrators rally for just use your guess dispos protesters and the vehicle with water. they traded at everyone gather here. people gather here at the damascus gauge region after and israeli rights activists member violating a ruined by the government. he came here karen in the us infectious diseases expert don't down to be found. she has lashed out critics calling for him to be fires and vigorously found his approach to dealing with the pandemic. this is how he responded. the tax on me quite frankly, are a tax on science. because all of the things that i have spoken about consistently
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from the very beginning have been fundamentally based on science. that comes after the release early this month of all than $3000.00 of his emails specifically found . she's coming to fall for changing his mind on the use of masks. during the pandemic. switching from musk skeptic to mask converts in a short period of time and also for his alleged over cautious approach to cove. it, she insisted he's always been guided by the science and data available. right now, people should not be what there's no reason to be walking around with the mask. the fundamentals are not rocket science. it's universal wearing of masks. an issue in that is to make sure you do whatever you can to save god, the safety and the health of the children, as well as the teachers, close the bars and keep the schools open. and john don brown sky from the washington pain center gave his his fees on why don't the found she has lost the
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trust of americans. scientist can be misled and scientist can be wrong. we need to be humble enough to so if you're given data or scientific evidence that is contrary to what we've been saying, we should be humble enough to say, you know what, i was wrong. and i think this is that we're on the right track in this direction. there was never muslim by the administration. he would go out and say what he wanted to say. and the administration might disagree, but he was never stopped. there is a big intersection between politics and medicine, which is incredibly dangerous. dr. serv. birdwell, who was in the cabinet of the administration from the obama administration, asked dr. bouchee or mask useful. and he actually wrote an email that they're not useful. he was on 60 minutes very early on the pan demick thing mass were not useful. then you know, things change about a month later thereabouts. and again, as a scientist, i would just want to know, well,
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what did you learn that wanted to change? unfortunately didn't tell the american public that so that's why i think you're seeing some credibility. last with the doctor found you euro 2020 football told him and finally gets under way to day russians among the host countries with 7 games being held in its northern capital st. petersburg and correspond to lexia shasky reports from the city. euro 20 twenties, a football tournament, stretching across the 4 corners of the continent and russia's northern capital. st . petersburg has an extended role to play while other nations have struggled to get funds back into the grounds. due to corporate 19, russia host at 50 percent of stadiums. for the majority of its domestic season and for the euro 2020 st. petersburg is ready to make some noise. i there's
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a serious vibe to the so called the venice of the north. it is the home to venice, champions of russia for the last 3 seasons. what place could be better as one of the whole cities for the euros, even more fans will be impressed with what's available in the city, the opportunities in saint petersburg and the rich culture. it's a truly wonderful place with endless possibilities to, especially in the summer coach and entertainment, to yes, especially from a very impressive 2018 world cup and russia managed to sway officials so much that this stadium here in st. petersburg will also host the way for champions league final next year, and as other cities across the continent failed to meet the anti corporate 19 criteria. this city stepped right up, only wembley in london will host more euro 2020 fixtures than this stadium here in st. petersburg, i know that you a 5 doing everything possible to ensure that the european championship is
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a success particular attention has been paid to the media and accreditation. for journalists, it's extremely difficult to organize such a large scale international event. given the situation in the world today, i can tell you that i have not come across such a constructive attitude from all involve parties for a long time. we cannot hide from the fact that life and sport i a very different world. now, you are 2022 taking place in 20. 21 is the perfect reminder of how the pandemic has impacted on europe. but this tournament will be the litmus test for you, a fun to and what's been a listless yanna, half for football, russia kept it stadiums open to a large percentage of fans throughout the season. and this was a rather unpopular decision at 1st, but gradually turned into pride because we talking about real fans here, not cardboard cutouts or pre recorded fake noice. now you a for granted st. petersburg stadium. a 50 percent capacity quarter for the 7 games
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of euro 2020. and we're talking about 30000 live fans at this very ground. an agreement is also in place to allow traveling funds from abroad without any of these requirements. if they have a ticket, a fan id and a negative bcr test. so russia is waiting for you with open restaurants, bob and on. just remember to keep the strict anti corbet measures, but that is the price many fans more than willing to pay. it's an amazing opportunity that we got on expectedly because some european countries could not host matches, and we always count on what we can are you happy with the organization rate? when we were the world cup and things were slower? here, everything is better. i wish everyone felt the same way though. denmark opened it stadiums to local fans, but not allowing any russian fans inside. and russia is to play denmark in
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copenhagen. and even before ball has been kicked, politics is already making headlines. first ukraine teams kit stage with political messages, then as thereby johnny officials blocking accreditation for i saw a commentator in russia because of his armenian roots. football just wants to pass around all this math for rest assured when the turn kicks off from one here and in the other 10 whole cities. this is the moment many have been waiting for and hopefully a turning point for sports and politics. like yourself, the r t reporting from st. peter's back. all the primary focus now is on. the euro's cancels getting ready to 2022 football world cup of his constantino's cough visited the country to see how preparations are going. you can watch special report him full later today. here on our t, his a preview, the one of the persian gulf wealthiest country is,
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has spend billions of dollars on state of the art stadiums. well, look at this. this data was really taking shape. you can see the bowl and most of the stands now, when we were here a little bit over a year ago, at the same construction site, it was just the foundation in a few metal structures. so it seems that time why this idea to use shipping containers as building blocks has definitely paid off. i mean, they're easy to assemble and easy to dismantle, just like playing with lego for the 1st time in a world cup, hey street, the stadium will be billed from shipping containers and what's more, it will be completely dismantled after the tournament. the all button to look forward to the day you can afford to updates on top stories of
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it, but with them in half an hour the ah ah, in safety harbor and last summer or solutions every year we try to dig into the solutions and we've got a special guest today, jim counselor of counsellor dot com long
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. when i would show the wrong, why don't just don't the rules? yes, to fill out this thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the parts we choose to look for common ground in hey folks. next up on dennis miller plus one, the iconic ann margaret, my boyhood crush. she's got a new film i called queen bees, ellen burtons, and it looks like, well, it's like mean girls in an old folk song, but i will put it there and we'll extrapolate more after the break with then margaret. dennis miller plus one.
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hey folks. welcome to dennis miller plus one. what a thrill for me. my main boy hood crush, the great and margaret with us, i think she has done more to popularize the hyphen than anybody in the history of this class. a great actress icon again when i say i con again, i'll throw that around. sometimes they hear people pronounce a conic and i go, well, they're ironic. iconic was actually a senior dancer denominator for academy awards, 15 golden globes. and emily, you, sir, with the it's funny the story with elvis and the duke and steve mclean and you don't notice the other guys that will tell you about and star power and are related . so look, so funny, i just was watching the eclipse they have available to clean these. and she'll tell
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us about it in detail. there's one part of it. i hope they're not me girls and they must try it out sweet at the end. but it looks like the last, the movie you can see it and select theaters and it's available on demand. i present you and margaret, how are you? i am just fine. just bad. yeah, i was lucky enough to meet and, and her husband roger, one night back stage of the show. i did with raleigh and lingers done an allay. and when i was getting prep for today, i just started to read everything and it leads you to one thing that leads to the other. and i remember how much my sister loved 77, sunset strip. i went back and i was looking at roger. so had so, and then it blew my mind, the cagney connection. i had no idea that's one of my favorite movies. men of a 1000 faces. he placed crate. okay. well, can the re lawn cheney son at $21.00. and i think bob evans as a weird cameo, and there is a big fall berg too. but tell me about 1st meeting, roger,
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i say you guys were so fab together. when you 1st met him, the 2 of you, i can't imagine more striking. couple on the planet. oh, my goodness. you know, actually we were married. 15 years. we were together 53 years. wow. ah, yes. i loved every 2nd image. let's see. oh, you know. right now it's been so long. i can't remember exactly how we met. i think his service was go. i was doing a movie and he was doing an act at joan, who was named that tiny plays that everybody played. and so i think the hungry, i mean.


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