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tv   News  RT  June 7, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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often uses the issue of human rights as a political weapon. now, being against the west. the top headlines this our here will not be cried foul over its recent blocking in nigeria. taking a saying that a free and open internet is an essential human rights. all of that though, while the platform routinely sensors people in america, israel security service warns of potential violence. unrest in parliament prepared to vote on a new governing coalition, seeking to replace the prime minister netanyahu and gunning down white. people of psychiatry, the jail university told her class was her fantasy. the newly emerged audio of the lecture. her father outrage something she dismissed as a typical white reaction. i began my talk by saying that if i start talking about race in the way, i'm going to be seen as a crazy one and white people,
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it goes to follow the textbook like ah, your worldwide news stories for monday live on, on the international from all of us here, a very warm welcome to you. western diplomatic missions of cold out nigeria on its latest decision to block twitter, the african nation by the social media network. after twitter removed a post by the nigerian president, which warned local separatists of consequences unless they relent. that while the us tech giant claims a free and open internet is an essential human right back in america, it appears to be operating according to very different principles. as our ecos donald now investigates, the free speech wing of the free speech boxing. this is how twitter executives love to define that platform. the self righteousness of this is only matched by how far
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the twitter executives are detached from reality. lately, the band, the syrian president over this tweet, many of those misbehaving today, too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the nigerian civil war. those of us in the fields for 13 months, who went through the war will treat them in the language that the stand twitter moderator may not be able to find nigeria on the mat, but apparently, their interpretation of the country's history is more accurate than the presidents who obviously wasn't impressed and he's government wasn't taking any of that. when people were morning police stations, i'm going to police lane and julia dory, us for today. it was about the right to protest. what a similar to happened when the capital it became you sort action when
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are going to be fooled by anybody? we have economy to rule. how do for the best of our ability. twitter wasn't ready for that and it is hard to judge them for it. they had already successfully banned one of the most powerful men in the world and got away with a consequence. free nigeria though, did something about it. the o dash c. we are deeply concerned by the blocking of twitter in nigeria, access to the free and open internet isn't essential, human rights in modern society. just put everything down for a 2nd to appreciate the absolute logical pandemonium here with me, twitter, which is very trigger happy over an arbitrary set of rules to deny people the right to speak out is trying to be the champion of free speech. you can make this up,
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but the band caught the eye of some politicians who condemned it. diplomatic missions of canada, the european union, the republic of ireland, the united kingdom and the united states of america, convey our disappointment over the government of nigeria as announcement suspending twitter. funding systems of expression is not the answer. these measures inhibit access to information and commerce and some other politicians who in turn got ideas. twitter noncompliance with our rules will lead to unintentionally consequences, including twitter losing exemption from liability as an intermediary, the information most, even if it appears very attractive, cannot dictate to foreign state how to live, how to interpret historical events, what movies to watch, or what music to listen to otherwise, instead of freedom of speech, it becomes a dictatorship of opinion for sole purpose. and perhaps more official should take a closer look at nigeria handling this. because if banning
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a president over an opinion somehow made it into twitter, his definition of free speech, we all need a lesson in how to deal with big tech tyranny. a twitter has no business deciding on what geo political figures have to say about anything because they're not. they're not informed enough to do so. they just are responding based on their own political prejudices. with very little knowledge about what the situation involve, especially in nigeria, twitter is pretending to be the government of the world along with other social media platforms. they are trying to institute their own sort of governmental power . the social media platform to combine have more power than all the nations of the world and effect to all the states in the world in terms of political influence. so
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no, this is not surprising. and it's not unwarranted that these nations would be trying to curve twitters political power, israel to security service as issued a rabb warning that incitement is growing in the country and could lead to violence . some see the message as pointing the finger at current, a prime minister benjamin netanyahu. we have recently identified a serious rise and radicalization and violence and insight in this course specifically on social media. this discourse may be interpreted, am uncertain, groups or individuals as one that loves violence and the legal activity and could even lead to harm to individuals. i'm thinking that the me some comment by the director of these radiation internal security. so the hearing israel was referencing a recent comment by the israeli prime minister benjamin from yahoo, in which he said the public representatives were going against the will of the people as we heard over there. it's very unusual to hear
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a public statement from the head opposition bit and he's coming. mandy echoed what is a growing concern here in israel, that with the hand over the transition of power from natania who, to a new government. there is a cause for concern that there might be violence and a whole new name call us. we condemn all incitement and violence on all sides for a long time care because to be made against us against me and also against you, including explicit calls to murder me, my family, my wife. silence. i want to promise that we my friends and i in the could faction will vehemently opposed the establishment of this government, a fraud and the dangerous one. and if god forbid is established, we will over for it was very quickly and it nathan yelled with them. i heard net on yahoo earlier today say to his supporters in this very language do not be afraid to go strong on them. i call on you mister netanyahu to let go free the country to move on. people are allowed to vote for a government even if you are not in charge. now they have been entering this from
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yahoo. randy's across the country most predominately in jerusalem in front of the prime minister's residence in balfour street, but also in federal highways and intersections across the country. basically, the main thing is that they, once you turn out, that he has the total of 15 years as the head of the country 12, which had been constituted, is also going concern over his corruption trials. many here were concerned that had he stayed on as a prime minister. he would use that position to try and help him in the criminal call that he's currently facing. and really, the reason why we see this new unity government forming against him is a unification of wrong. the idea that it is time clinician, yahoo to sit down, they probably will do whatever i can say for sure. we have to be out here. we will go hopefully that whole political culture,
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toxic political culture that he created will also be gone. we came now to prove to clean out the next one is that many people proceed now exactly a week from today. next week, monday is the deadline by which the country critic parliament means to vote. as to whether or not it is the new unity coalition, but coming the next government to beat the majority of 61, out of a 120 parliament proceed to speak with economists is approach netanyahu the quarter . and so he is pushing to try and keep that deadline as far away as possible while you have the leader of the potential new government trying to get it approved as quickly as possible. they want you to prove within the next 2 days. so there's that battle happening inside the country parliament. as we speak, political commentator oren says israel will see a turbo and parliament with a new government and a better netanyahu in opposition. if
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a no loser is desperate to stay in power because the legal problems will probably stay on the head of the opposition, peter position day will tell him some of the coalition members to vote against their own ideology regarding the longevity of the government. it has to do both ways, legislative initiatives which they will probably try not to go into, but also in responses to outside the events. barring such events, it could go on for at least several months pass and budgets, which wasn't done in a row for more than 2 years. now we are reading for a very turbulent period in israeli elementary life. all right, and brief to some other world headlines for you here on the program. at 2 passenger
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train collider in pakistan, killing at least 40 authorities fair, the number could rise. we understand one of the trains had already to rail before being hit by the 2nd. now there were over a 1000 passengers in all lava flows from volcano in the north west of iceland have reached a nearby valley. the erupt begun in march, and the stunning sight has been attracting visitors ever since. it's the 1st such erupt in the region and 700 years. a migrating hold of 15 elephants is causing havoc in china. they've been giving locals of fries by wandering into villages in search of food and water, and some cases, leaving a trail of damage behind them. a lecture by a psychiatrist at yale university, his sparked outrage after she told the audience she would like to gun down white people, talk to a killer non a presented her ideas on the alleged problems of a white mind. back in april, the talk wasn't made public until journalists uncovered and uploaded the audio.
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saskia taylor investigates the story. a trip to psychiatry usually means a comfy chair, a face space, a piece of new judgment and paints. you feel free accepted. have you met dr. arena kennedy, i had sons, as is so fun loading the revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way bearings, our body and wiping my bloody hands. as i walked away, relatively gills, less with bones and myself. like a do the world favor? yes, dr. caitlin, on he is a license i car trust and i think we can all agree just from those few was that she's perfectly qualified to advise people and how to live the best lives. and she's all about hearing your story unless you're white because really all they are thought body kills. this is the cost of talking to white people at all because of your own life as they suck you dry. there are no good apples out there. white
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people make my blood boil. now these are the leaks private notes dr. canada right from. she's sitting opposite how white patients know these comments were made in front of hundreds of people. yale university electra called this psychopath. problem of the white mind. that's our face space. i was talking about among the of the revelations from the 52 minute long balance lecture from a top professional. the white people have 5 holes in the brain in medical opinion. they found demented in her medical opinion. and she's cut off or how white friends, because nothing says di, bus to like, bring out a color chart when deciding if you want to hang out with someone, she's using her psychiatry and her profession to advocate for causes that the level of support the reality is that people like her are french. these are friends elements that believe in that promote these ridiculous and absurd ideologies and
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ideas. i don't think that while i do have a lot of problems with what the fall and well with them, what the left put forth. i don't think that she is representative of the major already of people on the left. this is where i see the danger coming. not so much that that she represents love right now, but that these ideas could disseminate and be accepted by people on the left. now it's similar comments had be made against any other community. they'd probably be deemed respecting unhinged violence and fighting supremacy. toxic devices need not see a cnn headline story, but no, this time, only the dean's office raised its concern, claim merge, and replacing the words white's mind with asian mind or gay mind as we work towards equity and inclusion and unity. i wonder what impact this presentation will have probably realized how demented it sounded. then remember, the universities only cancel and destroy korea of bod pool to suck people dry. and
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then remembered gales to busy firing faculty members over the very important issue of culture insensitive helloween costumes. so they did decide not to post the video of dr. kit and on his speech, just an audio available only to yale students who are the small display mom, which i think we can agree was the white test thing to do. i'm the violet one. i'm the crazy one and see that coming away i did. i began my talk by saying that if i start talking about race in this way, i'm going to be seen as a crazy psychotic one and white people. it just followed my textbook like a script. well, which slide holds in that brains. what else could she expect? but it doesn't matter, doctor, can nani knows her truth, which is the only thing that counts nowadays. just as how website says she knobs and welcomes every one even if sometimes she does want to take an a k 47 gun them
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down. but you know, everyone has their own unique ways to unite and, and he'll, and, and racial divides. i just hope that no white people are standing in dr. kellen on your way. yeah, i mean, i think it does kind of reflect what's going on in our country right now. i mean, there, there is a huge division along party lines in general. when you have people who engage in this type of rhetoric, there is always the, the risk that somebody might become radicalized, and that they might try to express. this is express these ideas using violence. i don't think, i mean, we already feel a lot of political political violence going on in the united states right now. i mean, we've seen an tivo, we've seen the writers that the u. s. capital. on january 6, we've seen the george boy protests, some of which were violent. so it's not a stretch to think that this, this type of rhetoric could possibly push some individuals to take violent action
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supporters. all julian assigned to trying to raise global awareness of the width of all was plight ahead of a rush of us summit in switzerland activists to set up a temporary monument to the wiki leaks found a alongside edward snowden and chelsea. manning on the shores of lake geneva, the also held a news conference calling on president biden to end americas hounding of assange. his fiance was also among the speakers and is a criminal operation and criminal aberration that he is in a prison cell. in no same world should join us on being a prison. so for revealing the state crimes, concrete evidence of state crimes, the same state is trying to extradite him and so far has kept him in some form of deprivation of liberty for a decade. julian sanchez, currently in belmont prison in the u. k. and private that spent 7 years hold up in
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ecuador and embassy. he's wanted in america on multiple charges of espionage for leaking thousands of files, including wall logs from iraq and afghanistan. the u. k. has so far, refused to expedite him to america where he could face life behind bars. also present at the press conference in geneva was the u. n's, special repertoire on torture. he told us that we'll need to take a sanchez case more seriously. it is time now after 10 years in order to detention and 2 years in retention in the united kingdom for the world public to wake up to what is actually going on here. if anyone watching this thing starts doing phones is a rapist, a hacker, and defy the traitor. please know you have been deceived. it happened to me in the beginning and i would not be surprised if, like i said, there's watching this are of this opinion. it's not their fault because they have been deceived by this official narrative. if you think that you've not been
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deceived, it proves that the perception is working. because obviously, once you know you've been deceived, it's no longer perception. so we have to wake up, scratch the surface a little bit of this, and look at what's playing out here. and to feed a truth and know that this is not a story that's concerned. only julian found it concerns every single one of us and our children. a judge in the netherlands is accused the us of withholding crucial evidence on the downing of flight and h 17. the malaysia airlines plane was hit by a miss oliver eastern ukraine back in 2014. and the court began hearing evidence against the 4 suspects earlier today. and all the time on the 22nd of july 2020, the investigative judge made a legal assistance requested us with respect to satellites images which allegedly available and to pick the launch of a book miss saw on the 17th of july 2014 and the vicinity of snares in
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a town. on the 21st of january 2021, the american authorities replied refusing to show any material other than that contained in their initial memorandum, citing the need to protect intelligent sources. the investigative judge filed a 2nd request in march this year, stressing the importance of the requested data from the american authorities replied on the 22nd of april 2020. once again, refusing to share the data based on the american authorities reactions. the investigative judge sees no reasonable opportunity to execute this request. the court proceedings started in march last year in the hague. most of the 290 people on board the doomed flight where dutch citizens, the trial is focusing on 4 people accused of shooting down the plain 3 russians and one ukrainian, or none of them are present in the courtroom. and one to find to incent his legal team to the netherlands. pleading not guilty of the doctor, government has claim to fly to m. a. 17. was mistakenly targeted and shot down by pro russian rebels in eastern ukraine. but russia denies any involvement and
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assists other versions should be considered including the role of ukrainian military. well, let's bring an offer under russia, martin mccauley. joining us live on the program today. good to see you today. martin a does judge is saying the u. s. has withheld crucial evidence. how might that affect the overall credibility of the trial? do you think it undermines the credibility of the trial? because the u. s. has very sophisticated technology and presumably the refusal to reveal what they know they will, they would fear that this may give away some of their secrets because they, they in fact cover the world. they have very sophisticated diligence and it again is a problem. why don't they reveal what they provide the, the satellite technology which they have, which might,
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in fact reveal something startling will probably knew about this long drawn out affair? well the, this is just, this is just one of the major issues. isn't there a way, isn't there a way to share the satellite footage with just a select few without compromising national security? for example, as you mentioned, washington is, is citing security reasons, or perhaps perhaps that's something to hide. martin, where there may be something that may be something which undermines the whole case . that there was a book and the russians aware responsible, possible. but because we're guessing, because we haven't got to have like technology and very legitimate, they will not read it because they fear that it might give away some of the secrets . therefore, in the, in the present world, countries are very unwilling to reveal what they know. because they feel that
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others may in fact take advantage of that. so nothing that americans in this case, because normally the americans are quite open and they will reveal and that courts demand information and will subpoenaed somebody who doesn't divide the mission. but the dutch court voted they have come up with a blank because the american say not charge nigger it, and we're keeping it. well, martin, i wanted to ask you what, what do you make of the 5 of the dutch court apparently hasn't paid much attention to other versions of events. for example, the possible role of the ukrainian military. well, there is a very difficult position because if you like, low in fact requires evidence and verify, require credible testimonies and critical presentations and so on. and presumably they haven't got that all wraps. they don't want to go too deeply into the granite ukrainian side, or perhaps they just rule that out and said,
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well it wasn't new crane. and so therefore, it must be the russians or somebody else. who else is that except the russians? so they seem to have taken the view that of course this book massage was 0 and rushing massage brought down the plane and not set. and there's no point going to very detailed examination of the role of the cranes played. how likely do you think it is martin that political pressure could be exerted on the judges? that's possible because the dutch tucson lives with united states, they don't want to embarrass washington. you want good relations with president biden and renew section of state tony barton. and therefore, they may in fact be influenced by that. but dutch dutch law has a high reputation and almost said they will in fact make a judgment on the evidence placed before them. and they were judged the credibility
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of that evidence. and if they don't have parts of the evidence, then, well they can say is we make it, we make a judgment, judgment where we don't have the complete picture. they're still waiting for the complete picture because they, americans have part of that picture. and they're not revealing it to the dutch authorities. not revealing a martin is all the ways in 2014 that this tragedy occurred to how much longer we're going to have to wait. martin calling author and a russia analyst joining us live here on our team to national many thanks for your time. we appreciate it. thank you. thank you. thank you for joining us as well. the u. s. army, once you, well, depending on your star sign, i sound like a really bizarre joke, but the military is actually asking for your zodiac information when deciding where to put new recruits. ah,
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[000:00:00;00] i ah, with ah, we will be casting sales on enemy troops. the army is one top rising from offering b t. s. tickets for anyone who signs up torturing prisoners of war. oh my god, for your season. i'm such a mess when mercury is in retrograde. oh god, it's worse than we imagine. the army is being run by facebook man. ah, no, i that if and now here on the international, thanks for sharing in monday with us here at moscow. you know, neil, it's here at the desk in half an hour's time with more of your monday worldwide
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news headlines. for the meantime though, thank you for joining us. the the, i don't know. i mean there's some fits in there were rescuing the food that they were scabbing or, or were rescuing resources that are still good. this is best buy march 21st, which is in 2 days. all of these potatoes, paul pennies, onions. all of these came from waste round sources. this is great for me because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know,
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definitely do benefit the wealthier people and our society. so it makes sense for them to throw it out right off, rather than give it to somebody who could use it, because then that person is not going to buy it. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when so shorter that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to create truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence. real summoning the theme in
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a robot must protect its own existence with the the who's who's i hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm peter labelle, getting it wrong. still again. the growing acceptance of the trying to lab leak theory demonstrates the utter incompetence of the ruling leaves will be ever be held to account. also, the west often uses the issue of human rights as a political weapon. now it's being used against the west, the discuss these issues and more,
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i'm joined by my guess where post op adopted in london. he's a historian, analyst and author of the new book arrives. we'll see, and the return of russia to world politics. and in budapest we cross to jordan, samuel when he is a podcast, or at the goggle, which can be found on youtube, grumble and locals are a gentleman, cross our rules, and the fact that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i would appreciate it or let's go to george 1st in budapest. well, george, and i've been watching very carefully, be the flipping of the narrative as we were here, where even a few weeks ago, even whispering online that there was a possible alternative explanation for the advent of the pandemic. you know, you would have been just a crazy conspiracy not case and to be avoided and to be shunned and probably band ok. now we see the narrative changing. now. no one on this program is going to make any definitive claims because we can't,


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