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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 5, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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could be the 1st question for many people new to the big point space. so the 50 percent crash is as normal as something to be expected. what should people do? have a discuss how the best strategy, the solution to spend a chance to panic, selling to foam owing in the 1st thing to appreciate it because i've been in a 12 year bull market since inception, and there's been lots of crashes and corrections and all sorts of things in between, but the longer the trend is 12 year bull market. so once we appreciate that, but people joined at different phases and every phase people of oil come in when they need to this with a fear that they bought the top, they were the last idiot. the bought the top. everybody is getting out and that they bought it this enough fear really owns the person that hasn't really developed the diamond hands yet. so really it's a game of both psychology and strategies. so i could share with you what the strategy we've adopted in order to get through these bull marcus. but unless you
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get the psychology right, you just won't be able to implement. and the psychology is that when we're in the bull market, you know, you're, you're in between thinking and big point thinking is about understanding the supply and demand. dynamics of bitcoin, between thinking is, is 21000000. there's never going to be any more. it's people can never money as people can spend their money. it said everybody needs be going to come by this melting ice cube and come back to inflation and everything's goods and the price is going up and you're seeing your health paper wealth increase. you thought planning this wealth, the fact you saw in feeling more intelligent than everybody that was telling us to scam it's a bond game, is a current drug deal in test. lenny it is in can j. p. morgan the, the apple needs at microsoft needs. if i'm in the whole world and you're, you're on cloud 9, but once it hits into the back market and we get these corrections, you're in a reptilian fear sinking comes out. and in fear thinking,
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it's all about taking on more data in order to drive more consumption in big coin thinking. it's all about savings in order to drive a wealth of facts so that you can then become an investor with your newly found wealth in fear. thinking it's all about scarcity, it's about knowing that your money is going down in value. and then you start thinking in terms of converting your bitcoin to fit so that you can preserve the mental wealth and paper wealth. and you saw thinking that peter chef was right, the or the last idiot bought it. but the only way to combat that is to look back, take out the chart, understand that we're in a 12 year ball market and we get these corrections which are mainly crated by the 10 percent of inside as that is trying to take the 90 percent a traders that were in trying to just get in for a get rich quick scheme and take that beer coins so they can accumulate them backs . stacy and simon dexter altogether, the 1st big coin conference in prague back in 2011. we've seen 15 of these kind of
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pull backs since then, and every single rally has a big name and every single draw down as a big name. they undergo what i call big point arrangement syndrome. that we had a big rally coming in on michael sailors purchase over there micro strategy. and now in the pull back, the peter sheriff has been replaced by a new high profile naysayer. and that would be not seem to lab who also seems to be delving into big coin arrangement syndrome. i think you're the one who pointed out that as a big coin price goes higher, we attract the higher class of big coin deranged people. so clearly my theme has a higher class and peter ship, he's got more books out there. he is considered to be more of a serious person. but now he's gone crazy. he's fallen into the trap. what is it about some people that not only do they fear the pullback, but they actually go and say like,
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not seem to laugh. they're just gad of the fact that they may be know, have full conviction. they don't, they didn't believe that they could go up further. they don't fully believe in the supply demand economics until they've been through it. and so they look to other people, they look to other experts, you know, and somebody that's actually driving forward electricity talking about the inefficiency. a bit coin seems like a very credible argument. and a reason to actually think, well this time is different. big coins no longer in that 12 year bull market. it doesn't reach high a high is again, i'll stop by this time is different thinking is really what's driving people. i'm not in a fear of everyone around them because we're doing the thing that was so impossible to achieve the thought of creating a financial system outside of the financial system. the thought of actually being able to craze something, the combat this unfixable financial system. you know,
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it brings in that in a fear that it was crazy all along and it was never going to happen. but between time and time again, punishes the people that do that. as they end up giving the big coins to those with the diamond hands in the end. so you just saw that we have an unfixable monetary system at the moment and a banking system. let's address that. and also, when you're talking about this correction, big quaint has often been compared to the internet, the early internet and tcp ip was always there, then w, w. w was built on top of it, people could use netscape browsers, a surf the web, and we had the dot com, 1.0. boom. then now we have dot com to point now and, but finally it took like 20 years, right? to get to the old all time. hi. like it. are we having the same sort of growth as the internet? and is this
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a new paradigm like the internet was in terms of all your models are broken, we can compare bitcoin in terms of just purely looking at the charles to something like amazon, if you want. amazon has 90 percent market corrections, but there was amazon the stork that nobody should a sold just like big coin is the financial hedge that nobody should be selling unless you haven't done a few things. and one of those is many people because the coin is also a unit of account, a medium of exchange. if it chooses to be because you can spend it, people actually don't make that separation between best spending money and savings . so when you're thinking about your spending money, you're thinking about what can buy him. so volatility is really bad when you're, you're good surprised him something. your mortgage is priced and one thing, one currency. and you're trying to buy it with another car and see and you see that deplete away. so one of the 1st things to learn heiress is the separation. you
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wouldn't use your, you know, amazon stalk in order to make purchases, but we'd be going to can. so it's, it's a very unique ass, it cost in that sense. and so therefore you have to use slightly different strategies, but yeah, big coin being a protocol. i'm, you know, a hedge against a monetary system that actually i talk about unfixable, but there is a solution to the existing financial system. and that's flow removal from capitalism, socialism to communism and using send for buying digital currencies of the mechanism to roll over this over laboratory hypothesis gated ponzi scheme scams in order to try and keep the system alive a bit longer. but the solution means the removal of your, your privacy rights and freedoms, which also drives the use case bitcoin because it just happens that an existing the, the financial system that exists outside the financial system is also say this, the same system that gives you back some of those rights and takes away censorship
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of financial transactions, gives you the ability to own and gives you a countered system to send for bank digital currencies and fears that ever growing and supply you bring up the central bank digital currency and you put it in the political context of a transition away from a free market capitalism, toward a more socialistic or communist type model, which of course would mean centralization and the powers that be, are panicking into a centralized banking system even more so using central bank digital currencies. i think you're one of the very 1st to talk about this and then you mentioned, and this is about happening, how the banks get bypassed and the digital currency from a central bank or be handed out directly in a form we could call it i m f or universal basic income,
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but essentially you're describing this not as a savior, but as a sensually as slippery i guess you could call the road to serfdom. as, as the book indicates, this is the road to serfdom, simon, central bank, digital currency. the mechanism for fixing the financial system by taking out you know, with fractional reserve banking, which is as people learn education about money, they sought to eliza banks, crate money and it's all bought by dad and approximately 97 percent of the money supply. as a digital currency, which is a digital representation of the cash in coins crated by the government dollars or you're is or pounds. i'm central bank. digital currencies is a mechanism for removing bags from money creation. so at the moment when you take out a loan, a new digital currency, or new units of that digital currency is crated by some dollar digital dollar
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deposits in your bank account. and it's backed by dad. but because that, that is so now over leveraged, the solution to that is a movement towards centralization, where you can let the bank go boss. but you just issue the digital currency directly from the central bank. and you allow financial technology companies and banks to build on top of the central bank digital currencies. while it is a di leveraging and it is a solution, it comes with the removal of free market. capitalism comes with the removal of all those, those things. that's a, a currency that's in these ones that removed from governments being graded. and it moves us towards an algorithmic artificial intelligence lab complete the centralized central bank, digital currency. that is used to enforce government agendas, fiscal agendas. if you know spending your money in the correct way, then they'll be, you know, algorithmic penalties on that. that will be automated tax collection. it will be
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multiple governments that are all looking to get that piece of digital transactions, acquiring and multiple jurisdictions. it will be connecting your passport to your central bank digital currency. the gateway drug is free money, helicopter money universal basic income, the remove, replacing your deposit. so the bank, when a bank is going in solvent or boss, and you have to opt in to the removal of your rights, it would be connected to your possible if you haven't got the right things, then this is where money is going. this is the ultimate goal. this is the warren cash. this is the removal of banks from money creation. this is the ultimate form of centralization and control through central bank digital currency. wow, that's a mouthful. hot heavy, we've got to take a break and call down. we'll be right back with simon dixon from bank to the future on summer solutions with maxima, stacy, don't go away. the me
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ah, ah, ah, is you'll media a reflection of reality? the, in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to defend the so join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows. ah. i met my local bank and obviously
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wanted them and johnny douglas. yes. get me up now because we're not going to the, the or company can send me reach out to me on i, i think i might get a get we'll put it on the show that the lady said, well, i mean he really liked the lamp me up and everybody who bought by little, by novel behind the guy's name, i wonder why not what i
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did when i was shot same wrong. why don't i just don't i mean you yes. to see out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground in the me. welcome back to the kaiser report. i'm as guys with stacy herbert were talking to simon dixon, the bank to the future. talking about how not to get shaken out of these pullback
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and bitcoin. a 200000 coins were shaken out of some of the newbies and are in the pockets in the wallets of the long term holders. and this always happens at these inflection point, but time and he talked about the psychology. let's talk about strategy. how should people approach this, you know, having been through all of these different markets, having been through the $30.00 to $3.00 crash, the $1250.00 to $250.00 crash. the $20000.00 to $3000.00 crash. and now the 65000 to 30000 or wherever i go next, crash. i've noticed that you can normalize and try and if you can get the psychology, right? as i said, you will get the strategy right. if you haven't got the psychology right, because you'll just be shaken out and you'll listen to all the people that were telling you that you are an idiot all along for buying big coin. but this way, if you can normalize days for turns, and one is just a simple dollar cost averaging when you're dollar cost averaging. if the market is
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always going up, then you are always buying a higher prices, which is good for your paper wealth, but it's bad strategy because then you should have just gone for a lump sum. so if you're a dollar cost averaging and you're just simply buying every month, then my bad markets are a great thing. you want the market to go down, you want those corrections, and you want to be one of those people that's accumulating out of the people that haven't got the diamond hand, say dollar cost averaging is one strategy and other strategy is long with high risk, high return investing, so the companies that make all the money during these bad markets, all crypto exchanges. so the big coin exchanges. if you are a shareholder in big coin exchanges, con, sell those based upon the whims because of the liquidity, you have to be a long term holder. but owning equity in exchanges means you can just not do all of the crazy thing that everybody does, because the exchanges make all the money, whatever's happening in crypto. whether it's the latest crazy trend and d fi, or
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n f t 's or whatever it is, rather than you messing with all that stuff, leave it to the exchanges, become a shareholder in the exchanges, and then you can just benefit when the markets crashing. they make the most amount of money where markets the crashing markets are doing well. it's sideways markets where they do so well. i'm the 3rd is taking a some of your coin i'm getting yields, which you can get. it's not something that you should do with all your big coin because the ability to in your big coin as a fundamental principle. but one strategy i've used is having a bit, a stable coin loans because you can get above even the manipulated cpi interest rates that you get in the traditional fear world. so having a small percentage, putting it in stable coin lines and taken advantage of some of the yields that you can get from people looking to buy those coins. and then you make all the money at the expense of all the traders, the 90 percent of people that are losing money to the 10 percent of insiders. so when you can normalize a bit more,
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it's really great when these bad markets. com. you get very excited about them and as long as you remember that you're in that 12 year bull market with corrections, calling over to give financial advice to pos doesn't equal the future. but these are some strategies to help me get through some of these, these, these rides and bam, all kits and crashes. you mentioned cpi, you mentioned strategies. what do you think the strategy is behind the biden administration, or any of these governments printing trillions of dollars as beyond just what the q e was from 2008 to 2021. we had quantitative easing for years. that was about, you know, printing credit. this is actual cast stimulus being created air jobs into people's pocketbooks into their balance sheets at their bank. 7 we see the cpr number is even as you mentioned, the manipulated one soaring all over the world. like what is the strategy here?
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what do you think? why or why? is there 6 trillion dollar budget? the biggest since world war 2, despite stock markets at all time highs, despite us incomes at all time highs. like what is going on? yeah, these are debt cycles, you know, where i think you said we're celebrating 50 years of the dollar. the $50.00. and these most fee currencies, i know the great british pound loss of about 300 years, but most of them on average are about 27 years with 50 years into the us dollar fear standard and the really the level of globalization and dominance of dollars say you know, approximately 70 percent of all reserves are held in dollars globally and 50 per acumen and counts for 50 percent of transactions because gold and oil. and so after class is a priced in dollars. biden is just trying to keep hold of and recycle more of
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what they do. and the way to do that, as we've eluded to, is you accept the free market. capitalism is no longer an american idea, was no longer port part of the dollar. it's about having a larger and larger government with more interference, issuing currencies direct from central banks or governments, merging of treasury and the federal reserve, and making sure that they keep hold of the us dollar. and it's important bias by giving up on the experiments of free market. and so that's where i think it all goes now in this bogey called inflation comes along. what would they typically do? while they were put up interest rates, they would look for deflation. but when now in the government, including the trump administration, that just will no longer accept that. so markets are no longer allowed to crash. real estate markets are not allowed to correct themselves. real estates,
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not allowed to be affordable. so the irony of the biden administration is the democratic principle of trying to create, you know, a more equitable call society through government larger and larger governments is it is actually ending up driving a rich poor, devoid where the rich get richer and the poor, poor you get pulled, the more and more dependent upon that you get assets that in the labs crash and therefore the rich people are, you know, getting wealthier and wealthier with those assets. but the trade also the wealthy need to make that is it is the removal of capitalism. it's a slow, gradual movement to a logic of and then a larger, more centrally planned, more socialism and the poor that are completely dependent upon debt slavery demanding governments to do more demanding universe. so basic income. why? because they feel completely shafted by the system. they don't understand why they're on the wrong side of these. dat cycles. it feels just like
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a macro friend that feels like that governments latin down. so they just want a larger and larger government, so the people demanding it. and that is where we're shifting to. and it's all the symptom of, you know, this, this fear base, that base monetary system and the counter culture is an equity based system. the reward savers, which is big coin, a fixed supply. people trying to actually drive genuine, well the fact being rewarded for saving and it's all because if your money goes down in value, the longer you hold it, then you're not going to hold it very long and you're going to be driven to that coin as the counter culture, back in the sixty's when we had a last major counterculture, people were burning their draft cars. and now people are burning for money as a rule in revolt against what they see as an oppressive regime. you know, looking around the world, simon, it's a different story in different countries. so india, which is a country we were instrumental in bringing back coin to many years ago. they've
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been off again on again, looks like they're on again with big coin. china tries to ban bitcoin, but it's impossible. nigeria is becoming hyper big colonization. ethiopia is becoming almost hyper bitcoin is ation. bitcoin is global. where do you see from where you said some of the trends globally with bitcoin? yeah, the whole india, china thing has been, you know, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. but really, it's just recycling the same news. say, you know, we saw that recently with the china bad was just essentially a reiteration. the i see a should be avoided and that leads into, you know, certain officials from the government. i'm reiterating certain things. i've also been following the story for a very long time because the coin team were instrumental in getting the central bank in india to actually except that they won the case against
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them for bank of in the other was trying to suppress it. but you know, these large populations of a, you know, 2 very important populations in terms of the global sphere i'm, there's been a back and forth all along, but it's just reef i think of the same knees. so the interesting thing is the punishment, the queen gifts to the countries, and the d. this when china, you know, implementing exchange bad, they were trying to push the block chain a gender. it's kind of like the banks when they were trying to make big coin go away. i'm off laughing at it. they just tried to popularize the whole block chain good bit coin bad. i'm still today. i think it was just a now. so microsoft, us just shut down the block chain division, they're no longer supporting the bank, author extracting a load of money in order to support their block chain. good,
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big coin, bad agenda. i'm the financial systems just adapting to big coin and they're crating between frame the banks and all sorts of stuff is gradually happening. so just like with the banks, it also punishes countries. so, i envisage a game, a chicken where, you know, i've always been advising governments to advocate some of their electricity towards mining bitcoin as an hedge. so that when the time is right, they can announce that they're also holding it as part of their reserve assets. so that they can benefit from the, the effect that what actually happened. now it just so happens that many of the sanction countries are starting to look at those strategies right now because it really has just been a, you know, the countries that have the most need for it are the ones that are adopting at the fastest rates which are the ones that are suffering, you know, the bad guy, currency regimes and bad, you know, censorship and all sorts of fun stuff,
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but send for banks, need to adopt a government's need to adopt it. and when you bought it, we've already seen all of the data, all of what they want ended up go into korea, ended up going to japan, ended up going to singapore. so it has this really effect of punishing the countries that don't adopt. and i think we're hitting such a regime, you know, where out of this health plan, they make many countries to con, join norman wall bank loans in order to fix their infrastructure. those loans were tied towards having to spend not money and health care infrastructure, dollar loans in foreign currencies and having to re spend into america on vaccine and also as the staff. so these, these currencies are suffering and these countries are really suffering under the many of these well, bank loans. and so they need to hedge. they need to hold some coin, they need to do what's right for individuals is right for governments is right for central banks and say, you know,
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this is something that they really need to consider the earlier they consider that the more likely they haul to be on the right side of one of the biggest shifts in financial history that is unwinding right before our eyes. today from simon dixon, co founder, c e, a bank to the future from his perch, surveying the globe, getting them bitcoin standard, implemented everywhere. and that's the solution, simon. thanks so much bring on kaiser report. okay, thanks. i have a me again. all right, now it's going to do for this edition of kaiser report with may max taiser and stacy herbert and our special summer solution. and so next time, by all the me when i would show the same wrong when i was just don't any room
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to fill out the scene because the after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground in the we're segregated all along my social class. most people don't know someone in poverty by 1st. if you're born in to a 4 family, you're born into a minority family. if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your lives, chances people die or leverage. 15 years old, you born a generational poverty is a fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family.
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me the i don't know, i mean there are some steps in there were rescuing the food that they were not scavenging or were rescuing resources that are still good. this is best buy march 21st. which is in 2 days. all these potatoes, paula daniels, onions, all of these came from waste brown sources. this is great for me because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people and our society. so it makes sense for them to throw it out right off rather than give it to somebody who could use it. and then that person is not going to buy it.
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the the, the, the ah, top story, this our as the international economic form and st. petersburg comes to an end to key speakers have included vladimir putin who announced plans to develop and the tourism industry. when you do it, we are just covering our own needs. we can also provide foreign citizens with the child to come to russia and get vaccinated here. i would like to off the government, analyze all aspects of this issue. by the end of the month, 13 people go on trial in france for cyber stocking and death threats against the teenager who insulted islam. breathing debate about freedom of speech in the country. and a route is brewing between the u. k and france about the number of illegal migrants attempting to cross the channel into britain with the u. k. calling for asylum
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seekers to be sent back.


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