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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 5, 2021 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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the wretched high level economic warming st. petersburg hits tom gear with president putin announcing the countries pushing ahead with the infrastructure for vaccine tourism industry consensus at the event that widespread vaccination is the only way to get the world economy back on its feet. austria as chancellor showing his support for supporting the v as part of the global rollout and no economy without energy. the north stream to gas pipeline returns to the headlines as russia announces a key section is now complete. and that the project should be finished out right, by the end of the year. starts international. stay with the with
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with the hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm peter labelle. joe bags policy. honeymoon may be over, but this does not apply to the love fest. the media has for the president and his administration amazingly, were told there is no need, for fact checkers, we weren't allowed to trust prompt, but now we can again trust politicians. why? the reason is simple, most of the media is in lock step with the liberal agenda. ah, ah, cross talking the liberal media, i'm joined by my guess lydel in new york. he is a legal and media analyst and nashville. we have roger simon. he is an award winning novelist and academy award nominated screenwriter, who is now an editor at large at the epic times. and in honolulu we cross to gram ellwood. he is a regular in the jimmy door show,
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as well as host of the political vigilante on youtube or a gentleman, cross talk roles. and in fact, that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate it. i'm going to go to graham 1st because he got up early as for this program, it's on some ungodly hour. we're very appreciative that you're here, graham, you know, i'm very critical of the liberal media and i don't want to just keep it there. there's a lot of other criticism i have here, but the more i think about it, looking at the media landscape, donald trump broke all of their brains just about every single one of them. because as they report on the new administration, they don't know what to do, is it pro or anti trump? they're still thinking about trump. i don't know why. and what that does is, is that the mistakes that trump administration makes as they're making this flip flop on the origins of the coven virus, is a very good example. the media is, is, is taking a fall for supporting a president where they should be skeptical of in the 1st place. go ahead gram. well, you know, for me, i always call it the corporate media and the corporate media,
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you know, they, they love protecting those that keep them in power. and so they're giving joe biden, even the criticisms of trump that they made. and there, there was many of valid concerns of sure. sure. like, you're like, oh, well his, you know, he's putting kids in cages and they never brought up the fact that obama built those cages. you know, they never brought up the fact that obama deported 3000000 people and so biting gets an office and its own. now the suddenly the cages are called facilities like, oh yes. did nicholas cage changes named nicholas facility. and so it's just, they keep, they keep giving him a pass, they're not going to bring up even the criticisms of obama, when like fox news flipped out at obama, even the criticisms of obama were never that he dropped more bombs than boyish because that keeps the power, that's the military, industrial complex, their power is entrenched, they are. so then when trump got in and said, i'm pulling people out of syria, why they couldn't handle that because they got to keep the war machine going. and
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you're only allowed to criticize a president within these, these small parameters, and they're never going to, they're never going to criticize any of biden's has accusations from terra read. they're never going to bring that up. they're, they're, they're never going to bring up any of this stuff because the corporate media, they just, they like the war machine. they like protecting the ruling leads and they like a president that's going to put people to sleep and go back to bridge. and, and trump whether you love them or hate them, he got people involved and they don't want people involved. they want everybody divided, distracted and afraid line or same question to you be because, i mean a, it's, we still what we're 11015 days and didn't say the ministration. but the reference point is always donald trump. ok. and i think it does a disservice to the public, it, it, showing that journalists are doing their jobs and it's letting the abiding administration off the hook. i mean, there's a lot of stuff going on, my friend, and always referencing back. what happened? you know, 115 days ago isn't getting us anywhere. it's actually
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a cold de sac. go ahead, lionel. well, it's also called the sac. there's upon, there are some where i don't know, you figure it out. look, the social media, whatever these people are, this and our dig, neil is, i don't know who they are. you know, we use these words like new world order and i don't know what that means anymore. i called the shadow government, the people who were running the show. today's left is primarily mainstream media or a wholly owned subsidiary. there the public relations outfit of the people that run the world. and the idea that somehow they're doing a disservice. nobody cares about that. i mean that's, that's idealistic and i understand because maybe it speaks to our generations when that meant something. but let me also say your problem. there's no right wing, conservative media. when all you have is fox news and a barely existed news, max and oil in which is growing the bus r t, which is a complete so generous,
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there is no count her bowers, so they can do whatever they want. joe biden can say whatever you want to change your mind and bid 2nd, nobody hears there's no, there's no color. remember we have been knocked off of our tennis store for a year and a half almost. so we're just happy to take our masks off. so if you bring up the finder voice about the left wing media, not doing their duty being a disservice of the dissemination of information we cares about that. we just want to go out in the summer because we are a diluted kind of sadly befuddled group of people who really gave up the media a long time ago. and what we're doing right now is talking about academic things that really matter only to watch. hello, it's a very good point line because it seems to me the media just talks to itself here liberal. let me go to roger here because roger, i mean, one of the, i mean there's always been a level of activism in media. but i mean,
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now people wear like a badge of honor, and it's what journalists do now, more than anything else is the out to other journalists or shame other journalists . i mean, it's really a bizarre landscape to watch this happen, particularly on twitter people or try to out somebody for something that was said 10 or 15 years ago. that young woman that was fired over the a p d. making comments about what was going on in palestine when she was doing what the san diego beat or something like that. i mean, this is the journal and so the pit bulls here of this ideology. and it has nothing to do with informing the public. go ahead, roger in nashville. well, i have to really you, but i will say something here that i slightly disagree with. ram, the own slight. and that is, i think the whole military industrial complex thing is out of the i didn't. how are your nowadays, the american military is essentially a social justice organization. so all of these things relate to one
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big thing. and i hate to say it, but it's money. if you remember, if you remember the great quote from h l. macon, when somebody says it's not about the money, it's about the money you was right many years ago. and you know, all these journalists, they're just trying to make some money, and they're in the sad truth of the matter is really on the manager. i mean, i know many of them and i don't mind so, but i got off twitter by the way. i have here the 5000 followers and i alleged because i was criticizing it so frequently that the commenters are the times we're attacking me. yes. we're still being on it. i think they were right. so i have, you know, so my wife names gonna leave. twitter is sort of like cancer on the mind and hall. yeah, i agree. i mean, the people that sit on twitter all day, or either they do it because they're a psychopath,
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or they become psychopath. it doesn't really matter, and it's a tiny group of people that are making a whole lot of noise that have just a lot of problem. you know, maybe daddy or mommy problems, i don't really know and i really don't care. but but gram, i mean, i'm glad that roger brought up the military industrial complex because it's basically now journalism. if you are a dog or per power, you're all, you can fail left, right and center, and you're going to be promoted and you get to get those gigs on cable. i mean, be wrong and be wrong big, just as long as in the service of the right people. graham. now that's absolutely true. i mean, you're talking about the corporate media, everybody on there, these big the, i don't care who you are. if you're joy and read or anderson cooper, tucker carlson, these are people making $78.00 figure incomes and who's paying them the big billionaire oligarchy that run everything. so that's why none of them. i mean, almost none spoke up in defense of julia massage and their journalists,
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and yet they won't call out that. they won't call out the fact that, you know, journalists weren't allowed to go into the cages where children are being held once by got into office like it's just, and yet they, they scream all of this stuff and, and, you know, they, i'm sure they miss trump because he was a great even a great boogeyman and now we've got old nice old cousin jo or whatever. fumbling around is clearly demonstrating cognitive decline. and he's been showing it for several years. and this really just feels like they're just trying to get us all to you can't question it at all. i mean, i've had my youtube channel, the monetize. i was critical of bill gates a call, you know, who won't release the patent for the coven vaccine to poor countries. and i was just quoting mainstream media in a video and, and you to pull that down and hit me with medical misinformation. i mean, we live in crazy or wealthy, and sophie and times and twitter is so insane. i mean,
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i'm glad there's stuff coming out like pancake that. susie dawson is putting together because there's no, you can't, you know, the intelligence community and, and the oligarchy are basically controlling everything we can and cannot say. and it's, it's because, you know, by graham, you know, you know, in twitter and google, you know, they, they have their god whispers to them. okay. on a daily basis. they know everything about science, they're all psychologists, they're, all historians doesn't matter. the day of the week, there are the experts on thing through, you know, lydel, but that is what so we salting here. i mean, again, we have this kind of flip flop about the origins of the corona via, i'm not interested in it for punitive reasons. i just think it's good to know what happened so we can deal with it when it happens again. i mean, kind of a matter of fact thing here. i don't care if it's about trump, or biden, or who's on the right side of his. it doesn't really matter. can we just find out what happened? go ahead like i disagree for 2 reasons. if it's true that china,
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this happened why i gave them talking experimentation. you know, in the lab as it seems to be true. that's true. i suffer this in the world. it should be a terrible thing to roger i needed reason. i, you know, i don't know exactly what the punishment should be because that's hard. but i'll tell you to me, the case is that it is really to do that. and hide, it is really truly evil. what it, how, what has happened here line on what has happened here is that now science has been completely degraded. it's just a propaganda arm for power. ok, that lionel. first of all, i gotta tell you to be as a behaviorist because i think that's what you have to do. is that peter, my good friend. if you don't either consider maybe a mild sedative, you're not going to make it because i've given up on time. tell you this much. i
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love the way all of a sudden roles change for anybody were to neurons. and as soon as i knew that this tangle and wild back went, market theory is complete balderdash. we know exactly where it came from. trump said it, we knew what everybody said low and behold, the said that is racist in sign of father. i had no idea. yeah. all of a sudden, i didn't know that either, but that's the punch line to everything. why hang on line, i'll hang on. i'm going to go back to we have to go to a short break, and after that short break, and then your discussion on liberal media safe with our can. the when i would chose the wrong when all, just don't the rules. yes, to shape out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail,
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when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground the, we're segregated all along my social class flow. so people though, also covered by 1st if you're born in to a 4 family, you're born into minority family. if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life, chances people die on average. 15 years old, born in generations poverty. this is a fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family. me back guys are financial survival guys.
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housing bubble. oh, you mean the downside? artificially little mortgage. okay, carried away was calling to report aah! welcome back across stock where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the liberal media. ah, ah, okay, let's go back to a lionel in new york. it's been point out on this program and i absolutely agree. i mean, i keep saying liberal media, but i probably better. it's a corporate media. i think that's a better appropriation. i think line all in the past. you've called me on this and i got to remember. but i know, i mean, we've been, we've been talking about this, this bias that we get that week, so called journalists are basically actors more than anything else they do in service of power here. but you know,
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the 75000000 people did vote for donald trump. i mean, one of the things i see in the bay and the mainstream is this, this constant degrading and dismissive nist with half of the population and you don't have to agree with those people, but you have to recognize it. i, they have their own attitudes and values at the same time. i mean, this is a fundamental change here. i mean, if you, if you don't have the right opinion, then your opinion isn't worth hearing. i mean, that's something relatively new. go ahead, lionel was, i was shame for i think there is a doctorate here of learn helplessness that was say for the longest time nobody no list. i'm not a virology, but i understand that i think the $100.00 biology lab, that's why i put my money, not bad tax in the pango and went market ridiculous. they told me that was ridiculous. no sign of all began races. by the way, apparently, i just need whatever i want about russia. that's okay. that's been a good america. now, all of a sudden, don't ask me why facebook said, hey,
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remember the thing that we told you couldn't say you can say now why we're not telling. next, i've been that you followed years basically my entire life. i was called a, not a conspiracy. there is a tinfoil header by the way, is aluminum, not 10. so all of a sudden, 2 weeks ago, we've discovered us vote the next thing you know, they're gonna say they're g o engineering or 911. might be a little bit shaky. and then i'll know i'm on another planet here is what's happening. i can figure out the rules anymore. that's precisely what they're doing . just should type. you know that all of a sudden in new york, somebody like that. and nobody is wearing a mask. no one owns meant just like, is it safe to come out? all the sudden people are so demented by this, this weird, you know, copeland is a religion. the vaccine is a sacrament. the mask investment and the cdc is the vatican. and people walking around, tattooing, actually cars, we have lost our minds. so my dear friend, bitter forget the mainstream media, however, these people are, we're not,
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we've been living just want you're moving in a different category for me. go ahead, roger, continue 0. i mean, you guys, you guys, one of you in the other in new york and not living in the american and let me see. and right now, there is a groundswell organizing going on in this state like, i have never seen anywhere. and i have passed in the l a in new york is pretty expensive. this is extraordinary what's going on and they're going to be remaining changes in a way to organize optimistic happening in the united states. and then roger, roger, i'm not going to like, i'm not going to let you off the hot with hang on, roger, i'm not going to let you off the hook with that. what do you mean by groundswell about what? go ahead. oh, practically everything that the we suppose the legacy media has been telling is now
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being opposed by the masters in tennessee and places like that. and florida, where i have been quite a bit recently under the status and everything the, the amount and the amount of organizing is going on among people is extraordinary ed, particularly among the children because they are so opposed to this critical race, fascist idiocy. yet, ned is backfire again. you don't hear about that in moscow, and you don't hear about new york and you don't hear back because those are places that are backwards. it's been the bursts and it should be because we ideally, that came out of out of the corporate media are so reactionary and old fashion and bashes that me, you know, people are not as dumb if you think they are. and right now i was last night,
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i went to a meeting and a parish in franklin, tennessee. i couldn't believe how many people came out in the rain to stick to this . nothing is happening. i completely agree and graham you and i am talk so many times about you as a progressive me as a conservative, but we've been seeing this phenomenon going on right now. you know, and people looked at, you know, the, the ratings of the cable stations and they've gone down because trump is gone. i would, i would say that's more than that. i think people just simply don't believe it anymore. they're sick and tired of it. and there's why should you waste your time listening to people a denigrate, you lie to you and show their moral appeal as perry already over you. that's exactly across the board. you see that in media in the, in the legacy media. i'm glad that roger used that word react to that gram. go ahead. well, yeah, i mean, i think that's absolutely true. everybody knows you're being lied to just know exactly how they're being lied to. they know something they're being lied to in one
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way or another. and they know that it's just been pushing some kind of crazy agenda . they're not sure which is opens itself up to people asking a lot of crazy questions. but we're not even allowed to ask any questions like where the game, you know, how there be, like at least 2 people who are obvious. well, while we're not a lot of what it, how we're being lied to, because everyone's getting propagandized in one way or another. you know what i mean if you watch their amazon be see or see an ad? well, it's all rushes ball and there's, there's a refusal to hold the democratic party accountable for anything if you watch box or whatever that it's that they blame why don't know whatever and cheaper the liberals or something like that. and it's like, we're not allowed to ask any question, why don't, why can't we bring up the fact that a bunch of pathogens escaped morale mysteriously out of a lab? and for dietrich, why are we allowed to ask that? maybe that's where corporate 19 came from. i'm not making excuses for the chinese need that. well, i don't know that the 5, why can't i agree to hang on guys, to graham's point. i mean,
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it's happened before. i mean, it's not like this isn't ever happened before. and again, i mean there's so many people that want to talk about this issue to protect themselves, their reputations, because they talk like they were scientists, when they weren't fine, because they found themselves to be complete fools. and that it's politicized here . i mean, all the, all 4 of us plus our audience at this point we just like, can we find out what happened? so we doesn't happen again, but you'd like to let me go to you in new york here. i mean, the strategy is very clear to me. i mean, i'm glad graham brought up and it's nbc and c, n n and then parks, i mean everything is just got really tribal and, and it's very easy. they think it's really easy to navigate that because what we're basically told the bottom line messages who to hate, who to hate most. that's what they tell us. that's their message. who they hate. go ahead, lionel. i wish there would be just basically a some type of a of an answer that we used to call republicans or g o,
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p or whatever it is. and i appreciate the fact that impact of this country and believe it or not, you're in new york because a lot of people are screaming about the critical race. there is some oper resign. hoity toity for because they realize b s when they hear it. but i wish there was a g o p. i'm not a republican, i never have been unable of any party, but there is no, there's no counter balance to anything that we're having here. do you know that what kevin cruz or josh holly or jim jordan, you know what, they do? what they want to say something? i think one fox knows, and through some weird machination, they believe that that, and a pity tweet is a as a valid replacement for legislation. so as well, joe biden is saying, by the way, remember, one thing about your, by your friend of mine said, would you let joe biden drive you home from the airport? now, this is what we're talking about here. and nobody is saying anything we're talking about. it, we're talking about it when we were gathering, but the people that are wanting to show have no opposition line ever they weren't.
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would you, would you like to dr. joe biden to the board? ok, now, what are the idol i want to finish up with? you, i mean, just talking about the g o p, they're just full of, they're just cowards. that full stop and exit, but just say it. ok. just say it. ok but no, they're cowards. center also, but they're also non existed. you know, we, there was a time when these people in fact, you know, fox news, this is the only thing there should be term limits. these guys are there for so they don't care anymore. the ronald reagan is dead rush limbaugh, god bless them those days are over with we're talking about a know there's a left right paradigm in the worst that liberal live conservative. that's different . we're talking about something right now. that is so different, so cataclysmic, socially generous. so non perot and nobody, we need to be talking about it. and there was one did one last thing. there was a time in this country right when the internet started, where it was so terrific, you could hear every idea, every thought, no matter how not foreseen it was,
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and it was a beautiful, i was a washington, oregon ford of ideas. now done. that's got to be fixed. ok, roger, i mean, well, this media environment also it, what it does is it has created such a chilling effect. and i'm, and i'm kind of borrowing from, from lionel. now, is it so many people who are afraid to say what they think and, and you know, is afraid of saying the obvious. ok. and is that applies to their own life. i mean, you know, keeping kids home from school, all of this time here when we've known from just, essentially since the beginning of this pandemic, it doesn't affect children. but the teachers unions have all of the power apparently here. i mean, i'm agreeing with graham and i'm agreeing with lionel here. i mean, what's missing in this equation? are the people go ahead? roger are guy i said before, i think you guys are behind i'm being honest here because what i'm seeing on the ground here is that people are so anyway,
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go. and one of the big fatal mistakes was that they had zoom. and they were able to see what was going on in the classrooms, america. and that has really upset a lot of parents as mothers. and so they were out to lunch and that many frog was able, unfortunately. but. but if you need to change in rather than whining about a horse, everything, what you says is true, but it's changing. and the way to change it, those it was really want to change it and not just complain because complaining is easy. is to actually organize ok now i want to hang on here. i want to go to graham. i want to give brand the last 30 seconds here. i just have to say this graham, the whole one issue that they never talk about is inequality in class 30 seconds the gram. go ahead. well, yeah, that's the thing that will really and we are in class warfare. i mean, they want us fighting with each other. read, said blue state, whatever black white,
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you know, liberal conservative, whatever. and it's really class warfare, there's the one percent that owns everything. they've increased their wealth during a pandemic, while a lot of people lost their jobs. that are facing eviction and foreclosure. so i hope that's the thing we wake up doing. and i and i agree with roger that outside of the corporate media, a lot of people are waking up. a lot of people are getting involved because they know they're being lied to and that sort of the silver lining that i'm seeing as people just getting involved more because they're just like, i know i'm being lied to that me during, during the, during the war, protests in atlanta, they went outside the cnn building. they didn't go outside fly, and they want to buy the alright, i have been here. just get involved. everyone just get involved. that's the message of this program. many thanks. so my guess in new york, nashville and in honolulu, and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at our to see you next time. and remember the i
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ah, ah, ah, i use the media a reflection of reality the
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in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way or are you being somewhere direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, in the sense mm. mm mm
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ah, excuse me. so we raised the following question. what if with to get every 3rd to follow 3 simple rules, graduate from high school, get a job and continue work and don't have children until you're 21. and right now we looked out at the entire country and we classified people according to whether they broke all those rules or they followed. one or 2 are all 3 of the rules.


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