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tv   Documentary  RT  June 3, 2021 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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me o is your media a reflection of reality? the in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? tycer lation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being somewhere direct? what is truth is faith in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows ah, in the
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mirror. now 124 lay ma'am i can get in there on the largest recorder. how much duncan will not to heal. oh, love how? yeah. yay. yay. she should not the one the a warning to begin with. the conduct of not because the car will up new kids similar be to see them or not. i got my don't get a gas on this order for the game but the i got it but we'll see. but i get a lot of for your nice when i got home john, when you get lots of the sun. got it's got
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the got the i the ah, not many people in india is famous as her. she's done in feature films, documentaries, and she's received international awards. her name is she's the leader of the pink gang, orient, hindi. the go loving guy. violence against women is a major problem in india. the worst and highest profile cases have provoked mass
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riots. for example, the 2012 case of a gang rape in delhi stood al, range all over the country. the sample pell is part of the solution. she doesn't pass laws or conduct rates. she helped in other ways. she tell us the country to meet. listen and talk to people the made and i'm going to holy ma'am, i couldn't be given the largest recorder to be a low man boy to get a good buddy. man, he was gay by the photos in the name. and if that's a right turn to try to, or the males give her a gave,
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give that to my new get those gave you to warm black men or a good that i'm going to board that a good time. i would cause i did that. i'm good to see me. i gave the did the but nobody knows. give us or someone the one on saturday the, someone just didn't get orders give bob got back to me to pick maggie or somebody pal, he has similar or even worse stories at every pink ang meeting. i just, oh i like. yeah. boy, by the i think the linda with yeah. so my linda leverage didn't pardon me. the one good old a buddy of mine. ha ha ha ha ha. now,
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the bonded comedy on my side, he, he, i go by and all he body, some of our federal go on from the outside. it might look like a cult gathering. but in reality what they teach here is really quite mundane. people come to talk and to discuss common domestic problems, but he did with the sub one day, a lot made some modality. come a lovely weekend. nancy wanted the number johnny got the columbia again, the germany being assigned to him. i don't p the money. select uncle ben, i may bought 2000000 ounces up and he needed gone by a company called that hospital. got it. but many times, sometimes i don't mind when i, when i would say why committee will not pay more for the will only will to but some
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school, many kids with id to job my day out today. but you know name on here. got leave the money, the nominal can be, we call no model 1 may lie may or may to shop. they on some low cost. they get out all the way up, new care, cynical, or beaches. people out them or not. i think i might get a get on him. i wouldn't know. no one came out. i could get the diary on this order, but the newport news will him. i just wanna jot him. i don't see i've got the
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i know still got it, but why don't madame music is gone. i'm doing the those are the automated lawyer, the monday, the dorm to get that i have the love don. abundant monday could be one day on wednesday. i'm sorry, but we need to deal with miko via auto mail ticket. da peters. give me the snake. jakey phone. sounds good to us. i'm from maggie to nice. autumn. does one good job. my bullet. 20 feet a man. what was the call people he's in my god, i gave her, i gave fulton a galia. keith in the or skip are but i need some quick, but i love,
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i love though how to cut out. cuts out on the weird. the images are live in a month or 2 and a year to year. but donnie, i'm going to thing to do what they wouldn't be would be beat on monday be what if some pass pal was leading a gang of men out of the government would have plenty of reasons to worry. thousands of uniformed followers all over the country. each one armed with traditional battens, but the pink gang leader only teaches indian women's self defense. i think our kids will be bringing home lucky then this event there. one thing i'll total cost on a i don't have the relative modest to sub course i will pick up and that i happen a lot. i can have been lots of people up not up and i got among up and how come i that i don't go long much. i don't think i'm,
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i'll be thought i have been. so i like and how does that even possible making a big party both my dilemma is on got on. well yeah, i'll call you, i'll be mighty something may oh doctor let you won't get hung up and i'll be i don't my grandma i am out. are lucky then that's all not a house yet, but i can think of it then you this if you will, then he month they come. he one good you this is the hey, you take a mile up or not. they had one quarter to see want. yeah. money 20 pound is no feminist. women's rights activist in the western sense, earth is a kind of folk wisdom and the fighting moves. she teaches more like tricks that can be used in daily life. for example, how to use an opponent's power against them. first yield and then push back. but be open to me if georgia hope this is sad for her daddy her other bit by bit. i've got
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the fire valley kelly. don't, but the bottom you go ha ha ha. nissan. valuable? but not going to. i got out of cut out from a bad one. the me cut off the problem. it's got to tell you how do you want to mash any other explaining how and i didn't understand i got i got them saying that it's got to be done that because the teenage girl in the north of india was gang raped. she later died from her injuries in new delhi hospital. the statistics show that more than 16 women in every 100000 in india have suffered domestic abuse. most of the problems, cent per pound, is approached about the don't involve violence per se,
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but rooty and family issues. for example, a husband with a drinking problem who borrows against the family home. that's the type of story she usually has. yet to go to. when i get off, i will not be gonna see car clinic. i will will i'm not going to be here monday. not got a call, but when would you guys know when i did it? just before know when the 90 got to call jim in the beginning region, who made him on the 5th about christmas you made him go on and got me together or
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to see me at any last minute. put it but a lot of that. so of him legal made some, but the i didn't do, would you say would you did say i was miss a watching are good german file if you will let him if he the nam may cut but a lot of say 40000 or t p young they have me up and they gotta keep up the people at the top of your house. i do some, i have a copy by little my medical bill. how did you sign up by the con economy, but i bought it go to your head. hummadi, hulu. live my life helping me out was to chelsea when i
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got to get back because he had the war on the boss. optimism hadn't had the war. naval had been, was it or you don't people name a lot of my son me my now because a lot of what he was to auto. yay. by now. my mike, he had all about the big one that he had the why did they feel only bones jewelry? jody. she pretty big kid calling and i have a boy jody cody needed needed my part and leave me the bottom. the bottom, the bottom in front of me made him go now monday. ah
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ah ah ah ah. the hail kick off summer solutions. every summer we talk about the solution and dwelling on the problems. you know, we've got answers,
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we've got pollution me an entire village in alaska has had to move. if another country threaten to wipe out in america, we do everything in our part a project in today. escaping climate change poses the same threat right now. alaska has seen some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world. we lost about 3535 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring it is fast and that means the river is $35.00 pounds. then learning was year before, i think we're part of america. there's from or america
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in the every leader needs a trustee, assistance in the pink gangs case. you might expect to see a girl at some per pallet side with the pink gang leaders. right hand it a man who she once helped the piano up on monday just to get out of town for the new can lady called me miss a lot of made a lot of people guarantee at madison. i need to make a bother you about the federal cp. escape
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escape. when i got the laskey, georgia, i got your money that i paid. what did he have already? let la studies long of sort of got to get bhaskar is going to be on a lot that i keep paying 80 bucks for quake on the neighborhood. and he says that a god, i'm a mother along with your boss. many common but chinese. you don't get it done me that i walker neela gave me your name and my name. you don't need to be read on prefer to leave it on monday. we can send you money to do to join the gentleman. they've got to get a walk,
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or why don't we just put his name on the way that would that job makalya or mr. made one the sky about maybe a couple of thought in automated with dining with a lot of key or dogs and i did it but he will level job. is that ok? i'll just give them it up. but just to get them to see the children's name was indeed a woman was forced to walk naked in front of a crowd and then badly beaten local residue. i suspected her of murdering a let me know the you know, up in the memory know, lobby that high school them because
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then again, simply pal is not a typical robin hood who fight to defend the poor. she's on very good terms with the authorities to go along further with a bet on and by light legal inquiry them just about on come on her. my name is little. my name is laurie or me took care of it. he started with me just seen job moment. 100. ok? sure. that's ok. normally main ways to do some of those that miller because i'm going to be going to get the 2nd one. i'm going to get to the goal. assume go of book. i'm not going to go a lot of bulky, really you attach you to a lot of just you to go for your message. the
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little up here. don't go. you got the talk owner thought to get that message that was put on the helpline. you had the 109 you know was but i'm glad that i did and i got a little brandy with the nice sort of the bond money. yeah. you might think somebody would take the woman's side in any conflict, but that's not what happens. even in the seemingly straightforward case, gang rape in delhi, the pink gang leader managed to criticize the victims behavior. and they get something to me and i have gotten what it was. maybe a little kiki go
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t p by bus man like the boy i put in the other one. how was sub wives in how to put more money into how do you know the number one you made out? whole nat geo. yes, exactly. why put in but i did up got out of this are people liquid audio but a mob got the p. p. lot me on my head, i got mixed up with what i got a document on the quote would be my seller has hung a lot of 50, i'm good, even audible. nobody me. you've got an automated but because my bottom may not be able to see the name of the man. yes. what's the key on my money?
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he don't, i tell my cynical rode the bus my dog, my grand, but i will try to do it all up with what dia those gave embody ma'am, which is why, why, why don't you by bag. all my 2nd food my, the subordinate, the and to maybe 9, we already missed last name. as somebody bought the it was really nice. i'm gonna send a customer. got someone who has to be got to send me out of the bottom. i need in your case, i mean that's kind of going to be, you know,
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those are the height on my case ought to be, but they have to pay the my name is india to question a lot of money by linda, but i think i'm luck on got it on the new school. i don't mean to me me, me, me today got i got in there. i and i had gotten me, they've gotten the i maybe bought but he agreed holding out a job. i'm not somebody say what they call my tony. i've got a lisa hot, i've got to go. maybe you can go to the penny. i got your car. yeah. what is to be done?
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if that is in the only auto buildable guess i'm now hold on the he'd be like hey, i've got to pay to dallas looking about the job. listen, you know the mit on it. if somebody puts me on the need anyhow, got my my going to. c c go to the thought, maybe the god, i thought i love again, but i began with the tonic con elaine that just luck hold up. brian lee got up in the carla car america. of course,
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we did not feel that have gone now much from ha, done by v. so you have about them, but that the low part, nick only got a school is calling pick out or december notice call and pay the guy all guy said, but had there too much support happening the schools don't always say find in the state of or just done, a woman was quarantined in a local school. 3 men broke in one night and they all wrapped up by the stick fighting lessons for indian girls are self defense class and a confidence booster. if you see a girl in a pink, sorry, welding about on rest assured she's in the pink gang and if you harm a member, you'll have it boston deal with the board. but i'm going to be
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putting this on me. it will begin by now. so i had nobody to say, i mean not to already saw one job, but not. is that a mirror will i be getting that full on k one? me? ball, sorry, no big behind my number. if you see my luck, i'll just say what you will and what, what most importantly about contin autumn. now it's important to you. maybe you'll just say my name and when you're done cutting me don't know what the me yeah, going good. god, god, god, levels. and he didn't give me a call, i'd say, well then like i said, all i want and i still met my job and was in the can just name it is projects i do most. if i did the, the legal party,
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you would just are going to finally, we would be said, man, i'm, i didn't die, you will be on know he, when does that, that is, will my such at the, out by the man and they put me guys in my law, why? why not would i be back? did i, did i not he got from the oh, i was driven by adrian shaped by 10 percent of those with the
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in ah, who dares thing? we dare to ask me. oh is your media a reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation, whole community. you going the right way? where are you being somewhere? direct? what is true?
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what is in a world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. i the segregated all along my social class. last class. people though, also covered by 1st. if you're born in to a 4 family, you're born into minority family. if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life, chances people die on average. 15 years old, you born a generational poverty is a, it's a fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family.
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me the supporters opponents of a new government who rallied in israel with a coalition said to and vitamin at yahoo, the 12 year rules. shocking revelations from france were donated bodies who reportedly sold for use and crushed test admin triggs param, and also had to the governor of the us state of texas slams. joe biden 40 says a reckless open boarded policies. as soaring numbers of illegal migrants flooded the states frontier with mexico. ah .


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