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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 3, 2021 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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the movers, the israeli opposition leader, tell the president and he can form a coalition government. it could feed benyamin. netanyahu replace as prime minister for the 1st time in 12 years. also had the governor of the state of texas lambs, joe biden. what he says are reckless open water policies, that sort numbers of illegal migrants flood the states and frontier with mexico. we st. petersburg international economic form has kicked off the 1st large scale business event to take place across the world. since the outbreak of the pen those are headlines. one is coming away in just under an hour's time. this is our international. we're glad to have you with the
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with with the blow in. welcome to cross talk. we're all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . what is the future of the republican party? is that future? something donald trump will decide? critics of the g o p say is no longer a political party, rather, it is a call, a personality called focused on trump. is this a winning strategy for the g o p the, the cross talking trump is i'm, i'm joined by my guess. me like a dual and washington, he said g o p strategist in new york, we have david fisher. he is the author of the new book, the executive order, as well as the ghostwriter for donald trump. 2016 campaign book crippled america
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and in beirut, we cross the george john. he is a republican analyst and an international political strategist until the cross talk roles in effect, that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate, let me go to david pers, the new york is a republican party in crisis. i am a conservative on the outside. i think looking in here trying to understand what's going on because we had paul ryan and donald trump really go out to the weekend from our largo, i think trump called him a loser. 3 different times. is this a struggle with the base? the leadership and libertarian ideology. go ahead in new york. well, i mean, i think it's obvious that the republican part is engaged in a civil war of trying to figure out exactly what it is, what it stands for. on, on one side you have people actually talking about the issues, whether you agree or disagree with them, they're talking about issues. on the trump side,
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you simply have from saying things and everybody falling into line, whatever he says is that you hit the point and it's most important to me. it's policy here. well, he, let me go to you in washington here. i mean, you know, the people talk about trump, ism, and trumpet, and all of that is assistant ideology or just the preferences of one particular individual that is very popular among the base. i mean, is there much substance to this? go ahead and washington i think what we're doing with donald trump is what we've seen a lot of popular politicians who really have full of pers analia surrounding them. morocco, bama is a very good example of that and i would even at the one like the policy doesn't matter as much as personality. i don't think that the republican party, i think people over over over to state where the republican party is. because keep in mind, we're barely 6 months into republicans not being out of power. so of course we're going to be in a wilderness. we're trying to find our way. but i don't think that the public in
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itself is in any real danger. and obviously hardy will lean towards the titular head of the party. who has donald trump. a lot of people want to dismiss donald trump, any rate them, but you can't do that with the one who was the president of the actual party. well, it's our over united states, but head of the party. well, let's go to georgia in bay route. i mean the, the, the critics of, of the republican party and particularly of the former president. so, is it, this is a cult of personality. how would you react to that? it's very, very interesting characterization, because if you look at trump, like giving the nod to some kind of congressional race, even local races and space a it today he's is picking people that were cited with him irrespective of what their policies are. and i find that really quite disturbing as a conservative because it looks just petty. go ahead, george. well,
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if you're looking to be impressed with conservative ideals, i think you're going to be very, very depressed peter, because we really don't have any kind of ideology. guiding this says, as david said, there's some people discussing issues. but this is really and has been for the past 5 or 6 years since trunk came on the scene. this is about all power. i mean, the fact that you had previously very principled conservatives. libertarians, christian conservatives, social conservatives just completely jumping on the trump training, throwing all the principals to the wind because they were winning, and it felt good. and trump was good at that. and he's still very good at that. he's good at motivating people behind. behind his, under his banner, under his flag and making them feel like they're when you keep in the portal, he's the 1st president in, in a generation who didn't win reelection, but he still has this cult winner ship about him. and as you mentioned, the fact that he can go at it and, and go into the mud with, with more or less c g, and few republicans like something like a poll. ryan has appealed for his base. yeah. but david, is it
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a winning strategy here? i mean, because the republican party is refused to have a post mortem looking back at the november election. i think that is a very big mistake. ok, when you lose, you have to analyze it and donald trump didn't lose by that much. ok. that's all the more reason to have an autopsy, but they refused to do it. why go ahead in new york? well, it is a winning strategy, but the democrats not for the republicans. i kind of stole my way and because that's exactly what i was going to keep going. my friend and david in the bottom line is even if you're going to see conservative republicans challenge from the right if, if they refuse to adhere to what we call the big lie and you're getting, you know, the marjorie greene's, the laura bar,
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see the real wackos coming into the system because they're pledging allegiance to trump, they getting elected their us even even if you have 10 percent named for sense of traditional conservative saying i can go along with that look where they're doing that is enough to prevent the party from regaining power there is, if you win with, you know, the, you lose with this, you know, and right now the republican party is this united. ok, well you know, i, i, you know, when you talking about margin green and people like that, the democrats have their own set of lunatics as well. ok. so it's franklin b. let being bear. bear about that. about a week. let me go back to you and watch it. and so how do you get unity here? i mean, i've been watching this very, very closely since the inauguration. okay. and since and i see no movement towards unity at all. all i see is staking ground. ok,
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and i find that really worrisome because you know, you can get 80 percent of the base but isn't enough to win. and then at this point in time, the math doesn't add up here. how do you get unity? because somebody's going to have to back down, go ahead. yeah, we'll base the base never. when in the election, it doesn't matter which follows, isn't it? if there is no us being debated, winning an actual election, unique people of the 74000000 people who vote for donald trump in which of which i am one, all of us are not in line to support donald trump if he chooses, and i hope he does not to run for in 2024. there's this assumption that on the, even on the truck side that the 74000000 supported are 74000000 bait. it's 74000000 bait support. on the democratic side, they tend to think that the 74000000 who voted for donald trump are all still in line behind donald trump. and it's just not true. it's impossible. i don't think that donald trump should when should run in 2024. and i think what donald trump
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needs to do is really focus on the upcoming 2022 election cycle. i prefer donald trump to be a kingmaker, sit back, support those candidates and support in america for the agenda. but if we continue to fight, as we're doing now, which all parties do when they're not empowered. if we continue to buy and dismiss, because you can't dismiss the tropic and that's what some people like to do, you can't dismiss the drop base. you can't dismiss people like me who came to the party in 2016 when supporting donald trump. you can't dismiss all of us, but we need to have what we like to say a come to jesus meeting to talk about have, or what we, what that. what we're having right now is that both sides count cancel each other out, and it's to the advantage of the left, which i, i'm terrified considering what they're talking about. i'm terrified about, but i think it's going to happen here. george. well, you know what?
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i really like to hear, but i'd never, i don't see much traction and when it comes to action is that the 2006 to 2020 election told us that there is a new coalition coming in the republican party working class middle class people. i find that really exciting look at the leadership and they mouth the words and they don't do anything about it. i mean, it really irritates me because i think this is the real opportunity to transform the party. but i don't see the leadership doing it in a but, but you know, you and donald trump said it a lot of people like saying it, but i don't see the leadership of the republican party going in that direction. how do you feel about that and be real good? but of course, that's lovely. i mean that, that's, you know, that's kind of a ronald reagan formula. you know, the so called reagan democrats that lead to the republicans being so dominant the 1000 eighty's should be great for the party to go back to that. now we're in a completely different generation completely different time and circumstances are, are much more challenging. and you don't have a substantial, you don't have
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a person of any kind of substance articulating what that really means. reagan was able to do that. trump was able to do that in the context of getting power. but what's, what is the idea? we've talked a couple times in this discussion already, but id, ology, where is the ideology america 1st? sure, that's great. but what's, what's the details of that? how's that going to benefit middle class people as well as working class people, etc, etc. that's what's missing here. and there's no one that's been able articulate that for the party, and that's the danger going forward. david, the same the same thing to you because it looks to me that, that, that is the part of the, the electorate that is up for grabs. right now if the, if there's the right messaging here and my criticism of the republican party when it comes to these issues, is that there's too many libertarians and in positions of power. and it's not libertarianism, that motivated people to vote for donald trump. and if, if, if you disagree with that, i, i would say approve me wrong. and i think that's the tension here. we have, we have leadership that is the libertarian or libertarian leading. and then we have
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the bass that don't care about labels like that because they don't see how it works for them. one minute to, to david in new york before we go to the break. well, i mean, i think what you're sort of ignoring is that the, the grow, the growing part of the electorate is moving away from the republican party, the conservative party, the trump party. i mean, well, i, well, i mean, you know, but if you look at the number of minorities that voted for donald trump, it was extraordinary in november, extraordinary. and that's why i'm, that's why i'm on this one right here because i feel with an opportunity go ahead. look at the vast increase in the number of 18 to 29 year olds who voted greatest number and history who voted. and they voted overwhelmingly, democrats and their moving democrats, because the republican party and job isn't offering them anything. i mean, there's nothing there for them. and then all of these voting bills in the southern
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states, whether you agree with them or not. the perception is among african americans that they are anti african american vote. and the message that they did hold that that we got to go to a short break, and after that short break, we'll continue. our discussion on trump is i'm stay with our team, the ah, casual and more of my guys do financial survival. this is a hedge fund, it's a device used by professional galli wags to earn money. that's right. these hedge funds are completely not accountable. and we're just adding more, more to them. totally stabilize that global economy. you need to protect yourself
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and get inform. watch me on my little. thank you. johnny douglas. yeah. get me the gotta go through the the or up in the kitchen. the glass lip reaches out tomorrow. i think i might get a get. we'll put it on the show that the lady said, well, i mean like you've done this with the body by little by now by and then because you guys are
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not the man why. why not what i mean the, we're segregated all along my social class. most people though, also covered by 1st if you're born in to a 4 family, you're born into a minority family. if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your lives, chances people die on average. 15 years old, you born as a generational poverty. it's a, it's a fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family. me. the,
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the, the, the, the welcome acts across stock were all things are considered. i'm peter, to remind you we're discussing trump ism ah, okay, let's go back to, to washington. and david was talking about the people that came out in voted democrat. i think you could make an argument. a lot of them voted against donald trump. not necessarily why they like the democratic message. ok. that, that can be debated and i think it will be debated for a long time. but a different question to you. is there such a thing is trump isn't i think yes, i think that they're the best, the people who are attracted to most most that really attracted to his personality . i don't think that there is anything like a champion economic or anything like that. but today's earlier point,
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the fact is is that donald trump got the largest year of the black book that we've seen. please don't, you know, 96. that is progress. according to recent research by cattle. it republicans actually gave in every don't actually gained in every single group, hispanics. women were donald trump, actually lost support is among black or white men. believe it or not, i was surprised to actually breed that. what the harvey needs to do is look at those numbers. forget the political commentators on television. analysts need to look at the numbers. the biggest criticism i have of the r c is that while they were going around pushing the notion against mailing vote, they were not actually getting people registered to vote in getting those early both out there. it was a failure because they chose to dance around donald trump instead of doing their actual jobs. that's why i don't agree with that that run them
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a day. you feel the head of the r c. i think they should be out of there, particularly when you lose both the house and the senate. why she's still there. does need to learn the lessons of 2020 to 2020 and not just listen to the to the pod. missed on television, talk about their, their real data that republicans can use in order to move forward. will we do that? i don't know. well, you know, i have to admit, i mean i look at the leadership and they are and see. and i see the l word losers. okay. and, and again, and being someone and being that always hang on. hang on. i mean, okay, go ahead. what you have to say is more important that i can go ahead, jennifer, know what that gets exactly the point that this this post mortem that you talked about that the post mortem is the primaries of 2022 will see this king maker trump . that's who he picks and who the mitch mcconnell of the world will pick. and you and let's see if somebody like marjorie green can hold author. see,
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now this is what shocked me. because when, when, when that, when we came into the beginning of the, the biting term, there seemed to be a turning of the page with some of these whack jobs. ok. kevin mccarthy kind of dismissed marjorie green saying, you know, she's stripped of her committee assignments. she's, she's out in my conclusion what she'll be toast. busy and her next primary and we won't hear from people like that, but now you know they what they do to lose chain. it seems like those guys have come back. and so we're gonna see some interesting things happening. 2022. i want to come back 11 second though to think about trump ism what trump. it's very similar to what he did. his real estate. mr. he is great. he's a genius at branding. yep. yeah, it's not very successful. the real estate investor, but he was brilliant when it came to branding his properties and he did the very same with his, his political movement. i think all of us would agree with that. he's an amazing messenger. i just didn't always understand the message and i'm, it's come, i'm coming from the competitive side. it. yeah. well, i mean his, his choice in choosing people around him was appalling. john bolton and people are
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appalling for someone like me. ok. that's why i was very disappointed here, but let me go back to david. i mean, the interesting thing about donald, other than being an amazing messenger, is that he does move everything around him in positive and negative ways. just him in the public. and on the, on the public fear it's, you know, people react, going back to what you said earlier about who voted for home. is that, you know, when he throws his hat in literally, or metaphorically, he's going to stir up everything. is that a good thing for the republicans? i mean, it, it's great for cable tv and for people like me. but is that good for the republican party? is it good for the body politic, david? you know, for 4 years, every time i read a report or writing about some grant strategies, some donald trump strategy, i laugh to myself because there is no strategy. he's instinct. he says there's no
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filter there. he says, exactly what is feeling at that moment. sometimes it is consistent with the body politic other times it's just out of nowhere. and so as opposed to any kind of consistent message, which is what politics is all about. give a message, reinforce the message, reinforce the reinforcement. by the time you were dealing with one of the things he said he had already said 2 or 3 other things. so there was, there was no way of building into what he said. so in terms yeah, i mean that trump is, is simply whatever he says at the moment. i'm going to support there's, there's not i yeah, i think trump ism is a message. it's a messaging algorithm. i think that's really what they get down. get george you want to jump in and bay wrote go ahead. yeah, it's not, it's not, it's not,
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you know, your, your question was, it's not, is it good or bad? it's, it's neither, it's, it's only as good or bad as the critical thinking skills of the people who belong to the party, who actually voted marys who consider themselves republicans. the fact that principal people, whether they're elected officials or commentators ordinary people completely back track that the one eighty's on previous position of that they add simply because trump was winning and right good to be around him. that doesn't bode well for the parties ability 30 to strategically come up with a plan to win elections complete. you have an election here. are there. okay. that's problematic. let me go back to washington. you. one of the things i find really, really disturbing is that, you know, a lot of people on the, on the right conservatives that say, the democrats could never understood why donald trump was elected. and i think that's, i think it's important, understand why he was elected in 2016. but i think now the republicans are not looking back and understanding why he was elected in 2016. i mean they, there's no,
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there's, there's, you know, because what i worry about is backtracking, you know, all, you know, watch cable watch fox, you know, and you know, they're talking about reagan ism, and all of this and libertarianism. they don't understand why he was elected in the 1st place, and i see the republican party falling back and losing message tax cuts, the regulation, flap their hands, they're done. that's not a winning message for republicans, not winning messages for conservatives and they are wrong. and they're in the way they're going, they're looking backwards and not looking forward. go ahead in washington. i'm not really sure, republicans, i don't think that it's fair to actually just a few members of the party against what the party itself is actually doing. we know that double trumps up the oxygen out of any room that he's in. and obviously the party is trying to figure out how to operate with donald trump not being in power, but really not both in not just him, but his base as well. i'm fortunately, i'm happy that donald trump is not on social media. i think that that's actually
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a bit being not just for him, but the party as well. but there are a lot of things that are you doing around infrastructure around police reform. there's a lot of things that republicans are actually doing substance of work that's, that's a party of doing. but when you have to one like donald trump being able to issue appropriately. and he had his people at work or not even personally, he had to people out there to then send around emails from the death of donald trump. you know, just ridiculous things like that. that is not a winning strategy. i go back but, but, but i go back to the r and c though because the art is c, that is the body that is responsible for messaging for getting out the, you know, getting out the vote strategies. a lot of that fall on the art in c, which is a separate institution in and of itself from the republican party leadership who are in congress doing actually work. but doing it, let's say, let me say with washington here. i mean,
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it's trump just doing this for himself. is he doing it for himself, or is he doing it for the republican party? is he doing it for the american people? what is motivating him right now? because when i look at, you know, from the desk of donald trump, it says he goes after somebody, he's a loser. you know, he's an idiot. i mean, i don't understand them. you know, he's good at messaging, it makes a lot of people chuckle ought to make people angry. but what is the substance that he just doing it? because he wants to vindicate himself. i mean, i'm very me a mystified by his behavior and they're so any issues that he could easily grab on, you know, i was a low hanging fruit, but he doesn't go ahead keep going. and washington, now here, now i know they were not in our world here, but if you just asked me, what's the, what's the try doing something for selfish reasons. donald trump, all people know about the strategy. this is about donald trump. as most thing in donald trump,
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life has been about donald trump. this isn't. yeah. to answer your budget, of course isn't about all right, let me, let me go to your dad. good. is that good? george trump is synonymous with america. america is synonymous with trump. that's an interesting proposition. what do you think, george? it's an absolute disaster. come on with you. any more empirical evidence of that? and then the question, it gets back to what mike was saying, washington about that he sucked the oxygen out of the room. this again, this is the problem going back to 2015 is that there's no other republican long, big enough to give them a fight. go back to the primary interest. there. people lose. there's the 5th, they're fighting and no one ever stood up to him. he stood there and he made mincemeat out of 15 opponents in the primaries of 2016 till now mitch mcconnell gets you know, the wedding, his parents every time we feel that trumps people are going to come after him until someone else can come out and say hey guys, here's a set of principles that can lead us into the price of 2022. no one seems to be
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able to do that and there's no, you know, there's no brain, there's no other kind of a person that's able to rally people behind them. as, as a, as a leader. now, i mean, if they take, you know, it's all about it. hang on a guy, this is all about leadership, but nobody wants to be the leader here. it's very interesting to me. i go to david here, david's the odd man out, and you must be thoroughly enjoying what you're seeing on the political scene right now. go ahead. david could finish out the program. well, you know, when, after that, one of the things you're asked about was who voted for donald trump? in 2016, it was an election about hillary clinton was, are you the asian of hillary clinton? it wasn't. they were voting for something so wonderful. so know donald trump, and when that happened, i thought to myself is actually is a good thing. because if hillary had one republicans would have continued to gain in the house, they would have continued to gain. and the senate eventually accrues,
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or rubio, or one of those people would have been elected president. and the election of donald trump entered that possibility forever. and so for approach that was actually a good. ok. ok, we're brought out of time gentlemen. i guess we all will agree donald just turned up the apple card there and it's never going to be the same or many. thanks them i guess in new york, washington and in beirut. and thanks to our viewers for watching us here are to see you next time. remember across the ah ah
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