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monster, or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time. it's not the case. see how it is to be born in the world's richest country. the new twisted to the end of a 5 candle, a media investigation reveals that denmark's intelligence service helps the us spy on top. european leaders, including german chancellor, anglo merkel, israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the 12 year rain could be coming to an end, as right wing opposition leader and natalie bennett throws his weight behind a unity government of the china dismissal as a political height. the president biden's probe into the origins of cove. it the lab leaking theory. now gaining traction in the media, which had rejected it when the truck administration made the same claim. cities in the u. s. backtrack on their decision to cut police funding after crime rate search and the white house declares and at the demick i've gotten
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i got the laundry wreck from our studios in moscow. this is rti international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us as we recap. the week's top stores, the danish secret service helped america's national security agency to spy on top politicians and high ranking officials in germany, sweden, norway, in france. this is according to a media investigation published on sunday or cheese. peter oliver has more. we know in since 2013, that the united states hud carried out extensive spying on its allies. but here in germany and elsewhere in europe, what we didn't know until the latest revelations is that not only would denmark a part of helping the n s a spy on us allies, but the, the danish defense intelligence service, the danish spy agency,
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we're crucial path in allowing the us to snoop on their allies, including here in germany. of course, chancellor angle america as well as german president frank volta, shine my and former candidate to be chancellor from the social democrats. pish, time brick. he have commented already and described this as a political scandal, no word as of yet from the chancellor's office on the latest revelations. the fact that denmark is geographically located where it is and how internet connectivity works. busy across europe puts denmark in a location, it makes it a hub that when you tap into those, those why is those cables, those into that cables that come through the country. it allows you to get your hands on some pretty sensitive information to get a glimpse into what that is according to the information as possible on to the press. the whole system, the network in denmark was pretty much the crown jewels of the s a spying operation
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. when it comes to listening in to you leaders, they had access to things like all telephone calls that were being made. anything that was posted on any messaging service and all text messages, as you can imagine, being able to listen into every phone call or read every text message the german chancellor sends. that means you're privy to some very sensitive information. lot of questions posed to the danish government as to when they knew about all of this, from the information that's being leaked. it seems they knew as perhaps as late as 2015. that's the could service had been helping the n s a in this way. what the information that was provided also shows is that the secret service were helping the americans listen in to also the danish finance ministry and the danish foreign ministry, as well as an arms manufacturer based in denmark. there's also going to be questions of course, flying over to the other side of the atlantic, where now president joe biden was vice president joe biden. and part of the
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administration that would have functioned all of the spying activity. certainly a lot of questions that come yet over just how involved and how much information was spied on by the us on some of its closest allies. after 12 consecutive years at the helm of israeli politics, benjamin netanyahu could be on the way out. right wing opposition leader natalie bennett has just announced that he's ready to form a new government. after the news, crowds of the demonstrators took to the streets of television to protest against enough tele bennett, who could become his rails prime minister with more details or possibly not to the bennett, who was the leader of the party, which means the right party in israel had now announced that he's joining forces with the leader of the opposition get yelled up kid. together they have a $61.00 majority which is what they need to be able to form the next majority
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coalition in his role. now, bennett has said that although he come from the right of the political spectrum and he's essentially joining forces with parties in the center and the list, he is doing this because the country has been in a crisis, politically. they have been for election in the space of 2 years. albano over the last 4 rounds of elections. we've seen a country weakening itself damaging itself and losing its ability to function. we see ministers who are fighting with each other, who do not manage anything. we have seen riots and the burning of synagogues and load an acura instead of managing and leading their methodist to spread hatred and polarization between the people of our country to conceal their own failure. but the coalition that bennett is joining is very wide. we change so much so that it's going to be fragile and not be able to form consensus on controversial issues like the piece. rather, it will have to limit itself to making decisions about the economy. how to deal
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with proven 19. and this is something that these really prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been appealing to the lead trust. and to those who have joined the coalition about he is not ready to give up without a fight. and he is warning israelis that the new coalition could spell. disaster might be fairly been. i heard natalie bernard. unfortunately, his again misleading the public, the same lives name to slogan some have written division from the person who of so's hatred and division. his leading. the scam of the century nelson being the longest serving prime minister of israel. he's been in office for some 12 years. and what we see happening here is not necessarily political parties coming together because they have constraints upon issues that rather because that we have a joint desire to get the tongue yahoo, out of office this come at a particularly sensitive time for israel. they was the recent israel, god,
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the war that lasted 11 days. the same time we've seen some of the with violence between israeli jews. and he's way the avenue that the country has witnessed in. yes, the whole, the the, the the, [000:00:00;00]
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the, the, the me, the journalist and author chris hedges thinks that while things aren't looking good for benyamin that yahoo, not much would change under a new coalition. it doesn't look good for baby. this was an unexpected development because it's a marriage between the mean a party which is even further to the right, not by much netanyahu could and a more centrist party with
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a lot. so not much will change for in terms of foreign policy. i don't think that policies towards iran will change. however, any kind of actual assault against the rand is impossible without the blessing of the united states. and that's long been the case. it really is really government all the way back to the bush administration has pushed for strikes against her. and i expect to kind of stalemate with iran. i expect a kind of stalemate with the palestinians. is a coalition that will focus primarily on domestic issues. yeah. and there may be changes there, but i don't expect any other major changes from almost 13 years now. that net in yahoo is ruled israel. china has once again refuted claims. the corona virus originated from one of the countries labs. it comes after the u. s . said it is doubling down on efforts to track down the source of the pandemic. r t soft to taylor comments. remember donald trump and his administration's take on the
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corona virus. the chinese virus comes lou that china virus calling flu, chinese flu, the china flu. there's enormous evidence that that's where the beget, remember, turn has a history of infecting the world. and they have a history of running sub standard laboratories. these are not the 1st times that we've had a world exposed to viruses, a result of failures in a chinese lab. remember how his theory about the virus escaping from alive with labeled racist and mad a wall won't stop a virus, racism won't stop a virus. do your job? well, turns out now it's not racist, but a totally rational ferry. why? because it's not trump peddling it earlier this year, fresh in the oval office bite and actually shut down a trump error top secret operation to log in to the origins of the pandemic. and
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specifically, whether the virus leaked from the woo hon institute of fi reality, who his own altering off a report into the origins of the pandemic. with the lab leak as one of the top 2 theories, which is much more valid because why didn't i not trump water that i've now off the intelligence community to redouble their efforts to collect and analyze the information that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion. and to report back to me in 90 days, and just as quickly as biden decided that it's not racist wilma but the just some of the interests of public safety. so coincidently did a new york times drawn a thought, i decided pro, incidentally to delete a previous tweet about the problematic nature of the lab. neat theory and big tech, which for months has been finding any coven conspiracy theories has coincidentally, decided to give the neat button a bit of
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a break in light of ongoing investigations into the origin of covered 19 and in consultation with public health experts. we will no longer remove the claim that covered 19 is men made or manufactured from our apps. in fact, the only one who's actually stuck to its guns is china. lately. some people have played the old trick of political high on the origin. tracy of covered 19 in the world smear campaign and blame shifting. i'm making a come back. and the conspiracy theory of love league is resurfacing as cool that more transparency from basic counsel momentum as the woo hon meek theory begins to enter the mainstream. and people pick aside the w h o has decided to sit on the fence. only recently determining that the hypothesis was highly unlikely, but at the same time can't be entirely ruled out where the virus originated remains to be determined. but one thing is for sure, a theory can todd from conspiracy to credible as quickly as the establishment decides
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a which on trump would probably tweak about if you know you thought twitter. but then again, we're talking about trump. he always finds a way. now everybody's agreeing that i was right when i very early on, caught one at the source of covey. 19, sometimes referred to as the china virus. to me was obvious from the beginning, but i was badly criticized as usual. now they are all saying he was right, thank you absolutely vindicated. now remember facebook and others still won't allow people in my country to even contest suggest there may be an election might not be on the up and up. so they're very slow to issue a reprieve. so there must be a lot of evidence for them to go this far. this is a trump victory, and as was stated to bad,
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he can't speak as to social media as reprieve because they have not allowed him a reprieve from his prohibition on the platform. in the 1st place, a former president, i sure that this is another example of the insane world that we're living in. and instead of people going to joe biden and say, wait a minute or whoever is running to show today, why are you changing your mind? oh no, no, we're going to have an investigation into this. you just realize this. now, this is just come to you just, you're just made aware of this. dear god, what else have you just become aware of? i mean it's, it's really frightening. rapidly rising crime rates in the us are forcing some officials to rethink plans to be funded the police. on wednesday, a white house spokesperson said gun violence was spiraling. out of control. comments came after 8 people were killed in a mass shooting in san jose,
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california. we are suffering from an epidemic of gun violence in this country, both in mass shootings and in the lives that are being taken in daily gun violence that doesn't make national headlines. the calls to cut funding and even abolish whole police department started last year following the death of george floyd an officer has since had been convicted of his murder more than 20 major us cities have now reduced their police budgets. i me here i am for massive structural and transformational reform. we will not be increasing our police budget. we will be moving funding from the n y p be to youth initiatives and social services. many democratic party politicians around the country heard the cry of the protesters, but now as crime surges,
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many of them are back tracking fatal shootings in minneapolis in 2021 have nearly doubled from last year. there have been 3 times as many carjackings. this is the very same city where george floyd killing last year sparked protests, crying defun, the police all over the country. but now in minneapolis, that's refund to police. big, overarching statements that we're going to defend or abolish and dismantle the police department and get rid of all the officers. we've an impact to that needs to stop. it's unacceptable. we should be holding those perpetrators accountable that includes safety, beyond policing, and it includes police. now the city council is increasing the police department budget by $6400000.00 after cutting it by 8000000 last year. in april of this year there had been 166 percent more shootings in new york city. there were in april of 2020 new york city mayor bill de blasio who wants pledge to cut the police
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budget by $1000000000.00 as now promised to build an entirely new police precinct in queens. this is something that for decades the community asked for, it was one or the other, which was the choice in 2020. we leaned into the investments in the young people. now thankfully, we have resources to address both this issues. and the 1st months of this year, the city of los angeles has seen an increase in shooting paired to the same timeframe last year. now that democrat mare the same one who jumped on the de fund, the police band wagon is calling for an increase in the police budget. the city council wants $250.00 more officers to be hired. if you want to abolish the police, you're talking to the wrong there. now the mayor of st louis is sticking to her gun despite having one of the highest murder rates in the country. not only does she want to defend the police, she also wants to shut down the jail. no human being should be cased for weeks and months on end with little certainty of when and if they'll ever see their family
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again, we share a commitment to reducing harm in our communities and ending the cycles of trauma that have cause far too many of our neighbors to be locked up in our city's jails. the number one reason why crime keeps going up is because the politicians, politicians keep doing everything they can to weaken the system to make the public more happy. and you're not asking the right questions which are, what does the poor, what does the public doing in criminal aspects, which is calling the police lawfully act the way they do and then the public is in there. they're on educated, ignorant, misguided eyes. seeing this as police brutality. so the public really needs to step up to the plate. they need to come to the table. they need to be educated on why the police do what they do. they need to understand laws. they need to understand department policies a year after the killing of george floyd and joe biden's police reform bill is not exactly a hit in congress. americans do not see eye to eye while crime is rising. outrage about police brutality and killings is also sky. hi, caleb bobbin
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r t new york. following a huge diplomatic storm over the forest diversion of a passenger plain to bellows, the country's president alexander lucas shan't go, has been defending the move, claiming no laws were broken. the ryan airplane was intercepted by a fighter jet in order to make an emergency landing over a hoax. bomb threat, however, opposition activists on board and his girlfriend were then arrested of events sparks protest. in some european cities, bell russians living in amsterdam in warsaw rallied alongside locals in support of local prisoners. miller's though insist that there is no political persecution in the country. the u. s. and the drawing up coordinated sanctions against members of lucas shackles government and both advise against flying through bella, russian aerospace. however, critics question whether the west is in a position to lecture bella, roost as archie or stone of comments this week,
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it seems there was no bigger scoundrel in the world than this man. alexander lucas shinkel, the president of bella, ros. that's after a ryan f flight had to make an emergency landing in minsk because of a bomb threat according to the bill of russian authorities. but there was no bomb. instead quite conveniently for lucca shan't go. one of the most outspoken opposition activists, roman protest, savage. just so happened to be on board, and when he got arrested, the collective west didn't like it. not one bit. we strongly condemn the lucca shanker regimes brazen and choking acts to divert a commercial flight in the rest. the journalist, look at saint luke's sancho has done as a disgrace. that's hard to suppose. here the lights of more than 107 passengers were in danger. in order to arrest a journalist, the high, the plane on the pension, know the passage is, is something that was completed and checked the room. and we really started
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discussing the implementation of the secretary over there. but i'm extensions now along with proto savage, his girlfriend was arrested as well. accused of dog, st. bella, russian security officers essentially calling on lynch mobs to go get them. and one by one e, you, nations began to close the air space to barrows, national airline, while europe based areas, in turn, refused to fly over the country to washing contest machine. we have to understand that this will have severe consequences and we are looking into sanctions against the ation sector in but i was evelyn c. d c. d. we have decided to prohibit the bell russian airline from accessing european airports to invite europe and airlines and not to fly over bel russian territory. force landing a jet simply so you can extract
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a political thorn on the heard of. except it really isn't. because back in 2013, several countries closed off there as space to the jet of bolivian president evil morality. which was grounded in vienna. simply because the us suspected edward snowden was on board, which he wasn't by the way. but america wanted him arrested so badly. it was willing to ground a president's personal plane. the bolivian president's plane was once forced to land. the president was taken out of the plain, but nothing was said about that silence. in 2016 ukraine ground at a, but a russian commercial jet, also arresting an opposition activist who was on board. but of course, this time it's all different. so the e u has frozen its investment into bellows. the whole 3000000000 euros of it. there is a tendency in the west, unfortunately not to regard sanctions as inactive war when in fact it is inactive war. it's just
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a lower level of warfare before shooting war. this is particularly dangerous in the sense that if, if europe, europe in its allies of us, britain and get together in the rapid reaction, g 7 mechanism and put sanctions on beller ruse for instance. then you have a problem because this, this is really standing between russia and the european union and who's gonna, who's going to be the victim of this is going to be the people of bella roost. one been a russian opposition figure in exile. took the idea of financial incentive if you like to a whole new level, offering 11000000 euros to anyone who arrests look, a sion go just get clint eastwood on the case already. oh and yes. perhaps the grounding of the ryan a jet wasn't exactly the sort of thing you'd expect to see in
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a democracy. remember, though, we are still talking about the man, the media, branded europe's last dictator. and who can blame him if he can play the game as well as his big and very democratic brother the us? that's an obvious point of hypocrisy in how this story is being framed. that's not to say that there is a debate regarding international law, whether a government scrambling its air force to ground commercial airliner over its airspace. and also your apprehension somebody from a commercial flight that's, that's a legitimate point of debate. however, to say that this is unprecedented, or to say that of this never happens in the west is a ridiculous proposition. and so we, this is time and time again. we see this every time, the western media governments, they don't look at the wider context of what's going on. and if you look at the
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internal affairs of bell ruse and how much pressure is also being put to bear on the country from the outside, from these very powers that are condemning this act is a very different story. and it's a much wider discussion that needs to be had his works have been taught to generations for centuries, but it seems that there are still lessons to be learned about shakespeare. a london theater now, plans to de colonize his plays, claiming that they are racist for linking whiteness to beauty. the globe feeder of all places has launched anti racist, shakespeare seminars for teachers, students, and theatre professionals. they are designed to address problematic gendered and radicalized dynamics activists claim that the play right promoted, white as being positive and black as negative. we put the issue up for debate that d colonizing traits there. maybe they ought to d, colonize the bible. i think that doing has deliberately misunderstanding the use of the word, demean,
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beautiful. it doesn't have to mean it doesn't have to mean blonde. it doesn't have to mean white and just suddenly a scribe racial value to it is just meaningless and sensitive and really going mad with a holistic shakespeare. yes, he wrote and it's time and one can view it as being political correctness. but on the other hand, they are loaded words these days and you know that the, the, either of it's the fairies or whatever it was was always a light character. darkness is always the sign in the euro centric view of wickedness and evil. one has to have some balance, keep the historical perspective, but also be sensitive to the needs of young people who are listening and watching this and may make that connection whether or not this is c gender. i don't, i'm complex to draw conclusions based on color is just over sensitivity,
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run mad. but the other point is that the whole of history never mind change there. but the whole history with you go back to judge whether darwin they've been having a go at, in those days, attitude would different. now we're not defending those attitudes. i think we have a better approach to all these issues. and we, we recognize the underlying quality of people in a way the case earlier. but we also say, well, we will abandon all literature and all poetry. the visa, much majority must, again be with a sensitivity and needs of the minorities in those audiences. and it is about changing the landscape and not having and narrative simply because it's 600 years old. that will change the wits rate that was the norm 600 years ago. we're not suggesting that that, that is in a sense pos, all the experience today. so what has to be actually senses is to everybody in the audience and not just have
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a view of the traditionalists that are always right. oh mistress mine, where are you roaming? stay here. that true love's coming. that isn't for me. and for the weekly, for that matter and about 30 minutes, there'll be another full, fresh, extra news. this is our international sir. ah, join me every person on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business, i'll see you then me. i met my local bank and forwarded the number johnny doug. yeah. get me
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the gotta go through the application on the regency block. them out. i gotta get my don't get a get. we'll put it on the shoulder meeting brittany. lucky vendors. lamp me by little by now. and then because you guys are not the man why or why not? give me the news
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the who's who's i hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered. i'm peter about imposing sanctions in the country. used to be a policy of last resort. that is not the case today. now, washington sanction scores of countries and even threatens sanctions against suppose the allies, the sanctions work. no, not really. also we have an update on beatrice. i to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess,


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