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c, c on their c, lowest to their for if the question are 1st to diplomatic asylum, there is, of course, no general international law obligation to recognize, right of diplomatic asylum. why sunday should things can put in this, you know, your plan is not going to go good in the, in the very manager in which government can only do 2 things. it's additional the same day. there's an impromptu meeting between wiki leagues and
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a high ranking swedish official door talked about you. you limiting the time and attention, particularly in cases where the person hasn't been charged yet. so i would say we have, we have stepped into question, submitted it to have a person who just take the crime into a tablet charges and he's like a and a human right? yes, definitely not more time than it's necessary for to have the service to the fact that you don't have an immigration and there is no obligation to the maximum. i thank you.
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the in those countries, pre trial detention is limited to a few hours. but the problem for lawyers is that sweden continues to insist that assange was not arrested at all on rested. co, not lawyers have no doubt about it. and higher authority must confirm their arguments. mm. the legal team's next step is to bring the case to the us working group, an arbitrary detention at something going on. always does to go to the international suite when local laws are insufficient or too restrictive use to determine if somebody has been improperly deprived of liberty. this group of experts listen to the arguments presented by the governments involved, sweden and the united kingdom take part in the process of issuing
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a decision can take several months at time that will be increasingly difficult for the london refugee in the ah, people in much west way, sions, and i mean there are also people better situations. it just means that diligence about dealing with trying to exercise and lives because it's nice to try and what's going on at the right time of day. and off times me, it's like people watching at the north pole in the space station that you have to deal with the absence of light the lashes q. set sure. on
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the news, the kill you yesterday. i don't see them in the nearby looking magic's kind of hinting that they are just in the hampton that a some fun with data thought into something met. met me ever way in from the embassy. there's always an activist job in 1998. got fall mass chief investigating judge and madrid, ordered the arrest of ex dictator penal who was currently in london in
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awe. thus, he applied the principle of international jurisdiction. the idea behind it some crime so, so serious that they affect all of humanity and can be prosecuted by any judge regardless of where they were committed. peanut jets arrest was a warning to dictators and leaders responsible for genocides, who enjoy impunity and the laws of their own country. crimes against humanity could not be prosecuted by any prosecutor or judge in the world. the 1st on how care hacker, the hacker can control hack and lay. is it just minus the screaming and putting it back? he is hackers guessing is was come years in your system. this was hackers here. i
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won't see them for my good. if they're lucky, dick, today gwen from won't be less than less because the men looked at the unit while waiting for the decision from the un legal team maintains their offensive in the diplomatic arena. the where you hear me that 1st, let's review what has happened. be a bomber administration supported by varying degrees via the western allies. in the last 80 years has prosecuted and investigated, more publishes and journalists under the espionage act than all previous
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presidencies combined. jeremy hammond sentenced to 10 years buried brown, us journalists recently sentenced to 60 is john kerry aucker, the only person arrested and convicted in relation to see a torture. the only person in the united states, his role revealing the torture chelsea manning, an alleged sauce or helix. he has now being detained for 1760 days. he has been sentenced to 35 years. edward snowden, william benny. similarly in relation to national security agency are in schwartz, united states faced 50 years, been brilliant president and $1000000.00 to find a personal friend of mine, a volunteer for he leeks, who ended up very sadly being persecuted literally to death 2 years ago.
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al serra harrison who assisted us with transporting wood slaten from hong kong into a place of asylum in eventually, in russia. what a number of these cases have in common is not simply that the recent or that are conducted sometimes without any charge or that they are abuses in the, in the formal process. it is that a technique has been developed in the west where the process was clearly the punishment. so she thought she i know that it just full $9.00. so unless you just see on it like what i mean is that for sitting
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for me or, or should he don't, they will media got worse than one of the me in the modem that when they feel elaborate, which i mean to easy to, to get into that, but i see that i know i have often said transparency for the powerful privacy for the palace, but cares about privacy. there's some, there's some basic, maybe instinctual over there. privacy affairs between lovers. when you go to a toilet, to whatever one privacy that's it actually human instinct. but if we look beyond that long as a damn about privacy, what people care about is power and the relative balance of power between small organizations, the smaller witches of family and large organizations, have it. information is power and ish. a larger organization has
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a lot of information about you and you don't have information on that large organization. it has even more power or the using it otherwise would have. so privacy is a way for individuals and small organizations to preserve the small amount of power that they already have me in the merger of our societies with the internet and the internet with our societies has allowed a really amazing lateral trans where we're able to learn from each other, much more than we could. on the other hand, it is allowed, state intelligence organizations and contractors who work for them to collect more information. it is in some ways the greatest theft of wealth that has ever
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occurred me most of the transfer information is coming from the bottom of it. he's powerful intelligence organizations and organizations like google, facebook, where he does it the other way. we take information from very powerful reservations, the most powerful reservations, and we put it in the public record where everyone can use this unusual who's we're giving people a choice. if you have information about how the world is working around you, then you have a choice about what you support, but you don't support, but you do with your life with
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a is your media, a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? direct. what is truth? what is faith? in the world corrupted? you need to defend the join us in the depths, the will remain in the shallows. ah ah, in 10 years of covering the war in syria,
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i've seen many tragedies 1st hand the voices of the smallest were perhaps the loudest. one story in particular, it struck me the most the how about i just made them a full new my i i met late in 2016 just weeks after he lost his family for the other of them went on like i get one of them when it was a bloody massacre, and only 2 survived. ah,
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5 years old and i came back to syria. check on late. i have to leave. how did you life change? did it change all the money? i the financial survival guide. daisy, let's learn about fill out. let's say i'm a joy and you're, i'm backed up the site. well, 3 prod. thank you for helping ah. enjoy that waiver. ah, what do you think says back in the news after we publish
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a wednesday part of the secret text of a massive new trade pact called the trans pacific partnership or g p. p. now base to wiki leaks, we haven't even better idea of just how dangerous the t p p really is a lovely the gpc would sacrifice national sovereignty, public health and the internet freedom. that's what's going on. the huge struggle with governments and corporations who want to keep information secret and others who the democratic rights should be pushed forward and people have a right to know what to do. the lawyers have found out that google's in response to warren from the u. s. department of justice has turned over everything from wiki leaks, journalist accounts, every email contact to data. me might have to look at the condo,
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but everything from wiki, leeks, journalist accounts, every email, contact me at a data for me, my google account that i had with actually have someone that i had for a long time ago. and this regards to how the us government is treating what they were actually doing with bright going off that private email account in the home position would get them something to you to attack the organization and, and sort of sheet juliana journalism issue that should concern all of you can give me the warrant for google confirms to the law is that the case the united states is secretly building against wiki leaks is not just paranoia . it has a case number. one of the charges is f, p m r. me
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you have an international espionage case that it has sucked in dozens of people to its grand jury process that has pulled in 3 was from google and others. thousands of pages is information that has gone explicitly off the journals. that is what it called the whole of government investigation. what other states call hollow gum investigation, which is the largest investigation ever into a publisher, which is an extra territorial maneuver by the united states to engulf foreign publishes in claims of espionage and at the media case, surely this is the sexiest media case ever. but nonetheless, there's something that's even sexier than an international espionage case. and that is a sex case. and in sweden,
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there suddenly movement in this case although the appeals court declined to crush the arrest, boring for his sons. it also criticized the prosecution's passivity and demanded that marianna knew move forward with the investigation. she may now change her mind about traveling to london to question a thumbs with the de elevated give us a thing. if your mental light went on in dawn, she will know what to say. like when we're senators are pretty well enough, which comes if you did a little
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deal because she has to study you know, they don't want to be on the form of the job comes into deserve a lot of people with. ready city one, okay, and when i put it into a lot, we have breaking the data suite and this morning there are now offering to travel to london to question. and julian of john bans will come to them, they'll come to him and somebody fidget, come under 5 years of limitations. so it is possible to interrogate his funds in london and sweden as in a hurry to do so. ready i don't want to trumpet that victory because any correlation, even a victorious correlation with a sex case is negative. prosecutor marianna knew arranges
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a meeting with the thunder for the questioning. but that is not enough. ecuador in sweden, have to sign a judicial cooperation agreement for the agreement between echoed her in sweden is not ready in time. and the questioning is cancelled. ah, you were going to attempt an interview, which was just 3 days after you sent the request. when you had no agreement with that go for this. so i just want to understand how you can justify the claim that you are treating him like anybody else will be found behind on him. in the military, you can put a time to day, a few 2nd school gum and a course yet. see it or not to just let us know about somebody which i assume that is on its way or the school board
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member or friend or you to have an on that. so you, you're, are you have a san shred warehouse before i go to steve eli stewart. i just threw up the flu shot on your back and i was out last summer to be in the pot on juliana sanchez then known. i mean, you'll make statements off to you violates of his rights by his name coming out. i mean, i'm not sure where everybody, you know, the 3 left legation, 6 will never be clarified. ah, now what has happened? they are talking about swedish because we're talking about the swedish case and no one's now talking about the case. there was there in the beginning that is still ongoing, which is as far as i'm concerned, which is a great danger to me and to the organization as a whole, which is this massive espionage investigation who
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let's be serious. we are in a conflict situation with the largest, most powerful employer. that's what it is that has ever existed in such a situation. it's remarkable to survive though. hey, how are you all about? so i don't see you again. we know that there's been a grand jury against against wikileaks. in essence, now, the attempts to prosecute wikileaks have lasted over 5 years. the procedure in the united states is that before someone can be prosecuted for a serious crime, the constitution, the constitution requires an indictment by a grand jury. welcome to the federal grand jury service. you are here today because
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you've been asked to take part in our democratic process by serving as a member of a federal grand jury. it's a job of great, important, grounded in the constitution that guarantees our freedoms. the drafters of the constitution knew that deciding whether or not to accuse someone of a crime is an enormous power. so they created the grand jury. but the problem is that the grand jury, it happens in secret. the grand jury can compel testimony. they can issue search warrants, they can use the patriot act to conduct surveillance. so when the prosecutors prosecute, they decide, i mean, they look at the map and they decide where to bring the case. so they decided to bring the case in the eastern district of virginia. now, whereas the eastern district of virginia, eastern district of virginia is the home of the national security agency, all the intelligence agencies. so guess why?
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so the, they pick, they pick the jurors. well ok, you were here and say, your wife is going to say everyone's connected. exactly. thank you. i hope all of you will enjoy your grand jury experience. we do know that the prosecution of wiki leaks and includes espionage computer fraud, conspiracy, and theft of u. s. government property, but now the obama administration is using it to prosecute whistleblowers and publishers and the free press. for example, chelsea manning a former military intelligence analyst with my name was accused of leaking to wiki leaks, thousands of confidential documents about the was in iraq and afghanistan. her punishment was harsher than the one imposed on the service men accused of committing war crimes or torture in the same conflict. during 3 years of
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prosecution and trial manning was the victim of humiliation. in humane treatment and torture. on just defense fears he may suffer the same fate if he's indicted and expedited to the united states finish his lot. so allowed in the shooting. i don't know if you're going to see us in a moment of peace. you last set of poor kid and no kid, no sat quite a while you're gussy single. and you seem to see on the part of this boy's last, i say that he's been denied medical attention. the conscious been suffering from severe upper body pain and limited movement of his shoulders. and then the doctor has recently been in the proceeds to try to diagnose. but the doctor's completed that for a full diagnosis on needs and m r i and this is not possible with you and the
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empathy needs to go to the hospital in the southern look at in the i'm a guess it is even then the left for tomorrow in the secret field, a matter of law in october 2015 accord our request safe passage to take us to a hospital. the you, katie nice. the petition san just health problems are not only physical in december 2015. a medical report evaluated the impact the indefinite confinement could have on his mental health. the report owns that his health will deteriorate if he remains in his current situation. it concludes such stressful circumstances with no end in sight can lead 2014 and destructive consequences. with
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the potential to become life threatening, it says he does in the medicine system. what hinden is them is momento park and also listed on the field by law. actually something happens he has to exit the place because it's his life. it's a place. i mean, he's, if i'm lucky enough that situation either. no, absolutely, no that's, that's something we can, we do not understand that there is no proceeding in the u. k. for such an emergency must the best in this scenario, this new local case is better than others. ignores them, will schindler in commerce? nope. or they must lead the gun. don't you know if you're not meant this, you know, i say most another car meant illiterate can no see, i got not man, man, didn't get it. if you can, why you're not premier equal given they got the run,
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those run the seen this or something most. and then they got the right this with what and they got the order they got us with. yeah, there was going to his and they got the positive for them or she can must, what effect on working group i can do that. it just remind or i'll tell you or you got guess i missed somebody in the cup and sean, i met the guy i the with the united states is very clear that the united states has aligned itself with warlords and drug lords war criminals. basically, while the afghan people suffer, so as united states has been about $150000000000.00 us dollars trying to rebuild
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afghanistan, there is almost nothing to be seen from that. when the united states government special inspector general has gone out to look for the schools and the health care centers, when journalists have gone to look out the nice things that the united states supposedly built, they can't be found. ah, some can fall from middle class to homeless overnight. most of them are very hard working. people who want to get ahead that either have some, some health issues or have some trick of bad luck. a full time job won't always pay for a place to live and missing, just a month's rent can get you evicted, gunpoint. if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. you gotta catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment possession against you and get a big anyone as homeless is treated like garbage. people look into like a monster or someone bad,
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or you chose to be there. most of the time. it's not the case. see how it is to be born in the world's richest country. ah ah, the week stop stories are not t. china dismisses as political hype and president biden's probe into the origins of cove. it. the lab leak theory is now gaining traction in the media, which had actually rejected it when the trump administration raised the same claim . the isolation of a nation, bella rose, faces of firearms of criticism unclosed as face from the youth. and that's all through a passenger jet was forced to make an emergency devotion to minutes over a hopes and bomb threat. then an opposition activist on board was all of a sudden no rested cities in america back track on the decisions to cut police
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funding off the crime rate surge. and the white house declares an epidemic of gun.


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