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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 17, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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it can't rise above the corrupt motives of those calling the shots when you awaken to this fact turns aren't see america where we dare to question more. welcome welcome redacted denied this is a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents a lot of americans seem very excited about the fact that joe biden gave her lovely speech to congress a couple weeks ago they say biden has already exceeded progressive expectations he's the most progressive president since f.d.r. as long as we keep our daughters away from him we can be thrilled that he said things like this by the way they want to get on standard things and my goodness. that's raised the minimum wage to fish. they know want
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a you know when you're working 40 hours a week a few 40 hours a week should live below the poverty line. does that sound progressive he's a borderline marxist demanding all that money for workers but does he mean it well let's put aside the fact that if the minimum wage from 1968 had kept up with in call distribution and buying power it would now be around $24.00 an hour let's ignore that you know big and instead let's focus on the fact that joe biden and the democratic senators so render the 15 dollar minimum wage their party promised by insisting they were powerless in the face. by ending advisory opinion over a parliamentarian they could have ignored or fired that explanation was patently ridiculous and factually false so biden in the dems gave these series of ridiculous
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excuses for why they couldn't give america a 15 dollars minimum wage because ha ha ha they don't actually stand for that they are a group of trolls paid for. by corporate america they should have corporate logos just tired threw it across their faces they look better honestly and then there's the fact that joe biden has been funded he's in dire career by credit card companies banks and wall street if you want to know why the nancy pelosi is always look surprised it's because they've got big bankers hands up their. yeah right on oh i don't know they're so just because he mutters some nice words you like to hear doesn't mean those words actually have anything to do with reality it's like when kanye west says he's god's gift to humility it's. the most
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humble person not him and yet people like i.o.c. say joe biden has exceeded the expectations of progressives maybe she's talking about the fact he won without smelling anyone's hair for the 1st 100 days but they also point to biden saying things like this this is all about a simple premise health care should be a right not a privilege of the mary. oh my god joe biden supports medicare for all this incredible were bad well yes well then yes yes oh my god we did and we finally got the democrats to support giving every american health care no matter what just like every other industrialized country yes yes yes yes yes why was. there you would really care for all but. he just said. that's right joe biden
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in one of his more honest moments said he would veto medicare for all so when he says health care should be a right he means room seed not been absolutely all he feels he needs to say that so that progress is continue to support him as he does nothing for them so he's saying something that he doesn't believe to get you off his back is so different from when the flight attendant asked me if i'll help open them urgency to exit door in the case of an emergency i say yeah sure to get her to leave me alone so i can go back to drinking a little tiny bottles of jamieson and watching an x.-men movie i've seen 12 times but in reality in the case of an emergency i will likely keep drinking jamieson and watching x.-men until someone else opens the emergency exit and make sure it's safe
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to jump out at that point i'll grab an elderly person near me and use them as a surf board to coast through the flames and down to the ground don't worry afterwards i'll say thank you for your service i'm not a monster. some progressive have also been excited that joe biden said this immigration has always been essential to america. for more than 30 years probably talked about immigration. don't know if you know. you're telling me the man who is supporting every horrible regime change idea the us ever is out he's the one who's suddenly concerned for immigrants he's suddenly cared for all the people fleeing the devastation we've helped create again and again and again and again and again yeah and that alligator over there is
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concern for your safety too joe biden has shown endlessly that he doesn't care about anyone who's not white and at least the middle class he was against school desegregation gave the eulogy at the funeral of the incredibly racist drum thurman he helped create the racist 1994 crime bill supported the war in afghanistan a war in iraq bombing in syria bobbing in libya bobbing in yemen bombing the palestinians more on that situation later in the show and biden is supported economic war against iran venezuela cuba north korea i could go in but my mouth is getting goddard and that georgie said and this brings us to a key point that many liberals don't seem to really grasp. i have a moral line and joe biden crossed it long ago he supports genocide he supports the endless us and israeli bombing of children and innocent men and women
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and donkeys for that matter biden like all of the war criminals before him supports the obliteration of life after life after life after life so at this point after you've done that it doesn't matter even if he did it so board medicare for all i would still no support he asked if your willing to bomb jordan and see how many people you can kill in venezuela with an economic war then it doesn't matter what other so called good the things you do you've already crossed that moral line you are a bonfire and you do not deserve any support it's not just ok to have moral lines like that it's a it's is the way we should all be all of the time we can just endlessly equivocate when it comes to what we stand for we can be tirelessly dragged farther and farther
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along the path to ignoring our shared humanity if you're going to buy a pair of shoes right pair of shoes from a guy at a shop let's pretend it's the 1800s when there were few shops and you showed up to a shop and you said hi favorite shoe guy i hope you have my new shoes and he said yes i do they're right here and then you notice that in his other hand he's quietly. carefully strangling to death a young child susan one and child in the other and before you know it the kid is dead and the shoemaker just drops to get to the floor. and then with a smile on his face is here are your news jurors so you say i can't buy from you you just you just killed that kid. and he says
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there's nothing to do with your shoes that's what we're all expected to do with the by the ministration even if even if he did achieve a $15.00 minimum wage so they should nor the fact that he's killing children with the other hand i simply have a moral line and he and his people crossed it a long time ago and he's showing no signs of going back and asking desperately for forgiveness these people in both parties are sociopaths they don't deserve your time or money or support so stop telling me joe biden is exceeding progressive's expectations if that's true and get some new expectations coming from washington d.c. the ballad of bees this is redacted and i. welcome
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i'm late can't know if they're going to let's begin with glenn greenwald former cofounder of the intercept then resigned from the intercepts then whistleblower on being censored at the intercepts then co-founder of a cafe press shaab featuring the intercept hoodies. he has taken the time recently to make the mainstream media look like pathetic morons sure this doesn't take much effort you could do it yourself in like a like a long weekend probably but glanced it took it a step further he pointed out that the mainstream media has an odd habit basically one outlet will report something that will later turn out to be false but before it comes out as false other corporate outlets will say they have quote unquote independently confirmed the story so the story is independently
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confirmed and yet completely false how does one end eventually confirm and a 100 saying it's not impossible but it's hard for example i used to put on my resume that i that i won the silver medal in javelin in the 1978 olympic games in murfreesboro tennessee when in fact. i've never thrown a javelin wasn't in the olympics didn't win a medal and there were no olympics in murfreesboro tennessee then in order to back that up i put a phone number to the olympic committee on my resume and the phone number was secretly my number so that i have potential employers called i could say oh yeah of course really camp won the silver it was unstoppable that year for the guy who won the gold of course so the employer was able to independently confirm my fake
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athletic prowess but it took a lot of effort on my part i went through 17 burner phones i think for the maser media it's actually much easier to confirm fake greenwald points out that often when a media outlet says they have confirmed a story they have not independently confirmed anything but rather merely acted as servants to the same lying security state security state agents who planted the false story originally but they do it over and over creating the deceitful perception that a fake story has been confirmed by multiple outlets thus bolstering its credibility in the public mind it was the favored tactic for spreading debunked russia gave frauds and is still used the latest example involved multiple outlets claiming rudy giuliani was warned by them as b.-i he was being used as a conduit for
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a russian intelligence services decision for mission scheme he didn't care and i see giuliani is no doubt a disgusting piece of human garbage but that doesn't change the fact that the f.b.i. never did brief him or warned him about some ghastly russian plan to use him so it's a fake story completely yet it was independently confirmed by much of the mainstream media simply by asking the same people who made up this story and the intelligence community whether it was true and they said oh yeah of course is true oh why do you think we made it up and wasn't true. so when it finally came out as completely false the story was retracted by multiple outlets even shining dumpster fire of cable no c.n.n. wrote washington post new york times and n.b.c. news retract reports under leon e. but even after this story collapsed these so-called religious leaders news people
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with summer homes and double decker barbecue grills and cars they bought their mistresses they kept their tweets and articles about the story up to continue ping-pong lies around the internet and greenwald tried to see if he could get them to take their take down there now obviously false tweets he wrote i spent the day notifying close to a dozen of these media luminaries that their followers tweet remained out and asked whether they intend to take it down and or correct the false tweet out of that doesn't how many do you think took down their fake news or responded to greenwald explaining why they think they should keep it up 11 responded and b c white house correspondent jeff bennett responded he did so by blocking me on twitter while leaving the false tweet up on correction that's right a reporter for n.b.c.
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news which is supposed to be the arbiter of what is real true news blog glenn greenwald because he informed the reporter he was leaving fake news up on his twitter feed that's a passive aggressive way of saying yes i know i'm reporting false news now please leave me alone and i sent people to mislead takes a lot of work. to sum up here the mainstream media regularly report fake news they also regularly independently confirm a fake news they also keep up their fake news tweets even when the said fake news has been proven to be fake news but that's too much to fit on a hoodie so we'll just stick with the mainstream media nothing on why is the 1st state to declare a climate emergency it's kind of surprising they are the 1st since california
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literally had an entire town go up in flames in louisiana hundreds of bodies just floating down the middle of their streets but i agree louisiana that is not an emergency it's a momentary conundrum it's a predicament a heck of a quandary a jimmy jam you know they should declare a state wide mass death pickle or something point is the climate crisis is not an emergency at all so why is the only us state to say self and they have sun bleached brains to them a natural disaster is a cocktail without a pineapple wedge in it however they are joining 1933 cities town councils and countries including the european union according to the climate mobilization and advocacy group almost 13 percent of the global population now lives in a jurisdiction that has made
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a similar declaration 13 percent of the globe and has already declared that we are in a climate of urgency. well. are probably either either too dumb or too poor to get the get out of the way of the bad stuff right and my right a while so really is just the poor people who are in an emergency. is that really a big deal for the rest of us for you and me if you make over like $40000.00 a year at all or even worry about it just just move somewhere better and then when that new place goes up in flames move again. for those of us with a few dollars saved up the fires won't hit us the droughts won't impact us and the floods won't touch us. to share. so your point. is going to go to commercial that's. you know.
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the medicare coverage helpline you can to call now it's free call 18049906 that's 180-499-0286 mil. be my students birth new question. number as stars and lists as this and bring all things just death. if true. that remains in question. well. welcome back. palestinians are facing increasing brutality due to israeli apartheid policies on top of all that they're being silenced on social media so they can't even get the word out about their treatment here to
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discuss is our extremely online correspondent. they only go vonnie they all may tell us about the struggles well leave there's a bitter fight between good looking people on instagram and people on twitter who only look good in the one photo on their profile but what if one good picture says a sound of then up stuff we're talking about israel and palestine if you want this video to get deleted by you tube because we're talking about the o.c.c. u p i t t there is or is under attack by israel. you think the algorithm can't read it it's worth a shot i mean certain videos about the conflict are performing as well as a live stream of zoom traffic court and many videos showing israelis crimes are just disappearing it's graham and twitter are blaming glitches for deleting loads of palestinian posts so we don't blame me for the censorship blame the racist oppressive and sinister glitch yeah that's a list with
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a serious agenda it was an accident according to twitter how did infrared justify this another accident no actually palestinians found that the a lox a hash tag was hidden or videos were deleted because the community reported some content might not meet instagram's community guidelines i can't imagine what community guidelines you can have when you're an ass mainly meant for both blots and babies. it's a real buzz buzz adult books that be a much safer topic and i can talk about it at length or width or clap to get back to that later ok fine instagram's parent company facebook has a content moderation system which designated the holy site as a terrorist organization according to internal employee communications whoops another snafu marking a holy site as a terrorist organization i heard they also have sanchez workshop marked as bin
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laden's compound and everyone knows the elves were radicalized by isis it seems like a weird mistake when facebook employees some of the world's top terrorism experts in fact facebook works with veterans of an israeli spy agency and in 2017 israel even brags that facebook google and youtube are complying with up to 95 percent of israeli requests to delete content that the government says incites palestinian violence this is obviously a targeted and desperate attempt for israel to control the narrative while they're perpetrating the most obvious ethnic cleansing in front of our eyes with the support of the u.s. and all its silicon valley vassal companies it's not targeted as you would think an automated update last week caused content re shared by multiple users to appear as missing affecting posts on shaikh zora 5 colombia and u.s. and canadian indigenous communities it's an equal opportunity glitch for oppressed
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around the world no it's even worse than i thought so about the bloods. after let's we'll do that after this event thank family and now for all the news we didn't have time to get through but now we do is we're going through it's we have anders leave a interest here to go on all rights. tough news in the world that's true yes as you're alluding to the i.d.f. invasion of gaza continues over 100 palestinians have perished though if you read the new york times those palestinians have died while a handful of israelis have been killed palestinians always mysteriously die there's never a perpetrator yeah it could have been from covert i guess you can write in the new york times or they tripped and that could happen as well of course they don't mention that those israelis are overwhelmingly soldiers and the palestinians are overwhelmingly not soldiers including children what i am the israelis that have died it's like 3 or 5 very very small amounts. you know and usually this would not
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be an issue that would be discussed very much in mainstream media at all or in the halls of congress but that is changing if you think back to 7 years ago almost during ferguson protestors were saying justice from ferguson to palestine they're drawing a connection between what's happening in their community and gaza which was being bombarded at the time as well. but now you actually have a few members of congress who are speaking out about this on the house a very select few rice right we have 10 people who called a special order hour including corey bush who is not forgetting forgotten where she came from the movement that got her in the congress and she had this to say we are anti-war we are anti occupation and we are and tap part that a part time period if this body is looking for something productive to do with $3000000.00 instead of funding a military that police think kills palestinians i have some communities this thing
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with the anything louis county that that where that money can go where we desperately need investment where we are hurting where we need help let us. or task funding their power or task funding life not destruction now there's 9 others as i said who gave speeches on the house floor including aiyana presently who is generally thought of as the most right wing of the squad especially on foreign policy not a supporter of b.d.s. at all but she has been willing to say that the us which gives $4000000000.00 almost to israel in military aid every year has to start conditional izing that aid because we're just giving the money for nothing as dire straits said you know a fun fun drinking game if you want to remain completely sober is you take a shot every time a u.s. government official says palestine has the right to protect itself or defend itself right yeah that's right i've been doing that for a couple of years now it's going great no more hangovers yet it's typically not an
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issue that's discussed at all this is not far enough we you know only 2 members to my knowledge are actually for the b.d.s. movement but the fact that we're actually talking about conditional izing aid changes the dynamic a lot right if israel's going to change anything that's all that's you know we need a carrot and a stick solution 1st step is the talking and next step is the action writing it be nice to think an action they sure would be on that $4000000000.00 yes we were going to 45 seconds here one more story. play in new york city is being sued for a half hour almost a half $1000000.00 460-0000 separate violations of workers' rights their slogan is food with integrity but they don't quite meet up to that standard the city of new york estimates that because of overtime violations accept each a worker and then y. c. is owed $23000.00 from a company that's incredible but i can't imagine that's just to pose this is
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miserables not do a lot of like a ton of wage theft and all kinds of i'm sure they they do but at least they don't pretend to be vocal about. right there just lately playing there always plays a big front with the fact that you just abuse your workers and then we'll be cool with it thank you and thank you. and here are your headlines from the future in one week you'll read washington post independently confirmed washington post fabricates most of stories in washington post breaking news and this wednesday. by the ministration releases official list of countries with right to defend themselves consists of us in israel and in 2 weeks from now following ransomware attack on m s n b c americans forced to wait in line for hours for false accusations are going to run against russia. damn it that's so inconvenient i want to get my false
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and you. get it all the way. to. make up. for the red. hello there i'm an election man you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here tonight's top stories 1st israel is unleashing another series of air strikes on gaza city it's the latest escalation after a bloody weekend on the strip my next guest explains the reason behind the d.o.d.'s iron clad support for israel. amid the escalation in the middle east we're hearing reports of violence against israelis right here in the west will get you all the details and finally china successfully lands on mars we'll explain their plans for space.


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