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politics is a nasty industry and that goes for everything from your local elected office all the way up to the white house but what happens when your family continues to still have to deal with the fallout of their political involvement he even after the candidate has already left office straight ahead we talk about the current investigation into rudy giuliani as well as how the bye to mr ation is doing now sports also has a new bill that state legislatures are trying to push through it would require the playing of the national anthem at all taxpayer funded venues so is this mandatory patriotism and what does it say about a country where the playing of the national anthem has to be an actual law we're going to discuss and speaking of patriotism the military has just released
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a new recruitment video going after a particular group but is it actually more insulting and is it a good thing for the military to be focused on being so wolk our panel of former military officers joins us and this is national police week as controversy continues to surround the amount of training which goes into police departments that joshua sweet is going to show us a new virtual option i'm sorry now using all of these stories along with my take on today's edition of news future right here on our team america. it isn't said that politics is war without bloodshed and while war is politics with bloodshed i could not agree more and our guest to start off today show has been around it is entire life with the most recent events involving his family actually being the most challenging because it finds them fighting the very institution they
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have been a part of for so many decades. now at the end of april president trump's former attorney and the former mayor of new york rudy giuliani had his apartment raided by the f.b.i. so to give us the latest as well as his own observations of what is going on in new york as well as the rest of the country we welcome former special assistant to president trump and associate director of the office of a public liaison and he also happens to be rudy giuliani's son andrew giuliani joins us this show welcome to the show andrew so in true i've got to see and i think we will have you you know what is the latest and i'll be as the now we know the f.b.i. had actually been investigating rudy crew much more really appreciate oh good we've got a little bit of a delay you are traveling as you're very busy with your private practice i do have to ask you you know what do we know now about the latest of what is going on with the f.b.i. and we also found out that the f.b.i. had actually been investigating your father for more than 2 years so what is your
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family actually aware of this before the raid happened. no we were not aware of it at all and it's actually actually absurd when you think that the president of the united states lawyer or they have the latest information between the 2 of them. that that i cloud account would be hacked into by the department of justice is actually absurd when you think about that if that can happen to the president's attorney that can happen to any one of us so where is it now basically my father still has the one piece of incriminating information in the use of his apartment that the f.b.i. did not take that happens to be under biden's hard drive and he is waiting to hear back from the f.b.i. at this point but the thing that's been amazing is over the last couple of weeks how many people and some of these people are people that haven't talked to my father in 5 or 10 years have come out and said we may not have always agreed with
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your politics but we completely agree this is actually the wrong thing to see our justice department's politicized something as badly as they have so it's been people who are very strong trump supporters and some who have not been trump supporters they don't want to live in a country where you're going to have a justice department that's going to politicize something to the point where a former president's personal counsel is going to actually be spying on by the justice department and that's very scary for just everyday things instead like you said if they do it to him they they can do it to us and no one to probably even know since then however the washington post new york times anything new that all a sure thing if again corrections they actually were track of their earlier reporting that rudy giuliani had been directly warned by the f.b.i. that he was the target of a brush and this information campaign so why do you think a major media outlets would want to push an unverified story against anybody particularly your father well i think because they're on one
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side of the aisle and imperative that's what we're seeing here at. i mean so many of legacy comedians stream anymore across all of them like the washington post new york times and b c news they used to have a good reputation of reporting news they haven't over the past decade and certainly over the past 5 years they pushed narratives i think they realize that they went so far overboard on their narrative not reporting their narrative that they needed to back off it because that there was potential libel suits that they were that they were itching inching up against now you mention well why do they go down this route well look it's a game that ends up going on between the just the parliament and the media the media knows that they basically can take it very far on public figures because it is very difficult. to be able but it's public figures that are out there but
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when you go far enough you start lying to the. not even really checking your so it's it's it's certainly opened them up for a lot we used to joke around in the white house you know if you read in the paper a source of the white house well does that mean that a reporter went to mcdonald's across the street and interviewed somebody that person would technically be geographically close to the white house that's what it certainly seems like with some of this reporting oh and you have to also ask about the motivation what they were seeking when they actually went in that morning to your father's place and obviously what they're there and game wasn't said by your father was invented a sion was it about finding dirt on possibly members of the trump family that being said there's political life and there's personal life prior 2015 you know that's a giuliani name was held high mostly by everyone by both political parties you know compared to now you have a very you know back then you only had a very small percentage of haters you had them your father was actually america's mayor was the term kind again john prior to the support even of the early ones he
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came out swinging in fact he was still swinging when people were out there running for duck and cover those same people that actually all the enough went into the administration but in the end looking back on this 7 years later and all of the turmoil that your father in your family are still dealing with i just have to ask you was it worth it would you do it again and would you go this much full out supporting trump. well let's put it this way right there certainly are challenges there are difficulties but i think it's absolutely worth it and here's why we're at a moment in history right now we've been at this moment in history for the last couple of years where people with conviction need to stand up and they need to stand up on principle and that's why it's worth it because america and democracy is worth protecting so look while my father may have temporarily you know received some reputational harm if you will or a reputational hits from that scene legacy press that i had talked to you about the
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truth is history is going to judge him history's do not judge president trump very well because these are men that stood up with convictions on the right side of history standing up for democracy and standing up for america when it is under assault and unfortunately it's under assault by some other americans as well when i think of that i think my question about how you feel about what is currently going on in the administration i do have let's go to you before i let you go would you actually do anything different though if you go back again or time machine back to 2015 and especially even your town the white house while it was there anything there had to be something you would do different knowing now what has that what is actually pranced fire that was going on during the entire time. you know if i did a time machine i probably would have put a lot of money at the boston red sox now when i'm 2800 and i make a lot of money that's tough for me to say as a yankee fan yet look you know in life there are always things that you would want to do a little differently and you can assess it but it's difficult to live to live life
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if looking back if you do that then you never actually see the opportunities of of the future so i mean look are there little things you want to do differently yes but quite again i think you stand up for your convictions my father certainly a man who believes in principle and that and so you know we are we're proud to support but i think is one of the greatest presidents in my father's lifetime and probably the greatest president my lifetime well i do believe in looking in the back and saying the mistakes that we've made and hopefully someone you know rumors the framers are trying to have you back on to talk about them you will learn at least a little bit from those mistakes and not repeat them as you start your own a political career possibly in public service and your thanks for joining us today thank you very much i really do appreciate it. now more than $120.00 retired generals and admirals signed a letter sent to president biden warning of a conflict between marxism and constitutional freedom now the letter also went on
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to position itself in support of the numerous election reform bills that are happening right now within state legislatures also included was a warning that china was the greatest external threat to america and while internally the current push to rejoin their raw nuclear deal handling of illegal immigration and stoppage of the keystone pipeline not to mention the like down's lock downs would also cause long term damage to the country but of course as expected this letter was quickly criticised by the opposition saying each of the signers were crazy conspiracy theories theorist despite their loss of brass that was on that list now meanwhile the army is trying to encourage diversity and become more woke by issuing a recruitment ad geared specifically towards a certain demand for demographic now this fall more than 7 months after the official launch of the army combat fitness test says that nearly half a female soldiers are not finding themselves with passing grades and internal
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figures from the army show 44 percent of women are actually failing compared to only 7 percent of men so they give us a 360 view on these 3 very important issues we bring in our military panel robert baer retired u.s. army ranger and host of the podcast american discourse and josh pickett afghanistan a veteran vice president american veterans policy network and a military conus thank you both for joining me gentleman let me just say thank you so much for your service for our country. gati you know i actually want to start with you as a kind of a new and our world i want to you know bring in with this we're looking at josh this letter signed by the generals and admirals you know under truckers often letters from former military criticizing his actions like when he wanted to remove troops from afghanistan and republicans in the trumpet ministration just said guess what it's just a p.r. stunt so why should the biden administration care anything about this letter i mean you're right there in front of ministration we had already been speaking out
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against trump and we had numerous admirals and generals. kind of batting a little bit but i mean i think that now i think people and biden going on the air . i mean we have president biden speaking out against a lot of different groups especially right wing groups and i mean major concern is if president biden is mentally woken up you know is he there at all and as you can see through various different news agencies and news clips i mean he stumbles upon words and we're kind of worried about the average everyday american who isn't into politics is kind of worried about what the president's going to say is he there or does he know that he's in the white house or not well i'd be interesting to see i don't know if robin necessarily would agree with you i don't know if robin's worried about it but you know i have to look at when it comes to actually military criticism you know in the past when it came to criticism of people like john mccain
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even john kerry or others who have served in the u.s. military and gained rank criticism is in front of congress of what they say so i'm going to and i said the same thing when those who are criticizing him or the trump imitation i have a hard time criticizing people that have served this country and put their name on the line that so many of us have it so those who signed the letter are being criticized for getting political and endorsing an election conspiracy supposedly and questioning the mental health of the current president so our former military especially the brass allowed to be criticized in any way for their personal opinions are basically had they are earned the right to say whatever they want to say. scottie look i'm not going to disparage anyone's 1st amendment rights to free speech free i'm glad to speak out however it does in the message i spoke out against this one when members of my party did this to donald trump when he was president there were 489 members in september september 24th 2020 on never forget
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when they all wrote letters to former generals and military brass saying that president trump didn't live up to the job basically and i spoke out about it then the military should be apolitical we're losing the trust of the people who support us as military members it. should be a political i have a problem with that but i think they do have the right to free speech so it's kind of a 2 edged sword scotty but look they were there were some fair criticisms in here just as there were some fair criticisms against president trump they should be responded to in due time scotty and it will be interesting if they do you know robin i do want to move on to this idea of a wolk military in the military going after specifically in this case with an ad recruiting a lesbian members of the army let me ask you this do you think it actually helped or hurt to have any specific group recruited and identified i mean i always thought when you go into boot camp we're going to basic training even officer training school they made you try to be as one everything they could do to make you fight as
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a team so does it kind of her actually right now how do you feel about this new idea of recruiting based on just little things besides just gender issues. i don't mind at all honestly i have a tough time with this yeah let's go with robin 1st go here or josh robin ok ok yes sure i'll take it i'll take it look the problem is as the judge can agree with me here that less than 30 percent of high school graduates qualify to list in the military that's because of a combination of issues because of they can't meet the as course they can't meet the physical fitness requirements or guess what they can't pass a drug test so we have to look at other ways if recruiters have to look for us i get it right now how about offer people a tank of gas they might just make it scottie we can tell that you are ga so i know that actually very valuable to you that our lumber and josh you know i think we can all agree granted you know that both of you are obvious man you women serve
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a very vital role within our military both in the past and the present but do you think these standards should be lowered so that more females can actually pass the physical test. no because if you look at the old p.t. test women had. a harder time passing the run with the older p.t. doesn't they do the new p.t. test i think there is an issue with the pete the new p.t. just in general i think that there needs to be can you actually do your job can you pass the run in the old name of the game of the military joining the military is to defeat america's enemies are you ready to deploy and to destroy our enemies yes or no. i have no problem to p.t. just if you look at the scores it has everything to do with 2 different i think it's a leg and. pretty much just a javelin point and more women are passing the run everything else is but numbers
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are great compared to these 2 different events well it is interesting to me i have to wonder how other countries are looking at the us right now because i don't really hear many commercials running in those countries recruiting or talking about you know the difference and they just want the best military for national events thank you so much again for joining us they grabbed me thank you scott. and when we return and is making the national anthem mandatory solve anything or does it just create more frustration for in disgust after the break. hey everyone i'm joined by my old friend mr ellis williams aka mr big you call me and you tell me you said man i've got caution you and it were one mate you're getting out of this whole issue v. and i know the men especially want you both right now i don't want to do stuff with
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those in command of toxic systems designed to keep us confused distracted and afraid are no match for an awakened mind they lie you win the war maybe lie you want poverty they tell you what they think they're watching are you watching them are you watch or. watch on portable t b. whether you're a police reporter critic or somewhere in between most can agree the job is risky and dangerous and while we have seen an outcry against what some are calling police brutality a new training method may help better equip officers for real life various articles wanted to talk this week has more on a new tactic. by police officers can go to the shooting range and practice their
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aim it simply doesn't prepare them for a life threatening situation most times there is movement and confusion with seconds to respond so now some police forces are adopting virtual training to better prepare officers for the field mentally and physically. protest against police tactics have become more due in the past year most recently in minnesota when a police officer reached for her taser but in the fatal shooting train all gone to fight instead well there are always 2 sides of the story who are from the family yet no intention to kill on behalf of the police officer continues to mount all of the 3 also would argue police officers risk their lives on a daily basis to protect the communities they love there is still room for improvement in the area of training x. one training has announced the phoenix police department will be the 1st to incorporate their virtual reality training into their program the training modules enable officers to practice various encounters with the public and also utilize as
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a weapon handling practice for both tasters and handguns but officers aren't just practicing what they do the virtual reality training also allows officers to be on the other side of the encounter experiencing both sides of the situation according 282800 stanford study those who underwent a virtual reality experience of being homeless cost those people to have more empathy toward those without a home luke lorson axons president says it's really important to create empathy in these training scenarios where you can use somebody else's perspective. to be on the other side of police responding to a mental health situation all this country still has a long way to go until communities fully trust and appreciate all that police do could be a step closer to coming together reporting for news these houston suites. right now you have heard about the new and controversy surrounding the national anthem at major sporting events and there is a bill traveling through the wisconsin legislature which hopes to solve the problem
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and it would require the playing of a taxpayer the national anthem at any taxpayer funded venue now earlier this year mark cuban the owner of the dallas mavericks sparked controversy when he said that the n.b.a. team wait and not play the star-spangled banner before home games and while the n.b.a. has mandated rules that players must stand for the national anthem commissioners lately have not enforce those rules recently as athletes have taken to mealing during the anthem to protest against social injustices without any punishment so to discuss the impact this might have we bring in brought glory of the bright florida thanks for joining me brock. thank you scary for having me i really appreciate this issue it is very much is it's one i think that everybody has an opinion on oddly enough they actually can feel like you know their degree very passion about everybody loves sports so could this make everyone happy is that even possible in the sports world as now we have a national anthem which must be played but a blind eye being turned on athletes who are actually choosing to take a knee if they wish. yeah you know it's an interesting thing 1st of all the
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mandatory idea is one that i don't quite understand because mandating patriotism which is what we're talking about here is the same thing as mandating love you can't force someone to love somebody so that's that's an issue that i think is kind of odd here the tradition is what matters here now as far as the players are concerned i i was wondering why are we always focusing on the kneeling part of it and we have to wonder what is the purpose of playing the national anthem in the 1st place is that for the players you know it's for the spectators for the stance is for the whole community at large watching this game to remind us that we are here because of the form of america because america has given us this opportunity to connect with each other and to unite as one even though we are playing this game so it is interesting to me how we're diluting the whole nature of the national anthem we are trivializing it by trying to make it something that we can kneel to we
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should you know look even if they're not allowed to kneel they can still be bored while playing the national anthem and somehow trivialize it that way so we have to look inward to ourselves ask ourselves who are we as a nation why do we have national anthem is patriotism something we're fighting for i think it is but you can't mend it the other day when i know you're having a mandate patriotism makes the question is it really patriotic is that where it's coming from but if i take it in fact and the fact that we're still talking about this i think a 1st hand contact and it's become interesting started about 23 years ago we're still having this conversation but we're not talking about the reason why they're kneeling right now talking about the kneeling but we're not actually talking about the reason why they're doing it and that's why i have to wonder if there would have been a better if there was a better way to get the people's attention to this issue and i think that's a lesson that we're going to try to figure out going forward when there is an injustice being done and what is a good way that actually works except in their opinion they're going we're talking
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about it there with working that means read a lot of you know how to say them ok what do you think about that. well i think it's an expert either for players to use it it's not producing motion and and they should be that they are allowed to kneel in front in a sports events or a game there should be some forums before which there should not be this sort of a shameless expression where they have not has nothing to do with the game and so it's a simple as that there are plenty of other forms of these players and express themselves but it should not be in front of a game just like i as a lawyer i don't start discussing i believe politically one way or the other before my court cases it it just doesn't make sense well so if we think of it that way or a dentist who is about to do it some dental work on you he is not going to start talking about how he got he disagrees with trump or biden or whoever he be surprised i'm sure there's one out there that probably did that at the political
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but that being said politics has planted a lot of these various sports they've made the decision grand this is coming from the state legislature but right now i have to ask you most sports organizations who is more valuable the fans which of obviously pulled back they have lost a huge part in almost everything or now or the players and how do you feel like right now the emphasis if the who they're just trying to be kept happy the most. that's a great point scott the point the players of a sort of you know the players are not as worth much as the spectators the spectators or without the spectators you don't have a game you know how this sort of notoriety nor attention that the players get the benefit from and of course all the endorsements that they would otherwise get so yes everything should be about the fans and the spectators and there should be respect toward what spectators want that's the key issue and we have seen nothing in these past 3 or so years since college chopper that did his nonsense it's that
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people don't like to see disrespect for the flag or the national anthem and the sports franchises should take note well we entertain to see you know the crowd of us kind of gave us a year off of that when they didn't have to deal with as much in part then i think this fall will definitely be an interesting way to see what actually if they're going to continue this conversation or if we're going to try a different route thank you so much for joining me. thank you scott god bless. you know that for today show and the meantime please follow me on twitter at the end he will continue the conversation but make sure you use the hash tag team and the 8 and 4 and they show and more you cannot miss that you need to download the part of that t.v. ad for your apple or android device that right now i want to thank you for watching and our goal is always to bring you the full picture of the news that you can from and view the later.
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by the hour did i mention it's free it's it's yeah free go go get it portable t.v. . hello and welcome sir that interview. earlier today on the show will talk about the tokyo summer olympics which were postponed from 2020 but are happening this summer however not everyone is so excited about them our very own anders li sits down with no lympics organizer gigi droste to discuss why we should imagine the world without the olympics then i discuss how workers won a lawsuit against who were in the u.k. and the fake were shortage that's happening in the us then correspondent natalie mcgill breaks down a recent chain.


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