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tv   News  RT  May 12, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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live from the world headquarters of the r.t. america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez everybody i'm rick sanchez and i'm here to welcome all of you who are watching us from all over the world including those of you who are watching us on the portable t.v. up ok so let's get started right now both federal and state officials are warning americans to not panic when it comes to gasoline shortages they say there really isn't a shortage right now but there will be if americans start panic buying the problem with that request is that there really kind of a shortage now it's not caused because there just isn't enough gas out there it's
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caused by a gas line that had to be shut down due to a hack still i want you to look at this these are images i want you to see this is these are gas stations across the mid atlantic and southern states places like virginia georgia north carolina where motorists are finding pumps that are either covered up or with signs indicating there is no gas to be had out of service so to them anyway it's a shortage especially to those who are having to wait an hour in line to get gas from only one working pump right. this shortage is being caused by a group called dark side which allegedly hacked and is now extorting millions of dollars maybe more from a company that operates the colonial pipeline the pipeline has now been shut down since last friday did you know so how did this how to do this right
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how are they hacked so the hackers are using ransomware it's a type of malware to scramble a company's computer data as such only holding it hostage and kill for ransom is paid no money no gas or no flow right now both the company and the f.b.i. are involved as we speak can you imagine by the way this is no small pipeline colonial service is a 7 airports operates in 14 states is system and is among the largest in the united states funnels about 100000000 gallons of fuel every single day here's another important question does it have a remedy for this well sort of for now the company is saying it's working with shippers to transport about 41000000 gallons to delivery points along its
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pipeline as a makeshift effort to try and supply gas so they're using big trucks. meanwhile will gas prices go up you betcha already have. and i bet you have a lot of questions about all of the so do we so we've invited an energy expert to try and pick us through what's going on here how bad 3 might it get on the news with rick sanchez where we believe it's time to do news again. so here's what we think you'll be wondering after you watch this newscast when is a gas shortage not a gas shortage how might like this thing last why is ellen generous ending her long time running talk show and get this new study psychedelic drugs
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a new possible treatment for mental illness wow. now the apparent gas shortage that is not a gas shortages what we know the price of gas has jumped up to above $3.00 a gallon for the 1st time in quite a while this is really a weird development that involves possibly the cia definitely the f.b.i. billions of dollars and more importantly for you your ability to be able to buy gas to get to work that's a journalist and boom bust host ben swan starts us off. couric the lines of cars are absolutely incredible as this shortage of gasoline is impacting the east coast of the united states just for instance here in metro atlanta where i am right now 60 percent of gas stations are reporting outages of gasoline and gas prices jumped just above $3.00 a gallon wednesday and many stations in the southeast were out of fuel the governors of florida north carolina and virginia have declared states of emergency to make sure there are enough supplies of fuel so when we say gas shortage just how
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many gas stations are completely out of fuel or the supply crunch appears to be much worse in some major metro areas gas buddy reported outages impacting 71 percent of stations in metro charlotte nearly 60 percent in atlanta so. 2 percent in raleigh and 73 percent in pensacola so that is creating huge problems for drivers but what about air traffic because the colonial pipeline carries jet fuel as well american airlines rerouted to long haul flights from charlotte north carolina because of possible shortages southwest and united flights carried extra fuel on flights the nashville tennessee baltimore and some other airports in case jet fuel was unavailable at those airports the f.b.i. has said that an online gang known as the dark side struck the colonial pipeline system with a ransomware attack which takes computerized systems hostage until a payment is made by the administration says that it will help to resolve this by getting fuel throughout the east coast and southeast by loosening restrictions on
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tanker truck travel and moving fuel by rail and even cargo ship but in the short term the panic may only get worse. yeah and there is a bigger problem here too when we talk about the issue of whether or not there's actually a gas shortage here's the reality on the ground if you go to a gas station in metro atlanta right now you'll see just as we start of the show with stickers and sticky notes and papers that say no fuel no gasoline available so even though we're being told there is no gas shortage there is definitely a supply shortage for consumers who are trying to access it the other thing that is causing a lack of confidence for consumers right now is the fact that we are now day 6 into this colonial pipeline shutdown and because we're not hearing any word on whether or not it all ransom has been paid will be paid whether or not the good guys are able to react to us this pipeline and get it back on line consumers and drivers
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have very little confidence in whether or not this will last another few hours in the few days or will it go weeks or even months on end and that rick more than anything else is causing a lack of confidence from drivers who are simultaneously being told don't panic there's no shortage but from a half. perspective this is fascinating the fact that some company is. asked to pay a ransom and until they pay that ransom we are essentially all being held hostage do we know is the f.b.i. ok with them paying the ransom then. so the position that's being taken right now by the by the ministration is that this is a private company and so they're not going to weigh in on it which indicates to me just knowing how these things have worked in the past typically you know governments will say we don't support pain or ransom they actually hear the biden ministries and say well this is a private company and they can decide what they want to do about a ransom indicates that this is going to be
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a much harder issue to deal with if you don't pay the ransom this is happened by the way records you know to a lot of municipalities where their systems are shut down what we don't know about this group the dark side they're out of the former soviet union soviet republic and so these guys who kind of came on the scene last fall seem to be very sophisticated in what they're doing they could have these systems tied up for weeks or even months at a time and that's way way too long and i imagine it's going to be an issue not just one for the f.b.i. but for the cia to try and find out who these folks are what they're doing and maybe not pay them or pay them we'll just have to wait and see if the gas starts flowing once again good stuff great report i want to bring in an expert on this now his name is todd horwitz he's the founder and c.e.o. of aptly named bubba trading i've always wanted to say that in a report. bubba thanks so much for joining us i certainly appreciate you being there can you what's your perspective on all of the so i mean i don't even bigger
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question is do hear i just want to hear your wisdom. going to be with your record i think the 1st thing you want to look at is of course as usual americans are our panicking ok now there is going to be a little bit of a shortage here but you know it does not help that everybody is running to the gas station and filling up everything and cans tanks and topping everything off this is you know it's interesting because we've had sure it is over the years and i actually part of gas for one in the seventy's and the problem is that people will not sit back and be. com about this we just came out of a pandemic where we were not even able to go outside so maybe if we relaxed we would allow the flow of gas in the go and then of course you've got the dark side of the world where some of the stations that probably still have fuel are holding off until they can jack their prices and increase profit but overall i believe this will be solved and i think the bigger question the bigger problem that needs to be
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addressed here is how did a hack in and how can a country and anybody in the united states allow anybody to hack into our systems period and by you should be involved because about it's a private company or a public company and this is affecting americans and that's what needs to be taken care of by the president out of state but the more immediate question is what are we going to get our gas i don't know how these pipelines work i just read but to go to our viewers that colonial says they're hiring trucks to try and get at least 43 percent of the area covered by getting the gas out there that way will that work. oh sure that'll work i mean you know they will be able to you know i don't know of oh say massively have to supply it especially because we're going into more of a driving season right now as yet we approach the summer but i think that this will be 1st of all resolve and they will use trucks and as you heard they lifted the restrictions off of the trucking which will allow us to get more there and you know
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this there's a lot of areas in this country that depend on trucking to so we will be able to supply those in need but what i would bet you is going to happen if this continues is there will be a restriction on how often you can get gas because other that people will wait in line for hours to keep filling up everything they can do you expect these folks that kolo deal will actually. pay out this ransom. i don't think so i don't think they will i think we were. we'll figure it out i mean so seriously we have we do have the the smartest people in the world here they should be able to figure it out or i would suspect they get replace the system that has been hacked now again i am not a computer expert i don't want to get into that part of it but i would suspect we could replace it now i'm just wondering if at this point you heard what i said at the beginning of the newscast when when is a shortage not
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a shortage would you characterize this as a shortage of this point even though the companies are telling us well no it's not . no of course is a sure rick and i look at the end of the day you can't hide that we're not pumping in more supply you can't hide that we're not going to get what we've been getting on a daily basis through colonial however again a lot of the shortage goes back to the americans panic and we will toilet paper we watch it with the wood towels you know people get knots and they go crazy over this shortage and they can't put themselves in mind the same that they do in markets themselves if you look at the oil markets themselves they're not exploding like this is going to be a major problem yes prices are going to go higher but there is a slight shortage but i think we can resolve it but we really need the help of the american people to sit back and not panic and run to the station and go as needed not just to get it going to go on out there topping off your tank every time their
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money every half hour that is the advice that we get from from bubba you know lust hey i really enjoyed talking to your smart guy can't wait to get you back we'll be watching this and hopefully you'll be able to take thank you rick appreciate it. and we have a development on that particular story breaking news folks this is going to make a lot of you very happy you will soon get your gas colonial pipeline has just announced within the hour that they're going to be restarting that gasoline delivery after 5 days as we just mentioned in these stories of being. shutdown probably a couple of days to get the supply flowing to back to where it was but we thought you should know once again colonial says they have apparently come to terms whatever that means don't know at this point by the way whether they actually paid the ransom or not i'm not sure they'd be willing to admit that this is the news of rick sanchez when we come back there is dr bob are not going to be joining us in
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something for you your sports h.q. . and others it is official helen generous is calling it quits she says after a long conversation with her wife that they decided that it was time to take a break but of course the talk in hollywood and in other circles is that she's really stepping down because of accusations that her workplace the ellen de generous show is toxic there are countless stories about. sexual allegations and other issues were several employees of complained and as
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a result the staff had to be shaken up some people were fired a sign that well the accusations were most likely true which she kind of admits she's a problem is i hired people who were running things for me and i didn't pay enough attention to what they were doing. what's the real story here and what's it mean joining us is one of my favorite probably the host of watching the hawks a major cross what do you what what what what what do you thoughts on this story of you know what they're going to about it myself and drive a bit of its proper perspective what's yours. first of all i'm glad to be here were it i think that the story has been developing for a while now and we went and i mean a while i mean over a decade the allegations against the island's general staff has been one that has been covered now were about 13 years but largely ignored by major media and snow last year in the middle of the pandemic when she decided to fire all of her all of
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her crew in order to get nonunion crew to work at her house and at that point all of these other allegations came as well and they were allegations like you mentioned it's toxic work environment part of that was individuals who said that they were fired while they were pregnant people who said that they were fired while on people who spoke racist comments and slurs that were being made there on a regular basis and just the amount of fear and toxicity that was provided through out that environment and it was it was crazy i think that it was very explosive at the time that it was released but to be honest rick i was most shocked by the celebrity class that stood by her during that time we had kevin hart we had katy perry you had so many people totally ignored the fact that ellen staff and it was stood by and watched it happen and they were so abusive to those who worked under them and again this isn't new information isn't going on while our show had a 19. your run in almost since the inception of this show uses were happening that
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you know i'm glad you said that because there's a part of me and you know this and i think she's a great talent she puts on a great show but there does seem to be a double standard out there and there are some people who are media darlings the ellen the generous is the anderson cooper's i could go on and when these folks make a mistake it's treated differently than what other folks make mistakes and there should be one set of rules not to write. you're absolutely correct and i think for someone who i was a huge talent and if you see her be someone who lead in all civil rights and justice who leaned in all social movements and you know because i wanted my former roommates in college to actually work for the ellen show to know that scenes of what individuals working for were going through it is very frustrating to see her stand out and call out other shows even she called out those are things they were accused of meanwhile she had a staff that was known to be extremely aggressive and you know commit evil see by
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least an event and i think that already years and over time she was shielded from a lot of the damage because there were so many people who are elite in hollywood who happen to protect are. going to read the quote that she used to explain what happened with her staff i've not been able to stay on top of everything and relied on others to do their jobs as they knew i'd want them done clearly some didn't i mean for most people 1st of all that's an admission of guilt and ignorance is not an excuse sorry. you're absolutely right here rick she i know she initially apologized after basically ignoring these allegations for years she initially apologized on the show but i think that was the 1st the 1st dagger in her coffin at the point when she finally admitted there were issues but tried to kind of distance herself from them i think that was the beginning of the point she argues that she's basically letting the show go on to other things it's basically run its course we
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all know what rain it's course was her getting in hiding but these allegations yeah yeah it seems that way as well and i think that's a fair assessment you know what we wish her well we hope she does well in whatever endeavor she does ok that's great thanks so much we certainly appreciate your time and come visit more often while you're absolutely there information here's a story for you this one weird too it's been the story of we are the newscast filled with kind of bizarre stories today millions of americans are suffering from mental illness right we know that p.t.s.d. and depression you name it right it's gotten especially bad through the covert pandemic for for a lot of people well drug companies and other professionals are now thinking that they have arrived at a new cutting edge way of treating these conditions are not going to believe this especially those of you who have you know memories of the sixty's or lived through the psychedelic drugs what they include l.s.d.
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more famously known as acid and psychedelic mushrooms and other things like m.d.m.a. which who knew that's the active ingredient in ecstasy so far there's some clinical research leading to these the to this formulation of this idea but there's also a lot of pushback right societal pushback given the negative image of the drugs in the popular imagination so for more on this the 1st thing we want to do is go to our television doctor dr bob arnot who's standing by to tackle this this cm's really. strange and certainly counterintuitive my good friend. it does you know so interesting rick is this is one of these stories so you say are at the top don't try this at home although you may have because you know that these psychedelic drugs 10 have amazing properties for instance they've used this and with depression and now they found that you know head to head against a standard depressant we call s s
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r i's as an example but it did as well but there was more of a sense the well being there you know. during this whole pandemic you had a massive decrease the amount of depression inside 2030 percent of the population to it so amazing is that there's been so little progress in terms of you know new pharmaceutical agents over over decades very very little progress so this looks very promising but there are there are cardiacs side effects for some and the thing is you know you could have a psychotic breaks at least patients were very carefully screened studies that the general population starts to do you see you can imagine you know acute psychosis and terrible illness and bring out here and it's you know years away from from f.d.a. prove most of this keeping are easier to keep category c.n.n. and v.a. which that they're using for post-traumatic stress disorder and the psilocybin for depression the 2 most recent studies well look to things
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a i do believe there's a place for drugs that we as a society or maybe our government has have told us are completely evil obviously you shouldn't take them without some recommendation or some help from a doctor but i think there is potential out there for some of these things that have not been explored because they're just considered to to move 2nd because i want to make i want to do that i wanted you to react to is at the same time. you know taken hitters and some of the other meds that people go on they can be pretty harmful i've seen people do some strange stuff and react in very negative way there's a result of those 'd so i guess what i'm suggesting is there may be a place in the middle for the there may be a compromise. i there is you know it's a way into theory was called by richard nixon i think the most dangerous man in america so there's definitely you know the government is very you know hard out against that with good reason because you know all these toxic side effects here as
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you point out you know the s.s. our eyes the search i reach up they can be a better yes in our eyes or whatnot. you know what do you for all of you a big bag and look at the published once published studies you know there's not a tremendous amount of that gets you there and there are side effects there so we are on the hunt for these new medications what i think is interesting is that you have what we call these disassociate of states which is why people use these drugs you know for a creational purposes reckon it takes you away takes you if your own body gets you to see things in a different kind of way so it's super interesting stuff a long way off and i can size should help don't buy some mushrooms or buy and sell for this free but the most interesting of all these and this is pioneered of the best uses general hospital boston they say ketamine you know ketamine is a drug that people have abused in the past it's phenomenal in terms of pain but it's a it's a particular receptor. ward actually where they have tried this for top hospitals
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in new york but it's now used for depression and for people with very severe depression you know a nasal spray you have ketamine has spent quite promising in quite useful so you know very careful studies very very tight in terms of the criterion that patients are needed in the study with you know the spirit careful with us what it was what it was like in selling your late but it's a little bit of the. that's exactly right but that's part of it 5 of it is that it pulls people away from reality and you know the reality isn't that great. up. you made a great point is personally after going through coburn and everything else we've gone not to mention the politics of our nation and some of the economic woes maybe getting into a different mind or phase would be had by not recommending it. i mean i soon as you said i went to the googles ketamine 1st thing is an agenda in
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some form of course not compared to like dropping acid or something like that that's fascinating that's good stuff well great conversation always good to see you bob thanks for your wisdom thanks so much you really appreciate it we appreciate it and that's our news thanks so much for being with us some fascinating stories today i think i've characterized some of them as weird because they kind of have been we'll continue to look for the stories that affect your lives. obviously we think that's probably one of the most important barometers of why we choose the stories that we share with you whether they're happening here or in china or india or across the street i'm rick sanchez i want to thank you so much for being with us we'll be looking for you again remember to tell your friends we're here and talk about portable t.v. and we'll be looking for you when it's time. to go with the good news again.
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the united states has never been that. high a standard of living for a country of. a . kind of mind that never had the firehouse right it initialized they. made it she an ebb and flow price but you're not going to see the collapse because she went people don't want to. see if there is a bubble they call it. people like.
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that the. entire economy is in danger and that means life as most americans know what is about to change 30000000 people took a mortgage in the last 3 years stable place this is not redemption higher among people follow. them bernadino recently came the 3rd california say the filed bankruptcy and like a homeowner who can walk away from a mortgage that's more than the house is worth a municipality. or let's. see if you come back to this property that's considered tresco did you ever think of.


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