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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. for more than 30 years peter 6 all from austria has been searching for information about soviet su fell in austria joining world war 2. his work is important because the false vacation of world war 2 history has reached unprecedentedly high levels some pages of being rewritten while others are simply being deleted.
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it. mentions. are in jesus or god we could fall in and over again in fact if you become missing american would in time for about the. psychiatry is that sinner datarock you all did mention her and would they get his rewards as kick. his house new grass is now a repository for documents and their processing. is unique databases allowed hundreds of russians to trace the burial sites of their fathers grandfathers and great grandfathers peter's magnum opus is this book it contains data on about 60000 soon
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be it citizens buried in austria. it will soon. become to sadat at all to me over here. will is the year if i see makes immediate india's most men invade the southeast. indian acne and think if i live in d.c. . it's not often i mean called. finding burial sites is complicated because you need to scrutinize maps of the frontlines reports and burial documents you sometimes have to scour through several haters of land and it's even harder to find the names of unknown soldiers. seeker of truth $663.00 she then they're familiar argue very thin you kept us to grass and so be it throws it out through even a little bit only on. oh and you need a steamer for with us and that's what smith was for is it to always find out if a bunch of leaks. with the help of the
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austrian black cross which peter is a member of the groups of suited soldiers of found and taken care of. the statue of a soon be its own in the center of vienna is one of the most beautiful and well maintained in europe. but here is an austrian history book. called the core tight one he counts down and the staying set standing stockport sought to. add to that make it come to you can do want to. geography flippancy time is beautiful in i'm going to speak one of the invited sort are just interested. into this could be given for me other figures on how i'm going for even today.
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there are some in the west who would prefer to drop this matter and never bring the war up again. there's no need to remember inspector to forget this whole phone nightmare. kasich fight was my way out of the slot i was on stand. by here and find us.
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here at the christic rap stadium center i prefer. this year how be it but for a $106.00 now many. in this thread thought it but sale. thanks. b. and it seems that states have clinging on peco. the scene of a stuff in a fetus read to increase. and so bring in that meeting need at least some kind and where is. the hope of peace and threats. the lever isn't so good
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a stalemate since a good picture is if it is certain east you know i'm here at least and that is a power for and an option thank you norman and i need the meat ok to shift a long 8 feet at. this burial site used to be completely hidden by a tool hedge of from the trees peter saw to it that the trees were cut down so that soviet soldiers graves are now as visible as all those. men then so be had i was 3 men being depleted big me so he was his can i give me. your play of. the 5 point star is a symbol of the red army according to tradition such stones are placed on the graves of soviet soldiers as a token of respect and recognition. i
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didn't like your course warmly you know i thought they were good people. but you still feed them it's out of what we have but it is their custom i mean. yeah a dozen years ago i thought yes over the end that's what a couple of warsaw university students think and new wonder since most european textbooks say exactly that there is not a single mention of the fact that pre-war poland in 1984 was the 1st european country to sign a non-aggression pact with hitler the pilsen skee hitler pact and then so poland the quote victim of russia unquote acted before the official start of world war 2. the munich agreement from me to germany to annex parts of czechoslovakia hungry and poland between 938 and 939 fact that's not included in the official history of
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world war 2. however this military aggression could be considered the beginning of the. poland and hungary invaded czechoslovakia before hitler invaded poland as is hidden as the beginning of the war is because it's very embarrassing because poland and hungary work an already with the nazis and czechoslovakia they invaded it and then noble chamberlain comes and science you can dream it and france in basically through czechoslovakia under the bus and they don't really want to stir remember that part you see but they just abandon them and again the it had been for stalin coming on the eastern front. go slowly syria encouraged by this success is deputy foreign minister again jim baker dreamed that in the forthcoming with russia poland along with italy and ship. and would be allied with germany and they would divide among themselves the huge piii of the suv eat cuny and as hitler cool dates. they were planning to occupy land from the
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baltic sea to the blank sea and to annex the western territories of the u.s.s.r. . but hitler had his sights set on them unpruned wasn't included in the plans germany vang to take. europe looked on in silence at this difficult moment having lost faith in the west moscow move troops to poland. on from going to the 23rd $939.00 unknown aggression pact was signed between the u.s.s.r. and germany the mullahs over ribbentrop banked the us as a position was that it was entering eastern europe to pertain to its slavek brotherhoods ukrainians and bene russians from fascist invaders. yesterday going as google to fellowship vicious pollution in the tiny political bloc today but they don't know it off is the wish they got such a go shit it's just a question to go to julio's getting cheney a book by skillful voice get rid of it to chill in the chin it will usher then i
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should like go back you when you just get chased you know you have of it with us on our own it's. going to be on a double life. one of us. the media on the types but i'll buy me a. pop show. now you're free of course or. the institute of national remembrance in poland lobbied for legislation to demolish soviet era monuments including statues of red army soldiers on june the 22nd 2017 the polish lower house approved this low. coming week. the visible ha attitude of only 20 of us want us to the mucho visible and you get spun you could love is what it should be at all visible
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a new exhibit screen sure should learn those the kittle in the bush in shunting given to the local disciplining the term. this is what happened to poland when it was occupied by the 3rd reich should 939 it cease to exist as an independent state . but punished textbooks it knew this. serious concern is or was up a cigarette. let's go there goes at this but gee politico they really chris it doesn't you know chase policy. with. no injury though it will be kissed us at least it's day. people are goof on you so. the strong. muscle tone attack on the dark.
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so what males have tended to do and still do is is we tend to we certainly have
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empathy and all of that but we also tend to do nurture through aggression so we create things like like soccer and football and you know all of the various hundreds of games that involve aggression now women are aggressive and can play those games no doubt very well but when you go back to why they were created those games were created for males to nurture other males to aggression to teach them how to be empathic through aggression. this is the symmetry in warsaw wherever you look you'll see tombstones with practically obliterated red stands. 'd 18192025 years old.
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over new to show years east which is one of the shins now which will ski disco. it was a style all that fast as minsk in good jinky adamy legit ski are made of colony up before you movie measure and you never julie bishop misha did with. hitler is visions you studied at the movie not over was this valid. to own up all scuppered sits at all so it's a big rush of mazzini he knew now of each though not all do seascape go shoot while difficult and pull a coup for. reasonable
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accuracy or. it's a risk you saw the very. spot in office drama but we are very hard to that a pseudonym stuff and you know you suffer from. it but on the. must i was also phobia if you look to see what you sow those are all going to that's of course in much of what family what a market of its image is obviously forgotten. the polish memorial society unites many people who believe that russians and poles are not enemies but brothers just like austrian peeta 6 or 8 years is doing an important job over a period of 4 years 5 soviet soldiers symmetries were restored as well as $26.00
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statues unders j.j. puts it bloats are separate graves many poles are against the demolition of soviet monuments every year on november the 2nd on remembrance day people bring candles and flowers to the graves of soviet soldiers. and it's here freedom for in cash broken. and rain is pretty cool only complete the cut the suit is in the manger and it is he he 50 people at the kidneys deep into it's approved it's. logical because he upped the dose up on ethical st i would. be. austere given rovio i'm not on it yet also you have a shelf life of course elizabeth was a little of a new model as i thought so. i'm happy i'm not much on the top of an army by in any
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of those will read 3 other. although what are. the on the demolition of serbian soldiers statues the pages of these textbooks the attempt to expunge the soviet union's leading role in the victory of the fascism from history these things are not always done open the way. out of these affairs. media so going on in that playful. cave with me in good food was. 3 krzycki be a soprani. something a foreign language i'd wear fake go. on twitter back up appear big. the authorities. this area don't sit with the remains of sylvia prisoners of war to muslims to use a graveyard own. c.t.f. i am going to make an aggregate there for me. these have been.
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in. the film and. intel is my secret. relationship. between me to place a. new station for his enemy to. be able. to be a show of. attempts to revise world war 2 history started during the cold war when the former allies became enemies. well i think world war 2 has been distorted incredibly bar the anglo american media and that's because they want to diminish the role russia. and stalin who
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actually defeated hitler you know it wasn't the united states and britain that defeated him it was really stalin we were frankly on the ropes if it hadn't been for the russians. a fresh wave of world war 2 history france vacations started in the 1990 s. the soviet union collapsed the warsaw pact ceased to exist and opponents immediately took advantage of that. if i secretly and. said this is space since we. should be comin east might have been found and we get to. be a bit mit. i'm finished up leave them beat fellow but when. you're not the most you may say you had to speed. up when. you should sue me it's.
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what. you do she said you know what you have to say meaning to make it straight just needs to be yes that's been a big mistake we violated all these nonproliferation treaties which you know occurred in our case under reagan. it's obviously impossible to find one or 2 again but according to some revising its history is still possible. i think you see. posted. on the. scene if you look. me in the eyes and so with i'm citing the noise from cloth. do you mean it like the. americans i would say i'm not american but americans really without without them i think the whole of europe would be speaking german today. please give it.
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back and. along with their allies. 6 would if it was the usa like the usa all that far there were 2 teams i remembered that the team of the usa. who defeated them the america that's what they told me america after they say in the vault that we went over there and we were there for all of. the whole world what it what and what the german we would all be if we could german right. in the 1940 s. confronted with the great peril of nazi germany the world heard something rather different. the united states understands that the union is bearing the brunt of war
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from a letter addressed by a us president whose ability to stand in august 1942. the exploits of the suv forces and partisans and the toil and suffering of the serbian civilian population go down in history for ever wrote british prime minister winston churchill 80944. the british prime minister was mistaken there is no mention of the 3 trees of the red army or the suffering of the same good people in european history books. does this national asians. cheer the soviet army out here i'll cluster strike and wait korea's cut off on the show to feel it more time to shift street on 1st usually booms are. getting is the head of the same gradient society in potsdam the society 10 the soviet gradients and restores the
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names of foreign red army soldiers. she's awfully told her how barack the ticker was for me off and off oh thomas here but off the file rushed out but some of her friends and feel it often certain. a script. oh no i answered i've also logged off it's why i mustn't cry was it in turn. all the shouldn't you know because it's just punch me all would all totally read all truly turn to shit she on the side there's. steers a sea of. dollars not a week you can. also work on your slow loft. sure. it's bought off before i will not stop some sections was ish and feel
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a lot for the filters saw in all these are toward her duty i was her car and i was sick of perception. we all know it's not all times you see she is a tosser and and your selfish towards your need organization. wolfgang ditching is retired but nevertheless accomplishes much at his own expense along with his kindred spirits. in poland and pieces 60 in austria. as he said we have a mention here and when did the idea of giving head. of the french open east as he's the one at the end i read. about $53.00 inch in east this year any comments here i bet the increase. feels it's based emain sion. a thing in this need to say you know this is. my fear i thought of it that.
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was. he said give me movida least we can deplete the keith you name. to me he see the 40 . first into this if than. today many among the european elites prefer to overlook the fact that back then there was no one in europe who could actually fight back against fascism big. governments of some countries into a while for the others it was a matter of days before they capitulated.
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fronts lasted 43 days poland 36 greece 24 norway 24 belgium 18 yugoslavia 11 the netherlands 5 albania 3 denmark one and chickens turkey has surrendered without a fight. the us has some food on for 4 years. neither the soviet authorities nor the people ever dreamt about leaving their country at the mercy of fascists that's why born over europe there are millions of graves of syrian soldiers. and this is how former u.s. secretary of defense william perry is this is the situation on the eastern front back then. the brunt of the suffering was borne by the soviet union.
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almost half of the deaths in world war 2 were suffered by the soviet union both in the red army and among the civilian population and they played a decisive role in the final final victory over nazi germany this is something that i recognize this opinion is shared by those who took part in the fights retired american army colonel and world war 2 veteran franco ford with the t. force field reconnaissance group but the elba. we of course never saw the russian soldiers fighting but we had plenty of reports about it and we understood. they were very aggressive and they did a very good job and they moved all the way through. through russia through poland and into germany we were very lucky because. the infantry went 1st
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and then we came afterward. thanks guys or financial survival guide. when customers go by and you reduce the
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price. to now well reduce some lower. that's undercutting but what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. americans love buying homes. and this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hoe and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. and be really interesting to dial it back and think about the longer deeper history housings man in the united states not just at all the question of the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream is and for .
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france a bands of schools from using a modified version of the french language of good supporters and say avoid sexism people are bitterly divided though about whether reforms are in fact needed. we must include everyone for me it's a bit bland to the issue of sexism and ricing is something you have to take into account cities useless complicate speech. over 200 people and a number of officers are injured in clashes in jerusalem with police taking a tough line on journalists filming the unrest. and you feel the food of the future or so they say dried yellow worms could.


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