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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 7, 2021 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle every president is obsessed with the issue of legacy the historical benchmarks are f.d.r. and l.b.j. joe biden is no different he's being encouraged to go big and fast and that he is there's just one problem f.d.r. and l.b.j. had massive majorities in congress and public opinion joe can think big but does he
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have the votes. cross talking presidential legacy i'm joined by my guests because driscoll is in washington he is an adjunct professor of legislative politics at the george washington university and federal lobbyists for a medical professional association in atlanta we have dee dawkins heigl or she is a political strategist and a former georgia state representative and in dallas we crossed to george c. he is a dallas based businessman and a conservative political leader all right cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it let's go to george in dallas here's what he said in my introduction george you know presidential legacy is everything once you get into the oval office here but the comparisons to f.d.r. and l.b.j. are pretty hard for me to comprehend because let's look at f.d.r. the country was in a mask. of economic turndown it's we call it the great depression for
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a reason and when he came became president in march of 1933 he had massive majorities when l.b.j. ran on his own and 964 in jan in january and 965 he had a big majority for his big programs go up to 2020 and now as we speak joe biden just doesn't have it why are there then are people making so many comparisons to l.b.j. and f.d.r. go ahead. well thanks for having me on it's great to be here and i would just say that i don't think it's happening in a vacuum there is no more arrogant group of people than an incoming president staff not necessarily the present themselves but the people around the president and i think they have delusions of grandeur and cattle live in a partisan echo chamber when they come in and i'm sure that there's a lot of whispering in the ears of press about how much like the circumstances of f.d.r. biden's 1st 100 days are and let's remember only 100 days into this presidency and
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there's all these plans are all saying he's a lot like f.d.r. that's that's just absolutely ridiculous and i don't want to get you overly biblical on the program but i would say that the bible very clearly says pride comes before a fall and thus saith the lord i hate pride so i would warn his he is very very puffed up staffers to tone it down a little bit and maybe if the president biden ins a world war peacefully and solves cancer and wins the nobel peace prize maybe then they can start making some comparisons but not in the 1st 100 days when he's passed one major piece of legislation and that's it ok let's go to you in an atlanta there's nothing wrong with thinking big here but you know the country is so terribly divided and it's very difficult to get big projects through even something like infrastructure which is speaking as a conservative i've been saying for years that infrastructure is necessary i really
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truly lament that under the trumpet ministration there was infrastructure month every month but it never ever happened but people are talking about it now but doesn't seem like there's much infrastructure so what is joe's vision to be f.d.r. and l.b.j. go ahead. thank you for their head thank you for having me so i totally agree with them trying to be because the american people need be how to be dreams right now we have seen over 500000000 people die from cope with 19 and then we look at our economy almost tanking for a little while with jobs being on the decline why we haven't seen since the great depression and so i i personally agreed when president trump did this for trim down for the big spending and i think that by me as well i'm spending is going to do well because we need roads in bridges and we need our rivers to be clean and i wait so i don't see what the problem is this really should not be a partisan issue although americans care about jobs and care about not that he can
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be a lot down from quote 19 you know quick break us here in washington know it or what do you think the biden astray she is trying to attempt here by going so big when the odds are so much against them at least electorally go ahead in washington. thanks for having me peter i think the this by the administration is trying to reorganize the role of. americans we are not people place all of their faith in government but certainly we also understand that government is not the stores of all our problems and so there's another way to reimagine along the way the highly productive job creating economy expanding investments really needed i think the problem for some under we were trapped in this reagan mindset that government is broken and that we have to find money and so i think that this
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administration is trying to again reimagined government saying that yes it is not the source of all. the same time the government can't solve some of our problems and when you look at a recent poll by n.b.c. we see that obviously a high percentage 82 percent of democrats support the government's involvement or says the government can do more roughly 60 percent of independents and 23 percent of republicans say the government or more so there is some flow of consensus among americans that the role of government big government if you will could be doing slightly more than what it has well let me stay with you i mean i'm a conservative and everybody knows that and i don't have a problem with government programs it's how they're directed how they're paid for and what their objectives are they ideological are they just for the betterment of the public and i think that's when you get into the minutia here of what's going on let me go back to george and dallas i'll be really straightforward with you i am i
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am for infrastructure and i'm for going big but i don't want this woke ideology to get to infiltrated i'd i don't want everything to be about equity i want to have roads that work ports that service ships ok i don't want to have you know an ideological tinge to it at night and and from what we've seen in the 1st 100 days i don't like that and it really makes me has it in go ahead george in dallas. well i want to be respectful and diplomatic but i heard some things on your other guests that just aren't accurate i think are going to 500000000 people have died from the pandemic it's a little over 500000 and don't know why they are lovers but i think globally it's a very big number but i'm not sure you know we're there that much and then i heard from your other guest there's a there's a consensus on all this federal spending in a bigger role for government when 20 percent of republicans are in favor of that so that's hardly a consensus so and if you look at the infrastructure bill the body ministrations channeling a fraction of it goes to actual roads and bridges and infrastructure most of it
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goes to democratic support groups and people that that favor the democratic agenda it's not going to build the roads and bridges and the republicans put forth a competing program is it's about a 3rd the size we're almost everything goes to roads and bridges so i think all americans are for that but they're not for spending on favored constituencies and running up the deficit which are about what's wrong with bigger government more spending will eventually we go back we just don't have enough money to do all this kind of stuff sure it'd be nice if we could just throw money at everybody forever and of course americans like it when the government throws money at them but it doesn't mean it's wise policy and it doesn't mean it's good for the country and this excessive spending when the economies are in roaring back is not wise it's bad policy you know george you know as a fellow conservative here i'm going to stick with my position i don't have a problem with government spending i just have a problem how it's spent a day if i can go to you in atlanta i mean there's always money for the defense department is there i mean this budget hawk or i mean it doesn't wash i mean on one
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day you know on the 19th of january there's plenty of money but on january 20th we can we can't spend i mean that you can't pull the wool over my eyes here i mean budget hockey is it when you're out of power ok because donald trump spent like a donald like a drunken sailor like everyone else before him ok so it doesn't work that way for me that that what i'm interested to see is what. you know how can joe biden be a leader to bring the people together because f.d.r. did that my father my father was a dyed in the wool republican and he actually voted for f.d.r. because he was a leader how can debate joe biden be a leader because there's a now we show a lot of leadership if you know what i mean and i'm trying to be polite here go ahead. ok the 1st law and the 1st and he was right i did miss it is 505 the let's be very clear obvious merican people happening here in this country are middle class workers working class where ever we need to really look at how we tax
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corporations in america i mean when trouble came into office 35 percent. tax rate started from since you drive it to work the same for corporate tax rates and so i really believe that by increasing the rate on corporate taxes we could eliminate a lot of this and so military they do do a lot of. the same time i'm going to make sure the military gets everything that the. law because you know i haven't run cancer currently 9 states army but i digress let me just very clear american he will need jobs and the bible also says that the server is worthy of their hire you cannot expect the economy to work when people operate our wages and the bible also says yes. whatever we do to their needs and then we don't want someone to him so let's not just throw that in when it's convenient whoever you think. we need to american people all the time i love it when people quote scripture on my program maybe i have
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a corner on the market i like and i'm really happy about that it's go back to our guest in washington i mean. again this playing with the tax rates and all that rich people just don't pay taxes i don't care what the rate is they just don't pay it ok because they have so much money to avoid it ok. i get my question to you is why don't we make people pay the taxes that they owe ok that is billions and billions and billions of dollars every year you direct says and go after the rich you know why because it's too expensive but they'll go after you and i because they have the resources and we don't care so this is a kind of no nonsense that i think we need to approach the laws on the books just enforce them go ahead in washington. well you know i think i'm the only actually already heard here on the program but i'm not i guess i'm ok ok there you go to you but let me just say this you know they republicans said it has a full conserve republicans that that shrub's tax cuts were going to take care of
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themselves they did not fight for every oh and when you came into office the deficit was $435000000000.00 once i left it was well over $984000000000.00 so all of a sudden now we're serving the deficit so that we can spare that argument yes absolutely we all want investments in of course our infrastructure people who need to pay their fair share if i frankly i think when you look at and although polling data most wealthy americans do not mind paying their fair share of their taxes particularly when it comes to the common good post office highways roads bridges high speed broadband water pipes all of this is infrastructure for a final society so i don't think it's an issue of people want to own the rich wanting to pay i think it's more an issue this is the narrative that certain
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members of the republican party seem to spin with regard to it's all of this wasteful spending well i think it also which is political they don't want to give the other side away and it's as simple as that and that's part of our dreadful politics not denying the other side a win because they say you can it will be you'll pay a political division for that later ok i think that's really sad i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on presidential legacy stay with arkie. but. there are things i would say i'm not american but americans really.
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world war 2 cures the depression far so much so she's concerned prosperity of course for the store. for the for all of us the whole world what it what and. historical rewrite ever since world war 2 to foment the cold war against russia against communism. socialists nish bush. the so you call me out you all close to swap with paul. for i think world war 2 has been the story credibly by the anglo-american media and that's because they want to minish the role of russia. and stalin who actually defeated hitler.
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l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. must obey the orders given a human beings except where such conflicts with the 1st law. should be very careful about official intelligence and the point is to trust here. let's take serious chops here with artificial intelligence will somebody. must protect its own existence with existence. welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind
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you we're discussing presidential legacy. ok let's go back to george in dallas one of the things that i think that needs to be given more consideration is as we come out of this pandemic and lockdowns i look at states like yours which i think did a good job on the whole and i just think you know instead of thinking about space and spending so much money 6 trillion in more why don't we let the states like texas show the way because we see you know we see growth in the economy we see a labor shortage in many places here and what let the economy roar because then we can take the right signs from that because you know instead of looking always to washington that's so far away and distant and quite arrogant i have to say you know look at the what some of the governors have done in red states and i think they have. a remarkable job and they should be seen as an example we don't need
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washington to solve all of our problems go ahead george. well peter texas and florida are for the future of the country whether whether the rest of country lives or not that's that's what's working and that's the model that's been effective and i want to come back to i think we're really having a philosophical debate on whether government should solve our problems or whether the private sector should solve our problems and i really like what the had to say about the least of these as a faith based person a christian myself i really think that that's where the focus of society's mercy and grace to people who are behind the curve so to speak in life should be i think the only debate is whether the government should be the one to handle that or the private sector and i'd much rather have the salvation army and other private sector charities working on that than the government if you look back at the great society and the war on poverty you mention lyndon johnson several times they were abject failures and wasted trillions of dollars of taxpayer money and i just don't think the government spends money well at all and your other guest comment about this
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canard of coming up with with reckless sterile deficits and spending i haven't started talking about that again i've been talking about that for 40 years and terrible it's an ingrained problem and a problem is not just regular federal spending it's entire months and no one has the courage to go after entitlements the installments are going to swallow up the country in debt eventually we're going to go bankrupt and somebody's got to reform it and to be fair the president trump said he didn't want to touch it either so you get democratic party holding to touch it and you don't have a brave enough republican to touch it and then tell we do we're in serious trouble financially and it's easy to spend money now and leave the future to our children and grandchildren but it's going to be a bleak future indeed unless someone steps up and is responsible for how we're handling federal budgets ok. you know there is a risk beaking philosophically yes but you know at the same time if we can keep with that vein here is it. in principle i'm against these huge bloated deficits but
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i'm very much for the working middle class. now we need to start thinking about them ok you know giving all of these tax breaks to people the super rich that will never pay always avoid and then but the middle class gets politic all the time here so one of the problems i have and correct me if i'm wrong is that you know when i look at the people around biden it seems to me that you know this whole approach to his expenditures is just it's a green new deal and different clothing and that may be nice and fine but we didn't vote on that we didn't vote for it not a fact most people don't know what they voted for they just know what they voted against and that was donald trump and not for joe biden because he didn't really campaign so i mean is this is his agenda the green new deal and different clothes go ahead. well i think it is i mean let's look back at when f.d.r. was president one of the things that was in that particular be able to tennessee
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valley authority and even then we may not think about that is being green energy but it really was during that time so we have to really reimagine how we see this country and to be a green economy and we need to do better and energy resources here in america i really unsung i love you about not because i'm a democrat i was wishing we could all round with hearty relations and then we would see the french would be more about the business of everyday american people trying to appeal to our political base is guess right now it is proving to be worse in my opinion because we're doing more fighting into what we need to do for all of us who are here who are american citizens in this we can hear that being. f.d.r. now people scream bloody murder if they can't get their 1st security so let's be honest and asks what's going on in america and how do you who are here you know
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ok because let me go back you know washington me a lot of people particularly people on the right don't like to say this but i do because i've studied the presidency very carefully and i think it's really fascinating is that he saved capitalism ok that's what he did he was a class traitor for his his class of. patricians but he saved capitalism in america and he saved the economy as well he did and the new deal was a failure by 938 it was a failure he tried to pack the court so i hope joe doesn't really want to do it because it's a bad way to go even f.d.r.'s own party was against it but see what a lot of people are really worried about is that we're not addressing any of the issues that the mentioned which i think she is right is that when i when people are talking about this presidency on both sides it's all through the prism of cultural . wars and that really. moving forward i'm a conservative i can easily sit down with progressives and talk about ideas and
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solving things ok for me we have similar goals it's how we get there and that's just talking it's a negotiating it's trying to work things out and i think that's possible because that is the art of politics but i see both sides using culture wars as an impediment how do you see it go ahead. i agree with you i think the culture wars it really is that the violence is one of the vice. but i would say the culture war seems to be on one part of the other and for you or. what's going on. in the u.s. the general assembly's across the country are introducing deals related to treasure interest they're introducing going into voter suppression they're introducing bills relating to gun control or allowing more of course in our society which you know i'm for the 2nd amendment but that's not the crux of the problem in this country so
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when you're talking about. there tends to be one story that is fixated on solving problems that don't exist well oh my god i need to push back on that ok because all the issues if i disagree with you that i'm just a racist that's how people stop the conversation because i never heard them let me say that i want to agree with d. i'm kerry i care about working class people i've seen their lives destroyed over the last 30 years ok i would rather talk about those issues about get good schools good health even for me single payer i'm on board how do we get there ok i believe in these things but when you bring down that litany of things you're just shutting people off you're saying you have to agree with me on everything or we're going to go nowhere and that's the problem with our politics here george in dallas what do you think. well i want to come back to the inequality problem it really is
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a problem it's ironic that the state with the largest inequality has the most progressive politics in the country california they've got the largest number of poor and the largest number it's incredibly rich people and i want to push back as well a little bit here on this narrative that the rich are getting away with murder and they don't pay their fair share and all that 20 the top 25 percent of arms in the country pay 87 percent of the taxes and the reality is is that if you're an american and your less than $50000.00 a year you're not paying any income taxes so the narrative of that is really not true and i would say though that we want to know georgiadis sorry i'm ok but one more comment is is that one thing where we've gotten policy wrong is we've been cutting income taxes and corporate taxes and i would agree with dee on this point there's better ways to get money into the middle class and the lower class and that would be some kind of medicaid medicare social security reform where taxes we pay
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on those in time of programs go down a little bit because everybody's working place those taxes but then there's some reform on the back in where you don't qualify for these benefits with with life expectancies having grown 20 plus years since f.d.r. was president and so you don't get them and so you're a little bit all wrong and you've got to have some kind of reform like that to be fair to everybody yeah i think george my point on tax evasion is very very real and when i say evasion is finding ways around it here i mean if you make you know hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars i die i think every reasonable person say you could chip in a little bit more under the law under current law that's all i'm saying i'm not saying much well there i'm paying my fair or there is a lot of people i said the the i.r.s. doesn't go after them because it's too expensive they got but these people have very good lawyers and they'll be dragged out of the courts i mean this is not just their heirs of
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a. i think when you start calling the rich evil in the or developing wonderful i think that's a bad thing i think we need to unify the country not be trite yeah well i wonder in a yes another yeah but the system that we have here is creating a new serfdom that's what i'm terrified of here you know what i know there are a lot of people who have power with impunity and and it's the weakest of us that are losing left and right ok the good thing that i'm happy about is with the end of these lockdowns you're seeing a lot of dynamic economic growth that is very good and we need to encourage it here d. go ahead and jump in before we went out of time and i just totally disagree with what he said when you have 5 percent of the population controlling 90 percent of the wealth i mean what do you expect they have the money they need to pay i don't understand what the issue with this is to a ship i mean but i really then they should because the apples are demons when this you become greedy and selfish so we will move on from that and crack the in getting
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around to you their taxes but i love this way job i mean it's hurting us to do d.l. and i wasn't talking about culture of war previously when i think you know i'm talking about how. every day we're even better how to think ok i want to jump in here quite draco's and in washington last 30 seconds go to you my friend go ahead. to this review of the wall culture is destroyed a lot since there were as a result we're not. well when you talk about these cultural wars you look at states like arkansas of the past entrenched you're with a republican governor vetoed and you've got to see for georgia that move. more suppression more countries certainly it is one part of it of the other forcing the school towards ok well i think we highlighted the differences we didn't solve anything i want to thank my guests in washington land and in dollars i want to thank my viewers for watching us here are to see you next time. remember.
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he starts with the garage or at least so he can each other the know he meant for us who want to. put on the better side going to dad the book on useless all that business and just. do some of. the emotional learning too much to do i feel still east of korean missiles from the new muses to that of ocean we still. feel the church. compassion then. we think he minds be soviet soldier to piss off the
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boots he's wearing. to church so the sold out so quickly move to oppose them to put you more than with you don't you i'm going to sure stop going to the summarizing the police forced to bus hold. so what males have tended to do and still do is is we tend to we certainly have empathy and all of that but we also tend to do nurture through aggression so we create things like soccer and football and you know all of the various hundreds of games that involve aggression now women are aggressive and can play those games no doubt very well but when you go back to why they were created those jobs were created for males to nurture other males through aggression to teach them how to be have capek's through aggression.
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i. 7 i. do this friday's headlines protests in colombia leave 24 dead amid a government crackdown there with the u.s. only muffled condemnation like during civil unrest for instance in other latin american countries we'll examine that deeper. elsewhere tel aviv is deporting around 100 black israelites who've lived in the country for decades for allegedly failing to prove their jewish heritage coming up then we hear from the community direct i'm surprised because our community has been here for 50 years we have been a very.


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