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greetings and salutations u.s. immigration policy is a maze with vulnerable families caught in the middle of never ending red tape the trump administration was known for its quare policies but honestly both sides of the aisle are to blame for kicking the can down the road for years leaving migrant families in limbo and contributing to chaos and our nation's southern border and again this isn't simply a republican immigration nationalism or america 1st idiology problem for their part haitian migrants refugees and those actively seeking legal status in america have
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been fighting since the ninety's when then president clinton and leading democrats failed to provide equity in protecting them some of that just might be changing the department of homeland security announced this week that the agency is reviewing temporary protected status t.p.s. for haitians cameroonians in mauritania it's getting to this point wasn't easy douglas rivlin director of communications for america's voice had a thing message for president biden saying quote despite haiti's fragile conditions the biden administration has been actively deporting people back to haiti since they took office the administration needs to act and act fast in reviewing country conditions and use t.p.s. what it was created to do protect immigrates from deports ation and help stabilize economies ruminants says nearly 500 advocates non-profits. they sent letters to the white house asking biden to re designate t.p.s.
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living in the us and population growth in america well it's on the downswing economists believe that population growth fuels wealthy countries but with the us growing by just 7.4 percent over the last decade things aren't looking too good shrinking tax bases make it harder to support services like schools and bio infrastructure but there is a filter lining immigration it can serve as a buffer for us population decline in over the next decade is believed to be the primary driver of population growth in the us america needs immigrants as much or even more so when immigrants need america it's time we start watching the hawks . you. know in the city streets. that are so let's see. this is your only state. rice mass graves suggests least systemic deception is complete show which. some
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feel. welcome everybody to watch in the hawks i mean tyrrell is on vacation joining me now is al gore jr attorney with the american immigration lawyers association good to see you again alan. thank you so much for having me. well alan you know and anybody who watches your social media knows you've been a strong voice in advocacy for haitian migrants and you're trying to help american lawmakers understand the dire circumstances they face just last week 4000 haitian migrants arrived in mexico the shelters are full and they're being forced to sleep in the streets here in the u.s. the haitian migrants continue to be deported despite the ship and presidential administrations and they aren't receiving the media attention central and south american migrants are even though their situations are no less dire can you conceptualize for our audience what d.h. s. considering temporary protective status for haiti actually needs and what the next step for agot advocates actually is. so it's really just about equity because we've
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already done t.v.'s for many of the southern states in south america and we also should think of haiti as part of that south america region basically because they're actually closer other the mexico they're closer than some other countries and they've had many of the same conditions that have led to this t.p.s. and right now the government there is politically unstable and that's the main issue that we're talking about an unstable government where they're not exactly sure who the leadership is and there has been little or no coherent that seems available to that out and because the current government turned down u.s. aid which kind of shows you the direction in which the current leadership of that out is going and so what it would mean for individuals is that the u.s. would stop deporting people to a place where they're sure we're going to die either because of co-head or because the instability of the government if you can search any day on twitter and see the number of people who are dying in the streets they are either from or dying actually at the hands of the current government so there's until the stability
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that's exactly what d.p.s. was there for in haiti out of the group of people who are currently in t.p.s. at the smallest number small class of people actually t.v.'s is the newest group to be assigned t.p.s. and it was the one that was given away shortly and the issue is this isn't something that takes congress this isn't something that even take the white house. the secretary markets could do this tomorrow and just designate them g.p.s. which will give a reprieve to people to say right now we're just not the party you it doesn't give you our legal hours or stabilize your status but it means right now you don't have to fear deportation you can apply for work permit which many of these individuals need and we have jobs that you saw the job sure his number about earlier this week and we can start addressing humanely but across the board no matter where you're talking about people who are from africa either from the caribbean or from africa the continent you're treated worse than immigration proceedings than anyone else consistently meaning the hardships that we're having with the diversity visa right now that never. court cases that you have seen all the crimes you see in
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deportation centers there really hasn't been a clear class on exactly which of those children were separated exactly which could use the room if you've heard so far from central america but we don't know their actual 1st class of separation was a black eye so those issues are part of the racial equality this country must face and make immigration part of the conversation about how we're going to do this justly process in some regards as someone's race or color or ethnicity and alan is you so eloquently pointed out it seems like the equity lintas failing in multiple areas including on the immigration front we know that the media leaves out migrants like those from haiti cameroon and other nations why do you think that is and we've seen movement from haitian celebrities civil rights groups and activists on this front particularly lobbying the by an administration what is on the horizon and can these haitian migrants be hopeful. yeah so i don't know if i mean other than just i
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mean i think you know the 2nd national network is actually covering a story with this level of death so i don't know what is turning people in the story because it's a minute here issue and it's about the united states and our continent and right now it's actually haitian heritage month so that's another reason that we just move forward on this and i don't know why the news i think coverage because every day the only planes that are leaving are those that are going to african nations. so that should send a message to say why are we just supporting black people or people who are of african descent and just a touch of the wink we're deporting people who are we to the people who actually work in this country and help build this country for free and here if you can we do way back so i think there is a stronger equity argument based on the foundation of this country and why we should be more considerate of people from the african continent or people about the caribbean. he specifically where we have a conversation in general about just racial reform in this country but when they're the only ones that are being deported that's a problem and when you look at numbers as you see that are being reported in their
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children that are being deported right now it's unconstitutional because you're deporting them to a place that doesn't have a stable government so they can not receive them and as soon i think yesterday there was a white 32 people that were supposed to be deported to haiti that might have i don't have confirmation yet but that should stop and that people should be you know more so i don't know part of what congress is doing now is this human cells of the midterm. republicans have been clear that they don't want to hurt democratic party and they just want to talk about immigration and it's time to stop talking about immigration as if it's one thing and realize that these are people and push these policies through that we've been talking about 10 years and really quickly alan because we have to let you go what do you think or what do you think is going to come out of we've seen the reports we've seen the census that up on the declining population for americans huge part of that is also looking towards immigration to actually want to know some some population growth across this country what do you think that means for public policy. i've been using struggle i think there is
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a concern about the time comes and also the browning of america and some people will say just elation and repopulate ourselves but these different ethnicities you know it's also asian american heritage month so also have the same local stress. as we always have based on skin color as far as purchasing immigration so you know the time to realize there are many people who are american we all are and it's nothing to continue to be a strong nation we need to start thinking of our currency because we have the lowest level of income immigrants in europe nations because they compare ourselves to thank you so much for coming on and once again informing our audience alan or jr it's going to be great to have you again once a little more thank you so much. the olympics bring together the most talented athletes from across the globe it's a true showcase of achievement ability and love of country the 2020 summer olympics were postponed due to cope at 19 but now we're just 80 days out from the event in
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tokyo though there won't be any international fans and athletes are required to take in past series a covert $1000.00 nasal test there is $18.00. the international olympic committee is banning black lives matter here the slogan cannot be worn on any athlete apparel according to the i.o.c. 70 percent of athletes polled don't think it's appropriate to demonstrate during competition here to tell us more is our team sports producer regina hamm. glad to have you again regina having me so i mean i need you to break this all down for us we're just 80 days away from the postponed 2020 tokie tokie tokie olympics and we've already heard the i.o.c. is making changes in addition to upholding rule 50 so can you explain to us a little bit about what will 50 means and some of the changes that we're seeing on the olympics one this year sure so wolf it's essentially there it prohibits any demonstration of political religious or racial propaganda in a lake area so podio arena is etc so we already knew the i.o.c.
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was going to have some rules in place against protesting of any nature at the olympics that a group widely regarded for a while now it's been very it's been brought to the sport's attention especially after you had purchased the tri 16 olympics in the pen american games when barry was seriously raised her fist during her gold medal podium ceremony so we've been aware that this was going to happen we knew it now saying that black lives matter apparel with the slogan on it is not to be allowed you are now asking the question ok obviously you're throwing that to the racial propaganda so why are you calling a propaganda there is a deeper question here that the it is posing we get it supposed to be a political just a coming together of nations to celebrate sport however by taking a stand against black lives matters apparel which to me there is not hurting anybody you can wear it to support it you're not supporting necessarily on a podium like blaring it out there making a stance that was almost political in nature may she would you say there's definitely saying this is
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a problem we will not allow it but hey what if you had someone who put i don't know all eyes matter stuff and that's. exactly and then i think there is a cab a yacht on it you can wear peace signs and these other things that are kind of alluding to politics but not really it's a very interesting struggle they find themselves in the i.o.c. is trying to remain politically neutral. they say 70 percent of their athletes that they polled were ok with this what does what does that mean do you think that people are actually going to exert. right showcase what they believe their rights to politically have take action or do you think that there is going to be some pushback from the i.o.c. going into this also when there is a great example for the parity games here seem to 12 months probation from the u.s. olympic committee they notified really after they are to me that decision not prior to so i think athletes will be discouraged now the i.o.c. and several consequences people will face for protesting in olympic areas they have not specified like hey say you take a knee on your podium you receive an x.
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amount of banned from the sport no one's made that decision it's very vague it sounds like there will be consequences but we can't tell you what they are and so that i think will maybe keep some people from doing like we saw tommy smith and john carlson 1968 mexico city games raising their fist of the podium you see that as like those when i conduct photos we hope that athletes will maybe just this is their platform will use it i think it's a. i think the i.o.c. should expect it to happen now in what form no one can know because they're not psychics and of course the walls are broken but i think that they should expect it however as you know american athletes i think are aware of the consequences from their own olympic committee now they may not choose to partake in any purchase but you have to see what comes you know in july in that sense but we've already seen that nonprofit organizations are stepping up to try to create a buffer protect some of these athletes should they decide to exhibit any any form of protest why do you think that's important and why have nonprofits actually tried to mitigate this ahead of time by announcing that they are basically here for these
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athletes in anticipation of what could happen i think they are into speeding that there will be people who will try to bring things to the to the forefront you know racial inequality. things that we have seen in the united states and across the globe that exists that is still going to that is always underneath the subsurface the olympics you can say that the political we want we can say that they are just a show of support a show of sportsmanship there are still political issues lying underneath we can't ignore that so i think that those athletes who choose to voices opinions nonprofits are at least given that backbone that you know they're all of the committees don't seem to be giving them that backbone you know saying this is this you could say is us is he this is this person's views this is their stance us does not support this stance but we support them in their choice to make that statement so the nonprofit are setting into the vacuum of where the olympic committees are not taking that stance and you may see athletes knowing that the more willing to protest and stand up for whatever their moral beliefs are and i think that really does show at the
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end of the day that they just want to keep they want to keep the peace and at any cost even if it's cost to banning someone for $5.00 or 10 years in a sport which is ridiculous absolutely and we have to also remember that these athletes represent their countries and there are some at least in america the globe there are some questionable things going on in terms of human rights highly and absolutely and i think that's something you know we need to be aware of as watchers of the sport you know it's great to watch bobsledding it's great to watch diving it's great to watch all these sports remember these are still people and it comes back to athletes and it's how we say they shouldn't they just shut up and play sports they're still people with opinions of the of the day absolutely thanks for joining me once again. and as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on demand in the brand new portable t.v.'s available on all platforms. to stay tuned to watching the hawks.
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yeah the corporate parasites in power today might think their role will continue forever whether they're right or wrong we have to keep fighting question. major questions bert's new questions numbers as stars and endless as the sea and bring it all in some distance death and. if dr. that remains in question. luck. plays.
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something for you on your sports. played a couple live music anywhere you go plus an elegantly curated online video library with a built in search engine it will sit right in your pocket and it's free interactive digital architectures dollars we'll talk to the 1000 the president's text war videos uploaded every hour so what are you waiting for blast on the 4th if you. i've seen the horrors that arise with money and evil. corporate criminals who trashed countless lives to add just one more dollar to their billions. they threaten they bribe they'll do anything to keep their crimes in the dark but the
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people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on america's lower. its protest emerged nationwide over the death of george boyd last summer the repeated use of tear gas against demonstrators was alarming to many and now new research questions it's even more harmful to once thought but centrally affecting those vulnerable of contracting the coronavirus. r t correspondent natasha suite has more on why so many people are concerned. ok after george floyd was killed by a minneapolis police officer last may daily protests continue throughout the nation
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all summer long unrest lingered and in some cases peaceful protests turned into riots some of the worst scenarios buildings were even set ablaze to take control over the chaos police officers and even the national guard resorted to using tear gas when many demonstrators came out to stand up for what they believed in a few of the end really once escalated the events for the entire crowd new research coming out of the university of minnesota medical school found that exposure to chemicals and tear gas can have long term physiological and mental health effects. the other issue medical students discovered was the lack of studies looking into the long term impact tear gas has an overall health the health issues among those sprayed with tear gas varies everything from a lung damage blindness miscarriage her failure to even death according to dr steven miles at the university of minnesota in a covert time the last thing you want to do is cause an inflammatory reaction inside the lungs that may be long lasting you're looking at video from 2011 of a former u.c. davis police officer spraying campus protesters with pepper sprayed after the
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footage went viral the former officer said he suffered from depression and anxiety he received 38 $1000.00 in workers' compensation he was put on paid administrative leave for 8 months he was then fired in 2012 but protesters aren't the only ones getting hit with a chemical agents federal authorities releasing video last week from the attack on the capital back on cheney were 6 police officer brian signet died prosecutors walk back their initial statements at the substance he was sprayed with was bear spray now they believe it was pepper spray and the boston city council approved a measure that would limit the use of tear gas pepper spray and other crowd control agents among police and you or. mandy's said on supervisor must determine that no other methods of deescalation will be successful before deploying 2 separate warnings 2 minutes apart rest be given by the supervisor and they are to announce exactly which type of weapon they will be dispersed in reporting for in question
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pasha suites are. meanwhile the u.s. is about to expand its vaccination campaign to millions more people the f.d.a. is expected to authorize pfizer vaccines for kids aged 12 to 15 years old as early as next week and while this announcement isn't sitting well with many parents is trying to shove it tells us there's another group of americans choosing to opt out of covert shots. today vaccinations for teens and children on the horizon the u.s. food and drug administration set to authorize emergency use of the pfizer vaccine for analyzed ages 12 to 15 as early as next week a move that would make some middle and all high schoolers eligible to get vaccinated in the u.s. something experts say would be a big step in raising immunity levels across the country pfizer recently announced in the trial results showing the vaccine is highly effective for that age group possibly even more than for adults according to pfizer at the end of march
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a clinical trial involving 226012 to 15 year olds showed 100 percent efficacy and is well tolerated the f.d.a. now reviewing that data if it's approved the centers for disease control and prevention would hold an emergency meeting and issue recommendations the announcement comes as health officials are worried vaccine hesitancy could make reaching herd immunity in the u.s. difficult if not impossible there are concerns now amplified as new data indicates children in this country represent 22 percent of new cases reported in this past week alone according to the c.d.c. the average number of covert 1000 vaccines given per day in the u.s. they'll 27 percent from a high of 3260000 on april 11th to 2.37. 1000000 last tuesday a shocking report by the washington post found that the number of police officers getting vaccinated is lower or about the same as the general public in las vegas 39 percent of the employed police officers in the metropolitan police department have received at least one dose compared to the more than 50 percent of eligible adults
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nationwide meantime in atlanta 36 percent of sworn officers have been vaccinated while ohio's largest police force the columbus division a mere 28 percent of those employed reported receiving a shot and despite a massive effort by the pentagon to promote safety and efficacy of coke in $1000.00 vaccines the u.s. military's opt out rate is about 33 percent while nearly 40 percent of u.s. marines are declining coded vaccinations reporting in new york trying to teach others are. an elementary school principal is under investigation in florida after spanking it fix year old child being incident raises questions about why such punishment continues in a country that prides itself in being a beacon of democracy parties came up and reports. now you would think the teachers beating their students in order to keep them in line is a thing of the past and certainly doesn't happen nowadays well if you think that
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you are wrong a recent incident in florida caught on video sparked outrage here's what happened to a 6 year old girl who allegedly damaged a school computer and there is disturbing video this morning of a school principal hitting a 6 year old student with a wooden paddle now the video was recorded by her mother she came to the school in order to pay a fine for the damage to property now the mother did not speak english and feared for her immigration status so rather than intervene she discreetly took out her phone and recorded how the principal spanked her daughter with the help of another staff member nobody would have believed me i stick to my doing so old parents can realize what's happening in the school now the official rules of a county school. don't permit for students to be hit but apparently it does happen however many counties throughout florida do have official policies permitting the use of corporal punishment elementary school principals are now able to paddle misbehaving students in marion county and many people at our morning news meeting
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wondered could bear his school was the next piece of video showing 2 adults at an elementary school in georgia preparing to paddle a 5 year old child it's perfectly legal in that state and in 18 other states 19 us states maintain laws allowing corporal punishment in public schools and almost every state keeps it legal in private schools now some say this is just part of the religious and traditional cultures of some regions throughout the united states but others say this is an outdated authoritarian practice pretty much child abuse and it has no place in modern education if our point using giving indications to our children the would employ reduces the amount of education and. mindset that a child could have while learning so i would say since that's the point of the in the school bin. what we're doing with a wooden board is counterproductive to all children having the possibility to excel in schools whether it's a poor school or very well reschooling children do better when they feel safe
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people across the country have very strong opinions about this disciplinary practice i feel like that's a something that a parent should do that kind of discipline should come from parents and teachers should. just shouldn't be allowed to do that it's on their job description i will definitely make sure that those people go to jail because. i don't think they can buy in this is the answer for punishment i think that he said a lot of ways to. make sure that the kids that are in the house the fact that beating children as a routine form of punishment in schools across the country certainly flies in the face of the image the united states has constructed for itself around the world. and that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we're not told we're loved enough so i tell you i love you. i am a mr cross people watching those off and have a great day and night everyone. there's
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hey folks next up on dennis miller plus one kevin o'leary from shark tank lovell leary i think he's the pragmatic voice the simon calendar better that tells people what it's time to as he says take something out back and shoot it i admire the honest state and it makes for a great television kevin o'leary right after the sun then a smaller plus one. hey folks welcome to dennis miller plus one i'm excited big fan. kevin's love them on the halftime report i'm always hoping that he and josh brown will get their own siskel and ebert on fiscal matters show that is a venture capitalist entrepreneur army of course known from shark tank where he is the what say they say the sensible simon cowell core of the show he's also the founder and chief some
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a gay of the larry fine wines and shark tank just wrapped its 12th season on a.b.c. the estimable kevin o'leary kevin our. very good thank you very much. you know i. it's funny. i know that the people are positive in certain types on these shows and i know it never find you is the grinch i find you is the some small guy some of the some of these people listen i love dreamers but some of these people it looks dangerous to me when they're going to push more chips in and i think at some point somebody should step in and say listen you got to as you say take it out back and shoot it because this could ruin your life so i never fired you mean i just find you the quintessential pragmatist well i think that's kind words because ear right my mother taught me years ago if you always tell the truth you never have to remember what you said but you know this.


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