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folks the acts of i've got a similar plus one we're going to talk to a good cat that i've short he wrote night at the museum night at the museum to be at some point that he's an actor he's been in everything i've been the odd couple remake with matt perry but the guy has so many credits as i am deep deep pages like you know. 800 entries and do it good guy tom leonard started out in the great comedy sketch troupe the state will pick his mind about his new young adult novel series he's got coming and all that when an eclectic guy tom lenat right after this dennis miller plus one. hey folks welcome to dennis miller plus one we're joined by a good irish boy this kid works as a kid he's 50 i see but i'm telling you i looked at his i am deed me it's like when
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bissell enjoy an eps joyous epstein had a kid he's an actor writer director best known for his role opposite that perry in the odd couple i don't know but tom also co-wrote the familiar is a load review. is a. critically acclaimed author and he's released the young adult novel series the hatless and that's a good well the sink. the latest one ronan boyle into the strange place i love that title will be available later this year please welcome top. and it's good to see a body that is a really good there is a really really good home and get some 1st dollar quite site night at the museum my friend placed as eddie murphy so so greatly put it on our center please don't tell me you had net points or monkey but it's obvious not have done you that robots well i not only not only do we we did it was a nice it was
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a great little world there's a funny story about that funny story about. resilience and you know about this and just like you know if you're in comedy and writing so the reason we got to write i did museum a movie that you know changed my entire life and we got to read the 2nd one of the course you get fired for the 3rd one it happens you're going to they're going to fire you for the 3rd one but we had written a movie for 20th century fox i'm sure you remember it called taxi with queen latifa not jimmy fallon of course we got to like that well. if you wanted to make sure that jimmy didn't get to be in movies for a little while thank me because i wrote taxi he did so i doubt. that you can actually we all thought it was going to be a big hit it was a remake of this like lucas on movie quality for jimmy fallon a cat around a car antics is open again it's like
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a crime caper in new york city and the movie was testing so well you know you've been in like a focus group of a movie where they tested so folks out like a dial yeah i'm aware of the process but no i haven't been but it tested well out o. people were going crazy because we're doing the wave they couldn't get enough of this picture so then when we came out and it basically was like one of a flop one of the worst flops ever in fact tax it was so bad. in roger roger ebert made a book of his the worst film reviews of the of the films that he hated the most in his entire lights and it's called your movie sucks and it's only like 12 or 14 movie reviews but taxi a movie that i wrote is in roger ebert's worst reviews ever in his career it was like this was one of the worst and a funny story my dad gave me that book for christmas roger ebert's your movie sucks
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i actually had a review of a movie i wrote in it that's what it's like growing up as an irish hit. it well it's just toxic all i remember i remember thinking jimmy's a charmer and i don't remember a thing and that quinoa table was i guess error not clean let's eat of it just sounds like a sexier grace jones villain or something from the kill. so we thought and then that of course it did turns out roger ebert said it sucked and then fox because they designed us to write taxi 2 isn't hey guess what you don't have the right to actually do it it's what they said if you take this children's book and i did museum can you turn that into something and we said oh yeah no cigar you want to know the way i look at it is like roger ebert i know he stood astride a let's say a very shallow canal in my book which criticism that any time you go from critic and villain critics can go watch what they watch when you start come out books 0 your movie socks. i can't imagine how easy that is to live mad i'm going to get
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i don't want roger ebert i thought a lot of detail is going to be like that. it is it is pretty easy although i mean here's the bummer you read sometimes you read criticism there's 2 kinds of criticism you know there's a criticism that you read there like op that's just unfound they don't get me but the scarier criticism this is your criticism really. makes some good points. you make a good point there that's a criticism that's tough to get out from under yeah. well just remember roger ebert wrote beyond the valley of the dolls and if you've ever gone to a drive in and great in high school and watch that it is an absolute train wreck when he had this is that you forward and the right to review where you're sitting there row in your room being a crank jeric but rather you want to go to write an ad in the film his was
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a big hey guess what roger i can't see feel i'm not out here feel your fill sucked there you go i will i will say now that we were ended up we wrote a screenwriting book my writing partner and i also called writing movies for fun and profit with fun crosstown is not song writing moves for profit. we did a lot and it was so mean i think we took it out of the book we said. roger ebert wrote one movie. that was so bad that he spent the rest of his career trying to talk the rest of us out of writing movies somehow like that's how bad the valley of the. hell you listed off when you 1st when you 1st got out to hollywood tommy muska read sid fields book because when i was young i got out into what they all i wanted that i remember thinking do i want to be a comedian i want to act i want to write i read said phil screenplay which was like . the strunk and white. of film i think those are. robert mckee story there is save the cat and then there's obviously that one and so
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when you wrote a screenwriting book. say the cat everybody loves save the cat and that's ok yeah that's the big one that everybody always looks out and so right screenwriting book and this tells you a lot about the world we had written and by the time the rotor screenwriting book we had written about 10 or 12 movies that got made and were in movie theaters like we're not talking esoteric series so we did a chapter in our book and we we added up all of the movies that have been written by the guys who wrote all the screenwriting books and the answer was one. like robert mckee who wrote the big one story he has a shared credit on a t.v. movie called rb and the dreamcast right hand of god that's his half of it. and we're like well you know if you had if you've never made a building you don't get to write a book about architecture ever you know like if you like it all your but if you
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believe you made up a building that still down you're not like a good you're just the bearded of doesn't know anything who's trying to tell other people so anyway my favorite thing about that is we've always been like we've always rag on robert mckee in our book we rag on him we're always goofing on him goofing off goofing on him we're like gave is green running so easy why don't you do it you know that kind of stuff and then. and i'm sure you've had this at somebody that definitely he poked and prodded in public and then they say we're hosting the final draft awards you like and you're going to and then at this point to show you're going to get a lifetime achievement award robert mckee. and i'm like. oh no we've been ragging on this guy publicly we have a whole chapter in our book called robert mckee can suck it that's what the chapter is actually you can call. and i was like he's going to kill us we're going to meet
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are going to bite us on the nose he's going to know all about us is going to read this is a top wrestler to the ground as he seems like kind of bad. so we end up of course and we're backstage we take pictures of us kissing his award. and then we meet him while i'm sure that you've gotten he's the nicest guy in the water with a nice kind of well they actually i love him and he's a delight and i probably should have taken some of his classes because he seems you just seem great. yeah the thing about the show business tommy is i always feel if you're taking shots at somebodies eat those they're the way they are as a man all that stuff i couldn't face myself but showbusiness is such a narrow marsa cystic weird you step up to the plate nobody forces unit a gunpoint world but occasionally you're going to take a shot it's going to be a bit nasty and yeah i've met richard grieco once i did a joke about him i guess i know i went there lay the next day yes check it out oh hell are asking lots of make is the nexus guy oh i looked i saw you know when
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a little. i'm in the business of making flying and sorry brother i'm an idiot and he said dang ase we're going to do so anyway it's just it's it's showbiz brother we're talking to tommy lana he's new deep in the hope this guy's written acted in so many parts and wrote night at the museum as he said the sequel and even one more night it's museum 3 gets whacked or gets whacked off that he had to kill shot on the 1st to trust me he's got a. novel series 3 the latest one is called the road in boy into the strange place which is a fab title that's why post those pubs tell me about this matter i this is such ever look pretty field if you can establish a beachhead is this the 1st one or what is it this is or is it the 3rd month so it's been. you know one of the things i was just drawn to you know it's like if you're an actor acting to break your heart of history rather than
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a bigger. i don't want to write a book you know no one and nothing ever came to me when i was in ireland my grandparents were marlon and i was are. was in a castle and somebody should we would have real should leave it looks like. and you know those little sometimes you think of them as like little walking stick that like lucky charms guy has but this is surely was when the irish couldn't carry metal weapons they got really good at fighting with sticks and i was like that's a really weird world and then i i ended up sort of come up with this idea about a kid who gets recruited for the special unit care note and turn and i was like irish it's and it's in yeats and while talks about it's the irish world at the very folk of leprechauns her columns changelings and things like that so in it i wrote the end of writing as a series of books and i did the classic thing which is i'd read the whole 1st book
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was awesome nailed it went into the publisher they're like this is incredible we love it can't you ideas for us a whole series of these i said yes i do absolutely i know where this is going i could write these forever and then i wrote the 1st one and i never had another idea ever again i was totally just full of crap. but subsequently several years now i've finished the 2nd one finally came out which i think is better than 1st one and i just finished comes out november the 3rd one you know and it's weird you get better at anything but. the 3rd book i think finally had to let me ask is no strange place like the few states of sort of like a lincoln on the back of thing for kids is at some of their real world or i didn't quite make it what you're talking about checkpoints and all that what is a. journal and it's fun i like it was there with maps and the books all open with a map of like where the land of where the fairies and leprechauns live and it's actually an exact inverse of ireland so is this great place and there's like
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there's like a leprechaun theater district in one area and then there's the leprechaun where they make gold and shoes and buckles and stuff and it's like a sort of financial center so there's a lot and then there's like a sort of a terrifying area where unicorns mate that you can never go to because there's so. in this in the book series unicorns are basically. leprechauns greatest enemy and you know you learn in the books that the point on your core is mostly to kill leprechaun so that the yelling about the books i should point out is it's not a lucky charms view of ireland and. very folk it like liber guns will steal they steal your stuff specially if you have like a wine cellar they will steal booze very fast they're just terrible little weirdos who steal your stuff so that's one of the other grand what is it we finally get to in the. in the last it book you know it was like traveling through narnia that's
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like the morgue or basically through order the rings it's like the morgue or it's it's where the land of the fairy folk and the land of the old irish gods a sickly meet and it created like a crack in reality and so it's sort of this insane it's like a leprechaun world are directed by salvador dali is. there you know if my dad had died away flasks i would remind you much harder to be pickpocket when you're a leper colony because it's like the guy off the mike up all that you got to go. you've got your work and all the rest on a whole lot of disability and the leprechaun community from pickpocketing we're talking to. them probably off on the weirdest tributes are that read on and on and we'll talk to them after he's got a new book out and it's called ronan boyle into the strange place it'll be available later this year and it's coming out later this year sounds like christmas yet and he's written so much i want to pick his brain a little about his long track and i love his approach to it works and
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also how do you get a special thanks on what a hot american summer i got a couple shots of me like right after the decide that it's you know plus for. the students birth new question. numbers as stars and lists as the sun and bring all the inside just get. it through. the skin question. could you source the story about the fact that delayed maxwell will likely take others down i guarantee you there's a lot more going on. in our nation's capital this is the news with
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rick sanchez and protesters who are not happy this is what we're going to drill down on right here on news breaks and shows where we really do believe it's time to do news again. this type of american is doing very well but then there's these guys over here who aren't doing so well if you drill down and look at the real numbers especially the rent numbers right it's pretty bad. there's people who are not paying their rent and say they're not going to be able to pay their rent for the foreseeable future. the feeling of. every little experience.
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and you'll get it on the old the old. according to just. coming in from iran. folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one of the shows in the u.s. will be on in may but we're talking to tom on st patrick's that they put out so nice from the come in on this all important day for the wearing of the green tom rode night at the museum that he's acted in so many things during 50 years always such a young man what's your approach to iran do you have a sort of michael caine thing tom i always love that they gave out the oscar for michael caine for that 2nd film a lot about the i'm an actor you know it was
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a good it was a serious film with toby what's his name michael was in the caribbean shoot 18 d. or something and always knows he's a really not so what this time it's personal jaws follows them to with their next location. i know the quote that you're going to say because i love this quote from michael caine you said you may not have liked jules for. but if you saw the est house that it will me in the in the british countryside i think you would have liked the house quite a bit and i was like i get it i get it sometimes some stuff to pick a car if that's or if chris files a glass lenses on their. pain thing was particularly profession as you've got it somewhere of a head of c.i.s. so. he said say yes to everything and then you see what sticks because that's of the what that's the good i mean what a great what
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a great way to be which is just try and the weird thing is we're sitting here we remember michael caine from a 1000000 amazing sense alfre him every christopher nolan movie and all these wonderful things man who would be king ross if you're talking about johns for all the weird to be actually are right now but you know you've got to do the i.r.s. and i don't know much gotta have some commerce in or. i like it bad honest to gosh i'm not feigning that i always thought. good for him and he knows that his mark is made and all he does a stays a little true and manderlay to his proletariat roots because nobody wants to watch him go posh that would be a get a bridge too far so that's what i dig about cain is yeah he'll knock it out of the park when he's got to go up one on one against the living and sloth but left to us on the vices he'll get out there make the checks a good for him i'm enjoying my dad so i get a light and you can see what an agile intellect that is he's an actor writer
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director best known for his role in that odd couple with matthew perry tom co-wrote the film series night at the museum he's written a bunch of things and i like tax excuse me but the novel young adult novel series the latest one is ronin boyo into the strange place which is a killer title by the way it's a new york post headline title and it will be available later this year enough for god sakes as i research today how do you end up what did you write one joker where young kid who were had a couple rejoinders how do you end up with a special place on white hot american summer well ok well that's ok so that is an interesting story so now i'm of you remember little kate so i'm part of a comedy group called the state and you might have n.y.u. and our 1st professional job as the state ever was we were the opening act we were the 2nd under carter for dennis miller live. and why you the
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big student center and why you it was us and then serve silberman and then you because we were all serious were old and well you don't so i came out of this comedy group called the state and of that group. there's a weird amount of people that you would know either by face or by name but all of reno 911 came out of the state the show called writing all the guys who wet hot american summer rules at stella soul and can reno so it's like every single person out of that group it was a crazy collective of all insane like alphas who were just nuts like everybody was crazy everybody was too intense and it turns out that's exactly what you need to succeed at these things so so of the state which was just an n.y.u. comic group i mean it's on that it at least i mean the state you variety wet hot american summer all those white hot movies reno
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9 to one which we've actually been doing since the year 2000 and like that's mostly of the state piece so we're like basically where i go we're like a collective you know we're like this. we were like it we thought we were like an angry punk band in new york in the eighty's and then now we're all these weird old that were the we're literally the establishment but so the facts on what has probably because we still you know we all drive each other crazy and state and we fight a lot i think that's why the material is usually is so good because we're never easy on each other we're actually we operate like a push each other yeah you guys you know i think i have gotten quite a nag raise papaya that on avenue america's if i had a gun and that's a good example ok i'll go did you raise the fire was where did you ever actually to graze but they would poor already getting we have a lot of great supply right or is onions that was just a soup or louche neon onion allah and you could
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tell this are you talk about. you could feel that years later you feel great but i remember i could get one now you know what time when you think about you coming from the state i remember when i was used to work at us and alan friday would roll around and i knew if i didn't do a good newscast saturday 3 weeks in a row i'd have a cause try to get whacked it was like spartacus tattersall's yup you know i got disciplined and when i see how much you right now are i and i can assume that you you were able to batten down the hatches starting this covert night back and it you don't seem to radhika but seizing the sword from the star you sit down in a start put words in front of each other right. you know i mean i almost do it i think oh i write i was busy or during this lockdown. i don't want to say like for some some types of crazy people this has been like a weird gift as i know that's not in
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a lot of terrible things in the economy and it sucks and really you know but for a certain kind of crazy person who likes to write it like a compulsion we get as good at it really writing and actually really productive for it. i wrote a couple of pilots it's all just been really busy the novel obviously in writing and also running the the dream works animated feature of the room with the series which is in the works now so it's been an exciting time now this and i read a quote where you said it's like that i always love that old story folks they got to write films and they say well it's not that hard if you threw a group of c's into a room with 5 privately and they'd eventually got a movie that i was i want to take that a step further and say well how weird would it be if they came out and they had penned gorillas in the mess because the chimpanzees and the group was in nature mortal enemies but what if they had come out and written the screen for the sigourney weaver classic relisten and that's. it's a it's a it's
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a great theory i feel like they're definitely. sorry if you're looking at snape like you'd have dealt closer always affirm in your head i don't want a story that much for a car that's what it dealt we were not we were never in proper people state we were like all very and we all thought we were really serious actors and then when we when we started really doing stuff like we would like i mean we were so carefully scripted that if you messed up somebody else's script it would lose their mind it was like we goof around we thought we were like craftspeople of you know of of the sketches we're writing which is still some of the stupidest stuff in the world to this day it's very stupid stuff but we'll get really seriously and really were never a great writer like we were you know neil simon nicholson may you read about these people and they have never done a syllable council deal did not want you to change
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a thing and i know marty sharp eugene are good friends of mine and they said that was the joy of 2nd city to them was he so i didn't want to have proper i wanted to get a perfect and that a lot of the. yeah and i was very much the stay was definitely the very much that you know what you know i mean it doesn't actually have to tell you what right brad with you sometime brother when this but don it was plagues overnight well i'm going to qualify and so some people will choose not to eat after the bonnet plate i know i'm going to say what i should go out and have. dinner some i because you make me laugh easy as tom when you're out and he's an actor writer and a productive one and he's got a new young adult series out it's the latest one and it sounds like he's doing something he did you say dream works look at you. right now in writing the. i'm a i'm adapting my own book for. what would be a movie about talk about a slow moving ship best case scenario and this is really good news the movie could
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come out 2024 so that would be behind me to move it to 2024 if all goes well. which shows what i don't mean to. be wrong and boil on the baki prostate by that point sure. oh yeah i'm just given the rights to that was on the song you're not. there you go out it'll be the kids you're iceball in perpetuity grown a boy with a strange place will be available later this year it's all there that the light. tommy lennon and i will talk down the road brother happy so happy. well absolutely honest always always want to see it and appreciate it not blow up and spend dennis miller cross what.
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why in the world does he think this is a positive idea for the united states. well i think you're playing exactly the role that a good journalist ought to know why did that happen in this exact moment there are all ready so much instability within the middle east that this is probably just one of the many voices on television right now that have ties to those the benefit from going forward thanks. to. our greed our greed i turn on the t.v. in the back the world of what's happening around me i see shills on the screen speaking in line 17 because the big news near it sits at a speed things too may be cool in small little enough was is the place for fabric
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cool is the make it would be off then in the store but i found it didn't work that open question sigh. he's a great movie that space civil strife climate change will be cool to see. mainstream wants to do was keep. watch still can't keep a silent critical poissy is full perspective question it's sad to see we don't take so long to. see america me real. oh. by.
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facebook's oversight board upholds the networks a ban on donald trump at least for now although critics question that the ruling impact on free speech. israel's opposition leader is given a mandate to form a new government possibly ending the term of benjamin netanyahu the country's longest serving prime minister. and as france marks 200 years since the death of the public debate rages on whether he was a hero who transformed europe or a villain who sponsible for millions of lost lives. there is a full news program in store for you next hour but in the meantime here's the latest episode of stay with us.


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