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tv   News  RT  May 5, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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hello there i'm an english man you're watching in question broadcasting from r.t. america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here today's top stories 1st we are following the money in u.s. elections next week piece with national who gave over 200000000 dollars to president biden and the democrats during the 2020 election are live panel breaks it all down for you and the world powers are calling for peace in colombia following deadly demonstrations that have left thousands injured we'll take you to the ground all right it's time to boost your news i.q. .
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our top story this hour there are new reports that a swiss billionaire quietly donated almost a quarter $1000000000.00 to groups aligned with the democratic party and its leaders raising questions about the influence of so-called dark money in american politics so who is this billionaire and how is he aligned with the dems are to use john hardy has the story. his name is hans york weeks the founder and former president and c.e.o. of synthes usa a medical device manufacturer born in switzerland but now living in wyoming wheezes long been known to be an active donor to environmental and political causes well a new york times report digs even deeper on his most recent donations writing that newly obtained tax filing show that quote 2 of mr we says organizations a foundation and a nonprofit fund donated 200 $8000000.00 from 2016 through early last year
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to 3 other nonprofit funds that doled out money to a wide array of groups that back progressive causes and help democrats in their efforts to win the white house and control of congress last year it's unclear if we says a u.s. citizen or permanent resident but foreign nationals without permanent residency are not allowed to donate directly to federal political candidates or political action committees pacs for sure but that doesn't stop the so-called dark money spending generally by nonprofit organizations that do not have to disclose their donors the ways foundations website describes itself as a private charitable foundation dedicated to supporting innovative lasting solutions that improve lives empower communities and strengthen connections to the land it goes on to write that we static aided his life to philanthropy by fostering new ideas and new tools for among other things medicine education the arts and land
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conservation but it's clear is donations go beyond those worthy endeavors he's also reportedly donated to a host of democratic candidates over the years and liberal think tanks such as the center for american progress whose chairman is john podesta a top aide to former presidents clinton and obama wiese also recently pulled out of a bid to take over the tribune publishing company so well leases love of the environment and other causes is clear his love of trying to steer the american political machine. it is also becoming even clearer for our to john. and joining us now to discuss for some international perspective we will talk with former u.k. m.p. george galloway and award winning writer and professor watkins gentlemen good to see you let me start over with you i know i've known you for years now over the years you have not shied away from blasting democrats when it's called for right when they're in the wrong they have railed against dark money for years since the
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citizens united ruling more than a decade ago but here they are reaping the rewards nancy pelosi nobody not no one in the mainstream media media has even touched this story what do you say to that. you know i think end of the day you can't be against something and then smile when he works in just a very loose is just another example of why we need. you know we need to reform the whole campaign system because inside money outside money it just money in general to control the people with the responsibility of creating policy going to stay in it so that you know yet the same deceived in the brain when talking about what republicans do what people on the right do the same energy i would bring the people on the less we just need reform and i know it was a crazy time you know we may not have been in america less if you know if we have 4
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more years a truck but we still need to play about a rules that we can talk about it you know i can certainly appreciate that i want to bring in one more voice to the conversation let's add in new york times best selling author and president of the phyllis schlafly eagle forum ed martin is here with us. since 26 we heard it from the laughed you know russian influence on our elections but now here we are turns out that there swiss influence on our elections . we often hear about george soros but here's this this swiss billionaire in wyoming who has basically kept a low profile i guess for decades he's a harvard graduate from the 1960 s. but we don't really know anything else about him what do you make of all of this. well there's a couple observations number one you brought up the russia you know just yesterday i think of that yet yesterday the the narrative machine the great american narrative machine which is big tech big media and big government rehash the russian
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hoax there's a judge who says oh my gosh it's still there and the mother reported something special it said one of the greatest hoax is perpetrated on the american people but very effectively done meanwhile we find out that this swiss citizen maybe he's american i don't nobody knows spend hundreds of millions of dollars look here's where left and right can come together dark money in politics needs to be given by the shine by the light of day but here's where it's my colleague just said as long as we get rid of trump i'm not sure right now that we're not in danger of losing this republican what we have the democrats brag to after the last election about florida finally election with tens of millions of dollars dark money where they went in they changed the rules most of the time it looks like at least that they have made it that it was legal but it wasn't it was dark money it was foreign money it was foreign influence and now we're just getting to the tip of the iceberg the bacolod i from joe biden is that he didn't know anything about all this stuff this is an outrage it should sit in his presidency but watch the narrative machine move
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on to the next thing and just kind of roll their eyes and we'll talk about joe biden pick and dandelions for his wife it's outrageous well george when you think of the swiss you think neutral right and though mr hans you are of mice doesn't represent the swiss government he clearly is not neutral and has objectives here in supporting one party in the us over the other do you think there is more than meets the eye here that it's not just a wealthy swiss immigrant donating money to push causes important to him can it be just that. well when i think of switzerland i think of the sweetest of deserves which we call a swiss rule this is one judge gunn tick swiss rule a swiss rule in ringback your a lecture which was dome of the by full solid gay shuns of russian interference from the 2 european countries interfering in your politics it just wasn't russia
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full marks on must sit through the new york times not my favorite publication this is a cracking piece of investigative journalism and it should bring the house down just said but we'll see if it does by the way it is perfectly possible that joe biden didn't know anything about any of this because he doesn't even know who really picked the lions of all things and on the do your wife are in public now for the record of people don't know dandelions are considered we said. maybe you guys are definitely weeds on the side of the pond and now now gentlemen mr mr vice sits on the board of the very last leaning think tank called center for american progress which was founded by the noted clinton acolyte john podesta the white house
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foundation and cap have now merged they are one in the same a woman called molly make you sick is the president of the vice foundation and coincidentally she was also a part of the biden transition team when joe biden took office so just how much influence do you believe mr rice might actually have in the policies that we're seeing coming out of capitol hill and from the white house and i'll give that to you 1st. well look and i can lump both parties together on this because i started on the republican national committee and over for all 3 of us usually 13 through 15 and i saw that the money you need to run for president it has to come from somewhere it comes from corporations it comes from individuals and both parties are in this trap one of the reasons why they hated trump because trump didn't need the money at least in 2016 the same way as another races but look the influence is obvious and i mean it's completely obvious now and let's be clear the left doesn't
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care about switzerland or america they're a globalist entity their dream is wrapped up in the e.u. and in multilateral deals and gutting american sovereignty and china is now out of the atlantic is running a piece that china is not so bad they're kind of have their own trouble they're not so bad look we're in a battle to keep america rather countries to keep their own country's forget about whether it's which or not here's what george said and george has lived this if you get a journalist that writes just story that's got real meat in it you've got to go to the bottom of it and if the government covers up what's happened and turns the other way it looks the other way we're talking about changing the very fabric of this republic because of this so you know again the democrats bragged in newsweek or time in december about how they were fortifying the election using this kind of money so let's follow the money it clearly made a difference by the way republicans do it you don't get me wrong but usually the smoking gun is not so clear as it is right now they want your take on this there is
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a clear link with the clintons john podesta straight over to joe biden. so you just urgent though we expose this issue and then we talk about it and if we push towards campaign reform again. in a democracy you should not be able to elections will without what i will say is. the way our previous president conducted himself has probably inspired so many parties outside of america. and tried to so it's all it's the election because it was just so ridiculous with the racism in the sexism in all of the different things they own done with what was known for was that being said it regardless if you get it we should be able to ferry which is here and we should not have politicians pay because this just makes the whole thing tainted it is just it's not good and i think this is a great opportunity for people on the left and right to get together it is fight
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against that because it's definitely needed yeah there could definitely be a chance for some bipartisan work together here in georgia and your final perspective from the outside looking over at the u.s. . well as oscar wilde said we are 2 people divided by a common language and the idea of that john podesta the clintons and joe biden left makes me laugh i've got to tell you if i thought they really were left i will not be on their side but they're not at all there's no such thing as a free lunch this billionaire are gave hundreds of millions of dollars for something and i think not something is said i'm sure we don't agree on hardly anything politically is the kind of globalist neo liberalism that is represented by people like mr weiss and i don't follow. or
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to kill our path and it has stalled america short america is on its knees sleeve because of the kind of politics represented by the clintons and the rest but the ultimate because for me as someone who defended russia through all of these false allegations that they were all looking at the wrong european country for whose stall america's i lecture yeah and and d. and ad i want to go back to for one more i'm just i'm really shocked right now that nobody on television right now is covering this story and why do you think that is and in this should be a huge story campaign finance outside money coming in why is nobody talking about it. didn't they
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just see this it was like a safety will be to. you know if you can speak to the beach use agencies because of the solutions lists. but i think we're missing the opportunity here to bring the country together everybody talks about units units units a really good measure to bring this together and this is one issue that we can get behind the elections need to be fair and i'll give you the final word. oh it's very easy they're all in on it all that all the cable news networks are all. in on it they're all in on this is this is a racket this is america's become a racket and they can't talk about true stuff they're going to run images of race riots when the american people there's no war racism in this country then there's mental let me from the moment it differently there are racists but we're not a racist country but what they have to do is hide the ball because the same people that made their money under bush cheney made it under obama biden and tried to make
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it under under out trump and they got him out and so now they're back to the same system and can i work at c.n.n. i was hired by c.n.n. i was fired by c.n.n. contributor these people are in on the racket they're not in it for the truth but they're in it for the money and the power and they'll do anything to keep that wind of a lot of power and money in the can continue to flow all right we've got to leave it right there gentlemen do you want to end george galloway and martin gentleman thank you for joining us. world powers coming together today and calling for a peaceful end to the escalating violence across colombia currently over a dozen people have been killed and almost a 1000 injured will discuss it and later at the 4th h.q. we're going to have takes us down to some of us really is top soccer we actually where one fire not the milestone goals right there right remember to keep up with all the latest news or catch up with anything you might have missed by downloading the portable t.v. apps and you can watch us whenever you want we'll be right back. i'm
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a journalist it's all i know being untruthful. people say i make a man come from good uses like a jackhammer good drill down i think find the truth the news with rick sanchez because it's time to do news again and question more. something for you your sports h.q. . i like it when the hosts ask a question for the guests and then actually listens to the guests answer and then react to that answer a folks that are still are here i've got a new show. the
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the door but the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on america's lawyer. re u.s. is closest ally in latin america is under intense pressure to clean up its act the colombian government says that 19 people have been killed and nearly a 1000 more injured in massive protests that have rocked the country this week but human rights organizations who have been under heavy attack by the colombian government say this figure is much higher the protests were sparked after an unpopular new taps was introduced although colombian president even though they rescinded that law people are still flooding the streets and paying a heavy price for it countries all over the world denouncing the colombian
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government actions and even u.s. lawmakers are calling on the colombian military to cease its heavy handed tactics colombia is latin america's largest recipient of u.s. military aid and the 5th largest recipient worldwide so joining us now to discuss is james patrick jordan he's the national coordinator for the alliance for global justice thank you for joining us james 1st human rights organizations on the ground are saying the situation is even more dire in is being reported what are you hearing. that is what i'm hearing it's much more dire the latest. statistics i have speak of 26 people who have been killed but that information it's over a day old. we diverted were reports of the at least 9 women who had been sexually violated by members of the armed force and especially the hated riot police. a
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pattern of shooting protesters in the eyes i hear reports from. different people in colombia and again i can't verify just that i'm syria crumbles simple people that say they had talked to family members who are in the military and are hearing that they have been given. orders to shoot to kill it's just brutal i also understand that i'm and again these are reports i'm hearing in real time from my contacts on the ground that i hear that there's been disruption of social media and i don't know that's true or not but i know that i'm getting less reports right now than i was just today even though they strike into neighboring these anecdotal stories are are very important for us at least here stateside to understand what's happening on the ground and you know what colombia is kind of the u.s. is dirty little secret a lot america i mean many would argue that their human rights situation is as
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a way worse in that region yet they are never the target of regime change efforts and it's just the opposite in fact they receive a great deal of support from the united states what's the situation like for activists and dissidents on the ground in colombia and why does the u.s. provide so much support to the colombian government. well i just want to say that i can't call about colombia parking about the most whale 1st of all and you're hitting on something very important here. the united states has a blockade against them swale it is using colombia as a base of operations for interference in venezuela and every time anyone has a hard time getting something to eat because of the blockade and been this way a lot we hear about hunger every time there's any kind of protests we hear about disruption human rights violations and so many times what we're hearing are lies
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and distortions but we never hear about what's going on in colombia we don't hear about the you know the thousands of children indigenous children died in hunger and longer hero because of transnational corporate practices we don't hear about how every day more than one person is being killed every day in colombia is a social movement leader participant in the peace process we don't hear about those and you ask why why because colombia is a lynch and a loyal servant in the designs of the u.s. and nato empire in latin america or around the world colombia has a close connection with the u.s. military colombia has. i don't know the latest is to stick smoke llambias train something like 50000. military personnel police personnel prison personnel in other countries especially since real american mexico but elsewhere they are
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partners with nato they have a trolled central american and west african c. spaces and sky spaces with the us military they've sent troops to afghanistan to yemen so they are the reason we don't hear about them is because they are such important partners in the empire in its quest to dominate the world for the privatization of resources that's simply what it is while some u.s. lawmakers are uncharacteristically denouncing the colombian government for their actions here why is that happening right now and what can come of bees denouncements. well fortunately there is a good strong hor of u.s. lawmakers who have taken trips stance on the colombia looting jim mcgovern has been the leader my congressperson role although i have had
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a good. record on that and these denouncements are very important i think they're having others having to do denounce the cause it's just so shocking but the reality is that there has been bipartisan support for increasing military and security aid to colombia even in the midst of this crisis in the midst of a brutal repression by the smog riot police were co-created by columbus by the united states government who were armed by the united states government even when they were committing massacres against protesters in bogota even as the humanitarian crisis and the murder of the social movement leaders has increased the u.s. congress passed an aid of military and security aid package to colombia that was the highest in 9 years so clearly both sides of the aisle are culpable in what's happening yeah absolutely we'll have to leave it right there james patrick jordan
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of the alliance for global justice thank you so much for joining us today thank you . over to the latest covenanting number as well why those cases topping 154000000 with about 3000000 reported that's a u.s. if the leading the way with the most confirmed cases about 32000000 here followed by india and brazil here stateside the death toll now just over 578000. and i strongly as prime minister says he's confident his country will soon accept flights from india once again the pas was originally called due to increased risks from the coronavirus which is currently ravaging india the country was attempting to reduce pressure on australia's system of hotel quarantines for return travellers currently australians who have been to india within 14 days face a potential 5 year prison sentence and a fine of over $50000.00 if they return home during this travel pas prime minister
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scott morrison says the ban will stay in place until may 15th. or let's head over to regina hamm of the sport h.q. a historic night for one star player over in the league it was a pretty good night for melbourne city striker jean mclaren well he's been on a hot streak in australia 18 games played this year he's not just 20 goals which is give or take about one goal a game so is the one on the road to perth glory mclaren while he hit the pitch and does what he does best score but perth will actually get this off it's going christopher economy to one such a control 2nd such openness these 3rd rifle it in her early one personal finances january 2026 months later the city answers that off the path taken down by curtis good he'll fire a shot at me i'm ready but oh no lou bob you're from the glory gets a touch on it that own goal there will equalize game one deleted neither man happy with what just happened remember jamie clarin well he started scoring in the 1st
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half stoppage time cross of scott galloway emma claire and believes going to get the opportunity to head this one in for his 180 goal city takes a 21 lead in while he's going to do it again in the 68th minute 2nd half to a gallop mclaren strikes again 1st touch from j. max the gallery into the box 2nd set the ball right past ready in the bottom left corner to make it 3 nothing also your final as mclaren becomes a fastest player a century of goals and a history that is pretty impressive. a 100 and his 101st goal monella like fastest striker ever to do so in the history of that league i have a question though do we know if scott galloway is any relation to our friend george galloway i am not sure but remember at one point the english did said people to that part of also you never know discord be a dissimilation you have not got a common name just that you are a banker that regina that's going to do it for us right now make sure you keep up with everything in question at all times by downloading the portable t.v.
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a free no obligation consultation on our complete line of affordable portable oxygen products can be anyone medicare or with eligible insurance plans to get an image in one ad little. call 805536952805536952. folks that's up one dennis miller plus one we're going to talk to a good cat that i'm short he wrote night at the museum night at the museum to it so be at some point that he's an actor he's good in everything and in the odd couple remake with matt perry but the guy has so many credits as i am deep deep pages like
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you know. 800 entries and do it good guy tom lennon started out in that great comedy sketch troupe the state will pick his mind about his new young adult novel series he's got come out and all that went to collect that guy tom lennon right up to the dennis miller plus one. a folks welcome to dennis miller plus one we're joined by a good irish boy this kid works as a kid he's 50 i.c. but i'm telling you i looked at his i am deed b it's like when julian epstein julius epstein had a kid he's an actor writer director best known through his role opposite that and perry in the odd couple.


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