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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  May 4, 2021 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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oh look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders are conflict with the 1st law just that we should be very careful about our there's the intelligence at that point all the great trust our government shia. areas in with artificial intelligence responding to. the obama must protect its own existence and existence. greetings and salutations as u.s.
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president joe biden wrapped up in a bit full 1st 100 days in office he hits sample high marks biden signed into law a 1.9 trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill he's pushing full speed ahead on a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure and jobs plan and $200000000.00 kovacs in shots were successfully administered but it's not all rainbows and butterflies biden's approval rating overall is 54 percent according to yahoo news but americans view the country as more divided than united since by took office race relations are at a boiling point following the george boyd protests the derricks to open trial verdict and continued murders of unarmed black americans at the hands of the police. biden can't seem to find consensus on police reforms or civil rights broadly and with razor thin margins democratic control of the house in the senate substantive change is highly unlikely. it doesn't help that people like republican senator tim scott doesn't believe america has a race problem seriously in
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a goody bag speak to republican talking points scott had this to say america is not a racist country. despite scott being dead wrong ironically leading democrats fighting institutional racism and declaring black lives matter echoed his comments here's looking at you president biden and vice president camila harris even house majority whip jim clyburn joined in saying quote we should stop arguing about whether or not this is a racist country it's not and on another front biden has his work cut out for him in trying to pass and gain public support for his 2.3 trillion dollars american jobs plane the plan has everything including an expanded definition of infrastructure the biggest chunk of the $1.00 trillion dollars would go towards transportation and community building the remainder of more than 180000000000 would involve investments in research and development workforce manufactory and elder
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care but it faces an uphill battle by knows this and is taking to the streets to gain support for the plain can it work it's time we start watching the hawks. she wonders what's going on a cd you street you want to. listen to what you see see the prices you always state and see all these drone strikes mass graves see this sleaze systemic deception leak so which is the way some feel as. welcome everybody to watching the hogs i'm east across cairo is on vacation joining me now is an all star panel featuring britney lee lewis professor of african-american history at george washington university preston mitchum policy director with urge unite to reproductive and gender equity and rob richardson host of the disruption now pockets welcome everyone good to be here 1st of all i'm going to see you britney biden's 1st 100 days in office they were not
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a real walk in the park he came in under that outrage of an illegitimate election false claims of an election fraud and an insurrection not to mention a country in shambles overcoat 19 how do you manage expectations and is he on track with bringing america back. you know over all these i think he's doing the best that he can considering the circumstances that he came into i mean we certainly are getting the virus under control we have he literally has over essential we give it he's he's given us way more than he said he was going to get in terms of these coke and vaccines and so many more americans are able to enjoy their enjoy their work lives again and enjoy family and elderly are able to hang out with each other so i think you certainly go in the right direction and i think one of the biggest in doing is of course the infrastructure proposal i think that has huge implications for us as we continue to battle on the competitive market our national stance for hearts to the railways clean water and energy. and piggybacking
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off of that president president biden is pushing a $2.00 trillion dollar american jobs plan it's taken hits from the left and the right for its cost and an expanded definition of infrastructure how can he sell it and do you think that that redefining of infrastructure helps or hurts the point. well but he sells it by doing what he's done i thought he's done a really good job actually framing it around jobs and we are at this point i thought a very interesting other that the republican party always found religion when it comes to deficits after they run up the largest deficits in history like they do this every single time you look back without exception every president before a democratic president suddenly they run up the deficit hardly come out oh my god the deficit the deficit we have a crumbling infrastructure and you just look at we focus back on the fact that yes we need to it's probably still not enough but it's but this is a really really good start and no matter what republicans say they're going to find a reason to be against it no matter what joe manchin says republicans are not going
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to vote for it they can do everything that republicans are saying right now i'll say this unequivocally they can do everything the republicans are saying they won this bill and the republicans will find another reason not to pass it so democrats have to get on board to say their goal is to pass things republicans job is to make sure the democrats don't get things accomplished it has nothing to do on the republican side and helping the american people has everything to do with making president biden look bad and it democrats could actually understand that it's just frame train frame the issue we're trying to create jobs we're trying to make sure that we have bridges that don't fall we're trying to create cheap are not we don't know they keep america safe but let's actually invest in infrastructure for the 21st century because look it's not just about roads and bridges to be to be effective you need you need broadband that's part of infrastructure you need a digital infrastructure as well so when you stop having these old arguments and job i need to continue to do what he's doing i need to be more bold about it and i need to get joe manchin and forgot the other senator from arizona but these people
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who just get off the satellite actually support america stop playing games and ease the pressure on them that's what he's doing i don't know how you do it but that means they have because they need to ask that they quit playing games that's bad and preston it's the quote heard around the world america isn't a racist quote is that a racist country that made headlines as a black man in an era of racial reckoning echoing his. believes that racism is essentially an illusion and surprisingly harris joe biden and jim cliburn all democrats seemingly agree with him president you recently wrote an article titled the united states is was and will always be racist can you expound on that and your sentiments regarding harris and joe biden support of a very questionable argument. it's short and thank you for having me what's incredibly disappointing though likely not surprising is the regurgitation of the g.o.p. talking points even by democrats quite frankly you know rob has a really great point and it is that whenever we have democrats that are you know
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elected into office so for example the white house would use this delicate balance of really trying to centrist white and frankly don't care about our viewpoints anyway no matter what we do they're going to continue to believe whatever they believe in the. democrats no matter what the policy or law is so on this particular case dog was not surprised by president harrison president biden's affirmation of scott's statements what i was particularly concerned was was the fact that what we talked about in the statement was notions of white supremacy but if racism doesn't exist then who are the white supremacists who hold onto white supremacy and let them by the ether so one whole bunch of these institutions and someone holds on to their personal beliefs and ideologies of racism you know racism as we know it it's not about he trip right there it's instead she is systemic and i think what he really recognized that racism is not just about state actors it's about the
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individual's ability to actually let the system actually systems of racism and there's a particular reason why black and brown communities are desperate for further ostracized and it's not by our own doing is because it's to me harm by years of racism that exists today and i want to love to bring oh sorry go ahead rob quickly even even the problem with this is that the problem with when president biden and vice president harris go along with this narrative is that it undercuts the argument that they're making so ok so let's let's take the infrastructure built in the actual infrastructure bill there are things to address the racist policies of the highway system literally whole communities black communities just through it destroyed because we said well those communities don't matter. when you. talk about trying to do police reform one of those issues that's because of racism the reason why officers are aren't typically for shooting an unarmed black man a black woman is because we don't value our lives what are we talking about when you answer the question so the future argument goes that you agree with me they'll
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say doesn't exist so why do you keep talking about racism then they're going to star studded it over them so and we're out we're going to have to leave it there i'm definitely going to be inviting you all back this is being great rob richardson preston mitchell and brittany leader louis thank you so much. america's immigration system has been ripe for form for over 4 decades politicians on both the left and the right and everywhere in between have promised to strengthen our borders create a less cumbersome path for immigrants on the road to citizenship and restructure asylum policies yet year after year the u.s. falls flat in keeping its immigration reform promises secretary of state anthony blinken told 60 minutes in an interview sunday night the bight administration inherited a totally broken system the surge at the border is not a republican fantasy it's very real guys in march more than 17000 migrants were
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taken into custody the highest number in 2 decades much of the surge is driven by desperation and false information provided by traffickers who say the u.s. border is open and as you can recall migrant families being separated from their children was a trending topic throughout the top administration. a handful of those families could be united as early as this week 4 families will be we can apply through a task force created by president biden but advocates aren't going to party just yet immigration attorney alan moore joins us now with more on this developing story glad to have you allan. thank you for having me i think the story of the day with regard to the poor families is that maybe finding ministration didn't do as much as they're claiming do at this point but a lot was done by the community service individuals to sort of meet the need and this really has. to be re-united and whether broken system or not you're now in charge of it and that's the way government works what do you do about it the real
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question is how are you going to fix it and success story for them is that actually there are 82 percent down on immigrants they were holding at the southern border but the problem remains of the high impact of deportations that they're doing to black immigrants across the board specifically haitians when haiti is in a turmoil at this time and place so we're looking at where they're buying in ministration to sort of step up and do exactly what they said they would do just return american to humane system and while today you heard that they've increased the number of refugees back to the original number that he said during the campaign america still expects less immigrants overall refugees regular green card holders than almost half of the most powerful biggest nations are a nation smaller than us in the world less than switzerland less than australia less than canada so it's time for us to really step into the new generation is starting. to start rebuilding united states. alan what do you feel are some of the reasons why we're seeing growing numbers of migrants at the border and what can we
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bide administration do to combat or slow the search. so i think becoming a cult of search might not be the best way to perpetrate but i understand that the media the way the media sees it it seems like i mean books but it's always have been this way one of the best ways to do it is exactly what the vice president is doing which is trying to stabilize the region but as we understand the climate change even if united states we're seeing strains whether it's right now in georgia are causing people to lose or to move from where they are shortages as well as work shortages so the best solution would be if there were a legal path for these individuals to come in to work and in return then that would be fine because right now what we see is there are a lot of jobs that are going to make it in the holes. in hotel cleaning because americans feel as if that's not the work they want to do. and we need immigrants to sort of come in and build that back labor as well as we can progress on the top and to do teaching to our students as well as the element that we see happen over again
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which companies such as google and apple sort of pull our infrastructure back in keeping people out there keeping immigrants out only means you keeping the global production out of the united states and other things are going to happen in other places like canada. and alan what are some of the administration's plans to advance copperhead comprehensive immigration reform like you just spoke of we heard a few weeks ago that biden placed vice president kamel harris at the forefront of curbing immigration and unaccompanied children can a diplomatic anti-poverty and international development lands help border security and enforcement. so i think we're looking at it this is always been the game with the republican party to talk about enforcement we're really talking about immigration and if you remove the concept of thinking of someone other as a threat then you really don't have that security or because it's really someone who wants the miles is not really. great to the united states or people who are sort of looking for food or to reunite their families that's a talking point is sort of divide people and to make them look as if they're going to take something the problem is
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a with the white house or even with the democrats the problem ari continually has been the republicans and joe manchin and christine said we're not getting behind sort of making this happen dreamer's we've been talking about for 2 years and they haven't passed as we move closer to the midterms once again politicians are going to be politicians and start talking about what they're going to do rather than doing what they can do and what we need to step up right now is the senate because the house has already passed a number of immigration bills that are sitting in the senate they could be passed we easily passed dreamers right away we can easily deal with t.p.s. right away and there's no level 1000000 people waiting for years to get a resolution to whether they can afford their ration system or if there's something else going to happen what what our government is doing right now is nothing with regard to immigration and that's not ok congress not a lot of things are moving in congress and that's becoming how i bought his leadership once with republicans but now it's democrat thank you so much for joining me al and i will definitely have to have you back on possibly even later
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this week thanks so much thanks so much. as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hogs on demand to the brand new portable t.v.'s available on all platforms coming up. we'll dive into the n.f.l. draft in british sports boycotting social media stay tuned to watch the hawks. so what males have tended to do and still do is is we tend to we certainly have empathy and all of that but we also tend to do nurture through aggression so we create things like like soccer and football and you know all of the various hundreds of games that involve aggression now women are aggressive and can play
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those games no doubt very well but when you go back to why they were created those games were created for males to nurture other males to aggression and to teach them how to be empathic few aggression. he said 2 at the garage. for good and the. other the. one. but on the but i'm going to. the song that this is from you soon you. should learn to be the one to screw up you'll still be stuck or your muscles in the quest for your business but above she says will create if you go to the. moon before going into business to do much good. we think she
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minds be soviet soldiers she's off the beach she's wearing. a huge wedge so the sold out so quickly move to oppose them when you're more than a movie that you're going to be sure stuck with summarizing the police force. you couldn't go anywhere in america over the past few days without getting caught up in the n.f.l. draft bugs the f.e.c. came out big especially for those alarms of the university of alabama all in all 5
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quarterbacks were taken in the 1st round of the 2021 in f.l. draft and that total doubled by weekends in beijing their stories and their hopes for the future show brightly across our television screens well until they got upstaged by green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers who might not be donning the green and gold for much longer. but there is more buzz in sports than the draft lightweight boxer video faces federal charges and british sports are set to boycott social media he will tell us more is our sports producer regina hamm glad to have your gina thanks for having me well regina we know that the draft is always full of surprises this year was no different it felt slightly predictable but before all that there was a shocking twist with someone who wasn't even part of the draft class can you recount. all rogers it was called rogers gave you heard it here 1st aaron rodgers kind of a shock to the football world by saying you know what i'm i'm good i've had enough in green bay i would like to leave and everybody's brain collectively probably
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imploded i mean i know that your guy i know by he has legitimate reason they drafted a project in last year's draft so green bay could be positioning him for his way out and maybe he's just like i don't want to sit around me for this to happen a piece on this things like a bread car redux all over it is very much the same cycle you know people just think he's going to jeopardy that's going to give up but coming to the draft you know it was no surprise for larson 1st overall or meyer was touting that for weeks we all knew it 1st and 2nd picture was usually pretty predictable the jets drafted a quarterback known as the mormon holmes and he went to the you after that things got interesting not the harris you know as one of the heartwarming stories of the draft he was homeless with his 4 siblings for a couple of years in the area and his draft party most the players have a draft party was held at the shelter he lived at and he wanted to give the kids there that special experience and that is one of the things that the n.f.l. draft you get these amazing stories that come out of college football and that was one of them you go you know what i'm really glad to see that absolutely i think
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that i was probably one of the strongest feel good story in there so while watching the draft i think that that when stuck with a lot of people from a high point to a low point you know when you're on the disc we always start high and sometimes we go really low point boxer is facing federal charges in the death of rodriguez who was pregnant when she died. he is no longer mentioned by top rank boxing on their website and the company released a statement in support of mr rodriguez what can we take from this quick response by top rank and what might it mean for other athletes accused of equally or when describes so it's a really sad story to hear this come out you know 1st of all the fact that mr de ho was married so this is not the woman he was marriage is the woman he had an affair with allegedly he had kidnapped her and killed her thrown her over horrific things . and the response very quickly has organised. it literally is no mention of him on the web site anymore images of coming back out nothing their response was we hope this you know the killer is brought to justice and then it's over his family has
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a bit of closure which you know when someone deeply close to you is murdered there is not a lot of closure and the bigger issue is here in social media discussion of oh maybe because he was a boxer maybe it was concussion driven maybe there was you know he had some p.t.s.d. from something in the brain that is all well and good and could legitimately be an issue however to go off and kill somebody like this is very heavy and for sports leagues you've seen men commit acts of domestic violence against women in leagues all across the country and they don't get this have been clear as much as this ray rice took weeks for disciplinary action to happen and i think this could be as sad of an example as it is in the sports world when you have incidents like this whether it is someone who is issues the beaten by a spouse you know a sexual partner or even murdered this is how this is how you react to something like this do you think that this might lead to some change on some of the other leagues and even within the same league because this is this is like we know that
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you know a lot of heavyweights have been accused of doing things as well you have not seen this type of response you know you have it and i think that's the thing is there kind of that example that we will not tolerate this type of behavior and that is something you do not see a lot of places and you don't see a lot of leads organizations even you know you see if something happens you're gonna hear. about it you're our age and then 10 seconds later you're like well what was the consequence and they're like oh no consequence ok great because that's what we're used to so hopefully as sad as murder was her memory hopefully will serve as a way for athletes to be held accountable for their actions. good thing for everyone. so moving on to british athletics racism in british athletics it isn't surprising but now athletes are preparing to boycott our major social media facebook instagram twitter. this comes on the heels of you know a lot of advocacy being used against these social media platforms what do you think can come of this in terms of not only revenue but are there are there issues
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associated with british sports that are going to be elevated by this blocking of social media so this is the 1st time the british soccer especially has been in the forefront of this question of racism it has gone on for decades but now you're having a lot of players like thierry henry he was an arsenal goalkeeper he won all social media a month ago this year 2 months ago actually saying quote tomorrow morning i'll be removing myself from social media and to the people in power able to regulate their platforms with the same vigor and for us who they currently do when you infringe copyright players have gotten harassed and after a bad game they've gotten death threats their families have been threatened mainly athletes of color the play for british soccer and manchester united they've also been saying since $2900.00 they've seen a 350 percent increase in racism towards their players harassment towards their players so since friday to now about 7 pm our time they are boycotting social media saying we are not going to allow this reason to continue and even put out their own statement saying we support this initiative to cut ties of social media to block
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out social media to highlight that in football there is no place for racism and they strongly condemn it which are big words from the governing body of soccer however this is going to keep going on 446 instances alone last year as ocean is like no we're really taking it off players like your d.m.'s aren't your boss your boss to control what is offensive language are not catching you the horrendous things which we want to show you because they are vital and we know that's i mean that's even a problem here in sports we saw all the all of the vitriol that came out le bron james just a. lot of it was race based and quite terroristic in nature and social media that's a funny thing where they're saying funny in a sense they're like we're going to we're going to stamp out racism are going to stamp out all these horrific things whereas you want the all my. community be a safe place really are not making it safe you know because if at all you're allowing these things that i pose to check out the hamilton somehow and get banned ok. let's be mindful to. have his own regulations.
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the 2020 presidential election is not going to be forgotten not just because of the president from shenanigans on the campaign trail denial of the covert 1000 threat and subsequent spreading of the election fraud big. just over a month after the 2020 presidential election an app called robo killer gave us all a peek into how campaigns of advocacy groups were using texts and calls to give a window into the race the app was supposed to block incessant and unwanted automated calls and text but it successful as a wasn't stopping calls the text they just kept coming by the end of september 2020 republicans sent 1800000000 text and democrats 902000000 swing states got double the text attention this move was designed to target younger voters those who cut the cord or skip t.v.'s and found other ways to avoid political messages mobile carriers t. mobile and are hitting back against me messages and political campaigns on
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a mean. they're walling out changes on who can send text and how much same d.l.c. 10 digit long quote require high volume text services to register with the campaign registry the registry will impose higher fees for messengers who don't register and in many cases blocked them completely this new effort could clear up your text inbox for messages you actually care about. and that is our show for you today and remember everyone in this world we're not told we're loved enough so i tell you i love you i am in the process people are watching the hawks and have a great day and night everyone. separatism plus despotism we've got going on around the world and all these different it's so obvious down to everybody including the rank and file politicians
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that the money printing causes the poverty rate increases the think of a gap and increases the unemployment and the social misery that comes with it. secret prisons and usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived we've been busy rosol there were too few houses were. preserved was located and the only people had access to the story from investigators covered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. you great ignore. for justice. system. while
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give easy vasan this us. war union said yes it's. rational and. desirable of the teeth. pulled. should. be outnumbered a lot about this more than at. all .
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the headlines issues the evening after a year of isolation the e.u. seeking to open its doors to tourists but i need for those who receive jobs approved by brussels to come to us government marks world press freedom day by attacking other countries freckle what's on the journalism rights and freedoms and fines or imprisonment or whitest writing citizens returning home from india we hear from some who feel they have been abandoned by their government. were extremely disappointed with the ruling that they're holding strips he did someone who's losing their family members are losing jobs that i think is an extra. putting on people.


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