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sure. this bill frist would have given it to them. but i think it was this is the. president of france vows not to give up the fight against islamic terrorism after female officer is killed at a police station outside paris. also to come out and his reputation suffers another blow to relatives of the woman who died off to getting its job sue the vaccine maker we hear from her family's annoy. him professor makes a native there was no warning about the risk of his own the information sheet or in
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the informed consent room russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman told sister channel joy why you failures have damaged the inoculation campaign. politicisation ties they have e.u. officials tied the hands of unjust trailers and businesses and ultimately turned the hands of the own people the you went against the interests of its own members. bring you the very very latest this is art international to have your continue so. i'm not actually let's stop at this hour in france where a female officer has been killed in a knife attack at a police station in the outskirts of paris the attacker was shot and killed by police at the scene the prime minister of france says that the stopping was a terrorist attack. this department has already been affected by attacks
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against officials for example the. taki 2016 and more recently the nation of some party our determination to fight terrorism. is more intact than ever as you heard the prime minister of france has said this is a terror attack and president himself said we will not be giving up the fight his words against islam is terrorism it's going to take you through the details of what we know about what happened on friday off. which is about 40 miles to the west of paris we understand that a 49 year old police officer was returning from lunch where she had been confronted by a man just outside the station we understand he followed her in and then proceeded to attack her with a knife when one of the places where he stopped was the fact that he apparently slit her throat now on doing so colleagues then aimed at him and show him.
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we understand that the female victim the police officer was the 49 year old mother to. her name was definitely being reported. that was the victim of this attack the attorney we understand to be a 37 year old who supposed to be a museum national who came to france back in 2009 we know that the incidents been taken by the anti terrorism prosecutors who are now be looking at all the details surrounding what happened in the lead up to this latest attack in france we've also been hearing many tributes flowing to the area. in memory of stephanie was killed in that attack today including this from president. she was a police officer stephanie was killed in her rumble
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a police station on the already damaged land of evelyn the nation stands alongside her family colleagues and law enforcement in the fight against islamist terrorism we will not give up but there is anger to anger that this is yet another dog day for france mocking the pen who's the leader of the national rally here in france has accused the government over extreme and excessive tolerance when it comes to the fight against islamic terrorism let's have a look now back at some of the events that have been folded in france over the last 6 years when the country has been and don't cloud of islam is terrorism.
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as a result of this latest attack which has seen the death of a police officer in every in just on the outskirts of paris the interior minister has now said that security is being stepped up outside police stations and turned on the big buildings here we fronts but many might also be questioning how that attack go was able to get in so i just you were area inside the police station and killed an officer in front. well i guess broke down the details of the tragic incident for us. the you believe in is the area where sent back to the professor
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who was decapitated for having shown the caricaturists of muhammad to his students to teach them about tolerance i mean you could say that region be your brain so like send son to me here and little falls around paris return which is very islamic. on many muslims there are a large number of muslims in this instance they go on astonished that mr guest thinks and mr donohue mr interior and immediately that it's a terrorist act because usually they say the person who did it is. ill seriously ill but they don't admit that it is a terrorist act immediately it's the same me in germany to say me in most european countries they try to hide the reality of the figures right because that is gaining a lot of ground so you have another scene in the soviet called truck which you have
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a lot of must love of muslim business mr says and where like someone that cannot go . in the restaurant saw it that's that's. part of that people are a life we don't not we still not what pushed him to do that because he was completely unknown he he wasn't even as it as a radical islamist he was under what under control nobody could guess that he would do that i think those people. you talk on the internet they bought this radical islam propaganda and one day they just they just start to act and they kill people . astra zeneca faces unequal proceedings often italian woman died after receiving that covert maxine her family is now taking action against the multinational corporation. the 55 year old music teacher from sicily got her shot on march the 11th but within days medical checks showed that blood clots were
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forming in her body and brain she fell into a coma and died less than a month later her brother says she had no previous health issues. my sister was in excellent health some tests were done on her and came back negative she had no diseases and she was perfectly fine protests also found them a sister was not at risk from bosis she was happy to get the vaccine and then after 7 days all the symptoms mentioned by the enemy began and she develops from brisas she began to feel very ill and after another 2 days during which she was hospitalized her condition resulted in a cerebral hemorrhage and after 3 rounds of surgery she died. also it adds to others already filed across europe against the u.k. swedish company it also comes amid the suspension of the rollout of the astra zeneca job in some countries over blood sagas however medical experts including the world health organization still says the benefits outweigh the risks and the
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deceased woman's brother says her family supports the inoculation program. we are not attacking vaccines absolutely not fact scenes are indispensable i have vaccinated myself i am a doctor my patients also vaccinated and so my other family members who want truth and clarity because it should not be possible for a person like mr who is in excellent health to die from the vaccine the warnings from astra zeneca and the email came later and not when my sister received the shot so that's why we're asking for the truth she said. there were deaths before and after professor to to react died and there are investigations into those in this case i can say that after professor gives this autopsy my consultants concluded a lack of previous diseases it raises disturbing questions because when professor got lexan ate it there was no warning about the risk of this on the information
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sheet or in the informed consent form which are many plans to ramp up deliveries of russian covert vaccines as it and all the e.u. countries face shortages also is to channel r.t. toy charles talked to russian foreign ministry spokeswoman marie as horrified about the blogs problems and she blamed brussels for playing politics. it would. let's be realists the european union simply last time it could have been a leader in an occupation and a leader in vaccine production but they didn't happen why politicisation tied their hands e.u. officials tied the hands of industrialists and businesses and ultimately to the hands of the own people you went against the interests of its own members and i don't know whether you are allowed to talk about this in the e.u. but this is the objective reality it's a fact just like the fact that called it in 2020 highlighted the immense problems in the european union and in the west in general the u.
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has not been able to do with a worldwide catastrophe but it's not like we haven't had them before yes the world hadn't dealt with the ground in of planes and border closures on such scale but the world has dealt with fund diamonds before and it turns out the those who call themselves leaders of the world aren't that at all is just chest thumping in terms of the european union specifically germany france and many other countries and also the us couldn't offer anything to the world as an example of dealing with the pandemic unfortunately they didn't live up to the task neither in the economic terms nor socially nor in terms of development and implementation of vaccines that's not how a real leader does it. the german chancellor has had to defend herself before a parliamentary committee after promoting a scandal hit payments found while visiting china 2 years ago why a card is currently investigating a 1000000000 euro for case of the german ministers also being dragged into the
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scandal peter all of the story. well the german government has been answering questions this week about the now defunct and insolvent financial services and payments company why a card on tuesday it was the turn of the economics minister peter out to speak to the committee on thursday we heard from finance minister or left scholtz he said the government had absolutely nothing to do with what he called a case of large scale fraud on friday it was the turn of german chancellor angela merkel who was fielding questions about a 2019 trip she took representing the german government to china speaking to the bundestag select committee she said that she wasn't on toward li influenced by lobbyists when she spoke on the cards behalf now why a card last summer announced that it had a a 1900000000 a year a hole in its accounts and a number of board members as well as senior members of the company currently facing
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criminal charges. well the chancellor said that the $29.00 team trip to china was to discuss a number of political issues with chinese president xi she being but she has come in for criticism from some members of the bundestag you were part of this investigative committee saying that the chancellor went above and beyond for a company that has since found itself accused of serious financial crime. the success of the lobby machine surrounding wire cart between the lobbying of the chancellor when she actively supported a criminal organization like wire cart during her trip to china. despite internal
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warnings in public to poor angela merkel not. for wire card in china the support to wire cards from the federal chancellor east terrifying. points in time the chancellor should not have lobbied for the company but rather the prosecutor and the police should have marched in and searched the premises. steps down as german chancellor later this year but the twilight of 16 yo rain has been beset by lobbying scandals involving c.d.u. c.s.u. conservative union bloc earlier this year several m.p.'s were forced to clear their desks and get out of the offices immediately following lobbying scandals involving p.p. and mosques as well as having taken payments in order to lobby on behalf of as a big. us as under heavy activists pressure to slash police funding in the wake of high profile killings by officers but huge numbers of
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americans do say that such political agendas leave them vulnerable to crime as r.t. is capable pen reports. there are children is now behind bars but many americans don't seem to view him as simply a bad apple the idea that all police are irredeemable seems widespread among liberal politicians it wasn't an accident policing in our country is inherently and intentionally racist no more policing incarceration and militarisation it can be reformed congresswoman elano maher laid out what her agenda is for dealing with the police 1st demilitarize the police with protests becoming more intense some argue now is not the time to tie the hands of the officers then there are steps to criminalize violence against protesters now we can all agree about peaceful protesters but what about those who burned buildings or engage in property destruction next stage disband and deconstruct police stations now in some parts of
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the country they are taking that literally and portland we saw protesters disengage and the light of police union building on a grand scale if it's what they want which is the reduction or elimination of law enforcement you know you can see on the streets you will get survival of fittest you will get the american who knows them to find themselves defending against those who don't in the lesser of it you're going to get a complete lack of morale which is going to lead to just men and women who sit in their cars and collect a paycheck and the proactive law enforcement which will be done by presence only will only completely lead to more crimes and the only people going to urge the community so people are not really thinking they're thinking out of motion and the politicians are 100 percent capitalizing office and it's going to be the people who suffer the most now police chasing down suspects on foot is something you can see in all kinds of t.v. and movies but the mayor of chicago now says it may be time to get that arrest no one should die as a result of a foot chase now of course this raises some questions say
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a woman's purse is so that the police then have to call and ask permission before chasing down the perpetrator. police feel that they are being demonized and in some cases they are resigning saying that the atmosphere is too restrictive polls show that a large percentage of americans do fear that a shortage of police officers could result in chaos nationwide los angeles has seen an 80 percent increase in shootings we now have the mayor a democrat calling for an increase in the police budget reversing the cuts in the police department made at the height of the black lives matter protests last year this is purely political for the reason that the systemic racist problem in law enforcement isn't the american police officer it's just the system is the politicians who make the laws it's it's to the prosecutors in the defense attorneys but nobody wants to talk about that so the easiest pawn to play in this whole game is the police officer or the easiest one to wind up attacking because they're the
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front line in between the community and ultimately what happens to the community member the police and the public have a relationship and if one party is always abused and criticized and the other party refuses to take accepting accountability for what they're doing you're going to get the one side that just ultimately throws up their arms and walks away so to be honest whatever the american police choose to do if it's stand down or if it's all in all give up or tire resign walk away then no one should really be shocked what's happening the morale is going to be massively low and you're going to get men and women who are completely unappreciated walking and good luck to whatever happens in america we have all seen the horrendous videos of police shootings anger is completely justified and reform is long overdue but there is still another question what will replace them that is what has many americans very nervous caleb mop and hearty new york. all your chips found fault with out team yet again this time cracking form different videos on our english language paper citing kind of it
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and us election misinformation it was an immediate and clear though what exactly had been counted as a violation. well joining me now in the studio. with the details what i thought that they haven't clarified have they clarified or am i wrong no no there's there's no clarification so the reviews for different reasons and they really have very vague reasons as to why they were banned so one of the videos with with a very famous a legendary russian vajrayana just miter involved this is this is a fellow who for decades you know made huge strides in the field of. in the field of exploring and understanding viruses how pandemics begin the transmission of viruses he himself discovered dozens of different strains viral straits so this is a guy who knows what he's talking about these are world health organization experts and there was a video of him in an interview which was titled mosques won't protect you and in it
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they obviously didn't talked out of mass they didn't say that mosques are useless or that you shouldn't wear masks they basically expand explain how the pandemic would you know unfold what the dangers are and that ultimately as easy to the truth the simple fact that masks are the protective shield that invulnerability field so you can still become infected i mean masks are very good for the general public to sort of you to slow the spread of infection never the less just because of the talent will you too bad video presumably presumably because it didn't give a specific reason the other 2 videos the bad and 2 more even more ludicrous so here we have videos of protests just protests in the you came birmingham in london where people are coming out to protest the lockdowns the quarantine all the measures the restrictions that have taken effect in the u.k. because of the pandemic and just because we shoot them just because we shoot people
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charged in that covert you know is a lawyer whatever crazies conspiracy theorists you tube has decided. that violates. their guidance the w.h.o. guidance local health service are you mentioned we know that the video is accused of disseminating medical misinformation so pretty me they've been tough on other. videos as well but the videos have to use god and says that they have to explicitly explicitly that now i w 2 guidance a local health authorities guidance which they didn't this is a video this is news so you're filming news you're filming something happening the big brutus violence violence at a protest you know this is something that the public should know should know the public is interested in that there's a huge protest thousands of people. getting in a fight with police but just because someone is holding up a poster or shouting that you know something silly about duvet the entire video is
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unwelcome on you tube and it can get you a strike even if you are a massive organization but the point here is that again this is selectively targeting r.t. because you have thousands of thousands i checked just before we came on there i checked there are thousands of videos. on you tube denying the qubit pad having the 9 virus the science behind that that measures the restrictions the 9 mosques the mocking everything that has happened even the victims of the pandemic and yet there they are i mean i can't sit here and personally say that you tube isn't bad in others but they are there there are there are thousands of videos online so artie's english language page isn't as pretty much the only one seems at this stage have come under fire well this is the biggest major major outlet the you know we've we've heard of put. this is the 2nd this month i'm sitting here talking about
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allergies you tube channel being banned to having the strikes the previous time this month was the channel was taken down for a parent called we were. when. and then brought back up in the matter in a matter of hours but there we made the point that he is targeted specifically very often for things that no other chattel no other holding media holding is directed for i mean the same things you can see on other outlets the same protests the same videos but here again r t do each which is a completely different organization registered to a completely different was also struck with another violation so they had a video of a protest in melbourne australia where you again didn't say what exactly it is that the video was banned for and why the channel was given to strike a 2nd strike but the video you see chewed a protester crazy protest shouting while being dragged away by the police that is
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a lie which it obviously isn't but because of that moment somehow you to believe that we should have issued a warning a statement that what he's saying is incorrect this is just a video alive of what was happening there here according to the same logic if you don't want to be a nazi or if you want to if you want to ruin any video any love she will have to say who does ludde automatically get the author so the person who posted the video bad doesn't make very much sense nevertheless there is this this trend of you tube you know going after t.v. news even if many other outlets and chattels post the same thing r.t. is signal that while it's a bit of an irony the few hours are new to us while there is good news channels on your share but each of us all doesn't like us so bit of a quandary for us about was cast have in the studio with me bring very latest.
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mind you with athletes taking many worldwide in support of the black lives matter movement all eyes are on the olympic games in tokyo a body representing international athletes is apparently encouraging dissent at this summer's event saying that such actions are about the freedom of expression but the move by the world players association contradicts the international olympic committee's longstanding rule 50 prohibiting protest were under the rule athletes must not protest display preschool gestures at the podium and in ceremonies while players association has promised legal backing for those sanctions over protesting at games but the i.o.c. is insisting on neutrality the political neutrality of the olympic games is a way to protect athletes from political interference and exploitation one of those advocating a revision of rule 50 is sebastian coe the president of wild athletics he believes that after each should be given the right to make gestures of political protest
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during the games the international olympic committee's decision has already come under fire from some 20 users. and council the olympics already pretty disappointed in the lympics committee planning to punish athletes who've taken the will put a fist up in the common expressions that are connected and to restart eulogy at the take you games through you can more about promoting tolerance and the quality and to racism is a good thing in 2 races just not be punished for the i.o.c. to think again. let's cross now to chris for horace he's from on hyphenated america an organization promoting cultural cohesion and diversity chris welcome to the program and not the thing i want to ask you is that before people used to say while the olympic games as a sporting event you know politics has got nothing to do with why is that idea
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become controversial now. because cultural marxism has taken root across the world but let me tell you about just the owns we can go back to 1936 and jesse owens who lived in a time in america where there was way more racism than anyone in america would even begin to think they're going to experience and jesse owens change the world any changes it simply by performing it took about 10.8 seconds less than 11 seconds for jesse owens to change the world any made no other gestures other than to run as fast as he could and jump as far as he could that alone stuck a stake in the heart of the national socialist german workers' party and their whole idea of racial superiority that's all it took he didn't have to make any additional gestures and this is this is the problem people have begun to focus on empty rhetoric instead of simply performing that's that's why the sports is so
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damaged in america today people are tuning out the olympic sports are supposed to be a respite from all that's going on in the world where we can just simply focus on the fact that here we have top notch athletes performing at their peak and we can celebrate that and also you know one of the things that happens is we get a chance with the olympics we get to do a little bit of nationalism right we get to be proud of our country we celebrate all the things that are good about our country jesse owens was proud to represent the united states of america despite some of the things that were going on at that time in his work his performance reigns supreme over any of the gestures the meaningless gestures made by so many other olympic athletes and so many other athletes over time we've already seen a lot of angry reaction obviously in this politically charged atmosphere do you think that the i.o.c. is going to stand its crowd or do you think it's going to bow to public pressure. it wouldn't surprise me in the least bit if they bow to public pressure that's just
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how things seem to be going right now especially because you have corporate sponsors unfortunately corporate america and the corporate world overall has been infiltrated by cultural marxists but the funny thing is is that they're very selective about who they are allowed to protest against because if these people any of these athletes were to say we're going to take a stand in protest against for example china right and their treatment of because the wider is is how you pronounce it forgive me if i mispronounce it but if a letter gaffney's will say hey we're actually going to start taking a stand against china's treatment of the ethnic minority waggers do you really think that china would allow that to happen you don't think that china will put a clamp down on all their protests that they wouldn't twist the arms of the olympic committee to say no you're not going to allow that to happen so it's very subjective these people want to see strife in the united states of america but they're so busy looking at the speck in the eye of the united states of america
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that they're going to ignore the plank in the eye of so much of the rest of the world. all we inevitably moving towards the wild west politics in vain for everything culture education. that's what it appears to be. that's where it is right now and we're it seems to be going a direction most definitely and it's really tragic i am a huge sports fan but i don't think i'm out of watch the super bowl that's probably the only football game i watched all season i haven't watched any bass must stop watching basketball several years ago because of the way that the culture acts the way that they're not focused on simply being the best you can take guys like michael jordan and he was criticized back in the 1990 s. because he didn't take a political stand but you know michael jordan is regarded as being the greatest of all time see as opposed to le bron james running around telling everybody that he should be regarded as the greatest of all time ever.


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