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it is the charles who shall go to nordstrom you just this or was that what she meant to be. but she wanted a lot more dogs it's sure to be a good book which the bubble boy. has these nasty. goggles i was dismissed in the church of war. in today's headlines the deadly development astra zeneca its reputation takes a further diverse the relatives of a woman who died after getting its job sue the vaccine maker we have from her family's lawyer. one professor we are called got vaccinated there was no warning about the breasts of from post us on the information sheet or on the informed consent form. russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman tells our 1st child r.t. daughter chip why e.u.
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failures have damaged the inoculation campaign. politicisation ties the hands with e.u. officials started the hands of industrialists and business owners and ultimately turned the hands of the own people the you weren't against the interests of its own members. safety starts to as u.s. calls grow to quote defund the police that many americans say they're terrified that would leave them in danger on the streets and in their homes. very well welcome this is our 3 international broadcasting live from moscow it's great to have you with us. and our top story astra zeneca faces legal proceedings after an italian woman given that covert vaccine died her family is now taking action against the molton are. corporation
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a 55 year old music teacher from sicily got her shot on march the 11th within days medical check showed blood clots forming in her body and brain she fell into a coma and died less than a month later her brother sayes she had no previous health issues. my sister was in excellent health some tests were done on her and came back negative she had no diseases and she was perfectly fine protests also found the my sister was not at risk from bosis she was happy to get the vaccine and then after 7 days all the symptoms mentioned by the a.m.a. began and she develops herbal from brisas she began to feel very ill and after another 2 days during which she was hospitalized her condition resulted in a cerebral hemorrhage and after 3 rounds of surgery she died. the lawsuit adds to others already filed across europe against the british swedish company it also comes amid the suspension of the rollout of astra zeneca jobs in some countries
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over blood clot disorders identified in numerous people who died after getting the shot medical experts including the world health organization say the benefits still outweigh the risks and the deceased woman's brother says her family still supports the inoculation program. we are not attacking vaccines absolutely not vaccines are indispensable i have vaccinated myself i am a doctor my patients also vaccinated and so are my other family members who want truth and clarity because it should not be possible for a person like mr who is in excellent health to die from the vaccine the warnings from astra zeneca and him a came later and not when my sister received the shot so that's why we're asking for the truth to say. there were deaths before and after professor died and their investigations into those in this case i can say that after the 1st autopsy my consultants concluded
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a lot of previous diseases it raises disturbing questions because one professor we are called got vaccinated there was no warning about the rest of us on the information sheet or on the informed consent. and it's not the only complication for vaccine manufacturers pfizer is warning of a surge in fraudulent doses stay with us for more on this story later in the program. germany's planning to ramp up deliveries of russian vaccines after chancellor merkel admitted fundamental failings in e.u. health policy and the need for change with more on this his artie's piece of. germany is set to receive 30000000 doses of the sputnik very vexing over the summer the c.d.u. leader in the state of saxony michael mann arrived in moscow on thursday to meet with the russian health minister he said that the federal government in berlin is
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expecting 10000000 russian jobs 3 times in may june and july we will see whether the approval and acceptance of this vaccine is as high everywhere else as it is in saxony and eastern germany maybe we'll even get more then the news about sputnik comes amid reports that from the end of may all adults in germany could be able to get an appointment for a vaccine. has also been discussing the future of health policy across the e.u. saying that the covert pandemic has highlighted issues that may require a change in e.u. treaties i believe that europe needs great a competency in the area of health this will probably also require changes to treaties have always been open to treaty changes if they make sense this is not an end in itself and you can also do a lot of things through coordinating policy at the intergovernmental level but it certainly makes sense to also have european level competency for certain situations especially pandemics the problem is for months now europeans have seen the e.u.
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authorities competence or lack of it in securing doses but they say they are the ones to blame i have joined ireland as one of the parties to the legal case specifically around astra zeneca is complete failure to meet its the literary and contractual agreements for. astra zeneca could well find themselves sued for breach of contract for supposedly having over promised and failed to deliver. coppa neither will be getting involved with e.u. procurement contracts is french austrian vaccine manufacturer never they've pulled
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out of talks with brussels to provide that job which is currently undergoing stage 3 trials after the company said they couldn't make any progress with the e.u. they'll now seek deals with individual countries with only around 7 percent of the german population fully vaccinated the hope is that with more doses arriving and restrictions on who they could be given to lifting that over the summer germany can ramp up their vaccination program and get more jobs into more people's arms peter all over r.t. . well our sister channel r.t. deutsch has talked to russian foreign ministry spokeswoman 6 marie as a hair of a she says brussels playing politics has had its pandemic with. it would. let's be realists the european union simply last time it could have been a leader in an occupation and a leader in vaccine production but they didn't happen why politicisation tied their
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hands e.u. officials tied the hands of industrialists and businesses and ultimately to the hands of the own people you went against the interests of its own members and i don't know whether you are allowed to talk about this in the e.u. but that's the objective reality it's a fact just like the fact that called it in 2020 highlighted the immense problems in the european union and in the west in general the u. has not been able to deal with a worldwide catastrophe but it's not like we haven't had them before yes the world hadn't dealt with the ground in of planes and border closures and such scale but the world has dealt with fund diamonds before and it turns out the those who call themselves leaders of the world aren't that at all is just chest thumping in terms of the european union specifically germany france and many other countries and also the us couldn't offer anything to the world as an example of dealing with the
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pandemic unfortunately they didn't live up to the task neither in the economic terms nor socially nor in terms of development and implementation of vaccines that's not how a real leader does it. the u.s. is under heavy activists pressure to slash police funding in the wake of high profile killings by officers make huge numbers of americans say such political agendas leave them vulnerable to criminals artie's more pronounced the story. there are children is now behind bars but many americans don't seem to view him as simply a bad apple the idea that all police are irredeemable seems widespread among liberal politicians it wasn't an accident policing in our country is inherently and intentionally racist no more policing incarceration and militarisation it can be reformed congresswoman elano maher laid out what her agenda is for dealing with the police 1st demilitarize the police with protests becoming more intense some argue
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now is not the time to tie the hands of the officers then their step to criminalize violence against protesters now we can all agree about peaceful protesters but what about those who burn buildings or engage in property destruction next stage disband and deconstruct police stations now in some parts of the country they are taking that literally and portland we saw protesters besiege and the light of police union building on a grand scale if it's what they want which is the reduction or elimination of law enforcement you know you can see on the streets you will get survival of fittest you will get the american who knows them to find themselves defending against those who don't in the lesser of it you're going to get a complete lack of morale which is going to lead to just men and women who sit in their cars and collect a paycheck and the proactive law enforcement which will be done by presence only will only completely lead to more crimes and the only people going to urge the community so people are not really thinking they're thinking out of motion and the
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politicians are 100 percent capitalizing office and it's going to be the people who suffer the most now police chasing down suspects on foot is something you can see in all kinds of t.v. and movies but the mayor of chicago now says it may be time to get that arrest no one should die as a result of a foot chase now of course this raises some questions say a woman's purse is so that the police then have to call and ask permission before chasing down the perpetrator. police feel that they are being demonized and in some cases they are resigning saying that the atmosphere is too restrictive polls show that a large percentage of americans do fear that a shortage of police officers could result in chaos nationwide los angeles has seen an 80 percent increase in shootings we now have the mayor a democrat calling for an increase in the police budget reversing the cuts in the police department made at the height of the black lives matter protests last year this is purely political for the reason that the systemic racist problem in law
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enforcement isn't the american police officer it's just the system is the politicians who make the laws it's it's to the prosecutors in the defense attorneys but nobody wants to talk about that so the easiest pawn to play in this whole game is the police officer or the easiest one to wind up attacking because they're the front line in between the community and ultimately what happens to the community member the police and the public have a relationship and if one party is always abused and criticizing the other party refuses to take accepting accountability for what they're doing you're going to get the one side that just ultimately throws up their arms and walks away so to be honest whatever the american police choose to do if it's stand down or if it's all in all give up or tire resign walk away then nobody should really be shocked what's happening to the morale is going to be massively low and you're going to get men and women who are completely unappreciated walking and good luck to whatever happens in america we have all seen the horrendous videos of police shootings anger
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is completely justified and reform is long overdue but there is still another question what will replace them that is what has many americans very nervous caleb r.t. new york. the punk demick situation in india has taken a shop change for the worse with more than 300000 new cases registered for the 2nd day in a row amid the shocking coronavirus spike a massive fire has broken out in an intensive care. units apparently killing 13 of the 18 patients their hospitals had already raised the alarm over chronic shortages of equipment oxygen and beds a doctor burst into tears while making business emotional plea for people to follow coronavirus rules. be careful who believe manage patients. with oxygen and this is not something we are drawing so i do you know
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literally or do all if you want to follow a few things that ideology and requesting you to follow so most importantly be used to get off your sense that i now call where does everybody read i don't do you keep yourself very well masked dave's the doctor i did this such suffering was unprecedented a warning you may find the following footage disturbing footage shows open air kraemer tory arms overwhelmed by the influx of victims facilities are said to be working around the clock with grieving relatives waiting for hours to cremate loved ones. you're watching r t international coming up after the break violent clashes in downtown jerusalem lead to dozens of injuries and arrests will bring you this story and more in about 90 seconds.
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thanks. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. thinks. we dare to ask. constantly that china disagrees with america's foreign policy or the china disagrees with america's domestic policies that china disagrees america's monetary policy they don't want all that money printing sell a few things are going to happen number one it's a hash war or a global race to procure as many big quite as possible now on the geo political
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level china is leading the way this is the sputnik moment for a big boy america can answer that phrase or it can be left behind. welcome back a new you k. report finds a 1000000000 pound covert contracts have been dished out to companies tied to the ruling conservative policy including those with no track record of supplying relevant goods all surfaces. it is very surprising for the u.k. government prioritise recommendations from politicians given that most of the areas of economic activity this type of association raises red flags and they are not known for their expertise and procuring medical equipment what is even more surprising is that it did not engage professionals such as the british medical association and the royal college of nursing. the reports looked at thousands of
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contracts worth almost $20000000000.00 pounds handed out last year transparency international says it has identified scores that urgently need scrutiny adding that 20 went to those that with known political connections to the conservatives but the party insists everything is fine. all people procurement went through the same assurance process and due diligence is carried out on every contract ministers have no role in awarding them the priority list was widely advertised across government as a way of more quickly trio offers of support but the co-chair of advocacy group keep our n.h.s. public disagrees he knows the government has serious questions to answer. i think few people would complain. so it made good decisions should be good reasons and with good results alongside transparency but in fact they've made very bad decisions and
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a very bad reasons including this scrutiny is them friends and political allies and terrible results you're be aware the public accounts committee looked at the impact of the private contracts for example on on contact tracing talk over it and they could not find any discernible impact on the spread of coronavirus through the contracts that have been awarded by the government in this privatized. diversion of money from the public to the private sector this is a really desperate time of the government has claimed that they are the saviors of the country and actually they've to to me they have betrayed public trust. the iranian president has said u.s. sanctions are preventing his country from receiving covert vaccines and millions of lives at risk to iran signed a contract in january for almost 17000000 vaccine doses through the w
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h o's kovacs their 3 month on only a tiny fraction of those have been delivered at a time when covert deaths are worryingly high president rouhani is says that from tied down to the trade restrictions being enforced by the u.s. and its allies. there were no sanctions we would be getting deliveries through the scheme and today millions of people could get their backs and i would like our people to clearly realize that this is a crime by washington what the united states has done since day one of covert 19 was that it blocked juran from using the international financial sector and that basically blocked iran from importing test kits. importing. all sorts of hospital supplies in order to combat covert 19 now under fire in the united states continues to pursue the same policy iran counts transfer the money of
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the united states is blocking it and the iranian vaccine program has been delayed for months as a result iran doesn't need their help iran wants them to stop trying to harm iranians. this comes amid reports of cautious progress the talks in vienna on reviving the iran nuclear deal that by mid ministration wants to revive the pact which previously gave iran sanctions relief in exchange for a scaling back of its nuclear energy program but there's a key sticking point washington wants iran to act 1st and limit its uranium enrichment before sanctions can be lifted while iran says the u.s. which left the pact unilaterally on the trump needs to take the 1st step on sierra break spoke to a candidate for next year's a radian presidential election and he says the country is ready for dialogue with america. our relations with america are based on mistrust this goes back to before
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the iranian revolution even then the actions of the us government caused people to lose trust in the americans if the united states wants to establish relations with iran will welcome that we want relations with all countries of the world except for the zionist entity which is our red line america must atone for its past mistakes regarding iran washington must earn back the goodwill of the iranians the way the nuclear deal has played out shows that the americans don't keep their word so i advise the u.s. administration to return to a relationship based on mutual respect iran is a big proud and independent country if america wants to restore interaction with iran it has to change its position on the nuclear agreement. meanwhile vaccine make a finds that has warned of a growth in shot fraud finding fake injections often particularly in poland and mexico. we are cognizant that in this type of environment fuelled by the ease and convenience of e-commerce and anonymity afforded by the internet there will be an
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increase in the prevalence of fraud counterfeit and other illicit activity as it relates to vaccines and treatments for covert 19 the counterfeit doses were seized by all thora teas dozens in mexico paid around $1000.00 for what turned out to be a fake covert shots though that were no reports of adverse side effects me one in poland of anti wrinkle treatment passed off as the pfizer job was discovered before it could hit the streets dr john dombrowski from the washington pain center says it's a tragic case of an under supply and demand. there's a lot of demand out there and there may not be enough supply so people will have to fill that hole what happens in the country of mexico there prophecy is a lack of supply so maybe the government is supporting it or not but obviously people money always go to the head of the line that's what happens because it's all about corruption there's a lot of money out there it's a lot of money sloshing around and we see this all the toy and obviously when you're buying things outside of a pharmaceutical industry you really don't know what you're getting in thankfully
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to your point no one was hurt or damaged and obviously in poland you know day thankfully those products ever get out to the public i think you want to be the thing is like let the buyer beware if it sounds too good to be true believe 'd it if you give me a $1000.00 you learn the head of a wine really so perhaps it's one of those things just follow the system follow the guidelines you know make sure are you really are at risk that you want to get this vaccine already or you are not so it's ok you know and obviously we need to just use our judgment but use the governmental systems follow the system of the guidelines so try to jump the line because you're probably losing a $1000.00. fine and clashes in downtown jerusalem have left at least a 100 people injured generation the arab demonstrators square dolphins police struggled to keep them apart.
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the incident occurred when hundreds of marchers shouting anti arab slogans were confronted by palestinian demonstrators security all parties kept a heavy presence in the city amid the violence with dozens of arrests made police used stun grenades and tear gas against the protesters some of whom threw stones and bottles the rest comes amid a surge in violence during the muslim holiday of ramadan which has seen tit for tat attacks and reprisals. so say so president vladimir putin speaking at an online climate change summit hosted by
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joe biden when we say she discussed the key moments with artie's oksana boy. by a nice moment was there surrounding who would you think the russian president he was in line to speak which i think was assigned if you believed him slide an administration or 2 the president wanted to keep him waiting for him for a little bit maybe just send some signal but when the time has finally come like he was shown on the screen right in the middle of the president's marker on speech president of france and the funny thing about it was that the term president roh was introduced as a live gassed he was given the floor but into middle of his speech he realized that it was a tape and there was a moment of confusion on the american side and we had a few minutes of. putin staring blankly at one another from this greens i just i thought that that was well provided for by me it quite
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ironic it's utterly express the tension that existed between the 2 sides but at the end of the day you know who's in swope here expressed his point of view and this time it went on so it's on a what about the actual content of the summit understand there were some strong differences in how various world leaders want to address the issue of climate crisis what was said about that there are lots of talk about mother nature and things like that but for the time being the americans and their european colleagues have committed to cutting greenhouse gas and you know the steps will set america on a path of no 0 emissions or kaname by november 25th but the church is america represents less than 50 percent of the world's impressions no nation can solve this crisis on our own as i know you all fully understand all of us all of us and particularly those of us who represent the world's largest economies we have to
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step up that formula in. you know what we have at south is an issue of still pretty large disagreement the russian president for example sad about what readers should take into account is not only how much each country immense but also how much it absorbs. due to the vast capacity of our ecosystem russia makes a huge contribution to absorb and glue missions both around and from elsewhere it's estimated around $2500000000.00 tons of c o 2 could land per year. the europeans and the americans are not suki in the army including that absorption capacity into into the formula also there is a major disagreement on the chinese side because the chinese along with our developing countries have been somewhat late to the industrialization pieties so are for down the commitments should not be as stringent do you think this whole
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climate conference is an issue that will unite the countries together or are we going to see more beefs down the road does a lot of suspicions here in this country and also around the world that the americans the europeans i trying to use the climate that gender to sensually. kickstarter the globalization 2 point old that they want to use this issue to keep that control at all over the labor distribution and around the world and disappointing that the suspicion i can quote john kerry. the violence administration special envoy on climate who said not so long ago that no government can officially deal with this subject and that it should be essentially a left should be private sector meaning turn flesh corporations and i think in many parts of the world it is those transnational corporations that. make a huge emphasis on overconsumption that led to the degradation of the environment
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in different place so i think what we are going to see are emerging geopolitical differences in who should lead this process who should contribute to this process and whether it should be about. corporate average or state average. by escaping this company here nazi international we'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest sfi about.
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psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients rather they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term and mostly disastrous suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines ending up to something wonderful very often there are full effects of it up to something terrible until solve all ills are always trying to medicate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared i was a scared little girl i was 24 and like. i didn't have to be so complicated.


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