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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  April 23, 2021 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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commentary crisis with the sentence. we can do better we should. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. a folks next up on dennis miller plus one the a beautiful lovely and demure john love it so be here john oh no doubt have his dog jerry bruckheimer the 3rd in his lap i hear jerry's got a bit of a hacking cough going on let's hope that doesn't play a part in the interview. so we've taped it already dennis miller floats what.
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folks welcome to dennis miller plus one i'm joined by one of my dearest friends in the world i love i'm completely and jerry bruckheimer and here and he's brought his friend john lovett swept up. but the love. the fairy. the 3rd i'm sorry i have the. jerry travels with what he goes i'll. stand up and he's a great to let you know john it's so funny to me about dogs that we have a dog in our family named benny granted he's my son and his girlfriend's dog but he
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comes over i can't tell you what an addition he is to life in general i sense you really grown to love jerry over the years oh yeah he's like my age is like my kid but. you know and i have to support him but he's you know he's opted not to go to college so it's been great and that's. yes it's the best. i bring with me everywhere in it i mean it makes a giant difference when you're on the road and you know you got your dog with you but i don't even like calling him a dog and so he's got such a personality i just never you know he some dogs they look all around they're really connect with you and this guy he's consciously looking me in the eyes every morning and night he hugs me i mean i've never had an animal like this is that i had recommended to anybody it's the best you know and then when john if he is if he is if you're questioning whether or not he's
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a dog he must be looking askew it you're right now off camera and saying listen don't get carried away i love you you love me i am a dog all right it's a dog and i don't need to hear about you guys talk at each other in at night by the way for god's sakes you get the dog and he just whispered and now. job tell me about it when you when you go on the road that's been that's been gone for 10 months they see it got some dates coming up in may in tempe arizona great comedy town is it opening up again out there my friends now that they've been open for a while and have capacity and i didn't really i didn't feel safe doing it because of the corona virus but. i'm getting and luckily i got enough from my doctor that makes me want to get vaccinated and so i'm going to
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be doing that so i can i feel safe to travel again and work and thank god you know . what 2 things john 1st off when you go in for the vaccination i've had my 1st one they do it in the arm so don't go into the room like you usually do and present it to the people when they're it's not. backs a nation that's on our bars i don't like. and secondly. would you rather play a half still room of full with its or a full room of half wits when you're on. a half room of full wits because even half. this is a it's a lot of people it's not under it would be $270.00 people and the beach which is it you know plenty i mean that and you know you want to build the listening you really
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need the audience to listen and participate and as you know and if the if they don't i mean it's not fun you're there to make them you're trying to make them laugh and want to get him and then you know it's a it's the 2 of you and your night you know you when you're up there alone you really of course leave the audience for laughing and timing and and then it inspires you to be funny or as you well you know you and i mean i've been watching you do it forever you know when they don't listen you know. and they're just telling me i had this john you were you were always on of the most a lot of with marty short fellow one of the most fearless intrepid improv artists that i'd ever know now in the interim have become a really accomplish stand up for people to make that change in midstream is pretty amazing to me do you would you think you'd feel more fear now jumping up in front of a road of this stand up or jumping up at the groundlings to do a guest shot as an improvisation expert. the groundlings because i just haven't
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done it in so long but then once you get going it's fine but you know i used to do woody allen and lenny bruce is comedy routines in my dorm and then you know i got on saturday night live and the 1st person that said that said you should be a standup was you. and i remember the conversation yesterday and he said i go really go well you would do it i do meaning you not that smart is me john no you go and he's the one writing that you said but there's this guy named kevin meany and he's very funny and kind of like and i remember you brought me to the club and i watched cabin and he was hilarious god bless his soul and then and then he brought me up after you and they clapped in n.y.s. in the show and then i didn't know what i was doing and after 5 minutes was like jon lovett's it was the sound of one hand clapping and when i really remembers after the show they gave we were dead broke to give you 25 bucks you go let's go get dinner and i went. what you just got and see just 100 minutes. you're
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this is the greatest thing i've ever seen i couldn't believe it you know. it is guys like you who never whatever what i can be said or you've done a bunch of movies and i've done a few i've always said never to the fact that if you're sitting there at lunch and they bring around everybody's pretty low with hard currency it people who are making and not be but hundreds of thousands of dollars you get excited they chat chatter and i could say what are. the parodying is like. you're like oh my god. i read it it's like. me that on a vampire film i was doing i said you're kidding me i get $100.00 the go eat that was it was quite a feeling talking to my friend on love it's gone as i said will be in tempe arizona in late may what's the name of the venue johnson people can look it up
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unfortunately this is going to air after i believe the palm beach gig but tell me about tempe what's the venue people can go and get tickets. to the improv. put of that great care. great shot a special there years ago called black and white so i can rest assured that as one of the best comedy clubs in america you know john i have to as we talk so often and you know and real life or on shows and that i'm always fascinated and i have so few people who've actually made his acquaintance would you mind if we use the latter part of the 1st half of the change for you to tell me about brando a little better. what was he like after surrender well. yeah i mean you know. well one of it i can't say everything because he was
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a very private guy and i respect that but when it but it his son wouldn't want to sign his mico brand is one of my best friends and i was working at a clothing store for as garrick palak instrument alex who was a patient in my father's right after college and rick had to sell clothes out of his apartment many got to store and i came back from new york to work for me again at the store and in the cashier to their shoes off shoes oh john you want to be an actress and yeah she's on my my my boyfriend's dad is marlon brando and so i met mico and then we would just hang out all the time and she'd be like her name is lisa banks and she's very nice from new york to make her your bag and go with john and i'd be like getting rick sandwiches and stuff like that but that's how i met marlon through mico and the last 3 years of his life i got to norman he was just very very nice and really really smart and and funny and he had a good sense of humor and. the dog has it mico and i say don't tot don't talk to my dad about acting like just don't show business and doesn't like so
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i never liked it seems to me from afar are like i said i would not actually be trey any confidences but anything i've seen about him he seemed to have an absolute stranglehold on the human condition i sensed it could probably sit with the a for us. and figure out what your strong point was when you're weak but he was going to you know he would do stuff like he would you know he he was it i think i said to me once i could be your dad's the most misunderstood person ever because he was nothing like any of his characters at all in even his dot i said i go he did a good as you like to mystery card names are issues yeah but ago wasn't like him she was well no he never yelled he never yelled she was never and he was very soft spoken and very very nice extremely nice to me but one time i mean it came out as has it was john not to get rid of this rich shot.
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i mean in the one time forth and. anyway that we're talking about actors and a friend of his bride of steve mcqueen and i go what was steve mcqueen like and he was no i don't want to talk about that and i and this friend as white as well rumors about these people i know them and most of them are true which is true you know so then i'm like a smart thing oh yeah you never talk about acting so of course i can resist like oh yeah i know you mean like when to murder a rumor that you are a better actor than me. but what. is that to say like to the greatest actor ever so this so then you look to me and. child i can't believe for a young boy from tarzan 1st by the way i remember ricky was a little hazy but. i had to treat i had to treat him like i go to those you know
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it's it's my friend's dad but it's my car i just gotta think it's my friend's dad like that's how i got to think so i'm trying to be like that and then make it on time it was lessons message from my dad it was a i guess you're at lunch again with john it was in a way his not love. he'll get over it. more. but he was really really nice and i will say this you know that he decided to teach this acting class and after 3 days mico said yes do you want to go i'm like do i want to go i don't know i could of course i want to go and i went for 8 days and it was really fascinating and it was i thought he was like the night one of the nicest and best acting teachers i've ever had and i read a lot of articles about that class which is not true not the way it was and he really knew what he was he really knew what he was doing the guy was very forward
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thinking you know. so this is like 2000 and i don't know 3 when every did it and he said you know you just want to do improvs he has i think in the future everything will be improvised and he was right you know i remember one time he said the next energy for a car will be hydrogen and mike and i'm gonna hydrogen like what are you talking about and then 8 months later he said look at this article it says the next car is going to run on hydrogen you know how does he know he did it we're obviously dwelled in the ether he there were things i was very childlike about i observed from afar you know him but there were a sort of things that he seemed to have a laser lock on by the way john i don't know if you know this we've known each other for a long time i don't do many impressions but i have a great impression of marlon brando all. ordering a beer what would you like to hear it's a 2 part impression you have to say mr brando what sort of beer can i get you go at
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. right in the mr brando it's sort of beer can it get you. 6 to go. even the dog 1 left the room we'll be right back with joe it's this. fall and. in his annual address of the nation russian president vladimir putin reminded his citizens and the world in fact russia has red lines when it comes to foreign policy interests and those red lines need to be taken seriously and there lays the problem the west refuses to acknowledge russia as its own national.
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and finally on the pull of power is to my fellow sway or both to the food. bank itself moved to about. plaza this way got to drop so hard not to think i don't have the discipline to see the work up to 8 hours and i don't miss the mark and if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights in his own way. the floor who comes off the field without a visible face would have a rough haul believe a lot of them. but i think it is this is the fans that is all comfy.
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we're pretending we're still revving up my stellar job but actually that stopped happening one had one second after we went to commercial and now are ramping it up
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again we're talking to john love it's john of course you know 19851990 on s n l people stay a lot longer than but that was about the half life back when we were doing a 5 or 6 years you see them on the bigger films like a late let me kiss your rate here 1st before you jump in please let me let me give the credits now for. a liver oh henri was just stupid and so i mean the thing about all the key lines in the movie that i always think of judd coming in the for not that character 6 with the what are you saying are city slickers 2 i think it was curly's gold and instead now he's got some dates coming up at the tempe arizona improv in late may please look it up and go see him i've seen the stand up it's a great job when you are it's so funny to me that when you were working at rick's clothing store it you you had the early bug then about acting and where did that come from high school or what got under your skin 1st. well i got into acting i was
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at home i was 7 years old and in the us grew up in los angeles they had a use of a show in the afternoon 1000000 dollar movie when they deal was like this movie custom $1000000.00 bike oh my god would be like saying it was $100000000.00 you know and but i was home sick and so i was watching t.v. and i saw the al jolson story larry parks and then i saw james if you did all dandy and i go that's what i want to do i want to be musicals and stuff but i ended up doing plays in high school and then i went and went to u.c. irvine who was a drama major so i've been wanting to be an actor so i was obsessed with baseball from i was 7 to 15 and then i was 15 i it hit me i gone never be willie mays i really thought i could like be a black baseball player because your kid you just you know you have no limits and i really and i went away and i was never near good enough but i loved it passion
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about baseball that's how i was i got as a character on to be a baseball player a movie star and i was and the way i always thought was they go why you i go well why not me i go when that makes no sense oh a guy from iowa can go i want to do it but i can't because i'm here and i'm doing it and. that after college i just it was really as you know it's the same story with everybody it's really tough you really struggled but you stick with it people drop off you just keep going trying to get better and better and eventually you get to a break and and that's what happened i got the groundings and i got on the tonight show and i got an agent and i got additions for center live or a newman and charles braun recommended me and i flew out to l.a. sit next to some guy to the hat on going well he's bald and it was you and you worked. well and i'm accurate. and i imitated you when i got on camera and that you actually helped me didn't even know it but i was in the all
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whites i go this guy so relaxed and he's just like being funny i go and i get to be like that i didn't know you but i got that it was you you know so thank you you're welcome john tell me about the 1st time when i think of us and alice some of my favorite memories are obviously outside of the road pictures of you and phil working into the on that old escalating bit where when i see an old movie to this day and that comes on in various modes where the person you're done you're finished you're over don't go back on me tell me the truth the next guy escalates it's always funny tell me when your 1st encounter fell the great fell are. why i was in the groundlings theater and i'd been in the send a company for a year you know you could be moved out to the main company after 6 months but i think it in after year and so the time maxwell the artistic director said well
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we're doing a play this summer is the olympics called and. and they had the olympic arts festival in l.a. need pick to play a starring phil called chick hazard is a character is olympic trials and she carries was like. you know humphrey bogart in the maltese falcon or sam spade in mario those forty's and tech tim's from the ford in movies and so. so so tom so wanting to understudy. you could understudy a role in because i'm going to be the one working with you in the company and i said all right in this play to cadge and i go whose idea was then he goes it was fellows i go. phil knows who i am because yes now you have their stand on the grounds nobody had money phil was the king of the grounding so it was like we were just taking classes in the senate company but the main company we idolized everybody in it phil was like the the best improviser he was the king tremendous charisma who's a genius you know and i remember. in the senate we got lockers in the hallway this
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is 1900 feet or to put our costumes in and fill came walking down the hall i'd never met him and and he was in his chick hazard costume. sorry. anyway so i saw a man in he said as in a phone john i was yeah johnny i know who you are and i said oh. well thanks for recommending me for i go you do he goes yeah i've seen you work your friend i think you're great oh god will thanks recommend me as i you'll be fantastic and he walked on and. you know i thought. it catches a job i think about him almost every day fill up and a lot of my summer. you know. and his memory they know my god phil hartman spoke to
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me that's how big we thought of him you know and i was like a puppy dog after that he was like you know that i do anything for me now and i got the company i got to do the show on and i was like you know it's like the he was 9 years older than mean is that you know big brother that. i always wanted so. lovely a lovely spare my missed some missed some a lot you know i had recently chris catan on the show john and he told me that his father was one of the or originators of the groundlings father kip king and they had a grounding show and he did this though i didn't know chris i mean before before that i just i met some he said i'm he was i met you when i was like 10 but his dad did this thing reserve game and his dad is one of the like it was one of the it was . like a what i call it not a marathon
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a telethon and his dad was like the host of it was a sketch and it was a crumb one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life ever and he was just hysterical in his time and then he would do a thing he'd ask a girl out you know if you want to go out and she go you know is ok about now. it's just. you know it's funny john is they always talk. they always talk about how your pet can sense when you're under some duress and i fight it's so sweet that you were talking about philip got choked up at all jerry came into but you're sure. he like came to the rescue emotional 911 time. well filled with just the best you know you know i mean we were a lot of them he was the nicest warmest guy i would say he was the only guy who.
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was in a group of comedians who everybody loved and at some point you can even me you know you need to be somebody you'd be in a fight with it with there were there was live at the groundlings or people would be jealous of this but a bit failed the groundlings newsradio serin live everybody loved him he never had a problem with anybody they just all adored him. yeah it was the coolest guy i met who never tried to be cool john that's what i remember about phil he was always so he said he wasn't the opposite of a sweat act yeah he had a tremendous style and the funny thing about him was whatever activity he was doing and he didn't do it he just got really into it to the point where he'd become like the character doing it so if you said you know. hey phil what do you dhoni and you talk about certain egos and i am like. well he used to be a surfer and maritime maxwell into the ground and he said yeah i want to introduce i can account i don't know he's in the western or riding horses he came dressed up
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in an outfit and everything used to have you know the minute. he was like he was just. i looked. at his own plane i flew with him a few times to catalina island and when when we were in you know in the thing i would start laughing because it wasn't like a guy like i have my own plane it took flying lessons you know and i have a license when you are on one race on you but yeah as far as a. united airlines and round round i going to take off thank you go get it there you just get right into talking like chuck yeager ed the way they all talk it was really something. went to a good run i'm sure there are trying to remember i know that you and i were there a year before phil came on board and i remember the 1st night i did it seem like i was in some sort of dream state thinking this is i can't really stop the plague about this doing weekend update all of us just crash what was your 1st gets out of
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the box what do you remember about the 1st night. silent jerry he's practicing for his bar mitzvah that cuts down. on him anyway. all right we've got it. and i'm very impressed. you guys trying upstate so i didn't look at me. so. i just remember they got you know it's live 20000000 people are watching it and the 1st toss was madonna and remember my 1st sketch it was some it was like a talk show piece we're all different here i was being me but i was on a talk show and and and then i forget of the host was and they asked nora dunn a question and she was like so smooth and cool i remember you know my turn was
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coming up they asked terry sweeney a question you don't get it i just don't it's smooth and i'm like i'm my head i'm going to. $20000000.00 people watching us right now oh wait it's 3 hours 3 hours later on the west coast ok that cuts out $10000000.00 then they come to me they go well what do you think that it might. yeah well i think that you know i was really nervous. and then later on i was playing prince charles and madonna was playing diana and we had a sketch and you know we have cue cards anyway you could see you know my lines are say in blue and hers are in red anyway she acts she you know she'd be able make mistakes anyway she accidentally said my line like i said something and then she said my line instead of hers and i looking at the card month in my head with and also in all my training took over it just instinct ducked in so i said what her
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line was supposed to be and then i wrapped it around to my line and we kept going and then i wasn't nervous you know. that part but that and then my focus was not it was just on the sketch you know not only me me and but there would be a lot of times in the show or i would be i would still get nervous you know and and get in the way it's good to talk to you you know i love you and john will be at the tempe arizona. and that's in late may go give him a tumble the stand up is sublime have a good one jerry bruckheimer the 3rd of a good one thank you. bye bye there's been dennis miller plus what. i think that will be an interesting new chapter in all of this is that after all the jobs have been shipped to china the majority of american landlords will be
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chinese and so most people will have lost their jobs from china they'll be addicted to fence and all chip in probably from china. if they can afford a house to someone in china. in today's headlines deadly development astra zeneca its reputation takes a further dive as the relatives of a woman who died after getting its job sued the vaccine maker we hear from her family's lawyer. when professor vaccinated there was no warning about the risk of composts us on the information sheet on the informed consent form. russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman tells sister channel r.t. dortch y. e u failures have done much the inoculation.


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