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you need to descend. to join us in the death. or a maybe we shall lose. black lives to rallies found by us democrats close to the opposition also america's police force is warning that no for says conviction for george floyd's killing will not suffice. russia's defense minister announces an end to a large scale military exercise in the country's crimean peninsula all to claims from western powers that moscow was preparing for war with ukraine. the u.k. government to support toppling a corruption scandal as a report reveals that a 20 percent of the money spent on the covert response went to connected to
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politicians. bring you your news all hours of the day this is our national life moscow and welcome. let's start at this hour of the conviction. show phon for the mud to of george floyd has only fired up to demonstrators they've poured onto the street saying the police shooting of a black teenage girl on the day of the verdict just goes to show a total lack of progress. well the officers claim they were justified in shooting the 16 year old and have launched a probe however protesters have run out of patience calling on the police to be
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de-funded and denouncing telescopes will call to reports on those fridays and how they've been encouraged by the democrat party. the verdict guilty but the mass is far from satisfied it wasn't long before celebration over chauvinists fate once more turned into anger. don't want you. don't want your career. or birth. right progressive's are paying a lot of lip service to it's not justice and i'll explain to you right it's not justice. it's not justice because justice is george floyd going home tonight to be with this family this is but a miniscule step on the path to justice next tops independent agency to investigate police misuse of force criminalize violence against protesters de-militarized police departments disband and deconstruct field police departments some are taking
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a more sentimental approach making sure everyone knows the death of their new martyr makes them very sad thank you cure. for sacrificing your life for just your name will always be synonymous with death also spoke to john george was george's young daughter if you guess he changed the world. it'll reduce an afternoon. if you do choose them since the campaign trail biden has spoken with the victim's family multiple times assuring them that his administration was on the side of justice even appeared to border on justifying the pressure that activists and vandals were putting on the court process or jury who heard the evidence carried out their civic duty in the midst of extraordinary moment under extraordinary pressure. for so many it feels like it took all of that.
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who do you dishes system to deliver just just basic countability naturally the biden ministrations pandering to anti police protesters has radicalized the republican party in the opposite direction so much so that it's now illegal for drivers to run over road blocking protesters in the red state of florida we saw really unprecedented disorder and rioting throughout the summer of 2020 and we said that's not going to happen here in the state of florida and we wanted to make sure that we were able to protect the people of our great state people's businesses and property and it is the strongest anti writing pro on foresman piece of legislation in the country one big verdict a whole lot of unsolved problems and the 2 ruling parties at each other's throats tragedies like the recent police shooting of a 16 year old black teenager in columbus ohio just continue to pile up with neither
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side ready to come to a compromise the american political structure of the constitutional structure is so antiquated and so shot through with undemocratic practices and. bias that it would take a top to bottom. political structural reform in order to put america on a new racial footing and i don't see it happening any time soon but short of that there will be no progress whatsoever i am absolutely convinced. when i had the olympic games in japan the international olympic committee is a reemphasizing one of its core principles known as rule 50 so under this rule athletes have to abstain from protesting want to spank any political gesture as while on the podium on during official ceremonies pools have recently been made to relax the rule especially in the wake of demonstrations in the u.s. and european countries but the i.o.c.
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still insists on the importance of neutrality. from what the majority of athletes told us and shared with us. was that most appropriate ways for athletes to express individual views were in the media in the press conferences and mix to zones and then we had least appropriate ways for athletes to express individual views having a be on the field of play opening ceremony on the podium so being an athlete retired if i think about when i was competing i wouldn't want something to distract and take away from that and that's how i still feel today well one of those advocating a revision of the fifty's sebastian coe the president of walt of classics he believes that athletes should be given the right to make just as a political protest during the games the international olympic committee's decision has already come under fire from some twitter users. for c
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o m cancel the olympics already pretty disappointed in the lympics committee planning to punish athletes who take a knee or put a fist up in the common expressions that are connected to anti racist ideology to take you games thought you'd care more about promoting tolerance and the quality and to racism is a good thing and 2 races just should not be punished for the i.o.c. to think again. well i want to bring in now investigative journalist a wreck starting record thanks for coming on to the program now the 1st thing i want to ask you is you know before most would have agree that the olympic games is a sporting event it should exist outside of politics why is this suddenly become controversial. well i think one reason that your report did not mention is because podium protests have been used in the swimming arena especially
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to accuse other swimmers of violating drug rules so if you know the australian swimmer and the british swimmer duncan duncan scott. they had to did a propos day of protest against the trying to be swimmer son yang and i think the fear of that spreading that kind of accusations that are that may not be at all founded by some athletes against other athletes that's a cause for concern but if we're talking about sort of wanting to pensacola management is there an argument to be made that events like this need to move with the times they need to sort of soak up the wind to trends that are happening in society well the athletes commission. polled 3500 athletes olympic athletes from 195 countries and 70 percent of them.
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indicated that they support rule 50 which prohibits. protests of political or religious protests at that at the ceremony or at the at the podium in your opinion i mean ass case of the moment they have the right to express that views that say during press conferences one social meter in front of john less in your opinion is fact enough or is all to pull. off the 50 wrong 50 on fatty restrictive. i think the athletes commission did a good job they proposed expanding the the. chances of expressing pulled. athletes expressing their view in the open the opening games and the close closing ceremonies they're going to have more talk about the importance of diversity of inclusion a piece of respect against discrimination and their. recommendations
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included at the olympic village having more. branding they called it branding up those kind of messages which are very very important and very much in keeping with the olympic spirit so i think the restrictions are are really confined to the podium and the ceremony where the athletes are supposed to be. recognized for their athletic accomplishments and the politicize ation of the olympic games which we've seen and of course russia has been a very much a victim of the political politicized ation of the olympics is really not a good thing i think the athlete commission recommendations are very they they seem quite small it to me. i mean we know that they the i.o.c. his decision has already come on to a lot of quick says hatton do you think it will stand to scrounge or what at bow to
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public pressure. i think the fact that 70 percent of the athletes themselves from around the world indicated that their preference i think that is is very strong it was very important that they take an international polling because if you look at the the the results from different countries it's actually the western countries were intended to want to see more it wanted to have. a reduction or an elimination of the prohibition on political protest so i think it's very important that they polled thousands of athletes and it was done around the world 70 percent of them indicated that the olympics is for is for the athletes it's war ethnic accomplishments and and it's important to keep in mind the olympic the goals of the olympic charter which are against any kind of discrimination well
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i'm sure the majority of people which. he has here in cooperation that was a great starting invest to join us thank you so much for coming on to the program and giving us run something. hamas is on full says have wrapped up a large scale exercise in crimea more than 40 warships 1250 calls and 10000 soldiers took part in those trials. russian defense minister sergei should go wraps up military drills in crimea only once they were at least it sent 1000 ground and marine troops to fort. pierce because syria was today the armed forces have successfully completed complex drools will defending russia's souls and don't.
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believe that the aims of this chick have been fully cherry don't know and notice that the exercises have now finished. for moscow this was business as usual and now that's been wrapped up all the troops and their military equipment are headed back to their permanent bases a pretty anticlimactic ending to all the hype over his so-called russian aggression that we've been hearing about for the best few weeks right in case you missed it here's a little sampling of what's been said on that front as a flate tensions are rising in ukraine as russia continues to ramp up its military force on the border between the 2 countries a pentagon spokesman has called the deployment of russian troops deeply concerning
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edging moscow to clarify its intentions ukraine is seeking international support against russia's military buildup along its borders in that direction just a few miles the russian border and beyond that that is where the pentagon says more than 40000 russian troops are now massing the ukrainian government why says i and as you can see all this fear mongering as proven by. around this nothing happens russia didn't invade ukraine just like moscow was saying all along the exercise was held a head of nato as military drills near russia's borders called defender europe twenty's once you won this region is facing increasing military activity for many too including reconnaissance operations and must've preparatory activities the grand plan for april is to hold more than $4000.00 various exercises in all of russia's military districts over almost all of the country's time zones among koester of
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artsy crimea. closure in the u.k. the conservative government is fending off corruption claims over the way it's dished out. funds a new report shows that many contracts were awarded to companies with political connections and with no track record of supplying relevant goods or services from iran to knock the reports. well this is really blown the lid off the contracting and tendering processes that place when of course the pandemic was at its peak and government spending to get p.p. in place says personal protective equipment and other vital equipment to fight the pandemic when all of that was going on contracts were being handed out and there are accusations in this report of contracts being handed out to those with the right political connections and concerns even being raised about the emergence of a so-called vi p.
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lane that fast tracked offers of contracts from companies who had been directly approved from politicians or lords and others and according to the report all of these processes raising a number of red flags it is very surprising for the u.k. government prioritize recommendations from politicians given in most of the areas of economic activity this type of association raises red flags and they are not known for their expertise and procuring medical equipment what is even more surprising is that it did not engage professionals such as the british medical association and the royal college of nursing now the focus of this report centers around almost a 1000 contracts awarded between february and november of last year totaling 18000000000 there's also been accusations of a lack of transparency and a lack of accountability with public bodies less than forthcoming with information about these contracts public bodies across the u.k. failed to comply with their legal obligations to provide timely access to
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information on contracts and all of these contracts and all of this focus on political connections the lid of which has been blown off by revelations that former prime minister david cameron was attempting to lobby the government during the pandemic on behalf of a company called green silk capital and he had reached out to the. and also the health secretary that hancock all of whom have denied any wrong doing but investigations are going on into the role that politicians play when it comes to contracting and many here in the u.k. worried about what impact this will have on britain's role on the global stage on britain's image on the global stage particularly when they come to lecturing other countries about corruption well we had from the co-chair of the advocacy group our n.h.s. public he thinks the u.k. covert response has been severely damaged by government cronyism and i think few
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people would complain. so that it made good decisions should good reasons and with good results alongside transparency but in fact they've made fareed bad decisions for a very bad reasons including this crew news them friends and political allies and terrible results you'll be aware that the public accounts committee looked at the impact of the private contracts for example on on contact tracing. of it and they could not find any discernible impact on the spread of coronavirus through the contracts that have been awarded by the government in this privatized. diversion of money from the public to the private sector this is a really desperate time of 150000 people dying from coronavirus in this country one
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of the worst rates in the world and the government has claimed that they are the saviors of the country and actually they've seen me they've betrayed public trust. in just a moment with lots of stories to set tight. the world is driven by shaped by. military thinks. we dare to ask.
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him his annual address to the nation russian president vladimir putin reminded his citizens and the world in fact russia has red lines when it comes to foreign policy interests and those red lines need to be taken seriously and there lays the problem the west refuses to acknowledge russia has its own national and. welcome by now france is reportedly planning to use celebrities to enticing the public into getting the us turns out to cut but when it was 7 well into wednesday hit the streets of the capital to find out. celebrity power could be about to be
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harnessed for its most bizarre campaign to date helping to convince people to have the astra zeneca job questions over its possible links to rare blood clots and its effectiveness have essentially made it roll the design a rouble for some leaving the french leadership scratching its head and wondering how to make it more appealing we have had difficulties convincing people on astra zeneca we must think about communication and our ability to convince if we want the vaccination campaign to improve though the president to may have been part of that given his previous buz own the vaccine the real problem with astra zeneca is that it doesn't work the way we were expecting it to the problem is so bad that in the city of nice a covert vaccination center got to be closed over the weekend when only 58 people
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turned up despite some 4000 doses of astra zeneca up for grabs so how did change people's mornings that's where those celebs coming it's reported the government is musing full blown communication campaign that would be headed by famous people because in a crisis that's who you trust right. celebrities that people like cos i don't think they have more knowledge than the specialists. if it's a celebrity who says that i don't care we don't know what influenced them to do it with social media it's stupid easy for people to the swathes of anything. i will not get vaccinated because some famous person tells me to it's like they're telling me jump for breach i'm not going to do that. we know that these are product placements and it turns out that they themselves have not been for. actually it did
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it might influence people but i personally rely more on medical expertise and scientific reports fears over the link to the rare blood clots from vaccines isn't confined to front so either in sweden several regions of reported cases of people out refusing to have the extra zeneca joab in my department we had planned for a 150 patients aged over 65 with diabetes who were to be vaccinated there were 20 who cancelled ahead of time and 7 who left once they found out which vaccine they would get one said i don't want to die and left immediately we're still is the loser a few cells all resulting in vaccines being thrown away and all of this is taking place as the european medicines agency the world health organization and even sweden public health authority are continuing to stress that the benefits of
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the vaccine for outweigh any risks so why are people still shelling it probably because of the side effects people don't believe in science and the more i think it's. the social media these discussions going on the social media because of the bad reputation in other countries that have decided not to take the risk a tool since the link with rare blood clots was raised the rollout of astra zeneca remains suspended in countries like norway and denmark but as countries struggle to convince citizens that the short is safe to use the e.u. itself has admitted that they may not be renewing its contract which begs the question why pull the convincing people i told. r.t. this. joe biden's new special envoy for. climate change has given
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a strong endorsement for president putin's speech at a video summit in one usually positive statement john kerry described the russian leaders views as visionary and rational. sushi discuss some of the key moments with oksana boy. the nice moment was there as surrounding who would you think russian president he was in line to speak which i think was assigned if you believed implied an administration or to the president you wanted to keep him waiting for him for a little bit maybe just send some signal but when the time has finally come high he was shown on the screen right in the middle of the president's marker on speech president of france and the funny thing about it was that the term president roh was introduced as a live gassed he was given the floor but indian middle of his speech we realized that it was a tape and there was a moment of confusion on the american side and we had a few minutes of. putin staring blankly at one another
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from this greens are just i thought that that was well provided for by me it quite ironic it's certainly expressed the tension that existed between the 2 sides but at the end of the day here you know who's in spoke here expressed his point of view and this time it went on so it's on a what about the actual content of the summit understand there were some strong differences in how various world leaders want to address the issue of climate crisis what what was said about there are lots of talk about mother nature and things like that but for the time being the americans and their european colleagues have committed to you cutting greenhouse gas and you know these steps will set america on a path of no 0 emissions economy by no later than 2050 but the church in america represents less than 50 percent of the world's admissions no nation can solve this
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crisis on our own as i know you all fully understand all of us all of us and particularly those of us who represent the world's largest economies we have to step up that formula in. you know what we have at south is an issue of still pretty large disagreement the russian president for example. what the reader should take into account is not only how much each country immense but also how much it absorbs . due to the vast capacity of our ecosystem makes a huge contribution to absorb and glue missions both around and from elsewhere it's estimated around $2500000000.00 tons of c o 2 could land per year. the europeans and the americans are not suki in the army including that absorption capacity into into the formula also there is a major disagreement on the chinese side because the chinese how long they are
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going developing countries have been somewhat late to the industrialization party so for down the commitments should not be as stringent do you think this whole climate conference is an issue that will unite the countries together or are we going to see more beefs down the road does a lot of suspicions here in this country and also around the world that the americans the europeans i trying to use the climate that gender so sensually. kickstarter the globalization 2 point old that they want to use this issue to keep that control. over the labor distribution and around the world and disappointing that the suspicion i can quote john kerry. the violence administration special envoy on climate who said not so long ago that no government can officially deal with this subject and that it should be essentially a left to be private sector meaning turned flesh corporations and yes i think in
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many parts of the world it is those transnational corporations that. make a huge emphasis on overconsumption that led to the degradation of the environment in different place so i think what we are going to see are emerging do. political differences in who should lead this process who should contribute to this process and whether it should be about. corporate out for it or stay there for it. flow finishing up or some news just in there are reports of multiple rockets hit saying near baghdad international airport where u.s. led coalition base is here ok to local media reporting a total of 3 rockets exploded in the area and no casualties are reported as of yet security forces all on the ground there examining the situation and trying to find out from the rockets were launched well brings you up to speed it's goodbye for me for the day sean thomas is taking over at the top of the hour and i hope to see you
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soon. what else should seem wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to see power does this come out to. and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.


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