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going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is truth what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallowness. as a reporter or. a. politician. at least people.
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call for the. police. around the world around the clock. with. the forces of large scale exercises in crimea for 1200 vehicles 110000 soldiers took part in the drills and the defense minister. a success.
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there is because you are today the armed forces have successfully completed complex drills for defending russia's souls and border. i believe that the aims of this chick have been fully cherry don't know and notice that the exercises have now finished. so are you chuckling if you are going to joining us live in the studio for more details on this jacqueline you know look as far as i understand these were regular show drills right but then why all the hype in the western world about the question then is that because for moscow this was business as usual and now the work is done
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and the number of troops and military machines are soon going to be heading back to their permanent bases which makes for a pretty anti-climactic ending to all the hype over russian aggression we've been hearing for the past few weeks let's take a listen to what's been said a sampling of what's been said on that front tensions are rising in ukraine as russia continues to ramp up its military force on the border between the 2 countries a pentagon spokesman has called the deployment of russian troops deeply concerning urging moscow to clarify its intentions ukraine is seeking international support against russia's military buildup along its borders in that direction just a few miles the russian border and beyond that that is where the pentagon says more than $40000.00 russian troops are now massing the ukrainian government why says high. so that's how the media has been putting it and apart from all the biggies the u.s. the u.k. the e.u. and nato they've all been expressing their unwavering support for ukraine and
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urging russia to deescalate the situation saying that they need to stop with provocations over all these reports and the headlines all but promised an all out war with ukraine all because big bad russia was conducting a military buildup on the ukrainian border according to them but the thing is from the get go moscow has had a very simple explanation as to what's going on military drills plain and simple and yes these drills are taking place to a time when there's been a flare up in the conflict in eastern ukraine but russia repeatedly said that they were in response to perceived threats from nato and even went so far as to say they had no plans for ukraine clearly in an effort to try and calm the situation which on fortunately went unheeded so on thursday these drills officially ended the ukrainian president has said that he's welcomed the drawdown but it's also worth noting at the same time that this year nato will be conducting some of its own drills some of the largest ever and that and other actions won't go unnoticed by
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moscow of course on wednesday president putin said that any threats would be responded to quickly firmly and the russian foreign minister claims that nato is continuing provocative measures in the black sea region so while this particular chapter may be coming to an end there is going to be much more to the story to come . thank you. the conservative government in the u.k. is fending off corruption claims over the way it's dished out covert emotions the funding the new report shows surprise surprise that many contracts were awarded to companies with direct links to politicians these companies also with no track record of supplying relevant goods or even services let's get this report from london with aussies esau. well this is really blown the lid off the contracting and tendering processes that place when of course the pandemic was at its peak in government spending to get people in place as personal protective equipment and
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other vital equipment to fight the pandemic when all of that was going on contracts were being handed out in there are accusations in this report of contracts being handed out to those with the right political connections and concerns even being raised about the emergence of a so-called vi p. lane that fast tracked offers of contracts from companies who had been directly approved from politicians or lords and others and according to the report all of these processes raising a number of red flags it is very surprising for the u.k. government prioritise recommendations from politicians given in most of the areas of economic activity this type of association raises red flags and they are not known for their expertise and procuring medical equipment what is even more surprising is that it did not engage professionals such as the british medical association and the royal college of nursing now the focus of this report centers
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around almost a 1000 contracts awarded between february and november of last year totaling 18000000000 and there's also been accusations of a lack of transparency and a lack of accountability with public bodies less than forthcoming with information about these contracts public bodies across the u.k. failed to comply with their legal obligations provide timely access to information on contracts and all of these contracts and all of this focus on political connections the lid of which has been blown off by revelations that former prime minister david cameron was attempting to lobby the government during the pandemic on behalf of a company called green silk capital and he had reached out to the. chancellor issues so that also the health secretary at hancock all of whom have denied the wrong doing but investigations are going on into the role that politicians play when it comes to contracting and many here in the u.k.
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worried about what impact this will have on britain's role on the global stage on britain's image on the global stage particularly when they come to look through other countries about corruption staying up with britain border guards say around 100 people a day are arriving in the country with fake certificates potentially bringing in new variants of the virus undetected in london picking up the story partridge in the u.k. cases of coronavirus and cope with 19 deaths a fully following the look of the vaccine rollout but there are concerns this progress could be scuppered by the variants of the disease being brought into the country by people using fake negatives certificates foreign holiday travel both leaving and entering the u.k. is found that business travels allowed the government website tells travelers to the u.k. before they settle which they must provide a passenger locator for and proof of
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a negative coronavirus test taken within the 3 days before arrival this could be a printed documents an email or text message failure to show it could mean no travel or 500 pounds fine on arrival the traveler must ensure the test meets the right standards and the results must be in english french or spanish with personal information matching the travel documents and the tests provide us contact details but border immigration and customs staff say these documents are very easy to forge and in many cases offices have no way of checking whether they're genuine. get taken on trust we do get a 100 or more and do fake coverage certificates that we catch while the e.u.'s police agency europol has already warned travelers. to be aware of organized criminal gangs selling fake negatives certificates these have been found at british french and spanish airports online and in the netherlands via mobile messaging apps for as much as $300.00 euros each as long as travel restrictions remain in place
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due to the pandemic it is very likely that criminals will seize the opportunity of producing and selling fake 900 testator for kits given the widespread technological means available in the form of high quality printers and different software fraudsters are able to produce high quality counterfeits forged or fake documents and up to 20000 people entering the u.k. every day most are corneas who are in the large group of exam jobs and people including children under 11 who don't need to take a test which raises the question of whether the certificate system or any passport scheme could work in siri or in practice clearly there are challenges around international travel you know you have to look at cross the continent and see the rise in case rates in many of our nearest neighbors it has been in the past the case that those rising infection rates have seen their way through to the u.k.
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we're hopeful that that won't happen this time around because of our progress with the vaccine and so on but we do need to be cautious about that but the big worry about fake certificates is letting people into the u.k. you were carrying you could variance like those from india south africa and brazil which could be more resistant to antibodies this would diminish the impact of the u.k.'s vaccination program and thought the economic upturn then just one forged document costing a few 100 pounds could cost thousands of lives and millions in lost revenue kate partridge r.t. london. well france meanwhile wants to be europe's 1st state to enforce code passports it's a move heavily criticized by rights campaigners as discriminating against the unboxing noted however ministers insist it's all about freedom. city did this summer i hope we will reclaim our freedom thanks to the vaccination restraint and this digital certification the. passports will list people's inoculation date
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or immunity status and will be trialled on internal flights this week officials hope to expand their use all across europe within the coming weeks we understand shops and restaurants will be exempt from now we spoke with political analyst in the church thinks the scheme simply won't work 'd without public support. people are jittery with the talking about putting their personal information on an app which is managed by the government again if people were confident that people were managing the people at the head of france today were concerned by the health of the citizens and that was paramount to them and that was their primary concern that i think they would be ok but people see that there are huge interest personal interest big pharmacy group interest there's a lot of these interests with a lot of people think are more important than the interest of the citizens and the safety of the citizen so as long as people will be skeptical about the real intentions of the government and what this app is the 1st layer to then i think
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this is going to have a hard time going through after a moment if it's an obligation to have this app to travel is going to be complicated because some people will really feel forced to take the ad because they need to be needed to see family relatives or even to work so it's going to create a lot of frustration and we risk having some sort of 2 way society with the fast track for those who got the vaccine or who go to p.c.r. test regularly and those who don't have it and who have less liberties than the 1st and so i think this is going to create a lot of confusion and. tension within the french society for. the conviction of former officer derek shogun for the murder of george floyd has only fired up black lives not had demonstrators they've poured back onto the streets now saying the police shooting of a black teenage girl on the day of the verdict just goes to show a total lack of progress. the officers claim they were justified in shooting the 16 year old but have
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launched a probe however protesters have run out of patience calling on the police to be to funded and announcing. quarter reports on those rallies and how they've been encouraged and inflamed by the democratic party. the verdict guilty but the mass is far from satisfied it wasn't long before celebration over chauvinist faith once more turned into anger. don't want to hear. you don't want your area. or. right progressive's are paying a lot of lip service to it's not justice and i'll explain to you right it's not justice. it's not justice because justice is george floyd going home tonight to be with this family this is but a miniscule step on the path to justice next tops independent agency to investigate
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police misuse of force criminalize violence against protesters do military police departments disband and deconstruct field police departments some are taking a more sentimental approach making sure everyone knows the death of their new martyr makes them very sad thank you. for sacrificing your life for your name will always be synonymous with death oh so stupid you know that your original is yours young daughter if you don't get to change the world. you to read this afternoon. that he did change the rules since the campaign trail biden has spoken with the victim's family multiple times assuring them that his administration was on the side of justice even appeared to border on justifying the pressure that activists and vandals were putting on the court process or jury who heard the evidence carried out their civic duty in the midst of the extraordinary
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moment under extraordinary pressure. for so many. it feels like it took all of that. for the judicial system to deliver a just just basic countability naturally the administration's pandering to anti police protesters has radicalized the republican party in the opposite direction so much so that it's now illegal for drivers to run over road blocking protesters in the red state of florida we saw really unprecedented disorder and rioting throughout the summer of 2020 and we said that's not going to happen here in the state of florida and we wanted to make sure that we were able to protect the people of our great state people's businesses and property and it is the strongest anti writing pro a law enforcement piece of legislation in the country one big verdict on a whole lot of unsolved problems and the 2 ruling parties at each other's throats
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tragedies like the recent police shooting of a 16 year old black teenager in columbus ohio just continue to pile up with neither side ready to come to a compromise the american political structure of the constitutional structure is so antiquated and so shot through with undemocratic practices and. bias that it would take a top to bottom thorough political structural reform in order to put america on a new racial footing and i don't see it happening any time soon but short of that there will be no progress whatsoever i am absolutely convinced. world leaders have been giving the visions for tackling the climate crisis that a us hosted video summit it's a 2 day event and joe biden emanuel on and vladimir putin are just some of the leaders to speak so far let's get some details on this now sees ochs on a boy so joining us live now with more on the story good to see you
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a following the summit broadcast how did it go any any any key moments to bring us well i have to say that for such a high had to do that then there were simply too many. technical glitches it was. organized in there rather fine in math and letter and there were some difficulties with. translation and also with putting on the band speaking about the team but i think the finest moment was there surrounding who would you think russian president vladimir putin because we had to wait for quite some time for him just speak he was in line to speak which i think was assigned an administration. president wanted to keep him waiting for him for a little bit maybe just send some signal but when the time has finally come he was shown on the screen right in the middle of the president's marker on speech
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president of france and the funny thing about it was that present across was introduced as a live gassed he was given the floor but into middle of his speech he realized that it was a tape and there was a moment of confusion and there american side and we had a few minutes of. putin staring blankly at one another from this screen so i thought that that was. quite by me a quite ironic it's certainly expressed the tension that existed between the 2 sides but at the end of the day you know susan spoke here expressed his point of view and this time it went on so it's on a what about the actual content of the summit i understand there were some stark differences in how various world leaders want to address the issue of climate crisis what was said about well in rowing i would say that the differences are stark for now but they're clearly emerging i mean everybody is planting a commitment to saving the planet and there are
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a lot of talk about mother nature. things like that but our for the time being the americans and their european colleagues have committed. you cutting greenhouse gas and. you once called 0 on that figure which means none 0 emissions it's a rather complicated formula of some industries and even more some industries in meeting last and this is a figure that is used as a baseline cutting. 0 nat emissions cutting emissions to ravish 0 and that by 2050 now it has to be sad. and that formula is and we have it south is an issue of still pretty large disagreement the russian president for example sad that what really should take into account is not only how much each country emits but also how much it absorbs and russia here has
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a major advantage you know we have huge forest said bierria the urals and according to putin russia russia's absorbing capacity stands at around 2500000000 c o 2 equivalent per annum that's far more than russia emits and that's a roughly 7 percent of annual emissions are around the planet but the europeans and the americans are not suki in the on including that absorption capacity in the into the formula also there is a major disagreement on the chinese side because the chinese how long been arguing developing countries have been somewhat late to the industrialization party so for them the commitment should not be as stringent and china and south. sad that it wants to cut its emissions it's you 0 now by 2060 and again this issue is very interesting because for
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now that this is indeed a show of unity but each country especially great countries they and they have their own agendas so you took. the absorption capacity of russia and then and then china discussing that of developing countries as well but i know you talk about unity here but you know how difficult is it to coagulate all these different countries together when you've got such a mix of different economies and different emissions i know you mentioned unity but do you think this whole climate conference is an issue that will unite the countries together or are we going to see more beefs down the road do you think well i think this issue will become a major point of disagreement in not so in near future 1st and foremost because it's not only about the environment of climate even though that's also an issue i mean for russia this issue is more about protecting practical protection of the environment for the americans it's more about the. abstract climate change but it's not the one that i think there are
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a lot of suspicions in this country and also around the world that the americans the europeans i trying to use the climate that gender just sensually. kickstarted globalization 2.0 that they want to use this issue to keep that control. over the labor distribution and around the world and disappoint that suspicion i can quote john kerry. with the by the next administration special envoy on climate who said not so long ago that no government can efficiently deal with this subject and that it should be essentially a left to the private sector meaning transnational corporations and i think in many parts of the world it is those transnational corporations that. make a huge emphasis on overconsumption that led to the degradation of the environment in different place so i think what we are going to see are emerging geopolitical
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differences in who should lead this process who should contribute to this process and whether it should be about. corporate average or state effort. oxana point of the host of artes worlds apart joining us live on a thank you. nuclear annihilation isn't something people would like to contemplate unless are of course the us to come on that is they have casually tweeted that it could well happen the spectrum of conflict today is neither we're not predictable we must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use is their least bad option the u.s. command is responsible for safeguarding america's nuclear arsenal and that tweet came ahead of the agency's annual posture statement informing congress of its work and plans the the us is facing quote 2 nuclear capable strategic period verse or is
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at the same time that is in russia and china but the notion that atomic armageddon is just another option on the table has not gone down well in this fierce of social media. what does this mean did this need to be tweeted his least better option it would just be letting the enemy take your chicken nuggets and not new can the world only insane people would consider a nuclear conflict a clear indication that those who have the power positions in this country are not mentally fit to have this responsibility of former pentagon security policy analyst michael maloof told us such nuclear statements are unacceptable. it's an unfortunate thing that to treat it so blithely leica. as a as a means of trying to scare off adversaries but it's scaring people and it's not meant to be a it's not a pleasant subject and i think there it's a scare tactic on the part of strategic command to to put something like this and i
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think that it's just just better to not try to create unnecessary hysteria at a time when tensions are already high that was the whole idea of arms control was to try and minimize the potential danger of the use of any nuclear weapons whether whether strategic or tactical and unfortunately we're treating the use of nuclear weapons as as the strategic command statement said there in a rather bliley way and it's something that is is should not be treated in such a cavalier dismissive way it's a very serious problem. france has reportedly planning to use celebrities to entice the public into getting the astra zeneca covert injection but will it work we dispatched. to the streets of the capital to find out. celebrity power could be about to be whole honest for its most bizarre campaign to
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date helping to convince people to have the astra zeneca job questions over its possible links to red blood clots and its effectiveness have essentially made it roll the undesirable for some leaving the french leadership scratching its head and wondering how to make it more appealing we have had difficulties convincing people on astra zeneca we must think about communication and our ability to convince if we want the vaccination campaign to improve though the president to may have been part of that given his previous buz own the vaccine the real problem with astra zeneca is that it doesn't work the way we were expecting it to the problem is so bad that in the city of nice a covert vaccination center got to be closed over the weekend when only 58 people turned up despite some 4000 doses of astra zeneca. grabs
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so how did change people's mornings that's where those celebs coming into reported the government is musing full blown communication campaign that would be headed by famous people because in a crisis that's who you trust right. celebrities that people like cos i don't think they have more knowledge than the specialists. if it's a celebrity who says that i don't care we don't know what influenced them to do it with social media it's too easy for people to be persuaded of anything. i will not get vaccinated because some famous person tells me to it's like they're telling me jump for breach i'm not going to do that. we know that these a product placements and it turns out that they themselves have not been vaccinated it might influence people but i personally rely more on medical expertise and
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scientific reports. over the link to the rare blood clots from vaccines isn't confined to france so either in sweden several regions of reported cases of people out refusing to have the extra zeneca joab in my department we had planned for a $150.00 patients aged over $65.00 with diabetes who were to be vaccinated there were 20 who cancelled ahead of time and 7 who left once they found out which vaccine they would get one said i don't want to die and left immediately we're still is the loser a few cells all resulting in vaccines being thrown away and all of this is taking place as the european medicines agency the world health organization and even sweden public health authority are continuing to stress that the benefits of the vaccine for outweigh any risks so why are people still shelling it
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probably because of the side effects people don't believe in science and the more i think it's. social media these discussions going on the social media because of the bad reputation in other countries that have decided not to take the risk a tool since that link with rare blood clots was raised the rollout of astra zeneca remains suspended in countries like norway and denmark but as countries struggle to convince citizens that the short is safe to use the e.u. itself has admitted that they may not be renewing its contract which begs the question why pull the convincing people i told. r.t. this that's the program for this half hour here what are the international there plenty of worldwide headlines still to come here on this channel if you can join us at the top of the hour.


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