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the floor looking for the 50 pound is worthless woody allen very young given a box with a. q what i think is this is the found that is a compliment thank you. lattimer putin warns western nations against confrontation saying that moscow's response will be asymmetrical and hard if its red lines are crossed the president also compared those who provoked russia to jungle book characters. usually with all sorts of little girls run a room. just like in the kipling story how to gain favor with the rule of.
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mass rape and child murder and ongoing trauma a damning new report sheds more light on how france close unable to the foreseeable genocide of hundreds of thousands in rwanda in 1904 also. clashes break out in berlin as police dispersed a 1000 strong anti lock down rally officers and riot gear deployed pepper spray and make over $100.00 arrests. are broadcasting live direct from the studios most of this is hard to international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. russia's president has given his annual state of the nation address setting out his vision for the country and
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as expected there's also an international focus to move which an urge western powers to stop trying to provoke russia and warned of an asymmetrical response. some countries have adopted the highly. blaming russia with any excuse and usually without any reason is turned into a kind of sporting competition. who speaks louder than we react to that with the finest restraint. and you could say without any irony with modesty often we don't even respond to unfriendly actions or even to open rudeness we want to keep good relations with all participants in the international community which we see what's happening in real life as i already said they're picking on russia all over the place without reason and of course immediately around them all sorts of little jackals run around like with sheer just like in the kipling story howling to gain favor with the kipling is a great writer we really don't want to burn bridges but if someone mistakes are
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good intentions for indifference or weakness and is determined to completely burn or even blow up these bridges that person must know that the brushes also will be as symmetrical fast and hard most of his speech was a devoted to international affairs it was about domestic affairs as was about the had there make it its ravages and how it has made life that much harder for so many people he also came out and said that russia simply wasn't ready by the pandemic the gad its institutions and the medical field wasn't ready for a crisis of such proportions but it was thanks to frontline medics and that russia emerged out of this crisis stronger than many other countries with many fewer deaths many fewer infections and with 3 vaccines something. is just thanks a nation is of immense importance right now i'm asking the government and regional heads to terkel this everywhere people should have the chance to get vaccinated
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which will allow us to have heard immunity by the autumn and once again call on all our citizens get vaccinated we've made a breakthrough things to all scientists and now we have 3 reliable covert vaccines he also spoke about the environment saying that it is paramount that companies which exploit the environment for profit such as all companies and coal attraction mineral extraction that they are. then clean up after themselves he said that within the next 30 years the missions of the russian federation will be less than the use of the european union was a spoke about supporting single parents about encouraging birth rates in russia it's no secret that it has undergone a major demographic process and that many government plans it initiatives to help both parents both schools and social sphere as well as as well as businesses recover from the ravages of good of the pandemic. are docs on the board co-host of
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artes world apart was closely following well let me put in speech and she thinks there are different ways to interpret what he said. it's actually very interesting on how interpretation of a speech depends on who is listening because in my take on it this totally different from a bout of herat i didn't think that the russian president was stern in fact i thought that that was. an address about reflection about trying to motivate and inspire people about learning lessons from the pandemic and finally about outreach and making sure that people understand your intentions well because what i took from it was not just the ravages or the pain of the pandemic actually sad cobbett 900 provided a very useful. straps task to the russian government which in the past has also often been criticized for being a huge slow to grab. beleaguered by red tape and he sat there during
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a very. real learning how to provide services that efficiently going to the international side of the speech i thought that that was indeed putin's response to joe biden and if you listen carefully to that speech it really showed you how russia differs from the united states because he talked about the russian revalues he is nicholas sad that russia has been able to establish and maintain good relations with most nations around the world based on the principles of mutual respect track or differences. that we approach to things not abstractly but in a very practical manner we look at what we can do and how we can. and how our citizens and others rather than going to fix meeting about what's good what's bad in the world. russia has announced it is expelling 10 american diplomats
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in a tit for tat move they have been given a month to leave the country this comes a week after the biden administration unveiled a new saying. against moscow for allegedly interfering in last year's presidential election and acting federal agencies the u.s. also booted out russian diplomats we asked liberal studies professor michael direct involved how he interprets president putin's warnings of red lines. so anything that harbors any kind of sense of aggression is certainly a red line and i think you're seeing these signs of aggression now i'm not sure how far it could go but i think it depends largely on the biden response and this administration has as a has a kind of obsession over russia which is unwarranted in my opinion and which is completely off the charts in terms of what they think russia is doing better they have put pressure on poland and czechoslovakia to. you know.
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sitters and and diplomatic. personages from from the from the country. sex assaults and the destruction of life on an appalling scale including of children that is the harrowing testimony exposed in a new report finding france and they build the genocide of hundreds of thousands of rwandans in 1904 the document commissioned by the african nation says paris quote did nothing to stop the slaughter of ethnic tutsis the latest witness accounts paint a terrifying portrait. even today that sadness does not end the thought that someone came raped you destroyed you and killed your child it is an extreme strain on my heart that will never end i only half survived.
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one woman died after hutus hacked off her arms and forced them into her mouth her 2 small children aged $1.54 then slaughtered. they came in a great crowd shouting like crazy people the whole place was littered with bodies. the report alleges that france kept giving military support to its rwanda allies even after the atrocities were known more than a 1000000 people lost their lives the scale and brutality of the killings reverberated worldwide but france still insists it doesn't bear responsibility for failing to intervene as archie's show dubinsky reports. morning close to 600 pages
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and based on interviews with hundreds of witnesses this damning report due to the recent findings by a french commission that said paris was and quote blind to the. genocidal agenda. to not a doctor to prevent the genocide that was a fact but another fact is that the government of france at that time accompanied the rwandan government that was committing massacres preparing a genocide the french government at the time was close to that rwandan government and supported them in various ways draining the diplomatic and political support that's what we call the responsibility of france in 1904 france led operation turquoise a military humanitarian starting to back. it went on monday but is moving it seems to being a front for collaboration with the extremist is that allegation of being too close
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to the hutu regime was also leveled in the report into the genocide commissioned by from really just. the sort of. it's the french authorities who in this case bear a grave responsibility because every 3 years instead of supporting democracy in peace in rwanda they supported the rwandan government's policy of radical action of division under the leadership of a dictator who was very close to the hutu extremists however senior officials from the french government. at the time of. still refuse to accept the blame i disagree because i did my utmost to ensure that france would not be blamed for being passive and indifferent my concern was not to commit our army in a civil war where it would necessarily have appeared as supporting the hutu government that was being criticized for the genocide france need not apologize although you know. the reports say that they found any evidence that french
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officials. directly participated in. this latest investigation horrifying like. relations between the 2 could have been straight. with these new reports that this. could finally. see. now to a developing story of reports of an exchange of fire in the middle east the israeli military says that they have attacked targets in syria in response to a missile that impacted in the desert near the negative nuclear research center also known as dimona people cross israel are reporting they felt their houses shake according to the syrian defense ministry 4 syrian servicemen were injured as a result of the israeli missile strike we'll be following this story and bring you more details as they become available to us. german police have
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resorted to force to disperse crowds of anti-lock down demonstrators in the capital more than 100 arrests have been made pepper spray deployed with reports of injuries on both sides. according to berlin police as many as 8000 activists turned out for a protest in the german capital they were demonstrating against a so-called infection prevention act which has now been passed by the bundestag it will give the central government the right to impose nationwide lock down rules overruling the regional authorities 342 lawmakers voted in favor and 250 opposed to
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the bill which now a needs to go through the upper house of germany's parliament assuming that happens the central government will have the power to impose nightly curfews if covert in faction the rate spike along with various other measures we heard from politicians from both sides of the german political spectrum for their views on the new bill. i was one of their protest protest over what one of the key speaker on the street protests today also warned one of these 250 year m.p.'s who voted against. a quite softly speaking to callie didn't fix the protection act yet it's cold that you fix protection act but it's funky small ass like an enabling act yes you know we are very sensitive film in germany due to truman history about enabling acts. by which government is granted such a huge power that it could be
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a new it will never give away any more in the future it will be seen when a building act empowers government troops you saw it for the whole ringback of germany were few and all the other pressing measurements looked on and so on without the returns. to see the ongoing incident in the 11 had to discover that the parliament at least decides on the ball now before it was just a group of. presidents of the federal states and the chancellor now it's a parliament that is about the measures that it says they are contradictionary and in itself you have on the one hand reasonable things that for example you have to. measure a senate you have reasonable things like if there is a high incidence of security measures have to return again but on the other hand it's no scientific condiment for doing it because if you from 10 o'clock in the
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evening that is. abusing the basic right of freedom of movement and that of course causes social discontent and calls a smell that people are frustrated. they just cities across russia have seen. unauthorized rallies throughout wednesday in support of jailed opposition activists election a volley at least a 1000 people were detained including more than $300.00 in st petersburg alone archy's what is gone of course now from central moscow. well this is the final leg of today's protest in the russian capital to the left of me or rather i'm amidst the most general group of protesters a few dozen of them of accused to be thousands of people who took to the streets of moscow to make the voices heard well again only a few dozen people but they're very very loud under this protest his going into the
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night earlier we saw as i've said thousands of people according to the police some 6000 people took to the streets of the russian capital they're chanting slogans like read him for lex in a volley russia's political activist who is in prison now on embezzlement charges they're calling on vladimir putin to step down and a bunch of other anti corruption hunter anti prison i should say slogans so far the police today have been rather. we have seen some detentions but they weren't they weren't on ma scale the warrens own a large is gayle but several people have been detained here in mosco now the russian capital is far from the only place far from the only city in the country that has seen protests towns all the way from flight of a stork to st petersburg have seen people taking to the streets in certain towns
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it's safe to say that the protests fulop because only a few because basically a group to the left of me was all there showing and other towns it was more of a success but basically you they will they will who paled in comparison to what's going on what was going on in the russian capital largely the protests have been peaceful although we have seen some scuffles with the traffic pollie. yes and so far and again the police they did detained several people here and with dozens of people across russia because from the government standpoint of this rally as well as others weren't authorized they weren't greenlit they didn't get a green light from the authorities and so in the eyes of the louis it makes them illegal hence the hence the detentions but well obviously the protesters they don't agree with that sound yet they're chanting that they ahd 7 they are the authorities essentially this is what they're chanting right now but again this is the this is the very these are the very very charitable people who are left because the
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majority of of the protests as they decided to had home rule him to attend to some of the business that they have after a couple of hours in the streets. the reaction has been pouring in to the guilty verdict against former minneapolis police officer derek shelve and he thinks he could now face up to 40 years in prison on 2 counts of murder and one count of manslaughter after the death of george floyd last may celebrated the verdict outside the court on tuesday evening. that. this is still. a fight right. now. well but while some celebrated others took to the streets to demand tougher action over police killings of african-americans some protesters in new york called for
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the abolition of the city's entire police department saying the system is fundamentally racist after the jury concluded that george floyd was murdered by the officer house speaker nancy pelosi a plot of the decision and she even thanked floyd for sacrificing his life and that drew a scathing reaction. we saw it happen and thank god the jury. dated what we saw what we saw all so again thank you george. i think your life or just think you murdered person for without your horrific killing we would have never known that it's not ok to kill people for no reason nancy pelosi in a nutshell the word 2nd 5 simplifies it was necessary this is how liberals will read produced a larger labeled his life expendable in the 1st place no no no no what the 2nd feis in your life is something people have to do on their own floyd was murders
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we just had the whole trial. we discussed this with a libertarian politician are involved who thinks policies remarks failed to properly honor the memory of george floyd. the i mean the unfortunate comment a sacrifice is a voluntary thing right when you sacrifice your life that's that's that's a noble act and it's an intentional act getting murdered is not the same thing so in this case you know if your life is in voluntarily sacrifice that that's your murder and that's not a sacrifice isn't he chose to do the people of america have been fed up with the police for a long time through drug war abuses where the police have just used the drug war as an excuse to just bully minorities to just a sense that the police are no longer protecting life or property but harassing people so the fact that now people have had this taste of victory that the police are no longer the sort of socially protected class you can never say anything against now that we know it's ok to say that when the police do something wrong
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it's wrong and they're a completely accountable i think we're going to see a lot more demands to crackdown on that victory inspires people it doesn't stop them. in a new peak of irony notoriously censor happy you tube has sponsored a freedom of expression award and doled out the prize to its own boss but with 99 percent of reactions to footage of the event negative it seems the absurdity is not lost on its users artie's dimitri explains. you know how it's becoming harder and harder to tell reality from satire these days well it's because of stuff like this since and i'm so honored to be able to present you tonight with a free expression award for your incredible leadership with u 2 and i just want to say thank you for all the work that you've done to empower people around the world congrats on your very well deserved award thank you so much for the freedom farm for having me here today and for this award this is real in award show on you tube sponsored by you tube giving you tube c.e.o.
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of all things in award for freedom of expression means are literally coming to life . and you need a lightsaber to cut through the irony in this case which might explain the whole area is this like ratio on the video. over the last few years you tube has practically become synonymous with censorship and funny thing is they're not really even denying it c they just call it responsibility work in her post award interview susan widgets you tube c.e.o. took the time to explain the fundamentals of youtube's work the 4 r's of responsibility the 1st are i kid you not is removed you can't make this up after receiving an award for free expression the 1st thing she brags about is how they removed $9000000.00 videos in the last quarter that's $3000000.00 videos
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a month and all of that or most of it was done with fabulous machines these are videos that allegedly broke you tube's ever changing terms of service which at this point is so vague and open so interpretation that literally any video can be suddenly deemed unacceptably dangerous have an opinion on coded don't like the w.h.o. don't like the election results banned for free speech the 2nd r. is rise which basically. it means boosting or recommending videos that have the right opinion according to you tube so basically videos by mainstream media corporations their partners but you know those guys that always tell the truth and never run a fake story. 3rd are is reduce this one is the best this means ghosting or shadow banning or hiding videos that have not broken any rules that are completely fair game you tube just doesn't like them so they make them impossible
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to find so even if you're really careful about getting your thoughts out there i hear to all of you tube's ridiculous rules avoid all the no no words you still might get shadow banned or censored if youtube doesn't like your opinion and then there's a lot of content that technically meets the spirit of what we're trying to do by it . it's borderline and so for that content we will just reduce meaning we're not going to recommending it to our users and this has been happening to countless creators over the past few years scriber is magically disappear videos don't show up in feeds of people who are subscribed and so on a platform that prides itself on allowing diverse voices there doesn't seem to be a lot of permissible variety when it comes to actual speech and the final r. is reward which is basically all about that ad money making sure that people with the right opinions get it and the people with the wrong ones don't explain to me
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again how any of these principles have anything to do with free speech the freedom forum institute which gave out this award claims its mission is to foster 1st amendment freedoms for all but apparently they haven't actually read the text of the 1st amendment it literally says congress shall make no laws abridging the freedom of speech but i guess you tube isn't congress so they can make all the laws they want right well then maybe they shouldn't pretend like they actually care about the 1st amendment or free speech and definitely not get awards for it. and it's not just youtube congratulating itself the c.e.o. of facebook told an interview on monday that his social media giant is actually making the world a better place what's really happening is individuals are getting more power and more opportunity to create the lives and the job that they want and to connect with people who wants and i just think that will lead to a better world. facebook of course has no shortage of critics it is now building
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a version of instagram exclusively targeting children under the age of 13 despite warnings from public health advocates that the platform can be harmful for youngsters meanwhile newspapers in the 11 countries are suing facebook for abusing its monopoly on digital advertising and that follows an endless string of other accusations ranging from political censorship to harvesting of private data political and social commentator lauren chen says the tech giants should steer away from its focus on pushing changes in society. coming from mark zuckerberg it's hard to imagine anything that's not increasingly dystopian but what i don't understand is that why people like he and susan with these tech giants keep trying to market their products as forces for positive social change what would probably be easier to facebook in the long run is just to accept that this is a platform to share photos of your pets and maybe information about your business stop trying to make facebook into this a social element it's frankly it's excretions of
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a tech not krissy and i mean 1st off regardless of the context the optics of sponsoring an awards ceremony in order to give yourself an award is not great but regarding free speech specifically remember you tube is the site that actually went out of its way to remove donald trump pac speech from its platform so how anybody thought that this would not be met with a huge backlash is beyond me and what's interesting is that if you actually listen to susan which ickes acceptance speech she she goes into detail about all of the censorship you cannot separate free speech from censorship and monitoring hate speech and it really just goes to show that in these people these progressive activists of which susan which he obviously is one have no concept of what free speech actually means there's a for me the sob about the headlines in 32 minutes with us.
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well the demick no certainly no blood is just flying to nationalities. has emerged we caught up with the we don't have the fight scene the whole world needs to be the. judge of. commentary crisis with this system to want to time so we can do better we should. everyone is contributing it your own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been must so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together.
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psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients rather they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term they're mostly disastrous suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms most serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines ending up to something wonderful very often their full effects it up to something terrible until soul of all ills are only trying to medicate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared i was a scared little girl i was 24 and like. it didn't have to be so complicated. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still
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haven't tailed you into single i lows into.


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