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tv   News  RT  April 21, 2021 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. so little. the. state of the nation. will be quote.
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unquote. 1900. guilty on all charges in the killing of george floyd but despite the verdict on the future of the fury does continue. using floyd. resources to write his own book. already a big. international it's good to have you with us today. just
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delivered his key note address to parliament by the president there was only so much aggression from the west. here on the program now. is also here 1st to you can you bring us through some of the highlights what did the russian president have to say today. before his speech begat all the adolescent all the dignitaries will the journalists expected it to be much more about international issues the pressing issues of the day of the collapse of relations between russia and the european union problems with the united states of america as well this is the situation on the border with ukraine but most of his speech was devoted to domestic affairs it was only at the end that he really mentioned the pressing international problems that russia has russia and certain other countries towards russia and here glad we are putin was very clear we are
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interested in peace we want more arms limitation treaties we want a cyber security framework to involve the whole world to avoid situations where so many misunderstandings and problems occur but let me a putin also said that there are there are those who are set on burning bridges with russia and that for them there will be a response. but even some countries have adopted the indecent habit of blaming russia for literally everything it's turned into a kind of sporting competition who's going to be speaking louder against russia and we are trying to be modest in this regard. we don't even respond to a blatant rudeness we want to keep good neighborly relations with everyone but we see what's happening in the real world they are picking on russia all sorts of little jackal's of running around sheer calm just like in the kipling story howling
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to gain favor with the ruler. the. president was very stern he said that there will be an immediate harsh and as symmetric response to any attack on core russian interests which can be interpret. there's as many things but glad mr putin as i said devoted most of his speech to domestic affairs and that is especially about the pandemic and the ravages of the pandemic the damage that the pandemic has wrought on the russian economy he said that when the pandemic struck russia simply was a red flag to doctors and workers who were out there who were treating the infected that must have managed to not only survive but the to do much better than many other countries have a much lower death rate and. many fewer infections as well as 3 vaccines with which
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flattered me a putin has russians to get vaccinated with. something. that vaccination is of immense put importance right now i'm asking the government regional hands to tackle this everywhere people should have the chance to get vaccinated which will allow us to have an immunity party. i once again call on all our citizens get vaccinated. we've made a breakthrough funks while scientists are now we have 3 reliable vaccines. just. there's also much more about business about medicine blood we're putin saying that medicine now internationally is going through a revolution and then it is time to overhaul russia's entire health care system he also spoke about corporate taxes and profits still secret that corporations are making record amounts of money in russia in 2021 corporate profits are expected
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again to break records and he says it will be interesting to see how they spend that money because companies should be urged and encouraged to reinvest their profits rather and they got millions and billions of dividends you also spoke about solving the demographic crosses and russia's sponsoring and promoting. births and the rebuilding the russian population there was also. a segment devoted to the environment rather than saying that from now on companies that benefit from attracting natural resources or oil minerals. that those companies who benefit from exposing the most was clean up after themselves must put that money part of the profits that they make back into improving into a brawl with the club. that is interesting as you say the russian president referring to rajar kipling as
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a lot of us grew up reading his books and also have course your also tipped his hat to washington as well and then of course he touched on all the issue of the ongoing pandemic thanks for that exxon over to you it wasn't just those items he continued talking for well over an hour what are the highlights did you see york's ana well it's actually very interesting on how interpretation of a speech depends on who is listening because my take on it is certainly different from a bout of herat i didn't think that the russian president was turned in fact i thought that that was. an address about reflection about trying to motivate and inspire people about learning lessons from the pandemic and finally about outreach and making sure that. people understand your intentions well and now it's true that for the most part people exist on the pandemic but what i took from it was not just the ravages or the pain of the pandemic you actually sad cobbett 900 provided they were very useful. strasse task to the russian government which
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in the past has also often been criticized for being hugh slow to grab. beleaguered by red tape and he sat there during a very. real learning how to provide services. efficiently and this is something that we are going to take into the future. sure that means next time people have to interact with the government services they don't have to wait in line to all are to wave pool star now going to the international side of the speech i thought that that was indeed putting his response to joe biden and if you listen carefully to that speech it really showed you how russia differs from the united states because he talked about the russian values you lot talked about the russian approach to foreign policy and how it differs from the american approach to foreign policy. that russia has been able to establish and maintain good
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relations with most nations around the world based on the principles of mutual respect back he also sadly he talked a lot about values he said that what difference russia is that we approach those things not abstractly but in a very practical manner the. climate change environmental. called issues demick whatever if we look at what we can do and how we can. how our citizens and others rather than giving about what's good what's bad in the world and finally i want to point out one important thing that i think is going to be quoted for months if not here is. to go in i'm sure you've heard about this initiative of the white house to hold. between russia it's
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a strategic stability and could have made it very clear and that he sees russia as an absolute leader in terms of strategic armaments around the world he actually sad that russia has the qualitative advantage over the united states russia has a new generation of weapons which the united states cannot counter at this point and as a leader of this kind of power. in the world he proposed to hold the summit of not just the russian americans but all p 5 permanent members of the security council so in a wait and see if it's an interesting detail we know that this summit between president biden is likely to take place because it's now being discussed by the very serious people on both sides and from the biden side and. how the russia security council so it's not just diplomats but you know security people who are discussing it but it made it clear that it's not about you know holding a conversation with the americans russia doesn't see that as an ultimate goal what
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russia wants to be. holding a conversation as a substantive conversation with all the relevant parties not just americans but all the countries that have nuclear weapons while i was on a as you were saying you know one of the things that putin always like to talk about is tipping is how to our professional partners around the world showing and exercising a mutual respect with professional partners around the world as well or sought to do you think that putin's federal assembly address today was any different in any other outstanding ways to previous years absolutely it was qualitatively different 1st of all because we had a very challenging and a very unusual year and in this sense it couldn't have been the same i mean all the countries are struggling with 19 and i think many russians believe that we are any given nation. managed to do with this major challenge actually demonstrates the strength of the respective
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government governing system as well as its efficiency and that was. talked a lot about college 19 and what it was particularly touching it actually. went sector after. watching her. you know because. this. boy and for what have you people work in the cultural sector thinking everybody for what they have done for the country they almost reminded me of john of comedy address as you not ask what the government can do for you but what you can do for the year before your country but in this sense yeah it was absolutely different and i think this year in particular i gave russia a lot of self-confidence but healthy soft modest self-confidence and put him actually singled out he said that we absolutely sure of our professionalism we
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believe what that we are right that we have or on the right side of history as former president barack obama would say and we base our policies on common sense and that applies to domestic affairs as well as international affairs all right our t. is on a boycott they're joining us just after putin's annual federal or somebody address it was more that guys d.f. moments before her walks on a thank you. thank you for joining us here for the program sex assaults and destruction of life on an appalling scale including of children how rowing testimony exposed in a brand new report finding france enabled the genocide of hundreds of thousands of rwandans in 1904 and the document it commissioned by the african states government says paris quote did nothing to stop the slaughter of ethnic tutsis the latest witness accounts paint a terrifying portrait. even today that sadness does not end the thought that
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someone came raped you destroyed you and killed your child it is an extreme strain on my heart that will never end i only have survived. one woman died after hutus hacked off her arm and forced him into her mouth her 2 small children aged $1.54 then slaughtered. they came in a great crowd shouting like crazy people the whole place was littered with bodies.
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the report alleges france continued its military support of the country even after confirmation of widespread rights abuses more than a 1000000 people lost their lives now the scale of brutality of the killings reverberated worldwide however france still insists it doesn't bear responsibility for inaction as artie's investigates. warning close to $600.00 pages in pain still interviews with hundreds of witnesses this damning report adds fuel to the recent findings by a french commission that said paris was a quote lying to the hutu resume genocidal agenda. to not attack to prevent the genocide that was a fact but another fact is that the government of france at that time the company of the rwandan government that was committing massacres preparing a genocide the french government at the time was close to that rwandan government and supported them in various ways. diplomatic and political support that's what we
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call the responsibility of france in 1904 france led operation turquoise a military humanitarian stalled intervention in rwanda it went on monday but is moving it seems to being a front for collaboration with the extremist is that allegation of being too close to the hutu regime was also a levels in the report into the genocide commissioned by from the list this. is the french authorities who in this case bear grave responsibility because every 3 years instead of supporting democracy in peace in rwanda they supported the rwandan government's policy of radical action to vision under the leadership of a dictator who was very close to the hutu extremists however senior officials from the french government in the time of massacre still refuse to accept the blame
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i disagree because i did my utmost to ensure that france would not be blamed for being passive and indifferent my concern was not to commit our army in a civil war where it would necessarily have appeared as supporting the hutu government that was being criticized for the genocide france need not apologize although knowing the reports say that they found any evidence that french officials all personnel directly participated in the killing of this latest investigation shed some horrifying light. in rwanda relations between the 2 countries have been strained for many years and it's uncertain with these new reports that this doctor can finally. so much even speak. minneapolis police officer derrick shogun has been found guilty over the murder.
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george floyd a crowd celebrated the verdict near the court. but while some celebrated others took to the streets to warn police killings of african-americans will still continue the protesters demanded the breakup of the new york police department arguing the entire system is racist the demonstrators also held what they called a 2 outdoor diners demanding they pay a 30 percent tax and the white owners shut their restaurants. and was convicted on 3 charges 2nd degree and 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter he faces up to 40 years in prison with the official sentence to be decided in 8
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weeks america was swamped by protests after george floyd's death in may of last year.
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the trial generated so much attention and opinion it could have easily gone to a retrial of one such event was congresswoman maxine waters encouraging crowds to get more confrontational if show over into was acquitted of a judge would warn that such incendiary rhetoric could prejudice the outcome yet the mainstream media maintains all the comments were harmless. enough. that. i don't think what she said in in any way should we should criticize her for of course we should be more confrontational do you really think she's calling for violence and most people know that that's not true. and the people who are speaking
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out against her are using it politically i don't think that maxine meant anything by that except to say you have to stick with a you know you have to be there she is she's fine as far as i'm concerned well 1st off they've got the mainstream american media in their back pocket but this is by any means necessary you know this is rules for radicals this is whatever it takes to get the job done what maxine waters did is tantamount to a mafia intimidation during the trial i mean it really is you know now these jurors if they catch wind of this in any way shape or form are going to think that hey you know we saw dozens of people die in last years or is the blood of those people going to be in our hands if we don't return a guilty verdict against child and you know who wants to live with that on their conscience it's completely thrown the legal process in the due process and the constitutional right of this police officer into question. house speaker nancy
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pelosi applauded the verdict and thanked floyd for sacrificing his life but there's been scathing reaction to what's with some thinking that really but little the victim. we saw it happen and thank god the jury. dated what we. what we saw so again thank you. for sacrificing your life for just thank you murdered person for without your horrific killing we would have never known that it's not ok to kill people for no reason nancy pelosi in a nutshell the word 2nd 5 simplifies it was necessary this is how liberals will read produced a logic that labeled his life expendable in the 1st place no no no no what the 2nd feis in your life is something people have to do on their own floyd was murders we just had the whole trial. well there have been a shopper a differing reactions to the case from guests with some who thought that the police
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changed that tactics this time others say the only thing that changes at offices and i'll getting cold but i thought was most unusual about this case is that character of on was pretty much thrown under the bus by the police department is on the police chief justified against them normally emmy's trials in these cases were police officers are accused of misconduct that go on trial policemen fill the room to intimidate the witnesses to intimidate the system itself correct and we didn't see any of that in this case we didn't see the police department supporting show bond we didn't see the the cops in the or room we also didn't see a lot of his family members that look or through me there are so that was kind of unusual probably because very much because of the both local national and international the case got there was some pressure on the state to prosecute show on and i think this the results of it i don't see this as a race issue. i know
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a lot of people do but foot on the ground finger on the poles of the community trying cases day in and day out there is no longer me and very frustrating lee a not so obvious presence of police officers who have abused their authority against black white indian agent american or whatever it may be that they're dealing with and you know it shouldn't be that way we should trust law enforcement officers many people including myself support good law enforcement officers but it's the bad apples that contaminate the entire bowl of minestrone soup as justice oliver wendell holmes would say and let's hope there's an extraordinary amount of change that's going to be weaved in the community and to the nation for real use of force implementation not just showing up to a class and signing off to say hey i lived in his for half an hour we need real change. around the time of the show and trial verdict an african-american teen was fatally shot by police in columbus ohio the officers were responding to reports of
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a stopping with the girl allegedly attacking 2 people with a knife angry protests spilled out onto the streets following a deadly shooting. after mass allegations of sexual misconduct on mismanaging the pandemic the governor of new york has yet another scandal on his hands and is now being investigated for using state funds to write his new book it's called american crisis leadership lessons from the covert 900 pandemic and much of their work in compiling that memo was done by cuomo staffers who received state salaries most team denies any wrongdoing the idea that there was criminality involved. certain it's facing this just furthering of a political dialogue on any state official who volunteered to system this project did so on his or her own time and without the use of state resources earlier this
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year cuomo was accused of downplaying the true death toll in new york state care homes he has accepted some blame but tonight a deliberate cover up tracy alvey know assistant director of voices for seniors which represents the rights of care home patients things the book was very poorly timed and a doctor knew cuomo. we're in the middle of a pandemic people are john. and you had time to write a book that was my 1st thought it was adding insult to injury of felt like i got hunched in the gut all of the families felt the same way he he dares to write a book when we are suffering and people are dying ages it's unconscionable to me he's in that the deaths of over 15000 innocent senior citizens wasn't the nail in the coffin so to speak for governor cuomo. a governor share is that that's the most egregious kremlin desexed out that and the book deal that's bad
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chill but there's nothing worse agree just than the mass deaths of over 15000 innocent senior citizens if that didn't get him out of office what will get him out of all that's. the indian capital has imposed a week long locked out after a surge in covert cases fatalities had a daily record in new delhi on choose day bringing the nationwide total to more than 180000 the hospitals across the nation are severely overcrowded meaning new covert patients are just being turned away there are reports of ambulances with bodies dropping them off or come a tory and it's fear the official death toll could mosque the true scale of the crisis a public health expert on gupta told us the situation is dire. the indian situation right now is really green green and gold doesn't really you know continue to go up it will be very difficult for them to sort of look you know really explode i think
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the current situation for indian government is will be to really ensure that they have enough supply for the domestic population bhatti who isn't about exports i think that is something which will now have to be the. the bigger issue is the lack of diagnosis because there are cases where people are not able to take the 19 to the nuclear testing and to go for a different mccann ism and also i think the other challenge which is emerging is that it's hitting the population of a younger age which was not the case in the in that we won. parity registered 2 173000 covert infections on monday alone with numbers remaining close to record highs but one of the caseload sause the vaccine rollout is failing to keep up only a small fraction of the population has been inoculated that is despite india being the world's largest vaccine producer manufacturing many of the shots used in the
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west india has also signed up to produce 200000000 doses for up to 92 countries as part of the w h o's kovacs program although those suppliers and i want to hold the government has moved to her strict vaccine exports to make up for the domestic shortfall adelie medical association doctor told us india can no longer afford to send its shots abroad. is less than 10 percent and. he. didn't order. so many of the accede to have the impact on the heart immunity and on the coverage. it will be if you go for india. to keep pace with their intervention. obligation in the institution what the country's facing will be for all for their countries. depending on india what he couldn't leave. on their own disposes. of you to join us here in our
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international for your latest worldwide news fosse turning into a busy day for your headlines we are back soon with much more. psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients rather they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem their only and rapidly in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term and mostly disastrous suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines early up to something wonderful very often there are full effects it up to something terrible can pill solve all ills or all we're trying to medicate life itself i just think i
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was and i was just scared i was a scare.


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