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tv   News  RT  April 21, 2021 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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up to something wonderful very often or full of it up to something ter can build solve all ills we try to mitigate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared i was a scared little girl of 24 and like. you didn't have to be so complicated. very warm welcome to you and a very good day you're watching r t international with me nicky air and it's great to have you with us. now a plan for post code development vladimir putin set to give his high profile the state of the nation address to parliament shortly it's thought the president will outline and russia's progress and present his vision for the future well this will
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be the 17th such address by putin on the 27th in post servia times we'll show you live pictures from the whole where it's taking place right now which is waiting for putin to stars and it's usually about a 1000 guests invited to the ceremony including parliamentarians and senators government members and the judicial branch heads that joined by heads of russian regions and heads of major religious confessions well last year the president delivered the message in the presence of some 1300 guests this year though the kremlin did not say the exact number of guests but you can take a look for yourself with these live pictures answer have a guess how many you think is in attendance and a minute now president putin it will begin his address it looks like everyone's just waiting to take their seats and for everything to begin so we'll be covering
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this live that for you and then bringing you all the latest info and updates on his annual address. as it comes in. well our correspondent is covering it for us right gas his near where floods me a person will be speaking morality. do we know what's what topics will be covered in the president's address this year. well there is very little idea of what the president will talk about is that it's all those traditional in recent times that the president's speech is a known contents are unknown until he appears on the stage behind me the room has gone dead quiet by the way and delivers his speech his state of the nation address as you mentioned his 17th is an old hand at this never less than a 1000 people in attendance the elite of russians leadership the governors the said
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it is the 1000000 members of parliament and other cultural and religious officials all in attendance to hear loud to me a putin speech his roadmap for the year ahead what the opportunities in the difficulties are for russia in the coming year will sometimes even years nevertheless that the pandemic you know it's evident here the ravages that what the pandemic has wrought can be seen. with a big giant the chairs of further apart there are less spaces everybody in attendance including the journalists will the senators have to submit 3 negative covert tests to be allowed into the building to safety is being taken very seriously here but again as to what vladimir putin will talk about it's it's anyone's guess and we have educated guesses and not so educated guesses nevertheless there have be the hints that he'll talk about the infrastructure of major infrastructure projects as well as assistance. assistance for the millions of
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people struggling in russia because of the pandemic because their business is their livelihoods have been so rivage by by this pandemic he could also devote some time to international themes such as such as what is happening in relations with the european union with relations that of for lack of a better word collapsed virtually collapse relations with the united states the tensions along the border with easy you grace but here we start. i let's go straight to vladimir putin. proceed with a much simpler thank you everyone please. take your seat. members of the council of the federation and peace to the us citizen so the russian
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federation. was my today's address. will be focused mostly on our domestic issue. of the me such as health care 1st and foremost social policy social welfare a card to me. and last but not the least with. foreign affairs just a couple of words on that describe how matters stand in the field of security i would start with what happened last year where our country and the whole world was confronted by a new threat the threat we never encountered before a new faction. many meetings with special eastern axelrod's leaders of the countries of the world i've heard from that we were
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confronting absolutely known threat would you it was like that and you are the regions of russia received a lot of information. the fact that we had. to take in the number of. people many of the hospitals really were overflowed with. some that some of the i.c.u. were lacking oxygen ventilators p.-p. . we were distributing them across the country one by one. as for the market situation we had very low supply of such things as sugar. products which are essential so the pandemic was attacking us on all fronts. a lot of alarm and i was alarmed very much. but i was also sure that we would overcome all challenges all the obstacles on the way they society the people acted
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responsibly in selling their issue with one another. studio night as we were working at a pace which was higher than that of the pandemic were decreasing the risks of the spread we were giving out the peace to people. we increased by 5 times the level of just to have an $80000.00. bads hospitals across russia voted to cater to the needs of those. we have been working hard millions of people had been working 247 across russia and i would like to thank you wholeheartedly for all the work you've put into it. we've been working fast and we've been working passably we were in a large a situation all the time in order to keep our hand on the pulse i remember when i came to the common market hospital because i wanted to see how with words what kind
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of threat we were confronted with. how people who were working in these conditions because our doctors they were on the frontline they were fighting for the lives of our people together with us here we have a lot of doctors medical professionals of all levels rank and file professionals and i would like to thank you to thank all of you whenever you are. in we've made a breakthrough thanks to our scientists and today we have 3. effective anesthesia scenes against covered 19 that's something we did ourselves and that is a testament to the fact that our scientific potential is growing and now i'd like to say that i'm very grateful to all those who helped us to fight against to convert 90 to make those who been producing drugs have not since ventilators equipment people. the non-disruptive companies and facilities
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utilities businesses been working fast modernizing revamping their production facilities and capabilities to help the country. those who help with construction in both civilian and military those who are being harvested in record amounts of crafts over 130000000 tons. a record high amount of crops that's. the law enforcement that the special services are working hard to ensure safety and security and our military is still guard. so i'd like to thank the social sector workers those who worked at the nursing homes hospices across russia they were standing at the bags of the patients helping them i think you would agree that sometimes when you look at what is happening you feel happy happy for those who
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continue working it was possibly against all the will and i almost with tears in my eyes want to say thank you thank you for what you've been doing. i would like to say thank you to all teaches professes schools universities colleges where they help. students and parents who done everything possible to continue giving the best quality education possible cultural lives never stop thanks to your knowledge is we transferred our cultural activities on line fear to city must. be remaining open your light acknowledges thank you all on par with a high demand is being assessed as if you keep the culture alive go well i don't need to spin high but still we need to follow all the guidelines we have. and then palatable defense in the face of the planet damage we have seen practice how
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everyone was really to help others those who needed the help millions of people became volunteers they were helping to route the patients and good doctors. we stand together with that movement to help people. it was one of the pillars of our society and we know how to help you when the time of need comes. and i like to thank all those who come from the traditional religion of russia thank you very much to all of you. producing if the 3 ardently he still involved they should we have always been victorious we have always. challenge to our unity friendship families helping each other solidarity and unity that's what unites us today our spiritual values our cultural values that some countries have started to forget about still
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keep us together and we will stand firmly in support of these traditional values which are our barns things which keep us together colleagues we've been confronted by a pandemic at a time. with other problems such as the demographic. caused by the events of the ninety's forty's and $990.00 s. today the demographic situation is dire we have to acknowledge that and we need to pass on that we need to preserve the population that's the top priority for us priority. is risible for all of the new man most of the constitution will protect family to protect. their wallet and families to forest better social guarantees to protect our culture and values what we need to do is to achieve sustainable growth for the population so that in he or 2013 the average
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life expectancy in russia would be $78.00 here. the statistics shows that while the results so far. are not satisfactory we've had a dip we know why but that's the point that make we should blame for it but i was to goal remains the same our priority is to increase the life expect. i know full well that this is no small feat it's indeed a tall order yet i believe that even though compounded by the bun demick which is still here still around it's still a threat to all of us and we see that many countries all the world see rising infections but what we need to do today is to keep control of the situation we need to guard our lies protecting our country from the pandemic and we need to be wary of the pandemic inside the country. again they like to say to you do not let your
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guard down please take care of you and your families and friends please add to spawn simply follow all the guidelines so. it is of immense importance to carry out the vaccination successfully and i call upon the authorities at all levels to be working hard to me sure that people get a nexus to work see a cross russia so that by our term we'll have that herd immunity in place across the country. we must do that we have to do that. once again but i call upon every one of you every russian citizen police. take that this way we will. this epidemic in the bud there is no other way will you the only way but we still might see is to get had very effective
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but the consequences are unknown so you get vaccinated of course there is still that danger but now it's time to think of how we should be recovering and helping people to recover. our hospitals and clinics had to stop giving to patient access to medical health care to some extent. that is why i thought it diseases related to their hair and that leads to the following sometimes it was to be possible to diagnose it is easier on time given the situation now i think it's time to ban the checkups. i think we can. charge this for. starting from july this year it will be available for people of all ages we need to do that on a wild scale so we need to start distributing more
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health care units. vehicle based units one of the 1st targets for the coronavirus pandemic when you are in your heart and your. cardiovascular system that is why we need to extend the helping hand 1st of all most of those was cardiovascular diseases and i believe that we need to additional measures to prevent and treat these diseases because they are one of the major causes for people to die before their time but also cancer is a problem because asparagus retracts longs are also a target a lot of people fall victim to hepatitis c. and i believe that by adopting proper it's not just we can reduce to minimum the frats. 10 years we believe that people should go to the resorts and to. facilities which are there to them to recover and improve their health
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today we have a program which gives people 20 percent of all the spare and i think that should remain as a tease for the time being. special note. the health of our children. in your yard you build up your immunity for the rest of your life so we need to give. the opportunity to have access to words and i believe that we should be giving half of the money parents spend of their children to go to holiday somewhere back to them. that is why 50 percent of the money spent on children comes should be given back because cash students should be our priority as well and this year we should start a pilot project so that students could leave on their campuses another region of those. who will be traveling across russia during summer should get bother says we
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need to encourage the volunteers who precipitated during the olympic games and the many volunteer projects that we have including russia the country of opportunities for. police people i believe we can give them back some of the money of this band on their holidays. that would include the time when they are after their educational duty so to speak during the peak season of travelling. and i like to think of all the parties who supported the decision to. set up a new tax on high incomes on some of the high incomes there was the money we got we being allocated to a special fund the circle of. kind heartedness we give that money to usually with by the medicines necessary for children with rare diseases so that they will have the equipment and the drugs as well as we cover all the surgeries for them
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i know that this year will be celebrating the anniversary of our emergency ambulance services there the people who are on the front line fighting for the lives of people. the 28th of april be marking their day and the next 3 years will be allocated 3 to 5 more 1000 vehicles to work as ambulances across russia in remote areas in the villages or far away regions so that the fleet will be modernized upgraded and revamped some of the leading cutters of the world as we know will fall in well because they said it themselves failed to work as effectively as we done. it failed to rise to they came to how are the. global health care today on the brink of a revolution. we should not miss the opportunity demi has highlighted and accelerated the growth of telling madson and the health care new
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diagnostic measures you surgeries we have program set new drugs have been popping up across the world and we need to be working hard so that all these new technologies and things will work to the benefit of our people on the new technology called basis we should build our new health care system with the same time taking care of the day to day problems and we know there is a lot of. the best and foremost the frontline. the 1st immediate care should be no. studying our booking a visit should not be a problem we should be able to get a sick leave. we be talking about that a lot we have the money in place and we have earmarked it now it's time to work it's down to deliver on our promises our health care as well as other public sector there are still some problems that remain but financial managerial problems what we
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need to do is still allow us to have high quality timely health care and that is why we believe that health care should be part of the a genda at the state council meeting which is to take place. once again we have been experiencing or concern during the. board with direct payments for the family is that half almost 28000000 children and these payments were done without any paperwork without any red tape it was done automatically the way people need it i know that members of the government worked in there and. they did a targeted work not without some mishaps but they did everything to make this work and they did and that's critical that's a good example. this approach. approach
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should be a standard to work at all the levels of the government that's the main idea of the nation all social initiative that was discounted during the previous meeting. social console. part and your direct work your job is to make schools clinics and employment centers to make them work so that they work for the people for the families in a lot of region tonight. so with my own eyes and they already were in some areas like please but we need to make it comprehensive along and taras social the range and the next year and in 2022 we must introduce social action. well then king principle it means that the old the payments all the wealth for a soul the social welfare and solace services should be paid work in the shops so without driving around
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a lot of agencies and departments so they should creating a family having a child retiring or any other social situations in 3 years the vast majority of the state in municipal its services must be provided to the citizens of russia remotely what's that she'd be 247. means that they should be able to get these services whenever they want to. again that put you at the end i should speak one sensitive topic as. you probably i'm socially payments for is that i'm always that you abandon it's a problem because that should not be humiliating at all the matter is must be resolved. as much as we can and. those who suffered than those single mothers with children shouldn't go to agencies trying to collect
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all the national story papers we should try and make departmental services including the banks to make all the decisions regarding the face of payments i would imagine called the state must defend and protect the rights of a child that's what i'm talking about here and i will get back to please stop it clean will be the later. was a means to your colleagues we understand of what kind of blow was by the by that damage to the well for all the people we know it well that were well aware of that but usually figure out that we have the social inequality the poverty and all more obvious it was a challenge but all the countries in the world for all the nations it doesn't happen only in our country it's the same with the average one but it goes for russia as well because we are 1st of all interested in the situation in russia because the prices are growing. of course something urgent decisions were made by
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relying only on target to. take any orders so we can't work we remember what it can lead to consider from the from benign to natives from the 1990 s. shelves at the grocery stores and that's why we so in the late 1980 s. but now even when the epidemics bike we didn't allow gays and the task of the government to create a long term. solution long term conditions and i would like to emphasize there's really. market mechanisms and we do have those mechanism and that will. make everything predictable we shouldn't be the ones who set the prices we shouldn't work like this we shouldn't intimidate everyone with frightened everyone with the it's a market mechanisms and we need to apply them and in the volume. that the
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situation demands. by degrees increase for the business by encouraging investment. because less work to get there we could be done together and we should provide the real income growth that we should receive dorrit and we should increase it may have been in war and we should change the situation with already as i have said before and the state should provide the direct support for the families with children who are in the dire situation this is a policy and we are going to follow this policy in the future to we already have this leads to a month for the 1st child and for the 2nd child for 3 years and this bayman that are given to the families to worry that income per capita is last then to substance wages and then average these figures are at a level $1300.00 roubles per month per child and 7 to 8 feet in regions
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they also have to pay for the 3rd child and average in the country this is also $11300.00 roubles per month per child you assure you and i would like to direct your attention to this we are working on the step by step last year and we introduced that maybe for the children from 3 to salman here is old and the science of the spam and they are 8 and on average it was 5600 rubles up 211300. enterable is all for the good and i urge the government instruct the government by the 1st of july to prepare as the comprehensive seems to me because we should bring down to their rescored it becoming poorer for such families but we need to introduce you solutions right now old radio to date because it's always difficult to raise a child. with a family with only one parent and there could be a lot of reasons for players and we shouldn't discount the reasons why it happened we need to support these children and it's especially difficult when such
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a dam only also have financial hardship especially when the children go to school so their expenses for the family budget are also increasing we need to support the families were a mother or any father single parents and they raise a child on their own. and the birth certificate i'm sore at that i'm talking about such things but that's what. every day pacers and we were at birth certificate doesn't mention one of the parents or parents that are divorced and one of them has a child support payment which is right to get child support payments so from the 1st of july kids from 8 to 16 years old that are growing in size families will be paid will be allocated to payment and its size on average across the country will be 5650 ribose for
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a month and of course. you can use nation which we need to support the women who are expecting a child and they also have. financial problems at the same time because the future moderates should feel the support from the society from the state to keep it in the child she should be confident that you will be held to raise this child if so when you through it or those who are men who are at the earliest stages of pregnancy and who are and their dire financial situation they should get a monthly payment. and that science will be on average $6350.00 roubles per month. next he. currently. held. sickly if the daemon depends on the workings of the band young women such payments are much
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lower at the. base was discussed at the state council and by the united russia party as well all the laws. relevant laws must be adopted in the near future is so old that starting this year sickly have to take care of a child not to send euro zone to be 100 per cent all very salaries. and that you may be you know what i'm talking about most of you present here tending this conference understand the vigor of their work experiences the bigger the payments are those women who have a lot of work experience get 100 percent but they usually don't. deliver children don't bury children anymore and those who do they don't get 100 percent so we need to support those who are expecting a child and i would like to remind you that we.


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