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this is them bustling business where you can't afford to mess i'm rachel blevins in washington coming out the u.s. is now warning americans not to travel to 80 percent of the world as some areas litter churches want others consider the use of the controversial vaccine for what the social network parlor 5 is making its return to the apple app store but what has it agreed to change and will google remove this ban that then. is facing a major shake up and certain teams announce its creation every new super elite so will the backlash be enough to stop the deal with billions of dollars at stake will discuss it all next we have a lot to get to so let's get started. the state department is now warning americans
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against traveling to just about anywhere else in the world and a new guidance that puts 80 percent of countries worldwide on the do not travel list they plan to add a one $130.00 new countries to the category which is currently at $34.00 and it already includes countries such as kenya brazil haiti and russia the state department says it is working with the guidelines set by the c.d.c. but the update comes as top airlines across the u.s. report their earnings for the 1st quarter of 2021 and despite an increase in domestic travel over easter weekend the ongoing restrictions worldwide are still having an impact take united airlines for example which posted a $1360000000.00 net loss for the 1st quarter of this year on $3220000000.00 in revenue that 60 percent less than the 8 $1000000000.00 it generated in the 1st quarter of 2020 then there is the lingering question of how
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covert 19 vaccines will play a role and if americans will be required to ride proof of the shot before they travel are to use tourney chavez has the latest. airlines are reporting an uptick and traveled nearly 10000000 people took to the skies just last week but while the u.s. plans to advise americans against traveling to most countries some believe that axion passports are the ticket back to normalcy today the u.s. department of state preparing to update its travel advisories to better align with those from the centers for disease control and prevention a change that would imply adding $130.00 countries at level 4 do not travel to approximately 80 percent of countries worldwide we are taking very seriously the global threat from the band to make the update comes as more than 910000000 doses have been administered across 156 countries with the u.s. giving more than 212000000 vaccines a daily average of about 3000000
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a day i want to recognize that we remain in a complicated stage on the one hand more people in the united states are being vaccinated every single day and i'm exonerated. on the other hand cases and hospitalizations are increasing this as some officials push for vaccine passports for work the news and travel i think the passports could be an important part of our recovery new york city already launching the excelsior pass the nation's 1st vaccine passport that allows new yorkers to prove their vaccination status or recent kovan 1000 testing history to participating businesses and then use by using a simple app on their phone i think particularly for some private sector settings it could be a really valuable tool i think government has a role to play in setting it up and making it work u.s. airlines also calling for vaccine passports asking the white house for federal guidance for temporary health credentials that would keep track of travelers
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negative kovan $1000.00 test and a vaccination something the world health organization is reviewing that's good for everyone it's good for countries and and systems immunization programs and it's all too good for individuals who don't have to get any of b. . books around with them but that's very different from making it. for someone to have a certificate in order to travel that's when the problems really start coming up the u.s. airlines do not want vaccines mandated for travel they do hope the digital health pass will help people avoid domestic and international court requirements hawaii moving one step closer to approving vaccine passports for travelers just last week all across the country florida governor rhonda santos is fighting the initiative the governor signing an executive order this month that bans state and local governments from issuing proof of vaccination documents and prohibits governments businesses and public venues from doing the same now again here in new york while some officials believe that vaccine passports could be the way to fast track
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getting things back to normal they say that getting vaccinated is still the number one priority reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . german chancellor on the american maybe on her way out but she is speaking up about why her government continues to stand by the nordstrom to pipeline despite ongoing pressure from the u.s. while the biden ministration warn the project would create unprecedented reliance on russia merkel noted that europe already relies heavily on russian oil and that backing out of the pipeline that is nearly 96 percent complete would have serious consequences and i think what i would like to. bring one which flows through ukraine is for that which. i have the impression that with north stream do we may be waging a conflict that is much wider and touches upon the question of the extent to which we won. and the energy sector if you. the us itself also relies on
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russian oil importing a record amount in 2020 but while his top officials have repeatedly threatened sanctions against germany president biden has called the pipeline a complicated issue and has stopped short so far from taking significant action over the project. president biden is now saying he's open to a compromise and in meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers he is hoping to garner support from republicans for his $2.00 trillion dollars spending plan which they have criticized for the use of the term infrastructure given everything it includes. your car mine here. you let me get together on the marquee there's a lot of leads so we're. talking about. number one we're. back. here so you have my back you think it all to me. how to pay for.
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the biggest complaint from republicans was biden's plan to increase the corporate tax rate to 28 percent from 21 percent by the trump administration but during the meeting reports claim a more modest tax increase was discussed but will it be enough and how are the markets reacting to the latest earnings reports during not just out there to moscow host christiane and david mcelwain mckelvey any financial group christine let's start with you u.s. equities fell for a 2nd day on tuesday as strong corporate earnings failed to boost a market are already near record highs what's holding the market back right now. well right now we're just not seeing the recovery and reopening plays actually play out right now so things like airline cruise lines stuff that lever to recovery and things going back to normal like travel and tourism they're not bouncing back either rather they're leading the losses on tuesday so you have united airlines
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plunging 9 percent after the carrier reported consecutive quarterly loss and that the business and our national travel recovery is still a long ways away american airlines also fell 6 percent while carnival cruise lines are reaching cruise lines and royal caribbean they all try to lower as well so this stuff came as the world health organization warned that the ongoing global chrono virus infections were edging toward the highest level in the pandemic even though vaccinations are also being distributed at record pace the u.s. is still recording over $67000.00 daily new actions and also throughout this entire time the market has been rally to all the robust earning season with our enticements the market you know 90 percent of the s. and p. 500 companies that have reported so far having topped expectations i'm more than 20 percent on average so this rate is 3 x. the historical average but the markets are stretched at this point and all the good news is pretty much already expected and already priced in so it's
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a recovery does not actually materialize as expected then we could all be and find out you fella yeah certainly and there is a lot of pressure on that continued recovery now david we've been talking about this $2.00 trillion dollar infrastructure plan we know that lawmakers at least from biden side are trying to make this happen is there some sort of a compromise like the one that they were talking about i mean is there a chance for this package to succeed. yeah we'll get a package the study of politics is somewhere between entomology and flip out of me polly meaning ticks meaning many ticks meeting but 2nd creatures aren't involved is really where what we're talking about 650 is where the republicans start $2.00 is where the democrats with their unchanged which wish list would like to go final number is going to be in between how to pay for it is the contentious part corporate taxes are the biggest talking point maybe a wealth tax we'll see but what we really need to focus in on is tax arbitrage
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transfer pricing and all of the tricks that multinationals use to knock their effective rates into the low single digits multinationals do not pay 21 percent and they won't pay 25 percent or 28 percent when people bandy those numbers around you're talking about the small to medium sized businesses that get stuck with a much higher bill the larger the corporation the larger the financial budget for tax mitigation we're talking extensive teams of attorneys and tax experts playing games if you really want traction forget about raising the rate that just increases pressure on the little guy and reinforces monopoly dynamics take away the creative planning for any multinational and your 21 percent number will bring in extraordinary revenue yeah that's a really good point as well and it is interesting to see how the democrats and republicans can go back and forth and act like they're fighting it out but at the same time when it comes to them and their friends a lot of things continue to stay the same no matter what over they pass ok chrystia
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also i want to bring gold into this we saw the price hit a major milestone at 750 as competition with bitcoin heats up how do these 2 assets compare i mean is there any really competition here. well i think you know my take on this there really is no competition as the coin is superior to gold in almost every category i mean scares me because it has a limited supply gold and scarce but there's an unknown supply confit resistant that coin when portability but when you can carry in a little while in your pocket gold bars are not very portable sometimes the decentralisation derby league of visibility clearly bitcoin when the only categories where gold and the chance are fungibility whereas comparable to that coin and that stablish history or gold obviously has a longer life so both of them are safe havens right now and a hedge against inflation that coin was responsible for stealing gold luster this past year as a precious metal saw its worst coralie performance since the end of 2016 and both
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of them compete on the margin for investor dollars but over the longer term they might be more complementary assets that complete rivals the bolder headed again you're responsible money printing both assets are going to be very important going forward and they're going to be winners if inflation get out of control and where i think it is traditional investors will probably tend it with gold and millennial it will go with that klein both should win the competition against the u.s. dollar that's the most important thing and in the meantime the underlying infrastructure is going to be very important going forward and this includes gold miners krypto miners gold dealers and crypto brokers as the ecosystem get built out and becomes more transparent and user friendly that's what looked at the scale and bitcoin ever that's a really good point as well and i know that there are some who are taking gold some 14 bitcoin but of course i've been of the day they're both good alternatives to be u.s. dollar now david i also want to bring the price of oil into this we saw that it fell
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on tuesday pulling back from one month highs on fears that india the world's 3rd largest oil importer may impose new restrictions as co-infections and death soar in that country now at the same time elsewhere in asia areas like the philippines are also experiencing a 2nd wave of infections where we too optimistic about the recovery trade and how it would play out. ok so on that last point specifically on gold we're now 100 points above technical support at 1680 a double bottom put in over the last 4 weeks we believe and we've been in the precious metals business for 50 years that the floor is in this is a very important point jewelry demand as indicated by indian buying at 7 times last year's levels 98.6 times versus 13 tons in march 2020 that's put in the floor investors define the ceiling of that market juli jewelry consumption defines the floor now on the oil side series a factor that was overplayed by virtually every government around the world and
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that was largely a 2020 story vaccines are out death rates are down globally with the exceptions being india and brazil at present i think smart and gauge when is the model for 2021 obviously india's restrictions are going to be short term negative consequential very consequential for the markets but short term as often as the case numbers tick higher there's going to be renewed concern amongst oil traders with a memory of cushing crude non deliverable if you remember the contract constraints last year and when the price went negative but i think the pain reaction is amongst oil traders and that fades throughout 2021 the philippines is interesting it's a classic case of overreaction 16000 deaths from a population of 108000000 that's on par with deaths in the country from car accidents my parents live there it would appear like code that has been deterred to his excuse for markel martial law and i think this is one thing we have to factor in strong men flourish in
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a context of fear the statistic is point 000148 that's the mortality in the philippines and they're going after another lock down i think it's so much on necessary suffering and economic damage so to answer your question i would say we are not optimistic and knopf markets heal quickly if governments don't interfere but fear sells and the media government and big pharma are. in sales mode can you remember a time when there was such a global synchronized experience like this and i think 2020 is one of those fascinating places where we get to reflect and say people behave in such a fascinating way when when more when their mortality is challenge yeah and i know certainly in the case will x. one point here all around christie i david mckelvey me thank you both so much for your type. time now for a quick break but when we come back could the creation of a new super we be the end of soccer in europe as we know it well this best believe
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us plans and the overwhelming backlash next and as we go to break here the numbers at the plough. russia u.s. relations are in tatters at this point there is no reason to believe they will improve anytime soon it appears that washington is determined to force moscow to take to me this is delusional this will never happen we live in the most dangerous of time. the world is driven by shaped by one person with those.
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who dares thinks. we dare to ask. tough and the flu virus to my fellow way or both to the food. bank itself more to see it on the plaza in this way got to dalton so hard not to think of the mother disappeared the city of the working class that i work and i don't miss the work and if. this is the only thing that we do that is music because everybody floats his way. the slower the food will sound is going to support it and that will give it
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a. kind of. what i think it is this is the that is. parlor at the conservative social media platform similar twitter is coming back to the apple app store and a letter sent to republican senators mike lee of utah and ken buck of colorado apple said monday that a revised version of the parlor app with improved content moderation would be approved for release to apple users so joining me now to discuss. honest and investigative journalist pens one are a band the biggest question is here why is parlor now being allowed back into the apple app store yeah because essentially parlor been the knee that's the term that
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we use here they buy essentially we're told by apple if you want to be back on the app store you've got to work with our teams in order to decide what content can and cannot be there it appears a parlor is done that this is the way that apple is phrase that they say that apple employees have quote engaged in substantial conversations with parlor in an effort to bring the parlor app into compliance essentially saying you are now complying with their so-called community standards and so part of there will be allowed back parlor is not commenting by the way and acknowledging what community standards they've agreed with here to. interesting that so much more concerning we're hearing about this new content moderation but we don't actually know what it would be ok so apple says the parlors coming back but what about android devices i mean is there any chance that google is also going to let it left its band here will google so that they will lift their band if parlor reaches out to them with a new form of moderation content moderation on their app they submit it to google
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and then apple will review it and then allow them back into the play store same thing that apple's already done google says will do the same thing but you in the end replaced or look at the end of the day it's the same thing right which is that you're suggests going back to these companies and you're saying we will agree to allow you to have editorial control over what we're doing allow you to have control over the kinds of users and post that are on our site and ultimately google and apple get to decide that that's what part of their has alternately agreed to here it's actually a pretty said day terms of the tech space yeah it really does seem that way and it's crazy to think that i mean google and apple don't really have to do anything they've got to just kind of sit by and wait for parlay to come to the table one on one ok so overall what does this signify about what this new and improved version of parlor means for the site and what about those other up and coming social media companies well yeah i would not call it a new and improved i would say it's a new and no longer improve right it's actually been damaged as a new damage version of partner the fact the partner is not even acknowledging this
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this all came about because of a letter that apple sent over to. a couple of republican senators that's how the information came out because that information was sent to the senators we now know about it which means parlor for their part has not made an announcement saying hey we're coming back to the apple app store they couldn't keep us down actually they did keep you down you've been the knee and i believe ultimately parlors done in terms of being able to grow with subscriber base hopefully a lot of those other companies will learn the lesson on that one bends ron thank you so much for your time and insight. you've got the. european soccer is facing a massive shake up as 12 of the league's biggest clubs announce their creation of their own super league which would create a series of midweek competitions for the elite teams involved the league will also be bankrolled by j.p. morgan chase to the tune of $4800000000.00 but it has already been hit with backlash all around with many calling it
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a disaster for soccer so joining me now to discuss further is victor matheson professor of sports economics of the college of the holy cross now professor the president of the union of european football associations is calling the creation of the super league a complete ignorance of england's football culture why are we seeing such a passionate response in opposition to this project. well the big thing going on here is that the super league would guarantee slots to 12 members that have already that already signed up and actually 15 members at the end would have a permanent positions in this league and that goes totally totally contrary how european soccer has grown over the past century which has opened leagues where you have to earn your right to participate in the league and to stay in the league and the teams that don't do well get voted down and relegated down to or levels we hear
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that are up and comers get promoted to higher levels. this is not the proposed european super league would be like it would be much more like to be closed leagues in the united states where members of these leagues are there permanently a matter how hard and how well they play a decent season if you can decade to decade and you're saying ok so you can certainly and say why there is a lot of frustration about this and at the same time there has also been a lot of concern about the funding that is making this super league possible we're saying j.p. morgan chase is offering $4800000000.00 so with such a focus on propping up the most a lucrative teams here how much to the last valuable team stand to lose with this new alliance. yeah the real problem here i think for most fans is this would further entrench what is already a serious problem and competitive balance in in most leagues in europe for example if you look at spain pretty much every year the title races down to one of 3 teams
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of the other 17 are just playing for 4th place in any given time. this league would do is it would take those 3 teams who are even more money into those $3.00 elite teams make it even less likely for any other team to be able to make it into that crack into battle elite 3 but also have to believe this would happen well so it would exacerbate what are already significant financial lot of differences between the top teams and the little teams and make it even worse than it already is and saying laying the elite teams that would be included weren't mad about it at fairs and now in the sun nephew of them are kind of backing down and it seems like so many are now uniting in opposition to this plan so is there a chance that it could fall apart before it even takes off. well i think what we see today is a massive grassroots campaign and not just among the teams that have been left out
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but actually the teams that were part of it i think we have anyone to thank for this this is our opposition is looking like it's going down in flames it's actually the chelsea supporters one of the team that was going to be in this and they were actually protesting their own teams are inclusion in the list chelsea has just announced already today that it's i was asked to back out of the league but it just announced yesterday that it was joining so i think this is it doesn't mean that the financial the spirit is that soccer in europe solved these are underlying issues that are going to you know be continuing on this is not the end of this discussion of the big teams versus minnows in europe but it certainly looks like this version of europe's super league appears to be doing and then are really me interesting as the what teams do next and if there is any other attempt any superleague if this
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one doesn't work out excellent points to consider here professor victor matheson thank you so much for your time. that's all for now you can catch him bass on demand by downloading the portable t.v. app or apple or enter a device was see you here next time and as always don't forget to question morning . psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients rather they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term they're mostly disastrous
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suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms most serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines early up to something wonderful and very often their fix it up to something terrible can bill solve all ills are always trying to mitigate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared i was a scared little girl i was 24 and like. the didn't have to be so complicated. seemed wrong. just all. to me but yet to shape out just to become educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground.
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tough and i need another one of our esteem account way to go through a suit because somebody could solve mukti if i. was in this way got to talk so hard not to think of the mother disappeared this moment then look at the date i want and i don't miss the mark and if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights in his room waiting. on. the floor you can feel the fee was out of this bill frist would have been the cause of the ability to put the payment on the. but i think it is this is the fans that is a constant. it's
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been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still haven't healed. sometimes pretty things. because only from your. own feet a market economy supposed. to me on the bus at the source mean they were the ones
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that they seem to you know sells ins of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption but only. for my own role. to this day mothers still search for grown children well look you know hope for their birth parents. in the headlines this hour their roadmap for post development president putin is expected to deliver his key state of the nation address to parliament in an hour's time. mass rape child murder and ongoing trauma a damning new report sheds more light on how france quote enabled the 1st sample genocide of hundreds of thousands in rwanda in 1994. and form officer derek so if it is found guilty on all charges in the killing of
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george floyd but despite the verge.


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