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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  April 21, 2021 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or a mate in the shallowness. brushy west relations are in tatters at this point there is no reason to believe they will improve anytime soon it appears washington is determined to force moscow to take the meat this is delusional this will never happen we live in the most dangerous of time.
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greetings and sell you. you know today whom today i feel like singing my hock watching friends i feel like singing one of my favorite political songs of the past 20 years because united states president joseph biden has decided that he will finally be the one to end the u.s. war in afghanistan the longest running war in u.s. history yep just like former presidents donald trump and barack obama tried to do before him joe biden has now taken up the mantle of promising to bring u.s. troops home from afghanistan and by the historically significant and big ratings date of september the 11th 2021 no less but but. but what about all those
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russian bounties on u.s. soldiers heads you ask you know the ones that just last year outraged all of capitol hill and prevented former u.s. brand name and donald trump from an acting his plans to withdraw soldiers from afghanistan well apparently that was all in joe biden's words a larky yes in the wake of the by the ministrations announcement on withdrawing from afghanistan last tuesday m b c news reported that the buy had to administration also made clear in a fact sheet released thursday that the cia's intelligence on the matter is far from conclusive acknowledging that analysis labeled it to moderate confidence this combined with the fact that the u.s. military the u.s. military officials that have no corroborating evidence to russian bountygate and what do you have left sitting before you is one big steaming pile of political you know where i'm going with that but last amidst all the wonderful celebrations of
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biden's september 11th troop withdrawal plan is the fact that he's actually extending our soldiers' stay in afghanistan reason dot com reports that biden's plan will force some 3000 american troops to spend an additional 4 months risking their lives in afghanistan seemingly in the name of symbolism rather than heading to the rather than holding to the may 1st deadline which was established by the trump administration last year. ah and those 4 months my friends those 4 months give the war hawks here in washington d.c. more time to doctor up some new russian bountygate type of justification for us to stay and continue fighting in afghanistan why. because this is the war that. is yes it goes on and on my friends some people started by. saying it
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a long long time ago and now they keep on fighting it for ever just because this is the war that. is going to sing no of start watching the. list goes on a cd you st you want to. listen to what she says see this is joyce state. rice grapes see this sleaze systemic deception is to late show which. some real. world are born watching the hard road with none of these across i'm sorry i had to say i'm sorry i didn't know you have to be it's not. you know it but you know i've made fun of the war tragically because it is it's the war that never just let the lambchop song remember the war that never ends now once again we have a 3rd president barack obama dr donald trump dr now joe biden dr all saying ok this
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time joe joe biden september 11th is the bay we're pulling everybody out do you think that that will actually happen to think that we'll see that well i think you know the public is going to hold his feet to the fire on this one because he made this declaration and i'm it's obviously in many ways campaigning for democrats who are the midterms like a lot of the moves that biden is making right now are to ensure that many of the topical areas and policy areas that matter to the american public on either side of the aisle are tipping the scales for democrats come midterms but i also think that the fatigue of americans when it comes to the war in afghanistan were gargles of your partisan stripe is very high most americans have wanted to be out of afghanistan don't want their family members out of afghanistan for years now this is a generational war i was 13 and a freshman in high school when we went there at this point have gotten a bachelor's degree to master's degree than a professional career many of the kids who i graduated high school with have 13 year olds today so who at this point it's the question is. why and i think that
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there are so many people rallied around not even wondering why at this point they just want to be over and there's a great point that you bring up which is generational war because of the blue we did a story on of a couple months back about how you have now fathers whose sons are fighting in the same cities they fought in in afghanistan is that bad at this point i also want to end the danger of those it's like i said the one thing originally trumps it all may 1st well then that's now pushed to september 11th the danger that is that you have that time for those war hawks those new york is the kind of the war mongers on the warmongers on the left the kind of get into the year and start maybe change it maybe something will happen again a stamp that will change that john bolton the former george w. bush and donald trump of military by history it out a full unconditional retreat of u.s. forces from afghanistan is reckless thinks john joe biden is leaving and 11 regardless of other considerations the war is over the afghan government will likely fall in the terrorists will enjoy a resurgence threatening america you know i'm getting real tired of the whole line
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of like oh my gosh the terrorists are threatening america at every turn and that's why we need to be overseas wasting countless lives and money on wars the again will never and so my frustration with that comment in john bolton in general. a member of the national security project what the organization does is put together policy minds as well as those who have served at various levels of the military and the majority of the organization agrees that this troop pullout is the thing that needs to be done i have been talking about it for a very long time i do think that there are stability questions in the region that we need to look at but those are also issues that we can work through with our partners around you know the economic stability but also intelligence we don't necessarily need american troops to be there to be able to work through these issues and we also need to ensure that our partners are just as engaged as we are in preventing you know taliban spread or you know any types of occurrences where there may be uprisings those are things that we need to work out as. as
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a partnership not things that we need to be there for what how long is long enough we've already been there for generations we've got the lithium what else do we need from him you know i mean i'd say those judgement is probably true but you know the other thing that got me with this whole story too was the last year when donald trump announced his big withdraw then immediately you know with this story came out from an anonymous tip from the cia saying that oh my goodness the russians put bounties on u.s. soldiers i was over there well now that this week and last week has been pretty much debugged by the by the administration which is a little convenient like hey we're going to announce our withdrawal date and now we're going to debunk the story that kept trump from getting here's the real draw a bit and i get that but it's kind of crazy on all fronts because when you really think about that the russian about anything let's not forget the back and i do maybe of the united states supplied osama bin laden at the time in the movie with stinger missiles that even the cia tweeted about recently talked about as if it's some sacred piece of u.s. history all of that just drives me nuts. glenn greenwald wrote and i want to get
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your reaction this is the people who call themselves journalist repeat over and over and over evidence free cia claims telling those who trust them to believe it is nothing short of repulsive are we too quick to like but we're not too quick but i mean it just boggles my mind how quick the media will just jump on anything that someone on a missing person says from the cia or the intelligence committee now i think that's absolutely true and that's happened regardless of what administration or what you know partisan stripe is in power i do think that when it comes to the russian bounty issue what we saw was a quake in the media even during the time that it was released most people knew that there wasn't enough to actually make it true they didn't have anything to substantiate such a case but i think the bitchy all for the trump administration was so high that at that point it was just something else we can tag the top administration for even though there were 5000 other really legitimate thing and that they had to back it up and that's the dangerous thing is just because you don't like what the administration is doing don't run with the just with it without checking to see if it's b.s. 1st exactly. the 9 minutes and 29 seconds derek
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sheldon's meat was placed on george boyd's and it resulted in his death and set all the longest organized protests in american history the shogun trial has wrapped up with a verdict of guilty on all counts no one was watching with more anticipation than black americans the demographic that bears the brunt of police brutality and excessive force throughout the trial we heard more and more about the prone position the type of cool showman use to pin down george fluid that physical hold isn't just used in street policing it's used daily in america's public schools in fact thousands of students in minnesota are restrained each school year even though policy makers have worked overtime to reduce the recurrence of physical holes educators themselves use the tactic thousands of times each year according to state and federal data as longer rando rim co-founder and executive director of the center for learning equity finds physical restraint is used as a routine disciplinary tool specially against black children. randall ramsay quote
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restraint is a problem across the board and we shouldn't be surprised that we're seeing it in schools if we're seeing among trained police officers that are not able to deescalate situations and they end up restraining and killing people and unlike the millions of people who watch the video and pressed his knee into the it's neck the use of restraint in schools often goes under the radar. and in case you might think these holes didn't happen in 2020 because of distance learning you'd be wrong prior to the pandemic shutting down schools more than 2800 students were subject over 12600 this course trains in the 21920 school year alone wow that is an amazing statistic and out think it's important because you know as we saw this guilty verdict across the board trial you know as we were talking earlier on in question there's still. work to be done and this is one that i've never even heard about the use of these restraints that gives kids especially black children in
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schools so it definitely doesn't get the attention that is deserved actually before coming here. my primary work was in exclusionary practice and discipline on the policy side so civil rights organizations have been fighting against the use of these extreme disciplinary practices in schools for quite some time now the obama administration worked hard to not only elevate concern but also to showcase just how many schools and how rampant this issue actually is and the trans mirror exactly what we're seeing in the police and community the people who are attacked the most are african-american boys and teens and students who have learning disabilities who are seeing it you know at higher levels with children with autism in children who have developmental disabilities so this is the way that teachers themselves and sometimes they call in you know as our own school resource officers but oftentimes it is teachers themselves who are grabbing and holding these young people in the exact same positions we saw their children use against your exploit in nothing is ever really said about it that's truly remarkable to me. is that all
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the kids. this is the thing that gets on the musket and i feel like you're going to say yes this is the reason is it that that's true about life today but it's true you know is the reason simply based on those standard stereotypes and urban legends and the kind of thing that gets pumped into society that children misbehave more than white children and like all of that garbage the just kind of seeps its way into the national consciousness absolutely white supremacy and racism have been rampant throughout you know the majority of our institutions schools are not are not you know we're standing in that sense but when it comes to what we're seeing in schools and i can tell you this from personal experience but it was also you know documented by congress there was a 3 year old 3 year old little black boy who was held down by 3 teachers this was a special needs child held down in the proposition just 4 years ago had to testify before congress about his experience because you his teacher said that he was big he was strong he lifted her and she felt threatened by a toddler
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a toy so yes what we saw in the george murder trial is the same type of defense is used even when it's a very small child because if you're black it specially if you're black and male you're always seen as bigger and stronger and having superhuman strength and ability even if your theory which which where does that jumps to the you know why do they even got to jump to physical restraint in the 1st place i mean i'm a bad dog and by the way back in the day in his era that you know you corporal punishment they would actually you know welcome on the but what a paddle if a kid did some wrong in school thankfully we've moved beyond that i hope and most players in this country but then when i hear about this it blows my mind why are they even using physical state what excuses do they give and is it the last resort is the 1st resort why is this even though it's supposed to be standard practice in terms of a last resort because the the student was going to harm themselves and and so on but what we've seen is that when these cases are actually investigated or even when there is eyewitnesses other students in the classroom or you know teachers aides.
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things like that that that is absolutely not the case and this is a practice that is being severely abused this is a practice that again is being used on populations that are already disadvantage in disenfranchised and this is a process that we only see being used primarily for african-american boys so i think that we really need to dig down into why you know white students who are you know exhibiting the same types of behaviors are not being given the prone position however we're seeing it happen to black males i think will find the answer in the same way that we find it when it comes to policing there's almost like when you talk about it's like my mind i'm really just it's like ok we have the school to prison pipeline this is almost like you know be preparing a child for prison abuse their whole life by pipeline like oh just be prepared because you're always going to able to put our hands on you we're always going to be able to do this kind of thing to you mentioned numbers earlier what i saw the 2800 students and over 12000 visitors states in just 200-100-2000 tony that's a massive number it's a massive number and people assume that's going to be smaller because over half
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a year students were at home you know this means that in the majority of these cases this was happening in the 1st 3 months of last year so it's pressure rating because on the one hand the argument from a lot of people is this kids back from the back like you want kids to be in school but on the other hand there is an amount of care that goes in the in the process particularly for black boys because they were abused by their teachers in schools even this excessive force is not something that's just happening in street policing it is something that is happening every day in k. 12. it's heartbreaking and i hope that people start shouting a bigger light on that. all right everybody as we go to break remember that you can also store watching the hawks on demand through the portable t.v. which is available on every platform you can download an app should definitely go check it out coming up there is a new digital currency making waves of wall street so what did we do we went out and got a columnist richard wolfe to join us and break it all down stay tuned for that next
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and some sort of plea. continue watching the hoffs. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person with those great. dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still haven't tailed. into the sometimes pretty things. because only from you know. about a mishap i will call you me on the bus at the system you know to that i wish that they seem close in which we know. of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption i don't really want to use the other. to this day mothers still search for grown children while adults look in hope for their parents. are americans one robin-hood click away from being the wolves of wall street or
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crypto currency the new fool's gold millennial zz and nontraditional investor types are excited about a new crypto currency that began out of a joke dos calling. dogecoin began as a marine but is now trading in an asset worth over $50000000000.00 that's more than some of the nation's most lucrative publicly held companies like the hotel giant marriott international and the ford motor company this looks eerily similar to the game stop phenomenon that sit social media into a frenzy is traders recognize video games still matter and those who would help their stocks became quite wealthy very quickly but the latest market episode point is getting a ton of attention because it started as somewhat of an april fool's joke the transformed into a real acid today is. across the internet and the price of the cryptocurrency continues to rise crypto currency is the new baby of the finance world but that doesn't seem to stop people from believing it the currency is prone to volatility
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but the risks aren't stopping investors americans are even using stimulus checks to get their share point here to tell us more about the mysteries of cryptocurrency as a professor of economics at international affairs and co-founder of democracy at work richard wolffe welcome richard. thank you welcome to be and welcome to you. well richard we're going to get right to it why is cryptocurrency gaining so much attention and why do you think every day americans are more attracted to investing it. well you know in many ways it's the latest financial fandom it's the latest promise that you can become very wealthy very quickly by lacking on to the thing that will fall you into the evidence almost always in the history of the stock market this kind of a story has ended badly so i would caution everyone watching the very
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very careful we have a already had dominant player that kaling they've been around longer than doubles they've been around longer than most of the others that are barreling into this space hoping to cash in on gullible people hoping you know like listening to a flim flam man and we've learned over the years this system produces dos so i'd be very cautious the one thing that makes sense in this crypto currency is the following with a computer with block chain and other kinds of technology people can take payments to one another without having to go through banks without having to pay all the fees without having the government able to control every step of the way and have a record of who you gave how much money to lend and for what this is a very tempting way to get around all of that and still have money earn
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money and because in the world is full of governments buying on their people buying on other countries people trying to control the economy especially in these days of volatility it's a it's an idea whose time has come but because everybody's cashing in and the. governments are now getting it cheap to control it all it's very dicey as to which way it's gonna go you know you hear a lot of people comparing the phenomenon would call and it's major jumps on the market with what we saw recently happen with the with the game stop stock is there are similarities in this and in what's happening are these 2 different kind of phenomenon that just look the same from the outside. well there are similarities the biggest one is if you coordinate through the internet for example and get an awful lot of the little people to do the same thing at the same time you can boost
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a stock well for that matter just roya stop and then all of the in this and bystanders seeing that things are really going up come in and they get fleeced when it collapses and the people who started the whole thing bail out leaving the but this has been going on in the stock market for centuries this is just the latest swarm of the norm and i notice that the by the administration is already gearing up to control their is because they don't like the idea that all these transactions can be done without the government knowing any other government in the world is doing it so even the little bit of freedom that you now see playing around dangerous as it is is pretty soon going to come under a whole passel of control i just read one of the things that jumped out to me about digital currency and bitcoin for example is the you know you centrally mine it and
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but it's really just people saying that something has value at the end of the day it really doesn't have any real world value and it isn't there an argument to made the other side to that since a lot of countries have got early so the u.s. has got off the gold standard got off to something actually back their dollar that it's kind of the same principle that we say the dollar has a value but there's really nothing behind it that actually gives a value is that correct. absolutely but i'm afraid i have to disappoint you this is true for gold if people didn't believe that gold could be translated into purchases of goods and services they wouldn't be so eager to hold it either it's really always a question of recognizing what the risks and rewards are for everything but is there anything that's riskless that's finally. certainly yes and taxes i believe all the only 2. and richard you kind of alluded to this earlier but it is. just a theory is it going to go away any time too soon and how is cryptocurrency change
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the way that your every day investors are actually looking at the market because it seems as though there are individuals who were so far away while she was so far away from main street this kind of brings them a little bit closer or do you think that that is just an illusion social media has created for people. no it is getting closer and i'll tell you the basic reason why the more of these coins and these kinds of crypto currencies can be common radio in the world actually you loosed by people to settle their debts to buy and sell things the more you create a problem for regular businesses if they want customers they have to accept the point of the others more and more because if they don't their competitor will that's the law and that's what the whole cryptocurrency wants to achieve and nothing except there's no matter how much hype it takes so that finally
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the regular business world will have to accept it and then they'll have a position where they actually have something of value to give people because you can use it across the board at this point it's still a good imbecile but we're getting closer when people like tesla and others accept payment on optional amen in big coin or as some of these other group the parents were there will always love having you on the show and thank you for educating our audience today on this subject always a pleasure sir. my pleasure thank you as well. as saving stuff fascinating stuff you're going to buy a ton of who i don't know having his or poor having on the face of it was there a way we know of but it was you know it reminds me a lot of like early back in early 800 late seventy's we had a lot of different versions of the dollar and finally was all kind of coalesce into
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one it's seems kind of similar a similar things going to happen i think with digital currency exactly where we might see at least 3 or 4 more rounds before the end of the year most heavily already voted out as our show for today remember in this world are definitely not told to look up so i tell you all of you i robot anonymous across keep on watching those folks out there have a great day and i think. and i need another one of the highest amounts way to go through this absolute. panic itself mukti about. closing this way got to god so hard not to think of the mother
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disappeared this moment the work of a coward and i'm going to start then if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way to. the floor and you can feel the fee on this bill frist woody allen called the ability to put the payment on the. what i think is this is the funds that is a constant. oh look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders to conflict with the 1st law show your identification or should be very careful about official
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intelligence and the point is. really serious with artificial intelligence will somebody. must protect its own existence with. psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients rather they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term and mostly disastrous suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines early up to
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something wonderful and very often fix it up to something terrible. trying to medicate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared i was a scared little girl i was 24 and like. they didn't have to be so complicated. in the headlines this hour mouth rape child murder and ongoing trauma a damning new report sheds more light on how france quote enabled the genocide of hundreds of thousands and rwanda in 1994. a jury finds minneapolis police officer derek chauffeur in guilty on all charges in last year's killing of george forward but a furious online backlash slams top democrats applauding for its quote unquote fights.


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