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the floor looking for the 50 pound is bill frist woody allen where you have a whole litany of a box of. what i think is this is the found that is a compliment. thank you. trainee medics in france are pushed to breaking points by the pandemic with one in turn committing suicide every 18 days on average according to a doctor's union. and an italian businessman who got the sputnik the job price discrimination i thought dorothy's tell him they don't recognize russia's covert short says it hasn't yet been approved by the european watchdog. it's ludicrous to dispute me you learned to eat believe it's like it's one of the sooner
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you start the discrimination. hate and division the judge in the george floyd death trial warns intimidation could prejudice the case a pig's head is also thrown at the former home of a witness. a very warm welcome you are watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from moscow. now more than a year into the pandemic trainee doctors and nurses in france are feeling the toll of an intense workload on the front line with almost 2000 new admissions to hospitals every day and 6000 patients still in intensive care according to the national union of medical in cern's there is now an average of one suicide every 18 days among young people working in hospitals dubinsky reports from paris. well we
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know the in the medical profession it's one of the toughest jobs in the world and we know how much tougher that has go over the last year with the pandemic time and time again we've told you stories about how medical staff are suffering under the pressure now we've been hearing about the situation from medical interns who normally work brutal hours as they try and finish their training to become doctors to be the people that save lives in the future and one union has told r.t. that the situation is so bad that these essentially frontline soldiers in the war against 19 and now a breaking point some people know when a terrible situation known since the start of january there has been one suicides among medical interns every 18 days just to give you a sense most interns are supposed to be working a 48 hour week that's more than most people would generally in a week but we know they work more than that sometimes around 60 hours in
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a normal week but that union told r.t. that during the covert $900.00 pandemic things are so bad that some interns are working up to 100 hours every week but this is got worse during the pandemic but it was already a serious before out of also sides among medics 25 percent were interned in among attempted suicides it was 70 percent 4 percent of trainees had attempted suicides and that was before the current crisis before interned worked a 58 hour week much of that in surgery and that's got worse during the pandemic it rose to 60 hours than 70 hours than 80 and in paris up to 100 hours so weak so it's exhausting now that union has told r.t. that they need to be immediate action to alleviate the situation the pressure for the interns now they've met with the health minister here in france in the last few
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days and he has said. but they will be measures put in place to wards the end of the summer to trying to find a solution to that but the union said dorothy that's not soon enough and i also want to tell you a little bit about one mother who's also been speaking or see her daughter took her own life back in 2900 so before we could be 19 pandemic. my daughter died of professional burnout because of the conditions she worked in and started and because of the complete absence of measures to prevent psychosocial risks in the hospital where she worked. she's now set up an organization representing the families of student interns who have taken their lives in the last few months and she said all of them died for different reasons they took their lives in different pressures. every situation every death is unique the context is always different speciality is places of work but all these cases are clearly related to reckon
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conditions they were all overwhelmed at work there were also cases of harassment and start of pressure but what they all have in common is that the american conditions made them more psychological vulnerable they weren't like that in the 1st place. well as the couvade crisis continues to buy tear in france it looks as if there is no rest bite that's going to come at least in the next few weeks even months for doctors nurses and of course those interns to really it seems that despite the fact that france is now in this lockdown the needs and demands on medical stores from doctors right the way down to those interns is as much as it ever was. and it's not just france a new survey has shown huge concerns among u.k. senior health workers about the extreme pressures of their job more than 90 percent said significant pay rises were needed with the government's one percent offered
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a raise described as a quote insult. 2 in 3 have considered quitting in the last year as in france they have worked extra hours unpaid with one summarizing their role as cannon fodder. stuff i've been treated like cannon fodder if i didn't need the money i would have resigned which is soul destroying because they used to love my job but now it feels more with dread and i'm permanently exhausted. we spoke to dr john ponce is co-chair of the keep our n.h.s. public campaign group you say as workers are exhausted. well i think this is a real wake up call the government has to do something i mean n.h.s. managers are not know they could be vocal in their criticisms of government but this is a survey which shows they are extremely worried about how the service will be able to continue i think they feel absolutely worn out and overwhelmed at one point there were $50000.00 staff off sick with curb it so not only were people
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covering for those but they were then coverage for a huge amount of simply and this really means that all the stops at the and pulled ringback out and many people who also have to step up in cern's it to ing were ruled leave the above their grade if you like but nurses standing in a doing work there with the job i don't see troops often so they've taken on that issue your response to this is so i think there really is a feeling of exhaustion and i think the one percent pay off for a little government is really insulting particularly when a 2 percent rise had already been budgeted for and this is left start feeling very demoralized cared for and worse and worse and frankly. across the channel a huge state saw opening their borders to those who have been inoculated but apparently not all that scenes are equal the european commission has said that one
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screen digital certificates a roll doubts they will only include shots recognized by the e.u. regulator so those who receive alternative vaccines including russia split think they are likely to be shut out of the new scheme until they were approved by the european medicines agency want to tally and businessman who travel to russia to get vaccinated trying to get clarification. from the local authorities. i ask what is this crucial what should they do because i'm technically a sunni today they already go to the 2nd those they send me that at the moment there is not any clarification and extrusion so i have to stay for it in the sequence so it's a glitch for me as i could see the very real what will happen to you fresh and jude is the mission would speak to me and then they fled here do they have to stay for 18 days you know. i'm eating dinner nobody would come to visit our county for example or for ash and from russia or any way from any other country. in the
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sound of this is a very big problem it can be a really big problem for there for the summer tourist. italy's tourism sector has been devastated by the pandemic with losses last year alone estimates said more than 120000000000 euro and it has led to hundreds of thousands of job losses the italian businessman we spoke to again thinks that not recognizing sputnik these is simply discrimination. i was a really each shock when a few days ago the council of the region and beyond with me she couldn't it is located the deeper some of them put they did do the question today instead of the hells and the task it was going on even more for people which are fascinated with spooled to me he said that eve lukin their sputnik is not yet
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out or eyes and recognizes from e.-man. each one of us you need to do with sputnik in your land delhi it's like if you are not assimilated in this is absolutely crazy this is real discrimination because for example now i am a young my antibody i g g 5 that is the that my friend which the the fines are asked. or on the sleeve sought for the money and a lot that you are going to see needed something but a lot of the need and i'm not persuaded that because they did. and they have around about the lower than higher than he thought he stopped the discrimination. i mean while some of the u.k.'s christian community are ringing the alarm at the what they see as medical apartheid they claim the introduction of vaccine passports would exclude those refusing to vaccinate from public life. this scheme has the potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy as we know it and to create
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a surveillance state in which the government uses technology to control certain aspects of citizens' lives as such this constitutes one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of british politics the u.k. is considering using such that if saw negative tests as a quote temporary measure to ease out of the lockdown the passports are to be tested at theatres at nightclubs and sports events in april and may however reverend william phillips leader of the trunk church in glasgow is just one clergy warning nothing is more permanent than temporary. there's a fear about the surveillance by the state and other organizations. of people's medical status and that sort of thing and perhaps leading to deprivation of privileges and so on if that's deemed to be not satisfactory so that's the fear of where this might lead and often. people want to introduce this kind of thing and they want to it would only be temporary. but you know we were asked to do
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a lot don't press 3 weeks just temporarily. to halt the flow of the virus and here we are more than a year later there are few things so permanent as a temporary government measures income tax was introduced in this country during their polo neck wars 200 years ago as a temporary as a temporary magic so that people are desperate to get back to normal there's a sense that oh this would just be a temporary thing but there's a real need to think about these these unintended consequences and as as as church ministers as. preachers of the still urgency we we want to show people that they need to think beyond just the immediate the longer term problems. the trial of former us police officer derek show even in the death case of george florida is expected to resume on tuesday but the public violence in the wake of floyd's death has spilled over with democratic congresswoman maxine waters even
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calling on crowds to get more confrontational a move the judge warned it could lead to the whole trial being overturned. congresswoman waters was talking specifically about this trial and about the unacceptability of anything less than a murder conviction i was elected officials will stop talking about this case especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch in our function crowds gathered outside the court to demand justice for it while others protested on nearby streets chanting and singing but the alleged calls for violence like those from congresswoman maxine waters have been resonating go down the easy way to test the flow into other black men such as dante right to hate confrontation leaving the legal system working to judge such cases under tremendous pressure on court of appeal. it's almost like something out of
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a bad hollywood movie remember derek show the ex cop whose actions led to the death of george floyd well someone threw a severed pig's head at his defense witnesses former hall and the police think someone was trying to send a message it appears the suspects in this found listen with target seems to brought his testimony because mr broad no longer lives in the city of santa rosa it appears the victim was falsely telling it is retired cop barry brought apparently made a big mistake when he testified that george floyd's death was an accident in normal times maybe that wouldn't be such a big deal but children's trial is going on at the very same time we're seeing nonstop protests and clashes with police in minnesota over the more recent police shooting of 20 year olds do want a right. to motorcade or professional opinion from the our.
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father in law says why because they didn't. know about. the above of whom i believe. that i want to know what the us falling deeper and deeper into a freefall of partisan division there's always a politician that's looking to turn chaos into an opportunity to be. mad when i know. that i am and. you got it right congresswoman maxine waters didn't just stop playing judge jury and executioner she
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actively called on people to defy a lawful curfew. that meant that then. let's not forget it takes 2 to tango maxine waters is inciting violence in minneapolis just as she has the site today in the past as speaker pelosi doesn't act against the stains of toric i will bring action this week liberals and conservatives 2 sides that will seemingly do anything to get a leg up on the other it should come as no surprise then that even the legal system is becoming a victim of the 2 party system is political games we're going to get a world where you look at something like the case of george floyd over the trial and the 2 parties see completely opposite things they've lived in completely different realities so how does that how do people come together after that i don't think they do i think that it's at best it's your it to get ever closer to. this simply choosing to not associate with one another we're never going to change
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the mind of the attention to what happens with the outcome of the trial it's going to play in the divisions between the 2 sides in this country. there are concerns the black lines muscle movement inspired by cases such as george floyd may have gone too far a ball skateboard jersey on a main female pilots in world war 2 has been scrapped off to it was revealed that black people were banned from the force this i'm told stories coming up after the break.
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when almost seemed wrong war just don't all. get to shape out just being called out to engage with equals betrayal all. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back joe biden has said migrant admissions will continue despite admitting the unprecedented immigration situation is now a crisis as the president is increasingly pressured by fellow democrats artie's kaleb more pain has the story. for months the white house has been insisting that it is not the time to use the word crisis for the situation at the border. and. easily here right now the crisis at the border i see he said the answer is no i think there is a challenge at the border. this is a crisis center but i don't think we need to sit here and put new labels on what we have already conveyed is challenging but now biden has given in he's using the
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scary word that he tried to avoid because there obviously is one so how does biden intend to put out the flames of the crisis well he's going to allow more refugees into the country. if. the traditional authorities in america such as the police and the border patrol are on the edge of rebellion because the policies being thrust on them from washington d.c. are destroying their ability to do their jobs and destroying before their eyes the nature of the united states border i do not believe our system i do not believe our country can handle the level of illegal immigration that is being thrust on us by the blood ministrations i do not believe this country can withstand having an open
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border what's equivalent to no border at all so what prompted this big u. turn from keeping the cap set by donald trump at 1500 to opening the gates and allowing far bigger numbers well. nothing works like some good old fashioned progressive backlash this by the administration refugee admissions talk it is unacceptable these refugees can wait years for that chance and go through extensive vetting 35000 already facing the greatest refugee crisis now it's time that is no reason to limit the moments of 15000 senate and so president joe completely and utterly unacceptable biden promised to welcome immigrants and people voted for him based on dot promise keep your promise in march alone 172000 migrants were detained at the border that's a 15 year high those people are now the responsibility of the vice president
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cobbler harris who has recently been named by the white house as the borders are now she hasn't actually visited the area sense there she says she just doesn't have time however border guards now suspect that she's purposely avoiding them because if she goes to the u.s. border people are going to expect her to fix the problem so she avoids it that is that's disgusting because that's putting politics ahead of what's best for this country biden seems now stuck in an almost impossible situation how does he please the progressives but also deal with the crisis he will say whatever he needs to say and i don't believe he is at present sharp enough to figure that out on his own i think he's being given guidelines so i think he's essentially being run by others in the democrat party who have a goal that i'm not sure joe biden even understands and that is to get as many illegal immigrants in here as possible to make a fundamental change in the make up of american citizenship 1st get the mere then
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make them citizens and give them the vote well the white house spokesperson is sticking with the democrats sacred mantra children presenting at our border who are fleeing violence or fleeing prosecution who are fleeing terrible search and. it is not a crisis so while the white house scrambles to deal with the crisis one thing is clear we are here talking the migrants just keep coming up and r.t. new york. sportswear giant nike has scrapped a u.s. women's basketball team jersey commemorating female world war 2 pilots after it was revealed the force did not allow black people the top featured a star logo inspired by a plane flown by some of the 1st female heroes to fly u.s. military aircraft like apologized nyc do n.b.a. and the dallas wings recently learned the history of the program does not align
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with our shared values of diversity. and inclusion as a result of the dallas wings will not wear this uniform on called mike and its partners are removing it from retail and like in the wings will work together on a new nike rebel edition uniform design for the future. asian and hispanic women were allowed to join the force but not blacks conservative commentator christopher harris says the country must move on. why is it that we should not celebrate the accomplishments of what a group of people simply because someone else was not able to perform or was not celebrated was it unfortunate they did it that they did not allow black women to become pilots yes it's unfortunate but our black pilot black women pilots today yes they are this should be a perfect teaching moment instead of saying no we're not going to celebrate those will they should say hey you know what this is how it was but now let's go ahead and run a campaign where we should all black women fighter pilots today that's what should
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be out there today but they've been missing a golden opportunity because they're so part of in the cultural marxism in this idea of point temper tantrums that they're missing a perfect opportunity was the nation's their gated yes it was segregated at that time but i do want to point out something a lot of people don't know if democratic party is the ones who so to segregate in this country in the real world in real america americans don't really care about the skin color of their of their neighbors that it's the marxist dialectic it's putting one group against another it's pitting black against white. the bided administration has apologized apologize for donald trump's quote renegade approach to the climate crisis jacqueline vega asks if this will unleash a flood of confessions from the white house. we are very sorry for the last 4 years where the president who didn't care about science fair enough
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right from pulling out of the paris agreement kashyap waves around the world and one of the 1st things biden did after bumping trump out of the white house was to rejoin it i'm all we're at it maybe there's some other things from the past 4 years you guys want to apologize for on behalf of trump there's plenty to choose from though that could take a while and dems are pretty vocal about condemning all that stuff at the time so maybe that's a given so what about apologizing for biden's controversial past dances he's had a long political career after all and then there's the whole inappropriate touching thing i'm sorry this happened but but i'm not sorry in the sense that i think i did anything that was intentionally designed to do any wrong or be inappropriate ok not quite taking responsibility there maybe it's only about apologizing for past administrations so if anyone searching for ideas on where to start look no further let's start with the biggie the 1st and only use of atomic bombs in a war it's been over 75 years since hiroshima and nagasaki were devastated by the
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actions of the us but not even obama was willing to make apologies for that in the midst of war leaders make all kinds of decisions it's the job of historians to. ask questions and examine them ok how about another war where dangerous weapons were used agent orange in vietnam for example and let's not forget about that forever war that biden has just promised to actually end after 20 years of bloodshed but we cannot continue the cycle of the extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the draw and expect you to different result that withdrawal speech on surprisingly didn't come with a sorry for overstaying our welcome section but if those examples are too controversial want to start a little smaller. and apologize for the treatment and persecution of julian assange perhaps even drop the charges against him since his case threatens the very idea of
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journalistic freedoms but now what was i thinking how dare a whistleblower expose misconduct by the us government point is if apologies are going to be handed out there are plenty of people waiting in the wings to hear them but something tells me that isn't going to happen i'll never apologize for the united states of america ever i don't care what the facts are good ole bush sr telling it like it is. and so keeping his company when i see international we hope you having a great start to your day we'll be back in 30 minutes with the latest. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person if there is. no
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still haven't tailed. into the up until the mid twenty's and this. may go feed a market economy suppose. in the us at the source me note of that i mentioned the scene question which we know. of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption i don't only want to use the other 5 but my own. to this day mothers still search for grown children while adults look in hope for their birth parents.
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and i and another one of the. ways are both the food. bank itself movie theater. plus we've got it all so hard not to think i know how to dissipate this moment then walk up to a power and open this door open if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way. to. the floor you can fall apart without a visible facility and you have a whole lot of it at the bottom. but i think it is this is the found that is all come from.


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