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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 19, 2021 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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children with someone who fled us back death squads and salvador but 1st from minneapolis a leading voice in the twin cities black eyes mother movement who's running for the minneapolis city council want to seat robin ones the robin thanks so much for coming on i mean the scenes from minnesota. they look like to me they look like apartheid south africa. just give us a background to what your 1st reaction was when you heard about the killing of dawn tear right while this televised trial about george floyd is progressing. i think this show reaction was this can't be happening and i was actually at my home looking at the live strain of another action that was hosted by a family tonight against police violence they held action to uplift another one of our community members who were murdered by the police and it was organized by
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its partner and what was that and quite ironic was one of the community leaders in their speech said i know based off of the response that our elected officials have led around police by this in our communities you know minnesota before the by the summer is going to murder another black man or another black person another black person is going to die at the hands of our probably thought and you know that stuck with the crowd like wow like this is shroom and what folks didn't know was 2 to 3 hours prior to him making that test the man a black man how great of a murder by the brooklyn center police. are so it just shows you know the day history of police violence and negligence in our community especially when it comes to black lives and it's called frightening to us on all levels because we're dealing with the trial of their show then you know i talked to you in may as our
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city was going through that traumatic experience also in a moment of rising and now we're finally in the trial period hopefully building for justice and in wow another tsunami of systemic racism hits us again and so i think all of us was taken aback for a moment but immediately sprang right to action got out to brooklyn center with the youth out there who were gather in the streets and start this process as we usually have to do because our traditional criminal justice systems fail to provide. i added and with that it just it's time and time again when it comes to these matters we were out on the streets let it be known that we are going to be here just as much as we were for you know george floyd from lando jim marx part we're going to be here for you dr. i want to get on to those bridges in a 2nd only because my own brother was a one of the people arrested media and journalists being attacked they say. you
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have no sympathy for this narrative that quickly spread around the world through news agencies about an afro in the don't tell writes call it was a brand new car and the fact that the office of decades of experience mistook her taser for a handgun. there is no sympathy if you actually look at. this to states when it comes to stop and frisk and pullovers brooklyn center has some of the highest rates when it comes to black drivers and black. and the state so this is a common practice in policing all of that community which is predominantly black predominantly immigrant african immigrant. to see that type of policing play out in our communities and already knowing that our policing doesn't have. deescalation response to the most minor to severe it's
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a bit so it made no sense if you're pulling someone over for a traffic violation how to over air fresheners how does that then leads to you needing multiple police officers to response a one on our an individual in their car for a traffic violation it just doesn't add up in and this is also a officer who is not a rookie she's a leader within the police unit sheaf coached prior officers through police shootings how to basically you know go through the arbor tracing process so that they could be real if they get back on to the workforce so she's very familiar in this process so that there's no sympathy and a sense of how a 25 year police veteran mistake. from a taser yet why are you even using both in the traffic violation to begin with and a particularly community that we know statistically is already over policed well
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here we'll hear about that in courts like we're hearing this in court maybe it'll be televised officer kim porter office he had charge now tell me about the demonstrations in the wake not only of this continuing televised coverage is the attorney for the defense a very true in tries to make out the george white. because of what he was taking drugs he was taking let alone the protests because of this killing and on to right and this is the narrative again around police accountability when you are exploiting was murder torture and murder by never charged and within you know 10 hours we had our police chief saying it's because the medical issues and it's like no way now we're hearing oh maybe he did something like the narrative that immediately. you know were cute police officers from any type of accountability when they were murdering and executing black wives so i think when
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you hear that narrative time and time again it makes sense why we saw the community response that we did and it's largely as we saw with george floyd it was mostly you've you've got out in the streets right where he was executed has left also uplift the fat that they left dante right biden out on the sidewalk for over 3 hours 3 hours for our own whole community to see how how do you it makes you think of my brown in ferguson where when the police murder him they left his body in the humid heat for more than 5 hours for the community to see so argue came out in that moment and said what is this innate knowledge they know there's no excuse there's no reasoning why
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you would allow something like that to happen. it from their community moved from the site of where he was murdered to the police station just as we saw with george floyd is going from the execution site where the institution that perpetuated that its execution i'm so folks have been gavin i think around both of those spaces but largely the site of action has been the police station because this is the site of the trauma this is the site of the bible if that continues we ripped through our communities all across this not just minneapolis it's all across the suburbs and it shows that folks are to hire folks are higher not having their basic human rights acknowledged where you can literally be
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murdered for a traffic violation in the matter of seconds while you're on the phone with one of your loved one folks are higher with the police system that allows those outcomes to keep happening in our community we know what it means he had his own investigations going on do you believe an architect of mass incarceration like joe biden or a former california prosecutor like a mile has can decide over any understanding even of the calls to defund the police. absolutely not i when george floyd was happening one of their responses while he was on the presidential trail was saying that he will allocate more than $300000000.00 to police departments across the country again around the spill own try in at higher in try you know. for of let's just train you know anti-racism into a police institution that is grounded in upholding white supremacy and racism
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so joe biden has already draw his lines in the sand of where he supports what in his his support is around maintaining the current fabric of policing in our communities with the hopes that with a little bit of training you know we might can lessen things but to really stand on the side of communities the thing left actually overhaul our public safety system that we get at that will go against the core. of the his interests in his interest is making sure capital is important forces are happy all across our communities all across the us so he would never stand aside for black lies because that actually means going against the 4th that actually maintain the profit in the interests of the corporate elite that fund your campaign that you aligned with so i have
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no homes that biden will come through that he was and there was a moment in brooklyn there where he was in conversations with the mare mayor alley it and basically what his response like what the results of that and we've just seen more military presence in our communities he's like how do i get more national guards your way how do we support getting more police officers and sheriff's on the street i call. on that i understand you had victory against the use of the national guard militarization yes yes you have to celebrate the victories on the way yesterday a few labor leaders. share and document it off is if you're not aware that's one of the offices in think that basically is the convening. i'm space for all the public sector unions you know in our city particularly thank paul they were providing refuge for the national guard so
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basically abiding in the military occupation of our city and abiding a military force that's currently by didn't leave or oppressing did peaceful demonstrators also across our city and so when you know folks got word of that a few dozen you know rank if our labor leaders and members got got together to organize on site. so basically called ario else out on that and to serve the national guard their big papers then within the span of a several hours i'm told he was left in like 30 folks pull this off we got to make stale from the property. but obviously you have plenty of other plenty of other syrian military on the streets of minneapolis tonight i mean the countries around the world people watching that we should that their governments impose some kind of embargo on the selling of equipment to the united states flash bangs riot control
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gear that is being used there i mean should there be an international arms a bug of that type against the united states of america that is definitely a way which you know working class people from across the world can extend solidarity so you who you know minnesota right now you know that's one of the man separate up in our movement you know that the military rise ation of our police force make sure they can't use rubber bullets and tear gas you know like it he will demonstrators i would encourage you know union member working class people to take up that that caucus that actually. put the embargo let's quit being our local police force it with military equipment that they used to destabilize communities across the middle east and in africa. destabilizing their local democracies lest you know make sure they don't have the ability to do that for black and brown community in the us as well that is definitely
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a way that the working class people could show up for us in this moment the ones where thank you after the break south of where us police killed black men in minnesota the nearly 20000 children being detained under joe biden's a ministration we'll talk to someone who fled the u.s. backed death squads in el salvador is a 10 year old. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. who
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race based on often scary dramatic developments only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. welcome back after decades of u.s. military interference across the western hemisphere u.s.
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president joe biden is now working not only for regime change in countries like venezuela but to militarize mexico guatemala and honduras to mitigate his detention of guinea 20000 unaccompanied children joining me now from the capital washington d.c. as someone who made the journey from us back death squad run health out of the door a former u.s. justice department attorney who surpasses now at the southern poverty law center and she joins me now thank you so much news for coming on to why has the biden ministration went to record high number of all accompanied children i mean nearly 20000 in march 172000 encounters is apparent in journalists not allowed to these detention camps yeah well why reason is multifold. in all fairness biden inherited a huge mess from the former administration of president trump but what he has
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failed to do much to the. dismay of persons who are immigrant rights advocates and human rights advocates is to effectively deal with a situation that is solvable there is a way that this wealthy nation the united states can address the number of children not unaccompanied minors of families of persons fleeing terror or high crime corruption in that part until america as well as many people what biden said ministration has thus far they held to do is to enact policies that are steamy that will. clepe process person who has been waiting at the southern border for months on end those who are coming in because many of those. reasons the factors that have caused. continued
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migration to the us remain far from being resolved so i'll get to i'll get to come . in got amala in a 2nd but why these high hopes joe biden is sin ornaments with mass incarceration all black people come alive harris a prosecutor in california a very controversial figure. isn't it is obvious that biden is someone who would vocally 13 change in venezuela has done in bolivia why would anyone expect joe biden not to be in talks with. so called the u.s. proxies to militarize those countries while simultaneously detaining children far more children than on the trump. why because i think the country finds itself as almost you know victims of domestic violence find themselves when they need an
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ex partner who might seem kinder and gentler after being 5 after experiencing abuse and gradation for 4 years there is you know that human aspect of hope you hope things are better biden's rhetoric was different than trump's sadly the reality is that it you know the policies the implementation of new policies has not occurred he has not rescinded title 42 which bans asylum seekers from coming to the u.s. which closes our southern border so you're right why did people think that things would be better for immigrants that we would be a more humane welcoming country because biden spoke to that as opposed to the former president who was openly xeno phobic and racist and anti immigrant so you
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know there's that eternal hope that things would turn the corner and unfortunately for immigrants and for our country things have not turned out that way so far well certainly not for these tens of thousands of unaccompanied children i mean joining this biden administration in these early months i mean the pictures from minnesota look like apartheid south africa. and how did u.s. foreign policy impact on your journey from el salvador much over the biden presumably support of the overthrow of the government in el salvador as he did support the overthrow of countless democratically elected governments in that america that exactly is the reason that i am sitting here before you today. my parents or teachers they were educators and it's what we were you know working middle class family my parents joined movements you know demanding change demanding
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better wages demanding freedom of expression and the u.s. fighting one of its many proxy wars in latin america as they did in my country supported militarily financially a corrupt rightist government that in lieu of opening up you know channels of communication started to murder people my parents received a death threat and we were forced to flee our home i was 10 my brother was 6 my parents were in their early forty's and one minute we were home in our home you know house with friends and next minute we are on a bus heading to many people and the same things that are happening today unfortunately you know this war by proxy that the u.s. engages in in support of these corrupt militarized regimes is
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still going on to some extent in a side by the order and more so in what the model where the military engages in genocide of our indigenous population in on do it us and in medical which is the most populous spanish speaking nation in latin america so these problems that existed in 1000 a.d. when my family fled and luckily was able to get into the united states undocumented are probably more prominent and have been excessive aided by kobe now so it saddens me that we have not grown things have become more hostile and people like me as a. 10 year old who had an opportunity in my family b t. we we were able to become a regular ice through the 1986 immigration act that the amnesty
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to millions of persons we have not had a similar acts or a law that will provide children like me and my brother. in opportunities well those government quite awhile away kemal as was deny genocide of any kind of story is one of the fact that there was an american dream reagan might have been supporting death squads but he was kind of allowing a 10 year old to get in so you're saying that today if you were only companies and you were black to 10 years old. you'd be in a detention camp and no journalist could have a speak to you. that is right and that is the heartbreaking truth right now our country has not made any effort to and the inhumane policies that are liberated under president obama and were
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magnified under former president trump in fact that someone in my situation as you point out who had to flee you know her country would end up like we separated from my family i can't fathom having been separated from my mother and father my brother and i. that is what drives what we're doing as human rights immigration rights advocates because we see that those children those families don't have a chance they don't have opportunities and it continues under this administration that has to change well i'm not sure about being surprised about how a bible administration or d.n.c. would have reacted to the situation you said he has been surprising to some less surprising arguably will be the fact that and i know you've been writing about this the office of refugee settlement the importance of new liberal privatization of
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making profits and money out of the incarceration of children kemal hours of course a great advocate of private profiteering prisons in california as a prosecutor tell me what companies are doing as regards child detention with privatized outsourcing. well what are they doing they're focusing on making money and say again one of the areas where the bike illustration has fallen far short of what was expected many of the east privatized detention facilities for children are. pretty much immediate to requirements that are otherwise and forcible against similar. entities under state you know and local laws many of these facilities have witnessed child abuse. you know sexual abuse
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because there is a rush to shovel children off in any direction and that continues and what also worries us as advocates for children is that the lack of oversight in beast facilities continues i know that the government the u.s. government is sending out calls for volunteer steps brickley to come and help process children at the border process families at the border so that they don't end up in these facilities but clearly it's it's reeks of desperation it says if these folks and power haven't happened for the last 4 years and don't have a plan in continue to rely on the corrupt private entities they deny ole wrongdoing that they said he was an advocate of what turned out to be
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a meth incarceration at a greater level than stalin or mao pick up of the you're talking about tens of thousands of children on the us mexico border in camps. i mean is this what illegal under international covenant who should the united nations security council be involved if this law a u.n. . i would argue that you are correct international law has not changed people have a right to seek asylum and to be granted that opportunity the u.s. asylum laws have not changed and under our own laws people should have the right to present themselves and to seek asylum like my parents did although they were denied after we had entered the country those laws are still in full effect the problem is that much like the previous administration this administration is relying on title 42 to close the borders and to either expel person seeking
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asylum or completely bar folks who have many many of whom have valid asylum claims from even entering the country and having the opportunity under law both national and international to present their claims and you know once again this is i know fence to humanity it's an offense to the people who are struggling and we started to talk before about minnesota i think of one of my i think most important quotes that ring true malcolm x.'s you know the chickens are coming home to roost the bite in the administration yes did inherit a problem from the trumpet ministration in that you know they're inhumane treatment of you know immigrants including children in families or especially children and
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families. was a situation that wasn't necessarily created by biden and his administration however they hear about obama. you know yes. again that is true and no matter what rhetoric by news we plan to hold this administration's feet to the fire is the best thank you that's it for the show will be back on wednesday had it with us today for a special environment edition of going underground with the u.n. russia to on the environment and cease fire is the stuff captain paul walks on about capitalism and the threat of imminent human extinction event don't forget to subscribe so you know if he.
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something wonderful very often or for fix it up to something terrible can bill solve all ills we're trying to mitigate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared me i was a scared little girl i was 24 and like. i didn't have to be so complicated. i made a record 3000000 world pandemic deaths finds a u.-turn sound further hikes already there priciest the e.u. kof it job. meanwhile summary no plans to return to normality aiming to inoculate all citizens by next month with russia's cozy jap. the rio please give us a.


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