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geysers financial survival guide i don't fly i promise you. the flight. that's the last time i buy it from the future so crocker was kaiser. afghan translators who worked shoulder to shoulder with western forces in afghanistan fear for their lives as the plan digs at the nato troops from the war torn country leaves them vulnerable to taliban retribution here from a former interpreter for the british army. they are not aware of their future they are living in fear every day not knowing what could happen tomorrow or next they didn't so the situation is very risky for us in afghanistan. moscow
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hits back at washington imposing sanctions on a number of u.s. individuals including key players in joe biden state. and holidays with a difference travel agencies have begun to vaccine vacations hoping to give and back to tourism industry a booster shot from one of the top destinations seems to be russia. today we have around 80 people in moscow who if they want to be vaccinated and fly back on sunday i would probably give my turn at the end of the year and i don't want to wait that long. and a very good morning to you this is our. afghan interpreters who put their lives on the line and helped western forces in afghanistan fear that they could be abandoned and left to the mercy of taliban terrorists as u.s.
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and nato troops prepare to exit the country by mid september the former afghan translator who works for the british army told us why their concerns are real. if there isn't an office full recognition by the government so far. and the process soft often tempters or not very much at the top priority of the ministry of defense i think the ministry of defense and the u.k. government as a whole are forgetting that interpreters were key assets off the the 18 year long combat military mission in afghanistan and leaving them behind and forgetting them is this putting them at risk over the years ukase the hundreds of interpreters who work for the british army subtler but critics say that many he won't be eligible for the scheme being denied that chance meanwhile u.s. president joe biden announced withdrawal of american and nato troops just a couple of days ago the reason the translators the help them are so scared is that
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the taliban which is resurgent in the country has branded the national traitors and considers them legitimate targets as the i.e.d. again says that interpreters have been left traumatized. i am regularly in touch with afghan interpreters who are searched for the british army and there are still a psych in afghanistan and they are not aware of their future they are living in trauma and fare every day not knowing what could happen tomorrow or next they didn't so the situation is very risky for and with us in afghanistan unless the british government acts quickly and introduces an inclusive scheme that allows all interpreters to relocate to the u.k. the situation will not be resolved are part of the international. missions object of in afghanistan was to secure europe and american borders from the threat of terrorism so afghans who joined the international forces and worked as
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interpreters alongside these forces they are actually the core of the ends of the safety and security of europe on. america leaving them behind is not a way off the reality and under a new month. the russian foreign ministry has published a sanctions list targeting senior biden administration officials it's a direct response to new american mr actions imposed earlier on moscow over alleged harmful activities russia's measures also include the expulsion of 10 u.s. diplomats and the possible reduction of washington's diplomatic mission in the capital the u.s. state department called the response escalatory and regrettable at least ask you tell it to my colleague you know neal to assess risk his response 1st though here's what the foreign minister had to say. the latest attack country by divided ministration cannot. it seems that washington does not want to accept the fact that
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in the new geo political realities there is no place for unilateral dictatorship and the broken scenarios of containing moscow which the us short sightedly continues to deploy when you risk further degrading russia u.s. relations we knew that this was coming in one form or another it was just a matter of time and on friday russia very demonstrative retaliated against these punitive measures that washington once against moscow earlier this week perhaps the most interesting part is that 8 top level washington officials have been banned from entering russian territory and when i say top level i mean highlight reel you know we're talking the head of the f.b.i. the director of national intelligence the secretary of homeland security to i people who are powerful decision makers in washington also a lot less to susan rice and john bolton historically to politicians who are you know in. russian rhetoric alongside the names must explain that these individuals
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have been chosen precisely because they all responsibility for promoting americans and to russian policy direction i have to say this is a really strong move because usually such bans are done on the low down in the quiet that are not announced publicly so clearly the kremlin here is so frustrated by what's going on that it wants to make a really bold korea statement of not 10 american diplomats have been expelled a number of american organizations suspected of interfering in russia's internal affairs have been told that they need to stop their activity and it was also made clear that if the u.s. continues to behave this way the more can and will be done including reducing the diplomatic mission here to just $300.00 and taking action that would be harmful to u.s. business interests so very loud to various. of announcement leaving the door open for an improvement of relations but at the same time being practical and preparing for the worst as you see it it comes not long after what. they were going to do as
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regards sanctions what was said on thursday well you have to look at the fact up to this hostile undiplomatic rhetoric coming from the white house of course now the infamous interview joe biden calling president putin the killer on international television and then this final blow out by joe biden signing what can only be called a sanction spree so that package includes a $32.00 russian and an individual sanction for allegedly interference in last year's presidential election stateside a range of financial and technology firms targeted for apparent cyber attacks on federal agencies 10 russian diplomats expelled borrowing money international made more difficult for russia to and why anyone reasonable would look at this and say well this is pretty extensive apparently joe biden claims that this was his take it easy on russia set of sanctions and that ultimately all he really wants is to be
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friendly and turn the pressure dial down united states is not looking to kick off the. school is she in conflict with russia we want a stable predictable relationship now is the time to deescalate well saying that after announcing a slew of sanctions is mixed messages it's illogical it's very confusing i mean generally punishment and deescalation don't go hand in hand so you can see why the russian side pointed out that that moment there's a huge disconnect between what russia says rather what washington says and what washington does cool shroom overseas to refrain from escalation sound hypocritical in essence to trying to talk to us from a position of strength we have repeatedly warned and proved in practice that sanctions and other pressures are not only futile but will also result of disastrous consequences for the. to decide in such provocations i think clearly normalized relations between the u.s. and russia are going to require a serious shift and care but at the moment it does definitely sound that while
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small scope course doesn't want it to terrorists and relations and it's tried everything it can to a point that at the moment it feels that that might be the only option left journalist and also daniel assad believes the by the ministrations behaving without restraint and its means against russia america's behavior is out of control i mean the but the bottom restoration is well spent the last 4 years accusing trump of being soft on russia and now it's what's got the office that is trying to show that it is going to be a confrontational and hostile as a possibly that there is no charge that the by the ministration would well what level against moscow i don't know it's been absolutely unrestrained he's determined to show that he's a tough guy tougher than than donald trump and so therefore he's being very aggressive with regard to both russia and and china and and there are no restraints
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that's that that's the amazing thing and the u.s. is just just rampaging around with these charges. global tourism crippled by the pandemic is scrambling for ways to get travel started again some agencies are having to turn a conscious into an opportunity though by offering vaccine vacations russia is among the most popular destinations. today we have around 80 people in moscow who if they want to can be vaccinated tomorrow and fly back on sunday we expect now every week the same quantity so long as the vaccines in germany escapes.
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notice that i have no fears because it's and recommended vaccination from the w h o u t's a good international reputation so if i'm not well i have no concerns. often it is a bookmaker pull on him i wanted to receive the vaccine myself quicker than we would get it enjoyment of the 19 year old i would receive a postulate to call me my father is in the interest of patients and badami do need to feel he might actually lead or biggest i want to protect my family and i don't want to remember the florist's home body i'm thinking i would probably get my turn at the end of the year and i don't want to wait that long if i had other options such as serbia and israel to iraq and the united states but all fell away for various reasons not so this was the best offer in.
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prosecutors have over the case after the photos of 20 police officers were plastered on walls in paris suburbs that's led to phase the policeman's families may be identified threatened a good deal from a french police union says the stump was meant as a threat. when they should use they will report these are blatant threats intended to intimidate police officers we're all troubled and concerned for the officers identified their families are worried and we're concerned for their families you may think it's the 1st time but it's not the 1st time this is happening to me we've also seen officers being named in other areas it's scary enough that we no longer have boundaries and there are people who name officers families without hesitation and it seems to me that matthew like behavior and intimidation is encroaching into our private lives because with the police. well into guns french law makers pass a controversial global security bill penalizing the spread of images of police
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officers in operation those found guilty could face a sentence of up to 5 years behind bars in a 75000 euro fine the bill's been slammed by civil rights groups and n.g.o.s the french public's been angrily protesting against it for months. was. before. the house . of france's police organizations insist the law is needed to protect officers and their families. thank you. we try to protect ourselves but it's true there are
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limits the police have to protect the general population but who defends the police 24 some things are progressing well but it's not enough we are now waiting for the restrictions to be introduced to soon as possible the alliance police union are demanding that the faces of police officers blood it's not to hide what happens during the arrest because the pm police watchdog receives the body count footage everyone is worried about the police making a mistake we want the police to have their faces blurred to protect offices and their families because as we've seen some people don't hesitate to identify offices wives children their addresses and this is a big problem but we want to avoid. bugs in the search packages garnered relatively little public support probably being apparently everyone short the plans about to take a closer look after the break. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race often very dramatic development only. exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the world is driven by a dream shaped by thinkers. dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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for. welcome back a recent e.u. parliamentary session got rather heated when a member was accused of spreading fake news after he questioned the transparency of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons why you would do not cause from an. international figures to meet with all the investigators are you going to investigate all aspects in a transparent manner clickable seem what do you begin by saying what i feel i have to say after what i have just heard there is no peace with fake news and i would
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like to apologize to the director general of the o.p.c. w. for what he has just cannot accept that you can call into question the work of an international organization is there no freedom of speech people out in the european parliament any more we never know you don't have the floor i missed it what is the subcommittee should keep it on their p.c. they will use been looking into allegations of chemical weapons use in syria's civil war and accuse president bashar assad of deploying toxins against his own people on several occasions something syria denies or the most prominent case is over which multiple doubts of been raised was in 2018 in due time.
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meanwhile. wallace was not the only one daring to ask questions a panel of experts convened in 2019 rejected that the chlorine so the disease to deliver the toxic gas indeed had been dropped from the air and that's been a key argument in laying the blame for the attack on the syrian army based on whistleblower data the panel decided that the o.p.c. w. report on the denver attack was based on false premises and deliberately mass to yield a biased conclusion i'm pleased to say we can discuss this in more detail now with amanda sawyer screens a moment ago there. joins me on the line very good morning to you nick you are what . you were subjected to well you were called 3rd spreading someone is for spreading frank news by i believe it was the subcommittee chairwoman who we just saw there in that video clip how did that feel being because it's an easy accusation to make it's magic quite a hurtful one. is
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a very popular. in europe and the us. uses almost. the president said back to me we should be careful because star wars 2 well she's dead right to start wars an early start if you go to war in iraq was based on. was when to the. troops there to meet. well when they went in there nice when did they just attack. us. it was used at the time by the us france and the u.k. to illegally parked syria so that was. causing war and what the president stated was a quality or even a science or
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a stripper started by and i didn't peacefully started through we want to truth and we want peace as you just said the conflict in iraq based on erroneous information surely that makes it even more important to make sure that such mistakes aren't made again why do you think that this topic is so sensitive about the work of the o.p.c. w surely asking questions is only going to bring more information more truth more truth out into the open. yeah i think you'll see talk to our troops your p.c. don't them can be fighting international organizations that can hurt the demise of to use of chemical weapons but o.p.c. don't do has to my credibility and right now it looks like to do the right that the director general of the autopsy job little or no notice it looks like at least to
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a lot of western imperialism and don't forget that i wouldn't be a foreigner to rate their general who is at most and he is calling for if all inquiry he's talking for real c.w. to listen to all interested lower studio priestess people like brandon weeden jesse interests not who are the more secure people on the ground doing the investigation and he was horrified that their initial report that it was completely doctored in order to suit us the gender is really worrying and we want to focus it oh we're not putting the o.c. opus adopted out we think this is an art no negotiation but it's finished unless there's transparency to have it up or it's it's finished if it's not an independent body and right now the nano earliest is the fish to be the leader of the office because he's conquered bites i don't know what the current situation is please
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explain it to me but don't from what you've said and from what i've learned about this story if you've got an organization where you got the former director general claiming potentially fraudulent conduct you've got investigators are on the ground saying their information that they provided wasn't listened to it surely be absolutely negligent to not at least have some kind of inquiry is an inquiry going to take place. it's interesting but the 1st time he was actually forced over to joke in 2003 and the reason he was forced out of it was the because he received 2 later 2 u.s. service on. that saddam hussein was kemp and stocks of chemical weapons at the time to stand he was china despite john bolton decision bolton told him that we don't know where your children. know shortly after that do us certain to withdraw funding from the always see the your p c w a so the obvious e.w.
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were literally forced to make us time to stand down and now we have fernando our units there and eastern one who needs to stand up when unfortunately you're asked to meet with a really great. that's how to say it. is being tested to see if if i mean the fact that the tribes are involved as well it probably ties the hands of the from the haven't properly and as you see a committee on tar's the army it was clear that the european institutions right now are still backing us agenda on this issue in relation to duma and us to decide. another important element as well as what actually happens is how it's reported because on a facts what the public's understanding of events is that the media is really not
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been adding much information about their whistleblower claims about claims that this isn't a straightforward as was initially reported why do you think that is big because obviously that is it's used to what public opinion can sway so much on these things . yeah ok what it wants the public to say still it right 1st of all. when the report with the d.n.a. extension taken duma happened it may have been 28 there was a recent court on. june 8th by the people who went on the road inspectors and day said there was no evidence of a chemical ties when the report was put out you know official o.p.c. w. report was put out in march 19th. it was a doctor's version which claims that syria was responsible for a chemical attack so the western media right on the types a side over this western media also supported the legal us france and
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u.k. bombing after the initial report of the alleged chemical attack so in other words there had heard it far exceeded in the west to actually now start dealing with. the photos of the crystal glow or support which such a and that their report was totally doctored. to suit the western agenda it would mean that the western media have to admit that they were on the far side but apart from that secondly western media has become huge fund and dick she was unconscious of fate militants but i saw as i'm concerned every country in gauge some fake news including the us judy you introduce russia china you know that it was. done to start a new circumstance but what i don't like about it is i don't i mean it's obvious i mean right it's all stones on the other. it seems to me there's
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a really simple way to put this this whole thing to bed o.p.c. w. management if there is any suggestion they report wasn't plea accurate if they're confident in it they could just say ok we'll meet all of the accusers all the people who down to will listen to what they're going to say will air all the information publicly it would also enhance their credibility and their reputation i would think why don't they do that. you know if earned under our ears. and used to be here well and. there's all episode well they haven't gotten to know all of those we're not. sure that they're telling the suits would be afraid to have. and if they refuse to have a transparent investigation if that's all not are it actually exercise. irish m.e.p. mick wallace is my guest mick thanks so much for sharing your insights into this
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global interview with. next joe biden's unveiled a new infrastructure package has left many people confused in part because it's a mixed bag containing all sorts of measures that appear to have not too much to do with infrastructure such as jobs and environmental issues around of 3rd of american support the bill to unpick it all his aunties kill him or put. joe biden's infrastructure plan is getting a fair amount of criticism polls show the country is pretty divided when it comes to the plan itself but overwhelmingly americans do agree that infrastructure should be a priority joe biden is selling the plan as a jobs creator then american jobs plan is an investment in america that will create millions of good jobs rebuilt our country's infrastructure and position the united states to all its competes china public domestic investment as a share of the economy has fallen by more than 40 percent since the 1960 s.
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the merican jobs plan will invest in america in a way we have not invested since we built the interstate highways and won the space race. a plan to get america moving again and get those cast aside by the pandemic back into the workplace has certainly got america talking with the word infrastructure very much on everyone's lips a sweeping new infrastructure plan to rebuild roads and bridges across this country biden vowed infrastructure investments could create 5000000 new jobs and bring back the pandemic jobs lost president biden in pits her yesterday promising to create jobs in 5 climate change with a sweeping 2 trillion dollars infrastructure plan infrastructure means roads bridges highways it cetera however there seem to be some other items thrown in there too such as health care and benefits for business now democrats are not exactly clarifying the confusion paid leave is infrastructure childcare is infrastructure ok given is infrastructure supreme court expansion is infrastructure
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are you feeling confused well you're not alone many are starting to wonder if this is just a democratic party spending bill with all kinds of items thrown in as they are now considered to be infrastructure democrats infrastructure proposal goes way beyond what's working americans would call infrastructure it tries to use a bipartisan issue is the children holes for tax hikes miscellaneous liberal policies we need to tackle infrastructure in a more targeted way so what exactly is infrastructure 2 trillion dollars after all is quite a bit of money $1.00 thing is pretty clear while americans don't care much for red tape and bureaucracy they do want better roads and bridges caleb mop and artsy new york ok thanks for staying with us i'll return with the dice on the top stories in half an hour.
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brace brace brace i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report man thanks a lot going to weird places i like to call this a blizzard dream we don't know whether there's inflation deflation hyper inflation hyper deflation many of our guests say it's inflation and it's heading for hyperinflation others say it's deflation is going to have to hyper deflation or.


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