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tv   The Big Picture  RT  April 16, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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really yes to cuba it could only come in the day you see the need to. see the sky it's just so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something into street except that we have regulation we want regulation i was the industry and if we don't behave in the us penalty that's fine. scope publishes a list of us individuals including top officials from the boy administration who would slap him with sanctions in response to american moves the day before. going to merkel's accused of an attack on democracy office she pleads with the german parliament to grant other powers to impose looked up throughout the nation. google misled users in australia about collecting their past location data from all
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of the countries federal court could now allow in the tech giant with a whopping fine. weaponized in what is now an actual plot of the british army one regiment told to use inclusive language to avoid causing trends. up next the big picture and for us viewers it's reductive tonight so we're back in one hour's time to bring you the latest headlines but again the. wife wasn't throwing us one curveball after another before things went upside down 13 months ago and now we really wonder what next but the more practical question is
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what if. what if you have a car accident or breakdown or you get stuck in a snowstorm what if you have a medical emergency crime is everywhere what if you're assaulted by a stranger or at home what if your home itself has an emergency hey when we get in an elevator we expect to get out what if after being cooped up for a year plus we're eager for the great outdoors what if you get lost while you're hiking no matter who or where you are an unpleasant surprise could find you at any moment so write down the internet address at the bottom of the screen and if you're listening to this as a podcast i'll say it for you it is the prepared dot com highly recommended reading the prepared dot com founder and c.e.o.
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john raimi john when i say preppers a lot of people picture the john malcolm which character in the movie red paranoid the agora phobe stacking canned goods and ammunition in the cellar but that's the caricature isn't preparedness 1st and foremost state of mind yeah well said it's it's a lot less about bunkers and bullets and more about how you think about your life and how you think about the risks around you. we think that prepping is part of being a responsible adult just like having health insurance car insurance or anything else we just reciting a list of the personal woes that could be fall any of us at any moment but there are also looming threats on a societal level think a gradual decline as opposed to sudden disasters for instance who thinks we can ever pay off trillions in national debt but john can
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a person adequately prepare for the havoc of a complete economic meltdown well you touched on a very important point which is this kind of outdated stereotype idea of a doomsday preppers where there are only focusing on these fantastical black swan events like an asteroid hitting or a walking dead type scenario those are obviously very unlikely what's far more likely is that we have more of the slow decline that you're talking about so whether it's things like the climate crisis or income inequality pick your topic we're already seeing the kind of a slow decline it's unlikely that it's going to be a situation where everything's great and then all of a sudden we've all regressed into being hunter gatherers so when you ask about how
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do you prepare for a sudden and total economic collapse if it truly was a sell sudden and total economic collapse and the work it's not going to be doing very well what's more likely and what you can more easily prepare for are the types of issues that we're seeing today. wealth inequality peoples to many people in this country living hand to mouth we've obviously seen a lot of the economic pain over the last year from coded those are things that you can prepare for on a personal level so people that took reasonable steps you can just things like having a 6 month emergency fund and a little bit of food on hand those people survived this cofa disruption and how it had a ripple effect through the economy they survived that a lot easier it really is a game of inches and you're right about the food i still scoff when fox news or talk radio has these commercials about buying gold just in case i got to think
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you'd be better off buying cans of tuna fish because if everybody is trying to sell gold it's going to be worth much less and to your point about climate change the footage we're seeing from guatemala which has been whacked by hurricanes and floods is heartbreaking no wonder these people are fleeing north so the the stuff that's creeping up on us is pretty scary tell me if i got this number wrong because it looked huge to me you wrote that we have lost 250000 years worth of skills and less than 100 years here's the quote from your website for 250000 years humans had to learn and practice how to survive even 100 years ago most people knew enough of the basics to survive in any mergence sea or off the grid your grandparents could probably cook from scratch start a fire clean a fish and repair a broken clothing can you do
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a john 3 part question take your time on this what would we be ill prepared not to have stashed in a closet or in the basement or in the attic. what should go in the bug out bag we can grab if we have to quickly flee our homes and what should be in the duffel bag we keep in the trunk of the car yeah great questions 1st and foremost you touched on an important point right having food is a lot more important than having gold we often say that modern prepping is a lot more about beings and band-aids than bunkers and bullets and to the point about grandparents right my grandparents could do all those things they could canned food and clean a fish shouldn't take care of basic medical emergencies without spending thousands of dollars at the emergency room now this isn't pure installed you're right life is
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pretty good today but there are certain skills that i think we have kind of subsidized out of our psyche the last few decades. if i'm out in the wilderness and i need to drink water do i know how to find water do i know how to make it safe do i know how to navigate without google those are just core life skills that are a good idea to have no matter how wonderful the technology is or how society is progressing now in terms of steps to take to prepare the 1st thing that we say to people is per physical health and financial health because those are the most likely disruptions that you're to face in your life a medical emergency financial distress so right off the bat before you even think about. even food necessarily do you have
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a few months of an emergency rainy day fund we saw with copd for example that the worse shape you were in like if you were obese the more susceptible you were to severe complications from cove it so from a certain perspective your physical health was a prep for a pandemic once you've got a decent physical health and financial health foundation. and actually getting into the kind of preppers stuff your 1st goal is to be able to survive in your house for at least 2 weeks on your own no utilities no outside help now things used to be talked about as like a 72 hour kit or 3 days we've seen in plenty of recent examples even just with natural disasters things don't get back to normal within 3 days so the modern advice is that 2 weeks imagine all of us in the lockdown happens do you have to go
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out and get food and water for toilet paper for 2 weeks or can you just go in your home lock the doors and survive there for 2 weeks or if there's a natural disaster and all the local utilities are down as we saw in texas recently so that's that 1st goal can you survive on your own in your home for 2 weeks with no utilities so that means water one gallon of per one gallon per person per day you can even put them in little containers like this put them in a closet put them under your bed piece of cake do you have enough shelf staple food for 2 weeks do you have medications for 2 weeks do you have daily hygiene stuff do you have the ability to communicate or get radio signals without the grid basic things like that once you've hit that milestone you can survive in your house for 2
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weeks that's when we start to talk about a bug out bag now bug out bag is not this fantastic goal walking through the way slammed in dooms day mad max with a shotgun over your shoulder kind of thing a bug out bag is just an emergency kit that is in a backpack form. so think of it as your basic emergency kit it's just put in a backpack so that if you have to suddenly leave your home you can and you don't have to be thinking oh where's the documents where's the money for example with wildfires on the west coast there are plenty of stories where even though people thought the fire was in the neighborhood over they wake up at 3 in the morning with an orange glow outside their bedroom window. oh i have to leave right away get the kids get the pack pack leave that's a bug out bag so when we build a bug out bag and we've got a full checklist of a site we think of a mix of things it could be that you're going to spend the next few weeks in
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a fema shelter you might have to kind of camp out in the wild whether it's building a little shelter in a alley in downtown or being out in the woods so people will build their bug out bag and different ways if they're thinking more of like i know that i'm going to be in a shelter or in a hotel they might build a little bit differently than someone who thinks they're in a more rural setting but that's the basic idea if you have to suddenly leave your home will you have the basics covered you asked about bags in the car and so on people build those different ways but yeah like let's say you work 30 minutes away from home and a disaster happens or 911 happens or whatever do you have comfortable shoes to walk home like people had to walk a whole day home in new york after 911 do you have maps so that if you don't have navigation so on. sure sure john raimi
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founder and c.e.o. of the prepared dot com the 10000 words on that website could literally save your life and john i appreciate your time thank you for stepping into the big picture coming up what looming threat could very. light south this is the big picture on our to america. knows you can the speculators and those are now the elites of the world are the speculators. they can create bubbles it could be used cars this week it could be.
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next week they could be islands somewhere in the pacific the week after that those are bubbles of the secular collapse and ultimately when the everything bubble collapses then we have the realisation that the economy died in 2008 we just have a very to get. western governments and western media betrayed the tensions within ukraine as a conflict involving russia and ukraine this is false there is a road map to resolve ukraine's internal strife and it's called the minsk accords russia is not the problem but nato expansion is.
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we baby boomers children of the cold war grow up fearing the mushroom cloud the could is an entire continent maybe even the world but even without vaporizing us nukes can instantly disable us big time interviewed by a live science defense analyst peter pryor warns you can use a single weapon to collapse the entire north american power grid once the electric grid goes down everything would collapse everything depends on electricity telecommunications transportation even water price served on the congressional. peak commission as in electromagnetic pulse whose mission was to assess
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the threat of e.m.p. attacks and i say was because the commission died in 2017 could the lights go out at any moment and if so for how long and is uncle sam prepared let's ask the author of a nation forsaken e.m.p. the escalating threat. of an american catastrophe available on audible and kindle and in hardcover amazon dot com he's contributor and former pentagon official michael maloof michael the auto bowl version of that is great and the day that you and i 1st met 4 years ago when i 1st came to our america you mesmerized me off the top of your head in the green room talking about electromagnetic pulse we finally got around to discussing this on t.v. a give our viewers the reader's digest version how electromagnetic pulse happens
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and so that they have something else to worry about what's the one o one. ok well it's thanks thanks for having me. well it could be either a natural occurrence from the sun or it can be a nuclear explosion at high altitude now electromagnetic pulse is basically a high intensity burst of the electromagnetic energy caused by the rapid acceleration of charge of charged particles and if you have unprotected electronics this in m.p. will not come out it can fry your all of your all of your electronics. now let me just add. some electric what it what is electromagnetic energy that would include such such things as x. rays microwave infrared radiation. radio ways gamma
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rays so it's just a common radar to knock out electronics and it's been done if you could put a a. a radar in the back of a van in a minute at cars which are now all electronic and block everything. especially on bridges yeah depicted in that the ocean's 11 movie where they blacked out the vegas strip momentarily and it's scary enough to think that suddenly your car will never start again but there are bigger problems electricity is powering the systems that make water come out of the faucet etc korat. well you know what you're talking about something even more basic this will affect all of our critical infrastructures electric power chalo communications banking and finance. our petroleum and natural gas pipelines transportation systems are food
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and water delivery emergency services as well as space systems that sell so and this cannot happen instantly. the phrase tactical nuclear weapons gives me goosebumps but it's a real threat and michael to the extent you are at liberty to disclose and describe what you were party to during your years at the pentagon how prepared are we or how prepared can we be in the case of a big bang. well we're not prepared we should be prepared and i think it's one of our dare derelictions of duty and obligations to protect the safety of the country that has a that any and all administrations have really failed on so far what we need is a person at the national security council level who will coordinate all federal
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state and local activities to ensure their local communities are prepared. in the event that there is a an e.m.p. that will knock out. all of your electronics all of your communications everything so that you have an idea of where to report so you have food that's stored have medicine that store and water basics very real basics yeah there's really no we don't have any of that. right and that when it really does something with. the pentagon is concerned about it you know to the coins that it is now reckon there isn't any empty kind of fat work and systems but they also are i 90 percent on local grids power grids in the united states which are not protected up. yeah and as you know there's
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a lot of financial yeah. as peter price says if you're groups are now down that can extract all of our military. onus on the mainland here. well that's chilling enough you mentioned the financial system and i have a new appreciation for keeping paper copies of things with this threat we're talking electromagnetic pulse with long time former pentagon official michael maloof and don't try this at home. today i want to make an e.m.p. electromagnetic pulse device and that's why i bought one of these super high wall generator 2 or more jewels. do to try and see how it works. wow. but seriously michael what
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about the iranian north korea nukes we've got gun nuts shooting up supermarkets and elsewhere lately is even m.p. a suit case sized threat that could put some. wacko in action. you know that's one of the concerns that are lone wolves and they can be made they can be 2 k. sized they can be very. very focused or are they're going to be in a wider area as i mentioned you can you can get a surplus radar system for example and point it even to buildings where there might be computers and knock them out but when it's a band experimenting with us on drones they'll have a drone with impi capability and it cannot at the average computers in a building if that's not protected all you need to do though is harden all of your electronics all of your microchips but there that's expensive but given all the
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trillions that joe biden wants to spend we ship i think we could spend maybe no more the 3 to 4000000000 dollars to ensure that all of this is done nationwide but that's not even the kurds yet we have a very already agreed system and that's not in this infrastructure package that spent now a couple a trillion and well you know at the start of working on the grid but our grid messes jury really writes we have 3 separate grids and 70 percent of the u.s. population lives on the eastern grid and if a north korean satellite which might be a new killer rather is orbiting around and it explodes or 300 miles up and it could be positioned in such
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a way and then it's over the east coast us east coast 70 percent of the population will be affected and just on a natural. disorder of time from the sun nasa has predicted 90 percent of the u.s. population in the 1st year would die wow. dystopia michael i'm down to one minute so i'm going to frustrate you by asking for the super short answer on this but while i havea deadline to withdraw from afghanistan prediction it's not going to happen there is not going to be any troop withdrawal in their terms because given the politics of what happened the taliban will just wait us out given that that deadline and the taliban knows they don't have to do anything and they know what to leave and then they'll just come in and create more happening and even worse even as the taliban comes in and deals with the government there it's only control in about 15 percent of the country that doesn't even talk
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about the other tribes and groups like the northern alliance when you want to have a. participation in the government. and i think if we moved out entirely and nearly entirely then you would have. devolved into a civil war once again. well hey your break you by getting in was easy get now it's going to be the direct former pentagon official and i have to contributor michael maloof thank you as always for stepping into the big picture. our our team montra question more implies a wariness of government regulation but we should also question deregulation run amuck and here's an example for most of its 100 year history broadcast radio thrived because stations were locally owned the personalities and programming were local and then came the telecommunications act of 1906 sold to
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congress as an act to promote competition and reduce regulation in order to secure lower prices and higher quality services for a telecommunications consumers and encourage the rapid deployment of new telecommunications technologies what happened next the f.c.c. removed the limits on how many radio stations any one corporation could oh and wall street pigged out mom and pop independent local station owners who had no intention of selling their businesses did because wall street came along and offered them much more than the radio station was worth so mom and pop are down in west palm and the big corporations are burning the furniture to keep the lights on
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the firings continue it's hard to find a local news on am radio and if you're listening to f.m. and the disc jockey on the music station is mispronouncing street names for the names of local cities or towns it's because you're listening to a robot that this jockey pretending to be here is back at the mothership and now i heart radio the biggest station owner whose corporate subsidiary also owns the biggest radio talk show is not only not local from noon to 3 eastern they require their stations to keep rerunning shows by someone who died 2 months ago. no wonder that podcasting is having such a boom it's people power media and that is the big picture we'll be back again next week same time with another show if you want to
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set your d.v.r. thank you wanted vats we're on direct t.v. channel 321 on the dish dish 280 r.t. america streams live at youtube dot com slash r t america and all of our shows are at youtube dot com slash the big picture r.t. and all of the above and much much more is on our portable t.v. app bus on any device on your desktop pocket purse or anywhere you can download it free and google play or the app store or a portable dot t.v. m holland cook question more.
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psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients or rather they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term they're mostly
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disastrous suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines early up to something wonderful and very often there are 4 affects it up to something terrible can bill solve all ills we're trying to mitigate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared me i was a scared little girl i was 24 and like. i didn't have to be so complicated.


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