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fight for the interest something into st except that we are british and we want regulation as industry if we don't behave. like. moscow publishes a list of us individuals including top officials from the biden administration and with sanctions it's in response american moves the previous day. is the one attack on democracy after she pleads with the german parliament to grant her powers to impose lockdowns throughout the nation. misled users in australia about collecting their personal location data that's the ruling of the country's court. attack shines with
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a hefty fine. weaponized. brigade is now an actual part of the british army. using clips of language to avoid causing. live from moscow thanks for joining us tonight here on our to international. morning welcome to the program. and the russian foreign minister has published a sanctions list which includes top u.s. officials and direct response to new american restrictions imposed on moscow over alleged harmful activities russia's measures also include the expulsion of 10 u.s. diplomats and the possible reduction of washington's diplomatic mission in the capital earlier saskia taylor joined my colleague you know neal to assess russia's response let's take a look at the statement. the latest attack country by divided ministration cannot.
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it seems that washington does not want to accept the fact that in the new geo political realities there is no place for unilateral dictatorship and the broken scenarios of containing moscow which the us short sightedly continues to deploy when you risk further degrading russia u.s. relations we knew that this was coming in one form or another it was just a matter of time and on friday russia very demonstrative retaliated against those punitive measures that washington announced against moscow earlier this week perhaps the most interesting part is that 8 top level washington officials have been banned from entering russian territory and when i say top level i mean highlight reel you know we're talking the head of the f.b.i. the director of national intelligence the secretary of homeland security to i people who are powerful decision makers in washington also a lot less to susan rice and john bolton historically to politicians who are you
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know. russian rhetoric alongside the names moscow explained that these individuals have been chosen precisely because they all responsibility for promoting america's anti russian policy direction i have to say this is a really strong move because usually such bans are done on the low down in the quiet that are not announced publicly so clearly the kremlin here is so frustrated by what's going on that it wants to make a really bold korea statement of not 10 american diplomats have been expelled a number of american organizations suspected of interfering in russia's internal affairs have been told that they need to stop their activity and it was also made clear that if the u.s. continues to behave this way the more can and will be done including reducing the diplomatic mission here to just $300.00 and taking action that would be harmful to u.s. business interests so very loud very. announcement leaving the door open for an improvement
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of relations but at the same time being practical and preparing for the worst and as you see it it comes not long after what america said they were going to do as regards what was said on thursday well you have to look at the fact up to this hostile undiplomatic rhetoric coming from the white house of course now the infamous interview including president putin the killer on international television and then this final blow out by joe biden signing what can only be called a sanction spree so you got package includes a $32.00 russian entities and individuals sanction for allegedly interference in last year's presidential election stateside a range of financial and technology firms targeted for power and cyber attacks on federal agencies 10 russian diplomats expelled borrowing money international made more difficult for russia to and why anyone reasonable would look at this and say well this is pretty extensive apparently joe biden claims that this was his take it
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easy on russia set of sanctions and that ultimately all he really wants is to be friendly and the pressure dial down united states is not looking to. school is she in conflict with russia we want a stable predictable relationship is the time to deescalate well saying that after announcing a slew of sanctions is mixed messages it's illogical it's very confusing i mean generally punishment and deescalation don't go hand in hand so you can see why the russian side pointed out that the moment there's a huge disconnect between what russia says or rather what washington says and what washington does cool should move to refrain from escalation sound hypocritical in essence to trying to talk to us from a position of strength we have repeatedly warned and proved in practice that sanctions and other pressures are not only futile but will also result in disastrous consequences for the. to decide on such provocations so clearly
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normalized relations between the u.s. and russia are going to require a serious shift in here but at the moment it does definitely sound that whilst moscow of course doesn't want a deterioration in relations and it's tried everything it can to avoid that at the moment it feels that that might be the only option left. alive now the author and historian 0 old for the latest is joining us good to have in the program to day russia was the responding to those sanctions from washington a couple of days earlier is this what you were expecting could russia have gone further. well certainly russia could have gone further but i think it's important for your audience to realize why the u.s. response seems so erratic and inconsistent why it seems that mr biden is trying to ride 2 horses going a different directions at the same time on the one hand there's a lot of hysteria in washington about the rise of china china is in the crosshairs that's the import of the testimony this week on capitol hill by u.s.
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intelligence chiefs the atlantic council a conservative think tank and other powerful forces estimate that in order to confront china they need to have russia on board but russia does not seem to be interested in climbing aboard so in some ways these sanctions and these other measures or can be considered coercive diplomacy at the same time there are forces in washington who are very upset by the fact that moscow helped to rescue the beleaguered regime in damascus syria president all the sot there is frustration with the fact that with regard to this u.s. quite mire in afghanistan that the united states might need to call on must tell to help pull washington's chestnuts out of the fire and not to mention relying upon allies up must tell speaking of was beck a stand and tajikistan former soviet republics were must still exercise its
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influence and leverage in so if you put all of this together you understand the frustration in mr biting that caused him to lash out and with these inconsistent moves on the one hand imposing sanctions on the other hand calling for a summit this inconsistency it seems to me can be explained. what's the likely response from the united states i mean they've already said they was there ought to respond to russia's turn do you think we could be stuck in a loop here and definitely i think that's possible but i really do think that mr biden after establishing his credentials with the hawks in washington by imposing these sanctions now wants to do something much more realistic which is to have a summit with moscow with mr putin the question is will moscow l a see to this requests by mr biden and i'm afraid right now i can't give you an
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answer as we know the u.s. put sanctions on russia over the solar winds hack citing allegedly high confidence in the intelligence. does confidence trump evidence these days. well in washington it does recall that this is the same intelligence agencies in washington who felt that their weapons of mass destruction in iraq that led to a multi-trillion dollar invasion and occupation of iraq under former u.s. president george w. bush these for the same agencies that have just told us that they don't have credible evidence that moscow was offering bounties to forces in afghanistan to attack and kill u.s. soldiers even though the new york times and other allegedly credible news organizations ran with that story poisoning the minds of the u.s.
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people helping to whip up more anti must galveston area so quite frankly i don't think you can take this solar wind story seriously. considering all the issues between the 2 sides at the moment and in a quite personal attacks that biden let's take a post in that interview how do you assess the chances of a biden putin summit anytime soon that's been proposed by the u.s. side well it's hard to say it's difficult to answer because i'm not sure if moscow will feel it necessary to meet with the man who calls their head of state a killer but i don't think mr putin should take it that seriously after all mr biden was the insult king called president judge and ping of china and yet he wants mr ping of china to meet with him with regard to climate change so i think that we need to realize that washington in the united states feels that it is an inevitable decline it's like
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a wild animal that's cornered and then lashing out furiously also it's so old holme thanks for your time here today on r.t. international good to get your take on that story thank you. well while unveiling the latest threw off a sanctions the united states also cited claims made last year of russia offering bounties to the taliban to kill american troops in afghanistan the white house admits it has very little to back up those claims but is nevertheless demanding offices from the trouble. we felt the reports were enough of a cause of concern they assessed with low to moderate confidence as you alluded to that russian intelligence officers sought to encourage taliban attacks against u.s. and coalition personnel in afghanistan so while there's a lot of moderate assessment of these reports we felt it was important for our intelligence committee to look into it this information really puts the burden on russia and the russian government to explain their engagement here last year it was
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a report of that russian intelligence offered taliban linked militants bounties the kill american troops that have got us thought in 2019 allegations were never proven the pentagon it's self said it could not corroborate the reports that the media from breaks in the story vladimir putin is offering boaties for the scalps of american soldiers in afghanistan now the european intelligence official called this callous shocking and reprehensible overnight president trump dismissed the intelligence denied being briefed on it as new reports emerged saying those payments did in fact lead to the death of americans or russians rejected the allegations with the foreign ministry branding them the speculations and phobias of the u.s. intelligence community got to take a former u.s. marine corps audience officer almost 3. the mere fact that you have politicians action on intelligence that has appeared on the front pages of the new york times bill is you right off the bat that it's not intelligence it's been it's clear sized
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information as opposed to hard intelligence that the united states and russia are adults they they they they sit at the big table they were big boys pants and their intelligence services do things against one another because that information normally we understand this is the reality of the world but the united states right now is very defensive it's dealing with a changing world changing reality and the fact that russia refuses to play the game of being subservient to you know a dominant america and so this is a domestic political problem where intelligence is 0 and a political objective as opposed to doing what it's supposed to do providing insight american decision makers about what ground truth in russia is. all the german chancellor has been accused of undermining the country's democracy that saw franklin michael pleaded with lawmakers to grant the federal government powers to impose regional kathie's on lockdowns without the consent of local
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authorities michael was heckled during a debate in parliament. we're slamming on the brakes nationwide i'm convinced a nationwide imagine see stop is overdue and urgently needed a lauren measures have a single goal to lead our country ad of this terrible phase of managing infections care he said not a new engine but they are part of the infection protection or that is currently in place. i ask you jay colleagues whatever a personal opinions may be don't you think that we should take them into account in the way we debating this here ultimately what i'm going to merkel wants is changes to the infection protection act that would allow her not just to say this is what you should be doing but to be able to say this is what is going to happen the way it works here in germany with their federal system is all those things can be decided from the federal government in berlin how they're implemented on the ground
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particularly when it comes to covert 19 restrictions are left up to the interpretations of the governments of the 16 states that make up germany now what angle america wants to do is take some of those powers from the states and have them for herself well as you can imagine not everybody is happy with that outside of the bundestag there was a small but vocal demonstration against what the chancellor is trying to do in the opposition from the alternative for germany party though as making the argument that these powers already exist that they don't need to be given to the to the federal government and that the chancellor should let the states decide what's best for the states so thick to introduce the infection protection act is an alarm and document of authoritarian thinking never before has a federal government dared to include so many attacks on the basic freedoms of citizens and the rule of law and on democratic principles and so few sentences as in this draft more we've been here before though with anglo merkel's saying she wanted to implement national 'd measures national lockdowns and things like curfews
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when it comes to the fight against covert 19 just before. easter we heard the chancellor announce this was going to happen over the easter break only for her to have to make one of the biggest u. turns of her political career when just over 24 hours later she said actually that's not going to happen because technically i don't have the powers to be able to tell you to do that in mali says day to fast of april as well as the surge of april should be defined as calm days with extensive contact restrictions and a ban on gatherings from the fast to the 5th of april. it isn't going and the idea was a mistake this mistake is my mistake alone a mistake must be called a mistake and above all it must be corrected at the same time of course i know that this whole matter trygaeus more uncertainty i regret that deeply and apologize to all citizens this brings us today and the facts of the matter on the ground when it
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comes to covert 19 is that germany is being gripped particularly hard by this 3rd wave the robert cock into the tube which handles germany's public health affairs is warning that unless something is done that april could well be a record breaking month for germany when it comes to covert 19 infections what angle are merkel is seeking the power to be able to do is that when cases reach a number of 100 new infections per 100000 over population that an emergency brake can be pulled nationally the thing is is there's a lot of pushback against this despite that pushback it does seem likely that these changes to the infection protection act will be made by some point next week we expect them to be signed into law by german president frank fall to. internalise final thought thomas fassbender believes i'm going to merkel's move makes sense despite criticism from the opposition. she believes in the necessity
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of increased risk and a strict a lockdown curfew measures etc and she decided to wholeheartedly i should say take this way of centralizing her powers against existing opposition do not assume angela merkel has any idea of attacking the democratic war in germany but it is a test of the democratic all in germany no question under crisis situation which we have for the 1st time in this country and some people very much fundamental lies in what is going on and driving it up to philosophical heights i'd say the majority in germany sees this as a an n.t.i. measure and not the nothing more. pretty sensitive and coming out of cuba today where the head of the communist party raul castro is officially to step down in history and more than 6 decades of the castro family's political dominance over the
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caribbean island nation there elsewhen came with the opening of the party's congress 3 years ago when he stepped down from the position of president castro had said he'd quit as communist party leader in 2021 his successor blackberry guiltiest canelo is also expected to succeed him in his government role raul castro had been in power 2011 when he took over from his iconic older brother fidel or both men were the leaders of the 959 cuban revolution which resulted in the creation of a socialist government and well then lead the nation through the cold war the cuban missile crisis and was still leader into the 21st century despite decades of pressure from the us he stepped down as president in 2008 and as party leader 3 years later handing power to his brother he died 5 years later. and we spoke to north american specialist on offshore who believes raul castro's resignation won't alter the country's direction in any great way even though i wrote castro is no
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longer going to be the leader of cuba miguel be as kind then an entire generation if not 2 generations of leaders will now step up and as the cubans have said this is about continuity i think the cubans are confident they can still continue to build socialism an anti-imperialist despite all of the challenges that they've confronted since that i thin $59.00 revolution and specifically of course the aggression from their neighbor to the north u.s. imperialism the u.s. government whether it's led by democrat or republican if stopped at nothing trying to suffocate in star be human revolution cuba basically stood alone in 1991 with the collapse of the soviet union and the socialist bloc around the world . the cubans have been fearless even though they face the worst types of us
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terrorism and a criminal blockade they cripples the lives of millions and millions of humans every day their leadership has been unflinching in defense of socialism and international is. still to come by new study by oxford you know i think find the pfizer and identical have are a straps carry about a single copper s.k. i think astra zeneca faxing more on that later in the program. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the
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day or thinks. we dared to ask. those who can the speculators and those are now the ruling elites of the world are the speculators. they can create bubbles it could be used cars this week it could be. actually it could be islands somewhere in the pacific the week after that those are bubbles of the secular collapse and ultimately when the everything bubble collapses then we have the realisation that the economy died in 2008 we just have a very to get.
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back to the program a google misled users in australia about collecting the possible ok data that's the ruling of the countries federal court on it little and the tech giants with a hefty fine australia's fair trade watchdog which had filed a lawsuit to clear the ruling a world 1st and said it sends a very clear message to all digital platforms. what the court found was that google misled consumers into thinking that if they turned off location history then that would stop google story and keeping or collecting and keeping the personally identifiable location data when in fact that was not the case of the judge in the case ruled that some new users were misled during the initial set up process of devices users want informed that even if they had the location history button disabled activating another tab called web activity could mean google could still
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collect their location big so it's not the 1st time the australian competition regulator on the tech to have a have clashed last year google along with facebook were obliged to pay news organizations if their content was posted on their platforms and google has said it was jack's this latest ruling on location data from the claims by the watchdog were too broad and that the judge's findings only concerned a narrow class of users become what he said is considering an appeal internet lore expert and social media solicitor cohen assessed the impact of the country's ruling . google doesn't care the company's filed to be compared to more police state google doesn't care about reputation because there is no real competition out there google also doesn't care about a small a relatively small financial penalty because it's got plenty of money so the only way we can have google starting to care about those sort of thing is by either forcing the company to break up and start creating some real competition
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or and imposing huge penalties the realities that now they got caught again the australian court found them guilty of effectively cheating on their own customers. the question now is what's going to happen next the question is whether google is likely to be detailed by these finding. a new study by the university has revealed the risk of developing blood clots from having the prize and madonna code vaccines is about the same as the under-fire astra zeneca jab a study involving more than 1000000 people according to the oxford findings for in those 1000000 tested experience clotting with pfizer all more than of x. aims one it was 5 in 1000000 for the earth as an example that compares to a 39 in
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a 1000000 risk of clotting for those suffering from covert itself we got response from the story from some of our guests. get. daily reports on how many people are derived within a month. going with the clarity that seems. to me. because of the sense in sense a very cool school because who are trying. to roll out who suit assess the effectiveness of the rollout. because remotes remember always parts. especially disparagement about 2023 and the public needs to be in school so not being in school which are so short very far as parents will start what's happening is all these are reports are coming in so. it's quite troubling and for people to know that this is
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a cat is a program to roll out a vaccination but at the same time there's also research that showing that the potential of the dangers is very difficult for people to know you know what to do it causes confusion and i'm hoping that lots of lessons will be learned and some actions will be put in place to ensure the safety of people and not dealing with sort of experiments on consent in people who've decided to be part of trials for example this is members of the public that coming to and have a vaccination with the understanding that they can be protected and not to be risk . that we've all heard of the work brigades in the u.k. it's become a reality soldiers in the british army's royal engineers residents have been told to mind their language in case it offends someone already someone right throws
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a few grenades on the front line of the culture war. so the main dangers of being in the military is you can be shot at blown up. or fall victim to non gender neutral language well $22.00 engineer regiment of the british army is doing something about it the language not the horrible death stuff don't call each other lads soldiers are told to be more inclusive and avoid using words such as mankind and sportsmanship over fears that they could cause offense to regiment sergeant major reportedly told his men. people that they need to try harder to op hold the regiments v. and s. b. and s. 1000 values and standards do not mix it up with b. and s. he also said that everyone has to remember d. and on that diversity and inclusion and gents men lads other phrases like that are not to be used and this is my favorite he said it should be made sure that people are getting paid the correct compliments will come
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along way says no. you're. right you know what this story has caused some our rage among friends to gobs like these more with of course actually there's nothing new about these directions they came out in 2017 released by the british army's joint equality diversity and inclusion unit or jeddah as it's known. who are inclusive most important so some poles from the guidance from the u.k. military's jet i war is include suggesting sportsmanship be replaced with fairness or good humor and the word mankind be replaced with humanity whew mankind human race people has had residual some of those are man in as well were british war heroes to tim collins back in 2017 describe to listeners the ludicrous and dangerous morass into which obsequious and p.c. senior officers have led the british army which means he doesn't like it.
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so we can conclude from this is a. 4 years on after about the voice was originally given soldiers are still not quite ready to have their language policed probably because if you knew your army got a few other things to worry about let's not forget but the army has been at the forefront of the quality they've been teaching mentor on their own trousers for centuries washing on one saw a return over. to the book. dropping bombs on middle eastern villages is the absolute definition of inclusive ety they're killing everyone without prejudice. probably a long time for we see scenes like this on the front line. sort . oh my god did i say that it's. coming our way in just a few hours it's time for tea when i return in half an hour with the latest join us again that.


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