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tv   News  RT  April 15, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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how would i define hollywood is they call it a dream in which i think's true. i think equally it's a problem in the film. washington will pay the price for harming relations between the $2.00 that after the u.s. announced 10 russian diplomatic personnel of being expelled from the country yet more sanctions are being slapped on moscow for alleged election meddling also to come this hour the french parliament passes a controversial bill on global security something which had already angered human rights groups who fear it threatens to call at least some peace and the c.n.n. director has called on count admitting his channel spreads propaganda to spite the
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network slogan that it is the most trusted media outlet. even just on 7 o'clock here in moscow are you watching r.t. international now the russian foreign ministry says that washington bears full responsibility for harming relations with moscow after the white house said it was expelling diplomatic staff and imposing a wave of new sanctions the russian foreign ministry said that moscow would have no choice but to retaliate jackie bigger has been assessing the reaction from russia. such aggressive behavior will undoubtedly meet resistance and responds to the sanctions will be inevitable washington has to understand that there will be a price for the degradation of bilateral relations and it is the us that is
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entirely responsible for will it's happening i would also like to say that the us i'm best at has been summoned to the russian foreign ministry we will inform you of the results of this meeting which will be hard for the american side as the russian reaction makes clear this latest move from the us represents a sharp hit to relations between the 2 countries and the measures being announced are quite extensive they came in the form of a 5 page executive order so what's in it let's take a look now 10 personnel from the russian diplomatic mission in washington d.c. are to be expelled and the biden administration said that that includes representatives of russian intelligence services but giving the details as to what exactly that means 32 and cities and individuals or sanctioned for quote carrying out russian government directed attempts to influence the 2020 us presidential election comes as no surprise that that was also within the document apart from that the u.s. treasury will also be targeting a number of russian financial institutes and
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a 6 russian technology companies have been designated saying that they provided support to russian intelligence services allegedly facilitating malicious cyber attacks now with all that in mind the white house seems to be taking a rather paradoxical approach to russia relations with russia as in the statement outlining all of these measures they started off with a call for stable relations with moscow the biden and ministration has been clear that the united states desires a relationship with russia that is stable and predictable we don't think that we need to continue on a negative trajectory however we have also been clear publicly and privately that we will defend our national interests and impose costs for russian government action. that seek to harm us this is not the 1st time we've heard certain sentiments coming from the biden an instruction like that but then they hit moscow with the sanctions and other measures and they've also now officially laid the
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blame for the solar wind cyber attack at the feet of russian intelligence for a little background that last year a piece of software called solar winds was hit with a cyber attack and those behind it gain access to digital files of several u.s. government agencies including the treasury the justice and state department it was a huge deal at the time the u.s. said that they suspected that moscow was behind the attack but investigations were still going on but now the finger of blame is being firmly pointed out russia but again with this carry out that the u.s. has high confidence quote unquote in the assessment that russia is to blame but no concrete evidence has been put forward and russia has all this time of course denied any involvement whatsoever and it's also isn't it a sharp change in tone that we've heard from america over the last couple of days because you know if you going back to then the walls talk of a summit between america and russia well exactly just 2 days ago on tuesday biden
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and putin spoke by phone or biden once again said that his goal was to build a stable and predictable relationship with russia and at the time he also proposed a summit between the 2 leaders to take place and a 3rd country and the biden administration has said that that summit that meeting is vital to stop the ex escalation of tensions between the 2 powers but the russian foreign ministry says that d.c. is actions speak a whole lot louder than those sort of words joe biden was joe biden said he's interested in the normalization of russia u.s. relations but the actions of his administration show us the opposite the u.s. is not ready to deal with the reality of the multiple world was shocked at the possibility of american has your money instead they can saying. it's an interference in our internal affairs so at this point russia says that they are going to react to these measures coming from the u.s. and the white house in turn says they reserve the right to react to russia's reaction while adding and here's the kicker that it would be best if everyone
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restrain themselves from escalating the search situation any further political analyst chris bambery believes that sanctions are the least efficient way to resolve the current issues between moscow and washington if you recall when donald trump was 1st elected he was adamant he was going to improve a relationship with with putin and with moscow but a majority opinion in the white sows the united states military might sit security and american elites in general is in favor of this hard line of encouraging a new cold war so unified in was being our friend which was cheated in suggesting talks the majority of the american people who matter in the united states the people who rule the united states are insistent on this cold war agenda with russia does seem that biden agree to have this summit at least seem to be you know looking towards some sort of solution particularly towards the build up military build up at least create as no chicken this hard to start and switched around or help the
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process of trying to resolve matters it is to grin and cannot help improve relations you must school washington and other western. controversial global security bill has been passed by the french parliament it has grant additional powers to go in for some bodies but has faced widespread criticism for making it harder to call out police abuse charlie dubinsky explains. there was rounded criticism of this bill when it was presented a year ago not just from the left from the human rights organizations and also chillingly squeaks is well concerned about elements contained in this global security bill now one of the most controversial elements was all to cool 24 we've discussed it many times and the feelings about this is that it would continue issues in the ability of the press to do their job when it came to distributing images of on d.c.
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police offices as a result of that controversy and the widespread protests we saw here in france the government said it was going to completely revise this particular article does take a mind though over the protests against article 24. well the government said it was 3 writing that article completely but as it's been posted a there are elements still being criticized by many article $24.00 in the bill that was posted
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a bipolar menteri and still contains limits on who can call and publish images over the police if they use images that publish with an intent to harm physically or mentally one of those offices on the cheek if somebody is found guilty of doing that they would then face a fine of $75000.00 euros or up to 5 days in jail so a pretty severe penalty for that but it wasn't just. article 24 that caused concern this law as it's been passed now gives police officers the right to film interventions that they make it is allows them to regulate the use of drones for the police to be able to monitor protest potentially and it allows officers to carry their weapons even when they are off duty some have described this move as essentially making throws a dysfunctional democracy. in simple terms this law will significantly restrict
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freedoms the use of drones during protests and things like that this is a disaster for democracy and freedom but i think security is as important as it is true but there are people who abuse it the harm is not for freedom itself people and not freedom cause harm. done and you need to think if there are other tools that would be more consistent with the principle of human freedom the right to protest is our rights spying on people and it's not just about concern on the streets here in france by u.n. panel of experts also raise concerns about this nor saying that it was incompatible with international human rights. the bill could lead to significant violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in particular the right to privacy and the right to freedom of expression so despite those continuous calls to scrap this bill
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it has been imposed on thursday by parliamentarians 75 eating for it 33 against it but human rights organizations say this isn't the end they say that they will continue to challenge this law when it now goes to france's constitutional court and it says that that last decision will be made as to whether this bill will become law. that is the news network who slogan makes the bold claim that it is the most trusted media outlet that after a c.n.n. directive was caught out in a sting operation the motto has come under question one quarter picks up the story . the most trusted name in news it's a title c.n.n. has long prided itself on maybe you buy it maybe you don't but what would you think if a network admin did to deliberately spreading propaganda well apparently they did i do you. believe that it was. i don't know that but
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again you are creating a story here we didn't know anything about it that's b.s. i think that he is the worst president we have ever seen but what president trump just said was undemocratic and false the president seems to think that dominating black people dominating peaceful protesters is law and order it's not he calls them thugs who's the thug here this guy is should not be president cnn's charlie chester's spilled the beans over a tender date he was enticed into by an undercover project veritas journalist and he claimed the channel long had a pre-determined agenda to get trump out of office one that flows from the top down from none other than c.n.n. president jeff zucker himself naturally trying to make joe biden out to be a spring chicken was the other side of the anti trump propaganda coin yeah i mean. we did it right but it was. shaking or whatever and
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we brought in like so many medical people so like all tell a story like this is all speculation you know you're shocked to hear john. mccain. you know. him in your savior she. hated me as a. young. tree. that sounds a lot like election meddling something c.n.n. has pointed the finger at russia for time and time again blaming on unverifiable claims from u.s. intelligence and its reputation as evidence the. in last year's elections the network claimed that moscow was trying to hurt joe biden's chances by spreading conspiracy theories about the now u.s. president i'm talking about russia attacking our election russia once again interfered in the race for the white house russia is indeed interfering in the 2020 election with a kind of
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a double standard it should come as no surprise that people's trust for c.n.n. is on the decline but we don't think that this is all the personal attacks just. makes this worse when you're caught red handed hiding the way you do business from your viewers that's one thing but accusing someone else for breaking the very rules you yourself were caught breaking well that's another it's a rinky dink 2 bit organization what do you want it's c.n.n. that scared defends immunized from any responsibility because nobody takes them seriously and as far as project very cause and james o'keefe god bless him but how many exposé these must be produced before something's done things done and nothing jeff zucker still there everybody still there but let me explain something to their ratings are plummeting who wants to watch c.n.n. if there's no trunk what do you do talk about what
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a great job biden's knowing what a great job camelot harris story i don't think so now me we can't believe what we're seeing and our country is in complete collapse with our borders being destroyed and being invaded daily with crime around with a sense of on nimby level distrust with with vaccine and efficacy vaccine malpractise with this anyway and years nothing for them to build up what are they going to do hey joe biden is doing a great job nobody thinks that where is by if you know where he is so. james york even project very tired may get their wish by virtue of the implosion that i believe c.n.n. is a valve then as we speak. now despite a curfew anger has boiled over again on the streets of minnesota for a 4th consecutive night as follows sunday's fatal shooting by police of dante
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wright overnight cars were torched shops were looted and rioters clashed with troops. i i. i i i i i i i. i i. i i. i. was protesters gathered in the city of brooklyn center where the killing took place they are demanding justice for the 20 year old who was shot after being pulled over in a traffic stop the officer who fired the shot came potus says she mistook a gun for a taser she's now been charged with manslaughter when protests were also saying see
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when dallas in portland where the police union building there was set on fire seems reminiscent of those in the wake of george floyd's death last year he was killed in nearby minneapolis 10 miles from brooklyn center sparking a way of nationwide protests he died when their show even placed his name on floyd snake shaven is charged with murder manslaughter and is his trial is coming into its 2nd week let's talk about events now in the united states with helen find this case she's a journalist and political commentator she joins us now and you very welcome thanks for coming on helen. we've seen 4 nights in a row now of high tension in minnesota and no sign of the situation easing it's all just wonder from your perspective what is the hope that something can be done here to calm the situation. well the whole thing with the riots and the protests and everything that seemed to come out almost choreographed a certain number of people just know when to meet up and where and obviously
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activists have their own networks and that's not in itself terribly suspicious or anything but it's just the ringback way that this chaos is basically pre-made and shipped out for anybody to do with what they will trying to cover up the fact that this is an asset stripping operation this is what we're creating with the virus and what's happening now with these riots the goal is to drive down property values so that 'd wall street officials at private equity firms large asset managers can scoop in and buy a property that bottom dollar and that's what we're seeing i mean we're seeing the housing market is somehow going through the roof that we have any money who's playing these houses so maybe a little more single simple far fetched but what's the evidence full of ahead of because i when you when we watched the pictures on the news certainly say the violence but then i've also heard commentators say that they've actually profited when this fall. and the argument so you that you know this follows in so you
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probably see redevelopment and people can pick up assets on the cheap but is that a coincidence or can actually prove that this is happening i mean i don't know what your definition of coincidences but like in new york back last summer when floyd protests were going on and there were these random pallets of bricks everywhere and everything to new york for its construction materials on the ground that that stuff will be gone in 5 people it will take and yet here it is just appearing in the in so holds iconic cast iron district where all these beautiful buildings go and all these beautiful buildings are part of an area that is getting in so many chains ok so i mean that's that's why and then in minneapolis kathy austin fitts who's a great economic minds there and she noticed that the place the borders of the area in green apples that was being wrecked happened to coincide. again with the very place that was being in there down on the ups and i don't remember the exact thing but it was it came up with
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a long long into the form the sheriff said it's like. they really got a little too obvious on that one but it does seem that there is a definite to their madness ok all that said how to know there is an awful lot of concern. about the actions of police blacked out worse miss it all seems to be bundled into what's happening but i mean from that perspective do you see that being solved any time soon because it just seems to be something that keeps repeating it seems to me that they've almost tried to make themselves more cartoonish in their violence of the police because they they need people to be angry they need people to come out into the streets and break things because they need people to be distracted if you have only the virus eventually people get tired and worn out of that because just one message over and over again americans don't have the biggest of attention spans but if you have if you constantly shifting between these atrocities whether it's police violence or high death numbers from the from the plague there or whatever other stuff happens they've been tried some
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of them just not not even they can hold them in the home or your point it's just kind of landed without a splash but on the idea is to constantly have different things that need to be afraid of because we keep this in a state of fear that will accept anything that people tell us is true even though it's clearly obviously false i mean there 'd are so many things are going to get into a room with a plan and it's the idea it's people scared people in their homes people watching television and 'd speaking to c.n.n. they're they were loving this is holding this phone right thing because it is rising and speaking them people too scared to go outside 'd and are they going to watch her the. kind where they would of course save a just reporting on the news. that was held in one escape journalist and political commentator there in new york thanks for coming on thanks for having me. now the un has expressed alarm over what it describes as the extraordinary levels of harm being inflicted on afghan civilians with the number killed or injured in
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the war against the taliban significantly higher than a year ago meanwhile joe biden has announced all u.s. and nato troops will be pulled out of afghanistan by mid september saying that they have been there for too long when according to the u.n. in the 1st 3 months of this year there were almost $81800.00 casualties that's up almost a 3rd compared to the same period last year the u.n. is particularly worried by the spike in women and children being killed and injured as for the u.s. troop exit this will happen months later in the day to greet by the taliban and former u.s. president donald trump and this is prompted the terrorist group to warn against extending the presence of american troops saying it will compound problems or former pentagon security analyst michael maloof is that neighboring countries will shoulder the burden of washington's poor lad. when really with u.s. troops it probably will be we might instead introduce private military contractors
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to try to preserve the kabul government which we created because taliban has made it very clear they don't want to talk to them they want to set up their own emirates in afghanistan but that isn't the half of it even though they only control a portion of afghanistan used to have other tribes the northern alliance for example the once a piece of the piece of the action and corruption run supreme's of the country could easily dissolve into a civil war for countries that will beast that will stand to lose the most will be those countries in the region with us pull out it really helped countries such as russia and china not to devote resources to try to keep the government working the problem is that they're going to have to deal with this now if the u.s. leaves altogether and that means in terms of the security aspects because of the terrorism threat al-qaeda is is growing in afghanistan as is isis and
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that would be a threat to the federation's own way and. i finally write screenplays demanding a boycott of a controversial new video game claiming it does normalize violence against muslims 6 days in fallujah is set during the bloodiest battle in the iraq war because stuff has more. more than 100 u.s. marines killed around 800 iraqi civilians 2 dead in bombings some short others incinerated to death this is the 2nd battle of fallujah reduced to stark statistics the bloodiest battle of the entire iraq war for american troops now made into a video game it was the bunkers they would build inside houses. you would go in the house would be your quien and then they would open up our new girl. from d.-day to the battle of stalingrad from vietnam all the way to her done and further back in history the video game industry is no stranger to projects based on real
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events but the developers of 6 a day in fallujah say their title is bigger than just a game it's a documentary there isn't a story. you know. there's not this is a this is a documentary with interactive sections of interest that the current for the game was. were taking as real and we were trying to. present them as a documentary were so here's a few documented facts about the battle tens of thousands of civilians that refused to leave the city a city deprived of power and water for days a city where the main hospitals entire medical stockpile was nothing more than bandages a city that dispelled the myth of america's precision targeting of insurgents as
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a single mortar shot was answered with a sure fire power across neighborhoods and last but not at all least the city that enjoyed the full brunt of the u.s. chemical weapons supply. as follows the residents were surprised with this video game contrary to the fact that the us army came as peace corps destruction and debris remain today there are still scars here from the prohibited weapons the presence of the u.s. army was a source of sorrow and agony to residents and the city's infrastructure if this video game is politicized it's underestimates the agony of the residents and the
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trauma of the city i'm against this video game as it shows the war in our city it's been a wrong policy to wage that war from the very start we want to boycott of the game and most of that we didn't believe that we passed the distress and the agony that the war brought to us now this video game shows the distress again the scars from the war are still seen in fallujah people are traumatized here we don't want to see kids and women killed again houses demolished would have minded boycotts of this video game. you already know what i'm getting at none of these events above apparently will make it into this documentary game developers want to keep atrocities free the reality of fallujah a place where people live their lives has been glossed over for the sake of a thrilling combat experience if you're going to call the game documentary video game in at the same time you want to be trusted you 3 then you're already
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misrepresenting these historical events because there are numerous atrocities only attempt that i'm aware actually count so that means that in solution please the figure between 4006000 that's something that needs to be addressed and to try to put straight atrocity 3 year are ready changing the story or it just or if you did . storing the story. with more than a 100 u.s. families suffering from losing their loved ones to the sands of iraq very sacrifice has every right to be perpetuated in a video game but with 8 times as many iraqis dead and countless more scarred for generations had by the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons their ordeal deserves at least not to be emitted from the story this is a commercial company and commercial companies don't care about anything other than profit so there is no ethics there is no t.v. if it has a right there which people want to buy well whether it is. absolute
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rubbish it resents the criminal behavior of american soldiers as here all week long versing rolls by portraying the victims as terrorists and criminals heroes it's immoral treating of tragedy of the victims as a game is totally alex and encouraging by only relations of international law by killing civilians which is contrary to geneva convention really makes one wonders why this game is being made just approaching half past 7 here in the evening in moscow so that brings you up to date and world is looking so far today when our international have the headlines and more stories in 30 minutes .
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psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients. they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term and mostly disastrous suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines ending up to something wonderful very often. it up to something terrible. trying to medicate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared i was a scared little girl of 24 and like. the didn't have to be so complicated.


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