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no dares thinks. we dare to ask him. breaking news here on r.t. international russia vows washington will pay the price for harming relations between saying that after the u.s. announced $10.00 russian diplomatic personnel are being expelled from the country while yet more sanctions are being slapped on moscow for election meddling also to come this hour here in our t.v. french parliament passes a controversial bill on global security something which had already angered human
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rights groups who fear it threatens efforts to call out police abuse and. a 4th night of unrest in minnesota where anger is still raging over the latest fatal shooting of a black man by police and a c.n.n. director's call on admitting his channel's bread's propaganda despite the network slogan that it is the most trusted media. good afternoon welcome it's just gone 4 o'clock here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. international well let's start without breaking news there because the russian foreign ministry says that washington has the full responsibility for harming relations with moscow the white house announced his expelling 10 individuals from
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the russian diplomatic mission in the united states as part of a new sanctions slapped on russia for harmful foreign activity so let's get more details and speak with jackie to get our correspondents in our studio good afternoon jackie just run through then the sanctions that have been made russia's reaction and why these sanctions were imposed in the 1st place there's quite a lot to unpack here we just got all this coming out from the white house these things sions were expected there's been reports that they're going to be coming down but now the f. . i have i have 4 pages of a fact sheet going through everything that was in it is actually to form in executive order coming from president biden he wrote an individual letter about his executive order and in the executive order itself is 5 pages long detailing all of these sanctions that are being sent down and in his letter about the executive order he actually said that he was declaring and national emergency with respect to what he called the unusual and extraordinary threat posed to national security by
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the russian government so if we look at the actual sanctions themselves there's just about everything but the kitchen sink in here as you already mentioned there's these 10 personnel from the russian mission in washington d.c. that by administration has said includes representatives of russian intelligence services so they're to be expelled apart from that we have the u.s. treasury targeting a number of russian financial institutions along with what they said were 6 russian technology companies that they say provided support to russian intelligence services in their cyber program facilitating malicious cyber attacks so it's not all the details were given there but all this has been thrown up in that fact sheet election meddling was of course not left out to no one surprise $32.00 entities and individuals quote carrying out russian government directed at times to influence the 2020 u.s. presidential election and other acts of disinformation and interference were also sanction in this executive order now this all comes at the same time at the
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beginning of this fact there was a very interesting tidbit where it says that the bottom in ministration has been clear that the united states is going to be taking a tougher stance when it comes to russia but at the same time it said that they desire a relationship with russia that is stable and predictable and that we do not think we need to continue on a negative trajectory however we also see it as being clear that they have to defend our national interest so there's this sort of. 2 sided thing here that we want to have a good relationship with russia we want to be able to open dialogue and talk to them but also here is the whole barrage of sanctions coming out again now before these have come out even the kremlin spoke 6. dmitri peskov had said that any new sanctions would of course be making it more difficult to have good relations and at this point the u.s. ambassador has already been called to the russian foreign ministry and it said that a very difficult conversation will be had with them russia's are also said that
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they're of course going to be reacting to all of these sanctions saying that washington is going to have to pay for the degradation of relations that is going to be the effect of these sanctions now one of the biggest things that was in this executive order was focused around the cyber attack the software called solar winds which most people remember that happened last year and it gave cyber criminals access to thousands and thousands of government and private company networks and at that point last year the u.s. government had said that they suspected russia was behind the attack but that the investigation was still ongoing in this executive order they have officially pointed the finger at russian intelligence services but once again the evidence as to why is not there and once again it's one of those highly likely we're significantly sure that our intelligence services have come to the right conclusion
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that russia was behind this attack but not putting forward any of that evidence that russia has been asking for as they denied being behind this attack now all this comes just 2 days after biden and president putin actually spoke by phone and they had addressed a lot of international issues including tensions in ukraine cyber attacks election meddling and at the time biden put forward the idea that the 2 leaders could meet for a summit in some 3rd country. someone did confirm that this was put forward but once again this is going to make that even more difficult the idea of those 2 leaders coming together and being able to have a calm and productive conversation it's not clear how that's going to happen when things like this keep turning up. and see exactly how the kremlin might retaliate thanks jack it was our jackie. ok will police i can talk now with gilbert doctorow he's an independent political analyst and across the story for us to. here is we
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appreciate your time again gilbert thanks for coming back on firstly i know these sanctions are being presented in the media is you know sweeping sanctions severe sanctions is that your view of them and do you think they'll have the desired effect. in notions of the very little or was she moves. a little surgeon's ruge to russian arms. or the. requirement that u.s. investors not invest in the primary issue of the russians to forge but there was a lot of sound and fury on this isn't joe. biden illustration of the type of political offices who surrounded him there are talks 1st and then do. the. different
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approach of the russian search will be interesting to see how these 2 different approaches. the russian side 1st. so these 2 sides and talk recently have an interest in the phone call recently an american is saying they want to stable relationship with russia is that possible when just days later you then an answer will be sanctions against the very country that you are trying to establish these relations with. the assumption is that stable relations means good relations so i think that's where she says something i think that the people who put up the sanctions were present one of the war of 2 warring silence within the biden of ministration people like a lot of victoria moved the political advisors to buy into war right back wall exile on the on the from their throat is a stable relationship is the american me of the russian that. it's their want to
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everything that we saw in the sanction list today conforms to that approach or it is to the of my russian it is to. russia or the junkie tale of all kinds of misdeeds which are unproven and which are which the united states has no intention to prove because they were dreamed up by. or the people within the state within the executive branch who are of the intellectual level of of college sophomores they don't have a clue about life in general but they dream up very nice narratives and these accusations against us it were unprovable because they have no foundation they're simply intended to deal with my russia and the central russia is a pariah state in the world i do not succeed my on that point you say they won't
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succeed so how do you think russia will react then. i think it's going back to what i said a moment ago i don't think that russia is going to be actively barrage of verbal aggression in small states to match the united states is just going to i think that russia will speak with skloot just as we have conflicting interpretations of what washington is doing because sloshes right now is in a war with itself how do you go we saw biden make this indication to to president putin for slums that clearly in the financial times today there are also there article doing with this pointed out what is our gives. them to car understood what the russians have drawn a line in the sand and there is one that they have you know certainly if greater force of will an honest part of the ukrainian border than anything that needle consumption is there for the pentagon clearly advised biden to go easy
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then we have the reaction of the other faction within the boat with instruction as i said the warriors the ignorant warriors of people liked by the jury of those who got there even their sport even today by pushing the president to sign an executive order which destroys any goodwill that yesterday's conversation with google may have may have generated. yeah ok well we haven't had any reaction yet substantial reaction from the kremlin of course they've given a response to say that they will retaliate we're still waiting to see exactly how they will see that i go but we'll leave it there was good to tell you that was good but not right independent political analyst. now controversial global security bill has been passed by the french parliament it grants additional powers to law enforcement bodies but has faced widespread criticism for making it harder to call out to police
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a piece let's get more on this now and cross live to paris and speak with a. covers from the mash other dubinsky good afternoon again t. charlotte just run through then what was passed in parliament today we should also note the word some amendments made to this bill. that's why there was rounded criticism of this bill when it was presented a year ago not just from the left from human rights organizations and also journalists who says well concerned about elements contained in this global security bill now one of the most controversial elements was oh it's a cool 24 we've discussed this many times and the feelings about this is that it would contain you issues in the ability of the press to do their job when it came to distributing images of police offices as a result of that controversy and the widespread protests we saw here in votes the government said it was going to completely revise this particular article let's
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take a reminder over the protests against article 24. well the government said it was 3 writing that article completely but as it's been posted a there are elements that still are being criticized by many article $24.00 in the bill that was posted a bipolar man terrance still contains limits on who can and call and publish images
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all of the police if they see images. published with an intent to harm physically mentally one of those offices on duty if somebody is found guilty of doing that they would then face a fine of $75000.00 euros or up to 5 years in jail so a pretty severe penalty for that but it wasn't just article 24 that caused concern this snow as it's been passed now gives police officers the right to film interventions that they make it allows them to regulate the use of drones for the police to be able to monitor protests potentially and it allows officers to carry their weapons even when they are off duty some have described this move as essentially making throws a dysfunctional democracy. but in simple terms this law will significantly restrict freedoms the use of drugs during protests and things like
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that this is a disaster for democracy and freedom but i think to security at least as importantly. there are people who abuse it the harm is not for freedom itself and not free demo to harm the continent to think if there are other 200 more consistent with the principles of the right to protest as our right why spy on people. and it's not just about concern on the streets here in france a u.n. panel of experts also raise concerns about this nor saying that it was incompatible with international human rights. the bill could lead to significant violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in particular the right to privacy and the right to freedom of expression. so despite those continuous calls to scrap this bill it has been imposed on thursday by parliamentarians 70 full.
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i've been waiting for it $33.00 against it but human rights organizations say this isn't the end they say that they will continue to challenge this law when it now goes to france's constitutional court and it's that last decision will be made as to whether this bill will become law or no it's. ok thank you charlotte was our to be there reporting from paris. ok well let's go over to the united states now because despite a curfew anger has boiled over again on the streets of minnesota for a 4th consecutive night it does follow sunday's fatal shooting by police of dante right overnight cars with top shops looted rioters clashed with troops. i.
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was i. was. was the protesters gathered in the city of brooklyn center where the killings took place they are demanding justice for the 20 year old who was shot after being pulled over in a routine traffic stop the officer who fired the shot came porter says that she mistook the gun for a taser she's not been charged with manslaughter protests are also seen in dallas important to where the police seemed building there was session fire and scenes reminiscent of those in the wake of george floyd's death last year he was killed in nearby minneapolis 10 miles from brooklyn center sparking a wave of nationwide protests he died when office at their chosen place his name on
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floyd's neck trival is charged with murder and manslaughter and his trial is currently into its 2nd week radio host why do you pray you have served as a board member of the national diversity coalition for donald trump believes it's vital to rebuild trust between police and minority communities. tensions are so diode to the left and right the people that are getting hurt are in the middle what's happening right now it's not going to stop it's going to get worse because the leadership around many places is weak there is a lack of trust on both sides of the aisle. and when i mean both sides i know there's a lack of trust with within the police community about what's going on within the minority community and then there's a lack of trust within the minority community about what the police are doing because of what they see projected on our media every day there has to be
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a concerted effort from both sides of leadership leadership of people that everybody can trust to sit down and work out proven solutions and and take it all types of suggestions and try to work out something and bring the trust back between law enforcement and the communities. that is the news network a slogan makes the bubble claim that the vets that the most trusted media outlets but after a c.n.n. directed was caught in a sting operation has come and the question don't cota picks up the story. the most trusted name in news it's a title c.n.n. has long prided itself on maybe you buy it maybe you don't but what would you think if the network admin did to deliberately spreading propaganda well apparently they did i do. believe that it was.
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true but again you are reading stories we didn't know anything about. that's b.s. i think that he is the worst president we have ever seen but what president trump just said was undemocratic and false the president seems to think that dominating black people dominating peaceful protesters is law and order it's not he calls them thugs who's the thug here this guy is should not be president cnn's charlie chester's spilled the beans over a tender date he was enticed into by an undercover project veritas journalist and he claimed the channel long had a pre-determined agenda to get trump out of office one that flows from the top down from none other than c.n.n. president jeff zucker himself naturally trying to make joe biden out to be a spring chicken was the other side of the anti trump propaganda calling yeah i mean really we did it right but there was. a noise and
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shaking or whatever and he brought in like so many medical people so like all tell a story like this is all speculation you know you're shocked to hear john. mccain. you know. him and aviator she. hates him is a. young period. that sounds a lot like election meddling something c.n.n. has pointed the finger at russia for time and time again blaming on unverifiable claims from u.s. intelligence and its reputation as evidence the. in last year's elections the network claimed that moscow was trying to hurt joe biden's chances by spreading conspiracy theories about the now u.s. president i'm talking about russia attacking our election russia once again interfered in the race for the white house russia is indeed interfering in the 2020 election with that kind of a double standard it should come as no surprise that people's trust for c.n.n.
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is on the decline but we don't think that this is all the personal attacks just. makes this worse when you're caught red handed hiding the way you do business from your viewers that's one thing but accusing someone else for breaking the very rules you yourself were caught breaking well that's another it's a rinky dink 2 bit organization what do you want it c.n.n. that scare defends immunised from any responsibility because nobody takes them seriously and as far as project very close and james o'keefe god bless him but how many exposé x'mas he produced before something's done things done nothing jeff zucker still there everybody still there but let me explain something their ratings are plummeting who wants to watch c.n.n. if there is no trump what do you do talk about what a great job by knowing what
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a great job camelot harris story i don't think so now me we can't believe what we're seeing and our country is in complete collapse with our borders being destroyed and being invaded gaily with crime around with a sense of on and believe a bull distrust with with vaccine in efficacy vaccine malpractise with this anyway and years nothing for them to build up what are they going to do hey joe biden is doing a great job nobody thinks that where is by you know where he is so. james your given project very may get their wish by virtue of the implosion that i believe c.n.n. is involved in as we speak. like a lesser return to our breaking news this hour because the russian foreign ministry says that washington bears full responsibility for harming relations with moscow
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after the white house said it was expelling diplomatic staff and imposing a wave of new sanctions the russian foreign ministry said that moscow would retaliate i thought there. such aggressive behavior will undoubtedly meet fam resistance a response to the sanctions will be inevitable washington has to understand that there will be a price for the degradation of bilateral relations and it is the us that is entirely responsible for what is happening which i would also like to say that the u.s. investor has been summoned to the russian foreign ministry. or turned diplomatic staff are being ordered to leave the country 32 entities and individuals are being sanctioned for alleged meddling in the 2020 alexion and additionally a number of russian financial institutions and 6 russian technology companies have also been targeted for alleged cyber attacks the white house says that all these measures are aimed at deterring harmful foreign activities.
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rights group is demanding a boycott of a controversial new video game claiming that it does normalize violence against muslims 6 days in fallujah is set during the bloodiest battle in the iraq war you can start off has this report. more than 100 u.s. marines killed around 800 iraqi civilians 2 dead in bombings some short others incinerated to death this is the 2nd battle of fallujah reduced to stark statistics the bloodiest battle of the entire iraq war for american troops now made into a video game it was the bunkers they would build inside houses. you would go in the house would be your quien and then they would open up on you your or. from d.-day to the battle of stalingrad from viet nam all the way to are done and further back in history the video game industry is no stranger to projects based on
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real events but the developers of 6 day in fallujah say their title is bigger than just a game it's a documentary there isn't a campaign with a story. you know. there's not this is a this is a documentary with interactive sections of interest. the current for the game was. we're taking this as real and we were trying to. present them as a documentary were so here's a few documented facts about the battle tens of thousands of civilians that refused to leave the city a city deprived of power and water for days a city where the main hospitals entire medical stockpile was nothing more than bandages a city that dispelled the myth of america's precision targeting of insurgents as
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a single mortar shot was answered with a sure fire power across neighborhoods and last but not at all least the city that enjoyed the full brunt of the u.s. chemical weapons supply. as follows the residents were surprised with this video game contrary to the fact that the us army came as a peace corps destruction and did remain today there are still scars here from the prohibited weapons the presence of the u.s. army was a source of sorrow and a guinea to residents and the city's infrastructure fellow lodger this video game is politicized it's underestimates the agony of the residents and the trauma of the
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city i'm against this video game as it shows the war in our city it's been a wrong policy to wage that war from the very start we want to boycott of the game but i'm not so big we didn't believe that we passed the distress and the agony that the war brought to us this video game shows the distress again the scars from the war are still seen in fallujah people are traumatized here we don't want to see kids and women killed again houses demolished would have minded boycotts of this video game. you already know what i'm getting at none of these events above apparently will make it into this documentary game developers want to keep it atrocities free the reality of fallujah a place where people live their lives has been glossed over for the sake of a thrilling combat experience if you're going to call the game a documentary video game in at the same time you want to be trusted you 3 then you're already misrepresenting these historical events because there are numerous
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atrocities only attempts that i'm aware actually count so that means that in solution at least the figure between 4006000 that's something that needs to be addressed and to try to portray it atrocity 3 year are ready changing the story here is just story that you did. storing the story. more than a 100 u.s. families suffering from losing their loved ones to the sons of iraq their sacrifice has every right to be perpetuated in a video game but with 8 times as many iraqis dead and countless more scarred for generations had by the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons their ordeal deserves at least not to be emitted from the story this is a commercial company and commercial companies don't care of are doing anything other than profit so there is no ethics there is no t.v. if it has a product which people want to buy well whether it is. absolute
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rubbish it resents the criminal behavior of american soldiers as here all week long versing are olds by training new victims as terrorists must incrementals heroes it's immoral treaty of tragedy of the victim as a game is totally unacceptable and encouraging by only relations of international law by killing civilians which is contrary to the geneva convention this really makes one wonders why it is getting it's been many just gone hard past 4 in the afternoon here in moscow good to have you company don't forget we got a website full of stories and you can find out r.t. dot com. the financial front today was.


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