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lead. there's been a fortnight of unrest in minnesota where anger over the killing of. police shows no sign of letting. go is that it is the most trusted media outlet but it's secretly film revelations bias in a new director called the network's slogan into question. french citizens
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are getting an unfair share of the country's vaccine supply something sation being president by more than 100 as we hear from one of them. only 4 percent of the party. should receive 2 doses of the vaccine is not enough especially compared to the rest of the country. and a new video game inspired by the iraq war bloodiest battle sparks outrage with critics saying that it normalizes violence against muslims. very good morning get here bring you details of what's happening in the world it's r.t. international. there's been a fortnight of violent unrest in the u.s. state of minnesota where despite a curfew people again took to the streets to condemn the police killing of dante
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right the anger boiled over with cars burned shops looted and rioters clashing with armed troops. protesters gathered in the brooklyn center area calling for justice for the 20 year old who was shot after being pulled over in a traffic stop on sunday the officer in question who pulled the trigger kim potter says she mistook a gun for a taser she's since been charged with manslaughter protests also occurred in dallas
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in portland where the police union building was set on fire in scenes reminiscent of the chaos that ensued following george floyd's death last year in nearby minneapolis brooklyn center is just 10 miles from minneapolis where floyd was killed at the hands of police sparking a wave of nationwide protests he died when officer derek shove and placed his knee on floyd's neck. which have been charged with murder manslaughter his trial is currently into its 2nd week radio host wayne do pre says that the unrest will not be ending anytime soon. what's happening right now is not going to stop it's going to get worse because the league leadership around many places is weak this is something that the democrats have said that they can handle and i don't think they can handle it because. they have allowed things to go on like this in minnesota before in portland. in atlanta they've allowed this to happen claiming we're iranis are 1st amendment rights i would say honestly from
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a logical and confidence point of view or would say that the leaders of the communities should get together with the leaders of the state and local government sit down in in the skies solution. is the news network a slogan makes the bold claim it's the most trusted made but after c.n.n. director was caught up in a sting operation questions have been raised if that is really the case auntie's don't call to pick up the story. the most trusted name in news it's a title c.n.n. has long prided itself on maybe you buy it maybe you don't but what would you think if a network admin did to deliberately spreading propaganda well apparently they did i do you. believe that it was received i don't know that but again you are reading stories that we didn't know anything about. that's b.s.
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i think that he is the worst president we have ever seen but what president trump just said was undemocratic and false the president seems to think that dominating black people dominating peaceful protesters is law and order it's not he calls them thugs who's the thug here this guy is should not be president cnn's charlie chester's spilled the beans over a tender date he was enticed into by an undercover project veritas journalist he claimed the channel long had a pre-determined agenda to get trump out of office one that flows from the top down from none other than c.n.n. president jeff zucker himself naturally trying to make joe biden out to be a spring chicken was the other side of the anti trump propaganda coin yeah i mean like we did it right but it was. shaking or whatever and we brought in like so many medical people so like all tell
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a story like this is all speculation you know you're shocked to hear john. that i'm healthy you know by. him and you save years she. hated me as a. young hearing. that sounds a lot like election meddling something c.n.n. has pointed the finger at russia for time and time again blaming on unverifiable claims from u.s. intelligence and its reputation as evidence the. in last year's elections the network claimed that moscow was trying to hurt joe biden's chances by spreading conspiracy theories about the now u.s. president i'm talking about russia tacking our election russia once again interfered in the race for the white house russia is indeed interfering in the 2020 election with that kind of a double standard it should come as no surprise that people's trust for c.n.n. is on the decline but we don't think that this is all the personal. makes this
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worse when you're caught red handed hiding the way you do business from your viewers that's one thing but accusing someone else for breaking the very rules you yourself were caught breaking well that's another it's a rinky dink 2 bit organization what do you want it c.n.n. that scare defends immunised from any responsibility because nobody takes them seriously and as far as project very ties and james o'keefe god bless him but how many exposé these must be produced before something's done things done nothing jeff zucker still there everybody still there but let me explain something their ratings are plummeting who wants to watch c.n.n. if there's no trunk what do you do talk about what a great job biden is knowing what a great job camelot harris story i don't think so now me we can't believe what
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we're seeing and our country is in complete collapse with our borders being destroyed and being invaded daily with crime around and with a sense of believe a bull distrust with with vaccine and efficacy vaccine malpractise with this anyway and there's nothing for them to do build up what are they going to do hey joe biden is doing a great job nobody thinks that where is by if you know where he is so. james york even project very doubt may get their wish by virtue of the implosion that i believe c.n.n. is involved in as we speak or we have made contact with c.n.n. for comment on the story we await their response. moving on nearly one and a half 1000000 french citizens are being treated unfairly with not enough vaccines to go around the allegation being leveled at president macro's door in an open
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letter that was signed by more than 100 nair's from the paddock region one of the signatories demonstrable told us why people in his part of the country feel that they are being mistreated. only 4 percent of the particle you population received 2 doses of the vaccine this is not enough especially compared to the rest of the country what's more i want to remind you that the lockdown was reintroduced in our region 2 weeks earlier than elsewhere because the situation was very tough and even though the incidence rate in part the color is over $400.00 per 100000 inhabitants. the latest data shows 16 and a half percent of french citizens of currently receive one shot of the job less than 6 percent are fully vaccinated the authorities are aiming to get $30000000.00 people inoculated by the summer is may again he says the biggest problem now is the shortage of jobs. the president has been saying we have to
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accelerate the vaccination rate that we are actually at war with the virus and the crusade or mass vaccination campaign is better to be started now i'm sorry i chose such a comparison but we just need vaccines and then we will all be protected health care workers who work with i was ok all the volunteers they are all on standby now missing the most important thing. in the meantime france says it will push on with using its supplies of the johnson and johnson vaccine as planned but despite the firm halting shipments to europe after the u.s. suspended use of its job over blood clot concerns we asked people in france what they think. a vaccine that was burned was then put back on the market so today we don't know what to believe of course people are afraid. of that cliff we want to trust our government because they have the power there to make their decisions i would also like to say that i prefer to get the vaccine later we want
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to believe the thing if but we must be careful i think of exxon if a vaccine can cause blood clots we should put the brakes on and study it more and not just use the general population is a guinea pigs. out there if they've found direct queens to this problem so i think that it's risky it's like astra zeneca too said to parents in the research i don't know with the blood clot worries casting a shadow over 2 major vaccines another player looks poised to corner the market versus a secured $50000000.00 additional doses of pfizer beyond takes job but future orders could prove more expensive in march company has indicated a possible hike in prices post pandemic we spoke to german m.p. martin dolls who says profits are being prioritized over health. you can see the dollar bills on the ice and if you see the. president of the biotech company you
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can see clearly though he's looking for profit and he's not looking for health and i think in the pandemic all organizations 'd should work together so i see this playing with the health of the people by raising prices and so will of course poorer countries will not be able to create compare for example to the price of the sputnik you know of the scene if you can't go to the open tanks of the cuban vaccine then you can see they just earned nearly double the price when you see that the european commission already decided to buy the vaccine anyway doesn't matter what it costs them that can be kind of more local you know this motley situation dangerous. new video game is sparked controversy in the u.s. with a muslim civil rights an advocacy group calling for it to be de platform school 6
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days a fully jewish set during the iraq wars bloodiest battle and it's accused of normalizing violence against muslims in america and around the world the details his r.t. think is done. more than 100 u.s. marines killed around 800 iraqi civilians 2 dead in bombings some short others incinerated to death this is the 2nd battle of fallujah reduced to stark statistics the bloodiest battle of the entire iraq war for american troops now made into a video game it was the bunkers they would build inside houses. you would go in the house would be your quien and then they would open up on you your or. from d.-day to the battle of stalingrad from vietnam all the way to her done and further back in history the video game industry is no stranger to projects based on real events but the developers of 6
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a day in fallujah say their title is bigger than just a game it's a documentary there isn't a story. you know. there's not this is a this is a documentary with interactive sections interest. the code name for the game was. we're taking this as real and we were trying to. present them as a documentary were so here's a few documented facts about the battle tens of thousands of civilians that refused to leave the city a city deprived of power and water for days a city where the main hospitals entire medical stockpile was nothing more than bandages a city that dispelled the myth of america's precision targeting of insurgents as a single mortar shot was answered with
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a show of fire power across neighborhoods and last but not at all least the city that enjoyed the full brunt of the u.s. chemical weapons supply. as follows the residents were surprised with this video game contrary to the fact that the us army came as peace corps destruction and debris remain today there are still scars here from the prohibited weapons the presence of the u.s. army was a source of sorrow and agony to residents and the city's infrastructure. this video game is politicized it's underestimates the agony of the residents and the trauma of the city i'm against this video game as it shows the war in our city it's been
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a wrong policy to wage that war from the very start we want to boycott of the game so that we didn't believe that we passed the distress and the agony that the war brought to us now this video game shows the distress again the scars from the war are still seen here in fallujah people are traumatized here we don't want to see kids and women killed again houses demolished we demanded boycotts of this video game. you already know what i'm getting at none of these events above apparently will make it into this documentary game the developers want to keep atrocities free the reality of flew ger a place where people live their lives has been glossed over for the sake of a thrilling combat experience if you're going to call the game a documentary video game in at the same time you want to be a trustee free then you're already misrepresenting these historical events because there are numerous atrocities only attempt that i'm aware of to actually count
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civilian dead in solution please the figure between 4006000 that's something that needs to be addressed in the tragically tree it atrocity 3 year are ready changing the story or it just story that you're distorting the story with more than a 100 us families suffering from losing their loved ones to the sands of iraq their sacrifice has every right to be perpetrated in a video game but with 8 times as many iraqis dead and countless more scarred for generations they had by the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons and their ordeal deserves at least not to be emitted from the story this is a commercial company and commercial companies don't care about anything other than profit so there is no ethics there is no wall ality if it has a product which people want to buy well whether they are stagnant it is and so this is an absolute rubbish it resents the criminal behavior of american
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soldiers as here all week and own personal rolls by trading the victims as terrorists and criminals heroes it's immoral treating. of tragedy of the victim as a game is not the only earl except the war and encouraging bêlit of a relations of international law by killing civilians which is contrary to genie look and bullshit really makes one wonders why it is going is beneath. the un as expressed alarm over what it describes as the extraordinary levels of harm being inflicted on afghan civilians the number killed or injured in the war against the taliban significantly higher than it was a year ago meanwhile joe biden has just announced that all u.s. and nato troops will be pulled out of afghanistan by mid september adding that they've been in the country too long according to the un in the 1st 3 months of the
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year there were almost $1800.00 casualties that's an almost 30 percent increase compared with the same period last year the us particularly worried by the spike in women and children being killed and injured as for the u.s. troop exit this is now shades of months later than the date that was agreed by the taliban and former president donald trump and it's prompted the terrorist group to warn against extending the presence of u.s. troops saying that that would compound problems a former pentagon security analyst michael maloof says that neighboring nations will shoulder the burden of washington's pull out. when really with u.s. troops it probably will be we might instead introduce private military contractors to try to preserve the kabul government which we created because taliban has made it very clear they don't want to talk to them they want to set up their own emirates in afghanistan but that is the half of it even though they only control a portion of afghanistan used to have other tribes the northern alliance for
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example the once a piece of the piece of the action and corruption runs supreme's up the country could easily dissolve into a civil war for countries that will be east that will stand to lose the most will be those countries in the region with us pull out it really helped countries such as russia and china not to the vote resources to try to keep that government working the problem is that they're going to have to deal with this now if the u.s. leaves altogether and that means in terms of the security aspects because of the terrorism threat al-qaeda is is growing in afghanistan as is isis and that would be a threat to the federation's homeland. so coming up for you facebook plans to significantly extend powers of its supervisory ability people will be able to request of content they consider harmful removed hopefully that story of all of the front of.
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the world is driven by generous. person or those. who dares thinks. we did hear him to ask. seemed wrong. just all. to see power. outage. and in detroit. the trail.
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went on to find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back russia sport if the vaccine is getting even more traction in the fight against the pandemic serbia's become the 1st european country to launch production of the job on the deal to manufacture the vaccine was struck last month with service institute like the nation with the russian job in the country began months ago the russian vaccine against covert nineteen's already been authorized in 60 countries has been given to the population of over $3000000000.00 the efficacy of the 2 components inoculations above 91 percent the institute to develop the drug
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has confirmed that unlike with some other vaccines there's been no cases of blood clots. facebook and instagram users who feel that harmful contents been wrongly allowed to remain online will be able to appeal to have it removed the platform's independent oversight board announced tuesday it will now start accepting such requests. enabling users to appeal constantly want to see removed from facebook is a significant expansion of the oversight board's capabilities we expect everyone on facebook and instagram to be able to build confidence left up over the governor weeks the most significant it broadens the powers of the supervisory body before that it could only ask facebook to reinstate content the latest move comes after the social media giant face pressure including from congress to act on misinformation and abusive content in particular during the pandemic the 2020 us elections and after the january 6 capitol hill riot this isn't sparked criticism
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online like is ations that facebook was just trying to evade responsibility. overside boyd you are a non biting entity whose only purpose is to deflect blame for facebook's shameful policy sense of you lack of moderation in exchange for a 6 figure salary wow facebook instagram literally has a propaganda censorship board crypted i'm in the process of assembling an oversight board to handle my business affairs in the future i cannot be sued or held responsible for anything because the board authorized that everyone should have an oversight board well facebook itself is sort of acting like a government i mean and in ways that rich or more powerful than many world governments it appears to me that they want to put a layer between themselves the company facebook mark zuckerberg is company and the censorship and the content so they can have this this this board if you will that they've sort of said is independence from them make the decisions for them it
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protects them in a lot of ways from them seeming like they are the ones censor ain't they're the ones if you're late in content and what people see and do the way they're attempting to get around this is by saying that this commission this board whatever they want to call it is completely independent but we have yet to see how exactly independent we don't really know who's on it how they were appointed and how close they are with facebook as a company. the swedish government is facing criticism for a bill supposed to ban polygamist marriages carried out abroad critics say it's not tough enough and that it allows for exceptions in special but unspecified cases the government is therefore proposing a new main rule that no foreign polygamy should be recognized in sweden exceptions to the prohibition shall be possible only if there are exceptional reasons. and polygamy is forbidden under swedish law but at the same time multipart the
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marriages are recognized if they are conducted overseas the issue though is been repeatedly race since the outbreak of the refugee crisis some families arriving from the middle east have included most people wives earlier my colleague andrew farmer hosted a debate on the new bill. the policy that's been introduced i get is part of a culture of demonization of muslims and islam across europe that we see in particularly some of those candidate big countries the lurch to the right this is not about polygamy it's about a handful of people who might partake in that practice this is a power wider context in which it's time a for be a demonization of muslim is because the mainstream i am against the whole notion of a multicultural society and what's sway them and large parts of europe have done in the last many decades is introducing way to life cultures way
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how you view women religious opinions that do not mix and should not mix with the swedish or for that matter european way or lots of the problem with swedish social democratic government is that they always leave the door open 'd for misuse of the law which this exception might very well be can i just come in there just quickly give an example of why this exception is put food on the basis that my concern coming to sweden and for example maybe many children is one husband one father and he says look i've got saying why you split up the family where you potentially if you don't have an exception in that doesn't matter in my case because we cannot adapt our society is to the way of the people coming here it must obviously be the other way around that's what you do you take the custom to where you go i mean that's what you do you move to a country and then you adapt to the country i mean where do you start with that i
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mean people like kent and his ideology will be very happy not to have any refugees or any people in the slums within europe back to reality they're just not brave enough to say it i think the vast majority of muslims who called to europe who are poor. and in europe have i way he. contributes m b impala beauty society i think that's something to celebrate not to denigrate the politics of division the politics of the far right which we read in the student of you is on the way down across europe. but you're right that today thanks accompany her return with more and hoffa now.
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the industry prefers to spend millions of you know the. daily conditions will be seen as he's all about making money making profits in some of the corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of printing diseases in every community into snoop due to new viruses own new microbes just not true so it is due to environment. not going to say either the moment of disability or the sort of must really be a security it could only come in to be seen to. deflect inside the skull if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something in history except that we have regulation we want
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regulation i was an industry belief we don't behave any aspinall to last time. this is a boom bust so one business show you can't afford to miss in washington coming up the big coin rally rages on as its price has been driven even higher by the wall street debut of straight ahead we break down the price spike and what the listing means for the pin tech sector lost in the wake of china's crackdown on ali baba the nation is issuing a warning to its other major tech firms they have to we'll take a look at china's latest moves and the reasons behind the nation's pressure play and later in a year of coping 19 economic uncertainty that seems millions of workers lose their
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jobs well see.


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