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you sit down and. the. 3rd. block. did by police across the country are again calling for forces to be defunded. page leaving local businesses fearing the worst. also ahead on the program muslims in france accuse the state of trying to control all aspects of their lives from their choice of. separatism in the country. and claims to be the most
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trusted media but the revelations from c.n.n. executive call. to question. every you're tuning in from across the world welcome to international and in the news. the minnesota police officer who fatally shot a black man on sunday is to be charged with manslaughter it follows 3 days of protests on the streets of brooklyn center of the city where the shooting occurred demonstrators have been calling for justice for adult a right he was shot when attempting to flee being stopped for a traffic violation what started out peaceful protests ended in looting clashes with police. tear gas being fired protests riots single 2 in portland
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where the police union building was set on fire amid the on wrist people in dallas also rallied some of the protesters were seen brandishing rifles a main section of the crowd marched on the streets chanting police brutality slogans the scenes in the aftermath of wright's death were reminiscent of the chaos that followed george floyd's day in minneapolis. i. think.
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this is really the land of freedom. we're not going to. think of my god i don't get me. it looks like it's happening again the killing of dante wright was shot by a police officer has sparked a new wave of protests anger is boiling over stores are being looted but this time some store owners are saying they're not ready to just be victims their arms to the teeth again peaceful protest to express yourself we fully support that. but the ravaging our businesses the looting of our stores. the destruction to our pharmacies we cannot tolerate that just like last summer calls to defund the police or getting support from politicians an accidental discharge that kills someone has
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another name manslaughter we don't need police with lethal weapons carrying out routine traffic stops re allocate police funding to traffic forces to remove even the possibility of state sanctioned manslaughter it wasn't an accident policing in our country is inherently and intentionally racist done to right was met with aggression and violence i'm done with those who condone government funded murder. no more policing incarceration and military zation it can't be reformed the police are once again the target of concentrated rage from black lives matter and its allies people are misperceiving this as an organic uprising against a legitimate anger against the police when what it is is i think organisations such as b.l.m. and. exploiting the situations that arise slapping their narrative on
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it and then attacking the police for it they want to try to make some concessions and say ok we can use some reform or we're going basically what it is if people want the police to get you know better training and to you know what you know and that that sort of thing that makes sense to me but to just come up with a false narrative that's not backed by any evidence at all and then to say oh they need to reform that just goes a step too far if they can show the evidence that we need to reform now anecdotal situations that they're manipulating into something the police did wrong then you know we're up for it but to try to just come with these false narrative and try to exploit them to you know is a choir's i federalize the local police departments or to you know put it at a disadvantage in facing criminals you know we're just not not going to go for that the reputation of law enforcement is once again in the spotlight with the unrest now growing many wonder how much of the community will get destroyed in the coming
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outrage and analysts wave of protests and looting sparked by the very same people expected to defend u.s. citizens caleb r.t. new york. well ahead of a 3rd day of protests businesses were boarded up in minneapolis previous nights also saw numerous shopping malls looted until midday radio show host when dupree sees the protests are going to get worse if a thorough. yes communities fail to find common ground. i would say honestly from a logic own commonsense point of view i would say that the leaders of the communities should get together with the leaders of the state and local government and sit down in talk in discuss solutions there's a lack of trust with within the police community about what's going on within the minority community in then there's a lack of trust within the minority community about what the police are doing
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because of what they see projected on our media every day what's happening right now is not going to stop it's going to get worse because the lead leadership around many places is weak this is something that the democrats have said that they can handle and i don't think they can handle it because. they have allowed things to go on like this in minnesota before in portland. in atlanta they've allowed this to happen claiming we're iranis or 1st amendment right. to moving a program on muslims in france or accusing the government of prying to control every aspect of their lives from what they were to the school their children it's viability recently adopted in the 1st reading in the senate they stated aim of this trough bill is to. me is to bolster republican principles to combat separatist
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tendencies are to charlotte to penske picks up the story. francis plans to defeat separatism have already caused alarm bells to ring particularly amongst the muslim community they've said that the north seeks to divide and could provoke hatred of muslims now the country's senate has voted to make an already controversial bill well explosive in a bid to fight against extremism senators adopted measures including a ban on parents wearing visible religious symbols if their company children old school trips essentially a ban on he jabs turbans or skull caps the book he would be banned public swimming pools prayers would be banned on university premises so too would any display of a foreign flag at a waiting artist enough was the reaction is what's next and look we can no longer
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speak of a functioning democracy in france given all these measure is this if you're a minority but more generally once these laws are passed they apply to everyone so yes there is a state of excitement for the left and that was human rights and the centrist. 2 government that you have with him only with michael opening. the gates of hell against human rights and civil liberties in france who look at the situation and say france is not what was going by petition this is definitely a political. war against the text also mentions a ban 1 on young girls wearing a hijab in public places that sparked a flurry of anger on social media sparking the hash tag hands off my job france will host the generation equality forum later this year but at the same time its legislators continue to entrench the rights of muslim women stop treating women as
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a 2nd in their own class women can dress the way they want. and the hitch a ban is not on the offensive to muslim women it's offensive to all women what is the difference between those who impose. as the city government and women like the body guards have gotten and the people who want to impose that up with women what they can wear i cannot wear i see also in the difference so in the case of muslim women there are seen either as victims that the white men should and if she says but go this is my body and i should decide when i want to wear and what not to wear she is treated as a good prince and i was a 9 of the most obscurities or the most for the month that is forces and there was also a last minute amendment that was did by the interior minister and requested by president macro that will allow authorities to stop foreign organizations from setting up
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private schools in france what's happening today is a we see it look at the game any time freedom benefits muslims which should then change the rules of the games in order for muslims to be the cause of losers in order for them to not profit off nor did their duty and brotherhood the proposed nor has also been condemned by human rights groups such as amnesty international this proposed law would be a serious attack on rights and freedoms in france he would allow public authorities to fund only organizations which sign a contract of republican commitment a vaguely defined concept which is wide open to abuse and threatens the very freedoms of expression and association the french authorities claim to stand for the bill isn't yet certain to pass in its current form there is still discussions to be had which could see that some of these controversial amendments would be dropped in the future but it comes at
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a time when muslims say that they already feel stigmatized and there is real concern that the secular. bush could be weaponized by extremist groups. the family of a palestinian teenager is claiming he lost an eye after being hit with an israeli rubber bullet this is on birth fired video of the moment the bullet struck it appears to confirm the teenager's claim he was working in a local pub listed in grocery store at the time while this really troops clash with protesters near. momento was inside the shop and far away from those countries i want to be treated and have a new i hate her so much i want to continue studying and learning. the israeli army acknowledged clashes in the area and the troops use rubber bullets after having rocks thrown up them but they said an investigation and there was no
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direct fire towards the store the city of hebron is largely under palestinian control but around 20 percent of it is administered by israel the grocery store in which the palestinian boy was injured is located close to an israeli checkpoint which sees regular clashes with protesters to be able to transfer the teenager to be sent. hospital his family had to pass through at least one other checkpoint his father explained all this he believes led to his son losing in the. i got a call from the shop owner where my son works and i was told that my son had been shot in the face and that he's in hospital i went there and the doctors were already treating him the supervising doctor told me that my son needed to be transferred to another hospital since he was in critical condition we waited for about 45 hours for the transfer approval then the guys here tried to do something about it so they carried my son back to the israeli checkpoint and told the
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soldiers you shot him you treat him the israelis told us to go to a checkpoint in bethlehem and we kept waiting for an ambulance there again for over 4 hours there we were told that my son would be treated at their own expense the hospital was reluctant to treat him and they kept asking for the transfer papers the doctor called me to say that he can't do anything about my son because he didn't receive any transfer papers at 230 the doctor said they had to remove my son's i as he had shattered bones behind the eye one day after the surgery they sent my son home. it is the news network slogan makes the ball claim that it is quote the most trusted media but after a c.n.n. executive was caught out in a sting operation questions have been really that's really the case don a quarter explain. the most trusted name in news it's a title c.n.n. has long prided itself on maybe you buy it maybe you don't but what would you think
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if the network admin did to deliberately spreading propaganda well apparently they did i do you. believe the movie was received i don't know that but again you are reading stories that we didn't know anything about. that's b.s. i think that you know he is the worst president we have ever seen but what president trump just said was undemocratic and false the president seems to think that dominating black people dominating peaceful protesters is law and order it's not he calls them thugs who's the thug here this guy is should not be president cnn's charlie chester's spilled the beans over a tender date he was enticed into by an undercover project veritas journalist he claimed the channel long had a pre-determined agenda to get trump out of office one that flows from the top down from none other than c.n.n. president jeff zucker himself naturally trying to make joe biden out to be
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a spring chicken was the other side of the anti trump propaganda calling shouted him john. you know why. he made you savior she. hated me as a. young. tree. that sounds a lot like election meddling something c.n.n. has pointed the finger at russia for time and time again blaming on unverifiable claims from u.s. intelligence and its reputation as evidence during last year's elections the network claimed that moscow was trying to hurt joe biden's chances by spreading conspiracy theories about the now u.s. president. but russia attacking our election with that kind of a double interfered in the race for the white house russia is indeed interfering in the 2020 election with a kind of a double standard it should come as no surprise that people's trust for c.n.n.
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is on the decline but we don't think that this is all the personal it's just. ended hiding the way you do business from your viewers that's one thing but bit organization what do you want it's c.n.n. that their defense immunized from any responsibility because nobody takes them seriously and as far as project very customized from any responsibility because nobody takes them seriously and as far as project very cause and james o'keefe god bless him but how many exposé these must be produced before something's done things done nothing jeff zucker still there everybody still there but let me explain something their ratings are likely how many exposé these must be produced before something's done great job camila camel hair story i don't think so now me we can't believe what we're seeing and our country is in complete
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collapse with our borders being destroyed and being invaded daily with crime around and with a sense of on and believe it will distrust with with vaccine and efficacy vaccine malpractise with this anyway and there's nothing for them to do build up what are they going to do paid joe biden's do and have a great job nobody thinks that where is. so. james o'keefe and project very just may get their wish by virtue of the implosion that i believe c.n.n. is involved in as we speak. the biden administration has announced plans to be full the u.s. military deployment in germany with hundreds more troops or shinton claims the move will boost the terence on defense in europe but hey i'm happy to announce that we
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will be be increasing the u.s. force presence in germany in keeping with my pledge to consult with allies and partners today i briefed the minister on our intention to permanently stationed approximately $500.00 additional u.s. forces in the wee mariya as early as this fall the isn't it is of course wonderful news that not only has the withdrawal of american troops from germany been abandoned as president biden announced in his speech at the munich security conference but that on the contrary these troops here in germany will be reinforced that is a very strong sign of solidarity. the german defense minister just mentioned the session marks a break from donald trump's plans the scale of bach the number of u.s. troops stationed in germany by some 12000 ton comes amid escalating tensions in eastern ukraine with washington pledging to back the ukrainian government well
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let's welcome onto the program german political analyst for his take a solid beach and good to have you on the show the united states say the buildup is aimed at boosting the terrence defense in europe we know that they previously raised concerns about eastern ukraine do you see a link there. i see a link there i think and this is just another step in the encirclement of the russian federation by u.s. troops and they want to use germany as a base to prepare for another war against russia and we have germans know that germany should never again be used as a staging grounds for war against our east on neighbor us we want peace and the most important thing yes that the german government was not asked but more
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importantly the german people who are and asked these troops these american troops are here since the end of world war 2 when will the german people finally get a say in this that's what i was going to ask you what about the support among the public or otherwise for the american deployment be john and just as an aside to that does germany actually need a u.s. military base there. well look when miss austin came into germany he himself said he proved the german government that he was going to increase the troop contingency in germany he didn't ask them do you want troops now he just told them we're going to intrude in trees troops just the same way to try to unilaterally decided to move the ball which was a good decision. but now they going the opposite the 500 troops here maybe tomorrow it's 1000 more maybe they decide hey we want some more nuclear war has stationed in
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germany the german government doesn't get a say and the german people don't we overdo alamy want the german. we want the american troops out of germany and want germany to be a nuclear free country that is the overwhelming decision of the german public but they don't get a say and this has to and they has been so many protests in germany just to get this question off finally having germany free of nuclear warheads to the forefront of the public debate the government doesn't care at all and the you ask government doesn't care either they just want to use germany as the pawn in the geopolitical game of chess we saw the defense minister of germany they're quite excited saying it was wonderful news about this troop redeployment really what do you think the german government applauded joe biden's decision to send more troops what does it stand to gain. well nothing. they have no other option if she had sat anything
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against that troop deployment to germany she would be out of a job so that's the only reaction a german government official is allowed to have. well officially whereas some are nation but when will this foreign occupation force finally go home you know it's more than 70 years after the end of world war 2 and we are still occupied by u.s. troops germany can be found defend itself we we don't need to defend ourselves right now because we have friendly relations with all our neighbors and that is what the german public want we want to blow missy not war and we want american troops out of germany because those troops partizan paid and global conflicts and they use germany as the staging ground for that they use germany to operate drones and other warfare agents and we don't want that to be john as always thank you very much for your time and thoughts b. john silva sali german political over speaking to us from home burg thank you.
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around ses a recent attack on one of its nuclear facilities which it blames on israel prompted it to boost your rhenium enrichment to 60 percent to run this move has put pressure on talks in vienna aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear agreement artie's going underground show has been discussing israel stance on the accord with former m i 6 agent alister crook you can watch the interview in full on our website but here's a taste of what was said. netanyahu has been stark along on one track on iran for by 20 years saying iran is only a few months away or 2 years away at most from a nuclear weapon and he's his policy has basically been one of containment compay her over containment not just containment but forever. that policy is not work and has to be working and israeli officials have started to question it
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and for the 1st time we've heard explicit public pushback from senior security and intelligence officials saying you know actually we'd like to go back to the j.c. . and what's more we want to go back and we suggest we go back without adding anything to it no questions including missile or other aspects into the negotiation . j p p o if we want to go back to that israel was safer at that time than it is now and these are senior officials former heads of. talking about it. now the murders of 2 italian towns have chosen an unusual way to tackle a shortage of covert vaccines they've written to the neighboring republic of son marino asking it to provide their residents with russia's sputnik job the micro
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state which isn't an e.u. member and doesn't need the european medical agency's approval has been using the job since late february sun reno officials hope to reach herd immunity by the end of may with the vaccine now the murders of son leo korea not to list they can't afford to wait for eve approval and need to do what's best for their people. you know somebody your son leo and san marino brother towns that have been friends for more than a 1000 years we wrote this letter because many italian citizens work in the republic of san marino and we requested to use the sputnik vaccine to protect our citizens who work in san marino it is obvious that our citizens in fact do live together in for many hours a day it was natural for me to ask my friends in san marino to use the spotlight be vaccine which has been available for many weeks in san marino and the results were excellent i'm sure some a rino politicians are considering the possibility of quickly accepting arrow request especially considering the news that the johnson and johnson vaccine
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rollout is now blocked by the united states and $200000.00 doses arriving in italy held up at customs. in this difficult here we have realized that the only response to the pandemic worldwide is a vaccine ordinary citizens do not care where italy gets the vaccines from they interested in the fact that there is a solution from a practical point of view in terms of saving human lives thus the sooner we have vaccinate all our citizens the sooner we can get back on track including from an economic point of view europe has decided to develop a common strategy and that is why we're lagging behind where very late and that is why it is my duty as mayor to give concrete answers and solutions to the citizens i usually say that i'm a rural mayor who needs short answers to questions about the world economy i have many appointments after the news spread that san marino was able to give the
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vaccine even to 16 year olds my phone started ringing with calls asking me to do something for my citizens and this is what i'm doing. meanwhile the italian government santi covert efforts have pushed the owners of restaurants which are still closed for indoor dining on to the streets they've clashed with police for a 2nd day running the restauranteurs wants all locked on its lift its claiming the survival of the industry is at stake cafes and restaurants aren't due to reopen until the end of the month the latest rally protesters waved their garments in the air with the slogan we have nothing but our underwear left the demonstrators claim the financial support supposedly available is not reaching them. we're still living on the little money we made during the summer it's not possible to work only one month per year and have to stay closed for the remaining months. with distance and rigid rules whoever does not respect them can be expelled but we must work we can't
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wait any more. we need to work but they won't let us work the aids does not thrive but they eat during the state of emergency collect the money in advance from our taxes they've already reserved for themselves the aid money. facebook has found itself in hot water after it's all go rhythm suspended the official account of a small french town because it considered its name to be offensive a low b. incident has not been resolved for many locals it's left a bad taste in their minds. who they're telling me that they are sorry but i won't forget this what concerns us is that it's not the rule of law that's a little suspicious. the telling us called beach and its similarity to the english insults triggered facebook's content alarms despite the error being flagged it still took the social media giant a month to restore the tones page that prompted other places where potentially
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offensive names to change their way their sites are titled while a liberal studies professor we spoke to believe the story has exposed an issue with facebook's so-called safety systems i'm not sure exactly will there it's the algorithms in all cases or whether it's human ear or but in any case it's very common that they're deleting and. cancelling out all kinds of posts and pages on a regular basis so it's not uncommon at all they have a heavy air to worry on hand and they think that the big hand use their own discretion about.


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