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trillions of dollars worth of debt and adding to 50 trillion dollars of the debt which is just another way to say u.s. government treasury bonds yeah which are currently 30 years are roughly 2 percent now out of the coupon or the interest on those 30 year paid they're paid from the taxes collected from taxpayers taxpayers pay those taxes to the federal government who in turn pay off the bondholders who own those bonds the richest 110th of one percent so wealth transfer mechanism so some inflation is just not deflation it's neil siegel is of. the national guard has a once again been deployed in the state of minnesota this is a violent protest and the looting has erupted following the shooting of dante right but is the anger justified we're going to bring you the facts of the situation as well as our expert analyst weighs in also amazon has just crashed an effort to
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unionize its workers in alabama we're going to take a look at this vote and compared to how another company owned by jeff bezos the washington post has covered in unions and boating and other situations does hypocrisy exist well we're going to debate and a president biden is considering expanding the supreme court but even members of his own party are very cautious there's more justice happen when there's more justices what we're going to break it down with our legal analyst lionel and our favorite gun toting political panel is back to give you the 360 view of the president's executive orders on gun control i am scared you know he this is new you tube and you're watching r t america. thank you for joining us you know we're going to start this week with turmoil once again in the state of minnesota as a nother police involved shooting involving. an african-american male is causing
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anger in the community of brooklyn center now this is the derek shop and trial continues just 10 miles right down the road and the people of minneapolis are already on edge hoping they want to see a recurrence of the riots and violent protest of last summer so the details of this event involving the shooting which happened on sunday night are still being released but here's actually what we know around 2 pm central police said they were trying to take mr wright into custody after learning during a traffic stop of an outstanding warrant the man got back into his vehicle and of search shot him with a single bullet and mr wright then was able to drive several blocks for striking another vehicle the officer who was involved in the shooting has been put on leave and body cam has been released to discuss the situation what happened next we bring in dominick is the author of before the badge dominick thank you so much for joining me i knew when this story hit i wanted to have you back on and i want to start off as i'm looking at earlier today the brooklyn surplus department released the body can put it which brawl though i'm actually glad they did this as soon as
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possible we're going to play this for you it is very graphic for our audience to make to talk to us about what we are seeing with this body cam. is this really you you have a son to be taken into custody and from what i heard was a warrant actively sought on you resist arrest it's back in the vehicle you have the back up of through the body as you see a pistol drawn. and at this point a shot is fired i think. well what is your initial observations when you saw this and obviously like i said i am so glad this body cam footage came out immediately because it really clarified what happened with the situation goes along with what the chief of police and the mayor of the town actually said their press release that they think what do you see when you watch what has happened. i believe i had read correct me if i'm wrong but the chief of police of this was an accidental discharge i don't know what an accidental discharges there's no such thing as a negligent discharge a couple things on the street cop and me off the bat wants to face palm and say i
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have no idea what just happened there. again i'm armed i'm going to i'm sure quarterback because that's this was my profession for many years i was a certified use of force instructor in the state of illinois a tactics expert. typically what hand happens is when somebody deploys their taser to prevent things exactly this issue from what happens your teaser is is is secured on the opposite side of where your pistol is so i'm right hand dominant and i had my pistol on my right side of my body my taser would have been secured on the left side so i have to actively go across my body to release a taser from it's a whole service and then deploy it the taser has a completely different feel than the pistol does you also depending upon the model we carried of believe the x 26 taser you have to with your thumb slick up if you will a safety to engage the taser none of those mechanics again i don't know what model that the blue book police department uses in that video but if it was that you
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would have a completely different feel you would not have gone to your right side this is either bad training or this is a scared police officer story the problem i'm going to have for me personally as you're going to see a lot of live supporters who are going to be jumping to the aid of this police officer saying that it's a high stress circumstance we don't know what she was thinking we you know you can't you cue can mistake this was this was this was a point this was absurd to go to a pistol have it in your hands. obviously had tunnel vision on the suspects i don't know why she thought well at this point she clearly thought it was a taser i don't know why she didn't go hands on in with the police officer was the primary contact officer so there's a lot wrong with the scenario it my opinion when the speculation and other they have not actually released as of now they offer then they did say that him put on leave rumors that she's possibly a very thievin veteran of. that does not necessarily help the situation she should
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have had better training for that and this is one of the situations where they get taser is absolutely the course of action should have gone and definitely would not have resulted in the 10 man losing his life on that but i do want to also talk to you in just that setting the scene for why does is so often a situation they look back to prior record what does that say to the place they know a prior record does that have any sort of impact on what the officer does when they approach a vehicle 'd. that's circumstantial and you know i couldn't tell you i don't know would you even know what the warrant was for yet one of the warrant was for missing child payments or if it was a non violent crime some reasons we have to talk about in the beginning is why these old police officers are acting you know with interacts with the public in the 1st place in a traffic stop i don't know what the initial problem was the traffic stop was he has a warrens. again i don't know what that officer the initial one was putting handcuffs on it seemed like everything was out of control again until the subject chose to resist so ultimately you have to put the onus on the subject who did actively try
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to resist and sleeps in the screw the seat we have seasoned police officers who if they were so seasoned again armchair quarterbacking i'm putting my opinion out there how you can mistaken mistakenly grab your pistol instead of your taser after you have had training that makes no sense to me whatsoever i'm going to disagree with you a little bit i'm not a fan of taser whatsoever and the teaser has the taser when it 1st came out gave police officers this sense of that it was the end all be all tool it would stop resisting subjects and that has been proved completely proven to be not the case the taser is a tool like anything else it has errors like anything else on the proximate issues with could have been used sure but you know what there's there's old fashioned go policing where you go in the car the same way i believe i saw on the cop on the other side you use your hands usually at the taser has been proven over and over and over again to be not a complete tool in totality is going to wind up helping the scene out and it is just done this is put more cops under the false a false security that
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a tool is going to replace words and in physicality and this is a problem well that obviously has a more train that we continue to talk about once again this is already a town dominick that was already on pins and needles because of what's going on just 10 miles down the road it will be and pristine toothy if the fact that they've been so transparent they immediately took action on the offer if that will help curtail some of the violent rioting and some of the looting that we thought from last night thank you so much for lending us your expertise. you're welcome thank you. ok so did you know that jeff bezos made $3900000000.00 in one day just last week that is $120000.00 times more than the average amazon warehouse worker makes an entire year now this is basis says he is for raising corporate taxes which the funny part about this is it could actually only be a dollar for him because amazon has paid 0 federal taxes for the last 2 years but
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does the do what i say not what i do stop there well workers in the amazon facility and bessemer alabama lost the vote to unionize just last week after everything was done by amazon the corporation to defeat that effort to discuss this as well as the contrast to how one of a death basis is other companies the washington post covers election transparency we bring in sara parent of antonio and levin peritoneal rafferty and steve malzberg host of eat the press here at our to america thank you so much for joining me on this. thanks for having you know i think is a conversation that should have been had all weekend because once again i feel like we're seeing an example of this is for me but not for you sarah let's start with you 1st of all just talking about amazon why would amazon be opposed to their workers being unionized and more importantly you know they say well workers should be happy with what we've done for him we're giving them 15 dollars or an hourly pay at this point. you know we've got to look at this from
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a historical context unions in the united states are nothing like they used to be you know the union movement has been dead or dying in this country for years so if a company as big as amazon succeeds in accomplishing that unionization it breaks down the door to a new movement throughout the entire country and that scares corporate america because it puts bargaining power back in the hands of employees so amazon unionization is just a breakthrough effort and we're seeing this movement because of the discrepancies like you said between the money the employees are making and the money that jeff is making so sure $15.00 an hour yet sounds great but when jeff bezos is making 122000 times that it makes unionization more attractive to the average amazon worker ok well i'm going to bring you in on steve on this show your capital when you go ok you're still getting paid better than most then you go what about your working environment and i know there's been a lot of complaints about how these warehouses are what is it what is kind of their
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approach right now to unions in the modern day i don't know when unions 1st started we obviously were given 10202130 definitely needed advocates where do you feel like the union the place of unions are in america today. well obviously i agree with sarah that there's no comparison as to where the unions are now and where they used to be i think the labor movement is in big big trouble and i think we'll talk about a little later the washington post headlines indicate that and they're proud of it apparently look the workers had a chance to vote and it was 2 to one against unionizing sometimes unionizing isn't all it's cracked up to be you know there are people in teachers' unions that the public public unions public employment unions that have gone to court to try to opt out of having to pay dues and be in those unions i was in a union situation early in my career didn't turn out well for those trying to unionize because the union didn't stick by it so you know once you get the right to
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sit there and negotiate a contract it may not be as good as you think it was going to be you may have been better off in the 1st place so i think the labor movement is a big big trouble and i don't and i'm glad well we are going to have our depressed but thera in this situation there's a lot of interesting details coming out about how this vote with conducted down in alabama i know you've seen some of those if you could share with us what you saw from whether it be they have voter suppression or possibly even intimidation. right i mean you have to ask yourself why amazon is fighting so hard against this union station and it's the very reason i just spoke about it's opening the floodgates to potential unionization across the united states if a company like amazon is able to accomplish this then that is just you know the 1st example of of every other company going for it as well so so in essence got to be afraid of the control that american workers can have over business when they unionize so they went through extraordinary lengths to ensure that the vote failed
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you know we've got we've got evidence that they harassed employees that they intimidated them into believing that this unionization was bad for them so when we say that the vote was 2 to one you got to ask yourself what lengths did amazon go through to ensure that it was not 2 to one well and that's why we're going to talk about the washington post because one of the things that we did hear about was possibly there were voting boxes that were set up in a very prominent area so that people could see who was voting and who wasn't voting there and voting seems like we just had this conversation we're having this conversation america right now steve and jeff a this is the other covering the washington post a little bit of a different take on it from the post. yeah well when they covered the georgia election reform bill you know they did things like put out headlines lamenting the fact that you're going to need voter id and restrictions and restrictions pictures of people saying let us vote now i want to point to 2 sections of the paper the technology section lamenting the fact that this was
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a major win for e-commerce and the e-commerce giant amazon which is you know they should point out is also owned by will run by the same person that runs them i didn't see that disclaimer anywhere and it will have a sarah said ripple effects across the nation for workers and the labor movement they called it a massive blow for the late for labor organizers as if that was a good thing now to me i don't i differ with them politically so i do think it's a pretty good thing but for them to say that is remarkable they bragged about the fact that that biden did a video in support of voting for the union and he failed and what this failure is going to mean for him they get this being so harsh on biden for having supported it something then they're never harsh on biden for anything so the slant is there and the conflict of interest is there any again i don't read articles in the washington post saying we're owned by the same guy were run by the same guy who runs amazon and that's a big conflict of interest well that's why i went there you thera talk about
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conflict of interest had that have been reported and that's a part of the whole the whole part of all of this is how much one runs cover for the other and it exists in our world but not in ours legally in this case how do you think that politics played a role in everything that went on. well listen like i said the irony is that amazon did things like criticize georgia lawmaker sperm manipulating the elections and we know that amazon funds are jeff bezos funds the washington post so you see amazon finding these people and criticizing voting laws in georgia and criticizing him for election process but the 2nd has anything to do with their pocketbooks they do a $180.00 degree turn and so so it's just the irony of what's happening here is just so be contradictory to what amazon's actually doing well some people say irony and some people think hypocrisy in the end i think it's the voters and the workers that lose out thank you so much for joining us both of you. thanks guys.
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when we return our biden has had built a commission to study possible expansion other the supreme court and will he do it before his executive orders on a gun control are challenged we're going to give you the 360 viewer right after the break stay tuned. for the industry pieces from the spend millions of you will be. reconditioned will be seen as he's all about making money making profits in some of the corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of printing diseases that are in every community it is no due to the news viruses are all new microbes that's not true so it is due to. the last 6
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years or momentum the supply of this sort of muscle is obviously just accumulate could only come in to take sydney to the south. declare. it's just the food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why you shouldn't also fight for the interest something into st except that we are british and we want regulation i was in just a lease we don't behave. that's right. president biting it's creating a commission to study expanding the supreme court i don't think this comes to anyone as a surprise but this is what is surprising is some of the top democrats are saying they don't think it's a good idea so to enlighten us we bring in legal and media analysts like thank you so much for joining us on this. ok so guess what lionel the court is expanded and
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it has shrunk a 7 times since its beginning so does the number of justice is being raised that warranted by the times or is this purely a political decision because basically the guy in the oval office doesn't hold the majority on the court purely political as it always has been it is absolutely transparently 100 percent let's see what we can do because the biden administration as you know right now is doing everything in its power to do everything on its wishlist now they've been talking about this since 1037 off and on and scotty historically has always been let's just forget the notion of packing the court it was almost axiomatic we tried it it doesn't work out and it depends upon whether your people are in power or could it could actually turn against you well that's now being revived because every insane see
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and postulate is being revived soon as the by diminished ratio and this will fail miserably but they'll talk about it ok well that's that we're going to get that whether or not this is going to actually work or not but what i find interesting in this conversation lionel is that even the late justice ginsburg pointed out that it works best with the 9 justices over the weekend we haven't heard from for a long time senator harry reid warned against pack in the court and told president biden you need to be careful why or even democrats and you could even say they're the real strong of the long term ones showing caution in this. because it goes well the reason why is because when you are on the court itself and i think when justices kind of look around round and realize how important it is it's got to let me also say that anybody who's ever studied the court ever has been shown 11 surprise after another because not only do you want to pack to court but scottie when that justice puts that robot and is there for a life you then sometimes see
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a new judge you never saw on the lower court is a circuit court already it's historic remember what wouldn't wait this was penned by harry blackmun appointed by nixon whizzer white byron white issues it was appointed by by john kennedy who was one of the most conservative justices later and the best the gold standard earl warren appointed by eisenhower and eisenhower said this is the worst g.d. mistake of my life so not only do you have this idea of packing the court but scottie once they get there depending upon how the case is framed and you've seen in a roberts you've seen it elsewhere you don't know what you're going to get to the best thing to do was leave it alone and pray to god that nobody loses their money well and that best advice anybody can give you that's the best advice sometimes change is not good what about term limits that's also been put out there instead of that's probably issue there's a lot of people when you guys are older and they're deaf and i giving up their term
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until they literally die on the bench what term would be a better approach. no i absolutely not one of the best things about it as i just told you to grant somebody 100 percent independence is to say you are tenured in definitely now on the lower course their senior status through the district court a certain course you feel that's one thing but i don't even like that this is the only this is the only aspect of our system where you are there for life so it is best in fact the constitution does this specifically say so but it talks about for good behavior and he uses it a kind of a unique phraseology which means lifetime tenure well then let's wrap it up how we started does this actually have a chance of happening or is this just political pandering to the progressive wing of the party absolutely not going to talk about it and the more they talk about it in real life this is the biggest mistake but they're just so when they're owed for
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having fun because they're in charge and they're going to do everything they've always wanted in their wish list but he will sail miserably. you have curried talking points thank you lionel and let's see if your prediction holds true indeed thank you. well one topic which we can all agree on will soon be on the supreme court's docket gun control now this is president biden just announced a half dozen executive actions to combat what he calls an epidemic and international embarrassment of a gun violence happening in america we've seen it just now even today and knoxville so to give us a 360 view of these they proposals we bring in boy and talk radio host robert patillo and larry ward the c.m.o. of gun dynamics dot com thank you so much for joining me gentleman thank you got to ok so robert and president biden now just check that box regarding his campaign promises are made on the compound on the campaign trail regarding gun control is he done. oh no i think not because the things that have been suggested thus far will
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do absolutely nothing to deal with guns ghost guns for example it's a piece of plastic that you order in the mail there's no evidence to show that they're involved in mass shootings there's no evidence and they're involved in street crime in general there's not many people of chicago who are buying that goes . through being predators and milling chips as been $600.00 to put together goals change of the consultation of the ars to include pistol races not meaning people who are getting carjacked they're getting carjacked will book quote undergo a are 15 points on the back so they really want to address the epidemic of gun violence you have to go to the root cause of all that they go and address things to all of those things what they can tell you that they can't say go list ok larry you hear robert he's actually saying these are not things that they're saying conserve however coming on saying this is a gun grab and a complete disregard for the constitution as being shown by joe biden do you agree with that well i do agree that that rather strange that there's not much teeth
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in these executive orders and that's why he's got to go to congress and get congress to pass a whole bunch of gun control laws and that's also why you're so like your last statement mention he wants the supreme court because he knows in any of these gun control laws are likely to fail in supreme court because it comes to she's very clear with the word shall not be infringed i know he used the word in pain she said this 1000 in the 2nd amendment but it does infringe on the 2nd amendment and eat around trying because guns are not used in mass shootings i don't think there's a single case of ghost gun used in a mass shooting and to top it off you know i know i know gunter scary and culture scary but i've never seen a ghost with a gun wow i but that's my whole thing robert why did he do this considering our view is that we've had a ray ever ange of gun violence that has happened we've seen it again and america today sadly why did he even do it then why was this press conference for. well
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similar to what happened with president trump after the last vegas shooting where they had a knee jerk reaction banned but stopped as if that was going to do something about gun violence one person you may or may not have used a bump stock which is a something you know sporting it's a story so they banned it it makes it look like you don't something very performative but it doesn't get at the actual the actual root cause of the things we're not addressing them to illness we're addressing the real drivers of gun crime which are poverty which a lack of that system resources which are governmental policies they can have can be fixed because those are a hard thing to do those are big issues that get down to the roots of america and it's easier to go press coverage we said going to ban something scary like assault rifles or go to school arms and those sorts of things that says that you're going to do the hard work of fixing the problems of america that caused 'd the gun violence in the 1st place and mary that that democrats from the democrats have privately say the same but you have seen both parties use this issue to their advantage and to their own rally cry republicans doing themselves any good right
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now when they talk to them fighting back on the bike to do why don't they just call out what you just said this was pointless this was worthless and said we did have we had a lot of republicans tearing their cars saying oh my gosh he's coming for your grind. but he is coming for you go look democrats want to take your guns there's no question about that you know these red flag laws that he's putting together a commission which is basically a d.c. term for you know just putting together a report put these red flags was it there that democrats are salivating over are very very dangerous because what it does is it provides any. a class of pre-crime so that you can decide if you can essentially establish pre-con pre-crime laws that you're going to because you because you sent something crazy on social media maybe because you showed up at a protest on january 6th or whenever we're going to come in take your guns not that you've committed any crime but because we think you might commit
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a crime in the future and that's especially dangerous when it comes to veterans because the words come back for more and you know these these number and it works and they may have p.t.s.d. while p.t.s.d. would be considered a red flag to these so these liberals let's go to their guns so what better it's not going to do they're not going to go to the doctor and that's what i think is good at out middle and they're brings up a good point robert we're going to have you back on to talk about the throughout this week but i think that's the issue you get the mansion you're afraid that more will come out of it thank you so much for joining me gentleman and scott a thanks for having us. and that's all for today show i want you to download the part about t.v. ads and get our show up from there every day and we're as we're right back here tomorrow thanks for watching.
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elderly forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except when it conflicts with the 1st law. or should be very careful about a national intelligence point. on johnson with artificial intelligence will summon the demon. must protect its own existence and. this is. the 1st one to. 100 leads.
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to. these critics one of the key. because the. machine into life through the smear. you. know still if you. guys are financial survival. when customers go.
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well we do some our. that's not what's good for market it's not good for the global economy. pharmaceutical giant johnson. european union. a u.s. health authorities had. to use. live reaction coming up in the program. also ahead. joe biden meets in person for the 1st time as heads of states in the near future it is one of the takeaways following a phone call and choose between the 2 presidents. a state of emergency as to.


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