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still if you were 80. johnson and johnson suspended rollout of his coke vaccine to the european union after u.s. health authorities advised not to use the jab over concerns about blood clots for surgical joe biden before he says it is handing cash to central american states in a bid to stem the influx of migrants the idea catches some flak at home with critics dubbing it an insult to americans in need and a state of emergency declared in minnesota where rioters flouted curfew for 2nd night running after another fatal shooting of a black man by police. i . don't get anything just on 7 here in moscow you watching
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r.t. international now u.s. health authorities are advising against the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine after 6 recipients in the country developed blood clots the american company now says it is aware of the red disorder and decided to delay the vaccines for a lagged in europe so let's get more on this now from our europe correspondent peter all of a joins us from berlin good evening paper and just run through there in the developments today in the reaction to the. this is being described as a proactive delay by johnson and johnson when it comes to their vaccines rollout across the european union it had been set to be handed out as soon as late to this week now it follows all from a move in the united states by regulators there to suspend the use of the johnson and johnson job after 6 cases of
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a rare blood clotting disorder developed in those who had the the johnson and johnson vaccine now what we've heard from the company themselves is the saying that this is a precautionary measure that's been taken it's based on an abundance of caution is a pretty much the wording from the statement what they gave what we are seeing is the world health organization also announcing things just in the short aftermath for although in the news from johnson and johnson in which they said they're going to be paying close attention to what's happening in the united states the investigations that are going on there as well as investigations going on in the european union into the johnson and johnson job and any links to potential blood clot disorders now this news combs alongside a grim milestone that was passed on monday in europe the 52 countries that make up the european landmass collectively passed 1000000 deaths with covert 19
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a 3rd wave of the virus has gripped much of why do europe as well as the european union and this news about johnson and johnson has not been welcomed certainly not in brussels where it seems to have come as a a big shock to the european commission a spokesperson for the e.u. commission saying that they weren't expecting this that they're looking into what they say actually means for the 55000000 doses of johnson and johnson vaccine the e.u. was supposed to receive by the end of june brussels is of course in charge of. joint procurement for the 27 member states and vaccine roll out that hasn't gone particularly well so far what we've heard individually from e.u. member states though following this news from johnson and johnson johnson and johnson is that sweden has said as well as spain that the benefits of this vaccine as well as any vaccine far outweigh any of the risks while sweden has said they
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will be reviewing the news as it comes out and deciding on whether or not they will be using the johnson and johnson vaccine in the coming days here in germany the news is be more about lockdowns the power to lock down and who has the power we've heard from a medical who said that they will be. looking to give more powers to the federal government here it's a a system here in germany whereby the chancellor can say one thing and say we all should be doing this but ultimately it can fall 'd to the 16 individual states that make up germany how that is implemented and dilla merkel says it's beyond time that we need a unified plan. to win this. and in the uniform national right emergency brake is overdue because even though it's difficult to hear this again the situation is serious and our vets have to take it seriously.
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but the idea of pulling powers away from the local authorities and giving them to the central government in berlin hasn't gone in the status failed so often in many places especially in the area of testing creating testing capacity and so on as if you know stands for well i think it's terrible when one person here decides what we have to do and what we don't have to do that's very very scary for me. politicians aren't onside with giving uncle or merkel extra powers to put in place covert restrictions either christian lynn the from the free democratic party says the powers to put in place things like curfews aren't really needed he's being backed up by the social democratic mayor of lynn michael as well who is an on site with the federal government having those type of powers we are expecting the bundestag to vote on this they have to put it through a vote through parliament before it can come into play they are is talk about being pushed through by the end of this week ok thanks pete that was our peter over there
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reporting from berlin. well vaccine tourism is on the rise at the moment amid a faltering romance that we heard about there and also distrust in certain jabs still to come we follow one frenchman's trip all the way to here in moscow to get the splitting the job i would have that story in a few minutes time. president putin has held a phone conversation with his american counterpart joe biden among the topics the 2 leaders discussed are the recent escalation in eastern ukraine and also the bilateral arms reduction treaty also known as starts let's get more on this now and cross live for correspondent jackie to get the story for us good evening jackie plenty of sensitive issues then to talk about what more do we know about the conversation that they had. of course tensions have remained high between the 2 countries sense biden took office promising to take a tougher stance on russia but the 2 had
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a phone conversation today where the possibility of a summit was proposed in order to build what washington called a stable and predictable relationship with russia apart from that they had on a number of global and security issues including the tension surrounding ukraine and expressed concerns over reports of a large russian military buildup on the border with ukraine calling on russia to deescalate the situation apart from that according to a press release from the white house biden also warned that the u.s. will act firmly in defense of its interests again bringing up accusations of election meddling and cyber attacks but in a more reassuring sign the desire to build on the start treaty which of course was the arms treaty between the 2 countries that was called into question for quite a while their desire to build on that was also expressed during that phone call now this point the kremlin has not commented on the conversation between the 2 leaders but we'll bring that to you since we get it. jackie that was jackie give
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reporting the. washington meanwhile has secured agreements with mexico honduras and guatemala under which those countries pledged to deploy troops to their respective borders is in a bid to slow migration to the united states the move comes amid reports the biden ministration is also considering handing out cash to central american states to stop the influx critics to argue that the money would be better spent on america's or on americans in need at home. explains. with 170000 people picked up along the u.s. border just last month the migrant crisis is rapidly spinning out of control and the biden administration is scrambling to deal with it. 8 8 with a lot of political. and
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the current plan dollars and lots of them in the form of foreign aid president biden wants to try and buy a way out of his border crisis with taxpayer money the administration is spending $60000000.00 a week and now wants to launch a cash transfer program in central america this insults millions of americans who are out of what can a country the plan is for billions of dollars to go to guatemala honduras and el salvador now it's not exactly clear how this is going to work but the white house insists it won't be just direct cash payments to potential migrants is one thing i can promise you is the u.s. government isn't going to be handing out money checks to people let's not forget that back in 2009 the usa worked to topple the government of honduras ushering in
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a decade of instability and chaos let's also remember that white amala has had various u.s. backed military regimes so what exactly led to this stampede toward the u.s. border the trail goes straight back to the white house the united states says moral leadership on refugee issues was a poor in a bipartisan consensus for so many decades when i 1st got here we shine a light into lamp a lot of liberty an oppressed people were offered safe havens for those slain violence or persecution and our example pushed other nations to open wide their doors as well it's not exactly. clear what the end goal is and there's not really a record of success here foreign aid to us aligned regimes in central america that have free market economies is certainly not a new concept in fact the u.s. state department has been showering the region with money for decades $750000000.00 was provided to central american countries between 20142017 now the stated goals of
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all that foreign aid was roughly the same as what biden is proposing and people remained poor desperate and they continued fleeing 2019 donald trump took the dramatic move of halting u.s. aid so can we continue to just throw money at a problem and expect it to eventually be solved by it will soon be celebrating his 100th day in office and he's got a major crisis on his hands with no end in sight they look up and ard see new york . which they an american because the 2nd day of race riots in the u.s. state of minnesota has the national guard troops deployed to the city of brooklyn sentance. thank you i don't know how. i. hundreds gathered outside the local police station in violation of a curfew which had been imposed as demonstrations greve all and several areas were looted and according to the police protesters threw concrete blocks at officers
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reports leaving at least one injured police dispersed the crowd firing tear gas and flash grenades states from those in say there's also been declared people also took to the streets of new york washington d.c. important on monday the man justice for don't tell you right he was fatally shot by police on sunday sparking the anger. they call them over to get your personal opinion from the war or. was i think. my brother in law why because they were under attack. from the right.
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i. i. rocks and other objects thrown at the police department there were reports of shots fired in the area of the police department. but i don't want all of the all of the above all my leave all of our of all that i want to meet all the. former officer dominick i so told the show there are serious problems with the police force. this is either bad training or this is a scared police officer and a story the problem i'm going to have for me personally as you're going to see a lot of blue live supporters who are going to be jumping to the aid of this police
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officer saying that it's a high stress circumstance we don't know what she was thinking we owe you can you cue can mistake this was this was this was a or if this was absurd to go to a pistol have it in your hands. obviously have tunnel vision on the suspects how you can mistaken mistakenly grab your pistol instead of your taser after you have had training that makes no sense to me whatsoever you use your hands taser has been proven over and over and over again to be not a complete tool in totality is going to wind up helping the scene out and it is just done this is put more cops under the false a false security that a tool is going to replace words and physicality and this is a problem. japan's government has an eyes it's going to dumb contaminated water from the fukushima nuclear power plant into the pacific ocean with a 1000000 tons will be released in this way and the prices will begin until he is
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time and is expected to take decades to complete if the water will be filtered and diluted to safe levels for the move that has already provided from neighboring countries. despite doubts and opposition from home and abroad japan has unilaterally decided to release the fukushima nuclear waste water into the sea before exhausting all safe ways of disposal and without fully consulting with neighboring countries and the international community this is highly irresponsible and will severely affect human health and the immediate interests of people in neighboring countries. on the japanese government's decision is absolutely unacceptable the decision to release the fukushima tank water into the scene not only threatens the safety of neighboring countries and the marine environment but also as a measure unilaterally decided without sufficient discussion agreement with our
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country which is the nearest neighboring country. or disaster at the fukushima nuclear power plant strike in march of 2011 when a powerful earthquake hit japan in the coast that led to a massive tsunami which then triggered one of the worst nuclear disasters on record so far the plant is still not being completely contaminated however the government's plans to tackle the issue have received flak including at home people have rallied outside the prime minister's office they're calling on the government reverse its decision among those on the opposed to take planned wastewater into the sea is the japanese fishing industry with is of trace radioactivity contaminating fish and then ending up on people's plates. my 3 sons all followed in my footsteps and a fisherman if they contaminated water is discharged into the sea how can they make a living in the future i strongly oppose the decision to dump the waste water into the ocean. i am in shock i'm originally from fukushima and so i think i
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feel it more very shocked i do not wish a tool for it to be released into the sea logical. when the disaster happens you had to add to treat the area through decon time. a nation but then don't foolish to spread the contamination further after the disaster. the japanese government though to stand by its decision does claim that it is the only feasible way to tackle the consequences of the 2011 disaster and has support to the us and the international atomic energy agency which does say the waste water will be treated using internationally accepted technologies. that anybody can get answers from the white house it seems that saffron online impostor did manage to do journalists into putting her questions to joe biden's spokesperson artes to me to poke explains what happened. have you ever wondered who gets to ask
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the questions at the white house well for channels like r t or independent journalists it's practically impossible instantly you get accusations of being propaganda fake news and so on bake news that's being spread by russia or to you which is a hulu supported. funded by the russian or the russian government fake means has dominated the true had lines fake news spread by russia fake news fake news kremlin spread misleading or otherwise fake news of course they explain it as holding up journalistic standards or something like that well ok so just how high are these standards well just for yourself an online game or manage to get in for questions to jen psaki biden's press secretary by just pretending to be a white house reporter a few fake twitter handles that's all it took the gamer who was real identity is still unknown created a profile as casey leggo montagu who pretended to be
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a reporter for a non-existing news agency called white house news several white house officials even followed her on twitter montagu then asked credentialed reporters in the white house press room so a pass on her questions because she couldn't make it there to code the regulations and stuff like that and they did no credentials no background check nothing and this laziness or incompetence or whatever you want to call it on the part of the white house press team is exactly what led montague to do all this in the 1st place i love journalism and i think the press corps is doing a pretty bad job at the moment so i decided i would ensure some transparency and ask some questions me and some friends wanted the answer to and she's not the only one fed up with real journalists ever since biden circa office the pres briefings in the white house have turned into a game of softball a police compared to the way the media behaved during the trial. but ministration
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back then everyone suddenly had a sense of journalistic duty so ask the hard questions and grill the administration over everything and anything this president like good use a candidate we're going to question bill president like can you give us or closer to us can you give us a question don't be ridiculous or the question i mean i've got to give you can use can you speak out or you are fake but you know i mean that's one of the course of this president for me i should have a question are you worried i should off that sort of president i think that's a that's one of the other folks that stood up for you that's enough put down the mike was president are you worried about indictments coming down in the supposed. but with biden's team it's a snooze fest screened questions scripted answers no accountability and a lot of circling back we will circle back with you if there's more to update you on that we'll have to take that question to you and circle back with you circle back on that one that's an excellent question i don't have any information in front of me both are excellent questions and the 1st one i should have information on but
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i'll have to follow up with you on both of them i don't fool leave that we have outlined that yet let me we can follow up with you if there's a specific timeline that we're putting out publicly at this point. so it's no surprise that even regular people are getting tired of this all and even going as far as getting their own questions into the white house because hey if you have the proper twitter angle that's apparently all it takes to become a white house approved journalist these days. germany based pharmacy to company kill vacs says it's having trouble producing its new vaccine because of u.s. export restrictions both the u.k. and the you have preordered almost half a 1000000000 but i warn those orders a risk. global supply chains are disrupted be it chemical sequent meant filters or hoses u.s. manufacturers are obliged 1st to meet american demand and that means we are slipping down the list well the concern comes after the biden administration invite
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the so-called defense production act this was introduced to in the cold war need grants washington emergency powers to secure vital resources by prioritizing its own orders the move has led to u.s. supplies struggling to fill the contracts outside the country professor of medicine dr rudolph atlanta explained the possible ramifications. one think we know who sure used so many old school where were your transom materials that we need to research and for producing great scenes. of course supplied except rose and many of them of course look you didn't see all night it states. they were going to. treat many important items in t. if indeed they are there will be a list which will sum this up low for the materials of course chemicals and
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many other. that are necessary to good use that work seems these would be a good talk however. i have to say you stared into color closely this. many people here sir learn things you mean time also a lot just remember if you would be talking when you call we would be short on hitting masks secret paper masks the time you're lucky leave while the austrian people are at least came from china and i think we just have to think it all to the alternative suppliers media located of course in other parts of civil world chose to consider trying not but also a shop so i think they will be able to not use twitter trees to secure. these necessary while storing. vaccination programs and that some of the
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jobs on offer have led to a rise in so-called vaccine tourism among your a pained for some travelling as far afield as russia to be inoculated. micha do flow is a lawyer from leon and he has his own opinion about the vaccine situation of holes who will mean there aren't currently enough vaccines in france and not everyone can get vaccinated where they want to without waiting 1st of all i don't trust the vaccines offered to us whether it's the american vaccine or britain's astra zeneca they don't fill me with confidence so why i chose the russians put nick the job which i think is much safer and more effective. the russian vaccine has not yet been approved by the european medicines agency so it's not in france and that's something to flow is not too happy about stores or great could be i regret that my country france is denying its citizens access to the sport make a vaccine for reasons unrelated to health or medicine so if support nick doesn't
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fly to me i'll fly to get it out of access while on a business trip to moscow to flow decided to get inoculated against coronavirus he didn't seem nervous before getting his long awaited job. no i'm not concerned i might have been more worried if it was a different vaccine i won't name it but in france it's being heavily criticized now in this case i might have been more afraid. however maître do flow things is still a long way to travel for an injection but all men can force despite the fact that there is a vaccine shortage in france they have to decide who should get vaccinated firsts which also shows that we don't have enough doses even though there is a vaccine available it's their choice and i think that this is a criminal choice because despite its technology and experience france has not developed its own vaccine never i really regret that we're in this situation i think it's because france no longer has the scientific potential to develop such
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things we are the country of the scientists past cull may and go on to really change the health situation in the world for the better and today we're lagging behind france is the only permanent member of the un security council that has not developed its own vaccine. do flu will get a 2nd sputnik 3 job in 3 weeks during his next trip then he can go home with one less thing to worry about. and the biggest lobbying scandal in a generation has come to light in the united kingdom with the government there announcing an investigation into the former prime minister david cameron but after he held secret talks with ministers in a bid to get them to support a company he was working for more details from london. the british government announcing the review into green silk capital amid the david cameron lobbying groud former prime minister who worked as advise a full green silk off the leaving number 10 as prime minister and he had contacted
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a number of government ministers to try to secure code funding loans for the company which had been struggling like many others over the course of the postie year it david cameron admitting that perhaps he hadn't handled the situation in the best way possible but denying that he had broken any rules i have reflected. there are important lessons to be learned as a former prime minister i accept that communications with the government need to be done through only the most formal of china so there could be no room for misinterpretation the rouse dragged in a number of current ministers including the chancellor. cameron had sent him a text message and had replied saying that his team were working on it and also that he had pushed his team to explore if there were any funding alternatives that could be reached with banks for green so capital there was also a phone call held up between david cameron. on the question of green so and also
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a private drink held between lex green silk the founder of green silk capital amount how the health secretary to discuss a new payment scheme for n.h.s. stuff which one of his companies had been working on we understand that mr hancock wasn't in favor of green so capital being given any contracts is saying that it should be put out to competition and also we understand that he wanted to leave the decision to local n.h.s. manages as to whether to use that particular piece of technology now david cameron is also a welcomed that review and we look forward to seeing exactly what the findings will be. it's about reporting from london that you watch not having to up to date 7 events in the world so far good to have you company will be back again that was usual just out of awful.
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lot of fun demick no certainly no borders and just plotting to nationalities. has emerged little temperature of the we don't look like seeing the whole world peace to be. judged as coming close to sleep just until. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing each of our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. thinks . we do.


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