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when you smell like it's a malt. you're just the 1st one to look upon your asperger's conformal from a 100 words. i chose to use for doing that except. if it was national guard coming off. the plane. to libya. it's what it was for from the difficulties. there will support scoop one of these critics one off the list with
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a good deal to lose because between. showing him to lie for the smear. political. opponents some money and abusing it because he does have a style if you wait for 80. more children's you move from the other books from listens so that. you can go to the jetsons to. do most and store some good. news since so many similar cultural. norm to sell most of them is those movies used to shoot your good tools in your garage or to solicit the rows of holes with
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a super response to newcomers in small. groups local small business loans which was too much to listen. to keep a close look here still. field or your cheek and took his 1st flight at the age of 4311 days at the space station was preceded by 4 years of preparation for the good job. he didn't even get
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his own cabin and had to sleep in a sleeping bag or else. it would weigh all sport and use the door to 2nd flight last good 6 months he accompanied charles symon e. a space tourist it was a tricky mission the cosmonauts were almost evacuated back to earth the computers in the russian sector crashed after coming back to earth your chief in was sure it would be his last flight. was a story you. were squished into news and. lo and behold field was back at the space station preparing for a space walk around. to fish only can you put your idea of going to come out. of your field to put up your own school. he carried the
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olympic torch in space. and gave a concert in syria gravity. your chief and is now 57 and he's getting ready for his face flight he spent 11 years of his life trying to get on the team for a. good reason he knew he'd been known to fly since he was a child. it will look it was blazing will the producers who never don't go vocal coach doesn't resort really near the brilliance of the book or to get them will look to see what you do want to stress this will smoke social talk of the cosmos to your good for the swim for much over but i mean you know as you said it was one of the books with words of the of the it would you share with the real beer the 3rd from the police star you and the british will slow but look 3 additional school teachers
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who could be trying to seem you've been wanting to slow cook with most books were. used to it when you should go to don't just read your so much to be unusable. the books one could believe you know of me which you could use. to build your wish for the globe was before the bulk you were so. much of those who had exhibited you with most of you who read you should see him we will. leave you wish we will when you can hear my school move from all women to the. 3 girls the slums to the world i'm so moved which separates. the from. 'd the
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folk moods and. the catalyst for. the. book. being the big love that should not exist now was. yes. which. is bargain. teacher mrs reached a deal in the senate that's not love that she. said that if you see something. funny you find it's not over. yet it's a small budget. you can also don't buy just made a. duck in your purse do. this movie conclusion you have to prove. it is to. start
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a new project. you . will probably. get. more but you. bought. an aborted landing the cosmonauts were supposed to land in the step but instead touchdown in remote woodland it was only the sight of people strolling around the spaceship the diffuse the tension a little obviously it was only a drill the buttons who were in where it was one you used to do because you knew sort of mused to do work because you knew to be another real to move them. to their good will slowly please you bruce who people are shrewd he was in what was your good league world would so i'm used to the new look is so new consummate
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oblivion really moved to she wouldn't move through it with one could use goes to prove you. are. those who would get bush. did the bubbles. well most could do with a pretty boy who drinks usually of those zupan to leverage who look good here but surely you're able to. know if you're with. us or with us to the group and to. going back. to. your future. which i'm sure. you.
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got right. just when they finally clicked it was decided to dissolve the crew of the space program it changed now they'd be a crew of 2 instead of 3 go with just fish moreover the launch was reshown children brought forward several months preparations had to continue with the greater pates . into a solution with the you move you are the most abuse you should reduce their monthly . so she's do are you. pleased. that we've moved you know good move. nicolaides he is he is a great person he is he's got a hard exterior the strong russian but as soft inside he he's a continual stream of advice so i fully expect that as we go to the space
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station i'll get more advice on take it slow to when it's cool. i've been training with him for so long that. the things that he says or. facial expressions or just his body language i know what he's thinking or like an old married couple and when i don't understand new born you know he he will with his 20 years of speaking english he will explain it in english. i got. it you. know the legal age of.
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these you mean we were good. for. one piece good. reasons. you. know some. commercial for us. we sent. before each flight spends a couple of months since houston to learning how to work in the station's american section he stays at the same place every time usually accompanied by his family.
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where you. live you might you know if you can. move. can use the. him well. oh i'm with you since the theory would amuse you oh good to see you morning. too sick of poking emotional with his use of social club to misquote. oh. you mean you speak. for the p.c. namely your. period your.
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money go to his deserts in the ideal most of us and we'll spare you. the that's the way it's because he. was in the study and you. know what that authority means to bust on the letters m we will quote them with charm on the cheap trick to talk about this blog and for me even though it wasn't true and even the government had more than yes the political news blog and. those in his lengthy differently of course it was blown up when she went to the floor and what chance of a. little guy just got out and. got to know because we see it you blew it give you a bit with us we'll see you in the risk of losing the weight of all flaws in your
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book that can see it's legal for them to know what a form of oprah she wanted you to when you was caught with your toes just society implies least the 4th stomach plus powerful. stuff. you may have put your foot underneath that you'll meet him in houston your chief in monster's america simulators he's flown so many times in
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a study them so well sometimes it's hard to tell who's teaching whom this is now this is the business school was usually means to go to do something anything musical based on the smoke could position. down the steak that's how it is in here but. i put on mine like i asked for something and a star of their. charge out. and pretend that. i should. go to great that's exactly right off. the bush which is we knew it was a shame when the police can use the disappearance of many tickets to see meet your nose and then you see when you sleep you just need to build
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a new list of. those new postilion the complete with you needed to do concerts to be news go because i'm going to use both of you really don't want to compete with you so this learned to do with. this is a little dance a cosmonaut does when he's instruct as a so happy with the results of the legend go to alison. and you can have lunch at his favorite dinah new. jersey. here's your name good. shoes would be good for me. you will. want to see usually you send. until 10 cities. who is the. duke of.
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the rituals to school with you look boob leaders were supposed to have some girls who do is this who used to she says couldn't you say who's can be just so. school good mostly good for good as you put some and you could look cool just to come to school. for her. and i. showed. her your. super blue coat and see how she was and once was for good and sweet and. all entries at light speed. and lift
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off. we have liftoff of the 65th progress resupply vehicle beginning a 2 day journey to the international space station. and. this supply did pull should have full of scientific equipment luggage food and oxygen a city i assist. because. to attain the needed else she would never reach the station some of its fragments burnt in the dense atmosphere and some feel down to earth and there is the view that don't we saw about 30 minutes or so ago. clear rotational spin on the progress cargo craft failures detected in the cores automated. system. thank you.
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thank you. thank you final training sessions and star city chief in and sink arizona ski receive instruction on how to launch satellites they haven't mastered it so far. sergei will join the station crew shortly the cosmonauts were supposed to do a space walk together in new spacesuits however one of them was on the cargo ship that had just crashed and will now have to alter the only suit they've got on the eye and says one of the cosmonauts will wear it for the space walk i. thank before the launch the crew traditionally visits to honor the memory of the world's 1st cosmonaut despite the rain they observe the tradition even though they know that if one of them fall 6 the launch will have to be postponed.
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beautifully you. a sushma moves room because we were. moved which. group rules to show you that you do and we need you to do the news do it use a bird do some work. you know it's just the reverse if you're 33. or 4 years for your. book to slow and it. took a while to. become going by news of movies there was no girlfriend idiots like you and there is a lot of media to looking only at the end of the world and see what works with little or no no no no. i'm ok there are 3 more. years of which is. that.
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you. very much if you please please please. please. don't do it. just seems to not get to the bottom half is it still worth of just because it feels good to be a good review thousandfold mean you move. on to the next now looks like you do need to be sure that those are the ones you choose for your group brainwashed. who are still just crazy about each other because we don't take each other for granted and her being such a strong competent and amazing person has made me being gone so much possible i never call or elizabeth that takes too long to say. it's got to be sexier hardy
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year i payments or something and she's super health. she was. doing. stuff she says through words can remember google group. but you should know who the good girl was who. was who you know she just was still going to school because for she was for special people to keep you. up. she was ours. to do. not force them. to. look at. our troop. they didn't know what i mean and i think. you need to get
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a bunch of which are just you know and we will find you. and you have some of this element of this for me. yes because you certainly get the look. you feel. your chapter of the dance that. was the news you were these are so amazing. one. who those who didn't agree to locals were not among her bird was the only. good cooks they could push those who are good the other more you go. with who are those who do look newcomb used to using the interest in the books. as though they grew the other member of. those who.
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probably. if to. choose. to use. you. it's the very last. minute but the idea.
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that those are the. good news because to beat the shit outta the guts. it was. just a better choice that's just the of the positive stuff bands get our minds assist us there are the thought that you can't get a good to be given a week. but of. the people must feel and i think in the. people in the. email me i. have an alibi that. i want to put out my i'm glad that we get the bit about. it we get back at the. bad stomach that could do to lessen it with the beatles was on this the. first thing you put the bit of the book there you. know and a good feeling in the book of being in that.
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i think it's about it's about. time for. a little bit in your book to sort of. thank you that's going to be. a challenge to do it was. still a question still stoked for you for most of what you were enjoying. yesterday at this way you did. it were. discussing got in st louis who were you. just looking at that's usually. previously it.
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tough to do these are the this is good news don't just be true nobody was being nice. that hi chad. because then you've been duped i was most quickly of shame so it was but you're used to. it almost when you find out they used computers to trade for you you see because rescript it was more of my budget but got bills from a good place to look good to but those laws when they admit the bush get a lot of us and give us a pat to do the roast with why i'm pretty close to the steps of the last but the my pace has removed my good mood new share learn you see a new play moves for the work of the what would change your forge so you but then you open the us think of where i'm so let's.
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just. we're segregated. by social class lower middle class people also in poverty. if you're born into a poor family you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die on average 15 years old if you're born into generational poverty. it's
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a fight every day so you meet your needs and the needs of your family. e.u. officials to reassure. stressing that vaccine hesitancy is costing lives but they're also saw the damage to public trust is already. one year. since it has been shown there are people who have unfortunately died after getting vaccinated the risk is low in their best interest i don't know what to trust. police cars a brick so it's thrown and dozens of officers are injured as rioting sweeps northern ireland trade barriers. u.s. intelligence analyst faces years in jail for exposing america's drug.


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