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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 10, 2021 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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time after time when you're watching the $1000.00 episode of going underground which also for the on the eve of the 2 year anniversary of julius onj of wiki leaks being dragged out of political asylum at the ecuadorian embassy in london by police and bought 2 we'll talk to an ecuadorian diplomat about the global significance of tomorrow's presidential runoff in that south american country but now as julian assad continues his detention without trial in london i'm joined from geneva by the united nations special operator in torture kneels melts a special thank you so much for coming back on i hope you're recovered from coronavirus for us to all but tomorrow marks 2 years since president nixon metropolitan police dragged julian a songe out of the embassy in knightsbridge why do you think it was a key event in the so-called war on terror i'm not sure it's a key event in the war on terror i think it's a cheap event in what might be termed a core a war on on the press from press freedom. because joining us andrea lee
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stands for someone. defense the right of the public to have access to the truth and soon as you all know to richie leaks he published very sensitive information that governments try to keep secrets on you know providing evidence for war crimes and corruption and essentially what we see and feel are playing out in the 11th of april 2019 is kind of. a peak event in his persecution that had already lasted since 2010 and where. it picked in mice is really the way he has been persecuted for a decade in the way he was expelled from the embassy but then he without any legal counsel reality recall primitive process to this asylum status was revoked.
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just because a chlorine nationality was revoked because it would or in constitution does not allow extradition of actual dorian's to other countries and all of this was done without any due process and obviously within you know an hour or 2 he was then brought to the police station and from there on works to a court where a criminal trial hearing had already been scheduled for him for so he and he was convicted within about 15 minutes for a alleged crime of bail isolations which was alleged to have committed 7 years earlier again without having any form of you know sufficient time to recover from the trauma and the shock of the morning's events and actually preparing properly his his criminal trial but these are just examples of very typical of the way a jew in a sense rights have been systematically violated that in older restrictions throughout
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his past decade the jury in these 1000 episodes we've covered torture in one ton of 0 as they abu ghraib famously revealed by a base email hersh who has been on this show why is it relevant to your remit as un says were up with their own torture to the journey in a case history reasons 1st of all tuning a cent has exposed evidence for systematic state sponsored torture and this these crimes that she provided evidence for have never been prosecuted even after givens was published no one has ever been prosecuted for those acts of torture secondly do it in a sentence self has been exposed. to farias forms of cruel inhuman or degrading treatment that do amounts to psychological torture and not making this up examined him together with 2 specialized medical experts who have spent her life examining torture victims and boat. of them confirmed independently of each other but he
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showed all the symptoms are typical of addict and. psychological portrait and so clearly i have to intervene on his behalf and ask for a choose to take measures to protect she's human rights which has not happened despite my interventions and thirdly i have to intervene in this case because julia found just if extradited to the united states clearly will last receive a fair trial and will experience post to conditions of detention very probably in a supermax prison under special administrative measures which clearly do amounts to torture and other real treatment again that's not just my personal opinion but true to sessions which share that opinion in the same function and a host of human and amused international another human rights organizations specialized in the area well british authorities including the police the government than united states authorities old deny any link to torture just remind
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us of what it was like when you visited joining us anjan belmarsh prison in london while i visited him out but 4 weeks after he had been arrested on the 9th of may 2019 and he was obviously was under a lot of stress he already had that time physically blocking the good physical shape she had suffered through 6 years of isolation in india quit or an embassy but . he specially he has been exposed to relentless. threats scenarios of being extradited to the u.s. into a dura stiction where he cannot expect to be treated according to the rule of law and we are he has to expect to disappear basically in a burial alive in some kind of a supermax prison for the rest of his life just treat remind everyone that he is being threatened which prison sentence of 175 years in prison. for
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having exposed to truth about the crimes and corruptions of governments while no one has ever been prosecuted or even sanctioned in a disciplinary fashion for the crimes of very serious crimes that have been exposed by what you. well i mean he has been named in parliament in the european parliament i know you've written a book in german which follows the case he's been raised in the british parliament by jeremy corbyn has been raised by a presidential candidate bernie sanders by by a o c in congress why do you think there's such little attention now paid to his case here in britain he's disappeared from british media stories. well i think that the government had really succeeded in spreading a narrative about him and by isolating him in belmarsh prison for the last 2 years and before that for several years and yet to see it with you know increasing isolation and. difficulties to communicate a public you have exceeded in spreading
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a narrative that she cannot defend itself against about him being a narcissist a traitor or a hacker that basically it's his responsibility to president trump was elected that that that which is a rapist and and all of this despite the fact that there's no evidence really supporting any of those claims and but the governments have really managed to turn the spotlight around and i'm speaking of the spotlight that we can express point it on then the governments and their misconduct you have taken that spotlight and turned it around and focused it on a sunday and have created a whole public discussion about a sunday while the son's case is not really ever out of sundries about the states and their misconduct and no one ever discusses that and so there we see how this crime drama or a between the collusion between the mainstream media and. the governments
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how that works influence public opinion in in many ways that the public is not even aware of. so rare are we had well we've had un special rapporteur has on this show they have often being criticised by british governments just a test tell us about how happy or unhappy with the responses of the british government whether under tereza may or thrown to the foreign secretary morris jones as prime minister to your allegations about the torture of julian assad. well i mean that's just you know a very shameful reaction there in new britain has always been a state that was proud of its kind of legacy and it's a tradition in promoting human rights and i have to say frankly when i still work for the international committee of direct process in war areas cooperating with the military forces underground there was was really
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a very fruitful cooperation and so i expected to get the said kind of cooperation with the government now in my present un mandate but that's not the case at all i i intervened immediately after my visit to asunder but the following day i intervened with floridians and told them that it was very urgent for them to take measures to protect his health and human rights and it took the bridge government 5 months to respond and in that response which was about half a page long beach just rejected all allegations and since then they refused to respond to any further coming to cations and to engage in a fruitful dialogue and that's nothing personal concerning my person because stand under same obviously with other special or upper tourist whenever they criticise government whenever they and philip alston on poverty. and i think it was a previous visit by spy
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a special operator on housing that i repeat i remember well a couple of appears fact the working group an arbor detention which is also in the case of do it in a sense decided the few years back and late 2000. 50 and that his his presence or his you know that scene ginny embassy. amounted to arbitrate a creation of liberty the british government gauged with that proceeding expecting that it would go in its favor but as soon as it turned out not to be in its favor it just refused to implement it now it is striking the irony of a government like the british government accusing someone like our sons of wanting to abase justice yet due to the sound is basically they're facing justice or injustice and while the british government at the age trusts whenever the international system which is part of criticizes the british government we've seen similar developments with the e.u. write it that the government simply feels that it has some kind of
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a sense of entitlement to violate international law without. accountability. well of course the british government denies any wrongdoing in all of this it was of course though it honors that released papers from the hillary clinton campaign which showed the dirty tricks against bunny son there's lots of hillary clinton people now in the biden administration any different response to your arguments about julian assange from the biden administration not at all i mean i don't buy that mistrust is simply pursues a very similar path. as steve trying to ministration essentially which he continues to do to prosecute other how argument of 2 d.n.c. leaks. i think is is something that is worth just spending a moment on because i want to read the elections have been the mature markets but they have not been manipulated sunshield the russians they have been manipulated by
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the democratic party that's i mean that's evidence the hat and 40 other claims to are simply no evidence and this again is an example where we see how the public narrative is being turned around and xstrata lies to you know an extraordinary anybody so that the population will not look at the corruption that is actually being practiced in front of their nose at home. well i mean perhaps some british officials might say the legacy of all of this is being do legislate to allow some of the things that as andro veal to be illegal what what have you made of the overseas operations bill that's coming through involvement here that immunizes u.k. soldiers and also a bill to limit the rights of protest and to apparently permit murder and rape by the security services here in britain all this under the 4th johnson administration
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well that's a piece of legislation that i have warned about i have to officially a protest against at risk the british government. clearly provides for impunity for international crimes crimes that people have you know been sentenced for in nuremberg and in tokyo there is simply no justification no conceivable justification for having a piece of legislation of leading prosecution for these types of crimes it means that the government wants to protect these types of perpetrators if the government claims that it has an issue with big stations claims well then it has to strike the proceedings where do you see claims can be proven to be exceptions but if you want to go in other parts of the world and you want to you know conduct invasion such as in iraq or bombardments in other countries well you have to face to music when you
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come out it goes hand in hand with the other piece of legislation rich concern said authorization of domestic crimes by intelligence agents i think it's called i'm not mistaken to spy crops. it goes into same direction but then permits intelligence agents to commit very serious crimes including you know torture and and and other serious crimes in the u.k. . and how can you possibly claim to be a democracy governed by the rule of law and authorized. special thank you in part 2 of the 1000 for this you know going on the ground we speak to the ecuadorian diplomat instrumental in getting julian assange asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london. even misguided believed by many that by locking down the whole society you can somehow protect all high risk people what we're seeing now is that on here stuff
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that wasn't the case it did not protect. the high risk pool of people bitterest in the us we have now over half a 1000000 deaths mostly older people there was a complete failure to think about these lockdowns would actually protect all the high risk people. we're segregated. by social class. people. if you're born into a poor family if you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die on average 15 years old if you're born into generational poverty. every
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day you meet your needs and the needs of your family. welcome back to more of the south american country may have a new president not so keen on alleged quid pro quos with washington over cia bases and torturing julian asylum's jailed here in london instrumental in the wiki leaks founder the site of up occasion was ecuadorian diplomat who joins me now from cambridge in england thank you so much warmer console for coming on this 1000 this episode of going underground before you go into the presidential election just take us back to how you felt when you saw the pictures of the founder of wiki leaks being dragged out by metropolitan police from your embassy in london. well thank you it's a privilege to be here i feel as shame completely ashamed of show government i was
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capable of opening the doors of a diplomatic mission to allow a foreign force to enter and get dark lead turnley get now political refugee that never happened he story will all. was so proud to be holding op political asylum human rights doing so many years but as you know more anybody trait ecuador be tradeable to us betrayed them across and betrayed julian assange so i felt very ashamed 2 years ago because programmer a no no no longer there in government lawyers here say it was entirely legal that crested extend the metropolitan police into your embassy but you said that it. was redolent of a colonial mentality of britain is trying to impress washington oh yes yes marshall nothing legal about dart there's a principle each human an international human rights which is there no deval lucian
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principle you cannot give back to political refugees even death threats all the sheen persist and ducks who are loaded with julian assange besides that julian east ecuadorian he became ecuadorian during she's 7 year stay in the embassy and according to local law in constitution not ecuadorian could be extradited anywhere so it was illegal and we know that there was a negotiations behind the scenes directly with the americans and with the british english to hand him over. well scotland yard denies that it in league or i mean you saw the police presence over the years the covert police presence as well outside the ecuadorian embassy in knightsbridge in london what did you think of the alleged disproportionality the number of police that it took to take julian
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a sandwich out of the embassy into a van well let's remember and remember and british always alleged doubt it was nothing to do with them that's only about what should be should request for an internal geisha enjoying investigation so to have such a huge surveillance over somebody who was not even charge of anything doing so many years is obviously. they need their special operation they needed weeks in advance of preparation in order to my surprise and to the embassy and not to not such why do you think media here in britain wasn't as interested it was a r.t. is strong in his asian ruptly that court the pictures of julian assange being dragged out of the embassy by police officers the b.b.c.
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even reuters of course the famous footage that the sandra leased by wiki leaks of reuters employees being gunned down in iraq why were the media not as interested. well corporate media were not keen on julie and really on weekly leaks because while we could leaks and you now sanch these not only don't they expose the war crimes and the war criminals but today also define their media machinery behind it works the media will work in a way complicit by not standing up to the lice set by the government in order to go to war so julian defied him to learn that spose the media as well that they're going to fight we don't take she confront them does why they were knocking on the julian and the is is very very worrying that they don't see how dangerous these president is for journalists must unfold media as well in
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the future i understand that you as a former consul and then some it is it your understanding that marina made a deal which entailed cia bugging of the embassy cia bases in ecuador and a $4200000000.00 i.m.f. loan to ecuador a kind of. torture money for a scientific or both are well known are house compliant and she has been. she has even united states everything they requested in julian's case they were requesting information from inside the embassy duck commands. the registrations. everything about julian assange communications long before julian was beaked and they went as far as to interview to
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interrogate. dorrian diplomats. dos dawn by u.s. prosecutors in quito so i'm not surprised that anyone i know. and again julian assange heads to the united states not surprised at all. well having maria's bringers presidential career is over arguably tomorrow the power of our papers in britain had little effect on david cameron even though members of his family were when named why do you think you're one of the candidates at tomorrow's election. he's an involvement in a bank or why a kill just tell me about glare more last though and why a quick dorian's you don't think will be voting for him tomorrow or the runoff election. well mr lassally is one of the reaches reaches people in an acquittal she has being trying to be comical in president for
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a very long time this is he's attempt she has she has. government. money not in the last 4 years she has a very true primary can. guy and strictly speaking she shouldn't be able to run even in the election because equal long ago by referendum proof banning all those people who have of sure assets in order to they cannot run for police officers offices and mr mr last or she has plenty of assets. back chairmans in the caribbean so. she insists their attempt i guess she is lasts one because she she is not a young person the keys help is quite damaged. thus the choice between hume
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i wonder we will be i am convinced it will be the youngest president in history only 36 years old brilliant economies and rest and house well if the coca-cola director a lot of failed to become president. tell me about this and reza you said he's brilliant will it will he. try his best to. make amends for ecuador's behavior over julian assange true as we heard in part one from the un special rapporteur the well being tortured here in london well listen houses and new political blocks to where they were in politics she was there were sold dogs c.d.'s and revolution he was minister under rafael correa in several ministers. she is an economist she called consoler boss kids kid nation economic and i mean
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sed very progressive member of the international international progressive alliance . and she is going to take that path that rafael guerrero undersea to some revolution started for ecuador 14 years ago which is a part of a sovereign country which we'll have. respectful relationships with all over the world but it will stand up it will stand up against the ruling of their more powerful countries in the world. well we know what happens to countries that want to be sovereign or say they want to be sovereign we now have evidence that britain is colluding against evo morales in bolivia britain doesn't recognize manure of venezuela's election what do you think the united states and britain will do to andres iras if he seeks a sovereign policy over the people of ecuador. well i very much
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hope you will respect you will democratic and we'll also talk with laurean people and we very much think that they will respect. our constitution our democratic process and i are in the same way don that we do respect other countries do you think it's ironic that julian assad's leaked so many papers about u.s. foreign policy the national endowment for democracy and so forth interference in latin american policies and in fact to more of ecuadorian election has been influenced by leaks by wiki leaks as well because marino apparently with to some extent brought down by the demonstrations for julian assange in ecuador in 2019 i think many many countries all know very much to weekly and to julian assange will expose seen. corruption basically from the power people.
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many many in many places in the world. this is this ironic it is ironic and. growing sites we do action of julian assange and he was sorry and i know firsthand that giuliani's very very. concerned about what's happening in what became she's 2nd country in ecuador and i'm sure don't you government of equal or we'll. take. the defense of. julia sanch steel prosecuted steel socially in full for political row persecution and steal and justly in jail and just finally what do you know about the condition of julian as anjan belmarsh prison in london hand in expectations from joe biden who's the earth and nothing about
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dropping all the espionage charges against him well as much as you can suspect this is a maximum security prison called you i'm damn well. very very danger could mean hours . and julian assange she's not serving any sentence there's no reason why she should remain increasing there is a risk of coronado's fund and week in prison she is isolated most of the day 20 to 23 hours per day so she is no well he's definitely no not not well and. yet the charges should be dropped because even if you win she's extradition case in the last instance then general sanchez will be safe to move from the u.k. the u.k.
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decision will leave ali chill nice jurisdiction but if he goes out of the u.k. she will be in the in jail the united states trying to get him again that's why it's so important to john biden on the new u.s. administration finally and completely the charges which are basic usually against general former counsel thank you that type of this 1000 additional going underground back home of the 60 years to the day russia's then the 1st human in space in history yuri gagarin keep in touch with a lot social media we'll see your mother. so we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on often scary dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time
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to sit down and tague. top stories here on r.t. the head of the u.s. prison informant unquote signing like a bird to american interrogators exposing some of the terror group's most effective operators this according to the classified pentagon files. the white house is run by european hawks settled replacing north stream too with dirtier more expensive gas that's according to a member of germany's foreign affairs committee he spoke with us here at r.t. . ok the party of rule mongers has come to power in the us this will aggravate the problem on the european continent this fits into biden's concept.
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spacecraft successfully makes its way to the international space station just day.


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