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the head of i saw was a u.s. prison and for months declassified pentagon files reveal the protasis sang like a bird to american interrogators exposing some of the terror group's most effective operators. the white house is run by anti european hoax set on replacing nord stream 2 with dirtier more expensive american gas and the germans foreign minister as foreign affairs committee has told r.t. . a part to blame on this is come to power in the us this will our great big problem on the european continent this fits into biden's concern. as soyuz spacecraft successfully makes its way to the international space station
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just days ahead of the 60th anniversary of human spaceflight. very warm welcome you watching r.t. international with me in a key area. of the leadoff islamic state was a u.s. military president who quote sounds like a bird in jail revealing secrets on the terror group that allowed western forces to kill quote high value harvests the revelations come from 53 previously confidential interrogation reports with more details on what they reveal his artie's in it for trying. when islamic state was running rampant all over northern iraq a few years ago the indigenous u.c.d. community was bearing the brunt of the jihadi atrocities perhaps more than anyone
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else has. to do with. the ringback earth. now some kind of senior figure within eisel ranks must of been behind all this right one of the accused is current islamic state leader. and guess what the released documents reveal the man was once a prisoner of the u.s. military and provided the pentagon with extensive intelligence before being let go in several reports. u.s. forces are the best time of day to find islamic state in iraq members in different locations around mosul for example describing a specific cafe parts of smith's daily. detainees seems to be more with every
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session what else do we learn from the declassified reports was an absolutely precious asset for the interrogators he revealed the identities of terrorist leaders provided map like directions on how to find them the man even pointed out the phone numbers of 19 jihadi officials as well as pay they got for their jobs so to say the current head of eisel once bitrate the group step he commander to american interrogators to then take his place this led to a u.s. military op in which the 2nd in command of the islamic state pretty obsessor group was killed in 2008 think guantanamo think of plenty of other individuals imprisoned by uncle sam you can't help wondering how the hell malo walked free the point it happened at is unclear too but the last interrogation reports mentioning him are dated july 2008 so what's with the release was it a stupid accident
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a major system full or maybe someone thought the guy would never really cause trouble well then the story of ice holes now dead former boss. dottie should ring a bell the fact 'd that al baghdadi got his start in an american prison isn't unique there are many people including this use this current isis leader of the american prisons in iraq you've been described by many as an incubator for an incubator for isis you know she's not a war in the. area there were hundreds of prisoners thousands of prisoners like many who cooperated who were eventually released i think is part and parcel of the lack of strategic focus that is plagued the united states in terms of its interactions in the middle east since the. very bad decision to. back in 2003
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we haven't made a good decision since then all mala turned out to be the media its successor of al but dottie after he was eliminated in a u.s. raid in syria and 29 thing today washington has a bounty of $10000000.00 on all malas head well after all it's the us that one spearheaded the war on terror and remains the most successful force in ridding the world of the evil or maybe something has gone wrong with how it's done we've killed isis members by the 10s of thousands if not hundreds of thousands the same without ita and yet they exist because killing people is not destroying the ideology the ideology is sustained by the continued american presence in the middle east this this unlawful presence in iraq and syria and elsewhere so you know until which time we can diffuse that which motivates these people to support isis isis
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was always exist no matter who is in charge and how many of their leaders we kill i mean it's a vicious cycle the good the american presence in the middle east creates isis and the continued struggle against isis is used to justify the continued presence of the american military in the middle east which creates isis and it's just a circle that goes on and on and on it will never end until we get out of the middle east. until e.u. warmongers have gained office in america member of germany's foreign affairs committee household ossie the president biden moved to hire a special envoy to kill construction of north seemed to have he added it's impossible to stop the pipeline to bring billions of keeping meters of gas from russia to europe. a party of war mongers has come to power in the us this will aggravate the problem on the european continent this fits into biden's concept but
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we have no other choice the project has been approved by all the authorities and it is fully financed if we don't finish it for whatever reason we will lose billions of euros we will also not be able to guarantee our energy security project will be finished but it's not clear what compromises will have to be made i know that the resistance is also commercial because the us wants the liquefied natural gas market for itself and wants to supply liquefied natural gas to europe even though american liquefied natural gas is much more expensive and environmentally unacceptable it is dirty and expensive but that does not bother our partners. the u.s. had already dubbed the project a bad deal for europe with the secretary of state ready to sanction any german firms involved in the project a russian foreign ministry statement calls on washington not to set a legal obstacles blocking completion of the projects and to follow international law hurts again note the u.s. strategy is backfiring. the dependence on the u.s.
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is enormous it is always claim that we are becoming dependent on russia to gas imports but that is only one percent of our dependence on the us biden can do anything he wants with this government which is completely under the influence of us they have nothing to fear but if it changes and if we trade more with russia it would be the best thing we could do if we can't do that or we don't do it russia will link up with china and then we will be crushed between the 2 blocs we have only one way out of this mess we have to communicate with russia and end the sanctions we must build a free economic zone from the eyes of our start to lisbon only then can we speak on an equal footing with everyone else on a political and economic level at the moment we are not sovereign only if you say it but everyone knows that the us has a dilemma if they continue this way europe will shake them off and deal with russia differently. as we gear up for the historic anniversary of the 1st ever human spaceflight r.t. has special coverage for you over the coming days it comes as the international
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space station welcomes a new 3 man crew as the soyuz spaceship docked on friday we return to the moment of the last after years of the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan. 2 russians oleg novitsky and potter the duplo for all skulls small sounds american mock sunday of not so of the crew the team that will be busy carrying out to around 50 times of scientific research at the station the crew is a new addition to the 7 members already aboard the eye and says while the launch marks the 60th anniversary of paul's minerals yuri gagarin's historic flight on april the 12th 1961 to become the 1st human in space. moskos also pushing ahead with groundbreaking innovations to improve our understanding of the moon. dawn of spoke to the scientists behind a new lunar lander. this warehouse holds the next big thing of the russian space
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exploration program if it had a p.r. slogan it probably be back to the future because by this it's called moon 25 russia aims to return to the earth's only proper natural satellite well the moon building up on the legacy and the lunar program of the soviet union at the bus are the main differences luna $25.00 was created with modern technology standards of course the machines that flew in the previous century were big and bulky and since space is an expensive pleasure all the engineering and development of space technologies are aimed at minimizing mass there for it old lunar used big and heavy rockets heavy class loads rickles for our projects we shifted to medium close launch vehicles which are cheaper like soyuz or so used to and of course the approaches to construction used for designing the machines are in line with the modern technology .
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this is what's left of when you 4 or moon 24 the direct predecessor of the probe that is set to fly to the moon this fall the 2 are decades apart and this 1 may not look like much after all the descend hasn't been easy for it but it was the last time the soviet union got lunar samples in a container exactly like this one. the assembly here barely stops after all moon $25.00 is set to fly into space on the 1st of october this year already and it's going to do something that has. it's
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never been done before it's going to land on the south pole of the moon why is it so important because scientists are expecting to find in the craters there and hence water possibly the most precious resource of all for humanity out there in space this manipulator will be grabbing samples and putting it into a compartment above it that's where the equipment installed on this machine will be heating it up and analyzing it and beaming results back to earth and potentially paving way for the 1st lunar base because that's what russia has its sights on. women's rights in space flying bread crumbs and dancing in 0 gravity parties sounds good tale a quiz to industry pros on some of the real issues around flying to the stars. did not think i went to baikonur in 2019 i was still in there 2 kilometers from the launch pad but even they i was so nervous and sweat and so much i can it even
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imagine what you feel when you're right there waiting for the launch. actually we feel pretty calm because i've been preparing for ages and finally it's the moment i've been waiting for for so long it is like waiting for a birthday cake and here you get your piece of the cake rocket launch and you get to do what you've prepared for for years i thought because one of them sneaks what kind of dreams do have while in space and if you cry on the i assess where do the tears float. you watch the movie gravity which is a it's visually beautiful but it's factually terrible they have the actress sandra bullock cry and her tears come squirting out of her eyes and and fly across the spaceship and i'm thinking when i cry on earth my tears don't come squirting out of my eyes and fly across the room it's ridiculous. your tears just form and stay on your eyeball like i don't know. jelly or something where they do just stay
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there permanently in space your tears don't fall. right now you are the only woman in the russian team how many years has it been that this is not the 1st woman since 2016. a woman hater is there and ross cos most of all that know of course not all women always participate in the selection process and there are women who almost make it almost to the end and usually does medical conditions are not given them a chance to complete what i have a question of all the time how did understand when is the day and when is the night where the floor is and where the sioux in this little soldier can keep track of the summer we see 16 sunrises and sunsets so we check our watches to see if it is day or night. what excuse can you use of you're late for work here on earth we always say i'm in a traffic jam but if you're late for work at the station what would you say i was just looking up at the earth and i just drifted away in my mind when you're living
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on board the space station there is not just mr and control there in correlative just on the outskirts of moscow at super but there's also mission control in houston and in montreal and in munich and in tokyo and all of those mission controls are telling you what to do and they put it on this computer screen and this red line is moving across your life and it tells you what you're doing every 5 minutes for the whole 6 months that you're on the space station but i think the standard excuse of there is there are 6 people and only 2 bathrooms so that's probably the best excuse we have above all a thought has ever happened that while you are as the eyes satisfy people come there and bring you something that you're really the wanted from earth such a favor to bring is something that was after that but we can ask people to bring something and the guys will do if the mission control allows them but small things because there is a strict list of things that can be brought and it is impossible to take something
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secret place in the space station yes we thought what about the crumbs if you've been eaten some dried do crumbs fly all over the place. oh there are legends about crumbs they can cause some problems but actually they are sucked up by the filters very fast this makes good lives deals they spread has been made this small our american colleagues even call it barbie bread like the bread for barbie bread that specifically was made so tiny to be eaten in one bite and avoid the crumbs. go in sly and shit in a new era of human space travel and some of these people so my mentality will be covering more high flying masons in the coming days fly this route with us on their .
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yes to my evil misguided believe by many that by locking down the whole society you can somehow protect the old high risk people we're seeing now is so obvious that that wasn't the case it did not achieve. the high risk pool of people they trust in the us we have now over half a 1000000 deaths mostly older people so that was a complete failure just saying that these lockdowns would actually put china and all the high risk people.
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the way the a. week . welcome back well this sunday will mark 2 years since wiki leaks founder julian assange was forcibly drag from the ecuadorian embassy in london and arrested by police to briefly remind us songs had been granted asylum by ecuador and it's been almost 7 years in the embassy after publishing a series of classified military files and led to the revealing u.s. war crimes well that before he was torn from the building and sentenced to
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a prison term during which he reportedly suffered psychological torture the u.s. has since sought asylum is extradition despite complaints from human rights activists u.s. special rapporteur on torture knows miles has referred to the assan saga as a war on press freedom you can watch the full interview with meltzer on going underground heroin r.t. international throughout the day. i'm not sure it's a key event in the war on terror i think it. might be true because of war and on the pressure on press freedom. because she. really stands for someone. to the right of to public actions genius and has exposed evidence for systematic. torture and this these crimes that she provided evidence for have never been prosecuted even as. after you have a dance was published no one has ever been prosecuted for those acts of torture secondly
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julian essential self has been exposed. to farias forms of cruel inhuman or degrading treatment that do amounts to psychological torture while i visited him out but for weeks after he had been arrested on the 9th of may 2019 and he was obviously was under a lot of stress he already had that time physically belonging to good physical shape she had suffered through 6 years of of isolation in india quit or an embassy but. specially he has been exposed to relent lists. threats scenarios of being extradited to the us and to a jury stiction where he cannot expect to be treated according to the rule of law and we are he has to expect to disappear basically in a burial alive in some kind of a supermax prison for the rest of his life. talks have resumed on
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and play international a sanitary biden's administration has that to resolve the iran nuclear deal which donald trump less than 2018 brings a signatories together in vienna to find a way out of diplomatic deadlock but the u.s. and iran will not talk directly has artists on the right explains. there are many jobs for life in this day and age unless you're a diplomat working in u.s. iran relations because that never ends yes they're on it all over again in vienna again washington and tehran are taking steps to revive the iran nuclear deal in 2015 they signed the joint comprehensive plan of action despite iran agreeing to scale back its nuclear program making it harder to build a bomb it says it doesn't want to build anyway 3 years later try this i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the a rare nuclear deal trunk clearly felt he was being deprived of the birthright of all american presidents and thus the release grew over the iranians but there was
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a twist as always a twist u.s. president elected joe biden says he plans to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal course immigrant children from central america will tell you just because biden says it's going to happen doesn't mean it actually will. too much so that brings us to the new talks in vienna this week of course that is the u.s. and iran has to be an element of fast about the whole proceedings and one hotel of the diplomats from around the e.u. russia china and the you carry the u.s. delegation is across the road in another hotel the 2 sides won't hold direct talks only just kind of stand near each other and the europeans becoming kind of living metaphors for their true standing in the world and being used as messenger boys and girls literally running notes across the road between the 2 camps where when you fancied someone at school so embarrassing the main sticking point is the u.s. wants this to be a step by step process to get the deal back up and running iran quite reasonably
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you have to say things that the u.s. was the one to pull out this should be a one stop deal which will see the fall removal of sanctions to be fair to the u.s. lifting sanctions won't be that easy washington's put in place $1600.00 of them as a lot of paperwork a strange quirk of this deal is a lot of attention is put on how long. it would take iran to actually build a bomb the original deal about a year the west since iran started enriching uranium after the collapse of the deal is now down to a few months the real pressure seems to be coming from the election cycle because iran's president rouhani wants to get something in the bag before elections in june because the conservatives he's facing are not big on the deal and president biden worry needs to live up to his election promises because what he's not getting any younger is a. meanwhile terrans pushing ahead with washington's top rival beijing half a decade of talks concluded last month with iran and china and get 25 year deal on strategic and economic partnerships agreements part of beijing's giant belton's
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road trade initiative to pump $400000000000.00 into global infrastructure artie's benz one got opposing reactions from a panel of guests on his no b.s. podcast. well i get men to one can say is the manifestation of. long debated policy of to the east or look to the east after the u.s. so we do all of iran's nuclear deal in 2018 this policy gaining more credibility in order 'd to put to allow iran to causative ates more relations in terms of it other countries especially russia and china in the eyes of l. these deals this agrement could be seen as a very new course of action for iran to project its power and to prove that. the rain and politicians may say that they are not there are no longer
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a role of honorable to us sanctions and even past that there came into being after this impasse bit the biden administration the guarding their levi well of the nuclear deal the rainy and now can prove that they're no longer isolated they. believe that as you do with the e.u. it's problematic we believe that we should be you. more pressure. and eventually you have a better leave them there one of. them 15 of the j.c.b. or 8 or the other the initiative that they added encourage everyone to continue with their also deal with the with the provocation the more the reason it was seen going back to the g.d.p. way if it's dangerous we hope that by that and by then we'll learn to do it with the what we did by going to atlanta for the if they were action we ended their
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agreement with norman mint basically gave mainland give you the freedom of their efforts to locate a nuclear capability with it without actually having anything to read their. now if you thought modern day cabins were cramped spare a thought for bryan robson he flew from australia to the us in 1965 as a stowaway inside a wooden crate and now it he's releasing a book about his experience called the crate escape mr robson who's from wales was stuck in melbourne at the time and couldn't afford his airfare home which would have cost the equivalent of $12000.00 pounds so we take him out with a plan to travel as freight inside a wooden box the size of a fridge unfortunately didn't go as planned the plane was supposed to fly to london but ended up in los angeles my colleague livery sushi spoke to the money question. you know i understand you spent 4 days in that box 56 years ago i mean it's sounds
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like absolute torture how did you survive to be honest i'd like to know that it was absolute dollar general i didn't expect it to be and it was really painful. lack of oxygen no oxygen no air pressure in the old. no heating it was absolutely freezing or it was absolutely boiling nothing in between oh it wasn't a very nice experience but as as i understand it you have actually issued now a public call to track down the 2 irishman who helped you get into that crate 56 years ago what would you do when you find out let them buy me a beer. well perhaps i'll buy them one i just want to make sure they're all right i have tried for i tried initially to contact them and i couldn't and i'd like to contact them and yes sanker and but i'm a drinker have a nice time have
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a reunion what about what about modern day that if you try to do this today with modern day airport security do you think it will be possible no absolutely not. in those days there was no security it was very lax. aviation was fairly in its infancy as far as passengers were concerned it was very expensive there was no terrorism or oh no nothing so there was very little security actually after i did it they introduced what they considered to be a secure method and most countries then started spraying crates with sneezing so if somebody was in there the they would seize obviously you know. well so for me for today but what we see today will be hit with the latest in just a minute. because the banks are getting so much free money from the government they don't want to
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take even any risk on any small to medium sized enterprise or anyone looking to buy a house because why take any risk at all if the government's just going to stuff trillions of dollars on your balance sheet. the world is driven by shaped. thinks. we. ask.
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i'm action or times when you're watching the $1000.00 deficit of going underground which also falls on the eve of the 2 year anniversary of julian assange of wiki leaks being dragged out of political asylum at the ecuadorian embassy in london by police in part 2 we'll talk to an ecuadorian diplomat about the global significance of tomorrow's presidential runoff in that south american country but now as julian assange continues his detention without trial in london i'm joined from geneva by the united nations special report or torture meals a special thank you so much for coming back on i hope you're recovered from. tomorrow. 2 years since president expendible and police dragged julian a songe out of the embassy in knightsbridge why do you think it was a key event in the so-called war on terror i'm not sure it's a key event in the war in terror i think it's a cheap event in what might be termed a quote.


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