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hey folks welcome to done a similar plus one we're joined by comedian jo koy you know that skull barely holding the brainpower in it is so it is so voluminous over there joe is known for his appearances on chelsea lately the tonight show stand up specials on comedy central netflix and he has a new autobiography out titled mixed plate chronicles of an all-american combo i think that came out on march 23rd this is joe call it joseph. how are you dennis beautiful brother if you swore more near act i would have recommended you call the book patter but you're such a such a clean working comedian. how are you i i
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you know the thing is with the platter the big plate you know i got it from hawaii telling me to do equate does it take you to hawaii as well yeah do you know why they always in the mix played in hawaii have the spam is for years the food transit from the contiguous 48 over to hawaii was kind of sluggish and unpredictable so they imported a lot of spam and that's why you'll find much so much spam throughout the whole why and islands as it was transportable portable and it would it would keep. it would last forever. still eating spam for a girl or 2. jeff diamond head is made out of calcified spam that sad but a lot. of the same you rather you know it's funny joe's i was reading
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your notes and by the way born june 2nd 1971 which is i found an old program of my high school graduation i graduated on the day that you were born so there that gives you some perspective but i see what you're at air force route 6 5 i can tell you joe how many comics i have watched the show i love talking to comics and so many of them grew up military kids must have prepared you have the road or something 100 percent i see it all the time i said in my jokes all the time but i go god bless the armed forces because if it wasn't for the armed forces there would be a mixed race. and that's the truth of. the armed forces created the mix race baby if you like the further army or the air force there would be a tiger woods there would be a joke ojt fate you us of course it's. right well speaking of. the. mixed plate chronicles of an
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all-american call you such young man i think you're 49 and no doubt you know a little a lot a lot and a lot of more exploits over the years go why it 49 an autobiography my friend what have what have you gleaned wisdom wise that you felt the need committed to pirates . i you know one thing that i struggled on being a mixed kid growing up in the seventies and growing up in the eighty's. it was hard dennis like you know my identity i latched on to my mom site being filipino my mom and dad divorced my mom raised me i latched on to that side but then we lived in a country where it wasn't represented and it was hard it was hard to make decisions like a want to be a comedian as funny as that sounds when you have an immigrant mom moves to this country and she hears that or so it must become a comedian all she hears this failure it's. dealing with that struggle and dealing
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with my identity and being a kid of immigrant parents. there was a lot of struggle and it wasn't that easy you know people see that netflix specials and all that but they don't know how hard it was a convince people that hate my story. needs to be heard as well lot of people didn't think that that story could make it on the flicks in fact netflix said no and that's the reason why i had to pay for it myself and actually show that they need to say yes and that's what i want to show in this book that there is a there's a lot more to it than just becoming a comedian there's a lot more you know obstacles and you know identity problems with myself and i just try to get through the door and try to make it in the in hollywood was it was a struggle and that's the whole point of the book i just want people to hear. you know you're one of the most effervescent personalities i've met over the last 10 years of my life always severely and always seemed to see the glass more than half
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full art for me to imagine mommy asli it was but it's hard for me to imagine you. you know troubled and brooding when you're young since you're such as i said a positive spirit. they take up for comedy but comedy saved my life for real you know be in the you know i had a brother that was you know mentally ill at the time dealing with schizophrenia and you know we had a very broken home one when i was growing up and one thing that i latched on to him and loved and cherished the most was stand up comedy and you know we did have it stick graham and facebook at you tube if you didn't have money you didn't have each video so you know when they got comic relief on t.v. i would record that i would record every special every saturday night live i would have on tape and i would just that was might skate that was my laughter dennis miller you know you are my you know you're the reason why you stand up in. the ad that that that comedy saved my life and that's that's that's the whole point of
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this book i want people to hear what i had to go through just to be where i am now interview with one of my mentors you know joe david bowie had a brother who had some mental illness too and i know that it acted on him in 2 ways he he always thought he was one step ahead of it and it was like you know if you keep keep going it might be again an anya and he also felt some sort of survivor's guilt in a way i'm wondering how it affected you as a young man. it hurt as it hurt as a lot it you know it broke the family apart you know and as a kid i always say this to people that you don't have to tell the kid the story because the kid will write it when they get older well we'll figure it out when we get all i know that sounds weird but i understand now why my dad and my mom divorce understand why. it was hard for them to it was hard for our house to stay together
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because of my brother my brother was you know there's different kinds of schizophrenia my brother was on the violent side and there was a lot of cops being called there was a lot of crying there was a lot of bruises these that i kept inside for a long long time it took me a long time i mean i'm finally talking about it with you right now i mean you know writing about it in the book was not fun you know it was very emotional and and yeah just that dealing with my my brother was hard because you love him so much and but there was times where i've like i i hate you and i just i don't ever want to see you again but you can't use it like that with your brother she know the beat so. that's the emotion i went through that's why i don't talk about my brother on stage that's why it's you know i want to find the funny and talk about my brother because my brother is so funny you know my brother is such a funny guy such a great personality but how do i find that we're where do i dig deep at such an
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emotional thing for me to talk about my brother so yeah opening up in this book just felt so good man. who got blush a joke because i've now done a complete turnaround in 5 to 7 minutes i always wonder why do younger people write an autobiography an age 49 i'm now thinking my god how did this. this guy who i admire and indeed feel such a fondness for make it to 40 and i would bet on capping some of this stuff it must have been churning around in you like a business night friend. yeah it hurt man i'm not going to lie there are some things in this book that i you know thank god i said i want to write a book because there are things that were bottled up inside of me when i finally said oh like wow i was i was like wow i remember doing the audio book and just like crying in the booth because i was like i've been holding on to this for this long. it was so emotion that just you know like yeah you know i got mad at my dad i say
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that all the time now but i love my dad we're best friends now but during that time that time between 11 and 20 when i needed him the most you know there was a lot of resentment and a lot of hope a lot of people always go why do you why don't you ever talk about your dad i'm like well there's a reason. you know my dad and my dad and i are you know were best of friends and and i understand i said to mike that i could do it i understand and one thing i said in the book that it's not i'm sharing with you is. when i went to go visit my brothers my brother still in the you know he's it's he's a situational as you know and i want to go see him and they have the side of books where you sign in you know the whoever comes to visit have to sign the book and one of the craziest things i ever seen was. i got her also remind you that my dad is my brother's it might be my dad my dad adopted robert so you know there's no blood there but he loves robert you know and. when i went to go to the hospital and
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i saw just page after page after page of just my dad signature my dad was visiting my brother and never telling any of us and it's choking me up right but that's yes jesus or oh. yeah so the luggage was stuffed up that bottles up inside and you know this is man you know like life is crazy it's just you know but it. the i am the person i am today because of what we had to go through. what a powerful thing though that when you're sitting there wondering where is my dad from 11 to 20 your dad is a string the call on the sibling who. really quite frankly we all need it but needed it the best that's that's an amazing story joe just folks in power and i'm sure entertaining this book is because joe in you know he's gone through his
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travails he's navigated out of tight shoals as a lot of us have to do in life and as i said he's one of the most to believe in spirits i know this must be a fascinating book it's is new autobiography out titled mixed plate chronicles of an all american combo and well as i said there's no there's no more popular comedian in the world right now joe so for him to well i'm just saying you know there's a few guys who can go anywhere on the planet as i told you before you were voted mr pacific rim 2020 my friend you are all. that and i. but it's just the silly that you scaled them out when we come back we'll talk about some more well some more. comedy stories but as i said if that doesn't what your interest read this book from for the pay those the growth and the just remind
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you that everybody's carrying their own burden the book mixed plate chronicles of an all-american combo our guest is jo koy will come back and share some laughs right after this dennis miller plus one. who of them saw a movie. who forbid you of who the movie before. which of those who heard of the food you had with the new movie. who would you. move. move. move show you this new york liberal i mean it's going to look good. more muslim also there's also a good you've gone for good girls. don't go to shows a look look the same you believe it's good to go. to starts
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to. get to meet until it was the middle of the mist they'd say look it is it's. just testing understand just need to mount the mashed old truck stop the president and please introduce more to constituents. as we have petitions to go to school to snap them up when you have because that is the cousin with you or your supporters to your machine station shouldn't feel you should cook door for the one who's your desire. is you'll be via reflection of reality.
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in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being legs up with. direct. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura maybe in the shallowness. now look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. must obey the orders given a human beings except when such orders that conflict with the 1st law show your identification for should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point only a scene is to create
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a transfer of the shia. areas check in with artificial intelligence where some of the. group on the most protect its own existence is existing. these. folks welcome back to dennis miller plus 11 of my favorite people with me truly great comedian and also you've known him for i guess when he was 1st on people's radar it was on chelsea lately and then i know he busted out with jay joke oyo is our guest and he has a new autobiography out titled mix plate chronicles of an all-american combo listen to the travails of becoming a stand up comedian quite frankly must to seem like calm waters do you after you
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explain some of the things you are facing on the way home by the way joe joe's he does a brilliant work with the lucas illness because i believe his sister rowena suffers from that is so wrong i was in the right place you can see the launch pad had it's certainly had its sadness to what and so when you got to stand up i don't know i read a quote from you that kind of reminded me of when i started i read some of the 2 about somebody who failed right out of the blocks i guess you read about eddie murphy who were already said 10 times and they didn't get a laugh. i remember get rhinos pretty early said. i'm going to learn this last. year today yeah that was exactly i remember if i didn't see that interview i don't know if i read it or saw it i can't remember i just remember that my idol bonte and i and i and that was the that was the motivating drive behind my gervase this to get on stage i was like ok if eddie can bomb i can mom just go do it so and that's
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exactly what happened i bumped. dad dies but i didn't care i do i was going to get back on stage and i do this is what i was born to do. and i knew i wanted to be on the same stage with my peers at the people that look up to so every time i met somebody like you or when i met dana or when i met john for the 1st time. it was like literally watching my dream come true you know joe there is a switch you can make in your head when you're young and i would encourage anybody who wants to try it to make the switch tell yourself you're not really good at it yet nor should you there's never been person in front of our human beings in the performing industry that's easier than eddie i mean anything about eddie in the bar scene when he's never acted before 48 hours the guy glides if he takes over it seems he must have been cool on that stage and i hope we stayed cool when he was
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bombed but the fact is until you know you don't know and therefore it shouldn't do you that much when you go home that night say one step closer to not bombing up there exactly 100 percent a lot of people are scared to take that risk but then if you don't know you're never going to my dad said it best to me he goes don't be like me joe and say what if don't ever say what if just do it man. it was good and he's right i never want to say what. i remember once i was at a deli clerk in a supermarket chain and they called me in after like 9 months to a year joe and the guy said all right you're but the vest in the medical package a member you know i was getting on my elbow from slice and ham i thought i better split this because of a get the medical coverage i'm going to get soft and happy and then the next thing i know a what if it's 40 i'm not saying it's a bad gig folks it wasn't for me i wrote about you know you had
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a cushy job at the mirage or could have had a cushy job at them or as a were you short money cash handed to you and they say they need your gall when you say i. can't do it that's the truth to this and that was a valet attended job and that job i don't know if you know this but if you don't have if you have a high school diploma this is your closest way of being kind of a millionaire was the mirage in 1990 i'm talking to these kids these ballet attendants were making well over 6 yes just make it money left and right didn't even know what to do it this money and i remember i got the gig because my mom to the manager of the manager's son or whatever it was it was just the way in i bypassed all the lines and i remember the guy offered me a part time job on call and i said no because i knew that it would have been too cush and i would probably have never pursued stand up if i would have gotten that money i would've been too out of it to content with out how much when i was making
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at that time i wanted to struggle i wanted that i wanted us so that's that was the whole point of that i just were it better to go and are you serious. well i love the fact that he gave you that out joe because guess what a lot of guys though get out of my face what do you give me you must of done you must of thought your mother was good people to give you the one thing they listen to. you sure you don't want as big brother so that's where you get her a well just forgiven you know that and then i like they're fairly the money and on shoot your own special books this is a textbook for self determinism you think about this some about where joe comes from and i'm not saying no wasn't propping there too i know he looks at his mom like a saint to. rubbles that. determines who is going to make it he pushes that job out of the way he says if i have to croak up front for a while i'll do it now than you even push
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a little money and to do your 1st question. i had to it was crazy we kept going to netflix and i wanted to be on that 2017 roster and and they kept saying no they were like no really going past going to pass i kept inviting him to come see me in the big pathan and and finally my manager and i just looked at each other and joe was like you have the money let's just make it and if we sell it to we sell it to him it's not we still get somewhere and put it on something we'll we'll get it on another platform but i wanted netflix and i shot it like netflix i remember spared no expense because i looked at all the other specials now that you have to look like this so let's let's make it look like this and yeah that's basically what i did i could have easily went on twitter and hated on netflix like a they don't want to they didn't want me on there that everyone that follows we cancel your subscription but i don't want to do that man i want to show them that i was worthy and and i deserve to be on this platform and just take
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a look at it. what's in there must be sure and those must meet 20 people a day who want to give a man it's like john ford. in they all have the kids got a script for i mean that's just the way it is but if you get netflix not the modern day equivalent folks that used to be johnny carson in an ascot way been over to the couch you were made you but you might hear a made man of the comedy nowadays you get flicks you're made right yeah it's been beautiful it changed my life it really did i mean the minute it aired it literally went from my tour like selling out overnight it was done it was wrapped and i got to tour the world i made it to the top 10 on a reading acts like i couldn't believe it it was knots. so they got i make up internet like. i'm sorry joe so big you know filled in with garrett's footprints
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on the walk of fame that have put. their lives are 'd at odds over in the island's. race. i was over there once and they had some sort of i was working at all why i think you've sold the blaze like billy joel said are you old the record over there that you know it was crazy i sold 24000 tickets i beat mariah carey for the most tickets sold at that venue. was crazy. to have believed. i think though i don't know who served aboard. bake you thank god and all the fair meisel the form out for 2 days in a row sold out like like no advertising just like i was it was nuts man and being able to walk my son out on stage was that was everything. listen joe i think when
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you're when your guy shine camp came in with his team at the forum that they were so 2 nights in a row so it's a little bit of flights or absolutely beautiful now listen with all the balls you got me i was trying to figure the podcast because let's face facts everybody on the well i don't want to denigrate it but let's just say there are a lot of podcasts out there and then i thought well maybe was something for joe to keep his mind active during the the thing is tell me about the. start and are you dick going to be like. i love it i've been doing it for a while now that is going on like i think this is my 7th year doing this and i will work well because the virus back there formular start it was a bird flu or avian flu i don't know yeah everybody star you. hire an actor. i just i really just enjoy doing it keeps my chops going you know it's literally
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just free form i don't there's no production value behind it it's literally just me chopping it up and just see if i could nail something within an hour if i could get just one good piece of material i like and i can talk about a topic you just run with it i'm happy i'm not trying to change the world i'm not trying to. run for office you know to be that i just want to have on it's just what the kind of conversation that goes in in the green room behind the behind the stage and that's what the quote pond is this just. medical folks some of the funniest nights i've ever had my life badge at their most a beat comedy magic club michael ac ran and. they. said that cinderblock room with 4 other guys that leno is usually holding court. put a bed for saw devil's island so they. like we did our knowledge. i know
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for sure oh my god it's absolute happy there were no cameras inside the green room we'd all be done. you know because we would not be tough shit right now. and as i said folks we got a new autobiography out it's called mix play chronicles of an all american combo this is one of the best guys and i before we came on and cooled off as liddy had a beautiful effect lit it on and a color you know i was quite fond of i always thought the fairfax high school was read the color but look at mad men that is and that is a little bit. thank you just make you appear to see the sky. it's very beautiful i saw a story today joe speak in a gear about a nike lady who was high up in the company her kid a teenage kid was using our credit card to order shoes that were hard to get i guess there's some inside player. he bought $182000.00 worth of shoes it was so.
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you got to the store we can do as we're going to good fellows thing but you know the 1st come in the front of. the letter. that's your crazed daughter. what a little kid span what do you do with kids my stuff my son does the same thing like you don't think i get notifications from american express but that just happened a pop up that you just bought someone off to like what are you doing joe did you just get a gucci bt no i didn't do that and then i held up my phone yes you did yes you did . with the worst read but it was get a case of beer when they were out of town now days like it is a close and go drop shop you know we're going. on right now whether
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it's good or stupid you know. what i use of the road and you can get back out there folks that joke or comes anywhere near ia you got to go see it like i said there's a few comedians on the planet who can play the grandparents the parents the kids and even the younger kids and all 4 generations walk out with a you jack nicholson joke or a smile on their face joe's one of them brighter it gets like that joke why the new autobiography mixed plate chronicles of an american combo i always feel good after talking to joseph good to see about. i love it thank you dennis what a great time with our friend joe this with us miller plus one.
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talks are underway in vienna to save. the agreement the trump administration unilaterally walked away from making the deal is relatively easy for iran but that cannot be said for the united states does the buy didn't ministration have the political will to say yes. i saw. people also in poverty. if you're born into a poor family you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die from. generational poverty. it's
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a. fight every day you meet your needs and the needs of your family. no more lies in this country is an epidemic president biden announces a barrage of executive orders to quell gun crimes but faces big criticism from gun rights advocates who think the moves are unconstitutional meanwhile the state of arizona has already taken steps to block those reforms. the european court of human rights rules that it is legal for countries to force vaccines on children in a case that has raised fears of compulsory coated shots. in the european medicines agency sticks to its line that the benefits of the astra zeneca outweigh the risks but the regulator says blood clots should now be listed as a very rare side effect of the drug.


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