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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  April 8, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she did those at their dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer who is to blame patients doctors manufacturers. greetings and salutation. the centers for disease control reports that here in the united states of america more than 106000000 people have received at least one dose of it cope with 19 vaccination and more than 61400000 or 18.5 percent of the country are actually now fully vaccinated. and while we should be celebrating these numbers and building upon them americans like the good panicky social order
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creatures that we are have instead become obsessed with vaccination passports voices on both the right and the left of the us political spectrum have raised concerns about the implementation of vaccine passports in day to day life and travels and while many of those concerns have been reasonable and of lead to important discussions about the safety of personal medical information being shared and passed around others come straight from the queue and on russia gate playbooks the paranoia that we've become so accustomed to hoping to quell fears of a new world order style lockdown through vaccine passports white house press secretary john psaki told reporters quote the government is not now nor will be nor will we be supporting a system that requires americans to carry a credential there will be no no federal vaccination database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential but while the paranoia over vaccine passports may
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bring more clicks and ratings one of the more serious vaccine issues facing the world today appears to come from an old place the fight between the haves and the have nots currently there is a proposal at the world trade organization led by south africa in india that would call for a temporary suspension of vaccine related intellectual property rights which would rest vaccine control from the profit driven pharmaceutical companies that own them and allow mass production for all nations not just the wealthy few but as common dreams reports while argentina and indonesia join south africa and india in supporting this waiver of the remaining g 20 member nations including the united states the united kingdom and canada have been either noncommittal committal or actively opposed to this idea. why are we not surprised and while we argue over passports and fight to get the vaccine is out to the world coated my friends is
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surging once again from michigan all the way to india and even to france. which means that is why we are watching the hawks. if you want to go on a cd. you want to be clear so you'd like to see the prizes you always see a. great city this least systemic deception. which i would put just as. watching the hawks i am tired and i'm of the chicago and joining us today to discuss the latest surge of covert 19 the debate over back scene passports and the lifting of intellectual property rights of the vaccines is journalist an infectious disease expert dr barbara thank you for joining us as always doctor. how is my favorite handkerchief today we're doing good we're doing good reading a good business day started
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a great report at the top and why i got to ask you in recent weeks we've seen covert 19 cases surge in states like michigan and even break records in countries like india i want to say why are we seeing this new 4th wave of cases and what risk do does that present to you know global and stateside vaccination efforts. well you know under years ago when they had the last can mimic they saw this 4th way we expect the sikorsky one of his bad behavior actually ever sundown in florida now and they go out to restaurants and nightclubs they're one mass there's a very little caution taken and it's you know it's been a month between having a spring break and then starting to you know pass it on to older people and starting to see those infections so you know it's sort of stressing about this is such an easy infection control if you understand that it is airborne you need a high filtration mask you need good distance and have to have good clean outdoor
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quality air indoors but we don't seem to get that the best most direct answer to your question is politics. and after moving over to the controversy surrounding vaccine passports what are your thoughts on this debate and is there a medical or public safety argument to be made either for or against the use of them by private businesses. where you know for years each to have at have a yellow card would have my vaccines in it number going into it tends to me a few years ago but not to get it they were not particularly happy with me unless it be that we all kinds of rights issues with this but i think the fundamental question is this if you're going to go to a football game or get an airplane or go to a hotel what not in some or allowed to come in with coat and undetected is that really fair to other people it's not fair. you know the chinese for the last year have been able to use in the internal passport they actually went into their
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database with a code in they would be able to determine not just with the past for which or anybody levels were and what not and you know the whole question is it's individual rights vs saving lives so you know if you a quick temper burks and said we were going to lose 100000 boy lost 400000 extra do we need to lose those lives no we didn't sacrifice those lives on the altar of politics and. some kind of rights that i just didn't stand and it does seem to be that's always the case since we're always kind of sacrificing on the altar of politics or business or what have you i want to get to this other big one too as you know in the beginning about 2021 oxfam is now reporting that while wealthy nations around the world are racks needing you know roughly one person almost every 2nd a majority the world's poorest nations have yet to give out even a single dose would lifting the pharmaceutical companies monopolies on the vaccines
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help get these vaccines out to lower income countries that obviously need it just as much as the wealthy nations do. so even if it's a huge issue and of course you look at pharmaceuticals that's exactly what has been done with great success as you know lift you know as patents in allowing poor countries to be a group produced part of those technical if you look at the m.r.i. in a 'd vaccines the very best in the journal the pfizer that's very very hard to do just having the blueprint for years into work you know the easier to make vaccines sure you could make those in greater quantity and i think it's a great idea i mean i think it's tragic i've spent a great deal of my life all throughout sub-saharan africa speech with where the language is there the people and it just shills being to think that they're not getting these vaccines you know i think the other key point is look at you know the u.s. got into bed with the vaccine makers to its advantage but hundreds of millions of doses took a big big risk and really want the europeans being you know very very sort of
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persnickety and you know regulation already and it didn't but one thing we and his flight did to us back in august of last year say we let's just take a bet on a couple 100000000 for us to get better for the rest of the world you know that kind of advance funding should have been and we you know unfortunately during the last year short a call that you know it wasn't a person only it really shouldn't that you know it should it should have been you know we're all for. you know a huge mistake it was and i actually i really i think that where it's easy to make these vaccines you know if you use the ones that are basic attached to a virus 3 easier to make sure i believe in looking this patents and it is certainly work with pharmaceuticals in the past that it has and to me and. one of the obvious things that you can do because look the longer this virus you know rages the the fear that it's always going to come back no matter how many vaccinations you put out and lastly what do you see going forward into summer you know is the obama
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administration in your opinion ahead of this enough you know they've talked about was april 19th of like opening up to all americans you know are are we are we going to have the skin under control by by this fall and even maybe a little sooner. you know i'm i'm betting against that i think these rivers are going to great job when you look at how that you know there are serious cases of plummeted there but because of the politics here because you have states that now are banning the use of the passports as an example where they aren't masculine they aren't taking the most basic precautions there you're going to have these little waves also you know it's very scary it's you know a couple of the great facts scenes are going to gets to be one month 7 when they have in great britain one on the p one from brazil but others they're not there's this now this new inserted double variant as they call it so it's a race against time with these friends some might that would be in the very beginning to win and ultimately in the fall we do have booster shots that take into
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account all of those various that we do at the up jeana be it but i really bet it's more like christmas and before we truly get the speed i think we're beating ourselves again a coney politics 1st game and always a pleasure having you on dr bob and thank you for educating our audience today and again i love having you on thank you sir. well thanks to research a great team really appreciate it. haiti does not have a single 1000 back thing to give to its more than 11000000 residents now more than a year after the pandemic began as the country continues to be grabbed by violence and political unrest are to correspondent john honey as more. as the piano plays and the pastor continues his sermon armed gunmen storm a church in haiti abducting the pastor and several others on holy thursday as the violence streamed live on facebook it's unclear what happened to the victims of
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this brazen abduction but it's yet another example of the violence gripping haiti as the covert $1000.00 pandemic continues to rage there and the country is gripped by political instability more than a year now after the pandemic started haiti still does not have any covert 1000 vaccines the country was supposed to receive 756000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine through a u.n. program but they're not scheduled to arrive until may at the earliest and now with concerns about the efficacy and side effects of the astra zeneca doses there are concerns it may take even longer adding to the controversy a new u.s. state department report finds that haiti's government misappropriated more than $1000000.00 worth of covert $1000.00 aid while misspending another $34000000.00 this is gang related murders and kidnappings continue to climb as the impoverished country slides deeper into a constitutional crisis and political chaos opposition parties and civil groups say
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they no longer recognize haitian president says president morsi has refused to step down his detractors say he's financing and supporting gangs to remain in power gangs that as the miami herald reports are taking advantage of the quote paralyze. in political crisis and brutal poverty by targeting the country's public transportation adding robberies and kidnappings have become a daily reality as buses get intercepted by armed gangs controlling access to large swaths of the country and along with the violence and ongoing political chaos the country has also been plagued by constant fuel shortages only adding to the hardships so many people are facing as gang leaders continue to terrorize and rule the country slums that have now descended into anarchy for watching the hawks john hardy. who gang leaders and neo liberal imperialism politics played rita have
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a committed country as you can see right there and it's sad my heart goes out to haiti is a beautiful country a beautiful people it is and i think that this is this is really tragic because you're seeing it you know across their resources you know people are having shortages they're having electrics electricity shortages and it's just really frustrating also knowing that we're coming up on a very strong and it's been argued about for at least the past year and a half this is going to be one of our strongest years of natural disasters in the likelihood of haiti taking a hit there is also really hot. like is that anyone who has heart doesn't go out to the people of haiti and support them in whatever government they choose to move forward with you know not just the ones that are pre-approved by the u.s. or the things of that nature you know you just want to see those people have good lives and not be beleaguered by the natural disasters on the politics of the world absolutely disgusting at the end of the day. already everybody as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on the man through the portable
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t.v. you have no excuse not to get it it is available on all platforms so please go pick up the and watch this show and many other great shows here are to your america all right coming up there's a new law in utah forcing a brand new fathers to cover half of all pregnancy. because i could be controversial we break it down next here i'm watching looks. like it's more this is. the 1st one to open your mind to give them a couple of 100 words. i just mean this what i do want to do. you think if it was national.
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approach. to libya. which are full of course most of. these critics one of the least musical. because the. machine into life that is smeared. all over this you know those who. oppose someone into believing in the president also wants to let you believe that 80. talks are underway in vienna to save the j c p a way the agreement the trumpet ministration unilaterally walked away from making the deal whole again is relatively easy for iran but that cannot be said for the united states does the buy didn't ministration have the political will to say yes
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to put around. the world is driven by shaped by. we dare to ask. women's reproductive rights remain a hot button topic across america the debate only picks up for single moms who bear
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the weight of not only raising children alone but also slowly providing for their maternal health while pregnant but equity could soon be on the horizon in utah a new law that would legally require biological fathers to pay half of a woman's out of pocket pregnancy costs the law is an effort to increase responsibility for min but it raises some concerns critics don't believe the new legislation will help the most vulnerable women and could even put them at a greater risk for abusive behavior the legislation received widespread support from the g.o.p. controlled legislature making utah the 1st state in the nation to mandate prenatal child support republican rep brady bramber said quote we want to help people and actually be pro-life in how we do it as opposed to anti abortion. under the new legislation pregnant women's health insurance premiums and any pregnancy related medical costs would be shared with the father if paternity is disputed the father would not have to pay until paternity was established anti-abortion activists like
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merrily boy chairman of the abortion free utah coalition support the measure hoping this would decrease abortion across the state by lessening economic strain on new moms however democratic lawmakers question whether the new legislation will actually help moms much at all planned parenthood spokeswoman katrina barker supports providing more financial relief for women but thinks there are better ways to do it like medicaid expansion access to birth control and paper and to lead. this legislation also is solely focused on the cost of childbirth not the overall cost of raising a child the average cost of raising a child in america is estimated at 233610 dollars whereas the out of pocket expense for maternity care is around $4000.00 you talk continues to push restrictive abortion laws and this new legislation bill cloaked in equity might create more problems and solutions here tell us more is co-executor director made her choice choice or in jacobson welcome or and happy belated birthday. no thank you.
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wasn't expecting that very kind of you absolutely or 3 were glad to have you. you know it's inarguable that women bear the brunt of child responsibility in most cases every single mom's that also includes financial responsibility the new utah law requires fathers to pay half of pregnancy related costs leading republican representatives argue this isn't merely an anti-abortion bill but pro-choice activists think otherwise can you explain why the latest legislation like this might not go far enough and what it means by the choice will be. you're looking at i think it's really critical to point something out here right the idea behind this piece of legislation is to provide support for families so that you will a person who's pregnant will choose to carry the pregnancy to term but the same people pushing this legislation are the same people actively fighting to take health care away to keep people from being able to earn a living wage are working to prevent things like that ensuring children have access
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to clean air clean water and good nutrition so that they can develop strong and healthy of bodies and minds the same folks working against efforts to make our community safer to ensure we have good acol schools and funding for our communities what about child care and elder care and crime to lead and turn after turn issue after issue the same folks are fighting every one of those policies and so while it's critical to provide support for people we have to look holistically at the support people actually need to raise a family success. mentioned utah as some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country like most republican led legislature in the majority of bills introduced by conservatives or in the taken care of children before birth but the but the cost of child rearing to adulthood is a major burden for moms why do the largely male lead conservative legislators that support pro-life bills stop the moment of progress. you know why does their
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activism in the end seem concerned you know at the end you know before the child is born. you know it's almost as if it's really not put all and i think the quote that you led with. from this bill sponsor is pretty telling he said we want to be pro-life in quotes and not just anti abortion the entire movement is actually about banning and criminalizing abortion which is ultimately a movement to control women and people who can get pregnant and so the real fundamental question is whether or not the government should be in control of the decisions that you make in regards to your body and your reproductive life or whether you should be in control of those things and so i think the answer that question is that the movement itself is not actually about being pro-life pro-life is a mystic misnomer and an excellent branding campaign that's completely undermined by
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the actual approach that they're taking and i'll put one bill up as a as a counter to this bill because this utah bill is actually the exception to the rule in tennessee they're currently working on a piece of legislation that would give men the legal right to veto an abortion so that bill in tennessee is the common bill it's the bill which robs people of the right to control their bodies which robs people of the right to access sole reproductive health care including an abortion not bills that are actually designed to make to better secure families and put them in positions where they can choose whether or not to bring children into a safe and healthy environment. and aren't you told bill has many critics and a lot of them are focused on how it might put women in danger in this to get these tends to rise during pregnancy do you think this is a buyable concern or that abuse cases will rise when men are told they have to pay half of pregnancy related medical costs in addition what does that mean for poor unemployed or men who have been previously incarcerated what does this mean. that
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group of man who also you know might be negatively impacted by this. yeah i can't speak to the mentality of an individual who might become abusive but what i can say is this when you are forcing somebody to be dependent on and reliant on somebody who may not be trustworthy you are increasing their wrists and some of the states might find itself in situations down the road where somebody who didn't want to be in this position is the victim of abuse because the state is mandating the continuation of an unhealthy unsafe relationship all of this could be solved if we just provided everybody with access to affordable health care and that would deal with the problem itself that they are actually trying to solve right now or in the end then the government would be helping people as opposed to just a constantly being an annoyance to people and you know you know it's interesting
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when you look at those 2 because i want to ask you you've got a lot of work and a lot of good and a lot of good work in this area what do you feel are the better waves that we could go beyond just the we all agree that no better health care and health care for all the way to do this but are there other better ways that we can meet the needs of new moms especially in that critical period you know right after a child is born you know that 0 to one critical period of a child's life. yeah you know i want to talk a little bit more broadly about that tide because one of the things that i've learned in my work as an ally and partner is that the people most impacted in this by the women leading this fight have been very clear about what they need and what they want they want the right to control their own bodies their own lives and their own reproductive decisions they want the opportunity to choose whether or not to bring a child into this world they want to muni's that are safe schools that are applicable clean air clean water access to healthy nutrition child care parental prensa lead
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they want their. that for themselves and for their families a living wage the things i talked about upfront that's really what they're asking for and so when i think about you know our role as allies as men in this fight we need to stop dictating to them what is in their best interests and start listening to what they're saying and start delivering upon those requests you mentioned earlier but i think it's really critical to point out the obvious which is this there's not a single bill in america law on america that's out there been passed by a legislature that is not comprised of men as the majority which has robbed people of their reproductive freedom. and we all know that in the legislature in which women were at least the majority 51 percent which is basically their their place in the country demographically down legislation would never pursue us like this and so that's a muse really the key is that our role is to just listen to what they're saying and
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to do what we can us allies to challenge the guys who are pushing these nonsensical laws and so deliver for these leaders these impacted individuals what they are telling us pain and those are all the things that i mentioned earlier your exact we've got on with that and we need to elect more women. and always a pleasure having you on thank you so much for educating our audience today. thanks for us and thanks for the birthday no. it's true of the i agree i that this country desperately needs more women in office to help to help balance this out so we don't have these one sided laws we absolutely do and we need legislators to listen to the women who are already stepping forward like orrin said it is not it is not a no what women are asking what they need to have healthy families and sustainable lifestyle to raise their kids people just aren't listening to truth that is our show for you today remember about him as we're told we are loved him up
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a sword so you all love you. watching all those. everybody. we are segregated. by social class. and poverty by 1st. if you're born into a poor family. born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die on average 15
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years younger than if you're born into generational poverty. every day so you meet your needs and the needs of your family. the to. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in
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every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids oids invented america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes at their dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments of. the world is driven by shaped by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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on my lunch news country. president biden announces a barrage of executive orders to gun crime but faces big criticism from gun rights advocates who think the moves are unconstitutional meanwhile the state of arizona has already taken steps to block the reforms. the european court of human rights rules that it is legal for countries to force vaccines on children in a case that has raised fears of compulsory shots. and the european medicines agency sticks to the benefits of the. outweigh the risks but the regulator says blood clots should be listed as a very rare side effect of the drug.


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