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if. there are cases of the new blood. failing banks nation with the astra zeneca vaccine should be listed as possible side effects of the vaccine the european medicines agency maintains the benefits of astra zeneca as covert job still outweigh the risks while warning blood clots should be listed as a rare side effect. and there is a u. turn still a u. turn if you change your mind a 2nd time and go back to your original stance all berlin correspondent probes chancellor merkel's embarrassing double backtrack as she now supports a national german locked down yet again. biological scientists concerned with
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a surge in covert 900 feet tell us he's in brazil say the death rates may soon break the record january wave in the u.s. we hear from a professor who sounded the alarm. if we don't do anything we could be in the middle of a historical tragedy probably the. largest humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century . a warning is issued over alleged sexual assault of a child migrants a solidity in texas the governor is urging president biden to shut the site labeling it as a health and safety nightmare. very warm welcomes my team here in moscow you're watching r.t. international with me thank you aaron. benefits quote outweigh the risks of side effects europe's medical regulator has stood by britain's asters. vaccine while
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noting blood clots should be listed as rare side effects the regulator has received more than 200 reports of blood clots in those getting the shots as among the more than 30000000 who have been inoculated across europe meanwhile u.k. or thirty's now recommend available alternatives to all. of those under 30 due to the possible blood clots link 80 people in the country have suffered clotting after a dose with 19 deaths but britain's regulator is following the rhetoric of the european medicines agency. reports. the takeaway the message that europe's health authorities want to leave you with is that it's still worth it the benefits outweigh the risks the benefits outweigh the risks others become almost a slogan for the astra zeneca covert vaccine earth portrait cases of unusual blood clotting following vaccination with the astra zeneca vaccine should be listed as
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possible side effects of the vaccine it's unfortunate start both vaccinated people and health care professionals are aware of the signs and symptoms of these unusual blood clotting to cylinders so that they could be spotted quickly to minimize any possible risks so why did it take so long i mean the rumors began months and months ago that it was on the news on t.v. in the papers and the company kept telling everyone the same thing there's a new link between the jab and the well dive analysis of our safety data more than 10000000 records has shown no evidence of an increased risk of palm leaves him or deep vein thrombosis and a defined age group gender batch or in any particular country unfortunately there was a link and now the astra zeneca job will have i've additional warning or it can cause
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blood clots and potentially death in people as young as 8 seed the age the youngest deceased and still they say it's worth it unless of course you can go and get another job in which case probably best to go for that their words adults who are age 18 to 29 years old who do not have an underlying health condition that puts them at higher risk from serious kovan 1000 disease should be offered an alternative covert night in fact seen in preference to the astra zeneca vaccine where such an alternative face seen. is available over a dozen countries only counting the european union have suspended vaccination with the astra zeneca vaccine or vax servia to please their marketing department though i doubt that a simple rebranding is going to cleanse their reputation i would definitely say is a stupid move because changing the name which means changing your shop window right
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in the midst of a crisis rather than increasing trust will increase suspicion because it always indicates that there is something you want to hide so i absolutely do not understand how 'd a company comes to such a decision at the end of the day i can't help but partially agree with them the alternative waiting for another vaccine could have cost thousands of lives but only partially they let these rumors steward fester for months before coming out and admitting that essentially people were right to be afraid and that unfortunately has done irreparable damage to the vaccination drive worldwide. comes as the issue of coded passports sharply splits opinion will discuss the issue with a panel of guests later in the program. where struction reversal angela merkel's had yet another change of heart as she fights germany's 3rd wave of
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the pandemic the chancellor is now back to shore to national knock down despite angry opposition from the political establishment are berlin correspondent peter on the has a story. it may be one of the great questions for philosophers of our age if you u.-turn on a u.-turn does it end up just being the plan you set out with in the 1st place we cast our minds back a few weeks angela merkel and the leaders of germany 16 states met and decided the country would go into a tougher. coded lock down that plan lasted just over 24 hours before the chancellor came back out and said it's my fault i got it wrong actually we're not going to do that it now seems we may be set for a change again to use the chairman of the const the christian democratic union party also the leader of the state of north rhine-westphalia has put forward the idea that germany should go into
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a short sharp lock down and it does seem that that plan has the backing of chancellor angela merkel. any call for a short uniform lockdown is rate i joined uniform federal approach would also be important here there were 80 of fruits adopted does not contribute to security and acceptance at the moment. and lash it is widely tipped to be the conservative union blocs candidate to run as chancellor and the upcoming german elections this september his plan is a short sharp lock down stricter rules put in place across the board all over germany and then after that in an attempt to try and get this 3rd wave of cove in 1900 control after that then we open up using more testing and more tracking in tracing applications this idea also has the backing of the other man who may well be the candidate for the conservative union the leader of the state of the various
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markets death he's but planned he also in an interview gave his full backing to yen span the bottled german health minister at the moment who's come in for a lot of flak over his handling of the pandemic not everybody is are supportive of mr lasher its plan though a number of other local leaders here in germany saying they are not on side with this blanket move across the country at all does governor last it want to close the big care centers completely include an emergency kit or does he want to totally shut down the economy how long and with what concrete goal are the measures to last all this is unclear businesses and citizens expect a more sophisticated strategy from the federal government and the governors after more than a year of the pandemic the focus should now rather be on pushing ahead with vaccination there are calls for action from the german people though they look abroad to other countries getting back to normal and see themselves stuck in the
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middle of a 3rd wave of the virus the 7 day indices currently stands at around $110.00 cases per 100000 of the population the aim is to keep. 100 they'll be a big meeting on monday between angle of merkel and the leaders of germany 16 states where. they'll be expected to decide exactly what the future will hold and whether it will go into a nationwide short sharp lockdown what people here though are wanting is some form of definitive action from their government and they'll be a lot of eyes on monday to see if that's the day that comes. well meanwhile germany's statistics office has really said alarming figures showing the pandemic sparked the country's whilst financial deficit since reunification 3 decades ago and member of the ruling c.d.u. party economics professor mark salter told us system china lotty deutsche that translates to real suffering for businesses and individuals no question of eclipse
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of the world trade has partially collapsed in germany itself there are structural deviations retail trade hasn't grown for a long time huge shortfalls in revenue have occurred in the middle class restaurants and the hotel business there are also changes in the country's system we are really losing jobs because of retail bankruptcies this is not happened to everyone yet but it will happen to many more now we already have a lot of unemployed people trade has not withstood the strong recession in germany in particular because of the strict lockdown and our dependence on world trade i would rate this crisis twice as severe as the financial crisis in 2008 and i believe that now in the midst of the covert crisis the mood has changed dramatically at 1st everyone thought that we were well equipped and then there was 180 degree turn we have very weak politicians they are just followers we are now definitely dealing with the digitalisation lobby a panic lobby
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a bullying lobby and a pharmaceutical lobby merkel is busy figuring out how best to stay in power the big lobbyists have become very influential. a biological fukushima scientist has described the covert situation in brazil following a surge in casualties the grim prediction is the country's death toll may seem great january's us record it physicians hold is the scale of the problem. the current situation is 3 really severe in brazil is very critical right now we are in the middle of a national hospital collapse. and exponential growth of new cases in the country for the 1st time in brazilian history in this month april we may have more deaths in the country of the worse this has never happened in the brazilian in the entire brazilian history what we needed now is a national model but we have 4000 beds and they think the brazilian people will
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support the call because they know we have nothing else to do at this point brazil's kovi daily death rate this we passed 4000 for the 1st time with the death toll now exceeding 340000 the country is the world's 2nd worst hit but despite the horrific certain to a collapsing health system the nation won't be put in lockdown as president has insisted we got reaction on the streets of sao paolo. ascii patches that i think part of the blame is ours from people getting relaxed after so long in this situation but it believe the bigger blame is on our president who always makes an aperitif more difficult making it harder to interact with the rest of the world through that i believe it's the result of people having to relax too much after the improvements people have to know that if it was getting better we should keep doing what was being done to improve lives but as a live system we brazilians are in a unique situation due to the government we have that doesn't care about the
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millions of people that are dying every day or even worse i even think the president celebrates. texas governor greg abbott has laid into u.s. president joe biden over a looming my current crisis on the country's southern border and called on the white house to close the mike when facility in san antonio following allegations over child sexual abuse their. these problems the reporting product of president biden's open border policy children in this facility of being sick should be assaulted this facility is a health and safety nightmare the governor's claims are based on concerns about the facility about of the facility received by the texas health and human services commission and department of family and protective services but times instructed competent all authorities to probe the child abuse cases immediately. and it's not
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only children safety at stake that buys it ministration has received another bar of criticism after 2 men on a u.s. terror watch list were detained on the southern border the border protection agency detailed the arrest in a news release us border patrol agents assigned to their central sector and arrested to yemen a man within the last 2 months that's where identified in the terrorism watch list for a statement was swiftly removed by the depart from the department website is that the start that the men that were from yemen they have been apprehended in el centro california the number of people on the f.b.i.'s watch list arrested trying to enter the u.s. is unknown artie's caleb moore pin reports among the surge of migrants illegally crossing the u.s. border and being detained we now find out that among those who were detained were 2 yemeni men who were on the terrorism watch list now white house spokesperson jen
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psaki says this is not a common occurrence however there is widespread concern about the security of the united states amid the border surge. cartel suman traffickers and the terrorists are all trying to take advantage of biden so open borders president biden strecche list build the security police continue to put americans across the country in danger enough is enough it's time for the biden administration to get serious about stopping the senate now what's even more interesting is the report from the border patrol about the detaining of these 2 individuals has been removed from the internet according to the website and those who manage the border patrol that report somehow violated national security but at this point there are many other concerns and we've seen a 15 year high in migrants crossing the u.s. border this is going on as 171000 people cross the u.s. border in march we now have the biden ministration considering options among the
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options they are reportedly considering is perhaps continuing the building of trump's border wall take a listen the president has communicated quite clearly his decision for the emergency that triggered the devotion of department of defense funds to the construction of the google is ended but that leaves room to make decisions as the administration as part of the administration in particular is over the will the new drain of ation particular projects that need to be finished viewers will recall that when donald trump began building the wall the democrats fought against him pretty hard they declared the wall was immoral that it was racist and they shut down the government for $35.00 days to prevent funding from being allocated for this wall let's review what happened i did all is an enron lady it's not who we are as a nation 20 times show called for i will shut down the government if i don't get my will none of us if you want to know something you've said ok you want to put them i
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said i'll take i was a prosecutor for many years and including the attorney general california i specialize in transnational criminal or his am. that's and then why aren't all stop them now at this point amid upsurge of migrants crossing the us border including potential terrorists to individuals on the f.b.i. terrorism watch list at depth point we now have a situation where democrats are possibly considering measures they once declared when donald trump proposed them and put them forward to be immoral quite an interesting turn of events. you're watching on t.v. international coming up after the break a twitter backlash a cia bragging about its historical on the guerrillas will bring you this story on small and about 90 seconds.
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do you remember nobly it's great to have hotels on boardwalk and park place. while we're entering answer big monopoly.
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welcome back russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov is in the capital of the republic of kazakhstan on a working visit during a press conference with his counterpart he outlines the current state of russia's international relations has not easy goshdarn of reporting from an assault on. there have been reports that the united states are mewling the idea of appointing a special envoy to europe tasked with one thing stopping the north stream to project down just to remind the north stream 2 is a gas pipeline going from russia via sea bed into germany now if this envoy is appointed their goal will be traveling across europe talking to european leaders like in germany for example or denmark and convincing them to stop the construction
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russia's top diplomat sergey lavrov has commented on this strategy on this potential step that the united states might take he did not mince his words have a listen. even a structure like the council already publishes material criticizing the united states' absolute deadlock strategy over russia which does not produce any results in terms of the goals that were declared when sanctions were imposed now from the very outset the united states have been against this project against north stream 2 saying that russia will be using this pipeline as a geopolitical weapon geopolitical tool moscow in turn has been saying that this spy plane simply makes a lot of economic sense and it makes russia's task of delivering natural gas from russia into europe just simply move flawless and easier but will that this didn't stop the united states from repeatedly slapping sanctions onto this project and
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onto companies involved in the construction circular labral has also commented on the state of russia u.s. relations in general saying that well in fact russia can only rely on itself one it comes to some key state interest saying quote unquote that the u.s. and european partners are unreliable as an example he talked about the situation around the so-called open skies agreement with the united states saying that lately russia has been receiving some very mixed messages from the from the united states from washington as to whether or not it is. they all leaving abandoning this agreement if it is abandoning the dream and then on what terms. the world health organization has doubled down on his worries over vaccine passport noting their introduction could sharpen social divides we would not like to see the vaccination passport as a requirement for entry or exit because we're not certain at this stage that the
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vaccine prevents transmission there are all those other questions apart from the question of discrimination against the people who are not able to have the vaccine for one reason or another. one of the worse disputes is in the us the white house has ruled out some mandatory vaccine passports along with state governors it's companies and educational institutions are looking to push forward with the plans colleges have said they'll require proof of a not kill ation when students start a new academic year in the autumn while we go strongly differing views on covert passports from our panel of guests with one form any piece stating there are fundamental attack on liberty this is not just like being called a person of a state or a country which is what a passport is about what we're looking at here is a wholly different scenario which would apply globally where corporations are able to suggest that you can't fly out of countries get on boats and this would be
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basically a threat to freedom civil liberties. in some cases the health of individuals as well if in fact it will do comply they're allowed to do certain things and i think people will see that there's a group of the world listen you know for example without you schools if you don't have certain you can't go to school and so be all there was a we need our children going to schools or i guess will sacrifice we get the vaccination and i applaud private organizations for example who say you can't commit unless you can prove that you can actually do it because. you know we're going to exercise our right to protect ourselves and our peter a person past 1st are a very bad idea for public health for a few different reasons one is that it sort of a personal force younger a very low risk people who get the vaccine before the flu and who are order people saw by doing the will actually increase the amount of death another reason is that
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public health one of the principles of public health is trust to make an acquirer serve a vaccine passport or who do is trust. public health authorities i mean vaccines or base in perth versus boss an ethical and moral i think that the fears of. loss of personal freedom are bit overblown. you know people right now are really unprepared nightsticks of what places you keep going to go in certain ways still there's a lot of loss of freedom that we're experiencing right now what we're really trying to do is open our freedom giving people like you really consider the whenever somebody is vaccinated they are they have very little protection for the vaccine so there's no reason for them to trade. demand that other people should have to be vaccinated we have the scientific capability to be able to assess individuals whether they have a vaccine or not but it goes back to a fundamental principle and that principle is should we allow our government to be
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able to dictate based on a person's biology whether they will be able to have access to services accessed of freedom of movement not only outside of the country but also within. the cia has boasted of supplying afghan girl religious with missile launches to quote destroy a soviet control in the 1980 s. as part of operation cyclon one of its longest and most expensive operations ever the stinger missiles supplied by the united states gave afghan darrelle it's generally known as the mujahedeen the ability to destroy the dreaded in my 24 d. helicopter gun ships deployed by the soviets to enforce their control over afghanistan. however the cia was subsequently mocked over the tweet as online users blasted the supply chain for giving birth to the taliban people also stressed that the us didn't learn from its learn its lesson and made the same mistakes in syria
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causing the reversible damage to the region the u.s. is now itself in a war in afghanistan for almost 2 decades which is claimed the lives of $58000.00 afghan personnel more than 3500 coalition troops have been killed during the campaign most of those casualties came from the u.s. tens of thousands of afghan civilians have also become victims of the may the 1st deadline from biden to complete a withdrawal of american troops is approaching president barack obama and startled trying to criticize the u.s. campaign in the country but both ended their terms in office with thousands of infantry still there some experts now think biden will postpone pulling out the remaining 2500 troops but white house press secretary jens sarky says americans should nevertheless trust biden to fulfill his pledge. well 1st it wasn't a deadline we said. but the president this president has conveyed that it would be
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difficult operationally to meet the timeline of getting all troops out by may 1st he is also consistently over the course of the last decade spoken out about his concerns about the war so that should hopefully get people confidence about his commitments i don't believe that the u.s. will really be completely honest sons really very clear from the statements from germany psyche how the united states leaners really look at the people of afghanistan with such complete misnamed who they could you know hope for millions of them to be. victims the sacrificial becomes in their quest because the soviet union. had has come home although it's a day this is the consequence of illegal invasions and wars against other countries. and the war that the united states has waged really against the interests and against the people of it and then has brought us to this point they
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may have wanted to get out but there is the pentagon the pentagon is very very powerful in u.s. foreign policy and so are other elements of the foreign policy establishment of the united states which has as its not a priority a global domination and so you you have the president saying making the statements that they do know but only told i think essentially no that's not what we're going to do. many thanks for keeping us company here on out see international we hope you have a great start seo day we'll be back in fantasy minutes with the latest headlines.
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problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids it invaded america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers.
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imax times are this is the kaiserin for you remember monopoly it's great to have hotels on boardwalk and park place. well we're entering answer big monopoly hey max something that we predicted quite a few years ago is once again coming true and that is that you know as the city this trap happened and as china continues to rise in power that what happens with empires is they tend to influence the behavior of many other countries around the world and we're seeing similar story happening today i believe this is my theory about what's happening in the united states and that's essentially you know we don't have ghost cities by.


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