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headlining this hour the european medicines agency confirms astra zeneca vaccine is possibly linked to unusual cases saying it should be listed as a very rare side effect of the jab. to wanted terrorists of the us mexico border leads to further criticism of the by the ministrations handling of the migrant crisis. and australian stranded abroad for months are left with little option but to file a human rights complaint over their own country's refusal to let them come home he speaks to an australian stranded in russia. it is a gross violation of human rights to return it says in my past i should not be arbitrarily deprived the right to return to my home country.
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alive and worldwide this is r.t. international from moscow where. the program 1st for you the european medicines agencies confirm to us astra zeneca is covert jab is possibly linked to cases of unusual blood clots and that it should be listed as a very rare side effects of the vaccine takes up the story well the economy has confirmed that there is a very possible link to red types of blood clots with platelets what they say is that they think this could possibly be. the astra zeneca but they haven't been able to specifically pinpoint what they think. could be something similar to a new mean response that's known for a drug called heparin which is a blood thinning drug that essentially interacts with the body the body produces antibodies producing extra plate. it's not causes blood clots now what they said is
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they investigated $62.00 cases over brain blood clotting and also food $24.00 cases of this over the abdominal area. bleeding in the stomach area and said of those cases 18 had to be fatal now the majority of cases were said to be women under the age of 16 with symptoms presenting within 2 weeks of receiving the asters and they could jab despite. the stands by the fact that astra zeneca is a safe vaccine with the benefits over that job out weighing the risks the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine in preventing qubit 19 outweigh the risks of trying to fix the proof after an very in-depth analysis has concluded. future cases of unusual. following vaccination with the astra zeneca vaccine
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should be listed as. defects of the vaccine when you advice will be given out to those to inoculate patients as well as those who are seeking the astra zeneca job but if they show specific symptoms within a 2 week period that they should seek medical advice those symptoms include if they have persistent ted takes if there's a shortness of breath or even if they have perhaps swelling in their legs now it's not clear whether the cases that were reviewed by the safety committee include 2 deaths that are being tested gated here in france the lawyer representing 2 families says the what they want is all. they want to understand the investigation has been launched the autopsy has been requested and done the question for the moment is to find out if it was caused by the vaccine itself or by the way it was injected but today it seems highly likely that a link. exists between the astra zeneca jab and occurrence of the thrombosis we
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want to understand what happened and afterward to find those responsible who already there have been a number of questions over the safety and the efficacy of astra zeneca we know we're already here frauds as well as in germany and in norway the job is now only being recommended to individuals in age groups and it's also been announced on wednesday in the u.k. that under thirty's will be offered an alternative job to astra zeneca as those concerns over safety and this possible link to rare blood clots continues what will be interesting now is what decisions if any national health regulators take as a result of this new information by the e m a we know already that the concern over astra zeneca has meant that people are not turning up for their appointments here in france for the job the mayor of color over the weekend hundreds of appointments were missed with hundreds and hundreds of
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doses used because of a sense of panic over this particular vaccine. live now to lauren junger who's a professor of molecular on college a war of medical school in the u.k. welcome back to r.t. professor young another blow for astra zeneca of course is this something that its reputation can be salvaged from from this. you know this is a very very rare side effect of the with any vaccine with any medicine when you're giving that to millions of people then you're going to see rare effects of course we still don't know about the causal link between the vaccine and this rare it's rare event but the the balance of evidence is firming up that there is this association so yeah i think it's a consequence and it's about balancing risks. if you expect more european countries to restrict the vaccine because of those risks. i think i think what's happened obviously in the u.k. today is this recommendation that because there appears to be a very slightly higher incidence of this rare event of clotting in younger
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people after bouts of nation the recommendation is to use the not to use the actual seneca vaccine in individuals under the age of 30 and that's something that perhaps we know is already occurring in other countries looking at the age related affects but i think we do need to do 2 things we need to see more data so we need to see what's going on here and whether there is a directly what the respect is might be and you have the need to consider seriously is this is an interesting vaccine the technology is using a vector at novartis to deliver the vaccine is the same type of approach that's used not only in the johnson and johnson baxley but also in the russian scrutiny that same i also think so i think it probably needs to be known investigated and these type of side effects whether or not you see it with other similar types of vaccine needs to be something we we keep an eye on it similar to what the a.m.a. are saying is that the benefits outweigh the risks but because the word risk gets
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used in a very new treatment for a very new problem that's enough to scare off a lot of patients we had a correspondent say hundreds of appointments are being missed because of this i think this is the real worry here that people are going to start to get worried about the safety of this vaccine and all that actually and are not going to turn up with a jazz. and of course what you got to do is try and weigh up the risks risk is a difficult concept to in some respects but one thing for sure is that whatever the risks are associated with side effect this isn't vanishingly rare side effect compared to the severity of getting it getting covert. and we have to think about this in you know we think about mr every day you know crossing that crossing the street is a risk every drug comes with a sheet of data sheet that tells you about the relative risks and you know many of us were better knowledge about taking the paracetamol the unit at the risks on that sheet of information associated with
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a paracetamol or indeed an aspirin and i think it's all about balancing response i know that for some people it's a it's a difficult concept and it just makes you a little bit more worried but it is because people discover that the medical community discover side effects in drugs that have paid out in the market for decades but because these are new vaccine is there a danger of a knock on effect that people are going to think what if there are risks for that one and tarnish them over the same brush i mean that is the worry that the worry is that somehow we're going to say you know we don't like vaccines anyway we know there's a lot of vaccine has and see particular across europe and this is going to add to that but we have to come back to the fact that these vaccines including asters n a q vaccine is 100 percent effective against severe and critical. and that is you know really important and that's something which is new needs to be weighed against the very very rare side of things of the vaccine if indeed those side effects of provan and of course it creates that argument doesn't have whether
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these vaccines were rushed onto the market and of course there's a difference between rapid development and being rushed but in terms of something like after zeneca where there are these questions people are going to start saying rushed rather than rapid development you know they all sadly but i don't think there have been much i think a lot of this is about the difference between vaccinating you know in a clinical trial in. d.d. astra zeneca phase 3 trials 32000 people so it was a big trial and that's what showed the benefit of the vaccine and that's what happens with that so you know you do this you do it actually tens of thousands were you don't is really in millions and of course what's happened is we've seen in the scale up of millions and millions of people getting vaccinated in the u.k. for instance there are 79 reported lots of of this type out of 20000000 people vaccinated and so you wouldn't see if you were vaccinating only 30 or 40000 people and and it's likely that you'll see some additional side effects when you roll out a vaccine across
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a very large population and getting that calls will lead to is really tricky because it masks a nation people are going to have other other side effects from other effects from other diseases and that might have nothing to do with the vaccine one of the interesting things that needs to be explored for instance is whether these clotting events which we do see in patients who kovi had are associated with people getting vaccinated and then getting infected with coded very soon after vaccination so that's one thing that does need to be investigated that i know you're a medical expert not a marketing one astra zeneca is changing the name of this vaccine in effect that if you care what it's called really i mean does anybody really know the names of these vaccines other than by the manufacturer rather than the brand. no i guess there's a whole thing about nomenklatura isn't honesty it really matters because as you know it's a similar argument has been used recently about the various so-called news virus variants the u.k. variant of the south africa very and you know these are common things that we use just as just to help us understand where things have come from and you know who's
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manufacturing vaccines but i don't think it really matters and what about those still paying their hopes on natural immunity or herd immunity as are a critical mass where you get enough people vaccinated so that that kind of natural immunity can start to kick in as well you know i think so i think i think i think there is an issue here i know herd immunity is as little bit of a dirty word really but but you know there is a there is this issue about now out what proportion of the population need to be vaccinated to give that overall protection and certainly with that with the viruses infectious as cells of the 2 code causing virus then you need probably to have a you know 80 percent of the population vaccinated and immune i think the big concern for a sort of course is that we still don't understand how lonely that vaccine in juice protective immunity will last and that's a real issue for us so as we think about easing for lockdown in the u.k. or as we think about rolling out more vaccines as soon as possible across europe we're going to keep an eye on both the need for
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a 2nd vaccination for mostly to give you the right boost to jab and boost their immunity but also how long was that particular effect going to last and we will go to need to have additional booster vaccines 6 months down the line and felt at the start of a long journey doesn't have to talk to again professor lawrence young at the war of medical school thanks for joining us thank you. but we've also spoken to a top priority professor who traveled to china with the world health organization to probe the origins of the pandemic dominic dwyer told r.t. is going underground that it's been hard to get the truth for many reasons you can watch thing full interview here for the day or go to r.t. dot com. what did you find because as far as though we've seen in the media it's kind of inconclusive you can't even conclude it came from china clearly it's inconclusive the minute it was easy we wouldn't have had to go there in the 1st place of course this is terribly complex of the science is complex the politics is complex but look we went through
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a large amount of data provided by the chinese you know a number of different areas and made a number of conclusions really about what further work needed to be done clearly we can't figure out a patient 0 if you like or 'd virus ciro but we've got to go a long way to planning what needs to be done did any of the authorities in china say you shouldn't be in wuhan you should be in italy given that without the bodies were circulating in italy in september of 2019 way before december i mean there's no doubt the virus exploded in with them there's no question about that now the issue is was the virus circulating in other parts of the world around that time or even a bit before and yes there is evidence mutually it's a bit from spain and some from france or some from the united kingdom and what did you feel when reportedly you weren't given some of the data you wanted i mean have you got this rule patient going to 174 covert patients from december 21000 the who
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are requesting that so i said look there are a number of things we are such chinese on our side to do before we got there including going back to looking through the last couple of months before december trying to identify potential cases that they might have missed and we insisted on the work being done and they did it and they presented that work there were of course only there for a short period of time so not all the darter that we would normally ask for in this sort of outbreak investigation was given to us the end but the doubters continue to come forward. president biden's migration policy sunday again under fire again this time over the revelation that 2 wanted terrorists were detained on the southern border of the us border protection agency give details in a news release which will swiftly withdraw. u.s. border patrol agents assigned to the al central sector and arrested to yemen a man within the last 2 months that's where identified on the terrorism watch list
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. live now to us he's kind of moping kind of this moment a good as seems like more trouble brewing on the us mexico border with the president biden. indeed now amid the surge of migrants crossing the u.s. border illegally and being detained we now understand that among those who have been detained there were 2 individuals of yemeni descent who were on the terrorism watch list now the white house spokesperson says that this is a rare occurrence here is what we heard her tell us human traffickers and the terrorists are all trying to take advantage of biden so open borders president biden strecche list bootie security policies continue to put americans across the country in danger enough is enough it's time for the biden administration to get serious about stopping the senate
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now what's even more disturbing is that the official report from the customs and border patrol about the arrest of these 2 yemeni individuals who are listed as potential terrorists on the watch list that that report has been removed from the website now the reason stated is that it's for a reason of national security you can no longer find a report about it but in march we saw a very big increase in the inflow of migrants into the united states it was the largest flow of migrants in 15 years 171000 migrants poured into the united states and we now understand the biden administration is reviewing many different options about how to deal with the situation at the u.s. border including i kid you not including trump's wall drums border wall take a listen. the president has communicated quite clearly his decision that the emergency that triggered the devotion of department of defense funds to the
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construction of the bootable is ended but that leaves room to make decisions as the administration has parts of the administration in particular areas of the will that need renovation particular projects that need to be finished now folks will recall that the democrats did everything they could to stop this wall including shutting down the u.s. government for 35 days to stop the construction of trump's border wall but apparently it is now once again on the agenda let's recall the democrats' reaction when donald trump tried to move ahead with this wall. is an enron levy it's not who we are is a nation when in time john called for i will shut down the government if i don't get my will none of us if you want to know something you've said ok you want to put that in my head i'll take i was a prosecutor for many years and including the attorney general california i specialize in transnational criminal or his am that's and then wind all stopped
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them now. now when biden took office he promised that taxpayer money would no longer be wasted on the wall he said that the wall was frozen and it appears now his administration is discussing continuing the construction of a wall that members of the democratic party previously considered to be immoral perhaps the situation with the huge inflow of migrants including 2 individuals that are on the terrorism watch list has changed their minds so an interesting situation developing at the u.s. border critics of the biden administration are becoming more and more cynical about the words from biden on the campaign trail versus the actions we're seeing in the white house new faces same old familiar powerful it seems the right kind of morbid in new york thank you. thanks to jobs lost savings run out and
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depression just some of the effects on the 10s of thousands of australians stranded abroad for months by one of the world's strictest lockdowns well now one group has filed a human rights complaint with the united nations over their country's continued refusal to let their own citizens come home yesterday and say that the country's travel cap means that many still come return of the 40000 remain abroad according to the government although there are fears the real figure is far higher 5000 a listed as vulnerable we spoke to one australian stranded in russia. originally up until. about october last year i was still actively trying to get on them since i've largely given up my attempt to get to get back to my country because the restrictions is taking place make it impossible for me to buy a ticket even if i even if i am i'm looking at paying maybe $10000.00 u.s. dollars upwards and then there's the flight assistance package which the.
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government. offices but all of those flights only leave from places like germany and paris and someone like me if i was to leave their russia and then go to paris if i was to contract out of it i wouldn't be eligible for that flight home because they only take the. test negative 2 to carve it on the fly so if i did that i could just be stranded somewhere else completely and i would be unable to even get back to russia if that was the case i'll promise to go robinson had pledged to bring many if not all those stranded have him by last christmas james case again says the ongoing situations simply unacceptable says in my possible that i should not be all that terribly deprived the right to return to my home country. the syrian government has used the biosecurity act which is something to explain away that it is an international disaster and that's why we on allowed to return home but now that is
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a year all these excuses of war and there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to get up get back this is a gross violation of all surrenders romance human rights. like astounds pushing to manufacture russia's. vaccine as hospitals report massive demand for the job donald reports from the capital islamabad. pakistan has entered a new era in vaccinating its population against covert 19 while free government subsidized vaccines are still only available to the senior population and while doctors the groups of risks private companies have now also been allowed to sell the vaccine to everybody willing the price is steep it stands at about $80.00 per 2 jobs of russia's would need to be but well despite that despite the average salary here in pakistan being below 5 $100.00 a month that we've seen q. was especially among younger pakistanis and lines to get russia's sputniks b.
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we were vaccinated to in seoul city costa so everyone seems very very says is it the overall experience of good in the sputnik vaccine is very good. it's a very easy process without any pain we will need it in up to 21 days to get the 2nd dose to finish the process. my motive is to protect myself and my family when we feel safe and secure it will start a trickle down effect there is talk about herd immunity my message is that those who can afford it should be vaccinated as soon as possible. because being offered this hospital also and a few other hospitals. in the deception has been so positive because people would like to work simply because people realize it is the only way forward and they have a cool dude now this process of kind of private vaccination isn't going without a hitch some venues have already reported that they have sold out and in some
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places like in the southern province of karrar cheap people had to queue for hours to get the job but in general well it is a promising trend given that pakistan has been avoided the fate of so many countries in the world where a certain percentage of the population went dissident and the criticized. and in general not trusted the process of vaccination and all together pakistan has long shown interest in the russian vaccines russia has done an excellent job in helping the world fight the brain damage the vaccine is a step forward in this direction we are committed to attract investments to pakistan and if possible producing this vaccine in our country but now that so many people in pakistan have shown that they want to get the vaccine that they are sensible that they want to get themselves protected against covert 19 this paves the way for further russia pakistan corp. back to the migrant crisis of
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the united states southern border and a record number tried to cross in march according to u.s. homeland security with reports suggesting the massive inflows will continue through to the autumn and on the other side of the front here in mexico where the situation's even worse refugees are gathering in makeshift camps after being rejected by the u.s. . and the fact is i've made it very clear within 100 days i'm going to send to the united states congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11000000 undocumented people and all of those so-called dreamers those docket kids they're going to be immediately certified again to be able to stay in this country and put on a path to citizenship. like
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that if we decided to come because the president said that he wanted to let you know tramways that was separate as. you know it but it's something we didn't expect even though the president said that of course he would hope as he still hasn't done anything. that. you. know please really the story is very complicated because there's a lot and everything we've been through just to end up here like cats and dogs.
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it gets. in and out more than the we can collect the necessities bit by this to provide for our central american brothers who are in need but. i think. these are people that are once again paying the price of politicians in that you know i. i think you know who would have won whether it was biden or trump or. anyone else either of their respective parties really the same consequence would it be seen we'd see a continuation of the policies that push people out north that push people from their homes as well as crack out here in the united states is kind of part of the bigger problem in the democratic party i think the democratic party likes to position itself as this kind of alternative to the quote unquote white nationalist republican party etc and so they say things particularly those at the top leadership like joe biden like. and they are trying to score political
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points and we see this kind of rhetoric this welcoming open woke nance. pushed by the democratic party but then when push comes to shove we see them backtrack on their words. briefly around the world and in iceland has opened up near a volcano just 32 kilometers from the capital hundreds of hikers visiting the site were evacuated from the area. erupting from the site. so the cities in the netherlands have suffered extraordinary weather conditions for this time of year after a dramatic drop in temperatures the thermometer plummeted below 0 with heavy snowfall continuing in many parts of the country the situation's particularly surprising given that the country was enjoying temperatures of 25 degrees celsius just a few days ago. a group of have a board is in the russian city of simyra celebrated the opening of their sports
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season on an ice floe participants were experienced and fully equipped athletes however they didn't avoid incident because some bystanders mistakenly thought they were stranded so they called the police. well right that's it for the moscow newsroom for now thanks for joining us on call in the next update in 32 minutes see that.
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thank strategist for that he's one of those. when customers go by you reduce the price. will reduce and lower. that's undercutting but what's good for food markets it's not good for the global economy.
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this is boom bust one business show you can't afford to miss i'm rachel blevins in washington coming up china becomes the 1st major economy to create a digital currency but while it may be convenient privacy advocates are already warning about the new powers that gives to the government. that by an administration is moving forward with plans to pass a $2.00 trillion dollars spending bill while they say it's for infrastructure folks republicans and even some democrats are saying it doesn't count their support that the pressure is on for the u.k. to decide if it will be the next country to require a vaccine passport some say the plan to fully reopen with a separate society into the house and the house not we have a lot to get to so let's get started. beijing is set to take on the u.s. dollar in an unprecedented way as china becomes the 1st major economy to create a digital currency it's a new form a bit of a.


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