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so join us for the death. or a move in the shallows. masters then occurs cofa general picks the spotlight again as the european medicines agency's vaccine chief links it to blood clots with the families of those who died after getting the shot demanding answers. today it seems highly likely that a link exists between the astra zeneca japp and occurrence of the thrombosis we want to understand what happened and afterwards to find those responsible. twitter briefly suspends the account of an r.t. america correspondent only agreeing to reinstated once a decade old video of alleged us war crimes is removed. a black teenager is rushed to hospital last oh brutal police arrest canadian officers it officers admits they got the wrong suspect we speak to his family who think this is
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a case of racial profiling. he was injured and used to come to hospital by ambulance he remained handcuffed so they knew it wasn't who they were looking for but they didn't remove the handcuffs. a very warm welcome and say good morning to you it's 9 am here in the russian capital and you're watching r.t. international with me the key aaron. now fresh questions have been raised linking the astra zeneca coated jap to blood clots and a senior official from the european medicines agency says there may be a link and it's still it's still unclear exactly how it causes medical problems but it's relatives of those who've died after getting the job but one justice let's go live now to our correspondent shortly defense case charlecote morning to you so she
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is the latest cloud gathering go faster than a current seems. that's right as those doubts have been raised once again this time by the top official at the european medicines agency at the may there are no calls for clarity to find out exactly what these links are potentially between us and red toy blood clots now see we've been talking to the lawyer representing 2 families here in france families whose loved ones died in the days after receiving astra zeneca job and they say that they want oh mrs. orme they want to understand the investigation has been launched the autopsy has been requested and done the question for the moment is to find out if it was caused by the vaccine itself or by the way it was injected but today it seems highly likely that a link exists between the astra zeneca jab and occurrence of the thrombosis we want
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to understand what happened and afterwards to find those responsible. while investigations are continuing into the death of a 24 year old medical student who's thought to have died from internal bleeding a man slaughter investigation has already been launched fronts into the death of a 38 year old woman this is a woman from the south of france who is a social worker who received the astra zeneca job back in early march as a result of the fact that she was a front line worker. now in the days after receiving that job she was complaining of having a quantum stint headache she was given medication from the doctors with that didn't help and in the end she was hospitalized and lated died and suggested that she die from a rare type of brain blood clot and it's this type of rare blood clot in the brain that has been linked to astra zeneca by that top official at the may this is what
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the e.m.a.'s head of vaccine strategy had to say about the link. we're trying to give the precise picture of what is happening to define in detail the syndrome due to the vaccine in my opinion we can now say it is clear the reason association with the vaccine what causes this reaction however we still do not know now both the 38 year old woman and also the 24 year old medical student was said to be in very good health and the lawyer representing their families say their families are not taking vaccination but what they want to ensure is that if these deaths are preventable that they can be prevented from other people losing their loved ones to. my concern and the concern of families is what we are calling preventable deaths in other words for certain people vaccine benefit risk assessment is obvious i'm speaking particularly about
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people over 55 years old in france the vaccine is restricted to people over 55 years of age so the benefit risk assessment should be made more details. now that concern is being felt more and more as this additional evidence seems to be emerging about the links between the astra zeneca vaccine and these rare types of blood clots the e.m.a.'s said it stands by the fact they gave the green light to astra zeneca saying that the risk ben. fit ratio we still positively on the side of astra zeneca and the world health organization has also come out over the last few hours saying it also still believes in us through seneca saying it is still largely positive but as i said there is more and more evidence coming out that there are potentially these blood clots as a result and often last week there were 30 cases in the u.k.
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that is said to have had an immediate impact here in france where the reputation of astra zeneca was already on the rocks over the weekend the marrow of kalai said that they had been a sense of panic there in the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of doses of astra zeneca ready for appointments for people to come in and have the job were left because people are afraid of these possible side effects she's not called for an actual campaign here in france to explain what the potential side effects are not just of astra zeneca but of all of the other vaccines that have already been approved in the e.u. such as the pfizer biome tech vaccine. vaccine but the reality is when you've got to talk to him a official now making this significant link between these rare types of blood clots and deaths as a result of astra zeneca perhaps that's just
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a blow too much for the facts seen indeed thank you for those details that sati shiela deep in ski speaking live from paris. now person's health regulator is mulling restricting the use of astra zeneca as kovi vaccine for younger people trials on children have also been put on hold as investigations continue into a link between the jab and blood clots we call reaction on the streets of london. i had my 1st box in the good book problem moms not get in it if you saw this from some health condition she's not getting it simply because of the blog plots and we do actually know someone who's had a stroke since get in the vaccines i'm not or a double that you know because a lot of you for has been vaccinated they're ok this will be even more side effects that we don't even know about this is just one thing that we can now they have no idea what this could be i guess the fear is will be bigger don't do the actual problem we've got a good public health system keep an eye on these things and obviously go be looking
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at the latest research but while the advice is still to take the vaccine i would still take the vaccine that. pakistan may join the ranks of the russias sputnik the vaccine manufacturers as the country see as steep demand for the job we'll hear from our correspondents reports from its campus all later in the program. and we've spoken to a top for all a g professor who traveled to china with the world health organization to probe the origins of the pandemic dominic dwyer told r.t. he's going underground it's been hard to get the truth for many reasons you can watch the full interview here throughout the day. what did you find because as far as where we've seen in the media it's kind of inconclusive you can't even conclude it came from china clearly it's inconclusive i mean it was easy we wouldn't have had to go there in the 1st place of course this is terribly complex of the science
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is complex the politics is complex but look we went through a large amount of data provided by the chinese you know a number of different areas and made a number of conclusions really about what further work needed to be done clearly we can't figure out a patient 0 if you like or 'd virus ciro but we've got to go a long way to planning what needs to be done did any of the authorities in china say you shouldn't mean wuhan you should be in italy given their code without bodies were circulating in italy in september of 2019 way before. i mean there's no doubt the virus exploded in with them there's no question about that now the issue is was a virus circulating out of the parts of the world around that time or even a bit before and yes there is evidence mutually it's a bit from spain and some from france or some from the united kingdom and what did you feel when reportedly you weren't given some of the data you wanted i mean have
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you got this rule patient going to 174 covert patients from december 21000 the who are requesting. that's trying to sort of do a number of things. to do before we got there including going back to looking through the last couple of months before december trying to identify potential traces the amount of mist and we insisted on that being done and they didn't and they presented no we're of course only there for a short period of time so no although we would normally asked for in the sort of their approach investigation was given to us then but the doctor is continuing to come forward. twitter has suspended the account of an r.t. america correspondent only lifting the ban after rachel blevins deleted this video showing alleged to us war crimes their portion ourselves says that the video is not as disturbing as the fact that those responsible have not still been held
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accountable so i was simply given a notice in which it said that i was locked out of my account and the only way to get back into my account was to take down that tweet with that video now they said that they were doing this because i violated their graphic content policy essentially because in that video you were watching civilians and journalists lose their lives and the context that they give behind that is to say that for the families of those victims that would be hard to watch that would be hard for that footage to be out there and it's also even more disturbing for those families to know that even though that footage has been out there the attackers the murderers who are responsible still have not been brought to justice. first released by wiki leaks in 2010 the once classified u.s. military video appears to show the indiscriminate shooting of more than a dozen civilians in a baghdad baghdad suburb from an american helicopter among those killed were 2 employees of the reuters news agency wiki leaks that it attained a video from
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a number of whistleblowers over the years the video the twitter claims that breaks its rules has been posted by many other uses but it's her post as an r.t. journalist that triggered its system but blevins insists that although graphic the footage still needs to be brought to the public's attention. here in the united states are major media organizations like say c.n.n. or fox news they don't show you for it it's like that they don't show you how horrific it is a when the u.s. military commit these terrible war crimes in other countries they don't tell you what is actually going on with this so-called war on terrorism and yet it's people like us on to have taken the steps to put that information out there to bring the actual footage to light to show the public public and now at the same time you see the u.s. government going through from obama to now by even talking of songs going after him trying to get his head on a platter moralize i think that what we're seeing is. increasing moves on the part
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of these digital corporations and we know nothing about them they're completely opaque they know everything about us as forms of censorship for the ruling elite in particular the establishment elites in the republican in the democratic party who are blocking their critics on the left or the right you have to remember that during the obama administration and barack obama's vice president was of course joe biden expanded the targeted assassinations through militarized drone drones and there's complete continuity between republican and democratic administrations on this issue which is why the biden ministration has supported the appeal in london to get julian a songe extradited to the united states. pakistan's pushing to manufacture sputniks he asked hospitals report massive demand for russia's coded
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vaccine artie's egoist on us reports from the capital islamabad. pakistan has entered a new era in vaccinating its population against covert 19 while free government subsidized vaccines are still only available to the senior population and while doctors the groups of risks private companies have now also been allowed to sell the vaccine to everybody willing the prices keep it stands at about $80.00 per 2 jobs of russia's would need to be but well despite that despite the average salary here in pakistan being below 500 dollars a month that we've seen q. was especially among younger pakistanis and lines to get russia's sputniks b. we were vaccinated to in seoul city hospital everyone seems very very says is it the overall experience of good in the sputnik vaccine is very good. it's a very easy process without any pain we will box unaided in after $21.00 days to
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get the sick and dose to finish the process. my motive is to protect myself and my family when we feel safe and secure it will start to trickle down effect there is talk about herd immunity my message is that those who can afford it should be vaccinated as soon as possible. it's what week is being offered at this hospital also going through other hospitals. that the deception has been so positive because people would like to excuse me because people don't realize that this is the only way we're forward you know what you have to do this now this process of kind of private vaccination isn't going without some venues have already reported that they have sold out and in some places like in the southern province of kharaj you people had to queue for hours to get the job but in general well it is a promising trend given that pakistan has and avoided the fate of so many countries
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in the world where a certain percentage of the population went dissident and the criticized and in general not trusted the process of vaccination and all together pakistan has long shown interest in the russian vaccines russia has done an excellent job in helping the world fight the brain damage this vaccine is a step forward in this direction we are committed to attract investments to pakistan and if possible producing this vaccine in our country but now that so many people in pakistan have shown that they want to get the vaccine that they are sensible that they want to get themselves protected against covert 19 this paves the way for further russia pakistan corporation. still so can the artes corresponded to visits by can our cause much roman catholic stand where a soyuz rocket is due to depart for the international space station later this week stay tuned for this story and all right after the break.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a made in the shallows. seem
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wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out these days become educated and in gains from it because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back a march in support of struggling italian businesses has turned violent in rome with protesters clashing with riot police in front of parliament. that was the only west was sparked by an extension to easter coronavirus restrictions until the end
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of april thank you the closure of all non-essential shops and take away only service for restaurants and cafes many venues have already gone bankrupt unable to withstand the financial pressure of a 13 knockdown in a year leaving many italians furious at the prospects of more restrictions. she's yelling cut there are people who change some dollars solves because we can't go ahead and accept the situation we want to reclaim our jobs in our freedom we ask for an immediate end to the national lockdown and for the immediate opening of all commercial activity without any restrictions regardless of the statistics related to the disease the fact we can't go out after 10 and nights that we can't go where we want not respecting our rights which are constitutionally mandated as a form of tyranny the founder often italian conservative think tank told us he said he believes government inconsistency is are driving people to dispair. i think that
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people are frustrated because if we don't have a date for the hand of the lock down we don't have a plan for the next 2 weeks and you've got to take to the next we simply don't know if they're locked down and i don't know that the frequent we don't know if they look down the feeling in the hand of me every week and every day for the government to change it in their loans and every week of the government to see that their own family he did so next week says and this is mission is try to difficult for the end of the world the 1st article of our position should say that italy is a democratic county based on the level so if the number of people keep the secret since can open in their shops accounted for going to the restaurant how they can sleep so i hunger stand that people me understand the people that grew up in the streets at the most free and trying to see their goals and the big problem in our
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country in this equation is that the government don't have the money to have these people so that's why those people who are angry today it was from was that a resurgent what are the important e-zine and he says you see that from the last year. we lost in 1000000 jobs in our country soon you can measure how these difficult economic situation is this is called an economy in this one so the government has to have old people. like 17 year old has been rushed to hospital after suffering injuries and an undercover police arrest officers say they caught the wrong person and that they quote regrets the mistake when he spoke to the boy's godfather who says the error was racially motivated. he has some injuries and doesn't really some trauma so we're just trying to keep an eye on him and make sure that here has the opportunity to get all of the supports that he needs to
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recover from that experience i believe it's motivated by race to any time that you profile a black man and as a black boy it was vice versa then united able to differentiate you know the physical features and the facial features but more importantly after the arrest and after the boy identified himself he was injured and he was taken to hospital by ambulance he remained handcuffed so they knew it wasn't what they were looking for but they didn't remove the handcuffs he was handcuffed in the hospital he was asking for his mother and they didn't call her that a 17 year old was cleared and taken to hospital due to the injuries he suffered during the arrest he was later charged for failing to comply with a court order not to drive the suspects the police have mistaken the teenager for is a 21 year old black man who is wanted for kidnapping and unrelated murder all star
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teams for their part say they were grette this mistake insisting an internal review to examine these events will be launched will regret this mistake and the distress this is cause this young man and his family we have since made contact with the family representative to further discussions and i'll support i was shocked and i was angry and i initially didn't even know where to begin and you know how to process it oh we're going to hold them accountable to a response the family wants justice the family wants the truth is earned the family wants them to acknowledge the wrongdoing and the harm that i was caused and to repair it so i'm quite certain we will be engaging when it's. both police services both toronto and peel region 2 to resolve this issue on behalf of the family and the community and everyone that's been impacted they're not going
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to change themselves and they're not willing to yield to public pressure to to other people change them so no i don't think that can be changed. as soyuz rocket is in position on the launch pad at the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakstan is due to blast off for the international space station on friday a few days before russia marks the 60th anniversary of euro guarin becoming the 1st person in space constantine or scott is following the latest mission. well for those who are not involved in the space program itself this is arguably the best moment to see the rocket up close when they transfer it from an assembly hangar to the launch pad and you know i mean wow just look how look how big it is and you know i'm going to tell you something that i watched this on t.v. many times but this is absolutely different when you see something like this in
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person by the way the sawyers rocket is 50 meters long and it weighs over 300 tons and of course it takes a base to retrain even to haul it they move in slowly and carefully because as you can see we can move along in more alaska pop with it there's no need for haste at this moment because it's important not to disrupt the a sample rocket just days before liftoff the reason why the soyuz rocket is so big because it needs a lot of fuel to overcome gravity and that's what a space rocket basically is is just a massive fuel tend to 90 percent of it burns out during the flight see it was in the past and then used parts simply fall back to earth and that's why by the way that was one of the reason why baikonur was built. in sparsely populated steps of kazakhstan because you don't want used parts of rocket to fall on someone's house
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the spacecraft itself is much smaller if you compare with what the rest of the rocket sits right on the tip of the rocket inside a capsule let's go into print tacks the space crew while they're going to make blast their way to orbit. and this time we have 2 russian cosmonauts and want to merican astro. despite the vastly have in spaces dragon program they still dependent on russia and pay the country to a sand its astronauts into space anyway the preparation is in full swing now his specially for russia's peter dubrovsky this is going to be his 1st ever space flight leg novitsky another russian crew member and space ships captain on the other hand has more experience he's already has 2 space missions under his belt the
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same goes for mark bonner hey who's not only been to the ice sas in the past but also perform several spacewalks now if everything goes as planned they will be in space at this 60th anniversary of your garden's flight which made him the 1st average human in space and set the space age which we live in today just over 550 people have been able to visit earth's orbit ever since but they say you are a good guard and other pioneers of space travel we know that this is possible and that gravity is not our limits. many thanks for joining us are a nazi and to national we had been having a great stunt c.-o. day we'll be back in 30 minutes with the latest headlines.
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but like into. this if. you do this for the 1st one to look upon you as we go forward from the hundreds.
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that you'll see just what i did except. see if it was national guard coming off. the plane. to libya. it's a look it was from the films. before school he's put explain a little more the point nobody knew the least because the. machine and the why for the smear. a little bit you knew those. opposed someone into believing it because of the style if you please easy.
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reading. you know in the post trump world the mainstream news media has been searching for something and me thing to move the ratings needle . and it appears they have finally found their latest golden ratings goose in the trial of former police officer derek shaw and for the murder of george floyd not since o.j. simpson and then later trayvon martin have we seen such round the clock news coverage of the murder trial let's be honest this case has all the markings of a modern ratings cable news blockbuster violence racism annoying depends attorneys courageous prosecutors good versus evil and lots and lots and lots of room for talking heads it's like a 24 hour marathon of law and order except this time sam waterston and jerry orbach have been replaced by wolf blitzer and chuck todd. god help.


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