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no day or. week day or ask. twitter briefly suspends the account of an america correspondent only agreeing to reinstate it once a decade old video of alleged u.s. war crimes is removed. a former u.s. intelligence analyst faces years in jail for exposing america's drone assassination program we speak to a whistleblower who was in close contact with him. he did it because he was exposing a war crime he's not allowed to say that and so he really doesn't have any chance of acquittal. vaccine is in the spotlight as the european medicines agencies at the top official links it to blood clots while the medical body itself goes on pointing to the jobs benefits. and firebombs and bricks the price of
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post drugs at border checks in northern ireland we look at the background to the weekend's violent attacks on police. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our 2 international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. now a correspondent with archie america had her twitter account temporarily suspended with the social network only agreeing to lift the block after she removed a video of alleged u.s. war crimes which she had earlier tweeted we're about to show you some of that footage and we want to warn you that some of it might be disturbing now 1st released by wiki leaks in 2010 the once classified u.s. military video appears to show the indiscriminate shooting of over a dozen civilians in a baghdad suburb from an american helicopter among those killed are 2. employees of
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the reuters news agency said it had managed to obtain the video from a number of whistleblowers r t americans rachel blevins shared earlier what she was told by twitter. so i was simply given a notice in which is that i was locked out of my account and the only way to get back into my account was to take down that tweet without video and now they said that they were doing this because i violated their graphic content policy need essentially because in that video you were watching civilians and journalists lose their lives and the context that they give behind that is to say that for the families of those victims that would be hard to watch that would be hard for that footage to be out there and to that extent they're correct about that i mean this is disturbing footage this is graphic i mean at the same time it's also even more disturbing for those families to know that even though that footage has been out there the attackers the murderers who are responsible still have not been brought to justice and so i wanted to put that video out there to service their own minder
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even though it has been alive and years since this footage was released those pilots those u.s. soldiers you see in that video who are literally murdering citizens civilians and journalists in broad daylight has no consequences for those actions over the years the video the twitter claims breaks its rules has been posted by many other users but it is her post as an r.t. journalist that triggered its system but rachel blevins insists that although graphic the footage still needs to be brought to the public's attention. something that is a reminder of just what us law and has accomplished because here in the united states are major media organizations like say c.n.n. or fox news they don't show you for it it's like that they don't show you how horrific it is a when the u.s. military commit these terrible war crimes in other countries they don't tell you what is actually going on with this so-called war on terrorism and yet it's people like us on to have taken the steps to put that information out there to bring the
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actual footage to light to show the public public that and now at the same time you see the u.s. government going through from obama to now 5 and i talking i saw him going after him trying to get his head on a platter moralize # as a notice to anyone else who may try to do the same who may try to bring other footage to life i think that what we're seeing is. increasing moves on the part of these digital corporations and we know nothing about them they're completely opaque they know everything about us as forms of censorship for the ruling elite in particular the establishment elites in the republican in the democratic party who are blocking their critics on the left or the right you have to remember that during the obama administration and barack obama's vice president was of course joe biden expanded the targeted assassinations through militarize drone drones and
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there's complete continuity between republican and democratic administrations on this issue which is why the biden ministration has supported the appeal in london to get julian a songe extradited to the united states. a former u.s. intelligence analyst faces up to 10 years in prison for blowing the whistle on washington's targeted drone assassination program daniel hale pleaded guilty to transmitting and retaining national defense information his case comes amid mass disclosure of similar crimes allegedly perpetrated by the u.s. .
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i have to tell you when he called me a few hours ago he was surprisingly upbeat and optimistic and he he remarked about how much press this issue has been getting since he decided to plead guilty so in the end i think that he thinks that this is been worth it that americans know more about the drone program now than 8 they did 6 months ago or a year ago and even though he's likely going to go to prison it was worth it the u.s. is flying these drones or at least it was until recently that were used ostensibly to kill terrorists or would be terrorists but in reality to kill anybody who might resemble a terrorist and that included women children the elderly and anybody else who
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happened to be on the ground i believe that we're we're a nation of laws and we have to abide by those laws whether we like them or not if we don't like them we should change them go through the process and change them if congress has not declared war on a country we don't have a right to attack it we just can't decide that we don't like the politics of whoever happens to be in charge in a place like yemen or pakistan or afghanistan and then launch drone strikes against them it's a violation of international law. data which hale gave to the online news site the intercept back in 2014 was made available to the public and he is now accused of disclosing classified intelligence information his supporters say these kind of exposures are necessary for a strong society. using the espionage act in this way to prosecute journalists sources and spies chills newsgathering and discourages sources from coming forward with information in the public interest particularly when it relates to national
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security where government secrecy is at its height these documents detail the secret unaccountable process for targeting and killing people around the world including u.s. citizens through drone strikes there are a vital public importance and they related to their disclosure is protected by the 1st amendment. hell was arrested 2 years ago and charged with violating the espionage act and other related offenses when joe biden came to power some hope to that there would be changes to the drone program but now there are reports he aims to boost exports of unmanned weapons to countries including those with poor human rights records former cia analyst john kiriakou who you just heard from earlier told us the terms of the espionage act leave hale with little hope. this is the really the worst part of the of the espionage act this is the reason why ed snowden can't come home this is the reason why i couldn't go to trial this is the reason
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why jeffrey sterling the other cia whistleblower was convicted because there is no affirmative defense we are prohibited by law from going into court and saying i did it but i did it for this reason and in in the case of daniel hale this was a war crime he did it because he was exposing a war crime he's not allowed to say that and so he really doesn't have any chance of acquittal the best thing to do for daniel as it was for me as it was for so many others here charged under the espionage act is to take a deal and to hope for the lightest possible sentence the decision that was made early on even before joe biden was inaugurated to pursue the appeal against julian his son it was that decision that made it clear that joe biden was going to pursue national security leaks just like barack obama did and just like donald trump did after him you can see our full interview with john kiriakou on the latest edition
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of watch mohawks which is online now at r.t. dot com. a connection between the astra zeneca covert vaccine and blood clots doesn't exist says a senior official from the european medicines agency but its cause is yet to be defined meanwhile the agency itself is not rushing to link the 2 or to show the difference he explains. well this is the confusion. over the safety over astra zeneca 1st of all we had this indictment from an e m a european medicines agencies top official one of the top officials saying that in his opinion there was a link in association between the astra zeneca job and the rare form of blood clotting this is blood clotting in the brain areas cover larry made accusations in an interview with an italian newspaper and those accusations have now gone the viral around the world this is what he had to say we're trying to give the precise
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picture of what is happening to define in detail the syndrome due to the vaccine in my opinion we can now say it is the reason association with the vaccine what causes this reaction however we still do not now despite that being his opinion he said that the risk benefit ratio was still on the side of astra zeneca and he suggested that any change in advice on how that job is used would be in regards to age groups rather than anything else that's already something that's taken place here with france germany and norway where astra zeneca now isn't being given to young age groups however a within hours of this interview came out and said itself in a very brief statement that despite that claim it is not yet itself reached a conclusion as to whether there is an association between astra zeneca and these
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incredibly rare blood clots and it is continuing of course to monitor the situation in regards to that so it doesn't appear as if the advice is going to change from the major a plea today but these need to top official from the board the are likely to just heighten the concerns that there are about the job already there are complaints. it's a manslaughter case. in france after a 38 year old her social worker health worker received one dose of astra zeneca and then died less than 2 weeks later a rare type of blood clotting so there are concerns about this job and if you're somebody who's just had astra zeneca on you or in one of these younger age group categories do you to have your vaccine in the next few days in this really now must be a worry because once again the safety of this vaccine it is a question now if i say if the official here may advice does change
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in the next few days or the next few weeks that might also pose questions with people wondering whether they can trust the safety of what's being approved by the way and it will raise in questions about the process it is undertaken when it came to approving vaccines like astra zeneca. meanwhile the world health organization says there is no link so far between astra zeneca and blood clots highlighting the positive benefit risk assessment of the vaccine. what happens is that there are a number of committees right now and regulatory agencies and regulatory authorities looking at data and new data is coming every day and assessing the data so there is no link for the moments between the vaccine and the throne political. trial of the astra zeneca job on children in britain has also been put on hold while the u.k.'s medical regulator makes its own checks we asked people in london if they are
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concerned about the vaccines potential linked to blood clots. i had my 1st. big problem. if you stop this from some health condition she's not getting it simply because of the little clots and we do actually know someone who is. in the vaccine and i'm not. you know because they love you for has been vaccinated there ok this would be even. more side effects that we don't even know about this is just one thing that picking out they have no idea what this could or would i guess the fear is going to be bigger actual problem we've got a good public health system that keep an eye on these things and obviously they'll be looking at the latest research but while the advice to still take the vaccine i would still take the vaccine that nurse and health campaigner naomi bennett believes that e.u. regulators should act immediately to not put lives at risk. i think it would have been very useful to treat this is very seriously because we're dealing with the lives of people so i think from the moment there was any doubt they should have
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acted very quickly on that and of people are very worried and they obviously prefer him to go for a different type of that situation but yet the general feedback that i'm receiving is that people are unsure what to do because there's so many different complete guidance is given out so it's very difficult for people members of the public to make their mind up definitely need some confirmation of the risk and we need to know how serious and how dangerous is the vaccine if it is dangerous or if it's not believe me that says rather than just allowing people to be any pigs and just allowed to be given these facts in 1000 without that assurance and reassurance i definitely hope that they learn from this and they start listening to people's back and concerns you know what if they can reassure us entirely then i guess it will be a different thing so i asked for me wanted to get the assurance from them because
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recent not long ago they said that there was no connection with a black person and today surprisingly we've been that we've learned that they could be or maybe a connection with this red type of brain. and that's the issue and that's the concern because all we see we just need to get beyond says and be able to make informed decisions about which friend of vaccination to use. in march in support of struggling italian businesses has turned violent and brohm with protesters clashing with riot police in front of parliament. it was . the unrest was sparked by an extension to easter coronavirus restrictions until the end of april they included the closure of all non-essential shops and to take away only service for restaurants and cafes many venues have already gone bankrupt unable to withstand the financial pressure of a 3rd lockdown in
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a year leaving many italians furious at the prospect of more restrictions. she's yelling cut down our chain sonali selves because we can't go ahead and accept the situation we want to reclaim our jobs and now 3 been we asked for an immediate end to the national walk down and for the immediate opening of all commercial activity without any restrictions regardless of the statistics related to the disease the fact we can't go out after tenet nights that we can't go where we want not respecting our rights which are constitutionally mandated is a form of tyranny the founder of an italian conservative think tank told us that he believes government in consistencies are driving people to dispair. i think that people are frustrated because if we don't have a date to hand off to lock down we don't have a plan for the next 2 weeks and we don't have a date to hold the next we certainly don't know if they're locked down the roof i
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don't know in the head of state but we don't know if that lockdown will finish in the hand of me every week and have rebate to the government to change it in the lows and i have every week of the government to say that the long now may be good for the next weeks and this ignition is fighting difficult for a bit and in the world is the 1st article of americans if you should say that italy is a democratic county based on the level so if the number of people keep the secret since can open their shops can't hold me in the restaurant how they can sleep so i 100 stand that people really understand the people that grew up in the street that the most free and trying to see their goals and the problem in our county in this nation is that the government don't have the money to have this people so that's why those people who are angry today it was found was that the research that were.
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important each time he says you see that from the last year. we lost in 1000000 jobs in our country so you can imagine how it is difficult how the economic solution is difficult economy in this one so the government has to have old people . northern ireland has seen several nights of unrest with protesters hurling petrol bombs at police in anger over post bragg's a trade roles shoddy edwards has more. we've seen numerous police officers injured and as these violent clashes as well as dozens of people being arrested some as young as 13 and 14 years of age and so now police are really appealing to community leaders to try and stop this disorder and stop this on the breast as well but it all follows on friday decision not to prosecute leaders of the irish nationalists the shin fein party for allegedly breaking coronavirus restrictions for attending a funeral of a former. leader last year that funeral was in june and allegedly around 2000
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people attended so that is one part of the narrative but also receiving rising tensions due to. issues as well as a specific part of the brics that withdrawal agreement that's a northern ireland 1 protocol is coming under fire today what we're seeing as it all boils down to the fact that these new trade barriers between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. essentially creates a defacto border on the irish sea quizes that goods entering the night in from britain will have to go through specific checks a century treaty a completely different to the rest of the united kingdom it's always been a huge sticking point in both theories of maize attempted bret's that deal but also boris johnson signed sealed and delivered bricks it deal that is a huge sticking point officials in brussels dublin and london just sore on technical terms but actually what we're seeing is a real a motive behind it it's an erosion of serenity for some it's a betrayal by the british government and all acutely rips up the good friday
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agreement all together and all the promises of peace within it as well it does seem like neither the shin famed for that matter nor the d.p. are in the mood for to taunt anytime soon when it comes to these violent clashes all to do with that milton art and protocol and it seems all of this stoked up tensions is accelerating by breck's it seeing the appetite to unify northern ireland an island really increase in the last few weeks if not months. to its highest level of around 42 percent not just confined to the wishbone nationalists either but that appetite is also growing amongst the devolved nations too we know that over in scotland that appetite has been growing for some years but nicholas sturgeons reenergize efforts are seeing that trajectory continue as well even though looking at wales which is the 2nd smallest nation of the 4 nations they're jumping on the independence bandwagon too with around 25 percent in the polls saying that they would vote for independence which is double what it was around 6
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years ago so it seems like these recent clashes over the last few days in northern ireland really are just real reflect of real concerns when it comes to the disunited kingdom. based political commentator from hughes says it is futile to try and renegotiate the northern ireland protocol. all it tells us is work has always happened here by a political response to the destabilization of the peace process here i'm continuing to watch creating a positive factor. relating to dollars per month using violence to try and force to june of 2 to renegotiate to more than all of whom that's not going to hop on anytime soon so it's just worth as a complete list of all the noise flexing their muscle trying to use violence at the
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negotiating table for their political result representatives in league with boris johnson. and the current. space is cool now so is rock it is in position on the launch pad at the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan it is it due to blast off for the international space station on friday now a few days before russia marks the 60th anniversary of your garron becoming the 1st person in space constantine is following this latest mission. well for those who are not involved in the space program itself this is arguably the best moment to see the rocket up close when they transfer it from an assembly hangar to the launch pad and you know i mean wow just look how look how big it is and you know i'm going to tell you something that i watched this on t.v. many times but this is absolutely different when you see something like this in
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person by the way the sawyers rocket is 50 meters long and it weighs over 300 tons and of course it takes a base to retrain even to haul it they move in slowly and carefully because as you can see we can move along in more alaska pop with it there's no need for haste at this moment because it's important not to disrupt the assembled rocket just days before liftoff the reason why the soyuz rocket is so big because it needs a lot of fuel to overcome gravity and that's what a space rocket basically is is just a massive fuel tank up to 90 percent of it burns out during the flight sequence in the past and then used parts simply fall back to earth and that's why by the way that was one of the reason why baikonur was built. in sparsely populated steps of kazakhstan because you don't want used parts of rocket to fall on someone's house
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the spacecraft itself is much smaller if you compare with what the rest of the rocket sits right on the tip of the rocket inside a capsule let's go into print tacks the space crew while they're going to make blast their way to orbit. and this time we have 2 russian cosmonauts and want to merican astro. despite and ask me how badly in space is dragon program this still dependent on russia and pay the country to stand its astronauts into space and a way to preparation is in full swing now has specially for russia's peter dubrovsky this is going to be his 1st ever space flight 11 of the skin of the russian crew member and space ships captain on the other hand has more experience he's already has 2 space missions under his belt the same goes for mark bonner hey
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who's not only been to the ice sas in the past but also perform several spacewalks now if everything goes as planned they will be in space at this 60th anniversary of your garden's flight which made him the 1st average human in space and set the space age which we live in today just over 550 people have been able to visit earth's orbit ever since but thanks to your good daryn and other pioneers of space travel we know that this is possible and that gravity is not our limits. just called what you want you are to international be back in about 33 minutes with a look at your headlines stay with us.
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street. i can't see. the. jobs. street. oklahoma in the heart of america one of the most deeply afflicted states in the opioids addiction crisis oklahoma might change the course of history. for the 1st time in the united states a doctor will be sued by the state for 2nd degree murder for over prescribing
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opioids here's the accused that to reconnect calls. a family doctor for over 22 years she's now suspected of being a prescription murderer. the judge has to ascertain if there is enough material to go to trial. the plaintiffs in the room have lost a child a brother a friend from an opioid overdose. dr nichols was their doctor she was the one prescribing the drugs. let him serve unbox i'm an attorney at oklahoma city i practice crippled events i've got a police officer.


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