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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  April 6, 2021 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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by the white house most of the nearly 3700000 dislikes were deleted by you tube the platform says its policy is to remove reactions considered to be spam with poses and systems employees to ensure the gauge went on you tube is authentic and remove any fraudulent metrics by its claim to youtube deleted around $8000.00 dislikes the white house video but did not do the same for other popular channels data suggest that there dislikes are regularly removed around once an hour but other popular you tube channels do not get anything like this same scrutiny journalist and commentator chant with more say is the issue raises wider concerns of online neutrality. even with the 2 and a half 2700000 dislikes removed the white house says the biden white house is video still of a ratio about 6 to 16 dislike to everyone like 17 to one but what it remains unclear is firstly that not removing any light ok they're only removing the
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dislikes so it's very difficult to tell whether or not they're being honest here but we also don't know how do they determine what is a legitimate dislike and what is not a legitimate dislike and how do they determine if a video is being brigaded or mobbed by dislikes and or actual users are you to quote say they won't tell us so that raises questions and it does many americans maybe the majority of americans do believe these companies are biased in favor of the democrats they're biased in favor of joe biden so it certainly raises eyebrows and looks suspicious if the allegedly the most popular president in american history joe biden has got 18000000 votes right the most votes of any president in american history is having such a problem with dislikes on you tube that it doesn't really match up most such a popular guy would be having such a problem keeping that ratio down. thanks for joining us here on out tea and to national we happy having a wonderful stuff day that's all from me for today but don holkins will be with you
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at the top of the hour with an amazing. greetings and salutation. you know growing up many of us were taught that when it comes to doing what is right what is wrong but there is no gray area standing up and telling the truth in the face of adversity and lives is not only just what it's possibly a patriotic american virtue like baseball or apple pie i mean we built mythic legends around our. first president's noble ability to never tell a lie even when confronted by awesome forces of this bother and the cherry tree industrial complex but today my friends it seems that the u.s. government and many other governments around the world would prefer their employees
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live in the face of been just as especially if it involves us national security this week former us intelligence analyst daniel hale the 31 man who blew the whistle on the u.s. government's drone assassination program was forced to plead guilty for violating the espionage act yes that dusty old woodrow wilson era 917 law the 21st century leaders like bush obama and donald trump have been using to silence u.s. government whistleblowers that that law raised its ugly head again this time under the reign of u.s. president joe biden's justice department according to the washington post hale shared 8 secret and 3 top secret documents with the journalist believed to be the intercepts jeremy scahill and that the documents detailed in the protocol for ordering drone strikes and shed light on civilian casualties in internal military debates over the accuracy of intelligence. a response to hill's indictment betsy
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reed the editor in chief of the intercept told the media quote these documents detailed a secret unacceptable process for targeting and killing people around the world including us citizens all through drone strikes they are of vital public importance and activity related to their disclosure is protected by the 1st amendment. you know under the rules we were taught as children ms read statement would be true but in today's united states of america as adults it appears that national security and secret assassinations hold a higher honor than justice truth and morality and that my friends is why we are always watching. what's going on on a city street. there so you. see there is this joyce state see a. great city this least systemic deceptions show
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which i would. just as. welcome everyone watching the hawks like always i am tyrone and i'm a me and joining us today is someone who is no stranger to the brutal power of the u.s. justice system when it's trying to protect national securities ugliest the most brutal of secrets is former us a former cia officer and torture whistleblower the one and only john kiriakou john thank you for coming. happy to do it tyrrell good to see it good to see you too john you know you faced a very similar situation to mr hale's. he was facing in your own whistleblower and subsequent battle with the u.s. government can you tell us what that pressure feels like when you have to truly between going to trial. and going to legal war against the u.s. government or pleading guilty to a crime that in reality you should be being celebrated for breaking. wow where do i
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even begin. i will say that the pressure is is just about unbearable. you give serious consideration to suicide everybody that i know who's been charged under the espionage act has given real thought to suicide aaron swartz committed suicide while i was awaiting trial and a reporter asked me if i was surprised and i said no the only thing i'm surprised at is is that more people don't commit suicide what the government does is they will stack charges on you and then offer to drop all of them once you go bankrupt so that they can guarantee themselves a guilty verdict but for a long time from the day of your rest until the day of your your sentencing you're looking at decades in prison dan your health is looking at decades and there's one thing that really frightens me about the news that came out about his case last
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week and that is that he pleaded guilty to one count but that the government is waiting to see what the sentence is going to be before they decide whether or not to drop the remaining counts well you know i got 2 and a half years jeffrey sterling got 3 and a half years terry allbery got 2 years poor reality winner got 5 and a quarter years what are we looking at with daniel hale it seems to me that they really want to crucify this poor guy. good points john and if you know the intercepts of jamie scahill who by all accounts was the journalist at the heart of hell story petitioned the bitit ministration to drop the charges against hale the top administration originally charged hale was there hope in the whistleblower community that you happen to be a part of that the bite administration would do things differently than what we've seen from the previous 3 administrations. you know there was but it was very very
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brief and the reason that it ended is because we saw early on after the election but even before the inauguration that joe biden didn't want to do anything at all to help julian assange and if he wasn't going to walk away from that terrible case against julian assange which the united states has already lost and is having to appeal then we didn't think there was going to be any near term hope for daniel hale. you know it's easy to kind of get caught up in the trial of things like that . but i think we owe it to the patriot that mr daniel is to talk about yes indeed what he actually blew the whistle on what do you feel was the most important information hale was able to release to the public about the u.s. drone assassination program where president obama i mean that's the core of what we owe to him was the talk about what he released to us. remember barack obama was
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responsible for killing more people than any other president since the invention of the drone those included multiple american citizens american citizens who had never been charged with a crime american citizens who had never face their accusers in a court of law so daniel hale told us not just that the drone program was responsible for the deaths of americans who had never even been accused of a crime but it was responsible for killing innocent civilians including women and children you know on the rare occasions where we see that the united states initiated a drone strike on someone the media always tell us that it was against a terrorist or a terrorist suspect and we're just supposed to take their word for it well we can't take their word for it because the evidence is out there thanks to daniel hale that we're using drones to kill innocent civilians women children the elderly and we're
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doing it in most cases in secret for example in yemen we have no declaration of war against yemen we don't have any congressional authorization to use force in yemen and yet we have a very active drone war going on there we really won't even know that had it not been for daniel hale and let me add one more thing about the kind of person daniel hale is i know daniel personally. and i know that he's been struggling to work since his arrest like all of us do who wants to hire someone who's been charged with national security felonies well he got a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant here in washington d.c. and he was recently fired why was he fired because he was trying to organize the kitchen workers into a union that's how much he cares about his fellow man that no matter what the cost is to him he's willing to take that risk that's the kind of guy he is. and
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john do you think the 1st amendment and the freedom of the press can survive the u.s. espionage and in today's america. no not in. not as the founding fathers intended it no i don't believe that it can you know there's been this incremental whittling away especially as it relates to the espionage act since the very beginning of the obama administration remember that between the passage of the espionage act in 1917 and the an occupation of barack obama in 20093 americans were charged with espionage for speaking with the media just under obama 8 people were charged with espionage for speaking to the media i foolishly thought for a very short period of time that nobody could be as bad as barack obama and so certainly
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things would be easier under donald trump they weren't easier under donald trump they were worse worse in that sentences were longer than they were under barack obama well here we are with joe biden now and and poor daniel hale is looking at a ridiculous sentence for committing a great public service and for telling us about waste fraud abuse in illegality in the drone program it truly is tragic to see this is still being carried forth i'm i surprised by it tragically i'm so cynical up this point no i don't think any of us are but it is still tragic all the same and i think that we owe daniel out of apology for what has been put there by our government as taxpayers here in this country and all whistleblowers like yourself and others who have stepped forward. i'm or been you know so persecuted that they had to give up the case or your plea for something that they truly should be breaking so i think you all daniel hale john kiriakou and all the whistleblowers all thank you know bring up thank you for
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the service that you've done for this country. thanks so much tyrone it's a pleasure to see both of you always a pleasure thank you. hundreds of residents in manatee county florida just south of tampa bay were ordered to. back away at their homes over easter weekend a state officials feared that a wastewater pond could collapse at any time spewing millions of gallons of contaminated water into residential areas and tampa bay arctic correspondent john honey has more. florida governor rod decentest declared a state of emergency in manatee county as crews worked around the clock to try and stop a catastrophe from happening a portion of the containment reservoir wall located at the former piney point phosphate processing plant has a quote significant leak according to state officials with the possibility of the wall collapsing and then sending a 20 foot wall of contaminated water gushing out roughly 2 miles from the shores of
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tampa bay the manatee county public safety department sent out emergency evacuation notices friday for hundreds of residents living within a half mile of piney point and by 11 am saturday a vacuum ration orders extended to people within a mile north of the reservoir stacks of phosphate gippsland fertilizer waste product the water leaking out is a mix of salt water processed waste water and storm runoff state officials say the water is not radioactive but a total breach that sends a wall of water gushing out uncontrollably could destabilize gypsum stacks that do contain radioactive material hers are pumping out about 36000000 gallons of wastewater per day from the reservoir but there remains roughly 250000000 gallons in the reservoir left dad said the water level does continue to drop so that's some good news at least the florida department of environmental quality in florida
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national guard have sent massive palms to the containment walls to aid in the emergency efforts in the meantime the manatee county sheriff's office moved 345 inmates from the county jail to another location as a precautionary measure as well the florida d.p. says. the area's ground water has not been contaminated and the county's drinking water is safe but there remains concern about potential run off into tampa bay and the long term environmental effects as the race against time to contain what could become an environmental catastrophe continues for watching the hawks john honey. you know it's bad when they say hey at least it's not radioactive. all right everybody has to go to break remember that you could also start watching the ox on demand through before the full t.v. app which is available on all platforms with the police check it out all right my friends we are one week into the trial of police officers their job and for the murder george floyd controversy has only just begun we delve into that trial and
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all the new evidence next trickle. seemed wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out this day become educated and gain from it because the trail. when something is find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . you know
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a lot of people speculate whether god exists or. i'll tell you one thing that i can guarantee does not exist financial regulators. the derek show and murder trial is underway derek show and trial not george floyd it's important that everyone remember derek show that the officer who killed is in the own george floyd's neck snuffing out his life is on trial not his victim we've watched in passion testimonies from bystanders paramedics rank and file police in george boyd's girlfriend at times we saw tears heard the agony faced by those present at the scene in front of foods wishing they could have done to save the man whose life was taken before their eyes one such witness was darnell of frazier she
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was just 17 years old when she filmed the video seen around the world darnell spoke poignantly at one point told the prosecutor gerrie black will quote when i look at george floyd i look at my dad i look at my brothers i look at my cousins my uncles i stay up apologizing and apologizing to george clooney for not doing more and not physically interacting and not saving his life we also heard from a string of younger witnesses whose names and faces were not allowed to be shown because they were minors one of them was a 9 year old girl whose voice squeaked as she spoke of how sad she was when everyone asked the officer nicely to get off the floor and he did she spoke of an officer reaching for his mace and pointing it at children on the scene. in him i'm a fighter spoke on the move officer show been used on an already cuffed and subdued george floyd a move in the fighters expertise with considered
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a deadly one the defense is hitting their claims of officer show been rightfully using deadly force on 2 things george clooney sized you know the big black ministry up and his history of drug use being is both fall flat with the minneapolis police chief speaking against showing the use of force in georgia floyd's own girlfriend humanizing him on the stand she spoke of how she met floyd at a salvation army where he worked how he prayed for her and how yes he had opiate addiction like thousands of everyday americans. there's still quite a few witness testimonies left here and weeks of the trial remain joining us now is robert your host of the disruption now podcast welcome rob. good to be on there was a. really good explanation a really good narrative that covered it very well. we're in the thick of it as you know after the longest steady protest in american history derek show when it's finally getting his day in court what do you make of the witness testimony sports
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bar and what impact do you think they have on the jury. i've seen a lot of these and as you have to and i have seen them for the last really all my life and nearly every time i've been angry disappointed with. journalism that the prosecution don't get angry at the. at the defense but i know it's their job to defend the folks but it but when they do it it's in such a way as you said it's dictum izing the victim the person that lost their life is somehow put on trial and we know this because the color of their skin i will say this from what i've seen and i've seen a lot of these trials that we've got quite a few of them cincinnati as well this is the best i've seen in a prosecution do in a very long time they anticipated all the usual traps which is what do you want as a body blame the victim for the situation say that he was a drug addict say that he was a threat all those things that were not true but people want to believe
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unfortunately the worst when it comes to african-american men but what the prosecution has done a good job and of humanizing him of making people understand the emotions make people understand what should be clear as day that there was no reason this massive loss is life you said on his knee you use your knee instead on his neck for almost 9 minutes that's why he died and there was no reason at all to do that you think about this dylan route right a man that executed people in a church somehow they're able to walk him out take him to burger king and nothing happened to me tommy tommy. lance again tom and tom again you know when it's when it's a white person it's somehow even if it's a heinous act that's committed they're able to come out with their life and what i'm saying is no matter what he did he didn't deserve to lose his life and have someone on it had to have someone use their knee to snuff out his life for 9 minutes it was a matter what he did he didn't actually do anything but this also doesn't matter what the person is under arrest it's over you don't have any right to take away somebody's life but you know i really hope accountability comes to has the for once
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because we've all seen enough in america speaking about accountability and you mentioned a little bit earlier it's fascinating because i mean in probably what 99 percent of police involved murders the officer is never convicted in this case derek shaaban faces something most officers in his position do not officers rank and file including the minneapolis police chief that are testifying against him and his improper an excessive use of force is this is this a rarity i mean is this breaking down that blew that legendary blue wall and what effect might this have moving forward when you see people like the police chief step forward and say no i'm testifying against mon officers. well it's of such an extreme case that it's really we've seen some other extreme cases but there was such national outcry and this was just beyond obvious but to your point they've you
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know it's close to the standards supposed to be beyond a reasonable doubt but for an officer to actually get convicted usually you have to have no doubt and so on so what the defense is going to do is really simple their goal is they know most of the jurors are reasonable people and they're going to want to convict defense only has to get that one person and so you got to see the defense and having watched all the trial but i've seen so many of these that i know how goldish going to try to just put any seed of doubt is because he was in bad shape is because he was on drugs because he had done things in the past things that have nothing to do with anything but people want to believe the worst when it comes to african-american men and their it we know from history and we would not talk about history talking about last year that people want to believe that so we have to keep reminding people and the and the prosecution is not a really good job on this they stuck to the narrative they really human eyes them and they have to do that over and over and over again because we know that the thought is people want to believe that they want to believe the officer they want
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to live that the officer had some justifiable reason to do it there was no reason to do it and there's a lot of also they need to be held accountable i don't think we're peers and that will i think a lot of works that have to be done we're going to have to push harder and harder and i'll a person that's pro-union but i tell you this pursuing it is they have too much power you know and they believe in unions but i believe in accountability too and if you are in a position like you like an officer is you have you report you're talking about somebody who lives in there and there and there are just some questions that you have to you have to be exceptional and you can we can't you can't have bad pilots we have pilots go out here write and say always had a bad day so we kill everybody on the airplane don't work that way like if you're an officer you should have higher accountability and we need that to happen. and rob you spoke of this we've seen this type of case time and time again and typically off. it's all just despite you know the role of video evidence right now we have seen the we have seen the prosecution put their case for and glowing witnesses the defense has not done their hit but they are lodging up the role of
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druggies that seems to be what they're resting their case on but it seems that george boyd's own girlfriend took some of the wind out of their sit sales by speaking of his opioid addiction enroll in real terms detailing his reliance on painkillers for severe back pain speaking about it as an american problem what effect does that testimony have if any you know we saw all the former presidential administration try to have this crisis and all opioid crisis brought in center and have a lot of town halls and things and gauging around it in a task force there's a lot of movement on the republican side when it comes to white people who have you had addiction do you think that any of that plays into what we're going to see here in terms of sympathies or how this may sway a jury. i think was brilliant and generally as i said earlier the prosecution usually is is not as good as the defense should be about the evidence but let's be real when it comes to trial is who can tell the best story who can pull at the emotional strings and so far the prosecution has done a really good job of that generally the defense because they can pay for it right
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they get the best laurie they can and they can they can make a narrative to really reach the audience in some ways that is really really effective i think they really they saw that coming and they made sure to frame the narrative early on that you know yes he had a drug problem just like many many other americans he was american he was a good person he worked for the salvation army you got to understand this was a regular this was a regular person that was trying to provide for his family that was a good man who found himself in an unfortunate unfortunate horrible situation and you had officer there that abuse their power and took his life in front of everybody and despite you know the hardest thing to watch is those kids. and others . talk about what they really wanted to do to help that they should have done more but but to me so here's here's the fact had they try to do more they probably would have died that's what would happen that's a really interesting i said that is a really interesting point that you got to take that in account it's easy to kind
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of armchair quarterback well if it was happen in front of me i would have done this rather than that but at the end of the day when situations like that arise a lot of times you just do the best you can in that moment and it's kudos to the witnesses for stepping up and and taking action to bay and fight and look and searching and fighting for justice for mr floyd today thank you as always for coming on the show rob always a pleasure to have you on still. good to be on. already nobody that is our show for you today remember in this world we are definitely not told that we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am i robot and i mean keep watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and night but it's. you
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know a lot of people speculate what they're not god exists or not i'll tell you one thing that i can guarantee does not exist financial regulators. is you'll media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation will community. you going the right way or are you being led.
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away. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maid in the shallows. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids and invaded america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments.
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a former u.s. intelligence analyst faces years in jail for exposing america's drone assassination program we speak to a whistleblower who's in close contact with him. he did it because he was exposing a war crime he's not allowed to see that and so he really doesn't have any chance of acquittal. as germany struggles to suppress a 3rd wave of the coronavirus the christian democratic union party leader suggests a return to full lockdown something met with skepticism from german politicians. bricks the price of post checks we discussed the background of the weekend's violent attacks on polling.


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